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rewind silent. at this time on now to see. al-jazeera. introduce. a new leader for south africa several rama pose a purpose to step up to jacob zuma as resignation. and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana also ahead as an opposition leader who can channel ride dies look at his
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legacy of resistance plus. russia can push the regime to commit to seeking a real peace in syria the u.s. and russia again trade blame at the un off a strong words from the special envoy for syria. you saw one dead body there on the floor and blood on the floor and the u.s. reels from yet another school shooting seventeen people are killed. south africa is awaiting a changing of the guard after jacob zuma resigned from the presidency the stage is now set for a.n.c. leaders civil rob opposed to become the country's next president the governing party demanded service departure off to years of corruption allegations of the many reports from johannesburg. a reluctant announcement from an in
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vattel to president i have therefore coming to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect even though i disagree with the decision of much of the leadership of my organization i have always been a disciplined member of the. it came just hours before parliament was due to vote in a motion of no confidence against jacob zuma president's hand may have been forced but zuma says his party did not give reasons why he should resign that's despite being in broiled in scandal after scandal throughout his presidency including accusations of corruption and a court ruling that he had broken his oath of office when he ignored the public protect his recommendation that he paid back some of the state money used to re her
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dish his private residence despite all the criticism against zuma the a.n.c. says the decision to recall him was a difficult one to make following xoom was resignation the ruling party saluted what it called his outstanding contribution and thanked him for the role he played in the a n c for many decades. earlier in the day the home of zoomers associates a family known as the was raided. five people have been arrested after an investigation revealed that millions of dollars of state funds was siphoned from a dairy farm project into business is linked to the. next week the national prosecuting authority will decide if a corruption charges against zuma that were dropped in two thousand and nine will be reinstated and an inquiry into the extent of external influence in seumas administration known as state capture is due to begin his removal as president may
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just be the beginning of zoomers troubles. zero johannesburg. while several run the polls are set to become south africa next president so let's take a look at his path to the presidency he started his career as a lawyer there for the national union of mineworkers and nine hundred eighty two and became a leading trade unionist in one nine hundred ninety four the possible came an m.p. and chairman of the constitutional assembly playing the lead role in drafting south africa's post apartheid constitution but after missing out on becoming nelson mandela deputy he withdrew from politics and went into business a move that made him one of south africa's richest men with a net worth of four hundred and fifty million dollars he was also a director of lonmin mine with thirty four striking miners were killed by police in two thousand and twelve some suggested he was to blame for the massacre at a commission of inquiry cleared him of any wrongdoing will go to get more now we're joined by. a researcher at the al-jazeera center for studies most difficult it
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always good to talk with you on al-jazeera so is civil around the polls or do you think the man to clean up the a.n.c. now we are better qualified leader. and a businessman. because it's proved that we actually can do something better force. they helped draft the constitution of the country he was part of the civil society organizations including the workers unions and sort of because so this is quite a capable fellow and they've moved in sort of at the moment of excitement now that is taking over first of the present of the a.n.c. and of course from today the president of the country i mean he's one of the country's richest men so even when he was elected the leader of the african national congress a few months ago there was a lot of excitement in the business community is about the economy but what about the core voices of the a.n.c. and the problems the challenges that they face with poverty with really high
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unemployment will he have their interests will he be working for them to do think well hopefully the only challenge of course that he has faced over the posit has been criticized for is he is new liberal kind of economic policy ought to look and that i think it might face a bit of a challenge from a civil society that because of his background in business he's most likely to go towards things like privatization etc hopefull is not what most people think that is business background and his association with the western countries particularly the likes of i.m.f. of the world bank we might move towards the new liberal politics it'll be very interesting to see how he balances those interests the outgoing president jacob zuma has been heavily criticized for his handling of the economy has also plagued we know of many years of scandals how will he be remembered do you think jacob zuma
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because he does of course still have his supporters well certainly will be remembered for. what he was fired for which is a location of corruption but also did a lot for south africa. he's running out of entourage of viral drugs for example falls for millions of the south africans were suffering from asia when aids he was also the one who initiated the initial development plan which is a social konami long term project which looks at resuscitating sort of current infrastructure and there's also in terms of the rural development jacob zuma was quite quite quite effective but importantly he normalized the presidency he was accessible and he made today the president's office very accessible charming fellow like everybody else but of course not a very good manager even his critics said that they'll miss his moves. and people are going to miss that but i mean he was going to he's a charming fellow you accessible people liked him because and maybe that's how he
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survived so long thank you as always for your time we appreciate it thank you. to other news now as i'm bob ways political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan chiang rai it fell out of the movement for democratic change and became a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe china i was being treated for colon cancer in south africa will be going live to our correspondent how do we toss and her body in a moment but first here's her report. to his supporters more good richardson good i was a man who challenge zimbabwe's long time leader robert mugabe at a time when few people date to do so but it was a long and sometimes painful journey in one thousand nine hundred nineteen good i'd been a trade union leader for the opposition party the movement for democratic change in the years that followed he organized protests to try and force mugabe out of office he was beaten while in police custody charged with treason jailed several times and
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labeled a traitor by mugabe supporters. in the two thousand and eight presidential election he won the most votes but not enough to win outright. before a second round took place his supporters were targeted in a campaign of violence the opposition leader put out of the presidential race in protest regional leaders and the international community intervened after months of negotiations i was sworn in as prime minister in two thousand and nine it was a temporary power sharing government but mugabe was still the president. remembered fundamentally in the sense that he broke. into god this. in eight when he got before the first of this did lost. the first president. in almost the majority overall of godly diligence in that is not been done since then to doing. so for dogs. four years
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later another election took place this time m.d.c. party lost by a huge margin his critics say that he had ignored the plight of the poor and got caught up in the trappings of wealth and power allegations of party infighting and corruption also tarnished his image some of his closest allies left accusing him of being a dictator. but in twenty seventeen the m.d.c. alliance was formed those who had less hunger returned for me a coalition to challenge and grab at the polls. they were occasional anti-government protests zimbabwe's economy was on its knees there was a shortage of foreign currency and the government couldn't pay salaries on time and the military intervened in a van by twenty seventeen and put mugabe and house arrest and zimbabweans from all political parties marched together in solidarity saying mcgovern must stick down eventually mcgarvey resigned and emerson when i was sworn in as president. despite
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having cancer thank god i supporters insisted he was a. candidates for the twenty eighth they were confident he could defeat me at the polls but he never got that chance opposition supporters states that i will be remembered as a brave man a charismatic public speaker and a symbol of resistance and how do is joining us live from her now in the most prominent opposition figure and zimbabwe how who could possibly step forward and leave the opposition now. the in your party officials of the right but the party faithful to the building behind me they going to have an emergency meeting that is going to be a place called for income people waiting outside pay hoping that maybe easy to slow down to take over from morgan the baldwins know that even a lot of issues italians will be in the opposition if these clashes going over the state but some senior officials feel they have the right to lead basically the one
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. hundred ideas could turn out if that in fact it's too late then it could be that the party and we've heard loud the singing and even celebrations behind for many people remembering life what is his legacy how are people remembering him. it's mixed emotion a lot of people are thinking one celebrate life and you speak of people crying some people have been here since last night taking him being you trying to figure out what the next day be but when you speak to most people they say what they want to remember biden really is his bravery how great he was he filled up at a time when the former president was in charge in being opposition member because of the force at that time would be difficult he was beaten several times he was a racist and so people are saying he told them that it's ok it's all right if you're right and the bobbies challenged the family because it would be hard to
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challenge robert mugabe some of the newspapers are saying a lot of that braves. three one thing that i take evolving to calling him the face of the opposition the father of the opposition and that they always remember him people also now waiting to hear about plans for this funeral moment find out why the former prime minister this date has come out of the day well i thought this would come out of the funeral party all right now by taking what has happened waking to hear from the leadership and the way forward is and people trying to celebrate his life the best way they can or at how to thank you very much for that joining us live from had already thank you. now the un's on the way for syria has more on the violence in the country now is among the worst he's seen since he took the job four years ago said on the mr was briefing of the security council prompting more finger pointing between the u.s. and russia both accusing each other of blocking the path to peace or from the u.n.
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in new york is a diplomatic editor james phase of the deteriorating military situation dominated to security council meeting it was both trench and grim i've been now for years special envoy this is as violent and worrying and dangerous a moment as any to see in my time he mentioned nations now fighting in syria the turkish operation around our free me aside government's continued bombardment to an east and bhutto. civilians are being killed on a horrific scale and reports suggest more than one thousand civilians in the first week of february alone he went on to describe developments in recent days the u.s. attack on assad forces near dera zoar and israeli air strikes in syria including on iranian targets but both these operations were later defended by the us ambassador
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to the united states will always reserve the right to act in self-defense the assad regime has become a front for iran hezbollah and their allies to advance the irresponsible and dangerous agenda for the middle east outside the council chamber the french ambassador warm the situation in syria risks spiraling out of control all the ingredients are present. if we do nothing about it urgently for major. regional and international confrontation the un's latest modest peace effort based on the outcome of a conference in the russian city of sochi seems now to be in doubt mr de mistura wants to select members of a new committee to come up with a new constitution for syria but president assad's ambassador at the u.n. rejected that one i'm not emotionally coffin madama i discipline of this conference
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did not grant any authority for mr de mistura to set up this community. afterwards i asked him for further clarification don't get lost into the little details there was not me or what we've constantly seen is the syrian government not being prepared to fully engage with your plans isn't it now time as yet again they seem to be not engaging peter call them out on their obstruction i am a diplomat and. my job is not to call out anyone it's actually to make sure that we move forward in the hours before the security council meeting the first convoy was committed since november. every bit of help is obviously welcomed by a starving community with diplomats pointed to a familiar and somewhat cynical pattern by the syrian government it's only when it's in the international spotlight with a meeting like this with
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a small amount of aid is finally delivered james barry's out his era of the united nations still ahead on the bulletin we take a look at a new u.n. report on violent attacks and afghanistan and the new art exhibition showcases the artists and technology from the one nine hundred eighty s. what started as a cultural event. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we look at europe we've got cold conditions across eastern areas there of low pressure down in southeastern parts of the mass of warm air pushing on this frontal system across much of their beer and peninsula and through into france but as that warm air pushes in bringing some rain with it it's going to run into colder air so going
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to see some snow developing on the forward edge of the system being seen more conditions there across the u.k. eleven degrees expected in london and paris seen some of the temperatures more snow coming for the alps relatively mild for the iberian peninsula this low pressure system giving some heavy rain across parts of greece in particular maybe into turkey too and still pretty cold in those eastern areas of europe there with mice and temperatures eventually rising to manas five in moscow the snow tends to die out across those the central areas but more rain pushing towards france later in the day on friday so on the other side of the mediterranean sea satellite imagery makes for interesting viewing quite a bit of cloud around some across parts of west africa we've got a fair amount of cloud further towards the east that low pressure center is going to bring in some windy conditions along the coast of libya through towards egypt karo should see some very brisk winds but temperatures here expect to reach twenty one highs of fifty inch units there with sponsored by qatar.
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the scene for us when they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one can use or if you join us sunset there are people there there are choosing between buying medication. this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on how to zero. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories south africa is awaiting the changing of the god after jacob zuma resigned from the presidency the
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stage is now set for a.n.c. leaders civil robert pulls up to the calm the country's next leader parliament to set to vote and. stay. zimbabwe's political opposition has lost a towering figure over the death of morgan chang he founded the movement for democratic change and became a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe chantel i was being treated for colon cancer and south africa the un's on what the syria has over the recent surge in violence there is among the worst he's seen since he started the job four years ago last week was one of the bloodiest in the conflict as government forces bombed the last major rebel held areas east and problems. the taliban has published an open letter to the u.s. calling for an end to the seventeen year war in afghanistan through what it calls a peaceful dialogue the three thousand would letter was addressed to the american people n.g.o.s and peace loving congressman the taliban repeated a longstanding offer of direct talks with the u.s.
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but it reminded americans that have gone as far as their country's longest conflict valve to continue its armed campaign the letter also promised a more inclusive government as well as a quantum more rights for women but it seemed to rule out power sharing. meanwhile the u.s. has expanded its campaign in afghanistan recently showing videos of strikes against taliban targets the state department said it will take the part of on seriously one its morning to speak with the elected government of gonna stand it also said on groups recent attacks in kabul speak louder than words. the u.n. says more people were killed or wounded in. suicide bombings and attacks in afghanistan last year than any previous year of conflict they accounted for two thousand three hundred of them more than ten thousand afghan civilians killed or wounded and violence and two thousand and seventeen the most deadly attack was a truck bomb in may which killed two people while the number killed in bombings and
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attacks was higher than two thousand and sixteen the overall number of casualties is slightly less than the previous year strikes by u.s. and afghan forces inflicted of rising toll groups have responded to the more aggressive u.s. strategy with a wave of violence that has killed nearly one hundred and fifty people in recent weeks and we're going to get more on this now we're joined by daniel bell who is live for us and he's with the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan very good to have you with us on al-jazeera we are running through some of the number of people that have been killed and wounded and afghanistan in two thousand and seventeen and they are very depressing numbers but often you lose the stories story of people in those numbers tell us about what life has been like for so many of the on the stand in the syria. who as the report points out the mission documented over ten thousand five hundred
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civilian casualties in a year and while it is a nine percent reduction it is the fourth consecutive year where we've seen more than ten thousand civilians killed or injured and in terms of how this impacted life for everyday people one of the things we look to first is the children and children were killed maimed injured by ground engagements unexploded ordinance pressure plate i e.d.s. we saw a child recruitment cases as as the report documents so it has been indeed a very difficult year and yet the report commends the government for protecting communities that highlights the twenty three. percent reduction in civilian casualties attribution to pro-government forces but do you believe that the afghan government is really doing or that can to keep people safe because we did see some of the worst attacks in the country last year.
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well absolutely as the report points out we recorded a twenty three percent decrease in civilian casualties to pro-government forces that was mainly due to a reduction in casualties caused by ground and gauge mintz did a dog civilian protection mitigation policy which has had an impact on the ground but as you pointed out we did see some horrendous attacks as you pointed out the may thirty first attack i'd also like to point out that city fifteen percent of all civilian casualties occurred in kabul city because of indiscriminate suicide and complex attacks mainly by diana and as we've mentioned there have been more deaths because suicide attacks obviously more needs to be done on the reporters calling one of the things that's often for anti-government elements to seize the deliberate targeting of civilians the taleban has this letter to the american people but how likely is that do you think that these groups will stop
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targeting civilians. in terms of the taleban report you know a twelve percent reduction in civilian casualties caused by taleban in the area including from the i eighty s. where we saw the biggest increase in two thousand and seventeen was attacks attributed to diane so while we did see an improvement on the battlefield by taliban and by pro-government forces more still needs to be done because a nine percent reduction is a beginning but much more needs to be done or i misspell with thank you very much for your time on this bell from the united nations mission in afghanistan joining us live from kabul thank you. to the us now with seventeen people have been killed in the state of florida by a gunman who opened fire at a high school that happened in parkland north of miami police say the suspect is
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a former student who was expelled and gather the reports from the campus. reports of gunfire came as students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school were about to leave a code red alert was issued the school was locked down its peoples let out with their hands in the air. while those still trapped inside could only hide as gunshots rang out if they felt them stairs and they were putting pushing all the students on to baseball fields but i heard stories of people shooting that going to shoot the crowd so i ran the opposite direction and i got up campus actually before the police got here the rescue operation was made difficult by the sheer size of the school it's one of the largest in broward county with more than three thousand students but the scale of this latest tragedy soon became clear that well victims were in the building. and sure true victims were outside just outside the building one on the street at the corner of pine island. and two people who
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lost their lives at the house police say nineteen year old nicholas cruz seen here being arrested by police is the suspected shooter had been expelled from the school and came back reportedly with an assault rifle and smoke grenades the scorch. a school shooting after school shooting it only happens here not because of coincidence now because of bad luck but as a consequence of our inaction we are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else president trump took to twitter offering his prayers and condolences saying no child or teacher should feel unsafe in a school at the staging area relieved parents of being reunited with their children
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but even as this community begins to mourn its dead one stock fact remains this year alone there have already been five separate deadly school shootings and few believe anything will change and together ground zero. florida. to egypt now where police have arrested a prominent opposition figure accused of having contact with the outlawed muslim brotherhood of the name of a fourth who was a presidential candidate in the two thousand and twelve elections he's a staunch critic of president of the fact that sisi and call for a boycott of next month's presidential election a number of candidates who announced their intention to run against sisi have either been arrested or forced to withdraw including former army chief now four americans the nineteen eighties held on m.t.v. the first commercially viable foreign and even the first trump tower and you had savation and washington is now exploring just how formative that decade was under the i spoke with the director of the haitian museum hosting the exhibition melissa
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chu. some of the surprises in this exhibition are really from the materials that the artists use this was a time in which some of the artists were looking at commodity and consumer goods and so you have interesting juxtapositions whether it's the now mass to work by jeff koons where he combines a fluorescent light with a hoover vacuum cleaner. or can love who has created a living room out a square of calculus but you can't actually get into it so he's shutting you out we have a number of works that used to. refer to m.t.v. but even the best kept secret. this was a moment i think when t.v. came actually almost. a creative op form and a number of the others quote from that kind of t.v.
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culture a big shift was artists were using in adopting the strategies of marketing and advertising and you see quotations from advertising a lot in the work of these artists a lot of the things that happened in the eighty's are feeling very familiar right now whether it was stock market high economic prosperity. a turn towards kind of critiques around ideas of value and towards the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. there was also a new sense of politic you saw the aids crisis in that decade happened and even if we fast forward to today i think we're seeing a new found sense of identity politics and. again out of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera south africa is
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awaiting a chain. of the guard after jacob zuma resigned from the presidency the stage is now set for leader a.n.c. leader similar to become the country's next president parliament set to vote him in later on thursday. zimbabwe's political opposition has lost a towering figure over the death of morgan chang or i the founder the movement for democratic change and became a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe channel i was being treated for colon cancer in south africa. the un's envoy for syria has warned that the recent surge in violence there is among the worst he's seen since starting the job four years ago last week was one of the bloodiest in the conflict of this is a form of the last major rebel held areas of eastern and the province. i've been now for years. this as violent and worrying in dangerous a moment. in my time. in your so far
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therefore i strongly rate the rate the appeal of the general to all concerned in syria and the region and beyond that to this immediate unconditional and urge all the call goes including the ground to use their influence to help reduce violence at least seventeen people have been killed in the u.s. after a gunman opened fire at a high school in florida it had happened in parkland north of miami the suspect has been arrested he is believed to be a former student who was expelled. the u.n. says more people were killed or wounded in suicide bombings and attacks in afghanistan last year than in any previous year of conflict they accounted for two thousand three hundred of the more than ten thousand afghan civilians killed or wounded in violence in two thousand and seventeen. as the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. news has never been more available
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but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. can you read a very stylish stream today legal profession is divided while many are watching the designers of the models on the runway but this is it is strange to us is all that you're looking to social media to find fashion and models that represent your body type and your way of dressing a little thoughts on fashion. and with about eight hundred million users instagram has become a fashion hub for many including those who dress modestly.


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