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sort in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be updating it already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interest then i will look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we fix. it. we're not going to act alone any longer we're not going to be us doing one thing in turkey doing another the u.s. and turkey agreed to work together on syria as the conflict dominates talks during secretary of state rex tillerson visit to the region.
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again i visit w watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up will be live in germany where world leaders and top policymakers amusing for the annual munich security conference. political uncertainty in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister haile mariam desolate. also this hour why the lunar new year is a time of both celebration and sadness for some families in south korea. ok our top story the u.s. and turkey have agreed to mend relations and work together over the war in syria secretary of state rex tillerson has been holding talks with his turkish counterpart this method of a sword in ankara both sides admitted ties had reached crisis point over the u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria jamal al sheil is in ankara he'll. rex
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tillerson didn't receive the warmest of welcomes when he arrived in the turkish capital ankara turkey has been angered by u.s. policy which it believes threatens its national security and president. made that clear during a three hour long meeting with the u.s. secretary of state. in syria the united states has been arming and supporting the kurdish militia the y p g i turkey says the y p g is a terrorist organization that's killed dozens of talk of civilians and soldiers in recent weeks the support for the kurdish fighters has baffled the turks who say the americans should be siding with their nato allies and not with an outlaw group according to tillerson the disagreements over syria are being resolved and both ankara and washington will now be working towards the same goal our two countries share the same objectives in syria the defeat of isis. secure and stable zones and independent and unified syria to listen and his counterparts.
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announced that they did stablished the mechanism so that the two nato allies would be able to resolve all issues and that's a collaborates but no details were given and there's another problem this is not going away the continued refusal by the u.s. to extradite for no good in the mountains or cruises of orchestrating the tonight twenty sixteen felt. only in fed up honest and invited me in relation to fit to land do we have evidence do we not have evidence can he be extradited or not rather than having these discussions in the press and in public we will have these discussions and work together on these issues thank you very much us talk as the nations have probably never been worse off but rex citizens visits seems to have been a positive one with their message that the two allies will start working together again whether they will succeed only time will tell. i don't see it.
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ever him for is an associate professor at the doha institute for graduate studies he says there are still many unresolved issues despite the talk of progress. we have to understand there is a very strong anger on the turkish sides of the foreign policy of the united states dealing in the northern part of syria with the kurdish militias. escalated by responding with the military operations in the northern syria and their. condition as they're. seeing a lack of understanding from their from their strategic ally the united states to the head of national security and on that on their seven borders you know. when he says that they're fighting against turkey it's very important to listen carefully to that authority that came from the press conference where in fact you notice that there is more of a tough rhetoric on the turkish side than that with the american better rick like
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the turkish foreign minister said that clearly that our relationship has been at the most a critical stage. indicating that their dissatisfaction of the outcome of this meeting now on the other hand you know. that isn't saying that all of them in syria all of the seem so very broad vague statements and he's talking about i want to ship you know fighting together back in korea in the fifty's talking about this small man think relationship you know shoulder to shoulder so that was not very would reflected on the turkish foreign minister side and that the real issue is if member age that the. source of the conflict for now actually that have not been talked about in a we that would give us signs for a position. now going to live to the german city of munich in just
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a moment because the world has moved towards quote the brink of a significant conflict that's the warning from the chairman of the annual munich security conference policymakers and experts have gathered in the german city to talk about global security challenges organizers say the role of the e.u. will be one of the key issues up for discussion the gulf crisis north korea and the conflict in ukraine are also expected to be discussed our correspondent joins us live now from munich so hashim so many potential hot spots around the world that could get a lot more dangerous. indeed peter this is a conference that comes against a backdrop of a white a ray of conflicts bearing up a different boss of the world war of words between the united states of america north korea over pyongyang's nuclear program the mounting tension between israel and iran and also the bible read between iran and saudi arabia over syria yemen and also iraq which will get about many issues the leaders security experts and
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officials are trying to debate over the coming days joining me to talk more about the challenges that the international community faces is karyn von hippel she is director of the royal united services institute which is a defense and security think thank you very much indeed for joining us this is a conference that comes when the united he you seems to be concerned about the united states of america distancing itself from an order which it has created four decades ago and people here saying that if that order collapses we all walk into unchartered territory yes is there is a concern certainly last year at the munich conference don't forget trump had just been elected now it's one year into his administration and there are concerns about the u.s. pulling back from that leadership role it really has played since the second world war now doesn't mean the entire situation collapses europe and other countries can step into that void and provide the right type of leadership i think the concern is
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if those countries don't do that then does leadership go to the highest bidder russia in one area iran and another area china in another area it might get very fragmented the downing of an israeli fighter jets a few days ago which was conduct an operation against iranian targets inside syria raises the question once again of potential confrontation between israel and iran after israel and iran if you're talking about syria but of course russia the united states turkey israel. iran and some gulf countries are supporting various militias inside syria and there is a major concern right now that there could be some. confrontations may be inevitable but are accidental confrontations between russia and the us between israel and on the syrian regime so there's that situation is this is just is very tense right now and there's also the growing rivalry between iran and saudi
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arabia over regional influence over who should have the biggest say in the region again i mean i'm not sure the growing it's pretty major already it's pretty wide rift right now be great if there were a country like the united states or the e.u. as an organization that could help pull people back from the brink and pull countries back from the brink not clear to me right now who is playing that mediating role and it really is needed right now maybe the u.n. can do it but certainly we need to see more assertive leadership pushing for peace in these areas this is going to be my last question the munich security report which sets the tone for the summit expose distances over the whys of populist movements all over the wells the wet spots which are multiplying the potential for medical front ations all over the well the whys of groups like bicillin and affiliated in the region is this something which requires from the international community a different approach to trying to contain those crises certainly maybe
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a different approach or to get back on the path that perhaps the international community was on prior to trump getting elected i think his election has really thrown. through and i don't know it's there and it's there's more disarray in the system and of course also breck's in the u.k. has made the european situation also much more confusing and so really i think i think many countries and many people in different parts of the world are really just waiting for morris. of leadership to really play a more proactive role for hippa thank you very much indeed and this explains why the e.u. peter has been pretty much concerned about how to move forward and how all the parties can set their differences aside and try to chart a new platform to try to move forward and tackle the quizes that the world faces and some of which could turn into geopolitical confrontations one of those crises hashim the going to be talking about going to hear from the emir of qatar
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a little later in this will carry it live here on al-jazeera of course but is there behind the scenes perhaps a realisation that that the blockade of cattle the blockade of of doha is being normalized because there's no one saying look we can get a route out of this and go back to where we were before and the status quo has kind of shifted now since what june the fifth june the sixth one since it all kicked off . peter the report which was released by the munich security conference expresses concerns about the ongoing located or impose on qatar and one of the reasons why they're concerned is basically because when once you have a crisis in the region where some of your key allies are involved you would just watch and also undermine any chances to get all the allies together to tackle other issues that the international community faces particularly the fight i guess i said in different parts of the world particularly the middle east and also rehabilitate
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in and with building places like. in iraq and this is going to be a platform for the emir of qatar just i mean but how much money to express of the same time the position of his country you remember back during the united nations general assembly meeting and also the key it's been no speech of the shura council in doha the m.e.'s said that is willing to negotiate any way out diplomatically with its neighbors but at the same time he said there's absolutely no indication to suggest that the blockade in countries are willing to move forward and to resolve the problem qatar says that these are the no way you will meet some of the demands which were presented by the blockade in countries and you remember that includes shutting down the al-jazeera channel and also downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the turkish military base those demands were rejected by the
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qatari government that was seen as violating its national sovereignty so now. so far we have no indication from any party that would give us. some sense of a diplomatic and to this. and i think the emir of qatar is going to take this opportunity to further say that this absolutely no way this could be used as an excuse particularly the demand as an excuse to turn into a pariah state in the region question will come back to the next half hour or so in the meantime many thanks. the coming out of south africa's new leaders several rum opposable outline his priorities in the first states of the union address that he'll deliver to the parliament his promise to revive the economy and to tackle corruption critics say that was widespread under the man who went before him jacob zuma matheson has more now from some way to run the post his hometown. for a lot of people several run up from the fifth and newest president of south africa
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is about to put his cards on the table. is about to make a state of the nation address and a lot of people are going to be watching very closely and i'm of course has made a lot of promises his promise to fix the economy he's promised to do something about high crime rates on high unemployment but he's also promised to root out the corruption with that which is alleged to have permeated the way through government during the years of jacob zuma his predecessor some of the opposition say that's not his only problem is the other problem is his own party the ruling a.n.c. they say that the a.n.c. isn't going to allow him to make any changes each year just going to keep things the way they are in the state of the nation address probably won't be able to answers to all these questions it's probably more likely to be a broader approach to hopes and aspirations for south africa for the coming years but wrong thing is almost for certain it's likely to be one of the most closely watched presidential addresses for many years in south america for me the milage
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joins us live now from cape town for me to what can we expect from the new president. there will certainly be a lot of emphasis on the economy development and creating jobs long still the new president i did say that he wanted to create a one million jobs course of africans and up primarily through state the manufacturing sector so people will be watching out to see exactly what he outlines now something that's the last week i am still ramapo son has been committed to in the last disabled. years is this idea of radical economic transformation investors will want to know exactly what that entails this radical economy transformation of timothy would want to transfer control of the economy into black hands and there is some concern around what exactly land expropriation without compensation means to rim of course or did last just say he supports this idea but he wouldn't want the
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agricultural sector or food. production to be affected in any way so ultimately people are watching to see what he does around the economy what this idea of a new deal means and also what he will do to stamp out corruption a very successful businessman in his own right a very wealthy successful businessman i guess they'll be looking to see if he can bring some of that business savvy to running the country to running the economy. but we do know since the room of course it was named president of the african national congress the ruling party on south africa we saw the rand strengthen immediately and that trend has not continued after he was sworn in as president of south africa just yesterday so we distort that he's background both as a unionist and as in business would definitely inform some of these decisions going
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forward people will also be watching to see what he does around the finance ministry in particular it's been surrounded by a lot of controversy in the last couple of years and that's when former president jacob zuma changed ministers a number of times at one time putting in somebody that was loyal to him but had absolutely no background in finance no one in even heard of this really allowed for the south african economy to suffer jacob zuma as presidency really was one that didn't help the political and economic situation here in south africa so people are waiting to see what seoul remark was of all do around the finance ministry if the existing finance minister will stay or that will change but this is a man who is known to be a strategist a good negotiator and certainly his background would benefit him going forward the media will come back to the next half hour or so in the meantime thank you.
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cabinet ministers next the opiah holding talks after the sudden resignation of the prime minister this time yesterday i mean merriam to sell his announcement follows nationwide antigovernment protests over the story. in a televised address. sadie's it is ignition wasn't vital for choosing the changes necessary evil sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other words an attempt to ease rising tensions in the country losing the form which in my circle of unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace largely seen as a placeholder on a consensus figure. has led ethiopia since two thousand and twelve following the death of former prime minister and the architect of ethiope present isn't a comic boom melissa. he rolls from relative obscurity as an academy to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister who's an deputy prime
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minister his departure follows the current wave of unrest on a national state of emergency doubt and last. ethiopia's lodges regions only on omaha to have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protest as mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption. in recent weeks the government doesn't list thousands of opposition supporters from jail but a protest of continued years of unaccountability and at miss isolation of the country's politics a push if you appear to tipping point injustice repression and lack of many full democracy some say have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among ethiopians youth driving many to view protests as the only viable means of bringing about many people change their own going to stop and has also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with
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some of ethiopians powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and lacking in focus hyla money i'm surprised his ignition may not satisfy all of if you press protesters but for some it's us but mohamed atta walsh's era ok let's look at the events that led up to that resignation now in twenty fifteen hundreds of ethiopians were killed by security forces and anti-government protests in two of the most populous regions. those protests spread across the country leading the government to impose a ten month state of emergency in october twenty sixth seen but the demonstrations continued into this year forcing the government to release more than six thousand political prisoners said is the editor in chief of attis standard she says bringing any real change to ethiopia won't be easy. there is really not any incoming prime minister is going to bring to the table because the country needs
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a very serious secretary political secretary to hear it from it's a structural. defection but in terms of the narrative that in terms of the six dictation it might conciliatory to bring in prime minister from the or more part because that is that region let's not forget which began the protests three years ago and people. were taking a back to the international security conference in munich as you can see there and turning to turkish the u.n. secretary general just taken to the podium let's see what he has to say about these these potential trouble spots around the world the apology lotions the multiplication of new conflicts and at the same time defect from the conference seem never to die between afghanistan and somalia but in the democratic republic of congo. and indeed when poverty lation has become unclear and predictability and
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impunity became the name of the game as my grandfather used to say there is no longer any respect and so since happened conflicts appear everywhere with devastating humanitarian consequences and i remember every notice that those conflicts are becoming more and more into relate to jones more and more related to a set of a new global terrorism. to all of us. if we look at the map from mali to nigeria to libya a tall somalia to see the. afghanistan yemen all of these conflicts. with people fighting going from one to another with people then going back to their countries of origin and all this earth all these conflicts are clearly related to these new set of global terror. now you also noticed that.
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in this context dramatic violations of international humanitarian law human rights law and refugee law were taking place with people suffering enormously and that it was practically impossible to get an accountability if you listen to the variable violations now when you're afterwards i have to recognise that the situation has not improved on the contrary the problems i described remain but we have two new quality of changes that make scenes considerably worse. number one for the first time since the end of the cold war we are now facing a nuclear threat a set of a nuclear conflict and that we have to referring to the developments in relation to nuclear weapons and long range missiles by the democratic people's republic of korea as a valid point made in total contradiction with the will of the international community and in clear violation of civil resolutions of the security council. it
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is important to note that the unity of the school in the council has been able to demonstrate the will of the international community and there's been able to put through sanctions a very meaningful pressure over the north korea and that's pressure in my opinion is absolutely essential to be maintained but that pressure also creates the opportunity for diplomatic engagement aiming at the denuclearized of the korean peninsula do look there is action i believe we all want to be peaceful and within the framework. regional security framework. it is true that recent weeks we witness an improvement even relations i was myself in the olympic games of your chair and it is always with the. motioned that we see north koreans and south koreans together in a competition like this world and of course the fact that the dialogue between the
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two koreas was established is a positive one and specially the fact that the hot line between the military of the two countries was of established is an important factor to avoid misunderstandings and their selections but even if the relations between the two could is improved let's be clear that is not the central question we are facing the central question remains the question of the nation and the question of the equalizer should in my opinion requests that we all in gauge actively in order to be possible for i would say the two key stakeholders in the nation to these crises the united states and north korea here to be able to come together that it's absolutely essential to keep the pressure over north korea and to convince north korea that it is absolutely vital for them to come to the table and to be able to find a way for this in the peaceful nation of the korean peninsula to be possible
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obviously there is a role for all the other countries of the so-called six party talks there is a role for the international community it is very important that we know about bicycles and solutions it's very important that we all participate in these needs for pressure over north korea but it is also important not to miss the opportunity of a peaceful resolution sleepily mattock engagement as a military solution will be a disaster with catastrophic consequences that we cannot even be able to imagine. the second quality of change that i believe exists relates to what we are witnessing today in the broader middle east where i think we are facing a two. not. we always said conflicts. in the middle east since the beginning of civilization and in the last few decades we got used to
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a succession of conflicts and crises but always with this idea perhaps naive that these social communities would be able to deal with each one separately or in succession we have witnessed the arab israeli conflict and then progressively transformed into a palestinian israeli conflict we have witnessed the civil war in lebanon and then the conflict between there's ball and israel we have these are the different conflicts in which iraq got involved and the most recent developments in the country and finally with the so-called arab spring we have seen the conflict in syria in yemen in libya but as i said until recently we always got the impression that scenes were more or less and the control and beach of these situations could be endl separately even if it was more and more obvious that there was an interview lation among them and that the restoration became even more clear when dash with its operations made the iraqi cries in the syrian crisis so obviously
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interconnected what i think is changed clearly is that today the whole global will the east became a mess and became a mess with a number of different fault lines that are completely crossing each other and interconnected the fourth lie that remains between israelis and palestinians the fault line that represents the memory of the cold war that is still there the fault line between sunni and shia and if you can look at these fault lines i described it is clear that there is a very special position of a country like iran that has a fourth wire with saudi arabia and its allies of folklore and with israel and the folklore united states always seems not really making the situation extremely complex and more. soon you see in the fourth line very clearly in relation to the
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crisis of the gulf cooperation council that has i'm sure many reasons explaining it but in which central aspect must be different perspectives that exist about the role of the muslim brotherhood in the context of the region now all these different fault lines crossing each other have created a situation that is an authentic. and if you look at the perspective of the different countries that quagmire becomes more and more evident with the possible exception of iraq where even if they have gone tremendously wrong if there was a civil war after the referendum than the truth is that it was possible to overcome that difficulty and i've been in kuwait to the just two days ago and there was a very clear show of confidence of the international community in the process of secularization in which iraq seems to be embarking at the present moment and let's talk the elections will confirm the vision of a democratic nonsectarian era but with these exception all the other situations are
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getting worst these very policies in peace process is in a dead end if one looks at syria after the hopes created by the escalation that reduced the conflict in several areas of the country the truth is that we are now seeing every ignition of that same conflict in italy and in eastern guta with very mattick humanitarian consequences we have seen the turkish operation enough rain we have seen the chemical weapons again reappearing we see risks the fragmentation of the country and i remember that in the past israel used to look into the syrian conflict as some kind of a distraction in relation to the israeli palestinian conflict but in my recent visit to israel i would notice that the perception of the presence of militia is very close to you. close to the israeli border and the perception of a potential arc between tehran and beirut. and hence allowing for the announcement
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of the as cities seems to be to many israelis as an example set and the events of just one week ago show how dangerous these can be present for the situation in the syrian context and i would say the worst nightmare we might be able to face would be and i know that both israel and hezbollah do not want it but the worst nightmare would be a new war between hezbollah and israel that would mean the devastation of large parts of lebanon and we know that any spark that can trigger it and that we are far from being reassured that that conflict is impossible on the other hand we see that in yemen see you know chance of a political dialogue starting at the same time we see the. different perspectives in the gulf cooperation council as not only very complex implications within. the gulf but it has now destabilizing effect in somalia and in our
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various areas of the horn of africa which means that all these situations seem to give a reprieve what i see as a guardian not obviously we have not been at the united nations we are actively engaged in any initiative that can relaunch a peace process that seems to be as i said in their hands in addition to policy. with a deep belief that only a two state solution can address both the interests of the palestinian people and the israeli people we are totally committed to relaunch the geneva process finding a political solution for the interceded dialogue in geneva now that in sochi it was possible and i have to pay tribute to the russian federation on this to fully abide by the gauge ment's that take. and to get into that sort she was what the panel on process but on the contrary was reaffirming the role of geneva and showing him to
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geneva the results of what was the side of their fully in line with the second because we as a russian twenty two fifty four and we'll do everything possible to re active very trying to energize the geneva process at the same time we are totally committed to the in supporting the of iraq just to give you an example the united nations involved only more so in seven of the projects that employ about ten thousand people which means our strong and we are committed to help iraq regain its role in the region and we will do everything possible possible also to stimulate the possibilities of a political dialogue to take place in relation to yemen and cymbalta endlessly.


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