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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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that's moving away though behind it we have another system building for monday. the weather sponsored by cattle and peace. in india five million children have genius level i q's but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one when he meets two child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants. do not turn israel's
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resolve israel's prime minister calls iran the greatest threat to the world as he addresses a security conference in munich. two palestinians a shot dead by israeli forces following an explosion that injured israeli soldiers . sixty six people feared dead in an iranian passenger plane crash in the mountainous province and donald trump blames the f.b.i. for the florida school shooting that left seventeen people dead and i'm far as smile of all the latest from the winter olympics in chunk chang as australia's skiing legend marcel are sure when it's a second gold medal of the games and the man is giant slalom. israel and iran of exchange stinging criticism of a growing tension in the middle east israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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told delegates at the munich security conference that iran is the greatest threat to the world he vowed to prevent to iran's nuclear ambitions and warned it not to test israel's resolve. israel will not allow iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our neck. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that are attacking us but against iran itself well iran's foreign minister hit back saying that terror on wants to forge closer ties with its neighbors and that israel is the aggressor in the region from israel's invasion and subsequent aggressions under been on its eagle occupation of palestine and it's almost they'd be illegal incursions
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into syrian air space to attempt to create cartoonish images to blame others for its own strategic blunders or maybe to evade the domestic crisis that treaty life out of unocal does here is how is that security conference hashim an extraordinary exchange of words today there in munich . indeed in these ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu it is clear that israel won't allow iran to maintain and militant permanents miti presence inside syria that much concern that iran is trying to build a naval base not far from haifa all the mediterranean over the same time they're trying to provide a significant assistance to hezbollah and this is considered by the israeli government red line let's listen to what netanyahu had to say. nowhere are we
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ron's belligerent ambitions clear then in syria there iran hopes to complete a contiguous empire looking to iran to chart to use the caspian to the mediterranean israel will continue to provide you rom from the stubble issuing a permanent military presence in syria israel will continue to act to prevent iran from establishing another turbinates from which to threaten israel. another key player in the region saudi arabia delivered a sharp rebuke of iran saudi foreign minister. said that iran continues to destabilize the middle east by providing the hope is in yemen with miss size to attack sounds arabia by assassinating standard diplomats by destabilizing the region and spreading its radical ideology in different parts of region and this is something that comes against the backdrop of the mountain us collation and tension
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in the region the international community world leaders who took to the podium throughout the last three days here in munich were talking about the need for the key players in places like the middle east to come together try to negotiate any deal to contain the same but hearing from the three key players saudi arabia israel and iran today. that doesn't seem to be the case and it's all right hash many thanks to you i was there a special malabar there in munich said saudi arabia's foreign minister also jumped into the fray and spoke about the tension in the region he called for fundamental change within the iranian government. we cannot afford to put up with the when the revolution that's going supports the reasonableness sanction for terrorism is because it supports terrorism. we didn't sanction them the international community did the reason you promised to action for violating ballistic missiles accords is
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because it does and the reason you're going to sanction. on human rights violations is because it does so there has to be a fundamental change in the really regime it would be for iran to be treated like a normal country let's get some analysis from address creek who's an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london he's with me now in the studio earlier before we heard from. iran's foreign minister the saudi foreign minister we were talking about whether netanyahu is obsessed with iran and then then we hear saudi arabia's foreign minister coming out and saying we will continue to push back against iran until it changes its behavior iran does not believe in the principle of good neighbors unless what do you what do you make of all this well what we see here is a clash over narratives that has been unfolding over the last couple of years particularly two u.s. allies here we have israel and saudi most of the most important argue the most important allies for the united states in the region are trying to build a narrative of tarnishing iran's reputation somewhat rightly so is somewhat
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obviously exaggerating of what iran is actually doing they're trying to convince the trauma that iran is really the biggest manis in this part of the world they're trying to build consensus around it showing in a metal you know waving a piece of drones showing how dangerous iran actually is and it's not operating far away from israel's border but it's operating right very closely to israel's border with lebanon and syria and the saudis jumping on board so what we see here is a particular aim at the neo conservatives and the republicans in america who see iran already for a very long time as a threat and that's who the audience is i mean this is a very public forum this security conference in munich. but they're basically talking to the trumpet ministration yes i mean the not just a drum ministration but the core supporters of the drum and mr ations of people in the white house as well as you know these thirty five percent of americans who see the region in a very much in a black and white picture good versus evil and they completely disregard you know
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what saudi might have to do with terrorism or how israel is actually exacerbating terrorism in palestine and so on is just a very much a black and white view and i think that you know has been using that narrative for the last couple of years you know there was a very famous security a general assembly speech that he's given away showed how close iran was to the bomb and he's been it's actually something that he's been it's a narrative he's used for decades already trying to show the world that iran is the big man is that we need to attack and the saudis have now funny enough you know one sed a very much a and tag an ist of iran. of israel as well they have come around and actually supporting this idea that occasion that the relations between the something going on here between israel and saudi arabia absolutely diplomatic relations yes i mean we've seen that over the last couple of months already since the qatar crisis we've seen have been saddam and his government trying to reach out to israel the israelis have tried to reach out to the gulf to the u.a.e. in the past and now increasingly to saudi arabia and you know there's
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a strategic alignment here ves of iran they have a common enemy and that kind of brings them together and none of them neither iran sorry neither saudi nor israel have the means or the ways at the moment to do anything about this expansion is not iran because iran has a very much a strategic approach they have been their book down and they were really you know ducked themselves in or cross the region israel and saudi arabia really need the americans to help them to do something about iran and the americans are very hesitant is so is a by the way also the security establishment in israel and what about iran's response i mean ok as you said some of the criticism is warranted but it saying actually we're not the aggressors here it's israel is the is the problem. region again that is exaggerated this is an it complain of misinformation all sides are trying to win over the narrative obviously of saying the other side is is to blame in syria there's a proxy war saudi has been involved in recent in recent years syria is sorry israel is involved this funding groups in its border jihadist groups in iran is very
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heavily involved you know with thousands of troops on the ground in their funding and supporting proxies of such so this is a proxy war we're all sides try to put the blame on the other side to stop that war in syria when in reality only iran is the one from all these three countries i just named iran is the only one who will actually determine the outcome of the syrian civil war because they actually are very deeply invested and israel is just looking from the fringes and saudis have been looking from the fringes because they have lost the support with their proxies for the most part interest groups took too many thanks indeed for being with us thank you. to palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza the deaths of added to tension on the gaza israel border following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area israel's military blames hamas for saturday's explosion it launched a series of ground air strikes on a number of sites in the southern gaza strip in response several palestinians were injured in the israeli raids israel says the palestinians were shot trying to cross
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the border will get the latest from bernard smith who's in west jerusalem in just a few moments but first let's speak to her a force of who's in gaza i understand harry that you have been witnessing the funerals for the for the two palestinians who were killed on the border what more do we know about the incident which led to the deaths. that's right we're just back here in gaza city having gone south to ruff for it was just east of russia where these two seventeen year olds were killed salim a suburb and. we were there to see hundreds of men turn out and two and boys turn out for their funeral. in in this suburb east of rough and they were laid to rest side by side what we're hearing is that yes they were killed close to the border but although there was a lot of talk of there being martyrs there were hamas flags being erected over the funeral it's not understood that they were part of any fighting group they were
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obviously very young their father we spoke rather one of their father salim's father we spoke to him shortly after the funeral he was talking about well what do you expect these youngsters to do there's nothing here for them why wouldn't they try to cross the border and indeed there have in recent years been a lot of attempts by. young men especially to try to get into israel it's thought in a large number of those cases and it's not a majority that they're looking for work inside israel so that is the kind of context in which this happened of course the other context in which it happened is that this was a very large scale attack being carried out by israel on saturday night on various targets within gaza and so there is some saying that they could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time it's not exactly clear yet but that is that that is what we're hearing from the family more broadly what we're hearing from the political side here in gaza hamas is blaming israel for an escalation it says israel holds the responsibility for all of what we've seen in the last twenty four
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hours or so and also for the humanitarian crisis that there continues to be here which of course heightens the the the potential for such situations even further and we have seen more tension since the donald trump declaration. saying that the united states viewed jerusalem as israel's capital or be more protests along the border and indeed there are firings by israeli forces sometimes fatal ones across the border during not during those protests as well all right harry many thanks did harris force it there live in gaza but it smith is with us live from west jerusalem but what is israel saying about this and the incident which led to this escalation of tension during which the these these two young men were killed it all started with that explosion near the border. we understand that the there was a palestinian flag flying on the on the border fence and this has been put there
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during the protests in the days and weeks past those protests as i was talking about having picked up steam following don terms recognition is jerusalem is the capital of israel and the soldiers approached this flag and took it out of the fence where it was positioned in the fence and it was that that apparently detonated the explosive injuring those four israeli soldiers now the israelis say as a consequence of that than they will deal differently they say they will deal with border protests in a different way those protests have been going on for the last couple of months or so there have been israel has fired shots as well as tear gas at palestinians protesting on the garza side the have been occasional fatalities as well but they've been fairly sort of low level protest on the suggestion is that those protests continue israel is going to take
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a different approach of them and then overnight eighteen targets hit by israel how much they say they were hamas targets in gaza though quite a significant number of targets hit quite a lot more than the have been in recent months in gaza israel nevertheless says it's not looking to escalate tensions and how must similarly through its mediators in egypt has also said it is not looking to escalate to an all out conflict with israel a train but many thanks indeed but it's better to live in west jerusalem will miss stuff about guti is secretary general of the palestinian national initiative and a former palestinian information minister he says that international pressure needs to be put on israel to end the violence. the only resolution is to end occupation the only resolution is to end the system of apartheid and allow palestinians to finally be free let me remind you that during the last three months since mr brown declared his head orderable position about jerusalem we had peaceful demonstrations
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taking place in the west bank and gaza but these peaceful demonstrations were met with severe israeli violence no less than twelve people have been killed in gaza by israeli soldiers who were shooting at them while they were peacefully demonstrating the same happened in the west bank we lost also more than twenty people so far with the israeli military gunfire and more than five thousand people have been injured during peaceful demonstrations so israel is attack and peaceful demonstrations the world does not do anything they do not pressure israel to stop using this terrible violence and then it is skillets and my word is that unless there is immediate international pressure to on israel to stop the use of violence and to end the siege on gaza we could see another horrible attack on gaza another horrible war that could take the lives of thousands of people including hundreds of good but your civilian is a former israeli negotiator of the oslo peace accords or the former deputy foreign
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minister he says that he doesn't think hamas is ready for peace with israel the bottom line i believe is that neither hamas know the current israeli government. which i oppose but i can understand the picture in which it placed its role a do not want to do have now and are the round of violence because everybody understands that nobody will be happy at the end of this of the next round and the main question is how can one stop belies the current situation it should be if the hamas and i believe that hamas is not ready for use with israel then something like the like. this week with israel could be the solution and there is a need for of involvement of a third party in order to see to it that we will not be always at the mercy
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of the next trigger to open new violence because anything anything can become the trigger for an needed violin round between israel and hamas or between israel and the palestinians in the gaza. it with the news from al-jazeera still to come on the program some of australia's unwanted refugees are on their way to the us plus. costa rica where one man's lifelong gardening project has turned him into a cultural icon. and in sport roger federer puts on a top of the world performance in rotterdam the details a little later in the program. iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into a plane crash which has killed sixty six people left them feared dead the passenger
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aircraft disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving the capital tehran the airline's flight was travelling to in the southwest of the country emergency services that are struggling to reach the crash sites in the mountainous province which is near the town of senate on. phase has more for us from. some details are known about the plane that crashed today in iran which had sixty six people on board and investigation into the crash has shown the plane left. airport in the southwest it flew through the mountain range but due to bad weather and lack of vision the plane collided with mt dana officials believe all sixty six passengers have died rescue teams haven't yet managed to reach the crash site because the area is rugged and difficult to reach a wall of the course of this crash isn't yet known international sanctions have
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hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern athlete accidents have occurred frequently in recent years thirty nine people were killed in twenty fourteen. passenger plane crashed after taking off from to iran seventy seven people were killed when an iran airplane crashed in bad weather in two thousand and eleven and lists say that iran has rely. on smuggled or improvised parts to keep its fleets operational before sanctions were lifted iran hadn't directly bought a western built aircraft in nearly forty years it altered more than two hundred planes after sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear activities in the first a livery of an airbus a three twenty want to arrived in tehran in january last year terry tirzah is an aviation analyst and former pilot he joins us now via skype from kinross in scotland terry good to have you with us what do we know about that the aircraft that crashed today how old it is and it's and it's airworthiness. well i
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think it's impossible to say no with any degree of accuracy about that's when it you know it's at the moment but it is a ways also got it so scary already aircraft i think i've read something in the region twenty four years. it's natural for everyone to focus on that at this point it has to be said when a croc rations amount since usually is a result of some common era rather than an aircraft failure although what we see out be ruled out as a former pilot you would you would know i mean it's highly unlikely that the pilots would have been using visual information i mean they've been they have been relying on equipment to attempt to make sure they were high enough to fly over the mountains not into the yes i mean i don't know how close it was to its destination but it looks from the. no matter i saw that it was getting
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close in so it would be possible it would be getting it the same and if their position or six was incorrect and maybe send. too early or in the wrong place. then obviously whether they would amount in before they saw it so i think you not not credible they would have been navigating visually no we talked about international sanctions having hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern fleet i mean that is now since the lifting of sanctions beginning to change but all iranians airlines safe to fly are what would you fly out on the iranian aircraft. good question if i'm absolutely honest i might be a bit reluctant but that would apply to many other airlines as well. i think. there are i mean one of the things that i've written about is culture and it doesn't mean it's a national culture but
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a culture within the airline and that seems to be the most important thing that you sign safety and i don't think that necessarily the age of an aircraft will be a problem i used by an extremely old and i'm reliable one but we never had any incident so i think it's it's more probable in this case that some kind of navigational error i'm when an aircraft suffers a navigation error like that in a mountainous region it is obviously very much more dangerous than it than if it's over the rest of the flat area of land. yes indeed i mean there are thirty two you see just feeling that majesty right there's a million saying you know he cheated and you know he sent below that. and so you are absolutely certain in your position obviously it is also easy to make mistakes there are in many many instances already in the arts and sadly i suspect we'll see
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more because it can be very tricky but nevertheless you would have a final approach. and you wouldn't send below your state you know hit you until you were absolutely sure where you were i'm got no idea what's our navigational system i will be using. terry really good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us former pilot. and aviation analyst terry to. the u.s. president is blaming the f.b.i. for the gun attack at a florida school which killed seventeen people donald trump has tweeted very sad that the f.b.i. missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter this is not acceptable as spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign there is no collusion and trump goes on get back to the basics and make us all proud we're trying to come it's come after it was revealed the f.b.i. received a tip off last month that the suspect had
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a desire to kill and access to guns the agency admitted on friday that agents failed to investigate further the nineteen year old charged with the murder and murders has been expelled or had been expelled from the school he was also known to local police trump has been critical of the f.b.i. over the past year because of its investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty eight sixteen election al jazeera is tom ackerman is with us now live from washington d.c. and is that what all of these tweets are about do you think tom the president trying to deflect attention from this investigation and its latest revelations. well he's continued to be very active on his twitter account this morning. he's in florida right now but after having visited some of the emergency personnel who who actually were attending to the victims of the shooting last week he's ignored
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the the. complaints by students for example at the rally yesterday calling for action against assault weapons. more bans on assault weapons in the united states that aspect of the investigation he has not addressed meanwhile he has as you said but attacking the f.b.i. once again today he's attacked the president former president obama he's hillary clinton and it's today it was the first acknowledgement apparently that that there was in fact alleged russian meddling in the two twenty and sixteen election which of course he's been very reluctant to to deal with because he feels that this detracts or tarnishes his electoral victory today just as an aside he said but wasn't i a great candidate at the same time he said i never said that the russians did not
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meddle but what he did say was that calling back recalling a comment that he made during the election campaign saying it could have been the russians could have been the chinese it could have been a three hundred eight hundred pound man sitting on his bed in the united states so he as you said he is deflecting and what's significant is that since the f.b.i. last week acknowledged along with the intelligence community heads that they're braced for another wave of what's called information warfare from moscow. that or st petersburg that in fact that this election campaign could also be. part of the ongoing campaign by the by the russians as the as the f.b.i. itself has said and he has not addressed that at all he also has not proceeded with
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further sanctions which were authorized by congress a bill that he reluctantly signed but the he is. the explanation for the administration for not proceeding with additional sanctions against russian entities is that the current sanctions seem to be sufficient. somebody thanks to my common life in washington will back to the school shooting students from the school have rallied for tighter gun controls that angry that the suspect nicholas cruz could buy it automatic weapon legally despite his troubling behavior a survivor of the shooting had this message for u.s. politicians if you think about it. and continuing to occur. i think. that they are why you go down and really why are you. taking donations from the n.r.a. shame on you you. are all by far away in miami people attending
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a gun show said that firearms could not be blamed for what happened at the school the company in charge of the event expressed sympathy over the shooting spree displaying posters saying that they meant no disrespect or insensitivity. these events that we have a gun shows are prescheduled years in advance and these venues are are you know reserved for the gun show in years in advance this was in my opinion not necessarily a gun problem but more a mental health problem. part of the world is known for being really hot and dry is certainly pretty wet it's tell us more it's with a step but not here adrian it's all range pretty cool winter we really could do with some what weather couldn't we but the rain is just to the north of us we have a look at all that wet weather that we've seen well this is what's happened in gaza some lightning there and also not just a little bit of rain that's clearly quite a lot of rain and actually we've had a good few days of rain for some of us here and that wet weather you can see it
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swirling here through parts of iraq and iran and then buckling back around over parts of syria and down through lebanon and that's where we've seen some very very heavy rain eighty one millimeters of rain there some parts of lebanon and then over parts of iraq we've also seen a lot of wet weather as well so one hundred thirty two millimeters of rain there in the eastern parts of iraq so lots of heavy rain already and more wet weather still to come now the system easing somewhat though as it gradually edges its way towards the east some rain still some snow over the mountains as it works its way eastwards and if we run through the forecast for monday into tuesday you can see that what weather gradually edging its way eastwards and we'll even see some rain and snow in parts of afghanistan as well in kabul to further north and for our marty although here we're not going to see the wet weather just yet what we will see is a rise in the temperatures for minus for monday two plus for the further south of where we are well no rain yet for that area of cloud is bringing
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a lot of dust i think we're going to have the joys of that tomorrow adrian. lovely thanks steph still to come here on the news hour a family who fled north korea for canada. fighting deportation from there. but the politicians how it's putting kosovo on the edge as the country marks ten years of independence. and the n.b.a. all star weekend heats up with a contest to crown the league's best slam dunk for a total luck for us in sports. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the messages simply state you have been playing good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of
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genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera as their want us to embrace the good schools today to see what happens next iteration on. fire where model barricaded all seven streets that lead to here in the middle east now is big change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is just sixty complex and al-jazeera stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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and this is the news hour from al-jazeera adrian so they get here in doha. top stories israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has accused iran of being the greatest threat to the world but iran's foreign minister hit back during the summit on security in germany mohammed jabbered saif accused israel of being the aggressor in the region. iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into a plane crash which left sixty six people feared dead passenger aircraft was traveling from the capital to get in the southwest the airlines plane went down in a mountainous area near the town of semitone emergency services are struggling to reach the crash site of two palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza after an escalation of tension on the border it follows an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area palestinian authority is calling israel's action actions
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a serious escalation that israel is blaming the armed group hamas. now despite its reputation as a haven for refugees canada has been the poor thing north korean asylum seekers nearly two thousand of them have been sent away since twenty thirteen because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms done elect reports from toronto. putting a brave face on pending deportation these north koreans came here through south korea which canada considers a safe country but on their refugee applications they said they'd fled to china. eleven years ago kim came here with his wife daughter and son now they have two more children canadian citizens deportation would be catastrophic cannot have on them oh. that notice means death to me. i came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in canada and we think we're
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going to be separated it breaks my heart there was a town on the other day in the. home of my whole life i live there so i don't have any friends in south korea and all my friends are here. to joe family could be broken up to canada carries out its deportation order to children or canadian born the eldest came with his parents in two thousand and ten the joes admit they lied on their application but say they did it to escape a horrible situation they look at and. i feel so desperate. it's our fault all the time but then when they haven't done anything wrong they have to go through this separation because of us. the north korean refugees say south korea is definitely not safe for them north korea's spies can track them down they say yet canada has been deporting people like them since two thousand and thirteen those who remain have only begun to fight back if we are fallen
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by the moment they our family in the in the north korea they will be executed or de rears sent to the labor camp. the korean community in toronto is rallied behind the refugees their lawyer has met canadian officials in what she says is their last chance to stay here an appeal on compassionate grounds to the minister of immigration there's been no response yet internationally we reckon that as a humanitarian and compassionate country at that thing refugees from syria and all over the world and why my question should and the hundred fifty the many people be bach and answer to that question is anxiously awaited by refugees who fled one of the most repressive violent regimes in the world than your lack. of thirty five refugees are heading for the us
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a living in australian run prison camp on the pacific island nation of the roof is fos of a controversial resettlement deal this reached between australia's government and the a bomb a ministration the men of mostly afghan pakistani. and that's prompted rights groups to ask questions about whether somali and iranian refugees are being excluded the now through prison camp is part of australia's hardline policy on blocking refugees from entering the strayer by boats david manne is the executive director of refugee legal which provides assistance to refugees in rwanda manna silent under australia's offshore processing arrangements he says the resettlement process has been too slow. but look the reality is under this bilateral deal it reminds that you know the us are still talking refugee and the question really is what a guide what how quickly will that happen so that refugees they rested. their lives
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in the suffering in the terrible ordeal for over five years that they have enjoyed it but the other question is what will a strategy do it because ultimately they even if this deal bridged the full number of twelve hundred fifty there will be still be many people left marooned and suffering i mean we are directing our energies and race horses together with others to work on. race or ministry happen but it is fundamental because what we know is refugees cannot stay on the road and i'm an assignment you definitely what we also know is that the profound suffering in humanity that people have been subject to and we know very other that is a stretch ultimately as tragic as later and our responsibility to ensure that those refugees are brought to safety and the fact is that a strategy reminds the are only option for most if not all of those people eleven somali refugees held captive in libya for years have returned home many of them
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were tortured and some sold as slaves. reports. levin is relieved to be back home in somalia three years ago he tried to migrate to europe he never made it instead he was kidnapped by smugglers in libya and sold as a slave. like an animal i was sold four times in open markets in libya the last time i was sold for ten thousand dollars i was tortured every day vivan story isn't unique annecy international released a report recently describing how somali refugees were being tortured in libyan detention camps it said they were held against their will by armed groups in exchange for money hundreds were reportedly sold for as little as four hundred dollars of far cry from the journey these migrants had hoped for. for two years i was in a libyan prison i spent fifteen thousand dollars and i still wasn't able to reach europe now i'm just happy to be back in country and see my family human rights
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groups say the european union strategy to stop refugees from traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stranded in libya the somali government has been successful in returning small groups of refugees home but how much the government of somalia is committed to bring back its people who are in prisons around the globe we've been able to repatriate some somalis who were in libyan prison a month ago we released migrants from india and ethiopia prisons and brought them back to the country we will continue to do so but it's not going to be easy it took more than two years of negotiations to release libya and many more just like him are waiting to be given the opportunity to get back home that's the opus of the young al-jazeera members of britain's anti posse ukip voted to remove their leader racist messages sent by his papa aimed at future royalty henry bolton led the party for less than five months his girlfriend sent disparaging messages about meghan
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markle the fiance of prince harry was the fourth person to leave you can. in eighteen months after the resignation of longtime leader nigel for raj all gary as foreign ministry has condemned the march by hundreds of far right supporters in all of approach nazi world war two general the rally went ahead despite calls from the government the us embassy and several jewish organizations for it to be scrapped the foreign ministry says that anything glorifying the nazi way of thinking is absolutely unacceptable. zimbabwe's president has paid his respects to opposition leader morgan tsvangirai who died on wednesday emerson when i got were visited chang a nice family home in the capital for a small service is being held sixty five year old died after a long battle with colon cancer shanghai formed the movement for democratic change and was a staunch critic of president former president robert mugabe his funeral will be held on monday in the southeast of the capital harare. it does
4:42 pm
the brothers and sisters in the come together in their mon. prime minister and who that's really let us move forward is the people in the unity. video has emerged of a collision between a turkish coast guard vessel and a greek patrol boat close to contested islands in the aegean sea cameras on the greek vessel show the moment the turkish boat struck its stun it's unclear if the crash last monday was an accident the vessels were near uninhabited islands which both countries claim as the. cause of us confronting increasing lawlessness in a so dominated region ten years after independence a political leader that was killed last month in the town of mature pizza al-jazeera center since has been speaking to journalists and politicians there who say that they now face constant intimidation. it's
4:43 pm
a daily ritual lighting candles and paying respect to a politician murdered a month ago in this lawless city all over event of a leader of a minority cause of a party spoke albanian and have been trying to foster better relations with the government in pristina he was shot dead and no one seems to know who did it organized crime is rampant here and there are suspicions there could have been a political motivation in the darkness to pull it out in the movie you can see in people how unsafe they fail and they are if you talk about it but work says me the most is that many of all of his friends and my friends have left mature and more considering at. this journalist whose office still bears the evidence of intimidation nearly three years ago also believes things are getting worse that they are. i've been a victim of theft and burglary i've been attacked but those are things that happen to people he every day in savannah beaches made up people species have definitely
4:44 pm
increased it's because he was so well respected. on the south side of me tributes the majority kosovar albanian population has been celebrating ten years of independence it's in contrast to the north where the serbian flag flies kosovo's government ministers accuse their serbian counterparts in belgrade of meddling in the affairs of this city making its dysfunctional. this bridge taking us from the southern side has been renovated it feels new but ten years after independence was announced there's still division here this is a gesture of defiance before we even get into the north building work comes to an end here because of disputes with the kosovar serb local authorities that have calls months of delays because of his prime minister knowledge is there are big difficulties but he says the crime problem is being tackled we are in process of
4:45 pm
integrating nor of estimation rohloff law very suspect the special effects of the community and integrate the community and this is my approach but that approach is met with cynicism there's no mention here of independence all integration andrew symonds out zero it's of it's cause of still to come here on the news hour. it's not such a cracking new year for some how china's trying to clear the air. and majesty nice it gives their pursuit of a trophy double big boost the details with far coming up. in india five million children have genius level i.q. but most live in poverty and go undiscovered when one use means two child geniuses
4:46 pm
fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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hello again chinese new year celebrations have been muted in a growing number of cities after a ban on fireworks was expanded beijing's one of them as a tries to cut pollution but the bans also affecting its addition of sliced it a thousand years charlotte dallas reports. an assembly line of fireworks and legal young province each read roll of gunpowder is distant to mark the start of a new year in the chinese calendar lou young is the fireworks capital of the world it all started some fourteen hundred years ago during the ten dynasty. but threatens to employers with a decision by the chinese government to ban fireworks because of pollution.
4:48 pm
fireworks are a cherished tradition during the chinese new year but they push hundreds of cities above the recommended equality levels this was small in beijing a year ago it's scenes like this that have pushed the government to ban fireworks and four hundred forty four cities that's now being expanded to include beijing tianjin and provincial capitals who farai and chang shar violators will face fines of up to fifteen thousand dollars. and you will him this shouldn't be a ban on fireworks because first of all pollution isn't caused by fireworks ceasing off fireworks has been a tradition for more than one thousand years so i don't quite understand why it is a ban. china's firework industry employs three million people and has sales of more than fourteen billion dollars the new regulations of her profits and lower demand has shrunk the industry leo youngs firecrackers and fireworks management pure says
4:49 pm
in two years the number of companies that have to around five hundred high. powered if you look around the market you can only see a few shops remain open we don't see many customers anymore. that's because many have swaps to legal options and cities like beijing this substituting gunpowder with electricity. electronic by crackers can substitute regular firecrackers because they a bright and colorful chinese say it's all fireworks for the noice it's believed to scare away bad spirits and bring a more successful new year manufacturers and retailers a looking for an early start shallop ballasts al-jazeera. to live.
4:50 pm
up. done for sport his for a dream thank you so much austria's marcel her sure has reinforced his status as being the world's best skier he won his second gold medal at the winter olympic games in the men's giant slalom the six time overall world cup champion blew away the competition first run by more than six tenths of a second or sure again crushed the field in the second run by more than one point two seven seconds to old timer kristofferson of norway won silver while france's alexis don't flinch for all of us. no worries or sin bratton claimed gold in the olympic freestyle skiing in men's slopestyle event on sunday broughton put in a brilliant first run routine that was good enough to hold on to top spot through all three rounds american nick gold for took silver while canada's alex ballou marshall claimed the bronze. and host south korea have won gold in the women's
4:51 pm
fifteen hundred meter short track speed skating world record holder choi be china's lesion you to take the top spot canada's kim bolton won the bronze. you know as host clay ball had picked up another gold medal for norway in the men's cross-country relay to take them to the top of the medal standings norway are tied with the germany on nine golds the netherlands are in third with canada in the united states rounding off the top five. all the best players in the n.b.a. will collide later in the all-star game this year there is a new format instead of the best of the east and west facing off it will be a contest between teams picked by the n.b.a.'s two biggest stars team braun will face team steph curry in l.a. these are the start starters curry's gone for this season's two best offensive players houston's james harden and jonas tito. in the box he's also picked toronto's de mar de rose and all-star debutant joel embiid of the seventy six ers
4:52 pm
lining up for le bron is one of curry's golden state teammates kevin durant's has also picked new orleans dual anthony davis and marcus cousins and unsurprisingly he's gone for former cavs teammate boston's kyrie irving says he can't wait to get on court this is for me. you know as myself russ katie. and the braun and probably one of the best father you know best father ever been on the court with. you know just the talents is. it and you see. you know how big of fans we are of one another and we're all on the floor to go it's pretty awesome and i think that lineup is something that you know you can envision in a video game for me to actually you know be part of it's almost. as exciting really you get an opportunity you know for guys a mixture of guys who play the most on the same team as joe that. you know we're
4:53 pm
trying to win those competitive obviously all-star game is a lot of highlights. but we certainly are going to go there and prove the original . one of the most highly anticipated parts of the all star weekend is the slam dunk contest comedian kevin hart got an up close taste of the action as utah jazz rookie donovan mitchell pulled off some spectacular moves to win it a star studded panel including d.j. khalid and mark walberg giving michel the nod who joins the likes of n.b.a. legends michael jordan and kobe bryant who've also wanted a new world number one roger federer has reached the final the rotterdam open the thirty six year old beat entrées seppi in straight sets six three seven six two vamps the two time champion who's just become the oldest player in history to top the rankings will face second seed record to be true of all bode garia in sunday's final. at your committee of standard world number one caroline wozniacki to reach the final the carter open the chart came from
4:54 pm
a set down to be three six seven six seven farms to advance. span next. manchester united have booked their place in the quarterfinals of the f.a. cup romelu lukaku scored twice as they beat huddersfield town to nil united are in contention for a trophy double this season chasing both the f.a. cup and the champions league i'm happy that we are in the course of fun. i'm happy that we won the match especially after the shoot. was the kind of game that. wouldn't be a drummer who took the match to. be a drama for us but the game was difficult. tottenham are chasing the same double as manchester united and face third tier watch till later but the spurs boss moree to chino is concerned about his players motivation levels. after to play a new board i think is a good example and if you know learn of the new player is because you're not clever
4:55 pm
enough to understand that if you want to win. if we want to compete for be one of the best team in the on europe is. is this the game is it is important to induce a was you need the liverpool board. and that's all your sport for now but much more coming up later but for now back to major and for many thanks indeed how many people consider gardening more of a chore than an art form but in costa rica one man's dedication has earned him a global recognition for more than fifty years eventually stop blanco a sculpted cypress trees in his home city gardens are now considered among the finest examples of topiary in the world and he gallacher reports from sorrow. at the foot of the church of st raphael in costa rica central mountain range stands a testament to one man's vision over the decades the gardens of said i have been
4:56 pm
sculpted into birds and beasts by evangelist blanco a man known locally as don lister all senor scissorhands. he began work here in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and never stopped. but one of the parks like my family is like my children my wife and my mistress and i love it and i care for it i come here at five in the morning just to wiring it i do this little love and it cation. is the gardens matures so has its reputation there are now more than one hundred figures here each beginning life as saplings planted by a gardener determined to create something unique many great works of art of being created by individuals but few require the maintenance or dedication that all of this does eventually through spent the best part of his entire adult life on this one project but it hasn't gone unnoticed these gardens are now a symbol for the city they're tracked thousands of tourists every year and in two thousand and four they named the entire place after him. the city of socio was
4:57 pm
grown along with its gardens every day the park is full of visitors from around the world it's like a country house in england with the type the next thing and i was thinking when i went round it's really good for children because it's got elephants and soldiers and bulls and carts and stuff and they can kind of identify stuff you have that says how do i know a bill last in the end all be less of many time ago it's still the same is really nice i love it. in recognition of his work eventually still was given a national culture award and continues to inspire those around him as well he's going to put a lot of that in yes he's an icon for the people he's inspired the youth to follow his passion to decorate and shape trees he has a lot of patience and passion for doing this. he retired a few years ago but he's continued to give us new shapes in our park. at the age of seventy nine evangelist isn't quite ready to hang up his sheers he's looking for
4:58 pm
someone with the same dedication to take over and ensure his legacy lasts and he gallacher al-jazeera pseudo costa rica fantastic and that's it from the news hour but i'll be back in just a few moments to take you on the day's top stories i'll see it. monitored truck quantified value to see data be the new car for. your data your identity is a commodity and we have to understand where i'm from or come from our sleeves it is time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are artists we are. give us back our data at this time are not just one of the really special things about
4:59 pm
working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it turns out in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. paint the scene for us where there are on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera i was always
5:00 pm
telling you how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name without manchester city's northwest representatives kind of. teacher. actually georgia member that we had the special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's not the heart of your media this is a cover you know piece on the mainland city al-jazeera investigation put a lot of silence this time. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her own. do not test israel's resolve israel's prime minister calls iran the greatest threat to the world as he addresses the security called for.


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