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tv   Mind Over Battle  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be paid back . the un has warned unexploded bombs in the rocky city of mosul will continue to put the lies of people at risk for a decade many of the devices are buried under the rubble that could pose a threat to a million or more civilians who want to return home the city was left devastated after a nine month long campaign to retake it from i saw last year zimbabwe's political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan china the founder of the movement for democratic change was being treated for colon cancer in neighboring south africa he was sixty five years old and allies of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been offering their support of police recommended he be indicted on corruption charges it's now is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts and is suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper in return for favorable coverage he denies the allegations you're upset with
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headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's witness to say this. in india five million children have genius level i.q. but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one when he's meets two child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al-jazeera.
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you kind of get molded into becoming a killer in a way knowing kind of gay molded into becoming this done to make on the baddest gang member. there's a lot of charge always waiting can be a go there. how do you reduce this big church of one back to a humble guppy. is coming hard. but is not is not impossible. hagar. of course.
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it's right with the thing with the. same old same old. my name is of your child is some thirty five years old i was born and they are going to write you know all of it to. do with. the past four years i've been working on playing this she's only been charged to team up i will go to go. on job this. mentor people navigate them to recovery. a new class you see interested in home. anger management there's no. tall young clean up. or still. i've got to give the one hundred natural rate is a regular without regular. i
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want to two classes here at home boys one of the toaster books thirty three the book of narcotics anonymous right and. what i try to do. is. a lot of the homeboys in the holders are not hip to the recovery world you know saying or are they look at it like just getting clean. and recovery is more than just being clean man in the book of narcotics anonymous alcoholics anonymous talks about how to live their life you know they consider recovery a lifestyle all about choices learning how to live life with coping skills so that you can prevent yourself from going backwards or relapse and sold the book will be trying to do is break it down is just a tool i look at like a tour like a carpenter takes built what is hammers chisels or whatever it is then for mission
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here is a tool that goes in your boat your recovery go it's a great day. as everybody. koku. and so we're on the title connecting to others right and i think it's an important one because to watch the whole journey of recovery man sometimes the best thing you can do is connect with others relate to others talk to others because sometimes when you do want to buy yourself you know for me and i'm choosing my experience i usually make mistakes based on choices right i don't know of anybody struggles with that little. else that refusal comes with the bad. good comes with truly destroyed because you don't want to believe in it you have to talk about a better new way of life you long to eat of night in basically for readers would it
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was because i wasn't used to you know you're presented. a version for. anybody else that's terrible r s s s also use all day. oh lord at long last my pace is like this the old man's face again and manifested into this just another gentleman from you know where are all of them are really more starboard holidays are by this really hard sustenance. to take up with the store but you're burning yourself. your body destroying the really you're burning yourself map and the ability to know what freedom feels like your own personal self of session you know a saint but that's why you gotta keep doing the work man you gotta keep it in the work like that's the import of many guys make wise choices as we can all forget the training who forget mansoul
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a trading game if you make the choice you might be trading your freedom from being locked up your partner for that sally the good food out here for that put in there right there you. let us have a beer we can. two years ago. you had a lot of people needing me man. as a soldier would you do whatever we never. spent about twenty three years of my life back to the future. gaming. of my life was on the line for pleasure so. i shall write here one time writing this dry which is just an air car pulled up then you may say nothing just get off the woman will. crazy and has got god killed right there got shot right there.
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and it's all been right here in this little sect all within the second and so much has happened. we could still tell it is still a war for one another like somebody. you know you can see the neighborhoods right in re your enemy territory that whacked them out they cross them back on this again and it could kill as you're walking out the neighborhood where i come from right. the street signs are. good. it was all for that that who sat right there i got in a day no matter what you gotta die for. when i finally got to cruise the one defending a woman maybe this is this is not what i want. now why am i am seeking for bigger things it was hard for me to just turn my back. on reality.
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and watch people argue triggering the split thinking it's going to go down. also because paul is going to play it by sure. because i see so much and i see how grimy deuce can get out here sometimes i rather keep my guard up because i want to live like a man i enjoy and i don't i look forward to seeing my god i look forward to talking to my son i look forward to seeing family so i know that if i'm gone i'm not going to see them you know so. anybody with a radio anybody with the radio guys on at the neander. copy
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i got a marine officer. and he was saw. say you know we are a. piece of meat so the man i just called him he said he wants to meet you to see if you like it and he want to take it away from it so it was both time we did it we're going to be as big. as the game with you know just pick up you'll go there fourteen. that's what you grew up a battle started talking point the kids are going to play the guitar is a no i'm here to sneak out. and you devote yourself to do get me right
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this is like a downward spiral like like just that quick just a you know in the blink of body you know you're only just turning the murderers and i don't. like you you are a lot. compassion. is what we. like love don't love nobody knows. i'm a firm believer that people grow in this conference. this is you man this is your journey this is where it all started this could be the new beginning. it's just humble not keepin on my knees to it. i was addicted to crystal meth smoking weed or beg p.c.p. no i was getting bang bang like a bang with no. you know gang member they do this to people.
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you know. this almost like. we're ok we're not doing this no more we're going to allow you to go to work for i'm going to go to college. we're going to get those tattoo moved off your face you know. and it's going to be all right. and somebody telling you to. and then you be like are you sure but are you sure. it is. i'm sure it's gone beyond. if each gang member he's welcome if you want this it or family members know that i would appreciate everybody's face carries with. them at the literally. a mask. their. eyes only people who live in the sense that they are going to get them to all and they're
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going to maybe see where. i fit in with the school you can follow and i said i was only going to share all one other person is to other people when you're not going to share a one days or two just two people sharing a room with three of us and one room it was a low ass room. whore like i feel it to some of the bro up billy and i when you. die there are several that you're going to have it was like they bombarded me in life i don't know much where you fall where you don't don't stand over me while sleep i don't know what kind of light we're. below i don't know these people are standing on you will he get what the politics was going on. right here be done but now i'm gonna build you know how dear abby spent you to the fullest. i'm not trying to be like talk. hostile or to you and oh well i'm his harlot you know like
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i don't know how to express myself like you know i get that these men i have just met understand the whole concert we're going to understand one thing. this is a process and a journey and change all this is not bridge this is not the county guys are not acting on that i found this is a sober living an environment where you try to maintain your so sober from anything . when you had a. blanket of book. it was a wrestle right. i was watching on friday the hate in their makes me. appreciate it.
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because if you were here. to mediate or to like. i would have took a whole lot of all way off target and out of the manager. of. our thank you good neighbor you got it your new turf trip man they gave me a child. i don't ever need to. try before you always take people i used to gotta make sure that they're ready for what they're asking for right because it's not what we think that you need is what you're telling us at uni. he said he was ready he was willing to do whatever it takes as we take on. but then after that he just never went back to the stuff there
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came back to all boys a few days later i started to cycle again back out here. till i'm broke so what are the oh you are out of are here barker to turn. off to god or no one would just like my city bus stop tard right. now i sound. doggy bags are big. if you juggled like the way i was it's hard man to say. i'm done on the walk away
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from his house one of the hardest choices i ever had to make in my life. i love be a gentlemen of the lifestyle of the bush that has been out there. addiction signee downhill asked for years. i think people by you criticize me twice a man is going to lean as guys like he's coming here. i just didn't have the courage to to take the flying leap and walk away from what was holding me down. it was so it was chaos. at ted a felt that i was going to wake up in hell to find him dead. there was like
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a lot more i was just chillin opening to the chemo wait for the trial needle or do is come up with. i've heard a lot of people want out. people that weren't even my family at the time they just came into my life. i'm proud that i'm standing here and not there. you know on their lives. but it's still to me. this hasn't gone nowhere. i can become fat. in about a matter of an hour. maybe thirty minutes. i can become a man. and
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i'm giving up on him i think was one of the hardest things about my whole relationship with him. i think that's what drained to me the most. it took a long time for him to get sober. that's a long time for him to accomplish different things but he's doing it. even if being a father to her it's the last one. one day he is going to be that father that i want for my daughter. to listen really close to god that what i can hear was close enough to rollercoaster that yes are you ready to get a little bit of magic on. happening now going to hunt. to find a. way and that.
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i think is good down through here no help no help no hope. for nothing to the side because the people in fashion buy with the bikes they get it. they still come to a. guard. i feel like them in my foot in my family in danger of big loss i would. we're bowing to the bottom of our waters and we will walk right through the. only thing. that somebody has to lie sure is something. most to get is going to happen because i'm experienced at. the so i blow with them on and on like a viable one and someone how they react.
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you're going to feel it until they see that it is just a new vehicle for a. guy at work on their make it. will be ashamed or sad and die like. when your body science and lived life to normal sane or at the same. seen it happen for other people that tried something different i don't have a life to be scared. of i do something to somebody and they seem. they might not forgive i might have been put that already by the way back in the past i might even work with that in my personal we're in full recovery like riding a body while i can say that you're going to react the same way. some people are
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allowed to own their goals or. what then write. your. own sabera be talking about a great example. focus on the things that the dark are. going to never be a problem for every day i struck up a big ball out of a. oh the mom i love being a cigar in the book fall out in the dark of the office i know it didn't have the year a good place to get the murder but i now know how i learned how to live a good one how do. you know this is me i don't blog california's our car while i borrow the underdog. you know roll this year i told her i never thought that our
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numbers for i never thought that have offered them i never thought. to move on paper i never got that same as possible i'm not saying that they're not perfect but i got to see so i had him do the basics here but i'll call this all of the k b a great job well call cause of all some of the most pain you never get where you are because that miserable fall that's what we gotta learn today i'll never be one of only one of those almost out thank you have offered. as a man does the journey of trying to become a better person i fall short sometimes when that's my reality that fall short. we tell him or not pass into our present at the rails me bad. so i've got to stay
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focused with the tools i got. all. i wanted to do something that i was probably going to regret for the rest of my life and. some information i got him back when it was people who were close to. you know right away manner right away like mine just went back to. dollar me. you don't think it like you want to hurt me dan you want to do something bad to my kids. get information about a week i was writing dirty running amok and guns or stuff and just see. the babies or do something for them and do something so i just call with or. you know and a month into these things you know. and i was thinking like this is exactly what
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people sometimes go to me about and here i am in a situation where i can in this mall so like all these these these tools that i got i can pick them up you know. lose gary. little money and. return and when i have more or for some people firearms that is sold i felt like i was able to breathe again and. when the natives and i'm settling down a stove settled back in my day. that i'd laid into data heard and. that i'd do anything to help somebody to that. again and that's one of them on hard
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like the slew. of holocaust time as the world. right.
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al-jazeera. where every. day the scene for us where they're online what is american sign in yemen the peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to visit and he's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. airborne vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click
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here make click to everything to all the waves also. but it's time to watch the what can we blame that on the deep sleep was the first civilian to scrub . creators. off. the engineers at this time. you know i'm fully back to bo with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera jacob zuma has resigned as south africa's president heeding orders from his ruling party the a.n.c. his departure ends almost nine years in power play spy scandal famine to miller reports from johannesburg a reluctant announcement.


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