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how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented hello my name without manchester city's northwest representatives kind of. digital you. should you are a member of the we're on the special meeting about the nail and he said you know. after a near me gently this is a cover up in the east only mainland city al-jazeera investigation. of silence this time. steve van and donald trump's former right hand man is question to find best gaiters over alleged russian meddling in u.s. politics. fully back to goa watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up
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a community agrees in florida for the seventeen victims of the latest u.s. school shooting bring you in the divisive debate over gun control. we'll try to work very hard knowledge to disappoint the people of sold off because i think you very south africa's new president is sawn in hoping to move on from an iran mocked by political scandal plus. survival of the ferris wheel look at the movies vying for top honors at the berlin film festival. thank you for joining us the u.s. president's former chief strategist has been questioned by investigators examining links between donald trump's election campaign and russia steve bannon has also been quiz for a second time by congressional intelligence panel but was tight lipped citing white house privilege mike hanna has more from washington. well it's understood that
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steve benen was questioned for a long period of time by members of special counsel robert miller's team on at least two occasions the questioning lasting some twenty hours the nature of the questions not yet known however we do understand that steve bannon did give our answers to all the questions that were put to him this is unlike his appearance before the house intelligence committee where here appeared for the second time this week there he refused to answer a large number of questions a quoting white house privilege he would only questions that had in fact been vetted by the white house and others caused a great deal of anger on the house committee members now discussing whether or not they should try him for contempt for not giving answers to the questions that they put to him staying in the u.s. thousands of people have gathered in florida at a candlelight vigil for the seventeen victims of the latest u.s.
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school shooting a summation the f.b.i. had previously been warned about nineteen year old nicholas cruz has appeared in court charged with the murders of or who died and agalloch every course from the vigil in proc and north of miami. this is a community in mourning but a people determined to come together the grieving process will be long and painful the wounds may never heal many here is still in shock but determined that this should never happen again i mean you were bullets were in my daughter's classroom yesterday but. her friends are a lot of her friends died and this is enough for eddie and i don't know what it's going to take but we have to do something we have to that we can't just be idle and forget about this. mobile video from inside the school shows the horror that children have to enjoy or. have students solve as a force to run past bodies of fallen classmates or you nicholas jacob cruz. is
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here the suspected shooter nineteen year old nicholas cruz appeared in court charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder he's now confessed to the killings is lawyer describes cruz as a broken human being the sadness that this community is feeling i mean my children are there they go to school in this community i feel horrible for these families and. mr cruz feels that pain. it's also known that the f.b.i. investigated a comment left on you tube by someone using the screen name nicholas cruz it simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter no other information was included with that comment which would indicate a time location where the true identity of the person who made the comment. yes you know i conducted database reviews checked with them was unable to further
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identify the person who actually made the motive for this attack is still unknown but among the dead of the schools assistant football coach he threw himself in front of his students to protect them from a hail of bullets his team simply tweeted. he died a hero and sacrifice will soon be forgotten to go after all his era. florida. dexter is a co-chair of the women against gun violence activist group she doesn't expect presidential action on gun control the n.r.a. paid thirty million dollars to get donald trump elected and donald trump stood up and publicly proclaim to the n.r.a. i will not let you down so if we're expecting to see any kind of leadership from the white house on gun reform it's not going to happen there are some politicians in congress that have been standing up to the gun lobby for years but guess what there are at least twenty politicians that are in office in america right now that are receiving millions of dollars from the n.r.a.
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and i don't want anyone out there to think that this is a hopeless situation because what america needs to do is show up to vote in our midterms in november and throw these guys out and these women out who are beholden to the n.r.a. one of the things that we're calling for immediately is to reinstate a ban on assault weapons nobody needs to have assault weapons on the streets of america they are not for self-protection unless you're expecting one hundred intruders per minute they are not for hunting unless you're hunting people. in other world news cereal rum apostle has become south africa's new president pushing a message of clean government and inclusiveness the former trade union leader turned multimillionaire replaces jacob zuma hosea's in power were tainted by scandals division and allegations of corruption rob matheson reports from johannesburg that's true. although it's taken more than nine years but several roma pose
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a finally is what he wants the leadership of south africa and his nomination members of his party the ruling a.n.c. had been dancing and cheering i do believe that when one is elected in this type of position you basically become a servant of the people of south africa and now seek to execute that task with humility with faithfulness. and with dignity as well. but within minutes hence the one big hurdle the new president must face we don't have a jacob zuma problem we have an a.n.c. problem. mr arm of course i wish you strength but no we will hold you accountable and i will see you in twenty nineteen on the ballot box some of the opposition is refusing to recognize his presidency we just want to put it on the record speaker
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that we cannot be part of an illegitimate illegal process. and i'm a poser also has to hold together a ruling party which has seen support plummet during the last election voters have high expectations of their new leader i am. even sure. this. economy something you must. change was there because you must admit you. are not helping much and run a poser is facing a struggling economy high unemployment and allegations of widespread corruption the pressure is on for south africa's new president to try to deliver what his controversial predecessor could not rob matheson al-jazeera johannesburg south africa in fighting is threatening to ten zimbabwe's main opposition movement apart after the death of its founder morgan chang he died in neighboring south africa
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where he was being treated for cancer. for some zimbabwe's capital harare. put in the instinct many opposition supporters are broken hearted. they say they are struggling to accept the man who led them for nearly twenty years morgan tsvangirai is dead. i was definitely shocked. that you would notice things ok so we are. headed to. christmas i am satisfied the m.d.c. is national council has appointed nelson chamisa as acting president for twelve months which likely means he will be the party's presidential candidate when elections take place later the cea chamisa is forty years old and popular with the youth we are just four months away from an election and we have lost
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a commander but what i can tell you is that we do not have a crisis. all of the generals on the field of those who are going to believe tennis to make sure that will win the battle in the war again and then come in and win this election. but two senior party officials took us on equipping investment sooty did not attend thursday's party meeting there is speculation they may split the biggest opposition party because they don't want to be their boss. i want. to follow leaders in the opposition have to campaign in the transition if they want to keep the night. he was the face of zimbabwe's opposition to longstanding leader robert mugabe for decades that i live long enough to see his rival resign. and as above is facing its first election in nearly two decades without either.
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the us secretary of state says he's had open and productive talks with turkey's president. rex tillerson is on the fifth and final leg of his middle east or ties between the two countries have been strained in recent months over u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria and jordan thousands more about why the u.s. sent talky haven't been seeing eye to eye. there's a saying you dance with the ones who brought in mandate syria the u.s. military is supporting the syrian defense forces local fighters who helped liberate the city for meusel just one problem the s.d.f. is led by kurds whom turkey considers a mortal enemy. once again is demanding washington abandon the s.d.f. and pull its own forces out of syria he knew. how that you can were you standing
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around go ahead and leave who did you bring their. why b g b g p k k if you take them there and you are still telling us not to come the moment we will come to my marriage to deliver the land to its true owners. the us response not happening we need to stay here until the that political environment is stable and our security here our presence here provides that level stabilization and bring security for it's just the latest in a number of issues that have driven all go and washington apart going back to the start of the syrian civil war in two thousand and eleven turkey became increasingly frustrated that the united states wasn't helping it achieve its goal of bringing down assad in the united states became increasingly frustrated by turkey support for radical groups what's more the u.s. is still refusing to extradite the cleric. accused of plotting the failed two
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thousand and sixteen coup against murder one all this has the turkish president jockeying for closer ties with russia and attacking the u.s. as a pro enemy everywhere he goes the anti american message is resonating a recent poll found that seventy nine percent of turks hold an unfavorable view of the u.s. government just eighteen percent have a favorable view even people to people ties are affected sixty seven percent of turks have an unfavorable view of americans roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. area tennyson was in lebanon where he warned that hezbollah's influenza in regional conflicts is threatening the country's security the secretary of state made the comments after meeting lebanese president michel aoun and prime minister. he also urged them to uphold revenants commitment to insure calm on the southern border with israel. still ahead on al-jazeera
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a new leads in the sales for two kidnapped federal police offices in mexico plus. i'm scott heiler in bangkok where some say the air pollution levels are at the highest they have ever been and that there is growing criticism of how the government is handling. the nice thing skunks by the time my heart. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. welcome back we've got some quite disturbed weather around the levant at the moment we've got an area of rain moving across iraq and into iran but also this area of low pressure at across the eastern side of the mediterranean is going to be pushing in across this area during the course of saturday so wet weather across much of syria so that high elevations will be some snow some very strong winds unpleasant conditions really and that extends across a good part of lebanon to bypass the upper twenty three the winds basically coming
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from the south so certainly quite warm kuwait at twenty five but it will cloud over here later on indeed to be cloud feeding its way down through the arabian peninsula during the course of the weekend but then they should be through friday it should be fine in riyadh twenty seven similar temperatures here in doha there could still be some poor visibility because of dust or rather flight direction more proper sun coming out from the south but temperatures into likely to reach twenty eight degrees in software before eventually just starts to cloud over a little bit process sunshine turning slightly hazy into southern portions of africa we've still got some heavy showers affecting the east coast of madagascar and some heavy rain at times for parts of and through towards sambir so wet one possibly into soccer coming southwards through bunch of botswana should be fine and funny cape town highs twenty two. the weather sponsored by qatar raise. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president's former chief strategist has been questioned by investigators examining links between donald trump's election campaign and russia it's understood steve bannon was quest for twenty hours this week by the team led by special counsel
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robert. mourners have gathered in scotland in the usa to florida to remember seventeen students who were killed in a school shooting on wednesday it's now a measure that the f.b.i. had a prior warning about the shooting suspect making the schools and serial raposo has become south africa's new president pushing a message of clean government and inclusiveness the trade union leader ten multimillionaire replaces jacob zuma hosea's in power were tainted by multiple corruption scandals. ethiopia spawn amende is planning to meet on friday after the sudden resignation of the prime minister had him i am dishonest announcement follows ongoing protests and violence mohammed oddo reports. in a televised address us alone so it is it is ignition was wide toll for achieving the changes necessary for sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other
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words an attempt to ease rising tensions in the country there's a new form which in my circle of unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace lud lists you know as a place holder on a consensus figure highly led if you're pissed since two thousand and twelve following the death of former prime minister on the architect to review person isn't the comic boom melissa. who rolls from relative obscurity as an academy to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister and the put to prime minister. his departure follows the current wave of unrest on a national state of emergency doubt and nasty ethiopia's largest regions only on how to have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protesters mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption in recent weeks the government doesn't list thousands of
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opposition supporters from jail but the protest of continued years of unaccountability and ethnocide session of the country's politics have pushed if you appear to tipping point injustice repression and lack of minute full democracy some say have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among ethiopia's youth driving many to view protests as the only viable means of bringing about medical change their own going to stop and has also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with some of ethiopians powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and lacking in focus hyla madi i'm surprised his ignition may not satisfy all of the few press protesters but for some it's a start mohamed atta walsh's era. the mexican government is trying to confirm if two dead bodies which have been discovered are those of kidnaps federal police officers the agency may special unit went missing ten days ago from married state
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on the pacific coast they later appeared in an online video surrounded by heavily armed masked men john heilemann has more from mexico city. the video first began circulating at the start of the week and it's a two federal agents on their knees and surrounded by armed men they were forced to read a statement made up of that he's ations about the treatment of people by mexican security forces. actions like dropping kidnapping and disappearing people with the respect to meet their women or children in the video is really shocking image scary because it's rare for federal agents to be treated like this on tape almost in a way that's reminiscent of terrorist propaganda in part the statement the agents were forced to say that the cartel respected them as the authorities and that's why they were still alive but now it seems that the governing could have changed their mind the attorney general's office has released a statement saying the remains have been found that could possibly be the agents
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and that they're know for sure within three to five days now the gunmen are identified in the video but the state with the two agents were kidnapped is in the control of the highly skilled new generation cartel it's going to be one of the most powerful in mexico and it's been very militant against authorities in its territory in two thousand and fifteen its members shot down an army helicopter killing ten soldiers this is more bad news for the government violence has risen to record levels even higher than what was considered the worst period of the drug war and events like this only reinforce the impression of authorities failing to take control. the saudi owned television news station has surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom although the reasons for the move remain unclear qatar had formally complained to the u.k. television regulator off calm over the airing of fake quotes attributed to the gulf
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states last me both and based kind news arabia on allies and condemned a speech published online which they turned out to have been created by hackers shortly afterwards for arab countries began a brocade of qatar. now ten million people called bangkok home the thai capital is a mix of modern urban bustle and ancient tradition but a new problem is casting a shadow over the entire city some of the worst evolution in its history now they are accusations the government's not giving proper warnings about the health risks hyla reports from bangkok. on a recent morning the sun struggled to break through a blanket of air pollution enveloping central bangkok it was so bad that the thai capital gains an undesirable achievement for that day the fifty most polluted city in the world the city has seen several weeks of extreme air pollution one local
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newspaper calling it air pocalypse pollution haze this time of year with no wind and little rain is common but according to one the bangkok city council member it's never been this bad he blames the national government for in adequate long term pollution policy and he also says that the city is not doing enough bottom line within the ranks administration works passably on pollution there are small measures being done but there's no eagerness with officials to tackle the bigger problem of air pollution they are not working on the solutions greenpeace says that the air quality here in bangkok is at a crisis level and there's one critical area where the government has failed and that needs to be corrected by media only the environmental group says levels of very small particulate matter known as p m two point five have not been included in thailand's air quality index readings of these dangerous small dust particles are included in most of the world's indexes they are harmful to people's respiratory system and can lead to stroke heart and lung disease. greenpeace says the
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government could be putting the public in danger by not giving them the entire picture they don't want to they don't want to panic the public event private is the have to lie that it is the. matter that need to need to pick and have a. warning hit them in time of operating at twenty the day the head of the government's pollution control effort says they will eventually include the fine particular readings but they don't have enough equipment. and i have to say that he would not make a dent it is in our plan to include p m two point five but it depends on when we are ready to include them into air quality index not every type or when has problem with party coast but government has even tried seeding clouds for rain hoping to rinse away the pollutants so far it hasn't worked in the meantime the people of
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bangkok will need to prepare for more polluted days ahead and hope that the government's plans and the weather will bring cleaner skies it's got hotter al-jazeera bangkok chinese people around the world is celebrating the lunar new year and millions of people in china are traveling home for the holiday brown reports from beijing on what the year of the docket mean for china and for us present donald trump. it stop time of year when china becomes a nation in motion few places busier than beijing's railway station during the last lunar new year holiday around four hundred million travel by train that's more than the population of the united states some a migrant workers unsure if they'll return a campaign of demolitions has made life here impossible for them my child is in school here we lived in beijing for many years but now they're trying to kick us out of cause water the bout that. much of the world's second largest economy is
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coming to a halt throughout the country people are on the move in what is the walls largest annual human migration people heading home for celebrations that will last for two weeks. as the chinese are sure in the year of the dog fortuneteller one how sees more bad than good for anyone who shares the same zodiac sign and that includes president donald trump are you by me and if i could present trial was born dawkin we chinese people call it year about latinos and i believe it will be a very bad year for him in the heart including his health and decision making. trump has barked a lot at china in return a bit of marketing mockery a giant statue that supposed to bear a likeness to the president sits outside a shopping mall in northeast china it certainly gets plenty of attention sporting
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golden hair a stern expression and an index finger pointing straight up do you think it looks like a dog. really there and they just hear oh yeah the hair is meaningless like that yeah but is it all fake news at least one passer by seems to think so adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. the curtain has gone up at the berlin film festival it's one of europe's leading cinema shell cases with everything from hollywood blockbusters to art house films this year this program is emphasizing cultural diversity it's also expected the me two campaign will be highlighting sexual harassment in the film world dominic king has our report. for many february in the german capital means only one thing the billion dollar a film festival which has helped put this city on the cultural map it's an
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opportunity for film goers and critics alike to view the movie's competing for the ultimate prize the golden bear but this year it's a different animal that's gaining attention. all of the dogs is the latest animated differential offering from the award winning us director when is anderson set in a dystopian future japan where a film of canine flu has forced the all thora he's to corinth all dogs on a remote island we follow the journey of a twelve year old boy as he struggles to find his lost pet or ends up in court to where mean banana peels and dried up pickled in a sardine bones about broken egg shells and holds mushed up running together with maggots all over it ok it's worth it was obvious it would be in this venture from german director christiane pets to. we observe the plight of refugees through the ages set in motion southern france but with characters the travel from the past to the present transit profiles
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a man fleeing the nazi occupation. in his interactions with modern refugees we get a sense of the fragility the collective experience leading. up. to . this spending now that is not dominated by blockbuster films from hollywood studios one film critic says it means competition for the prizes in the beef. yes we don't have some of the really prominent movies so i think with this year it's going to be really discovery where perhaps a lot of unknown directors smaller films will sort of pop up and get noticed one of the issues many people are mentioning here is the meat. which has highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment against women in the film industry there will be really special programs are for me too but also about diversity we think said
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this cultural events but not only culturally rents are a sublight from now to discuss this and we are in the middle of sis's question. one of the draws of this festival has always been its combination of hollywood style glamour with european art house movies and as a showcase for independent filmmakers to attract attention to the causes they hold dear as this festival opens this no overwhelming favorite to claim the top prizes and so many of the people treading these red carpets have high hopes dominic al-jazeera. headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president's former chief strategist has been questioned by investigators examining links between donald trump's election campaign and russia steve bannon has also been quizzed again by a congressional intelligence panel that was tightly citing white house privilege
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mike hanna has more from washington. well it's understood that steve benen was questioned for a long period of time by members of special counsel robert miller's team on at least two occasions the questioning lasting some twenty hours the nature of the questions not yet known however we do understand that steve balun did give our answers to all the questions that were put to him this is unlike his appearance before the house intelligence committee where he appeared for the second time this week there he refused to answer a large number of questions a quoting white house privilege. mourners have gathered in particular and in the u.s. state of florida to remember seventeen victims of a school shooting there on wednesday as the f.b.i. had been previously warned about the shooting suspects nicholas cruz cereal around post has become south africa's new president advocating
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a message of clean government and inclusiveness the trade union leader turned multimillionaire replaces jacob zuma whose ears in power were tainted by multiple corruption scandals. ethiopia's fundament is planning to meet later friday as it looks to replace the prime minister after his surprise resignation haile mariam dissonance announcement follows often violent unrest which has threatened the ruling party's hold on power he says he is trying to solve the crisis and is resigning to be part of the solution now than jimmie's has been appointed leader of zimbabwe's main opposition party following the death of its founder morgan china i will be acting president of the party for the next twelve months the u.s. secretary of state says his had open and productive talks with turkey's president typo on rex tillerson is on the fifth and final leg of his middle east tour ties between the two countries have been strained in recent months over u.s. support for kurdish fight is in syria. those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera the stream is up next stay with us. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. hi i'm femi oke a and imo it could be loud today a stream update on a story we've covered extensively here and across the aisle dizzier and that work the range of prices the united nations is confronting several issues at once this is back to continue violence while the medium our military the arrests of journalists covering the story and the abundant problems facing refugees in neighboring bangladesh as always tweet us your comments on.


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