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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what makes this movement this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive will provoke that's all about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. the told me the fees are likely to be alive you know are below zero and children are among over eighty five children syrian government are strikes on rebel held eastern ghouta. tensions escalate further in syria's north as turkey warns the government against helping the kurds in a frame. kerry
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and this is al jazeera and also coming up. this is a good deal even if the link is clear we will cross if you don't spam. action against a british charity over allegations of sexual exploitation by its staff. in tragedy forces alarm over the worsening mortality rate and some of the world's poorest countries. protesters take their message to the white house as pressure mounts on politicians over the florida school shooting. united nations is calling for an end to the targeting of civilians in a rebel held on clay near syria's capital damascus at least eighty five people have died during and tense syrian government and russian bombing of eastern ghouta which has been under siege since truth. thirteen reports from beirut and neighboring
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lebanon. rockets missiles air strikes activists fear the renewed bombardment on the besieged opposition area of eastern could be the beginning of a large scale military operation. it seems russian broke at the go to bring about. they have so far failed a week of relative calm yet again civilians were the victims since the end of december a stepped up military campaign killed more than four hundred people at least one hundred of them were children the fear now is that the numbers will only rise if a wide scale attack begins. the syrian government and its allies are sending military reinforcements to the edges of the rebel enclave just outside the capital damascus pro-government media are promising victory and what they say will be a decisive battle it will be the first time they will try to storm. past ground offensives where we by rebels and people are defiant.
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we have man who. they won't be able to capture one inch of. this is what we have been steadfast for seven years they tried many times and he was all kinds of weapons but they weren't able to take anything. the syrian government and its allies haven't taken ground but over the years they have continuously bombarded residential neighborhoods the syrian government and its allies have been capturing one opposition after another. target for some time now. the government captures territory after securing local ceasefire deals that involved opposition fighters and their families evacuated and sent to other rebel controlled areas mainly to the problems of the in the northwest. so far the people and rebels of eastern who are refusing to surrender but the
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reality on the ground is becoming harsher about four hundred thousand people are trapped there the violence is only interested. in. a child's cry from underneath the rubble. he is alive civil defense volunteers say it's not usually the case. but. how did how did tension as escalating in northern syria suffering reach and with possible military confrontation looming between turkey and forces loyal to bashar. a turkish operation was launched over a month ago the syrian kurdish which controls that area commanders deny making a deal with the government but say syrian troops are expected within hours stephanie reports. syrian state television and now says that forces loyal to president bashar al assad will be deployed to after. turkey
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launch an operation against peoples protection units or y p g who are in control of the province almost a month ago and calls the y.p. g a terrorist organization the united states considers the group its most effective ally in fighting i so. this new move by damascus in africa could mean its allied militia directly confronts turkish troops turkey's foreign minister was defiant you know. if the regime is in trying to clean. and there are no problems however if i come in to defend the y.p. the nothing and nobody can stop us the supplies to efren as well as members and to the east of the euphrates river the developments hence said behind the scenes negotiations the details of which are unclear if the kurds are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime will decide on that very heavy weapons.
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or will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is also syria democratic forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates the kurdish why p.g. holds the areas in yellow which include the region of the green areas land controlled by the syrian opposition supported by turkey and they're advancing on africa and under the turkish operation olive branch president assad's government controls the area to the south and the i.p.g. territory to the east of the euphrates is where the u.s. has military bases and personnel on the ground syria's seven year war seems to have entered a new phase with the foreign powers who have long backed different sides trying to solidify their spheres of influence stephanie decker al jazeera. the presidents of turkey and russia have discussed the ephron operation in a phone call turkey's russia tifr don't want war over the actions of the syrian government which is russia salah some avenge of aid has more from istanbul the
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first batch of kurdish fighters has reached the city of freedom that's according to s.t.'s which is a u.s. backed force and these kurdish fighters have travelled from the city of aleppo this is a city which is under the control of the syrian government forces syrian fighters have been saying that this group proves their point that kurdish fighters off the right b.g. the people's protection units have been allied with the syrian government all along there is expectations that more convenience of militias not regular syrian government forces will do this city against this operation that is being launched by the turkish forces called all of branch on the diplomatic front we've been hearing from president from sources that the turkish president has been speaking to his russian counterpart and he filled in the consequences if the syrian government continues on its path this is the part that the foreign minister had also alluded to saying that the turkish government has no problem if the syrian government
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contains and controls its own territory and borders but it will have a problem and it will confront anyone who allies itself with the why would these goodish fight is that turkey sees as terrorists palestinian president will tell the u.n. security council later on tuesday that he wants to set up an international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas's abandoning the longstanding policy of accepting the u.s. as pro-car because of presidential trumps recognition i'm sure isn't necessarily a capital expense reports from ramallah the occupied west bank. donald trump's promise of the deal of the century turned into what the palestinian president called the slap of the century it's forced mahmoud abbas and his team back to the drawing board. has been involved in palestinian policymaking for decades he now believes the u.s. is losing its dominant role in the world in a world that is changing i mean the calculation is not only on our wishes it's also
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on our and alan says what's going on in the world including what israel now practices israel is seeking very much better relations with the russians was the chinese was the indians when the when the japanese israel itself knows that the world is changing and it cannot ignore these other important forces abbas has been telling leaders from europe russia china and elsewhere that he wants them to have a role in mediation with the israelis while retaining u.s. involvement. for any new form to work though the israelis would have to be willing to take part with trump at his back there seems little incentive for now the prime minister binyamin netanyahu to change tack i doubt that can be and the renewal of the peace process especially that the alternative sponsorship will be refused by israel we will witness
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a period of no process no solution what's a period i mean probably the coming one to two years at least a massive fairly bleak outlook isn't it that's right but this is less harmful to the palestinians from continuing with a process in which this sponsor of the united states might come up with a proposal. that can be even more harmful than the continuity of the current difficult and political reality that we're living angle with donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital came with criticism of the palestinian leadership for depending on u.s. mediation for the last twenty five years it's felt the pressure to come up with an alternative we have no other option we don't want to go back to violence we are not abandoning our commitment to the peace process and when you do that then you really have to find a new international alliance
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a new legal methods and ways and means of really saving our country from being totally overtaken by the israeli colonial project as the palestinians cast around for a new mediation the reality on the ground is that illegal settlements are expanding day by day eating up more and more occupied land time is not on the palestinian side but it's with al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. and egyptian company has agreed to buy fifteen billion dollars worth of israel a natural gas operators of israel's tomorrow leviathan offshore gas fields will supply a private egyptian firm around sixty four billion cubic meters of gas over a decade israel hopes the deal will strengthen diplomatic ties. white house says u.s. president on trial is open to supporting improved background checks on gun purchases after last week's school shooting in florida trump is a staunch ally of the us gun lobby will meet with survivors on wednesday speaking
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of leaders in congress about a bipartisan bill aimed at improving checks on those wanting to buy a weapon last year however he signed a. new bill overturning restrictions on gun ownership for people with mental health issues brought in by president barack obama activists are demanding more gun control brought their protests to the white house's alan fischer reports. it started as a social media conversation on friday afternoon and became a mass protest in front of the white house dozens of students from around the washington area backed by the families gathered to mark this spate of school shootings in america and demanded argent action to stop them i don't see this as a republican or democrat issue it's more life or death really shootings happen every day and weapons don't belong on the streets they don't belong in schools they belong in war have to be charged separately going to be read out the names of the victims of school shootings in america since one thousand nine hundred ninety and as they listened to me were caught up in their own thoughts seeing their own
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emotions that we not shootings in america in the past there have been protests in the past but this time with people think something is different but this time change can be achieved but then came the must die and students live in the growing sending a message that the politicians in action was no longer an option it's about the fact that kids are dying american kids are dying and they're sitting in classrooms in the crowed a school psychologist who trained at the school in parklane florida where the mass shooting took place struggling to contain her emotions and anger like holy days are providing crisis intervention at this time in over fifteen twenty years that they've been practicing they've never seen such heartache. typically we train to fight intervention support for death of a teacher or a student and the stories that they're hearing it's like a war zone the flag above the white house still flies at half staff in memory of
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the florida victims the young people here know that many of them are too young to vote but they insist their voices will be haired and they will not be ignored. alan fischer al jazeera washington. still ahead on al-jazeera including a family get news from dependence trying to get an election for hauled in mexico's politics thousands pay tribute to some of my opposition leader morgan tsvangirai who died last week will be laid to rest in a few hours. allan the water is draining away from baghdad for the wrestler valentine chilly as the clyde though still swirling disappears just across the rainy unboarded so we're left with sunshine for the time being and the forecast temp is going to be high
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eighteen in beirut for example about fifteen in jerusalem and what ramos gathering on the iranian border has also disappeared eastwards fold in the past and the sun should be out here to even the strong winds that have lifted the desert sand in iraq south iraq and kuwait and beyond that breeze is slowly dropping as well and to be honest most of the land was wet anyway however the picture on wednesday is a bit different the clouds formed again the breezes change directions a southerly twenty two in kuwait twenty one in baghdad and we've got rain gathering again the southeast in turkey but not i don't think for jordan off the syria or indeed from most of egypt but it's dropped down see what the wind has done so far it did pick up the dust and of course start to drop the temp is a little bit in bahrain but the house twenty six is to a least where average should be or slightly higher and the wind swings around and you've got now just feels a breeze from the empty quarter running up through western society he even temps are high in mecca but making the skies rather orange.
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on county macof will talk to i.m.f. chief christine like god about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can ireland great bragg's it find out how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time on i just.
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watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories right now the united nations is calling for an end to the targeting of civilians in a rebel held on claim you're syria's capital damascus at least eighty five people killed during syrian government and russian eastern. turkey says it all fight forces loyal to syria's president if they enter a fray and as part of an agreement with the kurdish by p.g. turkey launched an offensive last month to push kurds out of the area. the white house says u.s. president on this open to supporting improved background checks on gun purchases following last wednesday's school shooting in florida back to the stage of protests in washington demanding action to stop future mass shootings. the united nations children's actions say unicef says the world is failing newborn babies with seven thousand dying every day a new report has found that infants born in the world's poorest countries face the worst odds but that many difficulties are preventable. reports. every
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year more than two and a half million babies die before turning one month old one million of them take their first and last breaths on the day they are born another two point six million are still born newborns in pakistan have the least chance of survival with one in twenty two dying within their first month of life central african republic afghanistan somalia and list so throw around out the top five nations were infant struggle to stay alive the average mortality rate is twenty seven deaths in every one thousand births more than eighty percent of newborn deaths are the result of premature birth complications during labor and delivery infections poverty conflict and weak institutions are being blamed those with the best chance of survival are babies born in japan iceland and singapore compared with those countries newborns in the riskiest places are fifty times more likely to die there has been some
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success in reducing child deaths the number of dying before their fifth birthday has halved over the past twenty five years but millions more could be saved if mothers and babies had access to affordable quality health care good nutrition and clean water. and central african republic one in twenty four babies die before they're even a month old any moment had access health care to to a conflict that's displaced nearly half the population catherine sawyer reports. new life in the second worst country in the wild for a child to be born in the only pediatric hospital in central african republic nasa's and sure that babies little hearts keep beating of the roughly thirty children born each day in this hospital in the capital bangui an average of two die it's a free government hospital taking in hundreds of patients daily but medical supplies
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are hard to come by the hospital is understaffed and badly needs more specialist doctors. dr goddy chrysostom is one of just five pediatricians in the whole country he says they try the best they can to keep mothers and their children alive . see central african republic us sixteen regions in the or depend on this special race to care we are in a crisis we. know that centers because this attrition is not sustainable. example arisa cradles her son in a human incubation care system called kangaroo it helps premature babies when there is no incubator baby man doris tween brother died when they were born arlie. zambia has been assured that man dara will be fine but she worries about him and how for the children back home only a factor of it where. my has been doesn't work i do casual work my children fall
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that means all the money goes to hospital bills then what. the children here are lucky to get some help the farther you get away from the more desperate the healthcare situation medical aid agencies are helping but even can be everywhere doctors without borders and the international medical corps support this hospital in bria in the north east after months of fighting between rival armed groups the hospital is now not just taking in patients but has also offered more dated families that have fled from their homes there are places where the. groups continue to stand in the way of accessing people but we also have. funding issues we don't have all the resources that we need. for example for the area of maternal natal health back in the bungie children hospitals
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kangaroo ward as they call it the new mothers continue to bond with their little ones and hope they'll get to see all the milestones catherine saw al-jazeera bria central african republic. peterson as the chief of health at unicef says a stronger focus needs to be put on health care access. no i think governments should commit sufficient resources some of the governments actually that are worst off spend less than one percent of the gross domestic product on health care in the national recommendation is to spend at least five percent if you couple that with training competent health workers giving them a chance to wash their hands as they were stepping in to deliver babies and having basic equipment drugs getting breast feeding going within an hour and sending girls to school i think it's within within reach of all governments to do that and it's also within reach of civil society and communities to demand that of their politicians and governments. british charity oxfam has apologized to haiti's
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government after its staff were accused of sexual misconduct that's released internal report into allegations that aide workers has processors during a mission or port also revealed that three staff members threatened witnesses to investigators john hendren reports. the regional director of oxfam came to haiti with an apology to the country's government and to pledge we've communicated that to the minister. and we've given as best we can explanations to as to what happened in two thousand and eleven. and we are open to collaborate as much as we can in further investigations as necessary with the haitian government the allegations involving oxfam staff in haiti emerged earlier this month they were accused of hiring prostitutes at oxfam properties while working in haiti after the two thousand and ten earthquake one of those said to be involved was the n.g.o.s former country director roland van how are myron but it was decent
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it was just the same as meeting the lady in belgium on monday in oxfam report dating back to two thousand and eleven was released it detailed allegations of sexual misconduct and threats to the safety of those investigating them haiti has warned oxfam its future in the country is now in jeopardy uselessly i've met. believe the us oxfam admits the use of prostitutes by their staff in two thousand and eleven they've made it with all the evidence they even used their offices for such activities and now we're working to see if there were cover ups because their report never made it to the haitian authorities this scandal has dealt the reputation of oxfam a devastating blow and threatens to complicate the work of other charities oxfam's funding in the u.k. is now under review and on tuesday oxfam's chief executive will testify in front of a british parliamentary committee john hendren al jazeera you are a former football coach has been jailed for thirty years for abusing eleven. young
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players in u.k. . was found guilty of abusing boys between the ages of eight and fifteen sixty four will have been a talent spotter for a leading club manchester city and her alexandra during the one nine hundred eighty s. and on tuesday al-jazeera investigative unit looks at the long term sexual abuse of young players and british football you can see football's wall of silence at six g.m.t. on tuesday that's at the top of this hour. thousands of people in zimbabwe have paid tribute to morgan's anger at a rally in the capital harare the former opposition leader who died from cancer will be laid to rest on tuesday but a star in the taso reports deep political divisions remain. when morgan tsvangirai body arrived at the place opposition parties called freedom square his supporters called him a hero for defending human rights and always calling for free and fair elections this is their last chance to say goodbye mania won't be able to attend the burial and choose to embroider. home two hundred kilometers from the capital they say
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they'll continue his work and prepare for the election in a few months. this. president. the entire leadership of the main opposition party showed up for monday's rally but there is speculation the movement for democratic change could split if some key officials decide to walk away the opposition the party to hold. at the rally there were calls for the party to stick together. and decided to take . it to. months so if they needed. months. and this election is coming. from now
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opposition supporters say they are united and will deal with whatever problems lie ahead after morgan tsvangirai has had a. according peru has ordered former leader aboard to to stand trial over a mass killings in one thousand nine hundred two despite a recent presidential pardon he was freed on health grounds last month after serving less than half of a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses in office by the court found with a pardon doesn't apply to the new case seventy nine year olds accused of ordering the torture and murder of six farmers. mexico's major parties have declared their candidates for july's elections with leftist andres manuel lopez obrador as the front runner and dependents can run for the first time now john home and reports in mexico city. yeah. to some mexican ears this is a sound of long overdue change it's the campaign music for an independent candidate
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for the first time in history those not linked twenty political party have been allowed to run in the upcoming presidential race the electoral authorities haven't made it easy just to get on the ballot each independent has had to collect almost one million pledges via cell phone from voters around the country three out of almost fifty appear to have managed it each has made their name in different ways right leaning margarita zavala is an ex first lady jaime toward the readers who calls himself the wild horse stars himself as a maverick straight talking rancher and a mandal real's petered a progressive leftist is better known within the senate than to the public despite that he sees this is a chance for independents to clean up politics from the outside wrestling control from parties who become embroiled in corruption scandals and conflicts of interests . of course there's no worse thing in a democracy than parties like the ones we have now they've got addicted to money we
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have to send to rehab for a while so that someone else can take on the presidency and provide a transparent public servant administration. but there are questions about the independence ability to do that that's partly because all of the ones that are likely to be on the ballot are themselves career politicians nurtured within the system and partly because none of them are expected to win the presidency the major party candidates so far look much too strong that doesn't mean however that they won't have an impact on the race by taking votes away from those candidates independent candidates may become the king makers of this election. if an independent candy that you know does a good run and gets i don't know between five and ten percent of the. the question is where are those votes coming from and where would those folds have gone if there were no independent candidates. optimists hope the as time goes by things
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will change and independents won't just be influences but instead fresh voices outside of a widely discredited political class able to mount a genuine challenge at the highest level but some likely to happen this election but it is a start john home and. mexico city. people in greece pelted each other with flour to mark the end of the carnival season and take a look at these pictures of the flower war and the seaside town of laxity every year villagers and tourists are encouraged to lose their civility as they say as part of all celebrations and in the orthodox christian holiday of lent weekends. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera the un is calling for an end to the targeting of civilians in a rebel how enclave near syria's capital damascus at least one hundred ten people
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have been killed during syrian government and russian prime minister and into local observers believe the attacks are pretty low to a major offensive on the area which is been under siege by also government forces since two thousand and thirteen when. turkey says it will fight forces loyal to syria's president if they enter a frame as part of an agreement with the kurdish why peachey turkey launched an offensive last month to push kurds out of that area. the white house says u.s. president donald trump is open to supporting improved background checks on gun purchases in the wake of last year's school shooting in florida activists staged a protest outside the white house demanding action to stop future mass shootings seventeen students and staff members were killed by a teenager with an assault rifle in the city of parkland did out in a children's agency says the world is failing newborn babies a report by unicef says and that's born in the world's poorest countries face the worst odds it ranks pakistan as the worst nation in the world for newborn baby deaths followed by a central african republic. british charity oxfam has apologized to haiti's
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government after a staffer accused of sexual misconduct after least an internal report into allegations that aide workers she's prostitutes during rebuilding efforts after that earthquake in two thousand and ten its former director for haiti admitted to the inquiry that he hired workers despite public denials. a former football coach has been sentenced to thirty years in prison for abusing eleven young players in the u.k. . guilty of abusing boys aged between eight and fifteen he had been a talent spotter for manchester city and crew alexander and the one nine hundred eighty s. record in peru has ordered former leader of the to stand trial of a mass killings in one thousand nine hundred two despite a recent presidential pardon he was freed on health grounds last month after serving less than half of a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses during his time in office the seventy nine year olds accused of ordering the torture torture and murder of six
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farmers by paramilitary troops there so the headlines keep it here counting the cost is next. i was always telling you how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented hello my name and body without manchester city's northwest representatives kind of. teacher put it all. i said you were a member of that we're on the special meeting about bobby jindal and he said you know i'm sure that you don't but after a year immediately this is a color you all in the main man city al-jazeera investigation. of silence this time. has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we talk to i.m.f. chief christine lagarde on the changing economic winds.


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