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tv   Sykes- Picot Lines In The Sand 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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be a new car for. your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from the come from our sleeves it's time to reclaim our cyber so we have to give them a something that can all be sold we are creators we are activists we are rebel geeks give us back our data at this time on a. resell kerry these are the top stories on al-jazeera one of syria's last rebel held areas has been under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred fifty people have been reported dead in eastern goodness and sunday activists are describing the death toll as
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a massacre and say it's the highest since a two thousand and thirteen chemical attack on that area children are turning to social media for help everyone took n.p.r. me we are hearing that as a vision has throat must off for this is just really good if you can give them phelps. and the children and there's. more to fit the children. before it's too late i'm not from the physic. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has proposed a new international peace summit with israel at the u.n. one that rules out the united states as the chief broker the u.s. says it remains ready to talk but won't chase after the palestinians the u.s. says north korean officials decided at the last minute not to me bias president mike pence during his visit to south korea earlier this month as you could see sat right in front of the north korean leader kim jong un sr and washington said he'd
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been willing to hold a meeting with her and other officials from pyongyang as president donald trump is recommending a ban on devices that can turn the semiautomatic firearms to machine guns it includes so-called bomb stocks which were used in the last vegas massacre in october were fifty eight people were killed and the white house says it's open to raising the minimum age for people trying to buy that type of weapon that was used in that school shooting last week in florida they killed seventeen people in a mall park and students and parents have arrived in florida's capital to push for a statewide ban on assault salts style rifles rifles and gallagher has more. last wednesday's school shooting in parklane florida was one of the worst in this country's history seventeen people died when former student nicholas cruz walked into a school with an a r fifteen assault rifle but a bill that would have banned assault rifles has already been overwhelmingly voted down in the state legislature giving us some idea of the challenges they will face
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but these teenagers have been praised for their eloquence and they're determined to keep the momentum going we've opened doors that i feel like haven't been opened but . finally our lawmakers are talking we're on the national stage right now international stage action and. you know it's the first time that i've ever seen people survive a shooting and then directly after demand change which is i think something that should have happened in this country a long time ago but it's taking kids fifteen years. on tuesday fifteen year old peter wang was laid to rest he'd been holding the door open for his classmates when he died in a hail of bullets a military coup that he's now being posthumously accepted into west point military academy on tuesday also president trump is now pushing legislation that would ban bump stocks modification that was used in the last vegas shooting but these students no matter how determined they are will face an uphill battle convincing politicians in this state and across the nation to change gun laws will be
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extremely difficult but they are determined to carry on with their campaign and plan another protest in march in washington d.c. they'll gather here by the hundreds on wednesday their voices will be heard but where the change comes will be another thing the answer fiji agency is warning an upsurge of violence in the democratic republic of congo could cause a humanitarian disaster the u.n. says more than six hundred thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the south eastern time to make up its says a new armed groups are emerging in that region. oxfam says it's investigating twenty six new cases of sexual abuse by its staff british politicians questioned its senior management about staff using prostitutes or working in haiti in two thousand and eleven the charities apologized for not being transparent about what happened. and chad have signed an agreement to restore diplomatic ties the african nation close qatar's embassy last august after the gulf diplomatic crisis began
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that's when saudi arabia bahrain the egypt cut ties with doha qatar denies that it supports terrorism there are the headlines the news continues after sykes peacoat lines in the sand keep it or. between november nine hundred fifteen and main one nine hundred sixteen britain and france agreed a secret deal for dividing the ottoman empire to the european allies when the first
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world war and so. now we can draw a. very young british politician sir mark sykes and the french lawyer turned diplomats. drew borders that best suited their own interests the psychs pekoe agreement. it's cut across a separate deal the british had already made with sharifa saying of mecca to support him in creating a hashemites arab kingdom in return for his leading to an arab revolt against autumn in. the south of anatolia eastern turkey and the syrian coast down to beirut were put under direct french control while basra and baghdad were placed under direct british control. mosul and damascus were under french protection and called area a the rest of mesopotamia and the
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southern levant were put under british protection and called area b. . jerusalem was designated as an international zone. but soon after the deal was struck some voices in london began expressing dissatisfaction with what's britain had to queens in the secret negotiations. as a. min. hope. what i thought. what more can just see the i figure i'll general hall get up and have it but if the fuck will you were fleeing into car the moment they are given a no i'm not but big enough of us you could have or where are you going after. a man with a what have you who do year before think well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allow britain to control my government would take the same view. could not agree over the future of palestine when they did their deal at
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the end of nine hundred fifty and they agreed it would have an international ministration but neither side light as a as an outcome and the british didn't like him back to killer because it left the east bank of the su is canal exposed to an administration that could be governed by who knows who. so the british immediately start to think of a way to get round the sights pito agreement so the fact psychs almost immediately before the ink of france for short because signature is dry. go start talking to the scientists. the scientist movement grew up in the late nineteenth century with the ultimate aim of establishing a jewish homeland in palestine. the jewish lobby was growing in britain and the british government took its aim seriously. the british might also use the port for
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the jews to persuade the american government which included several jewish figures to join the war. other factors may also have been at play the zionist movement itself and its leader hind rights. were political zionists and there ain't from the very beginning the ultimate aim was an independent jewish state in palestine there in these early days they didn't say that because if you've only evoked hostility to the project paper the effect of that on wish. would have not studied. and i for one seem to be full had. a fearful so you know i'm sure i know you hold your core too in an aggrieved and you're going to the world would feel so you death or traffic but i thought. amount of eric or not but girl make would i know there's
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a sawyer for us you know hope for us the human friends and even the last man it couldn't have met his likes because we've got a problem out of him you're. no longer push ahead of the stuff you knew you just got off but if i knew how to sing. on the second of november nineteenth seventeen the british foreign secretary sir arthur belfour ruutu the leading jewish figure walter rothschild to say that his government viewed with favor the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and would use their best endeavors to facilitate the chief meant of this project. a month before the balfour declaration the new bolshevik government in russia following the revolution had made public the details of the sites pekoe agreements as it sought to distance itself from decisions made by its star asst predecessors.
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for fatherhood. for cutler a feller can have more idea only a little bit earlier ma i barely. hear. her or her. father had. to fuck up. to fuck up i live in. cork i sure all believe. that or care at that lee step or a star matilda shore star all the revelation from the russians came while the hashemites were fighting alongside the british in the levant so they realised the british were playing a double game. their british also recognised france's right to determine the future of large parts of the area that should be for same had expected to control. for
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that i'm sorry software of some of them for after our shop i did forget that keep it. in the in the homeland yeah so. if you are are. what if your skull is on the whole feel about the bust of the other get up on your liver so that. it will be a phase or certainty about on top me up and not have here along the way you're here a little more for your commute i'm. here for the. unit and as of the a c. other abio. i wasn't called that like. like a fuss about. you was it almost a little solar the thought of a possible but we've. been louder. than it was. in one nine hundred seventeen the allies made significant military gains on several
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fronts. the british pushed into iraq and general edmund allonby led the forces that ultimately ousted the ottomans from palestine. but alan peace continued advance towards the must has caused the french serious alarm he had expected to have complete control of the levant under the terms of the psychs pekoe agreement. with mana done. on his own the accompanying manipulation one hundred m.b. in a less. meter. with money so small is only key design may only dust cheaper live says song. topa me yes that the god of the minister says that cos they speak oh keeper may send a d.m. a. bruise or vedic down in the listen or.
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allonby and the hashemites. took the syrian capital on the thirtieth of september one thousand nine hundred eighteen and within a week prince faisal been interesting had announced establishment of an arab constitutional government in damascus. when i was young i was a young me if that's next week or next because our with. a law and with you will see of an ass of my job i will be accommodated gotta find you on a ship off. the first world war ended in stages with the ottomans agreeing to an armistice on the thirtieth of october and germany on the eleventh of november one thousand eight hundred. allied troops entered istanbul and the time appeared right to implement the strikes
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pekoe agreement. but the british appear to be having second thoughts as they sought to claim a larger share of ottoman arab territory in the region. the british prime minister david lloyd george met his french counterpart george came on seoul in london on the fourth of december one thousand nine hundred so all. over. the office said. the sacrifices are great. for us right now the sacrifice of all perhaps than any office as your joint empire is no more but that was due to your sacrifices last year the prime minister and for those we are most grateful you will take some tea weakness. no we will have to settle our claims of the air peace talks we have
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a fortunately as claims. you would like perhaps that we modify our. we had our own most. you shall have it. and that's something else other stuff. you shall have that too. fancy can you read to you from before of course you are a little more fun if you make the most of the mecarbil going on sort of sad aftermath i luckily for us you know for our luck for most of them and i was to be had in just the three of us while there and no sex because in fact. the signs of the psychs pekoe agreements being superseded began to emerge at the start of the peace negotiations in paris in january one thousand nine hundred. victorious allies were about to impose harsh conditions on the bank wished and the
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british and french to decide which of the conflicting promises they had made during the war would be implemented. they don't did this my model views their way niggas yes you know complex i think they would be bad they are all this and i bet. best or they that a comedian casual soldier. they are fed a day some days they have sound is read to have been does not solve. the. said been in these were bennett fancy in. the know but and has a more of a when you can a minute dorie. that head of. then was
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it out it a one year. one . in april one thousand nine hundred twenty the four main allies britain france italy and japan met at the san remo conference they created three entities mesopotamia syria and palestine. the french forced faith out of damascus and took complete control of syria britain took mesopotamia and palestine including jerusalem which had been under international administration under the terms of strikes. so really it's real we should be talking about if we want to say what is the modern middle east look like and the striking thing is this if britain had been concerned to preserve relations with france right through this to go she asian right through
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this process they failed because the french looked at sites because they looked to the baptists and they realized that they got much less than they had been promised by the british insight fico we overlook these things but in a sense i think that states fico reflects a failure of trying to negotiate a happy resolution of british and french territorial ambitions in the middle east britain came up with war and the french never forgave them. france had insisted on mosul in the negotiations but had san remo they conceded it to britain despite the fact that it was known to be rich in oil. in the coup of turpin more commands still it was the. dollar bill and the most old saw is our prayers on that turkish but for the i'm company. kill.
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it but if not if. it is. fronts more territory in the south along just something that is of the old become the iraq syria it got more it got twenty five percent of any oil that will be produced from mosul even though that was going to be developed as a british concern. on the international stage the league of nations now created a series of mandates it placed some new arab territories under the supervision of the british and french a kind of occupation in disguise that secret vender the lash of that s.s. if they did. it does so if you need to first. ask. when the.
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meal in the course a says it didn't do ten. that there. when the b.b.c. says that that costs a lot from sas man that they incur the figure of course a year not. the british and the french did overcome their differences in their carve up of the middle east and agreed on concrete borders in december one nine hundred twenty. a joint french british committee was set up to deal with the matter . with her do it. course with. what philosophy or and as a book of friends what in the is going to i'm sure i don't often. you know bad adored in korea or korea and month we were cattle have been.
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as well as dividing up the region into three new entities and implementing the mandate system britain and france further split the territories they now controlled . the french divided syria into five states including greater lebanon. generals have confidence he. offered to go because year asafa fugitive notice my need be afraid of my math uk. foreign min. a story you can relate very much for your. son our own you have now coming out of four. syria was divided into the streets of damascus aleppo the alawite state and mount druze. lebannon would become
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a republic six years later and. tell he didn't know that the dollars may well at the cost to move ok were that they are. for going out of her hands anyway as a. very different and you have. well there's that. the british colonial office organized the cairo conference one thousand nine hundred twenty one hosted by the new colonial secretary winston churchill it drew another important line within the british area of influence separating the land east of the river jordan from palestine. churchill came to this brief without any preexisting ideas on the future of the middle east he was in a sense moving as quickly as events were to try and put in place administered administer to structures that could prove effective in securing britain's interests
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at least cost to the exchequer i mean there had been some. proposals which basically from the zionist organization which were pushing for a palestine being defined in much more extensive terms to include the east bank of the jordan as well but in the end jordan and palestine and it up being under the same british mandate as you know at the end of the first world war and then we simply had an ordering council that has stopped. if you like it's first main in one nine hundred twenty eight. when the house might spilled in their bid to establish an independent arab kingdom the cairo conference created trans-jordan wish to weave hussein's elder son as a mere. iraq was created in mesopotamia with his teens younger son face some f. king. had been a commander in the arab revolt and was the deposed king of syria. if you look at
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their arms territorial definitions that day there were zones and visit inside speak that cuts across it. but the actual bamboo has to be drawn i suppose for iraq after sykes pico the first wall would have been shortly after rob had been created in one nine hundred twenty was the young the french convention of december one nine hundred twenty. in istanbul capital of the former ottoman empire . a turk successfully resisted foreign attempts to defy the turkish speaking lands he led the turkish war of independence and we pulled the greeks italians french and armenians. to turkey unite the country and didn't you turkish republic was proclaimed in october nineteen twenty three make.
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this up. but it take. these that sob and cease. all the any god. does not sound concept. also. me. only bob doesn't that doesn't measure or get a good day was it doesn't that. the syrian revolution in one nine hundred thirty six finally brought about a french accent and unified the country. by the end of one thousand nine hundred forty six iraq lebanon jordan and syria had all gained independence. british and french forces left but now there are sometimes differing views as to
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whether the borders the two powers true we see the root cause of the problems the arab world has experienced since. it's very hard to blame. regional problems in the twentieth century on the ways in which the borders were drawn the the most you can say if there is a original set to speak oh it's that those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with them and for never securing the bya of those directly involved the borders with themselves to prove unstable at the scene have a calm do well i don't mean some trickery initially state there i mean there would be a commute in the form. of i'd be welcome home let me have a hundred. little cami for a month how well. a canadian minimum here much of what. if i did the u.s. and i went for coffee for the north money i would have
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a bag that. had been my we don't want us that is you can equate that as a scandal and more all the wrong mon. you don't want it now. that the. read on your site that i don't look also at the island it was there this scene so in a been at war. well i know that i did it because he had lost it. in part two we'll ask whether the superpowers of the twenty first century have ignored lessons in the week looks like speak home and start to create more division in boundaries in the middle east than ever before. just in the heart of the amazon the libyan family is quick sand miles imperiled to
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harvest brazil nuts. but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it all the libya. at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. it's. where ever you are. a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege maybe this friend was there targeted said.
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that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and then gains that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe upturned it's not a marriage barbeau business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. well i'm jane dutton and other top stories on al-jazeera one of syria's last rebel held areas has been under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred fifty people have been reported dead in eastern guta since sunday the activists are describing the death toll as a massacre children are turning to social media for help. everyone who can be army
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we are hearing that as a vision has brought most of the sport this is just really good if people can get them phelps. and the children out and there's. more to it then the children of good back before it's too late i'm not from the scene. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has proposed a new international peace summit with israel at the u.n. one that rules out the united states as the chief broker the u.s. says it remains ready to talk but won't chase after the palestinians the u.s. says north korean officials decided at the last minute not to meet vice president mike pence during his visit to south korea early this month washington says pence seen here sitting in front of north korean leader kim jong un sr had been willing
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to hold a meeting with her and other officials from pyongyang. u.s. president donald trump is recommending a ban on devices that can turn semi automatic firearms into machine guns it would include so-called bump stocks which were used in the los vegas mass shooting in october where fifty eight people died and the white house says it's open to raising the minimum age for people buying the type of rifle that was used in knox last week's school shooting in florida that killed seventeen people. the un's refugee agency is warning an upsurge of violence in democratic republic of congo could cause a humanitarian disaster the u.n. h.c.r. says more than six hundred thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the south east and province it says new on the groups emerging in the region. oxfam says it's investigating twenty six new cases of sexual abuse by its staff british politicians questions at senior management about staff using prostitutes
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while working in haiti in twenty eleven those are the headlines the psychs because the lines in the sand. the league of nations mandate for palestine came into effect in september one thousand nine hundred eighty three. it stated that the allied powers had agreed that the mandates be responsible for establishing quote a national home for the jewish people. briefed on the joint as well as carry. men as you'll go for your. comment there will be a local what your would be from the. from what must i learn the skill regalia would be. just some them feely little it would be fun as the i've been
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going to a little beautiful as the inman. men or rope minerals your mother called. i think that sign is diplomacy it was brilliant and in a way manipulating. british feel and ties submitting. feelings at the same time because this fantasy of presenting the jews in america as the key to whether or not america would participant in the war and by presenting exaggerating the power of the jews worldwide. in the coming years palestinians would fight several campaigns from demanding independence from britain to trying to stem the tide of jewish immigration to
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palestine. the movement culminated in the revolt of one nine hundred thirty six which took the form of strikes and armed resistance. data from a lot of build. up the latine man assured. of the brittany would lit on a. duck orm her call me out to be yeah i love it was the i'm bad i should've. won takoma article out of the philistine. summer list i'm not a visual who beautiful stream of the comes in a word called him a lot of another can because that i mean to say me out of it i will of be able to turn into my man will of the eye then out a look at i will be able to run and how to. we're all capable of the of the reply me you must feel about the idea of uni and the british crush this revolt the
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zionists weren't strong enough at the time they didn't have the military capability . the british brutally put down the arab revolt and it's arguable and i would argue that palestine wasn't lost the nine hundred forty seven forty eight it was lost in the late one nine hundred thirty s. when britain would put down so far only the arab revolt and destroyed all palestinian military capability. the british mandate in palestine and did on the fourteenth of may one nine hundred forty eight as it ended david ben-gurion declared the establishment of a jewish state to be known as israel. the same day the armies of five arab states moved into the former british mandate the one nine hundred forty eight arab israeli war lasted almost a year the first of several subsequent major border conflicts. is really
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settlements beyond its recognized borders have also continued israel's expansion. and a total from the going to allow him. to do this three little matter but war must look at the cyrillic very clear let it wash woman out of your own be a lot of talk not a lot of them. any hossam heather said are fairly young but the amount of rain began but. how ticket has been amended is there he. were going to come when i could be further don't need your dirty history been learned yet the militia were unified there has a nother martyr the leaning on has been so and blew all how did not a lot of them welcome a liver looked upon for how to survive supply. the
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balance of power has remained in its wheels favor in one nine hundred sixty seven it expanded its borders in the six day war to include the west bank the gaza strip the sinai peninsula and the golan heights usually only comes meat illicit meat elf was told in a sort of really you would be. feed there till the. you started and talked about. a serial sunni muslim were how the kernel cause. is to turn out that my unified doesn't have the flu or be able could such a critical cause medical bill bugs. and john minimize the hail or comma bill is for this the new year but the fool could well with the early obama and then most of my billion dollar a. lot of the workers of you were in the lemme tell you that one at the end all of it was then you were the israeli you are those people in israel today like
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president rivlin who call for a bi national state they ask they insist on. civil rights for the palestinians and human rights for the palestinians. equality for the palestinians in terms of economic social and cultural issues etc but not political. that these days will remain the state where jews would have the upper hand politically speaking and that by national state would be open to jewish immigration but not the palestinian immigration i mean what kind of test that is going to be it is going to be as i say the south african state without the south african solution. like palestine iraq has also been affected by the legacy looks like speaker. in two thousand and
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three a u.s. led coalition declared war on iraq believing it to possess weapons of mass destruction and aiming to oust president saddam hussein. however the coalition did in taba clear recovery plan for a post saddam iraq and six tarion and ethnic arrest seriously destabilize the country. go back to. the invasion of other areas that were there were intermingled sure so he lived in the same areas that were america. in fact in the early years the iraqis insist that never they were too closely. but the sledgehammer smashed the society. or. did manage to instigate a conflict once the conflict starts there's
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a predictable cycle of violence that explodes i com i think primarily with three main. the first is to support the administrator of. jerry brahma. in what he is doing in this transitional period for iraq. if you look at the history of modern iraq since two thousand and three you might say that no leader has come through who's been able to settle iraq and govern with the consent of enough of the majority to bring iraq to a stable condition and to political security and of the have the latter uk battle headed for a couple of the had what i ate dairy but emma use of a hair are clean and that here will listen. well it's
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to her i know you had a clean limit and if you were there god can win it except when you're not really. the call my letters i was when she hours for yeah. well here and there he certainly was me she has the mail i have no letter i want to go wild back then have death of men that she's. out of the hardage that he doesn't any kid can attest to that even with philly. he elim. the door after he. been home just what i me. when my dad bought him a card with. a two commander two out of the.
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iraqi resistance to the us occupation increased as the thick terry and killing the country fell deeper into chaos causing some americans to call for the division of iraq it was almost as though they hadn't studied the lessons of the post periods. so failed to convert our. new. team. obama valve. but tool a them with a by the. by the valley so for timely i started seeing how to start of. the stock market at the. cli as a b. o. . that. here was that
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area. sunni leaders in iraq began to warn against the intervention of neighboring shiite iran into internal affairs of their country. they feared a sectarian war which would lead the country into a spiral of violence and arguably make division the only option. when you're confused. why the in the kind of you're on my idea the iraq war here i mean i know why i what i meant. to know which and that if you only would use a million but i thought he has such an ear when brady. why the libby has a job or if it's not part of year. someone ab initio. was in. sofia what do you do what he. did why.
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did you hear all of this. and what. you. when i saw it dang it i ship bellows i want to get them all what has it all when under the boom it so will hold. what amounts to so little if you don't want to see the old boys yes what's that for a man to be in a billet i don't like you to bury it so it was that the new i'm all in the woman has haven't yet it all hang me to democracy that all how muted to feeling the able to see that it all the moccasin the part that i hope and those they let me have this to us that the horde. the kurds managed to achieve autonomy in the kurdistan region of iraq in two thousand and five. their political leadership is now pushing for a referendum on independence which could mean drawing new borders within iraq.
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and it is true that the rocky kurds are quite happy. where they are in their own. enclave as it were but the united states continues to look for iraq which is integrity and not divided into three talking it. and them to right. i mean. that we've been. our by do what. helped. in. of that can. feel like to have a. model. but sex pekoe say akun. become. the threat of division has also emerged in modern syria. the syrian revolution began in march twenty seventh the government of president
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bashar assad responded by a fierce war against all opposition with far reaching consequences. it represents a major challenge facing the international community and twenty sixteen. the situation in syria was exacerbated by the intervention of both russia and iran and their support for the assad government against the rebels. who are dealing with as many i mean about of the. iranian people and you have to do muslims sure you up the serial killer you. were mad at the fact the strategy said let the far north. korea you know where i mean death for analysis and know he in your. new fools. is
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that them buttons pushed or one of them can come to you of them or is another in the harlequin that would a doctor lead the animal that you go nuts will be in class and me what in the imagine is that east would have me out by the thing you know and there are some little m.b.e. how good it is to what i'm being on as a six foot in a joke when to him oh come on just to name a can in what will be able to record is you all that here towards horse that sue you just. let out of a taxi. the u.n. stopped publishing the death toll in syria in twenty fourteen and the numbers are now thought to be much higher than official figures. when russia and turkey the conflict on the side of the assad government in september twenty fifth when it began bombing opposition held areas and has become a major player in the ongoing crisis. arose yet there were no home and shows a scrubs. of kabul and you look how for that any and the
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whole. so he had had. enough. be fooled by the. missile and the you know what the doctor. had a journey. not. the sharia that we you know how to live. but a russian intervention which is to god russian interests in their own just our own ally that russian intervention makes russia's state cold so has to be brought into the talking that needs to proceed as does iran with hizbollah as
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a proxy in syria and as does the european interest in the form of the flow of refugees from syria into europe the interest of the europeans in a stable near east to middle east and america in that row also of global stability with a particular interest on top of that in the security of israel. the international community is still trying to bring the parties together to find a solution to the syrian crisis but we don't want to divide the state dividing the country this part of the debates way whenever it's up to the syrians. now on the question of whether the country will be dissolved in order divided or not. it seems to me that it is already divided in a very real way with the elements in the christians and the other is occupying a certain amount of territory and the sunni majority occupying the others and i am
9:51 am
. not very hopeful in syria would be a. he put back together again how the drugs were in the study but the rush not know if enough sort of walked the heart of heart out of the methadone is still earn us our. men. and about in the we use in the above are let's shoot the mission and know. that the who rule or look at it being the only he. has asserted they really need to stand then. oh and nobility. the conflict in syria has become increasingly sectarian it has caused internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and the international exodus of
9:52 am
refugees on an unprecedented scale in the modern world. some think that to form a federation is the only solution. is a set of the young do it takes the equal a minimum could only i should do while i sit on that dual hazel's actor and no and no my technology to slip. because of. it could be. there was to be careful we took libby and we shot at the mouth about it but the one with the so we are doing well i hope and i will if luck will fit only. if it is there near me. and i'm at that the macand me who are more. than technology more heidi was a part of i but if you did any. of that. because i can and i'm at the core and elemental solve the if you did really get that. the wow really had the lead in the flick of the. larry i mean
9:53 am
a layer. and that. is about the. america i don't even really. i think that. the controls the country might shoot better the interest of israel because he will be sort of the legitimized ruler. after such a civil war after such carnage the worst scenario is that this integration of the net of the of the country into uncontrollable fifth dumbs as it were so i think that one one syria complete with a regime that is not particularly legitimate in the eyes of the international community is something that would suit i think the current role is of israel. the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has also complicated the situation in
9:54 am
syria and has proclaimed the creation of the state in parts of syria and iraq. while american planes were bombing i saw in syria the also enabled kurdish groups to take control of certain areas of northern syria in october twenty fifth teen and proclaim a kurdish province there. this could be seen as encouraging the idea of a federal division of syria as well as causing alarm bells for neighboring countries. in syria they are trying to get some kind of control with the help of russia the united states and other iranian regime and account on like has been lost in the one on a defacto hobby tutt where internationally they may not be recognized but defacto they will operate all of that and continue to talk it all create kinds of problems in the region. in me twenty. fifteen there were armed clashes in turkey
9:55 am
between the government of friendship are two one and the p.k. case. the kurdish p.t.k. founded in one nine hundred seventy eight once a political entity of its own independent. in his better model put this on and on. just the middle feet intifada. tanny. the father. i had the woman and there will. be lot to quote of the. north. of us me a film made that is her with her name and. be doing the n. . yet to have. a heart than a shell tunney die young kuno and you will hear from them is
9:56 am
a better model. has it into father mother tongue language as being your offer she language in schools. is a legitimate demand and it could be expressed in the democratic society so i don't see any legitimate and logical. demand for any kind of autonomy even if it was there it is going to be pick a case demands and we are not in place to debate or negras shade that kind of autonomy with on the be whole for all shorts or towards. the ultimate legacy of the strike speak or agreement was to establish the rights of outside powers and interests to intervene and influence the politics of the middle east. the sense of instability and constant conflict it has engendered seems even more complex to address now than it was
9:57 am
a hundred years ago. hello there we're seeing some heavy rain over parts of the middle east recently the latest system is edging its way eastwards now taking away that wet weather with it we've also seen some snow over the mountains but as we head through into wednesday we'll see that wet weather working away from tajikistan in kochi stan a making its way through our marty surf you outbreaks of rain and snow a likely here but even there it will dry up as we head into thursday then the temperatures will begin to recover for us in tashkent we get to around thirteen degrees meanwhile for the west a good deal of cloud here in that is bringing us a few outbreaks of rain stretching down through parts of iraq and down towards q eight but i think for kuwait mostly here we'll just see a good deal of cloud rather than too much in the way of rain that cloud there where you can see it on our chart for wednesday stretching through parts of saudi arabia
9:58 am
and across the gulf towards iran that gradually edges its way eastwards there as we head into thursday but it's also sinking a little bit further south so we could see more in the way of cloud here in doha on thursday and it could just give us the old shower as we head down towards a southern parts of africa there's plenty of wet weather here that stretching from angola all the way down into the eastern parts of south africa and we're also seeing more showers through parts is involved way as well the side that we get more wet weather as well over the northern half of madagascar the southern half is looking a lot drier. the scene for us where there are on line what is a very new sand in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people to choose between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
9:59 am
activist and she's posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. what i think i'll get you to. the most little. one is. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime this time on al-jazeera. five
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country. four days. three thousand kilometer. two generations. syrian refugees on a surreal journey to sweden. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how disease. more deaths in the syrian rebel held districts of east and go to where government forces have been pounding the area with strikes.


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