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tv   Qatar Beyond The Blockade  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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like a panic button and twenty four seven the training of dr as. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for her ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind a distance i'm on al-jazeera. hello again adrian for the get here in doha the top stories on more than seventy people have been killed in the syrian rebel held on clay the east and in some of the heaviest fighting that is it brings the number of dead to one hundred eighty since sunday and intense bombardment by russia of the syrian government reports from
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beirut. panic in the streets i. was using. fear in people's faces. the neighborhoods flattened the airstrikes are almost continuous. towns across eastern who are coming under intense fire i was survivors emerge in shock children traumatized. was was on the floor one of the some four hundred thousand people are trapped in this besieged syrian opposition enclave nowhere is safe. the sound of fighter jets in the skies frightens the population. and muhammad and her son the
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same say they can only hope the walls in their home will save them if a shell or an airstrike hits nearby i didn't we have no choice but to stay in our harm's despite be in strikes and shelling our building and those in the street said i don't have underground shelter. the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control because of what it calls an extreme escalation of hostilities scores of civilians have been killed since sunday and the number continues to rise. there are hundreds of injuries as well doctors are appealing to the international community to force the government to allow supplies in. several calls for we have shortages in medicine and medical supplies because the regime has been hitting this area for weeks we've had to deal with many injuries imagine we know how longer have blood bags. the u.n. is demanding an end to the targeting of civilians but for the syrian government and its allies this is
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a military tactic. they hope that by inflicting suffering on the population they will turn against the rebels and force them to surrender. eastern as the last remaining opposition stronghold around damascus comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov what he calls using the experience in a free and there are causing concern the syrian government pregame focus for all of these. two thousand and four after a month and a full blown military assault that ended. the main opposition body the syrian national coalition is calling the latest wave of violence a war of extermination it is also condemning what it calls the international silence. this is not the first bombing campaign in eastern. hundreds of civilians were killed in weeks of bombardment earlier this year many
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believe the renewed bombardment could be the final assault. the palestinian president will tell the u.n. later on tuesday that he wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas's abandoning a twenty five year policy of accepting the u.s. is the main intermediary british politicians have been questioning oxfam bosses about sexual misconduct in haiti in two thousand and eleven some of the charities stuff are accused of using prostitutes during an aid mission oxfam's already apologized to haiti's governments for the u.k. wants more. zimbabwe's formal opposition leader morgan chang that i will be laid to rest shortly president. is among those expected at the funeral service and parts of new zealand of the cloud states of emergency as former cycling gaeta makes landfall tens of thousands of homes are without power while some towns in the west coast of the south island the cut off by flooding the military has been deployed to areas
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expected to be hardest hit. the news continues here on al-jazeera of the cattle beyond the blockade next. were one. or. a will to me to not out on scene is a. room. news vicky on this or jerky it's just the political thing going it will be all water no oil and everything normal and normal. what made this different was they targeted people.
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only a teeny visual not a nascar yet area formed to lower shape. on june the fifth two thousand and seventeen a small gulf nation of qatar was put under siege. saudi arabia the united arab emirates. and egypt cut diplomatic trade and travel links with but that. saudi amorality and beyond any citizens were told by their respective governments to leave. and they gave custody citizens fourteen days to leave their territory. the blockading countries accused of funding terrorism and from entering regional instability. they presented a list of thirteen demands including the closing down of the out jazeera media
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network. that has denied all the accusations and has refused to comply. with a list of demands arguing that the blockading countries were trying to undermine its sovereignty and the demands contravened international law. this is a story of a country cut off and isolated by its neighbors by some of the arab world's most powerful countries. and of how the people of qatar have been facing up to life under blockade. it's september twenty fourth twenty seventeen and thousands of others residents
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gather along the has waterfront only should. have come to welcome back the emir of qatar he is returning home from addressing the united nations general assembly in new york. it's a barometer of the public mood of support for the thirty seven year old and he had a shift i mean in homage to fanny. the face of carter's leader can be seen almost everywhere. he's picture has become an icon a symbol of defiance of a refusal to cave in to pressure from the blockade in countries. let mr campbell fairly i'm on a majority and the owner of all mob with an r.b.i. with that they are mad over one shell of a lot of coffee and twenty four year old and ham of the runs doha live
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a popular snapshot account they used to just cover the goings on in doha. but now it's become a go to place for residents wanting news about the blockade. today's interview mentally mildly the artist behind the portrait of potential in me an entitled to me middle managed to mean the glorious terribly nervous. come of a child should. have asked for a shower sharply let me. sort of. light her in the shop thought. they shut the door have your happy. with them which i. assume will happen because. all you could hear athletic make a third of us to go to work for they live in
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a shuffle can walk another week here. i was my samaritan is made up of. stocks of solar power across the town. i'm on the set with we're starting out there are a lot of pics of it up the well i think that's the shape of what i thought they thought there could be or it could. potentially proudly. that they are what they are etc. while social media may be creating local celebrities it's also driving the conversation about the blockades. snap chat facebook twitter every message every opinion is shared social media has become the favorite tool of properties. it's where people go to find out what's happening and share what they've heard and how they feel. challenged in boy images and the proper coffeeshop of an argument there for social
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media to tell face not charge to fiesta go. i mean every diet as my whole i saw he saw it on the left and i got up but it's up to you to go on my own show your choice. of a lot of automat and one of the final york to me. was enough to walk on its border like one of your close a good fellow and a so look at the close as my own saw. while there is no denying the mostly between the bleeding countries and up but the only shots being fired are in the media and from all sides. just new york to move the middle age that most people are probably here but yes my . guess is that the my father to model the full body and he said it will work.
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on a look at what you see here one is that he had a hell of. a bad then the other guy will hear. many of the accusations seem outlandish and have little basis in reality. for example no turkish troops have ever patrolled the streets of don't have. the right i mean yeah. and i took a look at. what the king. and puppet at least the replying to these stories well. it's ridiculous the social media platforms flooded with mockery.
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a bad luck and i wish i had my house so i say yes but the whole d.n.a. . must cover it up once got a woman killed it was said and there were two of the truth to it so much to sinister. and often because you were off in the middle of the ship to see. one of them is always. interested when there. is no one. in the world. i don't know why. i'm a know what we did you would have william would have been dieting as a mother you know the drill i say and that a lot of years ago i was at a dealership. and now much to see us in the. shop could have been who want god to help and then miss many a bit but well i. haven't and then i have sudhir and they have him on his own and head into the hill you know to grow like you know i'm not on oh well and in can my
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being and i get the mic placement yeah and the loss of a son diminished and. just so wish not been of another whom i would one with only as good. service of alongside of i wouldn't go from there to top of it and then i had to serve the you know and then i had to tough love that's a loyal hobby of outlets and i keep so i hope you can i say logic and put it not only on a reality show deal and some of the fellows are some of the other the other certain now other than this one in the deal but what i think the tell you what one is it would sort of the moment to call insert deal will call the suzy up and add the na c.s. i might add the helpful seligson of all the home oh joan that had nothing in the end they all called and they i'm honestly fun and you will get hate hate. saw a little while you got a legal enema bill it is. full of. but
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he moves it and it had kind of long gone we don't know what i should be only a fellow but me but there's a lot of the fellow all the. little i look alike on somebody's body so i had a lot of i must must limit yes that's a little market but it will be mama so that's how the betting odds. on i'm a celebrity is one of a cut that is mostly popular comedians and playwrights. he was so outraged by how the crisis was ruining relations between that and its neighbors that he ended a long hiatus to write a series of satirical sketches he titled what's happening he directs his satire and what he sees as the absurdity of the blockade. the hospital for a lot of but a. whole.
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minute doha sorbent. then you can just cut. down what started as a series of sketches on you tube quickly became popular gaining over two million hits. on a bad day by a company standards that's the equivalent to going higher. but they're making is that. good there. larry you keep books. out. in this episode of what's happening condom ridiculous laws passed by the doing and the had been punished people with prison sentences and fines if they express any sympathy for anyone or on how they got out of my nose when i love. them. but that i'm not taking this law somehow
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becoming earners are very good out of the gloom because their own home to good old dominion are no matter what i mean it will never end to go on can you come to muran admitting. that we give up muddy the old lady that. when we shared with her. or corrupted you her eyes you have sold them and then. convert all the. only that out of no miles. on him is now preparing his popular you tube show for a run at the has national theatre. he sees his political satire as a way to allow people to both lament and laugh at the gulf diplomatic crisis an epidemic. of. must
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of call the shuttle. mission is sealed and so a whole of us will have them and as much about on it as well i can now the whole lot of spending. a lot of. ok. no country has done a sort. of lay so often as i one can look at it in family not. real world of hog. i left. in. the can walk infinite a couple of we are legit i would go infinitely it has. been a hundred now it was in an asylum in my hundred four. hundred one at the end i'm ahead of the bad. luck and have been head of it can be a fairly laid values get up. a gentle kind of.
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name has been able to mock what he sees as the absurdity of the crisis for others it's a little more difficult. to know what you have. that always. works. and i knew did jenna and her sister and no off are afraid they may be forced to leave copout. their mother is called buddy the father. their parents divorced when and the nude was four years old she and her siblings student with their mother. the governments of saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. told the citizens to leave or face having their citizenships revoked everything we are or aren't at least from what we remember in qatar our memory is our friends our
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family so to be forced to leave would just be our fault. i don't think i can imagine that happening but if you know something all of your life you've done something different very difficult to write. and learn nude studies medicine at weill cornell a branch of an american university. one week after the crisis began her mother received phone calls from people claiming to be from the body in the embassy. they said ellen nude and her siblings would have to return to behead him if not their passports would be revoked. in all gulf cooperation council countries citizenship is passed from father to child that means that the nude and her siblings face a dilemma to leave their mother and home or potentially lose the only citizenship. they gave us at the time i think fourteen days two weeks to go back to. our if they
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were a member in really scary history like counting down days and like ok what is our option if we did that what would happen charge occasions so well we've been able to continue and just gets you know a spiral negative thinking affected us psychologically more than anything. but ellen woods family is not the only one in this predicament more than six and a half thousand company citizens a married to m.r. artie's saudis overheard any. wildcat that has maintained that they were welcome to stay it took considerable pressure from human rights organizations for the blockading countries to even begin to reconsider their policy. but still they kept pressuring the citizens but then later we got another phone call saying the exact same thing but they just sent out news saying that it was ok if we had only had that they're not going to force us and then they call again with the same threat.
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the rest is going to give up person so will be here sitting. there playing with people's emotions they think they can control and get what they want through manipulating the weak and what's well at least what they felt were the week. there were realize that people are going to speak up that people have a voice that social media makes the world so much smaller than they are it's only. there is no tradition of protests and demonstrations and. the students have found a way to have their voices heard on social media. and visits by artist a comment in mali at a door how arts college is an opportunity to get the message out so here i am with the artist of tonight's survey of desk interview skills could not find some
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believe it's not screwed. up now clearly in the u.k. to find young. believe it to win in the sunshine otherwise just logic can show. them if you can. get them and get them off the field but behaviors you. have. meds message has become part of the landscape. emirs good trait is everywhere on billboards buildings and is displayed on most businesses. including at this popular fast food concession which happens to have a u.a.e. based distributor. and has not had a definite deadline. then the number of the.
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tentative owner luar didley has proudly put up to me as portrayed beside the food hut in full view of her queuing customers. the blockade has had a severe impact on her business she used to have four tornado potato stands in the city she now has just one even with the downsizing she struggles to find the basic ingredients and materials to keep the potatoes frying. but it's how the blockade is impacting her family that has lead to a most distressed. state so what did a foreigner as either well aware that. i hate them bids a word to the right mind when i got mine to read the words and i've never heard a girl been a whole bizarro a charlatan as one of them got that i was suddenly going to kill. more of the. heavier cause i'm good at mon him dad was
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a blue one has family connections throughout the gulf region but those here in a more than willing to chip in to keep the business running the films can only be bought out. can you go to lend then look at that when they work in money can buy at a surplus of common would amount to also model must the muslim guy. mike that at the end of it to be a bit of an unlimited is the agent. they as if there was a lot of them and on the other not about the death of a good lad but the minute caught. out at the only. time of the year i'm going to but i did it and i'll miss. the sanctions imposed by some of its neighbors may have split families and left some businesses struggling but the seed has galvanized patriotic feelings among us.
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it's a patriotism that is on full display as the enemy of chefs and i mean been one of the funny returns to doha from his trip abroad. but he is a boy and that they can ride out the embargo placed upon a small nation. while the blockade may have impacted the country's economy has been busy seeking new trade routes while at the same time working toward self-sufficiency in many areas. economic and political sustainability will depend on how the small gulf nation continues to respond. what i think. they mostly to. blame is. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the
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egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks thing is a sense of the new toeplitz of president enjoys quiet feel with details coverage they are dull to distractions that appear to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in a south korean database first separated family. in two thousand and eight raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american first i
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didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim would be elected to the united states congress but ten years on what has changed rewind islam and america at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera more than seventy people have been killed in the syrian rebel held on plate of eastern ghouta in some of the heaviest fighting the years that takes the number of dead to move them one hundred eighty since sunday in the intense bombardment by russia on the syrian government so the hunter has more for us from beirut. people are worried they're here that this could be the beginning of an all out offensive but we have
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to bear in mind that so far what the government and its allies have been doing is promising since billions are getting residential neighborhoods they still have not tried to storm the place for a ground offensive they've tried that in the past and they feel this is not going to be easy so the question is this stepped up military campaign is it to bring about the surrender before a ground offensive begins the palestinian president will tell the united nations later on tuesday that he wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas as abandoning a twenty five year policy of accepting the u.s. as the main interleaved eerie british politicians are questioning oxfam bosses about sexual misconduct in haiti in two thousand and eleven some of the charities stuff are accused of using prostitutes during an aid mission oxfam's already apologized to haiti's government but the u.k. wants more. so bob ways for the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is being laid to rest president innocent man and dog was among those expected at the funeral
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service. the un's children's agency is saying that the world is failing newborn babies with seven thousand dying every day most of them from preventable causes a report by unicef says that infants born in the world's poorest countries face the worst odds. have been protests in the brazilian city of rio against president michel tema order for the military to take over policing the government says the move is necessary to deal with rising gang violence but many brazilians fear that soldiers on the streets could worsen what they say is excessive force used by some police. parts of new zealand of declared states of emergency as for the cyclon gaeta makes landfall tens of thousands of homes are without power while some towns on the west coast of the south island a cut off by flooding the military was deployed to areas expected to be hit the hardest there's the headlines i'll be back in a little over twenty five minutes with the news hour but that let's get back get
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you back to castle beyond the blockade.
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well you. got it. with but. i'm going to vote but one of the. authors of longwood highway a once busy thoroughfare now almost as barren as its surroundings. the small
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arabian gulf nation is the target of a blockade from its neighbors and historically closest allies. saudi arabia the united arab emirates. and egypt have cut diplomatic trade and travel links with qatar. they close their airspace to cut that he. and others only land border was closed by saudi arabia on logo be that in order to get the other thought if you have both i mean i would not only doubt but of one lead out with the mother made out well look there. with the loved ones that i have defended i've never. heard of one but as someone i know that go well it's all of what i was out to got from one of the russian pop try and his living driving trucks loaded with building materials across the region's borders the crossings were relatively trouble free until early june two thousand and seventeen. by the.
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and for the other driver i've got it out of time. that i'm going to vary from very best to no later than the very. good. i love them but it reported. from a lot of people never i don't know what i was growing up without a little bit of. russian moved to qatar from nepal in two thousand and ten and has been driving from father to transport and trading company ever since. the company's success has come largely from transporting goods back and forth between neighboring countries for over twenty five years. they started with only five trucks today they have over one hundred fifty.
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how much always shifts father a pakistani was one of the company's founder it's. also lost a moderate brass board surge that was made up to get ninety percent of. the focus to dishes he got aboard ship in. the war dumb stop or you. hope of a quick resolution to the gulf crisis faded as the months went by with no solution . like many other businesses in qatar they had to adapt the company was restructured their focus now is on local transportation to and from qatar seaports . would be for. your different. specification. almost ninety five percent. remotely favor not. or a. border training ground he already. or paid him his business
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may. but basically if you believe gone make a backbone across board may. go as well as i mean you'll be the model of. your daily business bear. almost eight hundred to nine hundred bucks. from a job order to learn board. by board. but won't. believe what. they're going to gain you going to while you're building the amount financially or more difficult. to model your hundred percent clear down was going to be they're going to need. this is the only border crossing between qatar and saudi arabia the once busy
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junction is now desolate. the economically integrated gulf cooperation council is made up but highly dependent on neighboring countries for resources it lacks in timely resources that are no longer making the crossing most critically food. reliance on imports before the blockade almost half of its imports came from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . the blockade meant that could not face the risk of food shortages. the government put in place some quick fixes such as flying in produce from countries like iran and turkey but the high transportation costs made the same sustainable. some local businesses saw an opportunity to grow literally.
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this is one of python's largest commercial farms. fourteen types of tomatoes eight varieties of peppers full kinds of cucumbers as well as papaya as melons strawberries and mushrooms the group had. asked matrimony. twenty four seven while to a. modest war i like it i love my daughter sour and i shall cheer him seka. i let my daughter set out. to type interface with quality to talk about every. mahler i love. to say. about my mother i thought about how that i want. this family run business has interests in construction real estate as well as
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education. they also produce thousands of tons of fruit vegetables as well as an assortment of meat products each year. the blockade forced them to restructure their production and distribution. they changed their focus to local needs and that meant expanding and fast. the missed but it was a lot. about both. if you don't share in your data and then add new. intelligence. by the item you're actually in. you're on your bar from the. news but you know most of a bar does human. well but. and there were two were just. as the government as the vatican mazatlan of so share what happened just near because of clinton courage and
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then silicon valley. and a bit of. what will admit. when i can come below coming out it could be euro we need to have europe well. and then if you. live there will. be shaken. but be. check it but he would have done it and i assume you know just not is that what he said is that i've been a foreman in the. aftermath of kind of son runs the agriculture division. he makes no effort concealing his pride and what the company was able to accomplish despite the blockade and others harsh conditions he sees even more growth in the future i thought i thought i was nothing but the fuck i fuck you i don't think i think i
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i think that i thank you for thinking. and i think yes thank god i'm good at what i did but in the afternoon as lucky i did but we have. here but given the fact that i should look like i'm there for the whole when the bomb and accepting of the not at. me a minute bob but i want to cut the meat in the blood to have the but the but i don't like it i know i get my cock up i can get up believe when i'm going but i want to believe that that is still going on the doc i get the stuff that i think i just like to be much like you thank you that's the funny thing the feeling all good that you think i want to have but i think i'm
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a god i want to get to live on the fifty five so that would be much but that's the fact that the pot that what they live listening to hear that like junk mail but i think just nonsense brother the head is in charge of the companies need to be. done to get to all the factories barely able to keep up with local demand since the blockade but. he still has plans to expand. not just the company's factories but also its markets. a start wealth that he will. never want to put up for comment and we're suddenly there were. more. than a good honest ok we're. ok we're all pakistan's ok we have. the world been.
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very. aware of this with. my money and i don't. know if you. could live there we're just. going to get government house we'll get to your mental. well when mark can move. and there were images so i would hear mambo mark zogby america millet how the little learn new year to me that i don't hear you're stupid think if you learn not to make a living how the act committed. you don't stop but. the. lesson i learned had but. that the results. that they need.
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i'll be like a little bit in the fact that. patriotic songs want driving our tonic filleul are badly the blockade is making has spend more time than ever on the roads looking for new supplies fast food business. a lot of the one done in the. business coming into the set of the. show because that's. how in the month but out of. a system on a family of. business bill in the bill or thank you and then back up another so in about the thought that has any of it in hello mogul who are now the. sort of business coming out of that and just talk. about the short.
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a showbiz let it go for none of that i will than not so much get in the south my. mom up to avoid this i. missed it. i said to him when i'm. with a heavy with the could have been. really heavy but the main ingredient remained easy to source. of potatoes kept rolling in unaffected by the blockade. but everything else became a struggle. you
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know what was supposed to focus locally to find new supply and other key components most importantly spices. rather than some of them on. the flavorings how customers crave the right mix is critical. battle medically. bad must. be able to do that and there are photos unless you let us see. we
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i thought. i would. be even with them in school as a little. going to stop them why didn't. i because i was with them and two are so mild you have done an awful bombastic. cartoon the chips are. down and alleges i'm in a lucky bad for cybernetic but if a second person is ten minute without a little it's not a stretch. but the deficit. in the bottom. of my. head lou get in there nothing. to be
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a million votes in. the. in am going on for how hot summer you have an. alibi the heart. you don't know and the next a hard. man back in the cloud. and there was a lot of how thought that has done him have thought there were things a mathis are left out even up i suppose i mean not that but if i had canal of brandy to put it with him i'm going to suggest much as you have. not been out of this way yet the moon on a bit off this riot and so on and i lament ending money. and a lot of the alameda and the guy didn't even know what i had to let his up what i love what they're going to jack no month is in my hand and i plan on killing it and i.
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saw how to say in this on the inside is your me there's a dim as you walk on. and been in the city. no one to quote from as much as possible for as one of. the parts. of the site with a core part of. my been in the us. salit ya lisa ling let me. i'm now a qatari playwriting comedian and in the sun is rehearsing for his new production. of the how do i know this is a lousy. he's
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turning his popular you tube series called what's happening into a theatrical production. every detail is being worked on. the message has to be clear. it's a story that can and is keen on telling right. to him like most other companies the separation of families is what's most painful about the blockade. in this episode set in kuwait he highlights this issue once again. go to go over it go out there if you are going to end our no i have heard or is a little out of hand when logs are sure what the hell no more of them is your vet and well known image over the years the lives are better well.
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hello bob well i'll call them. in of the good of evil having a tell all but welcome all but with them it was. the design and is hopeful and working. very vital are less of a metaphor. remember if you will had gone are the horn was funny. to do it all with a molecular what oh well the author of the most . noble. hawkish or witty. when show of concrete even carried in a high pressure hour an hour had. very hour eight hour i got it out at. our i caught.
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sight of the how to load up all. my hand to mouth and monica mcneal has been mocked me and i. have so dear. you see a. shot of the. moment. shall i hear him live it's going. to stop a bill out of sight in the last minute only animal a man had to get if i pulled. up out of my. real mother. up out i'm about to start
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a pop off about the middle of his. to go company of a good guy make the older than me even though i've been there when this going to end then your. current. condition is present because of the food service been a. participant and not just i'm not out on a girl how to. get out of hell is not acceptable that's not enough or what. they can make them. do for it. which is maybe option down sir nick and it's normal it's part of business i don't want out of.
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the lot. and you've been awfully. generous. the people here have put on a brave face since the start of the crisis. they have celebrated the gains and minimalize the losses. the reality is the blockade has affected every rest. denton one way or another. and the country itself has reasserted its sovereignty and enhanced its self reliance. the blockade may well have changed forever.
3:57 pm
from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. how do you know shows of showers right across brazil at the moment right the way down towards your requirement of a plate shouldn't be too bad about temperatures here around twenty seven celsius abroad because there's a go through choose to be can see the rain coming out of the southeastern corner of brazil for power required pushing up into bolivia peru still seeing some very heavy showers here this house making their way right up into ecuador once again to more of the same as we go on through wednesday heavy showers by this stage i suspect
3:58 pm
will be up towards the north of brazil easing a little further north woods two into parts solve. maybe into guyana as well further north into the caribbean a slushy fun and dry some lovely sunshine coming through his blue skies spotting sunshine for the most part in least lee wind will still drive those showers over towards central america so nick a regular costa rica maybe panama also seeing some wet weather some of the showers just easing up towards belief but the most is fine and dry kingston getting up to a glorious thirty degrees celsius and we move up into north america and head things that are very different some warmth in place here as well just coming out of the caribbean for the gulf of mexico to the eastern side of the u.s. very heavy rain there making its way across the central areas easing further east but look at new york a high of ninety on wednesday the weather sponsored by qatar and nice. by the scene for us when our on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is
3:59 pm
almost possible in number happens not because the situation. it's complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that that is choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. five countries. four days. three thousand kilometer ends.
4:00 pm
two generations. one by. syrian refugees on a surreal journey to see me. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how dizzy you. this is al-jazeera. oh i'm adrian forget this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes . the u.s. calls for the media.


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