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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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in china counting the cost at this time. and different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight and i joined a party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even without on the spot but united now on the roads of lebannon supernatural from on a motorcycle we see things without the frame the world is open. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera world at this time. this is al jazeera. hello i'm john i'll good to have you with us on this news hour live from london coming up. unemployment has gone up and the lead quality has persisted.
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south africa's new president admits the failures of the past and vows to work towards a better future in his state of the nation address. a state of emergency is declared in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. the emir of qatar calls for collective action in the middle east on security and says the boycott of his country is a futile exercise. and style without boundaries london fashion week opens with a focus on diversity and social issues. i'm joined with the sport as the u.s. save gulden golf game became the secret that you can't win them all after failing to medal in the slalom in killing the track.
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will begin in the south africa where the new presidents obama polls has been making his state of the nation address his first of course speaking in cape town from a poser said he would need to take tough decisions to reduce the size of the country's fiscal deficit and stabilize debt after years of weak growth from a poser also said his government was committed to ensuring policy certainty and consistency. well one people committed to work together to find jobs for youth to build factories and roads houses and clinics to prepare our children for a world of change and progress to build cities and towns where families may be safe productive and maybe content. we are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the
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plans of public resources know that. by corporate criminals of their hard earned savings of ordinary people. from in the middle or is outside parliament in cape listening to that address which ended just a short while ago from a ceramic president we must put behind us the era of discord disunity and disillusionment that has somehow engulfed our country did he give much in the way of detail as to how he intends to achieve that. he hadn't said very much up to this point about how exactly that should be how the exactly that should be done he did certain your doctor considered a treat tone and also acknowledged as you say the difficulties at the country faced a politically also economically and i think that was the greater focus of this address so far just how he'll deal with boosting an economy boosting investor confidence business confidence creating jobs specifically for the youth but one
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area i think presidents will report says the stout on so far is this issue of free high education of universities and colleges in the last elective conference of the a.n.c. when from of course of became the president of the ruling party former president jacob zuma spoke about free education and that being a government priority and there's been a lot of questions around exactly how that will be done given how poorly the economy has performed really we haven't heard any detail about that either at this point and he touched on the fight to come against corruption dundee said we're determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the plunder of. public resources he had to strike a positive note to distance himself from his predecessor jacob zuma who was booed
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in parliament when his name was mentioned. the members of parliament here i'm sure would be criticised at some point for what people might view as hypocrisy given that these are the same parliamentarians that protected jacob zuma for the longest time but of course wanted would want to be in a small room of course as favored going forward there was some acknowledgment of the legacy of jacob zuma and this whole room oppose as you say would want to move on from some of the criticism the african national congress as a party has faced in the last few years. the president hasn't a city very much as you mention about what exactly he would do in terms of distancing himself but we've seen in the last days since he was nominated and elected president by the national assembly there has been a quite a large emphasis on showing the country that this is a different type of leadership ethical leadership is what he said in this address
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and that there would be quite a departure from the governance we've seen in recent years restoring ethical leadership in the hundredth year of the birth of nelson mandela since the birth of nelson mandela he identified as his government's chief priority tackling youth unemployment which stands astonishing something close to seventy percent of under twenty five's who have no jobs. or the latest as to six that have come out say that people between the ages of fifteen and twenty four more than fifty percent of young people don't have jobs and president. has spoken about creating jobs for the youth specifically a job creation forum to bring together of business a young people to find a way. to create the necessary jobs he's spoken about paid internships saying that millions of these internships will be created in the next few years i'm sure these
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are words will be welcomed by people who don't have jobs people who perhaps don't have the skills to find jobs and have given up i think the the president has a struck some of the right notes in this address they may be a couple of gaps he one important area that i think a lot of people have been waiting to hear about with regard to the economy as well is this issue of land appropriation without compensation there's been concern about how this would affect the economy how we would affect food production the stability in that sector given just type or to the agricultural industry is now the president says he wouldn't want to harm food production or stability in that area but i'm sure this commitment that his we emphasize this evening will come under scrutiny and will be a lot of concern about how land will be returned to people who had lost it during apartheid and colonialism common to middle of bringing us all the very latest from
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parliament in cape town where indeed president several rather closer is still delivering the tail end of his state of the new nation rustan's from. ethiopia announced a state of emergency a day after prime minister. announced his intention to step down the resignation which is unprecedented in ethiopia's history aims to smooth the reforms and unrest which is threatening the ruling party's hold on power there's been a wave of strikes in towns near the capital and demonstrations calling for the release of six thousand political prisoners the government is also struggling to simmer anger between the two largest ethnic groups the. american who both feel under represented well let's look at the events that led up to dessalines resignation in two thousand and fifteen hundreds of ethiopians. were killed by security forces in anti-government protests in two of the most populous regions or romania and none of those protests spread across the country leading the government
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to impose a ten month state of emergency in october two thousand and sixteen but the demonstrations continued into this year forcing the ethiopian government to release more than six thousand political prisoners joining me on the line now from new york is daniel b. kelly he's the former director of human rights watch good to speak to mr kelly tell us what this means in practice state of emergency what are you hearing. thanks for having me on the new sees just breaking in the last a couple of follow says a few months gents is coming to you to see all p.r. and it's not very clear to all who want the details so heat and how long it's going to last if the experience of the last official team of jesse's anything to go by it is extreme the audience and it does not involve. intimate so what was expected.
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then you're up on the to construct a new g.o.p. minder's is coming again it's a foxtrot all highway will also subject guns for the g.o.p. up for the last several months and essentially there was hope that it is all hundred so present us and that simon is stepping aside telling the nation that is the second downside to allows things to katie i was happy for them to want to send every piece and peace and democracy that was a promising something was the o.p.'s question and then tossed out community was expecting was to see leadership from that owning the pa did to loan the country to watch this annual politico transition and the idea of said ok it does not bode well for the us do we have any idea what's brought about the decision because we were speaking when we twenty four hours ago after mr disowns resignation and there was a sort of sense all hope to ms of that perhaps there was a chance this might lead to meaningful reforms what has happened in twenty four
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hours to coles that to be such such a dramatic reaction. you know i have to be honest we don't really know i think you know i just let them expense i'm just on top that it might be a degree all fall on sunday and on such an easy and none of us knows on the fossils that government's out the five minutes is resigning and the you know that there is political tension in the country which has been building up for the last several months of this assault maybe it is it is it's a ponzi detonation so for the sake of situation and on something he's seen the country might require to say self-indulgent too but to be honest you know i think it would be a very i'm fortunate he is the g.o.p.'s quando son i'm going to approach an easy part of democratic transition we have a squad of the motor hope opportunities for democracy could form teamed up os and yet another opportunity to move the country to wa descending upon us to come
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transition and national reconciliation and on all inclusive political process it would be on unfortunate side development if the country is heading in that direction and also says ok my jency and i'm autistic kids on situation ok i don't know because they've formally director of human rights watch to see oprah many thanks for your time speaking to us from new york and still to come all the al-jazeera news out. now as the legitimate right of turkey to secure its borders to the united states agree to normalize relations despite tensions over syria. twenty years on and still waiting the wife of a man of ducted by cost of the albanian fighters pulls on a new special court to ensure justice. and a record breaking ice skater and the fictional bear at the winter olympics joe will be explaining all to us in school.
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leaders have been addressing a key conference in munich aimed at discussing global and regional security challenges the end of qatar has spoken at the event calling the boycott of his country by four arab nations a futile exercise from which qatar has emerged stronger he's also called for a new regional security effort in the middle east hydrogen relations been guided by a set of solid to governance and the rule of law we would not have seen nations with limited resources being a blackmailed into watching their foreign policies for external eight. other nations who also also needed financial aid refused the offer and stood for their value as hydrogen races being guided by a set of solid governess principles and rule of law we would not have seen the exploitation of wealth power or geographical constraints to satisfy the thirst
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for power. the un secretary general antonio good terrace also addressed the conference urging policymakers not to miss an opportunity to end the standoff over north korea's nuclear program. for the first time since the end of the cold war we are now facing a nuclear threat a set of a nuclear conflict and that led to referring to the developments in relation to nuclear weapons and long range missiles by the democratic people's republic of korea as evil apparent made in total contradiction with the will of the international community and in clear violation of several as aleutians of the security council. it is important to note that the unity that the security council has been able to demonstrate to the will of the international community and there's been able to put through sanctions
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a very meaningful pressure over north korea and that's pressure in my opinion is absolutely essential to be maintained. joins us live from a conference in munich we heard the u.n. secretary general there saying that they could potentially be the opportunity for a peaceful solution to the crisis in north korea is that a view shared by people attending the conference. john of the general sentiment among people attending the munich security conference is that this is going to be a long way to go before this particular quizes is contained for two reasons first of all you have the escalation of the rhetoric between the united states of america and north korea and also you have the north korean government pursuing its policy of upgrading its military capabilities particularly the long range missiles and they say that these two developments won't be conducive to any settlement any time
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soon however they hoping that the international community can come together and try to encourage some sort of confidence building measures their words engage the north koreans in the near future. along with south korea. the americans would step in but also the international community has to play a significant troll to find a peaceful way out from this crisis and this explains by the way jonah why this particular conference has been talking about the world on the brink of a significant quizes their concern is the north korean crisis could spin out of control over that if happens it would have catastrophic impact on the world . and we also heard the emir of qatar talking about the need to tackle the many challenges facing the middle east how much progress is he likely to be able to make at a conference like this. i have to say that the the
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middle east is topping the agenda of the world leader as top security officials and it's gathering here. munich for different reasons the they say that the potential for confrontation between is where for example and iran is very high giving the recent developments pretty much concerned also about the growing rivalry between iran and saudi arabia over syria yemen and iraq and also the g.c.c. crisis that was started last june when saudi arabia allies severed ties with this explains why the qatari michette i mean but how much that he was saying that that we need to have a new platform a new order that won't allow countries from bullying their neighbors as it was making a reference to saudi arabia which would take advantage of of its use leverage and
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the vast wealth it has to try to force countries particularly in africa to side with these policies otherwise they would face more sanctions or they won't be able to get any humanitarian aid from saudi arabia as far as the g.c.c. crisis is. and this explains why the emir was saying basically we need a new regional. order to prove a base of the respect for freedoms and human rise and there was this moment when he was saying basically that the world needs to understand the core issues of the some of the problems we face in the middle east is not only about i still. in the region we have to go back to the fifty's when the after the independence of most of the arab world leaders was talking about the need to implement a genuine policy that would bring about prosperity what happened after that was just more dictatorship more clamping down on the freedom and this explain the
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discontent that has been prevailing for many years i still came later to tap into that discontent and hijacked the dreams of millions of people in that part of the world. speaking to us from munich security conference sanctions. turkey and the united states say they've agreed to normalize relations at least strained over syria u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said after talks with his turkish counterpart covers all grew in ankara that the relationship was at a bit of a crisis point turkey is angry over u.s. support for syrian kurdish y p g forces earlier this week the pentagon asked for five hundred fifty million dollars to use in syria thought to be for the wide p.g. well the two sides have now agreed new mechanisms to improve their relationship starting with a joint working group focusing on the town of man beach or man beach is significant because it lies west of the euphrates and turkey says that by allowing the kurds to cross the river the u.s.
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has broken a promise made under the obama administration jamal sheil reports now from ankara. rex tillerson didn't receive the warmest of welcomes when he arrived in the turkish capital ankara turkey has been angered by u.s. policy which it believes threatens its national security and president. made that clear during a three hour long meeting with the u.s. secretary of state's in syria the united states has been arming and supporting the kurdish militia the y.p. ji. turkey says the y. p.g. is a terrorist organization that's killed dozens of soccer civilians and soldiers in recent weeks this support for the kurdish fighters has baffled the turks who say the americans should be siding with their nato allies and not with an outward group according to tillerson the disagreements over syria are being resolved on both ankara and washington will now be working towards the same goal our two countries
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share the same objectives in syria the defeat of isis. secure and stable zones and independent and unified syria. tillerson and his counterparts. announced that they've established a mechanism so that the true nato allies would be able to resolve all issues and better collaborates but no details were given and there's another problem this is not going away the continued refusal by the us to extradite from. the amount of orchestrating that reminded twenty sixteen felt. only fed up honest and invited in relation to. do we have evidence do we not have evidence can he be extradited or not rather than having these discussions in the press and in public we will have these discussions and we work together on these issues thank you very much us talkers religions have probably never been worse off but citizens visit seems to have been
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a positive one clear message that the true allies will start working together again whether they will succeed only time will tell yeah i'll dress it up. for more on this i'm joined by bill and ali riza is an expert on turkish foreign and domestic policy at the center for strategic and international studies in washington d.c. thanks so much for joining us it's hard to overstate how close turkey and the u.s. are to potential a potential breakdown in relations over syria potentially violent one how difficult is this situation to resolve how likely is this meeting to produce a resolution. well i think the crisis has been deferred instead of being resolved the u.s. made absolutely no commitment to withdraw its forces from member which is said in the lead up to the euphrates the turks feel that their promise had been given and
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the u.s. had not been lived up to it were perspective there were droll to this and as the chief diplomat of the united states did what you would expect of him and he listened for three hours through president going on complaining about the u.s. policy then he had a meeting with his counterpart and then they agreed to put together a new joint commission and new mechanism as they called it. the very fact that the two allies who've been out for over six decades have to resort to resort to a new mechanism as they called it to solve the problem just shows you how serious the situation is what will that said i mean sort of warm positive woods. not withstanding in the simple reality of the matter is as i understand it turkey is just not going to accept the presence of could use forces west of the euphrates in monday's the u.s. is not going to give them up for what happens next. here is the will force the
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movable object you know turkey has committed itself at the highest level to proceeding after the after an operation to an operation. to clear out the white p.g. from members and then to proceed east of euphrates all the way to the iraqi border clearly that is not something that the us. wants to happen it has not disengaged from the from the white p.g. and and frankly we're going to an impasse at the very least what can say about the tennis and trip is that he is for stall for the time being a turkish operation against members which would have put. turkish troops face to face with american troops or sick on the. operation there but the issue is not going away and and we will have to wait and see whether turkey does indeed in a sense follow through on its commitment to move against membership in a sense it may come down to a question of who needs more of those just took
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a more value preventing could from getting a value and alliance with the united states and indeed does the united states small value an alliance with a key middle east country at a time when it's when its influence in the middle east is on the wane. well that's precisely the question that president out of the one has been directed at washington in almost every one of his speeches on the subject the problem is that the u.s. government is not functioning as coherently or as rationally as large of the as it has in the past when faced with such questions we have a very disorganized system of this is you're making in in the u.s. president trump and president added on have spoken on general twenty fifth but since then it's been that they left to his secretary of state secretary of defense and national security advisor to try and solve the problem but i think it's going
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to have to come to a decision on the u.s. side as to whether it does wish to proceed with the with the way p.g. over turkish objections and take the risks of a potential conflict over members down the road ok ali resist speaking to us from washington d.c. we'll leave it there thank you so much for your time. and the u.n. and the sea cold turkey to reverse its decision to jail six journalists for life saying it's an unprecedented assault on freedom of expression the journalists would jailed for their role in the two thousand and sixteen failed coup. the latest from istanbul. those six journalists are charged for a greater life imprisonment for their religious links with the greatest movement which the government accuses for having orchestrated the fray of color temp in july two thousand and sixteen and they are accused of violating the constitutional order and treason aggravated life sentence means here in turkey if there is ever
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amnesty granted by any other government to the suspects imprisoned those people aren't able to benefit from that because this the court says they are actually. they are actually accused for treason but i have to say here recently a constitutional court decision was pop they saying that this is actually an abuse of rights for the suspects so despite the local court decision the suspects have the right to appeal to the court and object this decision so the judicial way isn't still closed now a german turkish journalist has been released from custody after being detained in turkey for a year and the suso will still await trial but may be able to leave turkey soon to state run news agency says you sell is facing up to eighteen years in prison he was detained on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of the so-called terrorist
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organization. i'm happy for him for his wife and for his family who've had to endure a very difficult year of separation i'd like to thank everyone who worked towards his apparent release we know there are also other cases of people maybe not as prominent who remain in custody we hope that they'll be first and constitutional judicial proceedings for them and this is what i told the turkish prime minister. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour. u.s. president on trump has promised to meet the victims of wednesday's mass shooting in florida and as he looks to work with congress to find solutions. the body of a filipino housemaid which was found stuffed in a freezer in kuwait has been flown home to a grieving family. and sports stars pay tribute to the seventeen people killed in a florida school shooting joe we'll have that and more in sport coming up.
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how it was the weather over iran is relatively settled a satellite pictures to reveal very much apart from invading hike out what's happening further west is a bit more telling the shape should give it away it's more a case of what's curling in through turkey and then a proper circulation bringing wet and windy weather to all the lever it out it'll probably stretch down to northern egypt as well sixteen in beirut in the rain lived in aleppo in the rain twenty one in baghdad in the rain and as that rain keeps going this direction the wind direction itself will change we're down to eighteen once the sun comes out in baghdad it will feel rather better i think in beirut and maybe slightly warmer in the sunshine but that is definitely a spell of of unpleasantly wet weather scientists of all this and the wind direction has been telling is bringing bringing dusty and more recently humid
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weather around the gulf states particularly in qatar and bahrain and the term share they reflects the unusual status twenty eight is the forecast maximum in doha and it goes up to thirty about time you get to sun and i eventually it looks like this thing will run through this little line of showers it'll produce quite possibly thunderstorms in kuwait bahrain and eventually doha or at least qatar big change and later on sunday but until that look at it rather warm. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind sign and. at this time
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a mountain scenery. was always telling you how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented hello my name and body without bunches of cities northwest representatives kind of. teacher could. actually jordan member that we had the special meeting about five a nail and he said no. that's not the topic here me gently this is a cover up in a piece on the mail man city yet al-jazeera investigation put its bill of silence at this time.
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and here's a quick reminder of our top stories on africa's new presidents around the poser has given his first state of the nation address to parliament in cape town promising to follow in the footsteps of nelson mandela. a state of emergency is declared in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. as world leaders gather for a security conference in munich the amir of qatar calls for collective action to achieve stability in the middle east. while a second security conference is also taking place in munich this one aimed at encouraging sanctions against qatar egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain all cut diplomatic ties with qatar in june after accusing it of financing terrorism but many at the meeting were paid to attend. has more from munich. a few blocks from where the wells most influential security conference is being held another event has taken place the country is imposing
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a sea land and ad located on khattala invited journalists to attend their own meeting described as a conference to in catus sanctions against. when no one showed log and i ended the deputy attorney general of the united states addressing a decision by a federal grand jury to a indict thirteen russian nationals on three russian entities accused of been fearing an interfering in the us elections listening to the defendants allegedly traveled to the united states and twenty fourteen to collect intelligence for their american influence operations in order to hide the russian origins of their activities the defendants allegedly purchased space on computer servers located here in the united states in order to set up a virtual private network the defendants allegedly use that infrastructure to establish hundreds of accounts on social media networks such as facebook instagram and twitter making it appear that those accounts were controlled by persons located
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in the united states they use stolen or fictitious american identities fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents the defendants posed as politically and socially active americans advocating for and against particular candidates they established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting americans they also purchased political advertisements on social media networks. russians also recruited and paid real americans to engage in political activities from boat political campaigns and staged political rallies the defendants and their coconspirators pretended to be grassroots activists according to the indictment the americans did not know they were communicating with russians after the election the defendants allegedly staged rallies to support the president elect while simultaneously staging rallies to protest is election for example
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the defendants organize one rally to support the president elect and another rally to impose a to oppose them both in new york on the same day. on september thirteenth and twenty seventeen soon after the news media reported that the special counsel's office was investigating evidence that russian operatives had used social media to interfere with the twenty six thousand election one defendant allegedly wrote quote we had a slight crisis here at work the f.b.i. busted our activity so i got preoccupied with covering tracks together with my colleagues and quote the nine includes eight criminal counts count one alleges a criminal conspiracy to defraud the united states by all of the defendants the defendants allegedly conspired to fraud america by impairing the lawful functions of the federal election commission the united states department of justice and the
9:36 pm
department state those organizations of the u.s. government are responsible for administering federal requirements for disclosure of foreign involvement in certain domestic activities count two charges conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud by internet research agency and two of the individual defendants and counts three through eight charge aggravated identity theft by internet research agency and for individuals. and there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct alter the outcome of the twenty sixteen election when i caution you that everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court at trial prosecutors must introduce credible evidence that is sufficient to prove each
9:37 pm
defendant guilty beyond any reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury. a special counsel's investigation is ongoing there will be no comments from the special counsel at this time this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always who they appear to be on the internet the indictment alleges that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence in democracy we must not allow them to succeed the department of justice will continue to work oh operative lee with other law enforcement intelligence agencies and with the congress to defend our nation against similar current and future efforts i want to thank the federal agents and prosecutors who are working on this case for their exceptional service and i'm happy to take a few questions. there. right
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there are the allegations in the indictment there's no allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the election just. paragraph. on. that and. i question later in the campaign. right now i like. this one for. what they really there's no allegation in this indictment that any american had any knowledge and the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary american political activists even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the united states of anybody traced it back to
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that first jump they appear to be americans catherine. had any use for and he was listening to a department of justice press conference the deputy attorney general rosenstein speaking off the news that a federal grand jury had indicted thirteen russian nationals and three russian entities accused of interfering with u.s. elections and political processes rolls in jordan is standing by for us with more in washington see d.c. and rolls a court document saying that the u.s. government says that russian entities began interfering in u.s. political processes including the twenty sixteen election as far back as two thousand and fourteen. well it may seem based on my a quick scan of this thirty seven payne indictment from a federal grand jury that this organization was probably set up at some point in two thousand and thirteen if not earlier based on the dates of when some of the
9:40 pm
defendants in this case joined something known as the internet research agency the organization that is accused and has been charged with trying to basically disrupt the election process in the united states both in the federal election of two thousand and sixteen and it's implied in other elections lower level of watch and across the united states as well it's worth pointing out jonah that at least two of the thirteen russian individuals who have been indicted in this case were able to obtain the says allegedly under false pretenses in order to come to the united states in june two thousand and fourteen in order to carry out research what they use that research for according this to this indictment was to web basically throw up false people and false narratives in order to try to not just influence
9:41 pm
the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but also to pose as u.s. persons things which are considered out fraud under u.s. law says that this organization was very active actively acted to conceal its connection to russia in any form or fashion through repeat representations to u.s. federal agencies and at this point these are all considered felonies it's not clear though whether any of these persons will be brought to the united states for trial hold up to any general rosenstein careful to point out in answer to a question that there is no specific allegation in this and done indictment that any of this. affected the outcome of the twenty sixteen election rolls what does this say broadly speaking about the sort of widening scope of special prosecutor knew it was investigation into russian interference. well certainly if you
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take of the document from the secret grand jury which has been looking at the evidence presented to it by the special counsel's office there does seem now to be real evidence of foreign government member government meddling in the us election process in two thousand and sixteen foreign nationals are not allowed to take part in the us electoral process unless they publicly disclose and substantiate their desire to be involved this indictment alleges that they did not do that and so this is considered illegal under u.s. law what this means is that there could be more indictments coming because obviously this are this talks about the internet research agency having hundreds if not thousands of people in its employ coming up not just with false social media posts as well as other social media content but also hiring people to do the
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financing the accounting the search engine optimization all the information technology work all of the things that any corporation would have in place in order to carry out its activities it's a little bit hard to believe that this one organization could have been doing it by itself but again we will need to see what the special counsel has to say in the form of these sorts of indictments in the weeks and months ahead ok rosen jordan live for us there in washington d.c. could see roles. the f.b.i. says it received a detailed warning last month that the florida school shooter was a danger but he failed to act one thousand year old nicholas cruz has confessed to killing seventeen people at the marjorie stoneman douglas high school police say the former student was armed with a semi automatic rifle a gas mask and smoke grenades when he began his assault left dozens of others injured president trump is meeting the victims and their families later on friday
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will this go over to rhonda gallagher who's in part of florida what's the latest on these warnings the f.b.i. received about nicholas cruz and the. but your honor this is an astonishing admission by the f.b.i. and this wasn't a very good tipoff this was somebody that was close to nicholas cruz and their warnings were pretty specific they warned the f.b.i. that this was a young man who was showing erratic behavior that he was armed and had a desire to go into a school and open fire this is an astonishing admission on the day that parents are burying their children you can only imagine what they're thinking when the f.b.i. failed to do something very very basic indeed if there is a kind of tip off like this the failure was that nobody in this region passed on that message to the f.b.i. regional office in miami that is an astonishing admission and it only came
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a few weeks ago the tip off was in the early part of january and this attack was carried out on the fourteenth of february so i can only imagine what the f.b.i. are thinking what the parents here are thinking on this day of all days it really is an astonishing thing that the f.b.i. an organization that is there primarily to protect the american people failed to do something so basic that ultimately it may have prevented this attack from happening and the a little later donald trump is on his way to parkland to meet some of those parents extremely distressed as they are in the calls already going up anger at the government it seems for failing to protect to make safe their school and their children what sort of response is he likely what sort of welcome is he likely to get. well firstly john i have to say that we have got no clear idea whether president trump intends to be here on friday or not that
9:46 pm
information is not coming from the white house we know he's leaving washington d.c. in the next couple of hours but we don't know what his plans are that's fairly shameful given that his job at this point in time is consoler in chief but i can tell you if he does come here to parkland they may have to hand-pick the parents that he could possibly meet because i haven't met anybody here yet not a student or not a parent that is extremely angry at the republican party and the president in general at the moment the white house won't even release the picture of president trump signing a piece of legislation that did an obama era law that prevented people with mental health problems from buying weapons they won't release the picture of him signing that piece of legislation are spoken to a lot of parents last night in this park where the vigil took place they are very angry and i think marco rubio as well the florida senator he won't get a warm welcome either this is a man that's taken more than three million dollars from the national rifle association for his campaign someone who this morning on twitter was quoting
9:47 pm
biblical verses and if you only read through the replies that he's got people are just accusing him of taking blood money so i don't think either of those people will receive a warm welcome here in parchman florida ok on to gallagher we'll leave it there with you and thanks a lot the u.s. ambassador of the costs of us as the country must allow a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities carried out by the kosovo liberation army between one nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand he's been speaking to al jazeera as kosovo prepares to mark ten years since declaring itself independent and or simmons' reports from the course of a town of. silvano marinko which has vivid memories of her husband god and there's no end to her grief. he's been missing for nearly twenty years silvana says it was tough bringing up their two daughters alone but of think put it out of all the difficulties i face the hardest thing is when my daughters
9:48 pm
ask where their father is. silvana is convinced that kosovo albanian fighters abducted her husband along with hundreds of other people she's put much of her energy campaigning for a non-government organization that's demanding justice for relatives of those who've gone missing goran disappeared in june one thousand nine hundred nine according to n.g.o.s he's among i'm estimating five hundred cause of all serbs still missing and according to the government the figure of kosovar albanians stands at twelve hundred naturally the word missing still has a project resonance right across calls over and still after all this time there's a clamoring for some form of justice or closure because of the liberation army stands accused of abductions and atrocities a special court was set up to investigate but casillas leadership many of them kalay veterans have spent the past six months trying to get rid of it although now they've agreed to it again not in
9:49 pm
the browndown since everything how do you feel personally about your. possible indictment i'm very confident i am very proud on that what we did on our freedom for i think i don't know who's going to be prosecuted most of the pressure on kosovo's leaders has come from the united states what i do know is the special corps important because of the future both in domestic rule of law terms but also to demonstrate to the international community the cause of our can keep its word none of this diplomacy about a special court impresses silvana of h. or if they really wanted to do something they could have done it a long time ago the un in place had testimony that was still fresh but they wanted to hide the truth. and silvana as distrust is shared by many of those still waiting for any word on the fate of their loved ones andrew symonds al-jazeera gracia needs
9:50 pm
in kosovo. the u.k. prime minister has been speaking to her german counterpart angela merkel about security after breaks it to resume spoke about the need to cooperate on security despite the u.k.'s decision to leave the european union it comes as the u.k. and the e.u. attempt to agree on a temporary transition period immediately after breaks it. does the threats we face grow and evolve our structures and capabilities must keep pace whether the challenge comes from north korea's attempts to nuclearize the korean peninsula or the islamist terrorists that continue to seek to do us harm we must work together and use all the leaders in our disposal to keep people across europe safe. on foreign policy we already work very closely together and today as chancellor merkel has referred to we have reaffirmed our commitment to the iran nuclear deal and the need for full implementation by all sides that we made in october last year sports
9:51 pm
news still to come including this. thank you that's a big bonus for quick thinking. and .
9:52 pm
thank you thank you. to. the body for ian thank you. news wall is joe. jonah thank you seven gold medals were won on day seven of the
9:53 pm
winter olympics in pyongyang but there was an upset on the slopes as american mckayla shot friends bid to become the first alpine skier to win four golds and a single lympics came to an end piece a stem at has more. off to winning gold enthused a giant slalom mckayla schifrin was favored to defend her slalom title but the twenty two year old could only manage fourth and said afterwards that she'd been sick before her first run the gold medal instead winter sweden's food hunts daughter. was easy said frank i'm sure when you k.l.a. several a talented girl so push your ship it's pretty for me it's bound to be there today but i don't see that said betty and there was me detail i was the best when they were live it doesn't matter which girl who was the seculars third or fourth. there was also a surprise in the women snowboard cross as the sport's most decorated rider lindsay
9:54 pm
finished but italy's mackellar more usually got the gold elsewhere on the slopes beller a suspect up their first medal. winning the women's aerial skiing austria's matthias mile won the men's super g. going one better than his father helmut who claimed silver in the same event in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight while switzerland's danio colonia made history as the first cross-country skier to win the same individual event three times in a row in the men's fifty kilometer race. they want to be no food straight title for chick speed skater martina subway corba as may first won the women's five thousand meter title it's the netherlands six speed skating gold and there was plenty for the host nation to celebrate twenty three year old. when the moon's skeleton by a record one point six three seconds. to al-jazeera. at the end of
9:55 pm
day seven it's germany who continue to lead the medal table they have nine gold that three better than norway and the netherlands in second and third the united states and canada round out the top five now to a person that has everyone talking in japan at least year zero one you he's a superstar in figure skating in the defending olympic gold medalist set and the olympic record in the first leg of the men's competition in pyongyang on friday he can secure gold on saturday with a strong performance in the free skate there is a strange fan phenomenon with his ear and involves throwing winnie the pooh toys dozens rained down on to the ice after his performance it started in two thousand and ten when he carried around a tissue box featuring the a milne book character and it just kind of stuck. well known to some and how it has pulled out of the cattle open semifinals because
9:56 pm
of a foot injury it means that wimbledon champion got to be near look at it that received a buy into the final the fourth seed came from the set down to beat carolina all see it two sets to one in the last day a little earlier. a number of top u.s. olympians have been offering their condolences to victims of a school shooting in florida that killed seventeen people there was a minute's silence in the n.h.l. before the new york islanders hosted cross-town rivals the ranges while chicago cubs baseball star anthony rizzo attended a candlelit vigil in florida he's a former student of marjorie stoneman douglas high school where the shooting took place i played on those fields i went to those classes i studied in those classrooms the same school we saw on video yesterday for all the wrong reasons i am only who i am because of this community and i just want you to know how proud i am to be part of this community i want you to know that you're not
9:57 pm
alone in your grief we're all grieving with you. tiger woods is continuing his return to competitive golf at the genesys open round one didn't go the way he might have liked the fourteen time major winner carded a one over par seventy two on thursday woods did make five birdies but four bogeys and a double bogey ultimately spoiled his score card he trails first round lead as patrick can play and tony fidel by six shots. i've. made a few just really silly bogeys out there. in particular number seven i was not very good. from the fairway but overall i thought i hung in there well grounded australia have completed the highest ever run chase in twenty twenty cricket history they scored two hundred forty five runs to beat new zealand in or clint but the happiest man at eden park on friday was a kiwi students he went home with thirty seven thousand dollars richer after
9:58 pm
snaring a one hundred catch on the boundary using a batsman ross taylor only got six runs day for his efforts and that is all useful for now back to china in london thank you joe well that's it from me for this news hour but man i remember us it will be here with another full bulletin of the day's news just in my. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique all this is really an
9:59 pm
attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion is one of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level right to publish the didn't seem to be offensive overall it's all about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. the way we communicate is what defines us. don't always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. i am hearing content creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to watch from ts the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities.
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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what were the last thing a facts of this agreement there's a regional set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psych speak oh lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. that of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the us presidential election announces the indictment of thirteen russians.
10:01 pm
i know i'm maryam namazie and under new watch.


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