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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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it is me and. on the bright side. i witnessed documentaries at this time on how to zero. thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world thanks. al jazeera. way. the u.n. calls for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians in syria as more people are killed in rebel held eastern go to. jane dutton hello this is al jazeera live from and also coming up we are not
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abandoning all the peace process and we do that but you really have to find a new international alliance palestinians seek a new global partner to help mediate peace with israel plus this is no street party people are out in force in a brazilian city to protest against a military move. a u.s. retailers criticized for sitting close marketed towards muslim women. syrian government forces and russian air strikes have killed at least one hundred ten people since sunday in an intense bombardment of eastern go to the rebel held enclave has come on increasing fire in recent days local observers believe the attacks are the beginning of a major offensive the united nations is calling for an immediate end to the
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targeting of civilians in the area near the capital damascus it says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control according to the union of medical care and relief the bombing has destroyed five medical facilities nearly four hundred thousand people remain trapped in eastern goods which has been under siege since twenty thirteen let's go which is in a hurry she joins us live from beirut zain a it's an area that's been experiencing relative calm until recently what happened . well yes a week or so there was a relative call it was shattered on sunday when there was intense bombardment like you mentioned more than a hundred and ten people killed women and children among them since sunday intense bombardment an airstrike what we understand is that there were negotiations russian brokered negotiations to try to bring about some sort of a rebel to render but the rebels on the ground remain defiant saying they will not
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accept a surrender so this is the government's way really of punishing the people for supporting the rebels they've been targeting residential neighborhoods hospitals civilian infrastructure to try to turn the civilian population against the resolute rebels and force really the rebels to resign and comments recent comments made by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov when he says that the experiments we had in aleppo could be implemented in eastern and we could see negotiations that will involve rebels that were drawing from the area this does not bode well for the people of water because pro regime media really saying that this is going to be a decisive battle and there's going to be victory so a lot of pressure a lot of saber rattling to force the surrender now whether or not the government intends to push for the ground offensive it's still not clear because that it's going to be costly and the government has tried that on numerous occasions in the past but right now they're punishing the people for supporting the rebels and with more than three hundred people were injured in the past twenty four hours what is
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the medical situation. it's dire medical facilities are being hit there are no hospitals there are makeshift health centers but doctors say they're overwhelmed they don't have enough staff they don't have enough medical equipment this area has been besieged for years but as of late the government really tightening the siege closing underground tunnels eight hasn't been able to enter and that's why the united nations has been saying time and time again we need a ceasefire we need to allow aid in medical supplies the u.n. even. demanding. that hundreds of people who are critically ill and wanted to be evacuated and that hasn't happened so the situation is dire for the people inside there bracing for the worst you look on social media you read comments made by the people who are trapped inside asking the world to do something why aren't you doing something this is the question they're asking even little children uploading videos and saying you know save us save. thank you for that we're going to stay with syria because there's tensions in another part of the country it's escalating in the
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northern african region pro-government militia are reported to be heading there amidst a turkey led operation against kurdish fighters seventy dekker reports. syrian state television and now says that forces loyal to president bashar al assad will be deployed. turkey launch an operation against peoples protection units or y p g who are in control of the province almost a month ago and calls the y.p. g a terrorist organization the united states considers the group its most effective in fighting isis. this new move by damascus enough could mean its allied militia directly confronts turkish troops turkey's foreign minister was defiant you know. if the regime is entering the cleans. and there are no problems however if i come in to defend the y.p. the nothing and nobody can stop us the supplies to efren as well as members into
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the east of the euphrates river the developments when set behind the scenes negotiations the details of which are unclear if there are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime will decide on that very heavy weapons. or will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is. democratic forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates. the kurdish y p g holds the areas in yellow which include the region of africa in the green areas land controlled by the syrian opposition supported by turkey and they're advancing on africa and under the turkish operation on the branch president assad's government controls the area to the south and the i.p.g. territory to the east of the euphrates is where the u.s. has military bases and personnel on the ground syria's seven year war seems to have entered a new phase with the foreign powers who have long backed different sides trying to
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solidify their spheres of influence stephanie decker al-jazeera joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma who joins us on skype from that so in italy good to see you joshua always actually going to see the kurds and the syrians fighting on the same side yes i think it will be the kurds in the syrian government had a lot in common their force i don't see they don't want the same thing syria is hoping to reimpose its sovereignty over. the kurds want to force economy but they're in no position to make demands today as the turkish army closes in on them was killed over thousand of them well let's help them make their demands will this help them get their way and considering the opposing opinions that you've just laid out for us in opposing viewpoints of what's going on will this be a short term effect. well and i've seen putting it's really been thrown under the
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bus unfortunately the united states which is the end of the kurds its partners the y p g in the east of syria has refused to defend them in the west of syria it has divided northern syria between turkey the united states along the euphrates that you just heard there the one announced he's going to take everything west of the euphrates including i think that's why the syrian government and the kurds a lot of the day they do not want the kurds to take up again they don't want to think want to purchase the tape and the kurds are accepting it seems like they're in the final stages of accepting a syrian over of the region in order to save their homes and avoid a loss of life i could tell us more about where this leaves the u.s. and the russians well russia has played a crucial role in this and it's been on the phone back and forth with air to one trying to smooth the way for a final deal the united states. has done some light on in space because the time
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has been able to defend the kurds and that has forced the kurds. to once again team up with the syrian government but in the east it's a different situation and there the kurds are very much looking to united states to help them achieve a level of autonomy and independent rule that they've never had before in syria they are very much hoping that u.s. troops will stay for the long haul and defend them against. and in the meantime assad's army is moving in to work along side them is this just yet another example of assad's mucking up as this war comes to an end. yes it is there is a scramble ever since isis was defeated during the isis war all the sides agree that they have an equal looking stone and they would stop the fight everywhere else in syria prices once isis was defeated all bets were off and everybody began to
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sprinkle war remaining territories the united states taking thirty percent of syrian territory turkey has another five six seven percent wants to take up to it live and the syrian government of course is bombarding trying to take that there are areas around the goal line and ultimately after being it would like to have opportunities occupy it keep it away from turkey joshua landis thank you very much . the palestinian president wants to set up an international alliance to mediate with israel that's the message mahmoud abbas will deliver to the united nations later on tuesday it marks a step away from a long standing policy of accepting the u.s. as the main intermediary but it's with reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. donald trump's promise of the deal of the century turned into what the palestinian president called the slap of the century it's forced mahmoud abbas and his team back to the drawing board. now both south has been involved in palestinian
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policymaking for decades he now believes the u.s. is losing its dominant role in the world in a world that is changing i mean the calculation is not only on our wishes it's also on our and that is is what's going on in the world including what israel now practices israel is seeking very much better relations with the russians was the chinese was the indians with the with the japanese israel itself knows that the world is changing and it cannot ignore these other important forces abbas has been telling leaders from europe russia china and elsewhere that he wants them to have a role in mediation with the israelis while retaining u.s. involvement for any new form to work though the israelis would have to be willing to take part with trump at his back there seems little incentive for now the prime minister binyamin netanyahu to change tack i doubt that can be and the renewal of
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the peace process especially that. the alternative sponsorship will be refused by israel we will witness a period of no process no solution what's a period i mean probably the coming one to two years at least a massive fairly bleak outlook isn't it that's right but this is less harmful to the palestinians from continuing with a process in which the sponsor of the united states might come up with a proposal. that can be even more harmful than the continuity of the current difficult and clique reality that we're living. anger with donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital came with criticism of the palestinian leadership for depending on u.s. mediation for the last twenty five years it's felt the pressure to come up with an alternative we have no other option we don't want to go back to violence we are not
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abandoning our commitment to the peace process and when you do that then you really have to find a new international alliance a new legal methods and ways and means of really saving our country from being totally overtaken by the israeli colonial project as the palestinians cast around for new mediation partners the reality on the ground is that illegal settlements are expanding day by day eating up more and more occupied land time is not on the palestinian side but it's with al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. still ahead on al-jazeera he'd promised to fight establishment and in these words drain the swamp but many say trump has done the opposite. to the wise and ideas busiest market has been shot for two days.
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from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. we're going to try and settle weather across eastern parts of here but across the mediterranean some really stormy weather started to push his way back home once again a family of cloud actually into the matter seeing some violent storms rumbling away wet weather there once again into the balkans some snow over the high ground for the generic out towards the austrian alps as well as that cold air to celsius for walsall four degrees for the minus five in moscow for the west is a good deal malda somewhat whether they're just easing away from that east side of england ten degrees celsius in london they may well up into double figures now for madrid so whether they're just around the parity snow over the high ground of course boston looking pretty disturbed and as is the case too to the western side of the make it a link of hours ago on through wednesday the west the weather once again pushing up
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across italy easing up towards the balkans cold enough in moscow at this stage at minus ten celsius still getting up to around eight degrees there in london the much of the british isles looking fine and dry it will turn cold as we go into the latter part of the week meanwhile a fair amount of dry weather across northern parts of africa there a bit of wet weather just around algeria's no impossible just eleven degrees celsius here further east a little bit of cloud chief a car with a high of twenty two. there with sponsored by the time and place. the scene for us when they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is only possible. it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on
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al-jazeera. are you watching al-jazeera amount of our top stories the united nations is calling for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians and east and. the syrian capital damascus government forces and russian air strikes have killed at least under ten people since sunday in an intense bombardment. tension is escalating in syria's northern offering pro-government militia reported to be heading amidst a turkey led operation against kurdish fighters turkey has said it would confront the syrian forces if they helped the kurdish wide p.g. which it considers a terrorist group. the protestant impreza will tell the un late on tuesday that he
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wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas is abandoning a twenty five year old policy of accepting the u.s. as the main intermediary. drones have identified the wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed iran's zagros mountains search teams have now been deployed to the area which is at the four thousand meter mark of mount dana on airlines aircraft crashed in foggy with on sunday killing all sixty five people on board high winds of hampered search efforts. reports another member of trump's campaign team is likely to plead guilty as part of the special prosecutor's investigation into alleged russian made link in the twenty sixteen presidential election u.s. media are reporting that rick gates has struck a plea deal on fraud related charges he pleaded not guilty in toba gates is expected to testify against trump's former campaign chairman paul manifold if the
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reports are confirmed gates would become the third person from trump's campaign to plead guilty. i want to transfer main campaign pledges was that he would fight this stablish mint and in his words drain the swamp more than a year on a number of scandals are making people question whether he's making good on his promise article hen reports. it was a huge selling point for then candidate donald trump they. say he alone could change the system if we win on november eighth we are going to drain the swamp in washington d.c. he said this time was going to be different gone were the days of the powerful enriching themselves at the expense of the people they were supposed to serve but ethics watchdogs say the swamp is getting swamp here by the day on tuesday his son john jr will head to india he'll give a policy speech and in the same trip offer buyers of trump apartments
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a chance to sit down and have dinner with him so help me god congratulations mr president. there are also new questions about his inauguration a personal friend of his wife's was reportedly paid twenty six million dollars to help plan events for it her company was set up six weeks before the swearing in and members of his cabinet are facing their own scandals the veterans affairs secretary had the government pay for him and his wife's trip to europe an internal report found his chief of staff lied about the expense and has since left the agency and the administrator of the environmental protection agency is also under fire all government workers have to fly coach but he spent tens of thousands of dollars flying in first class the e.p.a. says it was a security precaution because in the past regular citizens have told him they don't like what he's doing to the environment ethics observers call all of it unprecedented when the tone said the top is that ethics don't matter you're going
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to have a number of different ethical violations and you're going to have public officials not particularly care if the rules are being violated trump is facing his own controversies his lawyer recently admitted to pain an adult film star one hundred thirty thousand dollars right before the election to keep quiet about an affair she had with trump. soon after his wife had given birth and another woman says a tabloid paid her for the story of her past affair with trump in order to bury it bravest romp and watch it did so i said it three days ago the place went crazy. they went crazy for a promise so far unkempt but it's not clear for his core supporters that this real news really matters. al-jazeera washington trump has endorsed his prominent critic of mitt romney for the senate in a tweet said the twenty twelve republican presidential nominee would make
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a great senator for the state of utah that's despite romney launching his senate bid with a video criticizing trump's immigration policies romney called trump a phony and a fraud during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign trump's use of troops has led to a more modern means of diplomatic communication between well these venezuela's president nicolas maduro has used the social media site to reach out to trump and call for dialogue with reference to sanctions against venezuela reminding trump of his campaign pledge of staying out of the domestic affairs of other countries and he proposed a meeting with the u.s. presence in either caracas or washington d.c. libya is deporting more than two hundred people to tunisia it's part of a voluntary return program organized by the misratah detention center an international organization for migration many refugees and migrants have been stranded in libya after a failed attempt to cross the mediterranean to reach europe and libya's coast
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guards say it's picked up more than three hundred people in the water they were trying to leave on to rubber dinghies the number of refugees crossing the mediterranean from libya has dropped since july libya has been under pressure from the european union to stop people smuggling. they've been demonstrations in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro it's in response to orders by president michel tem of the military to take over policing the government says it's to counter rising gang violence but many brazilians fear soldiers on the streets could worsen what they say is excessive force used by some police. forces of this force on the street the armed forces the national forces the federal police the holy patrol a called upon by the commander the president of the country for a fundamental time in the defense of democracy to combat and to defeat organized crime it is not a military intervention far from that we will vote
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a decree of intervention of the federal government in the state of being a decision mirror has already had the only answer is the ban that's just what would solve the violence is to arrest the drug traffickers arrest the big ones those white callers who by and trafficked the drugs intervention does not solve the problem of security but on the contrary intervention will kill the blacks and the people living in the favelas and the workers. a u.s. department store is facing a backlash for selling clothes marketed towards muslim woman macy's is the first big department store to sell he jobs or head coverings the collection is called verona and is the brainchild of a fashion photographer she says she struggled to find modest fashionable clothing after converting to islam the company says the brand stands for women's empowerment and taking pride in muslim identity decisions cause controversy online some trivia users are using the hash tag boycott macy's this use of treats you are the first
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major u.s. department store to sell the job the ultimate symbol of oppression of women what's next another use of tweets don't accept the slow normalization of the hegemon america ever it's not a culture and it never will be but there's some who approve it people like soros say they support macy's move to be inclusive. she says she loves the huge of adding i used to purchase them before macy's labeled this scarf as he just said of charging from the council on american islamic relations says headscarves all big business for macy's. you know it's a manufactured controversy i think for the vast majority of particularly muslim women but just you know ordinary americans this is this is just a move by macy's to be more inclusive and to be more more diverse and embracing of diversity but more importantly more than that it's more it's a business decision a sound business decision made by these to tap into a growing market that is very lucrative financially and you know by all accounts
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and purposes muslim fashion is a multibillion dollar industry that has generated you know an amazing amount of revenues and macy's is decided that they want to piece of the pie there's a lot of misconception and misunderstanding about islam and about woman in islam and just the hit job in general is one of the most politicized articles of clothing in the world and for many in the west they see the hit job as a form of oppression until they meet many muslim women and they hear our side of the story and they realize that you know it's actually couldn't be further from the truth personally i decided to wear the hijab when i was nineteen years old i became the first muslim woman in my family to wear the hijab and it was really a form of liberation for myself or a way for me to express my identity and i think many muslim women who wear the hijab also feel the same way and i think a lot of it is just it comes down to dismantling a lot of the misconceptions and zero types that exist about islam and muslim women
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particularly and just educating the broader public on what the head job is and why it's not something that people should be afraid of. police in india have arrested three more employees of a government owned bank of a one point seven billion dollars loan fraud among by a branch of the punjab national bank was closed off by police investigating the case five workers are now accused of helping a billionaire diamond jeweler and his business partner access millions of dollars in unsecured loans the bank has lost nearly a third of its market value since the scam was made public the number of reached the number of. their follow up action that has been taken as we very extraordinary and the government is doing absolutely everything possible somalia's busiest market has been closed for the past two days business owners in the car are protesting against a five percent tax imposed by the government in an effort to pay back some of its
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international debt by d.c. reports. the streets are usually buzzing with customers but for the past two days shops and somalia's busiest market have been closed. and business owners in book car market have vowed to keep it that way until new taxes imposed by the government are lifted. today the market has not been closed by the businesspeople but by the government because they do not recognize the needs of business people we request the government to analyze our needs and give us respect and reduce the tax so we can work smoothly in the market. the central government imposed a five percent tax earlier this month as part of its efforts to win billions of dollars in international debt relief. in your shop and the value of the shelf in the market is twenty dollars to one dollar i think it's
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normal if people are ready to do that they're ready to do that. ready to contribute . to the effort to rebuild the country and therefore i don't see any end in the problem but traders say the new taxes stalled business trade union representatives attempted to negotiating crease with the finance minister but he insisted it was not optional. oh i know because. the government ordered us to pay on affordable taxes which other markets around the country do not pay we met the finance minister and he told us in english pay the tax or go to kiss my oh you will no longer be a minister to waltz if he does not respect our complaints. somalis are reluctant to pay more money to a government many consider corrupt and inefficient especially when they see little being done to improve their country that has been ravaged by war for decades. many of those battles fought in the heart of a book or
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a market one of the largest in east africa and an economic powerhouse for somali business owners are hoping that closing their shops will pressure the government to come to the negotiating table a middle d.c. or. a fast food chains almost shut down in britain because of a shortage of chicken k.f.c. close the most of its nine hundred stores on monday the problem stems from a change in the supply of the company's it'll be sorted soon. archaeologists say the world's largest underwater cave system has been threatened by pollution the caves are home to some of the oldest human remains in the americas dating back more than twelve thousand years but there are concerns runoff from a nearby dump could be damaging skeletal remains more than one hundred sites of my own era pottery and bones have been discovered in the caves in the yucatan peninsula. we. very unlikely that there's another site
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like this in the world with these characteristics but the amount of archaeological artifacts found there and the level of preservation that they have. hundreds of people in greece of pelted each other with flour to mark the end of the carnival season the so-called flower wars held in the seaside town of alexy the every year locals and tourists are encouraged to quote lose their civilities carnival celebrations in. and the orthodox christian holiday of lent begins the custom is believed to have originated in eighty one in defiance of the town's then ottoman it's. the result as there are these are the top stories the united nations is calling for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians and eastern ghouta near the syrian capital damascus government forces and russian air strikes have killed at least one hundred ten people since sunday in an intense bombardment zana has more from beirut
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people are worried there are fears that this could be the beginning of an all out offensive but we have to bear in mind that so far what the government and its allies have been doing is promising civilians targeting residential neighborhoods they still have not tried to storm the push for a ground offensive they tried that in the process and they feel that's not going to be easy so the question is the stepped up military campaign is it to bring about a surrender before a ground offensive begins stay with syria and tension is escalating in the northern a free in region pro-government militia reported to be heading amidst a turkey led operation against kurdish fighters turkey has said it would confront the syrian forces if they help the kurdish y p g which it considers a terrorist group the palestinian president will tell the u.n. late on tuesday that he wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas's abandoning a twenty five year old policy of accepting the u.s.
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as the main intermediary. there are reports another member of trump's campaign team is likely to plead guilty as part of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election u.s. media reporting that rick gates has struck a plea deal on fraud related charges he's expected to testify against tom's former campaign chairman paul manifold u.s. department store is facing a backlash for selling clothes marketed towards muslim women macy's is the first big department store to sell his jobs or head coverings the collections the brainchild of a fashion photographer she says she struggled to find modest fashionable clothing after converting to islam they've been demonstrations in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro it's in response to orders by president michelle turner for the military to take over policing the government says to counter rising gang violence those are
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the headlines the news continues on. after the street. facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while you activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. hi i'm femi oke a new industry today political crisis in ethiopia a state of emergency has been declared after the sudden resignation of prime minister we ask what's next i really could be a lot if you're joining us live on you tube send us your questions and your comments and i'll do my best to bring them into today show.


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