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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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hello my name is barry. manchester city's northwest representatives can. teach you . actually do you remember the special meeting about the nails and he said you know . that's not africa and you mean this is a color. on the city al-jazeera investigation. of silence this time. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we've come to an agreement to take joint steps together the u.s.
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and turkey agree to work together on syria as the conflict dominates talks secretary of state threats to listens visits to the region. political uncertainty in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. also this hour the year of the dog millions of people around the world celebrate the lunar new year. and i'm peter stennis it's day seven that the winter olympics in pyongyang but became a shit friends dream of becoming the first skier to win four gold medals at a single games is over she finished fourth in her best event. the u.s. and turkey have agreed to normalize relations after talks in ankara the us secretary of state rex tillerson has been holding discussions with his turkish counterpart left. new ties between the two nations have been strained in recent months
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particularly over u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria but the turkish foreign minister says they've decided to tackle the issues together i think that you will never reject the doctor to our relations are going through a critical stage we are either going to mend fences or go in a different direction and we've come to an agreement to take joint steps together of course we need to take steps and yes of course both parties have expectations of each other we have expectations in relations to fit hoola glenn and the support given to the way by the u.s. we have stated our expectations quite clearly. we recognize the legitimate right of turkey to secure its borders we take it seriously when our nato ally turkey says it has security concerns as to africa we call on turkey to show restraint in its operation to minimize the casualties to civilians and avoid
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actions that would escalate tensions in that area earlier there were small protests outside the venue protesters shouting and charities and to us slogans angry over its support for the kurds the demonstrates is blame the u.s. for the deaths of tech you soldiers and civilians on thursday to listen met the president rushed up typo to one describing the talks as open and productive both sides made sure to emphasize the insuring relationship despite the recent tensions sheil has more now from ankara. it was a press conference that was very heavy on rhetoric but very light when it came to details the messaging that came out from the joints meeting between us are said rex tillerson and his counterparts milou jewish or grew was one where they emphasize the strategic relationship the enduring friendship and the very strong partnership between the united states and sarky but fail to say exactly how they were going to
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resolve the deep issues that the contradictions are all posing views between washington and qur'an out there those deep issues essentially can be summed up into two main problem areas the first is syria the princes supporting the kurdish militia the white p.g. turkey considers them a terrorist organization because they've been attacking turkey protecting the past few weeks launching rockets at turkish soil and killing at least seven civilians the other issue is the presence of such an agreement in the united states the person that psyche accuses to be behind the failed coup attempt of two thousand and sixteen it's also the americans had them over the americans have so far rejected it's not so strong words in terms of friendship whether that is an attempt to patch up something that is irreparable or whether the next few weeks will show us some sort of time jubal action taken between the two allies to resolve this issue will
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have to wait and see abraham fry has his associate professor at the institute for graduate studies he says despite the talk of progress the two sides don't appear to have come to any concrete agreements. we have to understand there is a very strong anger on the turkish sides of the foreign policy of the united states dealing in the northern part of syria with the condition of the shits. turkey escalated by responding with a military operations in the northern syria and if. they're. seeing a lack of understanding from their from their strategic ally the united states with their national security needs on that on their southern borders you know automated leisha's that they're fighting against turkey it's very important to listen carefully to the literature that came from the press conference where in fact you notice that there is more of a tough rhetoric on the turkish side than that with american better rick like the
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turkish foreign minister said the clearly that our relationship has been at the most critical stage. and indicating that their dissatisfaction of the outcome of this meeting now on the other hand you know. that isn't saying that all of them in syria all of the seem so very broad vague statements and he's talking about i want to ship off i think together back in korea in the fifth is talking about this old man think relationship you know shoulder to shoulder so that was not very would reflected on the turkish foreign minister side and that that the real issues if member age that there is a source of conflict for now i should that have not been talked about in a way that would give us signs for a position. and staying in turkey we have some breaking news for you coming to us
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out of an cross state media in turkey is reporting that six journalists have been sentenced to life in prison over last year's failed military coup more on that for you soon as we can hear on the news out. cabinet ministers nice e.o.p. a holding talks off the sudden resignation of the prime minister early merriam to sell me and send us one follows nationwide antigovernment protests have a dog in a televised address i love money imbecile and say he's it is ignition wasn't vital for choosing the changes necessary evil sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other words an attempt to ease rising tensions in the country because unity for which in my circuit unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace largely seen as a placeholder on a consensus figure hyla my embezzling has led if you have to since two thousand and
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twelve following the death of former prime minister and the architect of ethiope present isn't the comic boom melissa. he rolls from relative obscurity as an academy to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister who's an deputy prime minister his departure follows the current wave of unrest on a national state of emergency doubt and last. ethiopia's lodges regions only on on the hot have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protesters mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption. in recent weeks the government doesn't list thousands of opposition supporters from jail but a protest of continued years of unaccountability and ethnocide session of the country's politics are pushed if you appear to tipping point injustice repression on luck of minute full democracy some say you have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among with your peers youth driving many to
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view protests as the only viable means of bringing about many people change their own going to stop and has also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with some of the few pence powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and locking in focus hyla modi i'm surprised his ignition may not satisfy all of if you press protesters but for some it's us but behind it or the wall just. al-jazeera is in the capital of ethiopia. what's been the reaction there to the resignation of the prime minister hello peter their actions so far that there is no change and no change in the economy or anything that has happened in the capital of at this hour and so far. this is what we can come up to there is a meeting going on in the council's minister which
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a state of emergency might be declared but nothing so far if they go ahead and declare the state of emergency for the people in the country what would that mean. it would mean that they're assuming this if the us did people as it is known that outside the i do so well there are some problems going on from the opposition party from the roma region and from down the road to answer this question there's supposed to be safety at first and this state of emergency is trying to assure that after that they're going to first take this step of electing the head of the party then they will be electing the president next prime minister ok we'll leave it there. thank you very much. ok let's look at the events that led up to that resignation in twenty fifteen the hundreds of ethiopians were killed by security
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forces and anti-government protests in two of the most populous regions are. those protests spread across the country leading the government to impose a ten month state of emergency in october twenty sixth teen but the demonstrations continued into this year forcing the ethiopian government to release more than six thousand political prisoners so that. is the editor in chief of standard she joins us on skype from the german city of frankfurt. is there a struggle within the ruling party. hello peter yes there is a struggle it was in the ruling party and it has been going on since that day so. the following day or in the german prime minister power struggle has always dominated the function of the party for the last six years if we are a couple of days away from a prime minister and a romo prime minister if that is indeed what happens what will that person bring to
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the table. well. as a structure there is really not much any incoming prime minister is going to bring to the table because the country needs a very serious surgery political center to to heal it from it's a structure a. different version. but in terms of the narrative and in terms of the people say expectational it might have been a conciliatory role to bring in prime minister from the orrible party because that is that region let's not forget which began the protests three years ago and the people feel absolutely misrepresented in the federal government so it might play a greater role to bring somebody from from the r.p.o. as a as a conciliatory gesture but structurally it means really nothing unless there is a serious surgery often strikes or instead of doing it to the pilot by the politics
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of the country if the politicians need to indulge in some political surgery to pick you up on the phrase what are the chances that the country is also going to move towards i guess what you and i would recognize as a more open democratic political system. right this would include you know anybody who would like to make a change in that country i should begin by dismantling this struck their christian structure of. instruments that are deployed in that country that begins dismantling their nose depressing knows that literate did the civil society from the ground that have dismantled the chicks in finding the situations of checks and balances independent judiciary you know in the long straits these are the more fundamental changes that need to be brought by any incoming prime minister if the country is to stay intact ok we have to leave it this that all of them are at as
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a chief at a standard in frankfurt the talks here on the news thanks very much thanks for. coming out of south africa's new leader several rum opposable outlined his priorities in his first state of the union address he's promised to revive the economy and to tackle corruption which critics say was widespread under his predecessor jacob zuma matheson has more now from so way to from a post as hometown. for a lot of people several run up from the fifth i'm from the u.s. president of south africa is about to put his cards on the table. is about to make a state of the nation address and a lot of people are going to be watching very closely moments and i'm of course has made a lot of promises he's promised to fix the economy he's promised to do something about high crime rates on high unemployment but he's also promised to retard the corruption with that which is alleged to have permeated this way through government through the gears of jacob zuma his predecessor some of the opposition say that's
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not his only problem is the other problem is his own party the ruling a.n.c. they say that the a.n.c. isn't going to allow them to make any change they're just going to keep things the way they are for the state of the nation address probably won't be able to to answer. no question it's probably more likely to be a broader approach to hopes and aspirations for south africa for the coming years for growing things is almost bizarre it's likely to be one of the most closely watched presidential addresses for many years in south africa live to cape town and my colleague from either miller for me to i guess we know what he will say it's got to be a message of inclusiveness see progress and transparency as well. number one priority for the new presence a remark was a pita is the economy as we heard the and corruption mainly growth around the economy you know south africa has an unemployment rate of twenty six percent and
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the focus i think would be youth unemployment where at least heart of young people don't have jobs so this is very much important for south africans to get on says to him as we heard that we may not be so if you can smell a not get all the answers they need to hear but there is a certain amount of hope and optimism around what sort of a person may say this is his first state of the nation and in the first address he made to south africans just before he was sworn in yesterday as president he'd already given some sort of indication about acting now saying now was the time to act boldly and decisively to change the trajectory of the economy so there are a number of areas he'd have to tackle ranging from state enterprises to job creation but there is also some thought to that because jacob zuma the previous previous president was just so bad for the economy and for the political environment that almost any one stepping in would be better so the africans do need
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to possibly manage the expectations will he also maybe put his stamp on his new position the south african president with his key cabinet appointments. that's also a major focus for south africans we do know that there's been a lot of concern over the last two years as a jacob zuma made these rather strange changes to the cabinet in the most important position was that of finance minister from very credible well respected ministers he then put in place ministers who last of a weekend because there was a so much criticism around the change and the existing finance minister malusi gigaba is not one that's necessarily has the credibility that the international community would look for is well respected so people are watching to see exactly what the new president does when he will make those changes and it will also with
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the cabinet of people who've been criticized for being cronies to jacob zuma for being ineffective and and if they will be the changes that are necessary to ultimately as cyril ramaphosa said change the trajectory of the economy just going back briefly cemented to the speech that he gave yesterday i mean he was talking at one point about mr puts a laser you know one of those names that one remembers from what the mid one nine hundred ninety s. will he also maybe now perhaps not with this speech not in the next week or so bring in new blood because the generation of men primarily men the runs of africa they are getting older they're all now well into their fifty's in the sixty's. i'm sure questions are being raised about a succession perhaps not immediately because the roma course there is just stepping in and now as essentially an interim president he will be open to two other terms later on but looking at a new blood i think the issue would be around what happens after slim of course and
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also all eyes will be on who he names as the deputy a president at this point the thing for the new president also though he would have to make appointments and look at the people around him taking into account what the african national congress. might think we do know it is a difficult time for the ruling party removing jacob zuma from the position of president the party as it was not an easy decision to make president a former president zuma does still have some support within the party the a.n.c. is going through a tough time so still ramapo us up would have to appease some people in the party there are factions so this is about uniting the party so i don't think it will be radical changes that could possibly ups it his colleagues the media thanks very much lots more still to cover for you here on the news hour including these stories the u.s. ambassador to kosovo is calling for a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities by the liberation army.
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and a grieving community in florida calls for action against gun violence after seventeen students were killed in that school shooting on wednesday. a sports news roger federer moves closer to reclaiming the number one ranking people have the details in about thirty minutes. let's take you live to munich because the world has moved towards the brink of a significant conflict that's the warning from the chairman of the annual munich security conference policymakers and experts are gathered in the german city to talk about the global security challenges we've been hearing just a little earlier from the ambassador who's the chairman to the munich security conference organized to say the role of the e.u. will be one of the key issues up for discussion the gulf crisis to north korea and the conflict in ukraine are also expected to be discussed my colleague russian
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joins us live now from munich so they've got a lot to get through keynote speakers who should be looking out for. interesting indeed peter we're having now the united nations secretary general about to start his key keynote speech also followed by younes stoltenberg the secretary general of nato and also. say to me i'm been hammered out that it was basically going to talk about the g.c.c. quizes this is going to be an opportunity a full world leader as decision makers and also security officials and experts to try to debate on the conflicts which are bearing up in different boss the well joining me to talk more about the munich security conference is mr nicholas burns former u.s. diplomat and also a professor at harvard's john f. kennedy school of government thank you very much indeed for joining us is the burns
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old i saw ask you this the e.u. seems to be a little bit concerned about the u.s. administration under trump distancing itself from the political order he helped create about five decades ago well i think it's an unusual time the american people support and a forward looking american engagement with the world a liberal order our congress does i think president trump has been ambivalent about our ties here in europe but he's been a strong supporter of the gulf arab states is drawing support of israel against what the iranians are doing in the middle east i think it be too much to say that the united states is of pandering to liberal order that we helped to create we are dedicated to that i disagree with many of president trump's policies but i think that's probably an exaggeration you said as an ambassador to nato yes and. told al jazeera a while ago that what he would like to see is more dialogue between the u.s. and the multi law told institutions like nato do you think that something could be done against the backdrop of these mistrusts which has been provided by little turn to states as a member of nato we have been since one nine hundred forty nine by secretary mabus
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our defense secretary we just spent two days at nato for the defense ministers meeting we are actually adding american men and women armor to our troops in europe we're adding. to our defense budget in europe we're containing russian power in eastern europe and nato has an important mission in iraq to train the iraqi army very important mission in afghanistan so the u.s. is fully part of nato the emir of qatar said to me about how to death and he's expected to make a speech and it's time soon about the g.c.c. quizes which tosses yes june the fifth when saudi arabia the u.a.e. rain and egypt imposed. blockade on gaza do you see any potential for this quizes to be contained in a time soon what what what will come the americans play in the near future you know i hope i'm outside of government i'm a professor now but i hope that the united states will move to try to end this crisis we have an important relationship with gutter we have had for a long time and the gulf arab community the g.c.c.
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will be much stronger if all the countries are respecting each other and working together there's a common problem and that's a rainy and financing of terrorist groups in yemen in iraq in syria and lebanon and so i think united states should use its influence with saudi arabia united arab emirates and with gutter to try to see if there can be reconciliation this is going to be my last question to you the war was between the united states of america and north korea over a. program could face platform of the munich security council be apportioned into. any way forward could be for the north koreans are not here but this is a this is a struggle by the entire international community against north korea north korea started the problem they have a nuclear weapons force they're not responsible so we do need to see united nations sanctions continue and japan south korea the united states are completely unified on this china will play a big role i think they'll be lots of conversations here in munich about that thank you very much indeed i think you think i'm cynical pizza this is the incredible
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moment it's a time where world leaders come together trying to debate issues of national security and also conflicts some of the. it's could turn into a geo political crisis but it's also an informal setting where world leaders can on the sidelines try to reach some consensus about some of the issues just how big it was has been going on for quite some time passion we'll talk to you again in the next hour but in the meantime thank you very much mourners in zimbabwe have been visiting the house of the late opposition leader morgan chang who died on weapons day at the age of sixty five he did fund the main opposition party the m.d.c. the movement for democratic change he was one of zimbabwe's most prominent critics of the former prime minister robert mugabe chandra's body is being repatriated on saturday from south africa he died in hospital from colon cancer his funeral will be held on monday what the president is down and what does problem is that due.
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to financial and that he is assigned the embassy in south africa to do it came to make sure that. they're fair milly's the m.d.c. is held to the party it's the board of late protesters have gathered in tel aviv to call for israel's prime minister to step down over bribery allegations earlier this week israeli police recommended benjamin netanyahu be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust he's accused of accepting about three hundred thousand dollars in gifts in exchange for political favors as anyone who denies any wrongdoing. the serbian t.v. news station has surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom it comes after the u.k. television regulator ofcom find the channel in january for broadcasting statements
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by an imprisoned bahraini opposition leader that were extracted under torture cats our state news agency has also formally complained to off com over the airing of fake quotes attributed to the gulf states and me a last may both out of beer and the u.a.e. based sky news arabia analyzed and condemned a speech published online which later turned out to be uncreated by hackers shortly afterwards for arab countries began the blockade of cattle well in a statement says it suspended its participation in a satellite television package under a new distribution plan and it's also attacked al-jazeera for what it calls exaggerations in its reporting of the withdrawal. they had a box firm says a high level independent commission will be set up to investigate claims of sexual misconduct we need by any means the executives of director of the charity has asked women's rights leaders to carry out an urgent review oxfam has faced mounting
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condemnation of the way it's handled the allegations of sexual abuse staff members were fired after being accused of using prostitutes working in haiti. thousands of people have gathered in florida at a candlelight vigil for the seventeen victims of the latest us high school shooting is a mess the f.b.i. had previously been warned about nineteen year old nicholas cruz has appeared in court charged with seventeen counts of murder is on the ballot. but this is a community in mourning but a people determined to come together the grieving process will be long and painful the wounds may never heal many here is still in shock but determined that this should never happen again i mean you were in my daughter's classroom yesterday. her friends are a lot of her friends died and this is enough for eddie and i don't know what it's going to take but we have to do something we have to that we can't just be idle and forget about this. video from inside the school shows the
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horror that children have to endure. have students forced to run past bodies of fallen classmates our administration is working closely with local authorities to investigate the shooting and learn everything we can we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health care you nicholas jacob cruz. is here the suspected shooter nineteen year old nicholas cruz appeared in court charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder he's now confessed to the killings is lawyer describes cruz as a broken human being the sadness that this community is feeling i mean my children are there they go to school in this community i feel horrible for these families
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and. mr cruz feels that pain. it's also known that the f.b.i. investigated a comment left on you tube by someone using the. three name nicholas cruz it simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter no other information was included with a comment which would indicate a time location for the true identity of the person who made the comment. yet i conducted database reviews checked over them and was unable to further identify the person who actually made the motive for this attack is still unknown but among the dead of the school's assistant football coach he threw himself in front of his students to protect them from a hail of bullets his team simply tweeted he died a hero his sacrifice won't soon be forgotten and he gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida. ok heavy rains been a problem in brazil especially in rio mr last year the for some months give rio
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most of its rain but it doesn't help the falls like this we got some video of what was the result of an exceedingly heavy stones to a sin i should judge by that it killed four people who took out the olympic cycle track but it left in many places just a big flood where they used to be the street causes rain falls in the mountains behind reactor channels quite nicely and that's the sort of result that's things have improved since at the showers will come back again but this was a particularly intense one and you see disappearing as a way that we should probably concentrate more on bolivia where recently have been some pretty big thunderstorms a game fatalities because of flooding but i want you to take you north now from this picture south america some of the great lakes remember a couple weeks ago how cold it was around the great lakes in the midwest what is a picture taken from space is false color where you see turquoise you see our use of the great lakes where you don't you see open water so lake michigan is virtually on the frozen the reason was completely covered in ice and he runs half and half so
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i would have thought to be covered in ice by this time but it's not there is still cold air around that's when this cold air goes across the open what you get the lake effect snow which is. in for example pennsylvania we've got so much but there isn't quite as calm as it was before in fact there's more walls and cold if anything it's city will just to the east be to rob thanks very much still ahead here on the news hour. a form australian prime minister softens his hardline stance on immigration off the refugees were left to languish in optional prison camps. and tiger woods continues his comeback to competitive gold find out how to use getting along in the sports news with pisa in about fifteen minutes. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but in number happens not because the situation is complicated but because
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no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that they're choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the carter center.
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i'm back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha a reminder of our top stories today the u.s. and turkey have agreed to normalize relations and work together over the conflict in syria the secretary of state rex tillerson has been holding talks with his turkish counterpart never come sort of in ankara times have been strained in recent months with u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria. cabinet ministers in ethiopia are holding talks after the sudden resignation of the prime minister ali mahdi and the salah news announcement follows a nationwide anti-government protest song and says stepping down was vital to achieve the necessary reforms. and south africa's new leaders cyril ramaphosa is expected to outline his priorities when he delivers his first state of the union address later on friday has promised to revive the economy and to tackle corruption
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which critics say was widespread under his predecessor jacob zuma. ok let's update a breaking story we try to bring you a little earlier turkey state media says six journalists have been sentenced to life in prison in connection with the failed coup back in twenty sixteen simple sort of his life for us in istanbul cinema just walk us through what's been decided and handed down by the court. yes peter those journalists have been actually detained for more than a year for their average of links with the good honest organization which the turkish government accuses for orchestrating the failed coup attempt in july two thousand sixty six of them are now charged to life sent aggravated life sentence for trying to violate the constitutional order and for treason here i have to underline aggregate aggravated life sentence means if the suspects
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if the prisoners are granted immunity by any other future government or any other judiciary these people cannot benefit from that for now everybody is focused on the situation but i have to say that these suspects have the right to challenge to object at the sedition and appeal to the supreme court and the constitutional court had at the season before saying that what the local court decides is an abuse of rights for these suspects so i must say that the legal way is open for the suspects to object and appeal to the supreme court which might change the final decision from his that life sentence to any other kind of charges understood does that mean the supreme court in effect is on a collision course with mr herder one. who well actually this is a local court decision this decision was given by istanbul court but the supreme
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court the constitutional court and. judiciary is a ball with that but these days especially after the failed coup attempt and after the state of emergency has been now under way in turkey since then we are facing actually these kinds of. conflicts between the local courts and the constitutional court in the supreme court so we will be seeing what's going to happen peter understood sin and pursue life for us in istanbul thanks very much. the body of a filipino maid found in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in kuwait has arrived in manila joana fellas his death has prompted the government to order the repatriation of filipino workers in kuwait and a ban on further deployment step up as well to go on as the story i just want to tell the families went to kuwait four years ago to work as a mate she returned home in a car for her distraught sister in tears as the wooden casket was carried off
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a plane. for the mob. this is a very big loss to us she used to tell her mother her dreams she was working abroad to be able to help our parents and our youngest sibling. the family says you want to employ your was strict and only allowed her to call home three times a year but in two thousand and sixteen the cost opt they had no idea why until last week when a body was found in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in kuwait city it was joyous investigators say her body showed signs of strangulation and may have been in the freezer for more than a year. you know. why did they do that to my sister and hurt so much the way the order the philippine president rodrigo to twitter today was quick to condemn what he sees as a pattern of mistreatment of filipino workers what have we done deal to
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deserve this guy and that he may want to make and to me he is offering free flights home for filipino workers in kuwait about ten thousand maids are expected to take up the offer. so i'm going to devon a lot more money you've done. home and leave me here an estimated two hundred fifty thousand filipinos are employed in kuwait in january the philippines suspended sending more workers after reports that abuse by employers had driven several workers to suicide and now there is still on his case. that he projects but will also be a rallying point for all of the government agencies to be more aggressive abroad. in helping our oil we protect that kuwait's government says it's outraged by joe honest murder and is working on bringing her killer said just this and that is of
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little comfort to her grieving family katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. a prominent venezuelan businessman has ruled out challenging the president nicolas maduro in the forthcoming elections in april lorenzo mendoza told employees he won't be a candidate despite widespread calls for him to enter the race the billionaire was seen as the strongest potential contender from the opposition which claims the vote will be rigged in the favor of mr than israel has been struggling with an unprecedented economic crisis since twenty thirteen. well that crisis is sent inflation soaring and its core shortages of food and medicines prompting record numbers of venezuelans to seek refuge in neighboring countries more than half a million have crossed into colombia since the middle of last year the situation is so bad the colombian president is now calling for international help. visited the government's first temporary shelter in kuta close to the border with. and sent us this report. is wife might talk their luck had turned
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for the better with the economic situation at home deteriorating a friend offered him a well paying job. in venezuela i had a good job at a business making five times the minimum wage but the value of my salary kept falling i couldn't meet our needs anymore and those of our children i stopped eating i lost forty kilos i used to be over one hundred then i saw that my children were also losing weight so they sold almost all the own to pay for the trip to start a new life. with rob the only items of value they were left with were their passports. we left the children and their grandmother in critical conditions we had calculated we'd be in peru in a week stay out working and send money but it all fell apart after day sleeping on the streets of call only a border town and they found a roof and a bed here the first temporary shelter for. me with the support of the
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red cross and the international organization for migration. we found these brotherly colombians that gave us so much it's been incredible housing food and a good samaritan is paying for our tickets. yes the shelter is open to only a few of the hundreds who are sleeping on the streets of only those with a passport and a bus ticket to get assistance here and you're supposed to remain for just forty eight hours and this day we found only five migrants despite more than two hundred vailable beds those without official documents or ticket struggle this is for menial jobs hoping to earn enough to continue their journey the red cross is here to help them but it still assessing the best way to provide this. year. we're designing other more effective mechanisms which surely will allow us to
4:43 pm
achieve a higher occupancy rate in the coming weeks. for its part has increased its police presence along the border apparently sending a signal to be thinking of crossing go over and already in. the compassion of neighbors is being tested as colombia copes with an unprecedented influx of venezuelan desperate to escape a country in economic freefall listen to them. cracks appeared in australia's fragile coalition government after a public spat between the prime minister malcolm turnbull and his deputy barnaby joyce joyce is refusing to resign over an affair with a colleague which has been deemed a shocking error of judgment by turnbull on thursday the prime minister byrne sexual relations between members of parliament and their staff after learning joyce's former press secretary is now pregnant government as a once in parliament fun to be has
4:44 pm
acknowledged his fault. he's era he's great about his conduct he has to consider his own position obviously. but. these are matters for barnaby joyce to reflect on. in regards. comments by the national comments by the prime minister yesterday's press conference. i have to say that in many instances they were. there was a cause for the harm i believe they were in many instances inept and most definitely in many instances unnecessary australia's former prime minister kevin rudd has softened his stance on the tough immigration policy he introduced in twenty thirteen he's told al-jazeera he never intended refugees to be kept in
4:45 pm
offshore prison camps for as long as they have been under thomas reports from the australian capital canberra. most refugees held on man a silent in papua new guinea were sent in twenty thirteen so this year most will mark five years in what they call australia's remote island prison that particular word isn't used in a report by a regional protection officer for the united nations high commissioner for refugees but after a visit to mannus his language is just as strong he found a pervasive and worsening sense of despair among refugees and asylum seekers a sense of desolation people would be walking around their faces will be downcast they're looking at the ground not many people are going out of the rico cell sado says the need for medical care mental health support and trauma counseling is critical and unmet but really the refugees shouldn't be on man as a tool it's up to the country which sent them to papua new guinea to find them safe
4:46 pm
long term homes elsewhere australia ultimately has responsibility for the welfare and for dissolutions for people outside of. some refugees have flowed into the united states under a resettlement deal australia reached while barack obama was in office but most have not and their future is as uncertain as ever the hardline policy to send refugees who arrived by boat to man a silence was first introduced in july twenty third team by then prime minister kevin rudd people who come by boat now have no prospect of being resettled in australia the rules have changed if you come by boat you'll never permanently live in australia rant last election shortly after that and the conservative government has been in power since toughened his policies further earlier this week kevin rudd reflected on the tenth anniversary of his national apology to indigenous aboriginal people mistreated for decades by various australian governments i interviewed him
4:47 pm
about that and then asked him whether he thought would ever be a need for a future australian prime minister is. another apology this one to refugee sent by his government and subsequent ones to mount a silent on the road rods wouldn't answer that but did say he'd never meant refugees to be on mannus this long it's been inhumane in the extreme for the conservative government of australia to regard those who are on menace as asylum seekers come to this country as purely domestic political pawns in a wider political game despite what he said publicly in twenty thirteen kevin rudd now says refugees are mannus should be found a home in australia under thomas al-jazeera camera the us president's former chief strategist has been questioned by investigators examining donald trump's election campaign and allegations of russian interference steve bannon spoke for approximately twenty hours but it's not known what he was asked he was also quizzed
4:48 pm
again by a congressional intelligence panel but remained tight lipped citing white house privilege people around the world have been celebrating the lunar new year assuring in the year of the dog this was the scene in indonesia in the celebrated with prayers at buddhist temples in australia the occasion was marked at the sydney opera house with a statue of a dog and people also took part in traditional dancing close to st petersburg's winter palace in russia there was silence in the chinese capital beijing after a new ban on fireworks however people went to the city's temples throwing coins and praying for good luck. well the lunar new year is a time for many in south korea to pay respects to their ancestors both of those families separated since the korean war it can be a painful time they hope a recent thaw in relations with the north will see freedom of movement across the border has more now from pod jewel close to the demilitarized zone. many people
4:49 pm
here don't know if their loved ones in the north are dead or alive yet they come to pray and offer food and wine to family members during this lunar new year holiday with the mountains of north korea on the horizon the ritual at engine got resort offers them a physical proximity to their homes and the solace of comfort from others they share the pain dulled over the decades but not forgotten. not many of us are alive now and soon we will all be gone all wishes to have people visit their homes the second and third generation will forget about their grandparents stories we should all know about our roots over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in a south korean database for separated families more than half are now dead of those still living more than half are eighty or older. that explains why as each year
4:50 pm
passes attendance at these ceremonies is waning but this was the first time in one and. made the track they grew up in the same neighborhood in north korea and fled as children during the war john one never saw as parents and never saw her grandparents again he misses his parents so much at times like this crying in front of the camera he tried to find his family but never had a wish it the last time families from the north and south were able to reunite was in two thousand and fifteen there's hope that the recent speed. a re conciliation by north korea will end the wait but people say until there's freedom to move between the two koreas our reunion brings only a temporary joy. to south korea. still ahead of the trip to the crickets and it's
4:51 pm
a massive. new zealand. was last.
4:52 pm
time for sports news winter olympics of course is peter peter thank you so much star american mckayla shifrin has missed out on the opportunity to become the first alpine skier to win four gold medals at
4:53 pm
a single elim takes the twenty two year old finished fourth in the slalom at young chang on friday traditionally it's her best event schifrin says she had been vomiting minutes before her first run she did win gold on thursday in the giant slalom and may still contest medals in the combined events and downhill as well sweden's frida hundred one the slalom gold austria's matthias meyer one of the men super g. he went one better than his father held but who claimed silver in the same category in calgary in one nine hundred eighty eight austria is one of only four countries to have ever won gold in the city. south korean fans are celebrating after winning their second gold medal of the games twenty three year old a young song been claimed at the main skeleton with the largest victory margin in and a limp exciting event since nine hundred seventy two. and italian mackellar only took the gold medal in the women's snowboard cross the sport's most decorated rider
4:54 pm
american lindsey gecko bellus finished out of the medals in fourth. germany continues to lead the medal table on day seven with nine golds that's three better than norway and the netherlands who are in second and third the united states and canada round out the top five. bellerose have just picked up their first medal of these games hannah who scored our winning the women's aerial skiing but earlier australia's lydia le cellier missed out on a spot in the final in her fifth olympics she won gold in vancouver in twenty ten but has now announced her retirement i've loved every minute of love the sport the people. the feelings that it generates. and obviously something. but at a point in life that i'm ready to let it die one of the most prestigious winter olympic events the men's figure skating will be decided on saturday defending
4:55 pm
champion used to two hundred one friday's short program with a limp big record score of one hundred and eleven point six eight a number of top u.s. olympians have been offering their condolences to victims of a school shooting in florida that killed seventeen people there was a minute of silence in the n.h.l. before the new york islanders hosted cross-town rivals the rangers well chicago cubs baseball star anthony rich so attended a candlelight vigil in florida he's a former student of marjorie stoneman douglas high school with the shooting took place i played on those fields i went to those classes i studied in those classrooms the same school we saw on video yesterday for all the wrong reasons i am all the who i am because of this community and i just want you to know how proud i am to be part of this community i want you to know that you're
4:56 pm
not alone in your grief we're all grieving with you. twenty time grand slam champion roger federer is on the verge of reclaiming the number one tennis ranking for the first time since twenty twelve on thursday the swiss saw philip kohlschreiber the rotterdam tournament seven six seven five if he defeats robin haase on friday in the quarter finals he will become the only just world number one at the age of thirty six when the new rankings are published on monday he has previously spent three hundred two weeks at the top of these rankings. meanwhile the women's world number one caroline wozniacki is through to the qatar open quarter finals but they defeated monica who had eliminated maria sharapova earlier in the tournament seven five six one at the school in the snow. germany's angela kerber will be was an iraqi is called vinyl opponent recovered after losing the first set six one to britain's un a counter former world number one taking the next two sets six one and six three.
4:57 pm
tiger woods is continuing his return to competitive golf at the genesis open but round one did not go the way he might have liked the fourteen time major winner carded a one over par seventy two on thursday woods did make five birdies but four bogeys and a double bogey ultimately spoil the scorecard he trails first round leaders patrick can play and tony for now by six shots. i've. made huge just really silly bogeys out there in particular number seven arrows not very good . for the middle of fairway but overall i thought i hung in there well grounded. australia have competed the highest ever run chasing twenty twenty cricket history they scored two hundred forty five runs to beat new zealand in alton but the happiest man at eden park on friday was a kiwi student he went home thirty seven thousand dollars richer after smearing
4:58 pm
a hand a one handed catch on the boundary is even better when ross taylor only got six points because effort and that's all the sport more later peter peter thanks very much we will recount all the top stories for you when we come back top of the hour join us for that if you can as you said about. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard seems unimaginable hardship i prefer to live though the first day the boy got the cotton truth chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. i fell on to the rails i merely dug the other children to go to school and live because of the trade of risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. what makes this
4:59 pm
moment this era we're living through so unique all this is really an attack on it itself is a lot of misunderstanding but the distortion is that of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level what to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. when we managed the financial system between one thousand nine hundred five and one nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seventy one the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalisation of finance just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s.
5:00 pm
and it's going to be i'm getting to ready is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government when took off to my interest then i would look for a strong national museum if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we are heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. we're not going to act alone in the long we're not going to be doing one thing and doing another the u.s. and turkey agreed to work together on syria as the conflict dominates talks during secretary of state rex tillerson his visit to the region.


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