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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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this is a cover you all in the mail man city how does iraq investigation. of sign this time news has never been more available but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream you do not at this time on al-jazeera. pro asaad forces come to the aid of syrian kurds in affray in bringing them into likely conflict with turkey. some of them julie went on this is live from london also coming up taking it lying
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down protests to take their message to the white house as pressure mounts on lawmakers over the florida school shooting. oxfam issues its first direct apology to the haiti government after an internal report reveals new detail about the prostitution scandal that's rocked the ngo. and me sunda threat the passage of time overtakes the philippines favorite minibuses. we begin the program in syria where developments near the border with turkey have the potential to further complicate the battle ground turkey says its troops will fight forces loyal to the syrian president if they enter the northern or grave of a free to defend kurdish find to syria's state news agency says the syrian forces would enter a free within hours to join what it called the resistance to turkish aggression.
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steph decker has more. syrian state television and now says that forces loyal to president bashar al assad will be deployed to a free. turkey launch an operation against the people's protection units or y p g who are in control of the province almost a month ago ankara calls the y.p. g a terrorist organization the united states considers the group its most effective ally in fighting eisel. this new move by damascus in africa could mean its allied militia directly confronts turkish troops turkey's foreign minister was defiant yes in the name of the regime is interested to claims he k.k. and p.y.t. in there are no problems however if they come in to defend the y.p. g the nothing and nobody can stop us the supplies to efren as well as members into the east of the euphrates river the developments hence said behind the scenes negotiations the details of which are unclear if the kurds are going to accept the
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major conditions of the syrian regime we'll decide on that very heavy weapons. dance artillery and rocket launchers will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is also being syria democratic forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates the kurdish why p.g. holds the areas in yellow which include the region of africa in the green areas land controlled by the syrian opposition supported by turkey and they are advancing on africa and under the turkish operation olive branch president assad's government controls the area to the south and the i.p.g. is territory to the east of the euphrates is where the u.s. has military bases and personnel on the ground syria's seven year war seems to have entered a new phase with the foreign powers who have long backed different sides trying to solidify their spheres of influence stephanie decker al-jazeera turkey's president has discussed the african operation in two separate phone calls with the leaders of
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iran and russia tired bored on war and lattimer put in over the actions of the syrian government which is russia or some avenge of it has more now from istanbul. the first batch of kurdish fighters has reached the city of our friend that's according to s.d.s. which is a u.s. backed force and these kurdish fighters have travelled from the city of aleppo this is a city which is under the control of the syrian government forces so syrian fighters have been saying that this group proves their point that kurdish fighters off the right people's protection units have been allied with the syrian government all along there is expectations that more convenience of pro-government militias not regular syrian government forces will enter the city of against this operation that is being launched by the turkish forces called all of branch on the diplomatic front we've been hearing from presidential sources that the turkish president has been speaking to his russian counterpart and he's told them that there will be
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consequences if the syrian government continues on its path this is the part that the foreign minister had also alluded to saying that the turkish government has no problem if the syrian government contains and controls its own territory and borders but it will have a problem and it will confront anyone who allies itself with the with these kurdish fighters that turkey sees as terrorists still in syria and at least seventy one people have been killed by air strikes in eastern that's according to the monitoring group syrian observatory for human rights local observers believe the attacks are a prelude to a major offensive on the rebel held territory has been under siege since twenty thirteen cinna harder reports now from. rockets missiles air strikes activists fear the renewed bombardment of the besieged opposition area of eastern could be the beginning of a large scale military operation. it seems russian broke at the gauche ations to
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bring about a global surrender they have so far failed ending a week of relative calm yet again civilians were the victims since the end of december a stepped up military campaign killed more than four hundred people at least one hundred of them were children the fear now is that the numbers will only rise if a wide scale attack begins. the syrian government and its allies are sending military reinforcements to the edges of the rebel enclave just outside the capital damascus pro-government media are promising victory and what they say will be a decisive battle it won't be the first time they will try to storm. past ground offensives where we by rebels and people are defiant. we have man who. they won't be able to capture one inch of land. this is what we have been steadfast for seven years they tried many times and he
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was all kinds of weapons but they weren't able to take anything out. the syrian government and its allies haven't taken ground but over the years they have continuously bombarded residential neighborhoods the syrian government and its allies have been recapturing one opposition after another. target for some time now. the government captures territory after securing local cease fire deals that involved opposition fighters and their families evacuated and sent to other rebel controlled areas mainly to the problems of the in the northwest. so far of the people and rebels of eastern who are refusing to surrender but the reality on the ground is becoming harsher about four hundred thousand people are trapped there the violence is only we still have the most of them. in. a child's cry from under the rubble he is alive civil defense volunteers
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say it's not usually the case. these twenty seven she have been killed in iraq when i saw a fight their convoy the victims of the bodies of the victims arrived in baghdad on monday high so fighters were disguised in iraq army uniforms and pretended to be at a fixed point when the attack happened on the outskirts of last week the governor of nearby cook one that i saw still poses a security threat in the area. the white house says u.s. president on a charm supports improved background checks on gun purchases in the wake of last wednesday's school shooting in florida and to go on protesters have been holding a live demonstration outside the white house seventeen students and staff members
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were killed by a teenager with an assault rifle in the florida city of parkland trump is to speak to survivors on the web and state what's called a listening session well alan fisher was at that demonstration outside the white house. still a handful of people here from the protests that we saw earlier were young people who started talking on social media on friday about making their voices had decided to come together here in front of the white house and stage what they call a dying where they lay on the growing and called for action they say it's time that the politicians put aside the money they get from the n.r.a. and they start taking action to protect young people many of them said that they were scared to go to school because they don't know what school is going to be next though we saw the people who gathered here and there were dozens and dozens of them and they brought along their parents and their grandparents the red or the names of everyone who's died in a school shooting in the united states since one thousand nine hundred ninety and there was a lot of them and they say that florida is perhaps
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a time of change that every incident like this is described as a breaking point but maybe no this is the breaking point that they can make people understand that this is a republican issue or a democrat issue this is about a school safety issue but people feeling safe when they go to school and that is why they're calling on the politicians to take some action it's not just events like this we're seeing this plan for a march on washington on march the twenty fourth and also a national walk out of schools across the country at some point in april the young people see the no they can't vote but they're determined that here in washington after this latest tragedy in florida their voices will be heard. and while the gunman accused of carrying out the mass shooting in florida has appeared in court they call us curtis has confessed to taking a legally purchased semiautomatic rifle into the larger still high school and opening fire hoping for seventeen cans of florida. well there are reports the yet
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another trump aide is likely to plead guilty as part of the f.b.i.'s investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election according to the los angeles times drums former deputy campaign manager richard gates who pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud in october is expected to change his plea gates would become the third leading trump to plead guilty. oxfam has apologized to haiti's government over allegations of sexual misconduct by some of its staff during a mission its former director for haiti has admitted to using prostitutes during rebuilding efforts after the twenty ten earthquake the charity's also released an internal report revealing three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into the sexual misconduct oxfam published the report after being criticised for a lack of transparency over those allegations will barnaby phillips reports from outside the haitian embassy in london. the report has been presented to the haitian
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embassy here in london and to the haitian government with apologies from oxfam for what it says are its mistakes it's a revealing insight into a pretty dysfunctional operation of oxfam's in haiti in the immediate aftermath of the terrible twenty ten quake bullying intimidation downloading of pornography it says it can't rule out the possibility of sex with under age girls it says that oxfam needs to deal with problem staff in a better way to ensure that they don't go on to work elsewhere in the aid sector a case in point the country director in oxfam the man at the center of allegations he went on to work for another aid organization in bangladesh of course this is a crisis that goes beyond oxfam itself remember that britain one of the very few countries which actually meets the un recommendations of spending point seven percent of gross national income on
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a many people particularly on the right in british politics arguing that that is too much money and when aid organizations are seem to behave in such a morally reprehensible way well the case for spending that much money of course is that much weaker and on tuesday the heads of oxfam save the children and the government's own department for international development summoned to the british parliament for urgent questioning barnaby phillips reporting there and i still to come here on al-jazeera at least seventy people are killed in mozambique after a rubbish collapses burying several. dozens of opposition leaders a real united with their families in sudan after a surprise decision to release them from prison.
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how the snow falling again and actually expanding old to do is what's trying to develop around the age where it is mass or cloud slow moving as you can see is part of a bigger circulation that i think will produce rain for many how brainy dancer agrees but snow creeping up the towards a good part of austria vienna reflects that it's still cold in this part of europe one two or three degrees to believe that it's subzero in kiev in contrast it's quite mild in sparta normally when in london at ten degrees about fifteen madrid with a bit of rain for the pyrenees and this rain rather than stay on notice let me take you day forward there is still snow that is rather less than his intensity and it's an extent but this rain probably developed rather more strongly up the coast of the adriatic and talking back into its face all the action seems to be in this part of europe that's certainly been reflected in recent weather in the levant for example and it's still as a developing light to cause well unpleasant windy and rather rough seas conditions
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the coast of algeria rains like to fall into musea probably parts of libya as well and the breeze itself will be noticeable keeping the temperature in the teens all of marching slowed this direction and we've got more rain developing somewhere in the middle of egypt part of the desert part of egypt is current twenty. a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made those different was they targeted to. pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains whether it's has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative. or just normal business. has become more united. beyond the blockades at this time on al-jazeera.
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a quick reminder now of our top stories here on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says tarkus troops will fight forces loyal to syrian president bashar al assad if they enter the northern on a free to defend kurdish fighters activists have staged a lie down protests outside the white house over gun control laws in the wake of last week's school should take in florida. and an internal report released by the charity oxfam must reveal three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into sexual misconduct in haiti. there were any media say rescue teams to find the wreckage of a passenger plane that disappeared in the zagros monckton's emergency workers have
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rushed through my internets tend to rain and temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius to get to the site the assman airlines aircraft went down in for weather on sunday killing all sixty five people on board iran's president has on rouhani has ordered an investigation into the accident mohamed el baradei i report. distraught family members still near her bed st into one where fifty nine passengers and six crew members departed on their feet for a flight. on the other side of the journey the halls of airport where the plane was said to arrive was full of people mourning so hard. i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he assured me they'll get here the plane is not behind schedule yet he said don't worry he called later it's had the plane had crashed the a seaman airlines flight departed from a bad airport into iran but disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving
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the plane was heading towards the city vs who's in southwestern iran it crashed into mt dean and near the town of semi room in the mountain range rescue teams a struggle to reach the crash site due to inclement weather and rugged terrain where the roads here are impassable vehicles are here and lots of people too when we heard about it around eleven am or noon we began searching all the villages in the area but we didn't find anything investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash but some aviation experts believe heavy fog could have hindered the pilot's navigation. decades of international sanctions and diplomatic isolation have left iran's airlines with aging fleets of passenger planes which they've struggled to maintain and modernize you have fleets of aircraft in iran and as a man airlines flies it's the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which hasn't
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even been made for over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. new aircraft which is simply left iranian aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty iran suffered a number of aviation disasters most recently in two thousand and fourteen when a separate airlines flight crashed just after takeoff killing thirty nine people. since to iran curb its nuclear program it's ordered more than two hundred planes from airbus and boeing with forty four billion dollars in the hopes of modernizing its commercial aviation permitted by d.c. al-jazeera they seventeen people have been killed after a garbage dump collapse in mozambique rescue workers in the capital not put all believe more bodies could be very the fifteen meter tall pile of garbage collapsed in the early hours of the morning in heavy weight bearing several houses well
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comedia said thousands of families have now fled their homes or charles monkley will is a journalist based in maputo he says the garbage dump base located in one of the poorest parts of the capital. about sixty pounds of garbage. daily overflowing the walls of the down side you need to solve the area we just hundreds of people who live nearby and it is also the word press for the less fortunate people of those who are poor and to us preventing around the broken glass is toxic friends and decay is essential food in materials that could be sold to lenny's also the result of decades of on call control is at an addition so you notice it would cause us to be working to pull out our boat is and is and those are the people who are still contending that sea levels are i'm kind of was since this morning. sudan's foreign minister has told al jazeera all political prisoners who were detained last month will be released more than eighty have already been freed
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including prominent opposition leaders sit down and face international pressure to release the data they were arrested after i am to government protests about the rising cost of food how much of our house more. the move to release dozens of political prisoners from jails in the sudanese capital of khartoum came as a surprise. most were arrested last month after protests about soaring prices and tough economic conditions turned violent turn our morale is a little us but we will work hard to get rid of the reasons that have led to demonstrations and detention we will be in contact with all parties concerned we will keep and maintain the human rights and we will put an end to political polarization in the country for the sake of our nation. the families of those released from prison were delighted but concerned for the ones still detained that we are happy we need all the prisoners to be released we need our country to live
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in peace we need nothing but peace and security really is that is ult of the commitment of the government to political freedoms and that is primarily was very short. as it used up in the past we are all very happy and all the sudanese people are happy can assure you that everybody will be released this is that this is you know the president and the rest will follow. the freed prisoners included leaders of the opposition who are calling for all political factions to unite in order to find a solution to sudan's problems and they are demanding the release of prisoners of opinion. we need a full and comprehensive dialogue such a dialogue is the only way to take our country away from this crisis the tension and prisons will never sort out our issues it is now the time to resort to the best methods to find peaceful solutions to the problems in our country. the presidential
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decree to release the prisoners came after the appointment of a new security chief and it followed calls from representatives of several foreign embassies the arrests were made during a wave of protests in several cities against the rise in bread prices and other economies difficulties facing the sudanese people many now hope the government and opposition parties can get together for talks aimed at resolving the country's persistent crises. are thousands of people in zimbabwe are paid tribute to morgan chango i add a rally in the capital harare the former opposition leader died from cancer on wednesday opposition members say they will try and keep the party united despite divisions over leadership has more now from harare. when morgan tsvangirai body arrived at the place opposition parties called freedom square his supporters called him a hero for defending human rights and always calling for free and fair elections this is their last chance to say goodbye mania won't be able to attend the burial and
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choose to embrace her. home two hundred kilometers from the capital they say they'll continue his work and prepare for the election in a few months. you know that this. president. hasn't brought the entire leadership of the main opposition party showed up for monday's rally but there is speculation the movement for democratic change could split if some key officials decide to walk away some opposition. is illegitimate. at the rally there were calls for the party to stick together. the months. months
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. this is. all going to do just. for now opposition supporters say they are united and will deal with whatever problems lie you'd have to get i has to be and how to al-jazeera how to talks a begun between togo's government and the opposition to try to end a six month political standoff for months thousands of people have been protesting against president for nothing day they are demanding that he stand on the government introduce presidential term limits been in power since two thousand and five the ten day talks have been brokered by the presidents of dharma and guinea and egyptian companies agreed to by fifteen don't believe in dollars worth of israeli natural gas deal israel hopes will strengthen diplomatic ties operators of israel's team are and of a fee an offshore gas fields will supply private egyptian firm dolfin us holdings around sixty four billion cubic meters of gas over a decade israeli's energy minister has called it the most significant export deal
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between the two countries since their historic peace treaty one thousand nine hundred seventy nine legislators in iceland a time to make male circumcision illegal saying it falls under the umbrella of child abuse if the bill passes isom will be the first european country to ban the practice male circumcision is carried out for religious social medical and cultural reasons jews and muslims in other nordic countries say the move is an attack on religious freedom as it targets a traditional practice in their communities. a former football coach has been jailed for thirty years for abusing eleven young players in the u.k. barry been a was find guilty in liverpool crime court of abusing boys aged between eight and fifteen what prosecutors called an industrial scale the sixty four year old had been a talent spotter for manchester city and crew alexandra during the one nine hundred eighty s. several victims told the court the bennell had sexually abused them on more than
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one hundred occasions and on tuesday on his it was investigative unit looks of the long term sexual abuse of young players in british football that's football's wall of silence showing that all six hundred hours g.m.t. and choose day. warnings have been raised to their highest levels around indonesia's mon cinnabon the volcano has been releasing as the reach more than five thousand meters into the air volcano has been rumbling since two thousand and ten part sect evictees picked up in recent days people are being urged to stay out of a seven kilometer exclusion zone around the crater. it drive to modernize transport in the philippines is threatening a much feature of urban life minibuses known as jeepneys are being updated jimmy allen explains. when i think of the for the they often have the mind it is an offshoot of the american military jeeps that were left behind after
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world war two since then filipinos have made it their own zere unique colorful and have long been called the king of philippine roads. for decades they've also been the solution to the country's lack of public transport jeepneys are affordable and available but have also been blamed for the city's chaotic traffic. the philippine government wants more control it says it is time to improve the jeep and industry it wants jeepney operators to start registering as corporations instead of running corporate tips independent. basically or what their position project. it can be. changing or. you can. include being. here operating conditions. it also wants to phase out jeepneys that are fifteen years or older government officials want you models they
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say they are safer and edgy efficient and environmentally friendly. it is some fair the assistance they offer is not even enough there is no other in the world it can only be found here and it must be preserved. jeepney owners groups oppose the plan to saying the model that the government is demanding is double the price and g.p. operators and workers cannot afford it the majority of jeepney drivers belong to the poorest sector of society they say forcing owners to upgrade without enough government assistance could mean an end to the jeepney industry all together. both that. and what did he do in the end he thought of them i don't care about you you can all day in hunger isn't. there nearly three hundred thousand jeepneys
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all across the country and many of been flying the streets for decades but majority of commuters for jeepneys like this one modern colorful and fast. the government says the plan to improve the jeepney is just part of a broader project to overhaul the transport system. these are often seen as a conic moving art pieces that reflect a filipino ingenuity. but for many here people to become a symbol of the government's neglect. dogon al-jazeera manila and you can find out much more about what we're following and i'll just say we're dot com. top stories here currently on al-jazeera turkey says it will fight forces loyal to syrian president bashar al assad if they enter the syrian on pave over a free to defend kurdish fighters syria state news agency has reported the
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pro-government forces would enter the area within hours to join what it called the resistance to turkish aggression it falls in agreement with kurdish y p g fight is in a free has been battling to repel a turkish offensive there for a moment turkey's president has warned his russian counterpart that the syrian government will face consequences if it reaches a deal with kurdish fighters rage of time border one's words were echoed by turkey's foreign minister in amman using the. the question is why the regime forces are entering the area if the regime forces enter this area to get rid of terrorism yes that's good but if the regime forces enter this area to support or keep the other militias there the no we are against that the white house said u.s. president donald trump supports improved background checks on gun purchases sin the wake of last wednesday's school shooting in florida and to gun protesters have been holding a lie down demonstration i slide the white house seventeen students and staff
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members were killed by a teenager with an assault rifle in the florida city of parkland trump is to speak to survivors on the way from state what's being termed a listening session also has apologized to haiti's government over allegations of sexual misconduct by some of its staff during an aid mission is former director for haiti has admitted to using prostitutes during rebuilding efforts after the twenty ten earthquake the charity's also released an internal report revealing three of its workers threatened witnesses jury an investigation into sexual misconduct oxfam published the report after being criticised for a lack of transparency over those allegations. and the seventy before have been killed after a garbage dump collapse in most fantasy rescue workers in the capital maputo believed more bodies could still be buried the fifty metre tall pile of garbage collapsed in the early hours of the morning in heavy rains worrying several houses those are our current top stories the stream is coming up next and we'll be back in
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just under half an hour's time hope to see them by. hi i'm femi ok and you're in the stream to get a political crisis in ethiopia the state of emergency has been declared after the sudden resignation of the prime minister we ask what's next i really could be glad if you're joining us live on you tube send us your questions and your comments and i'll do my best to get them into today show.


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