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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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it is time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are activists we are. give us back our data at this time on a just once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon one of many is follows dr moon. and returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from coming up in the next sixty
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minutes more than two hundred fifty killed in forty eight hours as syrian forces continue to bombard rebel held eastern voter activists say it's the bloodiest onslaught in five years and our negotiators are sitting right behind me ready to talk but we will not chase after a heated words at the u.n. after the palestinian president calls for an international summit to resolve the conflict with israel also. we have to do more to protect our children days after the fall of the school shooting the u.s. president responds by proposing a ban on devices that turn legal weapons into machine gun it's also. in bangkok. there's now a movement going around the system and they're gaining support their story coming up.
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there's been no letup in the syrian government's assault on eastern despite a growing international outcry syrian forces backed by their allies russia bombs rockets and shells have killed at least two hundred fifty people since sunday in the last rebel stronghold near damascus activists are describing the death toll in the last forty eight hours as a massacre and they say it's the highest since the twenty thirteen chemical attack on the area has been besieged by the government since twenty thirteen four hundred thousand people arrested to be trapped in the rebel held on klav. is only a few kilometers away from the government center of power the presidential palace but are fears the bombardment could lead to a larger ground operation center called the reports from beirut. panic in the streets.
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here in people's faces. neighborhoods. the airstrikes are almost continuous. are coming fire. children traumatized. oh some four hundred thousand people are trapped in this besieged syrian opposition enclave nowhere is safe. the sound of fighter jets in the skies frightens the population. and muhammad and her son the same say they can only hope the walls in their home will save them if a shell or an airstrike hit nearby i didn't we have no choice but to stay in our harm's despite be in strikes and shelling outbuilding and those in the street said
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i don't have underground shelter. the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control because of what it calls an extreme escalation of hostilities scores of civilians have been killed since sunday and the number continues to rise. there are hundreds of injuries as well doctors are appealing to the international community to force the government to allow supplies in several cars food we have shortages in medicine and medical supplies because the regime has been hitting this area for weeks we've had to deal with many injuries imagine longer have blood bags. the un is demanding an end to the targeting of civilians but for the syrian government and its allies this is a military tactic. they hope that by inflicting suffering on the population they will turn against the rebels and force them to surrender. eastern
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as the last remaining opposition stronghold around damascus comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov what he calls using the experience if. there are causing the first the syrian government regain full control of these. thousands of after months and a full blown military assault that. the main opposition body the syrian national coalition is calling the latest wave of violence a war of extermination it is also condemning what it calls the international silence. this is not the first bombing campaign in eastern. hundreds of civilians were killed in weeks of bombardment earlier this year many believe the renewed bombardment could be the final assault. well children inside. social media to plead for. everyone who can be
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on me. as a vision has booked for this is just a good if you can give them phelps. as a child on. march fifth the children. before. i'm not. well unicef says it's so outrageous what's happening it's released a blank statement with a footnote saying we no longer have the words to describe children the suffering and our outrage to those inflicting the suffering still have words to justify their barbaric acts panelist montez is the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for syria he says the bombing has been relentless the situation inside is really is
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extreme and there we've seen a dramatic escalation during the forty eight hours just today we had this six hospital which was attacked. in the last few days we're talking about close to four hundred thousand civilians who are living released an extreme situation with a heavy bombardment that is. evil described to their guns falling really just minutes apart a lot of civilians are in basements id ing women children and people who are really interior of their lives because there's so indeed high number of casualties no health facilities no water no electricity very little food available in an area which is the siege an arsonist military is not able to go in and processing government forces have entered the northwestern african region to help kurdish fighters there fend off a turkish assault was understood by syrian state t.v. showed pictures of their forces celebrating but as they did so turkish forces
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reportedly target them with shell fire turkish president says his soldiers have now forced fighters backed by the assad government to leave the kurdish controlled parts of africa and as uptight about iran has vowed to capture the area within days or some a binge of it has more from gaza and tap on turkey's border with syria. a group of fighters loyal to president bashar assad's government has retreated from the city of our freedom these fighters were trying to get close to the city of kurdish by p.g. fighters had asked for help from the syrian government and it said that it will not send its regular forces but will provide them with irregular militias and should cause popular forces this happened after turkish artillery hit these areas when it saw that these forces were going in it happened only a couple of hours after the turkish president whether they have undergone announced that he and his forces are in another phase of the operation because we know
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ongoing since last month and he promised his cabinet members that the city of offering is going to be captured by turkish forces and their allies these arab f.s.a. fighters in a matter of days this operation has been ongoing since january the twentieth and it has come at a heavy toll to the turkish government as well on egypt in the saga at the same time it takes to make certain perforations in the field the c.g. of the effort city will start rapidly in the coming days military sources on the ground have been telling us that it is easier said than done to capture the city of offering because it's very tough terrain and these dry p.g. kurdish fighters are locals to this area so the advance of the turkish government as well as the f.s.a. fighters who say they've captured a number of villages around the city of offering which will help them encircled and besieged have been very very slow their advance according to them has been slow not only because of the tough terrain but also because they want to avoid civilian
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casualties but as we've seen in the syrian conflict as more forces arrive as a bigger of powers come to take areas that they had they want to control it's the civilians who suffered the most. russia's foreign minister says the syrian conflict can only be resolved if all parties respect each other's territorial integrity sergey lavrov has also called on turkey and syria to settle the effing crisis through direct talks. still i'm convinced that turkish interests with regards to ensuring security can be satisfied through direct dialogue with the syrian government i really hope that we will continue firmly standing against any attempts to untwist the kurdish problem for the sake of interest which lie in deepening chaos in the region and in destroying countries located there. plenty more ahead on the news hour including more revelations of a planned meeting between the u.s.
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vice president and north korean officials did not happen on the sidelines of the winter olympics. some scientists are saying we should put the brakes on artificial intelligence. and in sports france's greatest ever olympian wins another gold at the winter games and. a lawyer who allegedly worked with an aide to the u.s. president donald trump has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. alexander of on this one is the son in law of ukrainian russian oligarch the latest focus and the f.b.i.'s investigation into how russia meddled in the twentieth sixteen u.s. election white house correspondent kimberly hauck it has the details. the impact of the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election by special counsel robert muller and whether there was collusion between
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donald trump's campaign and russia is being felt by more people on tuesday the u.s. justice department again made headlines and now saying the latest person to be criminally charged in the probe alex vander swan a lawyer is accused of lying to f.b.i. agents about conversations between himself and a former trump advisor regain. gates made news last year when he was indicted along with president trump's former campaign chair paul mad afford for acting as a registered agent of the cranium government allegedly laundering millions of payments from ukraine and abating u.s. taxes both pled not guilty to the charges the latest indictment alleges vendors one also worked for the ukrainians and that he deleted and out. the wise did not produce e-mail stopped by the special counsel's office at least one e-mail
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involved gates well he was working for the trump campaign according to the court documents these latest charges follow an indictment by the u.s. justice department against thirteen russian nationals accused of interfering and undermining the twenty six thousand election according to the justice department russian's organized rallies in support of trump and paid for ads online backing him there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity trump has repeatedly denied a link between his campaign and russia but his frustration with the probe is increasingly evident over the weekend fired off more than a dozen tweets about mahler's investigation blaming his political opponents and once again declaring his innocence but despite acknowledging russia did interfere in the twenty sixteen u.s. election more than a year later the troubled ministration has done little to prevent that meddling
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from happening again kimberly help al-jazeera washington the u.s. state department says north korean officials decided at the last minute not to meet vice president mike pence during his visit to south korea washington says pence is seen here sitting right in front of north korean leader kim jong un's sister had been willing to hold a meeting with her and other officials from pyongyang they were in the south korean's county appealing charring for the opening ceremony of the winter olympics the meeting would have been the first between senior officials from the two countries let's get more from the tussock on him who's in seoul natasha do we know more about what this meeting was supposed to achieve and why they pulled out at the last minute. well we do know that according to the washington post rob that this aborted meeting was two weeks in the making the cia got word that the north koreans wanted to meet the south koreans were to be the intermediary we do know that vice
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president mike pence attended the v.i.p. reception for the opening ceremonies sat within an arm's length of kim jong un sister kim you know jiang and the ceremonial head of state and there was much comments made about the. lack of interaction between the two sides but in any event this meeting was supposed to take place the following day in seoul at the presidential blue house only the united states and north koreans were expected to be in the room and the hope was according to the pence team that the united states would use this as an opportunity to convey a face to face to kim jong sr the quote maximum pressure kind of policy that the united states plans to continue exerting on north korea unless it denuclearize is trump apparently took it very seriously that kim jong sr was in south korea it was historic as you might recall rob this was the first time
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a member of the ruling kim family had stepped foot on south korean soil the interesting thing of course this comes against the backdrop natasha of the the south korea's president has been invited to the north and yet to the north has pulled out of this meeting with the u.s. is there any indication from the about where the dynamics of the relationships in the region are going as a result of the. well this is you know is a very tricky geopolitical situation you have president moon who is pushing for engagement and is has said that any kind of dialogue with north korea going forward must also involve the united states bear in mind north korea likely cancel that meeting because it was upset that earlier that week pence had said that the toughest round of economic sanctions sanctions were coming to north korea said that he wouldn't allow the north korean propaganda to whitewash their murderous regime and he met with north korean defectors meanwhile you have president moon trying to
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advance his hope and policy of engagement with north korea and trying to reboot the relationship between the two koreas now today the south korean government is saying it has no official comment at this time about this aborted meeting and we do know that the north koreans have publicly said that they have no interest in meeting with the united states and since that aborted meeting rob they have unleashed a series of rather abusive comments regarding the united states natasha thanks very much in the u.s. president donald trump is recommending a ban on devices that can turn semiautomatic firearms into machine guns it would include so-called bump stalks which were used in the las vegas mass shooting in october where fifty eight people died in last week's florida school shooting spot when you debate on gun control but bump stocks were not used in that attack and just a few moments ago i signed
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a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to pin all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns i expect that these critical regulations will be finalized jeff very soon. the key in all of these efforts as i said in my remarks the day after the shooting is that we cannot merely take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference we must actually make a difference we must move past lives shay's entire debates and focus on evidence based solutions and security measures that actually work and that make it easier for men and women of law enforcement to protect our children and to protect our safety while the white house says it is open to other options like raising the minimum age for buying guns or banning the type of rifle that was used in the fall
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to school shooting there are currently laws in place in certain states that restrict that in terms of whether or not we make that federal policy that hasn't yet been determined but that's something that is not something that i think it's certainly something that's on the table for us to discuss and that we expect to come up over the next couple of. meanwhile survivors of the florida school shooting are taking their message to florida's capital after legislators there rejected the state ban on assault rifles and gallica has more. last wednesday's school shooting in parklane florida was one of the worst in this country's history seventeen people died when former student nicholas cruz walked into a school with an a r fifteen assault rifle but despite the fact that many of the students from that school is still going through the grieving process they're on their way here to florida state capital tallahassee where they'll meet with lawmakers on wednesday but a bill that would have banned assault rifles has already been overwhelmingly voted
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down in the state legislature giving us some idea of the challenges they will face but these teenagers have been praised for their eloquence and they're determined to keep the momentum going we've opened doors that i feel like haven't been opened but . finally our lawmakers are talking we're on the national stage right now international stage action and. you know it's the first time that i've ever seen people survive a shooting and then directly after it demand change which is i think something that should have happened in this country a long time ago but it's taking kids fifteen years. on tuesday fifteen year old peter wang was laid to rest he'd been holding the door open for his classmates when he died in a hail of bullets a military couldn't he's now being posthumously accepted into west point military academy on tuesday also president trump is now pushing legislation that would ban starts a modification that was used in the last vegas shooting but these students no matter how determined they are will face an uphill battle convincing politicians in this state and across the nation to change gun laws will be extremely difficult but they
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are determined to carry on with their campaign and plan another protest in march in washington d.c. they'll gather here by the hundreds on wednesday their voices will be heard but where the change comes will be another thing. richard feldman is regional political director of the national rifle association he's joining us now on skype from boston thank you very much indeed for your time so-called stocks merely adapt to the capability of a weapon and yet it needs an individual to actually pull the trigger do you think that donald trump's latest move misses the point. well it does it's not even focusing on the problem that occurred last week in parkland which was that a deranged individual was able to access guns and take them to a school and commit this terrible atrocity how much as gun control in the u.s. an issue of legality and how much of it is an issue of enforcement or lack of it
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well it's it's a complicated issue in the united states because about half the population little less than half own guns but half the populations is the gun as an individual civil right to own it the people some of the people on the other side kind of who pooh the individual right of a gun and think of it more as a privilege that can be denied if somebody misuses the privilege well we can deny honored twenty million people that don't misuse the gun their privilege to own it of course it's not a privilege under american law it's a right in the supreme court of the united states as stated very clearly in convincingly it has a right to an end and in your own home i can understand why it's tough to track
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weapons which are bought by criminals but speaking as somebody who has had such an in an involvement in the rights to own weapons in the united states why do you think it's so hard for the u.s. police in the security forces to be able to to make sure the weapons bought legally do end up in the hands of people responsible enough to own them. in the case of the shooter last week in florida he had gone through a background check i think this identifies the problem. our background check system is only as good as the information we put into it and despite the fact that neighbors and friends were concerned that he had made some very bizarre comments online about what he was going to do the f.b.i. didn't investigate i think there's a better alternative in addition to having the police investigate
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a what we should do in this instance is start a firearm protect gun protective orders so that if your friends family people who know you say this person's really gone off the deep end and they're making a very strange and scary statements go into a judge and say we'd like to have this individual have the gun to remove from them temporarily. they can go on the nics watch list and they couldn't buy a new gun during that time period and the guns could be taken from them now there are lots of americans that see this is potentially scary so they would say well gee if anybody doesn't like me they can just say i'm crazy and i made a threat now it's got to go a lot deeper than that and in this particular instance i think we could have done a much better job keeping the gun away from the shooter that's what we failed it
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had nothing to do with bump stocks and banning a particular brand of gun isn't going to change the outcome so though use a different brand of gun that's like saying you know chevrolets are used in drive by shootings so if we ban chevrolets well in drive by shootings well you might in the mid with chevrolets people use the words and lexus and other cars richard allen solved the problem you should read it in richard feldman i apologize for interrupting i'm afraid time is against us but thank you very much indeed for your time we appreciate it thanks so much palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has proposed a new international peace summit with israel that rules out the united states as the chief broker in an address to the u.n. security council said palestinians had lost faith in the u.s. government's ability to mediate abandoning a policy which would last for twenty five years as it is diplomatic editor james
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bays reports from the headquarters of the un. president abbas's presence here was rare and carefully calculated normally his ambassador attends this monthly meeting he came himself to express his displeasure at the trumpet ministration he suggested its decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to cut funding to the un agency that helps palestinians disqualified it from leading peace efforts instead he proposed a new approach very early on. i would call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid two thousand and eighteen based on international law and relevant un resolutions with broad international participation including the two concerned parties and regional and international stakeholders present a bias left immediately after his speech nothing unusual there in terms of un protocol he was the only head of state in
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a room full of ambassadors and had another engagement to attend it didn't stop the israeli ambassador using it to score a point i expected news that a bass to stay with us and have a dialogue unfortunately is once again running away. the u.s. ambassador came to the meeting accompanied by the two men president trump has tasked with leading negotiations jason greenblatt and his own son in law jared coercion or she said president abbas had a choice the united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leader since our negotiators are sitting right behind me ready to talk but we will not chase after you the choice mr president is yours it was a security council session full of drama and theatrical but the reality is depressingly familiar this meeting in no way brings any close a resolution to
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a conflict that's already lasted over seventy years james byrd's outages era of the united nations. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is remaining defiant despite being in broiled and two more bribery scandals on top of an ongoing corruption investigation police now allege one of his closest advisers tried to bribe a judge into dropping a criminal case involving netanyahu is wife back in twenty fifteen no hafitz is accused of using a middleman to offer the judge help in being elected attorney general if she closed a case against say the netanyahu is excessive household spending on tuesday police also revealed that half its was one of several of netanyahu is confidence to be arrested over a separate probe into allegations of corruption that israel's biggest telecoms company bed sick last week investigators recommended the prime minister should be indicted in previous to corruption cases involving bribery and fraud netanyahu says
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he's the victim of a witch hunt most of whom. what's happened in recent days is simply total madness scandalous they bring to crazy fabricated claims as part of a witch hunt against me and my family that has gone on for years but any claim that i acted on the benefit of basic at the expense of the considerations is simply unfounded to its core. the second client concerned in the appointment of the attorney general is no less crazy and malicious i never consulted his on this matter you never proposed anything to me on this issue and you know what i don't believe that he suggested this possibility with anyone lots more still ahead and al jazeera. these alone need to begin by seeing. about what. a machine oxfam bosses faced tough questions from british politicians about a prostitution scandal in haiti. now that you can all the crisis on political
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turmoil in venezuela it's getting families. and in sports find out why german football fans turned on monday night into a tennis match. through a tranquil rave you can you. do not want to miss and it's a beach going to. hello there the rain is now building over parts of china if we look at the chart for us on wednesday we can see we've already got some wet weather over who now and who bay some of that is looking roll the wet and then that gradually expands over many other parts of southeastern china as we head through the day on thursday just a tiny bit of snow in the fall and north most of us are going to see rain and it does look pretty soggy but for the towards the south we've also got some showers here but generally they are short lived and they come in the form of rather hefty
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shower so in between we'll also see some sunshine there are a few places though where it looks like we should avoid the worst of the showers the philippines that looks more or less draw as we head through the next few days and also for us in singapore that should be some good dry weather to be found here as well is also looking mostly dry for many of us across india and pakistan we do have this little area of cloud just in the northern parts of them up to some wet weather over parts of afghanistan is drifting its way eastwards might bring us a few showers in parts of pakistan northern india there and some of them will be wintery but it looks like even these will begin to vanish as we head through into thursday and then more of a sings of fine dry weather in the fall southern parts of india there's a bit more cloud here that could just give us one or two showers and also over sri lanka there's a good deal of clouds coming and going at times they could be the odd shower. but it shouldn't be too heavy. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have to feign that good logical rational person crazy monster and
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misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour one of syria's last rebel held areas eastern go to has been under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred fifty people are reported dead since sunday. the u.s. says north korean officials decided at the last minute and not to me to vice president mike pence during his visit to south korea washington says pence is seen here sitting in front of the sister of north korean leader kim jong un had been willing to hold a meeting with. and other officials from pyongyang. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has proposed a new international peace summit with israel at the u.n. one the bull's eye which the united states as the chief broker the u.s. says it remains ready to talk but won't chase after the palestinians. violence has
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reached a new level in the democratic republic of congo a congolese aid worker has been freed by kidnappers but two of his colleagues have been killed in north kivu aid workers say the eastern border is increasingly dangerous with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing violence in tank in the province charlotte ballasts has more. the eastern border of the democratic republic of congo isn't to morrow reports of violence to reach one thousand kemeny says north to south. clashes between a ugandan rebel group and seize military in the north east has pushed civilians to make the dangerous crossing into canada some are attempting to roll across lake albert one of africa's great lakes and a tale of pedals and you know some died of hunger some drowned and the like there's no one to help you there's nothing to eight surviving in the bush like animals.
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now the south east is reaching a tipping point where humanitarian disaster extraordinary proportions is about to hit the southeastern part of the democratic republic of the congress the province of plunges further into violence triggering spiralling displacement and human rights abuses the southeast has been plagued by ethnic violence that new armed groups of popping up in congo leads in the area traps fighters don't know who is on whose side so civilians are targeted murders abductions and rape a common good i know they be heated people they can't open their stomachs removed the guts and lift them to die that's how they killing people. in twenty seven tane in eastern mated one hundred twenty thousand people fled into neighboring countries this latest violence has displaced five times that in just two months.
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the u.n. thinks the number of refugees is probably much higher but they are in areas two or more years and dangerous to reach those that make it to tame pre-campaign tell stories of their escape while among women who are not ones that i had to take all my clothes off and jump into the river i was completely soaked but i didn't have a choice i was running for my life. the head of the norwegian refugee council says aid agencies are overwhelmed and underfunded this situation is worse now because more armed groups are doing more attacks than ever before. just outside of town here in been the that where several massacres in recent days and therefore more people have fled into town violence began to increase in eastern sea when president joseph kabila refused to step down at the end of his mandate in twenty sixteen now it's reached a new level dallas' al jazeera caught on chad has signed an agreement to restore
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diplomatic ties the african nation had ordered the closure of qatar's embassy last august after the gulf diplomatic crisis began that's when saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt cut ties with doha qatar denies their claim that it supports terrorism senior management of the charity oxfam have been answering questions from british m.p.'s in london it follows allegations that it stuff paid women in haiti for sex in the wake of the twenty ten earthquake oxfam's chief executive told a parliamentary committee it's now investigating a further twenty six cases of alleged sexual abuse barnaby phillips reports. oxfam senior officials came to parliament knowing they were in for a grilling. in the chaotic aftermath of haiti's earthquake how could oxfam have allowed staff to take advantage of such vulnerable people and when it found out why
5:38 am
did it tell the public. my colleagues at the time made a set of decisions as to how public to not all organizations choose to go public at all with hindsight they made the wrong call as to how public to be they should if we were going to if we were culpable which we were. they should've been completely transparent everybody knew that the aid sector was pretty rotten because if i thought all these people who were abusing women and girls regularly in all countries but nobody not one organization was actually touching it and doing nothing about it. that's shocking and they were supposed to be going to people trying to help the world but it would appear not as good you should be indeed some people in toto and ceased to move didn't share our values their views to the trust of oxfam the power of books one in their hands the abuse the trust of the british
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public haunted. and and turned on the people who were supposed to protect them it's true the most but he'll be deeply sorry for that going to bring members of parliament were told that seven thousand people have cancelled their regular donations to oxfam since the scandal broke but other british aid organizations acknowledge there is nothing unique about oxfam's failings. the head of save the children told the same committee that sexual abuses in the aid wells not just a few bad apples this is a systemic problem it's large scale we have to fix it the youth. is is probably the most effective in the wall this was the count of all ages we cannot afford to allow this issue to pollute the wider discussion about the role of the youth in the leadership. if the aid dries our charities argue then
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people in disaster and war zones will pay the highest price that makes the aid industry's credibility crisis all the more tragic than to be phillips al jazeera london brazil's lower house has approved a presidential decree for the military to take over policing in rio de janeiro but it still needs approval from the senate which is used to hold the debates later on tuesday the government says the soldiers are needed to combat rising gang violence but the move has prompted protests some saying it could lead to more high handed tactics by soldiers venezuela has become the first government to launch its own cryptocurrency the petro president nicolas maduro is hoping it will ease the deepening financial crisis and offset a collapse in venezuela's currency the petrol price is tied to the cost of a barrel of oil and it's backed by more than five billion barrels in the country's national reserves. the number of venezuelans escaping to neighboring colombia is
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rising at an alarming rate despite tighter border controls. the reports on the colombian venezuelan border. in this central plaza hundreds of venezuelans stand in line for up to seven hours they wait for a wire transfer that will help them in glue or the economic crisis back home kadam india travels to this colombian border town every month she needs the money her son sent from the children to buy medicine no i don't think so that he might think that we are happy to come here he receives a little money but instead it's very sad that we can't afford the basic things we need it's painful to be here but it's a sacrifice we have to make it's an excruciating but essential weight in a swell and scam to receive remittances at home due to the exchange controls imposed by the government of president nicolas maduro they used the money to buy basic items for ever more often bus tickets to reach those who already left in
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search of a better life. they would leave us i'm here to go to korea with my son my husband is already there he saved for fifteen months to pay for our chickens we wanted to stay in venezuela but it's becoming impossible with the upcoming presidential elections and will be worried they'll shut the corridor so we decided it was time to go oh my goodness well an immigration experts say a fifth of the population has left the country in the last two years something colombia but increasing numbers continue to other south american countries where it might be easier to find work the number of buses leaving this station for the ecuadorian border the next stop on these migrants journey has passed from six or seven a week to more than seventy every single day but even that is not enough and some people after wake up to four days for a ticket i really struggle to save enough for just one. yes take it the when it's time to separate the heartache is palpable. that i mean they sold all they could to
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get their eldest son daniel a passport in a bus fare to argentina what i make is not enough to feed us it's sad because we used to have a small food in jobs but not me more that's why my son is leaving and my heart is broken no one can resist forever that's why he must go a scene that repeats itself with painful regularity as each by stakes off and more families are torn apart by necessity leaving behind a sad trail of trauma in tears and he said i'm just you know to. me a modern bangladesh have agreed to resettle more than six thousand range of muslims stranded between the two countries the refugees were stuck at the tambu border point trying to fill violence in their native me and ma i thought it is a mammal reportedly began building bunkers and forcing them to leave more than seven hundred thousand range of muslims have fled to bangladesh when in thailand
5:44 am
cannot be ordained as buddhist monks but religion's leadership made the declaration one thousand years ago some females and i defying that ban and their action is gaining popularity it's got tired of reports from bangkok it's a common sight with an uncommon twist buddhist monks collecting all mums during the pre-dawn hours and world toilet but beneath these saffron robes are women female monks are not recognised by thailand's buddhist leadership or by the government in one nine hundred twenty eight the thai buddhist supreme patriarch banned them. even though the constitution guarantees religious freedom the government has always supported the ninety year old declaration. despite this the number of female monks is growing when it was the first time i wanted to be your day she had to go to sri lanka because it's the only a theravada buddhist country
5:45 am
that allows it she runs a temple for female monks sixty kilometers from bangkok we have not done anything against the law so that that's why right now after seventeen years of my ordination now you have more than two hundred seventy women ordained. one top ranking male monk in bangkok yes these types of temples for women called should be shut down. and they refer to the constitution says they are allowed the religion is not knowing nor can be amended any time between. this is wrong and cannot be pickaninny a member of the thai human rights commission says that the government's approach that people need to issue is done with one eye closed the monks have made several failed attempts to become officially recognized herself an ordained novice suit mikko legal gone thinks the issue of female monks needs to be properly revisited is
5:46 am
a racist in this conflict that they already. referred to as supreme. in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight despite the growing number of piccoli there's a difference of opinion among thais. it's tied people nature will ever be has dead and cells carefully and respectfully would just rest by them and the picu need to behave well and respect the mob. as i see it the temple should be shut down because it's not right it looks inappropriate. to when not only r.p. could be helping the community and setting an example for all monks in thailand. but as women they are better equipped to deal with the contemporary social issues that have not been addressed by either the government nor the buddhist leadership it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok twenty six of the world's leading experts in
5:47 am
emerging technologies a warning of the dangers of auto fishel intelligence they say cyber crime will grow and drones will be misused to jewing the next decade from cambridge and the hayward reports. it is the stuff of science fiction or at least it used to be a computer able to master and a chinese boardgame without human help to win every time and a truck drives to sell computers in big holes powered by artificial intelligence now leading a demick so warning not to put the brakes on ai but that the technology is increasingly being used for malicious purposes for political or financial gain to extort and to gain influence cyber attacks on infrastructure as we've seen in ukraine attacks on computers in hospitals manipulation people for example we've seen some. attempts to manipulate political elections in the us and in europe
5:48 am
recently now those are being varying degrees of effectiveness with the techniques we have today but artificial intelligence will allow new types of cyber attacks that might be more capable than we had before very safe. from health care to walk their machine based thinking is revolutionizing the way we live exposing us to the benefits and the risks the robot here has been designed to pick up these little bricks and put them back on the green mats now this is just a laboratory setting but in five or ten years time it could be developed to work on a construction site or support in the design or wouldn't want the technology hijacked the report's authors a calling on governments and the industry itself to do more to protect us from all the pitfalls experts warn of the serious consequences it's absolutely right that we issue warnings with ai because the capabilities of the possibilities for it going
5:49 am
wrong are absolutely they could be absolutely tragic we need to be able to get to grips with this now ai is clearly here to stay and staying one step ahead of those who want to abuse it will be a constant challenge emma who would al-jazeera cambridge. that is time for the sports his son. i had to be at their very best to pick i asked us title their french rivals of. death and. then set a new world record to end the event but the canadian pair were able to respond with
5:50 am
an even better performance and it is an open. four years on from announcing their retirements canada's tessa virtue and scott boyer were back at the olympics and in world record breaking they became ice dance champions for a second time having decided to return to competition two years ago the pair had already helped candidate win gold in the team event last week. but. it definitely feels like we. were just proud of accomplishments this these games the goal was to win to. canada also took gold in the women's ski haul by kasey short securing the best school in each of the first two rounds of the final francis morton for cold further cemented his status as an all time olympic great he guided his country to gold in the biathlon mixed relay
5:51 am
it's his third gold of these games and fifth overall making him front says most successful olympian. and korea's unified women's hockey team signed off from these games with another defeat their fifth straight loss came against sweden this combined north and south korean team of scored many diplomatic points but finished dead last in the competition and the richardson al-jazeera. still top of the medal table is seven gold medals and to be won a wednesday include in the women's downhill american lindsey vonn will be aiming for a second title in that event. russian olympic bosses say a criminal investigation has begun into how the bronze medal winning curler failed a dope test on a second sample has confirmed alexander crucial in its case a positive test for minutes on you man who rushes sports minister claims the curler didn't take the substance deliberately was lavinia's men's ice hockey
5:52 am
player. has also tested positive for a banned substance the court of arbitration for sport has ordered him to leave the games uclear scored the winning goal against slovakia on saturday in his absence that the team lost to norway and went out of the competition but will now five time champions by munich are as good as through to the quarterfinals of the european champions league by him beating tash of turkey five nil in the first leg of their last sixteen tie is their fourteenth straight win in all competitions and choose their other game at chelsea in barcelona drew one one in london while having hit the post twice in the first half a million eventually gave chelsea the lead in the second half did on the sea scored the equaliser then crucial away goal for barsa the return leg in spain is coming up
5:53 am
in three weeks time. in football fans briefly turned a monday night game into a tennis match into frank fortis supporters are i'm happy that t.v. schedules that have resulted in games being moved from their traditional stature this lot the tennis ball protest delayed the start of both cost of the magic is rb leipsic. but as the writer had the higgs at all that's why monday night football is such a big issue in germany. football fans in germany are certainly a very traditional bunch particularly untracked frankfurt and they are very much against the globalization of the monetise asian football as they see it as it's happening in germany at the moment so i think we're going to see quite a bit of this in the bundesliga very much have a push to globalize the brand to bring the gang to places where hasn't necessarily been popular before german football certainly you have those itself on the
5:54 am
tradition of the of the game and of the clubs and we look at saturdays when they have you know up to five games on simultaneously which you can argue is not the best use of t.v. spots and that instead i think this this move to modern art is at least a toe in the water to see the reaction the reaction from inside of germany and potentially the reaction from around the world in the end is the decision between the d. of p. and the d.f.l. dear fellow of course represent the top clubs in germany and they in some way sanction this move they represent the clubs so in essence they represent this decision in some way to serve despite the fact that we're going to see i think quite a few more protests particularly from some of the more traditional clubs dortmund shugart i'm shocked frankly as we saw last night and i do believe that this is going to change things in a hurry and i think we saw last night with the with the scenes that happened and what happened with the frankfurt fans everyone junoon and in the end it was a i guess at least from a out some of us your point of view was excess to them under not hopeful purcell's
5:55 am
aleksandr patter scored a crucial goal for his tiny's team in the agent champions league title came off the bend to forty and quietly and to score the equaliser in the one four of that to see what they saw there was only titles with teams and they to start the competition. brazilians were also central to shanghai's i.p.g. is that for one that win over the melbourne victory for the chelsea matilda osgar scored twice after hold had given us i.p.g. the lead at the chinese side are now two points clear at the top of their group. and this is full form we'll have more later on a television station led mostly by women has officially launched in gaza despite efforts by hamas authorities to block it type of t.v. says it's the first channel of its kind in the palestinian territory and aims to highlight the role of women in building society how to force it went to its launch
5:56 am
. gaza has a new broadcaster and permits title sequence its unique selling point is clear we will make up the heart of its content and its intended audience its called type t.v. tuesday is launch day and a big movement for its volunteer presenters that i have in our might and we're going to start discussing women's issues and try to find solutions for their problems and we will also celebrate their successes. type is going out on facebook twitter you tube and telegram so a local production company provides its facilities free of charge the plan is for programming on issues like inequality and violence but also fashion of makeup and comedy down the corridor or the next pair of presenters are running through their lines more student tyler says she's braced for criticism it was said in the end i remember as a society is too conservative they say i should cover my hair and i'm using too
5:57 am
much makeup and i should wear short skirts we need to increase awareness to change this after we launched our first primer i received a lot of negative comments on facebook a few minutes later it's time for her debut. just getting to this point hasn't been easy the production company behind this project had its launch party cancelled on sunday by hamas police who said they didn't have the licenses necessary for a new channel they are challenging that saying they are operating legally and they go to press ahead. in gaza women have to contend with life under the israeli blockade and within a conservative restrictive society female unemployment stands at seventy one percent women with jobs on average about a quarter less than men one recent study suggests more than ten percent of females have suffered physical abuse. a woman isn't free to make her own decisions to choose her education the husband she wants or how to plan her family we see this during our work men a dominant political decision making despite the fact that there are lots of well
5:58 am
educated intellectual women in the public arena. it's a picture those a type t.v. want to help change by talking directly and frankly to guys as women are equal so it. was more detail than all the stories of course on the website al jazeera dot com rachel kerry's going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all the stories on the opposite by. the scene for us where they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera and then reported
5:59 am
well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped national research. says it is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can durham a. much watch where the last thing a facts of this agreement there's a of the original set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people and after that with the. psychs pico mines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. you wherever you are. more than two hundred fifty killed and forty eight hours rebel held east to act say it's the bloodiest onslaught by syrian forces in five years.
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i shall carry this is al jazeera life and.


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