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just in the heart of the amazon believe me and family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts the fans can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it to believe. at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm come all sons and maria welcome to the new street in syria the bombardment of eastern goes on nearly three hundred people killed since sunday a grim reminder that syria's war is far from
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a full of the latest on that and look at how the children of that just as we saw in aleppo before trying to make their voices heard over the noise of the war also on the grid the anger after the shooting students in florida have been left dumbfounded by their lawmakers decision not to ban assault rifles and so they are continuing their protest meanwhile donald trump will host a listening session later on to hear directly from survivors of mass. and many of the students survivors are being targeted online some right wing activists even saying they're paid actors we have your reaction and rebuttals from the students themselves i'm leah harding tank that's the hash tag james and india man says to canada that's what prime minister justin trudeau said as he makes his state visit to the subcontinent but there is talk that relations aren't great some in india refuse members of trudeau's cabinet of supporting sikh separatists.
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you get the news great to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com there is no way to run or hide for the civilians trapped in syria's long war a further twenty seven people at least have been killed in new attacks on by government forces raising the number of people killed to move and two hundred seventy this is just in the past three days more than three hundred people have been injured as well in this relentless bombing campaign some international aid agencies are warning that quote flagrant war crimes are being committed in the. on an epic scale and the united nations says the situation is beyond imagination this is the area we're looking at it's the live you a map which is what of a lot of our own who controls what maps are based on. this area down here forgive me there's a little bit of lag on the i pad as we come in and all of these icons tell you
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what's been going on bombs being dropped there you see the pictures coming up on the right hand side as well gunfire happening out in the more eastern parts of the city airstrikes as well coming down it is an absolute bombardment on a very small area of this suburb just east of damascus so here is our report it is a no huddle in the onslaught and good then just a warning that you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. there is no frontline in eastern. oh residential neighborhoods have become battlegrounds the syrian government and its allies are bombing the besieged rebel enclave into submission i look at the suburb of damascus is under attack well her car was. we heard a plane overhead the myside landed people were torn into pieces i was with my
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nephew and we were both injured what i heard was the sound of an ambulance and i found myself here hundreds killed hundreds more injured the united nations says makeshift hospitals are being hit some are now out of service there is a humanitarian crisis and there is nowhere to hide. there is no safe place i tried to convince my parents to say in the first floor of our building thinking it would be safer but they told me there's no difference because buildings are being flattened in the strikes. the government said military reinforcements to the front lines around the besieged enclave the pro-government newspaper says the bombing campaign comes ahead of what it said will be a vast operation which may start on the ground at any time. the thousands of rebels there are promising to repel any advance a ground offensive will not be easy the government and its allies have repeatedly
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tried to storm eastern huta in the past the rebels have strong defenses and an underground tunnel network that they use to their advantage. for the syrian government and its allies a victory in history and a threat to the capital the rebels are able to fire mortars into damascus at times causing casualties russia is now justifying the bombing campaign even though. it is pointing to the presence of fighters belonging to a group previously known as al nasra accusing them of using civilians as human shields and of what it calls armed provocations. many including the un are warning the battlefield eastern could turn into a repeat of the battle for aleppo. the battle for aleppo lasted for months there was so much suffering among the civilian population before a cease fire deal was reached that involved a mass evacuation of the people of eastern fear they could face the same fate into
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beirut. and then further north where there is the threat of more violence turkey is warning of serious consequences if the syrian government militia trying to enter that region again turkish forces have managed to push their militia group back after they attempted to enter the district on tuesday the latest on that now with the summit in jeopardy is of kilis near the border with syria what more can you tell us on this latest situation. welcome all we can hear the jets flying above us and we can hear the artillery thuds although we're quite a distance away from offering but because it's the whole province of our free and the turkish forces are hitting it from various sides and you can still hear them here in the last few hours we've heard from the free syrian army that is the mostly arab fighters which are backed by the the military that they have taken more positions around the city of offering the now say that they're in control of more
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than ninety places around the city of are free including some villages which are key in terms of their jew graphic location between the border with syria and border so they are saying that they are taking more areas and that has perhaps given the confidence to the turkish president of our gun who says that the city of our free will be there is within days but it is going to be a tough fight because it's a very tough terrain for soldiers to go in and as we've been seeing in how soldiers have been going hill off the hill into areas kurdish might be defied does know this area very well and they are putting up stiff resistance ok thank you for that update osama bin laden killing and. so as you can see and we said at the start of the show of syria's war goes on it's going into an eighth year now the most acute situation as we showed you before is what is happening near damascus in eastern and we're going to talk to thomas keller awful about this he is the middle east director of public affairs at the international rescue committee which has
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a medical operation on the ground in eastern so thank you for joining us from amman today give us whatever you can that that that everything you hear from the ground of what your teams are trying to do and everything they are encountering and he's in good at the moment as they are trying to help people. yes thank you it's very much as your initial report laid out it's a horrific assault right now worse than we have seen actually throughout this whole period of the siege where now you've already reported over three hundred deaths. we are supporting the international rescue committee is supporting five different health institutions through a number of partners and it's in the context of a very longstanding and severe siege which makes the population very vulnerable to begin with so it's absolutely horrific the only solution is to demand a. halt to the on salt and short of that people continue to
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suffer in stream fear and vulnerability they need tell us what your teams are able to do on the ground you're there to provide medical relief there is this onslaught there will be streams of people coming in with all sorts of injuries how is your team coping well we support several partners there who are along with everyone else under assault so it's extremely difficult in fact the staff of these institutions themselves are warned to to to go to rooms underground or where there are no windows etc so the people trying to extend aid are themselves under attack and that's extremely difficult and most people only people who are under who are severely injured are taking the risk of going through the streets to to get medical care. so it's extremely dangerous right now and we haven't seen anything anything like it and how do only on oh no sir carry on go hit. you know just to say that on monday night one of the institutions that we support was struck by
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three barrel bombs at the entrance i was a young us anesthesiologist who was killed a man with a young family and five others. apparently lost their lives as well in that so the assault is not discriminating between military objectives and and civilian ones and so that is our severe and that's our concern and that's. that's why we're calling on all the parties to the conflict to adhere to international monetary and law logistically how do you even get in an ounce of an area like that i mean it's it's all sounding similar to what we saw in aleppo over a year ago where it was basically locked off and must be incredibly risky and difficult trying to even get in around us that's exactly the model that we're being forced to confront aleppo is a horrific situation of an all out assault. and an air offensive similar to this one and that's our concern that that's what we may be looking at here and
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there really is no answer to that the that the people who are trying to respond to people's needs are are still trying to do that but they undergo extreme risks in order to try and do that and again it's in the context of this horrific siege where . the u.n. reports that twelve percent of children under five are suffering from acute malnutrition so people are already very weak and and they're really being pushed over the edge. thomas arraf live from the international rescue committee thank you for that thank you for bringing us let firsthand information of what your team is doing on the ground there. good evening. shades of aleppo as i said to thomas there and it's got a very very familiar feeling is that the what's playing out without using as well it is there's only not a shortage of pictures the cameras in syria keep rolling and dozens are posting pictures and video from within. like this one posted by the white helmets or the syrian civil defense forces or also known a journalist she tweeted and said quote testimony pictures footage are coming out
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of eastern gooda today they're so terrifyingly similar to aleppo in two thousand and sixteen fourteen months ago we thought we've seen the worst of it the same scenario playing out again today and children are caught in the crossfire yet again as well you may remember eight year old bed this is one of the pictures of her she was live tweeting during the bombing of aleppo last year now this time we're still hearing from children but they have different names this time different faces this is nor and they are posting video updates on their twitter page here two of them from this week. everyone who can be on me hitting that as a vision has brought much stuff for this is just really good if you can give them help well i'm i'm just
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. unicef issued a blank statement on wednesday quite literally they said there are no words that will do for the justice of the killed children their mothers their fathers and their loved ones followed by a lot of blank space there now i've made a list on my twitter page of people inside syria including eastern ghouta if you want to follow the story also of noor and i have all of that on my twitter page at leah harding a.j. you can also get in touch with us with our hash tag a genius great thanks lee syria's war will soon be into its eighth year this feature collates the most relevant content from our online archive to explain just how we have gone into an eighth year of war there are obstacles there are documentaries there are discussion shows maps embedded here this is a good starting point when you are looking at the conflict as a whole syria's war explained from the beginning
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a useful resource for you from al jazeera dot com and as leah said maybe you would like to get in touch with us you can tweet me directly as well. just keeping an eye on the hash tag a.j. newsgroup if you're using twitter also there is a tweet which goes out just before the show at a.j. english and you can reply to that thread on facebook dot com slash al-jazeera way up and running on the live stream to feel free to visit there and comment as you go and the what's that number plus one seven four five one triple one four nine it also covers our telegram channel if you want to subscribe to that and keep up to date with what we're doing here on the grid. for now we will move on to the united states the intersection of politics and gun control it has been exactly a week since an armed student killed seventeen people at his florida high school today survivors of that attack are turning their grief into action dozens of student protests have taken their never again protest movement to the state capitol to demand action on guns and mental health meanwhile in washington president donald
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trump will speak to survivors of several mass shootings in the coming hours they calling that a listening session right. now there's also this a look an emotional image it's gone viral we just want to take a minute over it shows cheryl at coralie she's a seventeen year old from. douglas high school she and her classmates were in the gallery of the florida house of representatives just moments after republicans rejected a democrat measure to debate a ban on i often rifles to said they had a chance to stop it today if there's another mass shooting it's going to be their faults and this info graphic from al jazeera dot com goes showing what some way to show you why this rejection of gun reform is such a blow to. this was actually done after the orlando shooting because it was the same gun three million of them in the united states the rifle has a range of six hundred yards which is been over half
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a kilometer and when you go down and you think about some of these other names san bernardino orlando sandy hook those mass shootings all involved this i often rifle ninety people killed in those places and now a further seven tane in florida. let's go to tallahassee now and gallica reporting from there i mean just incredibly emotional times talk us through what's going on behind you. well the students from the school in parkland and it's a week since so shootings happened have been turning up here in in great numbers they do have a lot of momentum the world is really listening to you and i want to bring you in a couple of people right now this is lizzie eaton and debbie miller lizzie you were at the school last week you made a long trip up here about a seven hour drive tell me what's the mood like among the students and what you hope to achieve and we were just all hearing compete complete unity and we all just want to come together make a change and you know i we've i made
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a lot of new friends since i was here and everyone's here for the same common goal to just keep our schools safer and everywhere safer and you know last night the legislature behind you voted down a bill that would have banned assault rifles realistically what do you think you guys can do because everybody's listening to you right now everyone's praising how eloquent you are but how realistic is it to get anything done well we i think we just need to keep fighting we can't give up we can't let this bring us down and we need to keep talking to senators and the legislator and just keep fighting for safety now debbie you're a teacher from broward county where the shooting happened these children the students have been amazing they've been eloquent they've been passionate but they're alternately doing what adults haven't been able to do what do you think about everything that's going on here one hundred percent correct they are doing and we've been seeing a lot of tweets and i've been sharing with the kids that the high schoolers are the leaders in the leaders are acting like not even high schoolers. i think that they're inspiring and heartbreaking in equal parts and this is
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a generation that these people haven't had to reckon with they're smart they're eloquent they're media savvy they're social media savvy and they're completely unapologetic and unafraid all while being incredibly respectful and getting their message out the problem is not. just mental health the problem is not the school system the problem is not that the f.b.i. the problem is that lizzie who can't get a drink in a bar or rent a car for that matter or fly by herself on can go in and buy an a r fifty fifteen a weapon she has and how realistic are the goals and when you think we're going to be able to achieve anything you know we've been speaking to a lot of journals that kids have been hearing a lot and i really do believe this is the tipping point i know that popular wisdom is that nothing's going to happen sandy hook happens nothing's going to happen las
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vegas happens nothing's going to happen kentucky happens polls happens but i don't think that they've seen anything like this wave of kids and i call or care. because i wasn't there the future and they are going to make this happen one way or another lizzie and thank you very much so you can see the kind of energy there is here in tallahassee you can see the kind of passion coming from the students the teachers and their parents i've been covering these kinds of my shootings for about fifteen years some of the worst in u.s. history and it and it almost does feel that there may be a tipping point here that there may be some incremental change even if it is raising the minimum age to buying an assault rifle upwards to twenty one because at the moment in this state it's easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to buy a pistol so if they get any change at all it will be monumental but of course they are up against politicians who are very pro-gun and the republican party dominate both houses so it will be an uphill battle but the energy is here the momentum is
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here on the world is listening and they gallica in tallahassee there thank you for that and good to hear from some people on the ground there as well off we go to washington now his committee how could i want house correspondent kimberly what is a listening session in the sense that donald trump is holding. this is something that actually president trump does fairly well and that is bring together people that generally may disagree not like the president even perhaps but he listens to their divergent views and then the idea is that there may be some action in fact we already saw some action on the issue of guns by this president a surprise announcement on tuesday afternoon when the president said in front of law enforcement community here at the white house that in fact he was directing his attorney general to look at proposals to regulate what are known as stocks these are devices that essentially increase the firepower of a lawful weapon but you have to remember the president is walking
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a very fine line in terms of this type of action because it's the very type of action that majority of his supporters do not want to see you have to remember the president came in saying that he was very much in support of the second amendment the right to bear arms something that many americans here hold very dear and that he firmly back the national rifle association the largest lobby group on capitol hill essentially promoting gun rights in the united states so the president is listening to these concerns of victims of school violence discussing school safety particularly when it comes to the florida high school but also tragedies dating further back sandy hook in two thousand and twelve and then almost twenty years ago the columbine massacre how does this approach or does this approach kimberly differ from anything that president obama did in his eight years in office because he when he was there as you say during events like sandy hook and i seem to recall him saying things like you know well i want to do something but my hands are tied by
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congress. well that's true i mean the united states has a pretty unique system of government that there are equal bodies of power the white house has just as much power as the u.s. congress and so often there can be goals that put forward as we saw by president obama and even this that has been suggested the executive level by donald trump but if the legislator are not in support of it it's not going to go anywhere so essentially what you have here is you have this tremendous amount of emotion right now by these young people who've experienced it without any question the horrible tragedy we're seeing walkouts not just in florida but young people all across the united states particularly in liberal areas and cities say that they want change but the reality is that change moves very slowly in the united states it requires the acts of congress often for this to happen and when it comes to the engagement of the so called snap chat generation many of them didn't vote a majority of eighteen year olds in the last election did not vote just thirty four
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percent of these young people registered to vote in the last u.s. election so they need to translate that emotion right now into legislative action in the questions whether or not they'll be able to sustain the passion they have now into the next election cycle and lee is going to be talking more about that in a moment from now kimberly how it in washington thank you now here is steve perry is an american educated founder of capital prep schools in harlem new york joining us via skype from bridgeport connecticut to talk about some of this steve nonce to have you with us is there anything that's happening now. in the wake of the florida shooting that you feel is different that could create some sort of tipping point for there to actually be change when it comes to guns in america and you know our first amendment in america is the right to free speech our second amendment is the right to bear arms i mean we are looking at. what we've seen just this summer
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a couple months ago almost sixty americans were murdered as they watched a concert by a man who bought all of his guns lawfully and the the riff is the same people are are appalled they say we should do something about it but the gun lobby is a consistent persis tint lobby that has made its mark because it's deeply embedded in the ethos of america that people should be able to buy whatever stipes of military grade weapon that they feel is that they wish it no i don't what about the way the kimberly was just referencing this the way that the children who survived russians like children and teenagers the ones who survived the way this speaking out the way them munching on their state capital that does feel a little bit different if only because in previous places like sandy hook the you
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know the children were too young to speak they couldn't but this time you've got a generation is very connected and he wants to be heard but the children in sandy hook who are about forty minutes away from where i am now have parents who are middle class largely white i don't know their political full affiliation but connected in their own way while not snap chatters or her or facebook or as they are as connected and our challenge is not convincing the people who already believe that children shouldn't be able to buy salt rifles it's convincing the people who buy the assault rifles that buying assault rifles a bad for our community and and that's the challenge we haven't been able to split the distance or close the distance between those people who think that buying assault rifles is a ridiculous thing in the united states of america in two thousand and eighteen and those people who think it is their god given right. what do you think about what donald trump's doing i'm just looking at
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a comment on facebook live from one of our viewers marianne who said he's doing more than the last president did. and the last president barack obama as i again i was discussing with ken lay he would often say he couldn't do anything his hands were tied is this something president trump could do differently this time president trump would have to stand boldly and then he'd have to get the republicans to stand with him and he would have to ask the gun lobby to stand down where this would change in this country is if there were a sustained comparable lobby against the unfettered access to guns folks one of the things that we're talking about now is that a person can go to a gun show and purchase a gun they don't have the level of background check that every single law enforcement agency in our country has said that they should have now i don't know that this necessarily would solve the problem if you limit access to weapons but i
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do know this a person could not have gone into fort hood it military base could have sat in a las vegas hotel room or walked into a school and shot their way into the school if they didn't have these guns that i know for sure a knife could've done that steve perry really interesting talking to you and getting your thoughts thank you so much for joining us my pleasure. let's talk more about the kids were touched on it with kimberly and with steve as well they are vocal like we've not seen before the other the snapshot generation like what we were just saying we've seen them protesting in streets capitol hill but they're also vocal on talk shows and on news channels as well as online and that's led to some backlash now pro-gun politicians have accused the students of being actors that then grab the attention of prominent right wing influencers and it's become a widespread belief largely on twitter and facebook they've been sharing this
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picture for example suggesting that parklane student david hogg must be an actor since he was interviewed in california in august of last year they say he followed the crises to act as a fake witness but hogg has proven that he was in california just for a summer vacation when this news article happened and that he was interviewed about an incident with a lifeguard on the beach his florida school's newspaper the eagle i even did a story about hog's experience still though the criticism persists people like dinesh d'souza is a conservative writer he tweeted that student delaney tart one of the parklane students seemed coached indurain during one of her interviews on a news channel channel four here's an excerpt from that piece to the president the ball is in your court now you are either with us are you are against us if you are against us and that means you're signing our death certificates you are letting
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more children die every day there is no middle ground here you're either with us in helping children survive helping children feel safe to go to school or you are against us. a lot of people responded in her defense you can see here the responses to d'souza street that many people have come to tar's rescue many using the hash tag shame on you even republican senator marco rubio tweeted that those claiming that the students are actors that they're idiots with no sense of decency but despite the criticism students from the attacked school say they'll continue to fight until gun laws are changed in the u.s. here's david hogg the student we mentioned earlier. it's not easy but it's not. going to continue for days months years decades because the problem is not just the one that's going to meet your. it's not. comedian and talk show host stephen colbert he changed his tone was
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a bit more serious and was talking about the students and the activism that they've been showing in this last week here's what he had to say but there is one group that does give me hope that we can do something to protect the children and sadly it's the children while these kids don't give up because this is their lives and their future someone else may be in power but this country belongs to them we want to hear from you and what impact you hope or think the parklane students can make in the wake of this latest attack you can tweet me directly at leo harding a g.e. or user hash tag is great. yes and you can thank you lee and also on facebook like i'm just actually watching the live stream in the i mean just a couple of interesting thoughts i don't know what's wrong with from australia made the point and said is it going to take you know a politician's child or grandchild being shot for them to actually do something but then ryan has made a very good point and said look if you get to go a congresswoman was shot point blank in the face by one of her own constituents
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nothing changed a president's been assassinated of course john f. kennedy his brother senator bobby attempted assassination of reagan and still nothing ever changes and that's what i'm getting mostly on this live stream at the moment with your comments saying there's a lot of pessimism like steve the saying earlier that nothing will change that's the what's happening but the hash tag is a genius grid this is the news that if you're watching us on facebook live well below looking for your comments but we're now going to show you how an award winning film is playing a role in bringing justice to the victims of london's grenfell tower that's online and then a little later a warning from some scientists they say are sufficient intelligence may lead us to a frightening future that cheery thought and much more still to come. again there's a lot of cloud spinning across parts of the levant at the moment and underneath it
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we've also got some breaks of rain so it's an unsettled picture and we're seeing some rain affecting northern parts of iraq and through into syria some snow the high elevations pushing up into eastern parts of turkey otherwise for beirut and lebanon is looking fine attempts at nineteen degrees very pleasant light winds heading into friday not a great deal of change here and further towards the east it's largely dry picture but we have got this area of rain developing across parts of pakistan through into afghanistan with some snow developing on its northern edge here in the arabian pinch a little bit cloudy in place i think over the next couple of days certainly through thursday. it should be bright at times sunshine possible but he threw that cloud but quite warm again we had it twenty eight twenty seven degrees celsius and then as we start our weekend then we should find it starts off on a bright note with highs of twenty seven and i don't the other side of an inch on the ice on the thirty four expected in mecca heading into southern portions of africa some heavy showers affecting more eastern parts of south africa through into
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mozambique so the focus of his botswana will cease and protect the heavy rain during the course of thursday but find any cape town with highs of twenty five. the way we communicate is what defines us. as. as innovation in technology continues to shape our. content creation and distribution utilising cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future has never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon . take us to one frontier. the future of media leaders some. limited abilities. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey
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showed a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was poor by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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a headline from al-jazeera talk home and what's trending as well plenty of news stories there obviously the situation in eastern go to the canadian prime minister to be talking before but look at what's a number one when malcolm x. visited britain's most racist town a feature piece which you might want to have a look at because that is what's a lot of other people on the list of what's trending at al-jazeera dot com with something new and different they're. just going to go back to our top story because in the last few minutes the united nations secretary general antonio tennis has addressed the violence in eastern guta which has killed almost three hundred people since sunday streitz to the u.n. he is out diplomatic james bae is with more on that. kemal we have some important developments on the situation in syria and some strong words from the u.n. security council chamber where we've been hearing from two secretaries general
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right now speaking is the former secretary general ban ki moon he has expressed his sadness about the situation in syria and said the security council should do more the previous speaker was the current secretary general antonio good terrorists with his strongest words yet about the situation in the scooter and so my appeal to all those involved is for immediate suspension of all war of t.v. duties in eastern guta allowing for humanitarian aids to leeds all those in need allowing for the evacuation of an estimated seven hundred thousand seven hundred people that need urgent treatment that cannot be provided there and creating also the possibility for the other civilians to be
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effectively treated the it in the side. the words of the secretary general antonio good terrorists i can tell you there's real frustration in this building the u.n. security council where the secretary general and his predecessor speaking has not done more to stop the violence in syria and particularly the ongoing onslaught in eastern good turn now in the security council there are two countries that are working on this kuwait who's the current president of the security council and sweden they are the cone leads on the humanitarian situation in syria now the swedish ambassador just before this meeting started told us an important development which is those two countries a cart with a new security council resolution they hope to put it to the vote before the end of the week in fact the swedish ambassador said he hopes to put it to the vote maybe in the next twenty four hours maybe on thursday that resolution calls for
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a thirty day ceasefire not just in eastern guta but across syria the next stages of the resolution after the start of the seas far is then for humanitarian convoys to get in with a after forty eight hours after the start of the cease fire forty eight hours after that they want medical evacuations to get those people who are stuck there injured get them to some help so a new effort there at trying to get a sation in eastern guta remember in the past when they've tried it been brought by the russians the russian ambassador has said none of this is realistic but clearly it is very much in the spotlight right now as the security council meets the reason you've got to secretary generals there at the moment kemal is because they're discussing the the document set up the u.n. this the u.n. charter was reminding us they discussed that charter that's been in place since the end of the second world war that it starts we the people of the united nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war they are clearly
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failing in their key g.t. james bays our diplomatic editor at the united nations thank you for that. so few bits and pieces. that alive while they can actually see that ongoing u.n. secretary general sorry security council meeting going on kuwait the president of that at the moment the french president emanuel micron is speaking in paris at the moment but let's go to london here is barbara sara with some more international news on barbara hi there kamau hundreds of villages have been destroyed and more than six hundred thirty thousand people forced to leave their homes after a surge in violence in the democratic republic of congo the un's refugee agency is warning that fighting in southeastern province could lead it to a humanitarian disaster of extraordinary proportions charlotte bellis has more. the eastern border of the democratic republic of congo is and who moro reports of violence through each one thousand kilometers north to south clashes between
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a ugandan rebel group and seize military in the north east has pushed civilians to make the dangerous crossing into again and some are attempting to roll across lake albert one of africa's great lakes and attain a paddle and you know some died of hunger some drowned and the like there's no one to help you there's nothing to eight surviving in the bush like animals. now the south east is reaching a tipping point where humanitarian disaster extraordinary proportions is about to hit the southeastern part of the democratic republic of the congress the province of plunges further into violence triggering spiralling displacement and human rights abuses the southeast has been plagued by ethnic violence but new armed groups are popping up in congo leads in the area traps fighters don't know who is on whose side so civilians are targeted murders abductions and rape
6:41 pm
a common good i know they be heated people they can't open this stomachs were moved to guts and left them to die that's how they killing people. in twenty seven tane in the estimated one hundred twenty thousand people fled into neighboring countries this latest violence has displaced five times that in just two months. the u.n. thinks the number of refugees is probably much higher but they're in areas two or more years and dangerous to reach those that make it to temporary camps tell stories of their escape was among one in. i had to take all my clothes off and jump into the river i was completely soaked but i didn't have a choice i was running for my life. the head of the norwegian refugee council says aid agencies are overwhelmed and under-funded this situation is worse now because more armed groups are doing more attacks than ever before. just outside of
6:42 pm
town here in been the where several massacres in recent days and therefore more people have fled into town violence began to increase and eastham do ya see when president joseph kabila refused to step down at the end of his mandate in twenty sixteen now it's reached a new level ballasts al-jazeera brazil's senate and lower house have now approved of the creep putting the military in charge of security in rio de janeiro the measure allows the army to take command of police forces and the crime plagued state where the number of killings has risen in the last year around three thousand troops were deployed on tuesday taking up positions on all major roads entering the city to stop drugs illegal arms and stolen goods from getting in the decree has caused the i means in brazil where many still remember living under twenty one years of military regime. israeli media is reporting that
6:43 pm
a former confidant of prime minister benjamin netanyahu will testify against him in one of several corruption investigations shlomo filbert a former director of the communications ministry was arrested on sunday it's thought that he'll get a lighter sentence in return for his cooperation israeli police say there is sufficient evidence to indict netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust over an investigation into government benefits offered to a telecoms giant that are now denies all the allegations. the influential u.s. evangelist billy graham has died at the age of ninety nine known as america's pastor he preached his christian message around the world for more than six decades through broadcasts and mass rallies graham was credited with delivering sermons to more people than anyone else in history told ackerman looks back at his life. the largest ever erected revival meeting billy graham came to national prominence as
6:44 pm
a thirty year old when he attracted thousands of people to a three month long prayer rally in a tent pitched in downtown los angeles i do not believe that any man. that any man can solve the problems of life without jesus christ. it was a message that the charismatic southern baptist minister continued to spread by harnessing the power of radio and then television i'm praying that this hour will be really on our decision for you and i mean the concept to continue getting him by the mid one nine hundred fifty s. graham had expanded his range to europe where he conducted mass rallies in sports stadiums if you have the right to leave as good a right you have i'm sure and are often or i should meet graham's appeal was to some measure due to his focus on more moderate religious doctrines and never seeking to convert people to a sectarian christian faith but he spoke out strongly against communism bringing
6:45 pm
his ministry to the soviet union a decade before its fall we were certain that it would open future dollars for claiming the gospel not only in the soviet union but throughout the eastern world at home graham broke with his own church's tradition and held racially mixed rallies in the legally segregated south carolina no i am alive down to as well as in apartheid south africa billy graham welcomes president johnson to his crusade for christ a confidant of ten u.s. presidents and graham only endorsed one in a campaign richard nixon he later called it a mistake and in two thousand and two his reputation for tolerance was marred with the release of secret white house audiotapes recording graham agreeing with nixon's critical comments about jews during the raid on. and on by a thirty. five going oh.
6:46 pm
i don't know if they're already filling it out. graham apologized for those remarks saying he was never an anti semite in his old age graham was asked what about those like. the jews the muslims who don't believe in. you don't judge them you know the whole point is about jesus a country preacher whose mastery of modern communication set an example for other men and women of religion to follow. tom ackerman i'll just era. and that's it for me for the news great i'm going to have more news at sixteen hundred g.m.t. now though it's back to come out thank you for that the canadian prime minister justin trudeau is dismissing reports of a rift between him and the indian leader in the red remote trudeau and his family are on an eight day state visit to the country but modi sent a junior minnesota welcome them on saturday which has seen been seen by some as a snub some indian politicians have accused members of trudeau's cabinet of
6:47 pm
supporting sikh separatists and just time has the full story. justin trudeau was greeted warmly as he visited the golden temple the shrine which is an hour in india's western punjab state is the sikh faith holiest site but the canadian prime minister's visit was sensitively organized he was careful not to meet anyone openly connected to the protocol is done movement alliston is what sikh separatists want to rename punjab state if it separates from india. months before trudeau is first state visit some indian politicians accused him of being sympathetic to the separatists all four of trudeau's indian canadian ministers are of sikh origin this is liberal party depends on the support considerable support of the six dice part of zod most of the. indian diaspora in canada. and many of their members cabinet members have been seen present during functions and
6:48 pm
sick temples that is good thought i was aware of the militant where those us posing the separate sentiment the so-called colace tani's arenas their banners rain slogans etc the protocol is done movement is deeply controversial in india in one thousand nine hundred four the separatists were involved in a battle with indian troops at the golden temple resulting in a number of deaths soon after the prime minister at the time indira gandhi was assassinated in a revenge attack by her own sikh bodyguards that in turn sparked the mass killing of sikhs on the streets of the capital new delhi. sikh separatists in canada retaliated by bombing an air india flight that took off from toronto killing three hundred twenty nine people but history of violence continues to cast a long shadow over canada india relations to this day whatever the case the canadian government's official policy is to support what it describes as
6:49 pm
a united india still since his arrival in india trudeau has repeatedly had to downplay suggestions of a rift between him and. prime minister narendra modi we sent a junior minister to me trudeau at the airport we are the two largest democracies in the world one by population the other by surface area we should be doing better things for the other. and to really highlight the close ties the incredible opportunities is what this trip is all about and it's it's not you know a trip handshake and a photo op. for the thousands of sikhs who came out to greet to do the political success of see canadians is a point of pride seems like this might play well back at home but you do will have to balance that with his primary goal of his trip progress on trade and building stronger ties with prime minister modi he meets on friday in theo's tired.
6:50 pm
winter olympics still going on in south korea someone who is not having a good games definitely the usa and apologist ilia. the u.s. are not on course to have their west end picks for two decades korea from their usual domination of some olympics they're currently down fifth in the medal table they have just six gold medals it would sixteen overall now compare that to twenty years ago in the last six golds and thirteen medals overall their only dislike he bets at this time around but to give you a little context in the of the for a lympics between the gun and they won at least nine golds and twenty five medals overall well one of the biggest disappointment for the u.s. this time was an ice hockey the men's team crashed out to the czech republic three two in the quarterfinals this year of course the n.h.l.
6:51 pm
players were not were not released to participate. us also miss out on goal of the in the women's bobsled and had to settle with silver we spoke to chuck her out of the washington post who think covering his seventh lympics he says americans are hugely disappointed with how their country has performed. oh it has definitely been a disappointment if you look at the numbers across this century the olympics that have been in this century you know thirty seven medals twenty eight thirty four twenty five gold medals to nine nine and nine during this the four olympiads preceding this and for this to have five goals and thirteen medal so far doesn't look like they will get you know anywhere near those numbers i think that. it definitely in a country that always sees itself is foremost and always is about. you know has
6:52 pm
seen itself that's why aren't we winning it expects to win and that kind of thing yes i think it definitely will be a disappointment the one thing one thing that score along with us at the moment is that there are a lot of thoughts in sixth place finish us like i'm pushing on them and this is seen as you know back and i'm assuming someone even though you know that the numbers tallied up with people who have finished fourth or fifth estate on an ongoing team in the united states and. maybe every country in the world who blame norway for its lower numbers across the board the night it's hard to maybe give a cause that would be all the way across the board of the fifteen sports not only to the restaurants just five goals but four of them are concentrated in one sport snowboarding so i think maybe it would be hard to give an explanation across the board but i do think that. it's just going to be seen as
6:53 pm
a disappointment and perhaps you know if you look at what norway is doing that is taking a lot of medals from a lot of people. and in what's very likely to be her last ever lympics ways the u.s. ski legends of on also failed to win gold to add the games that she did bag a bronze in the downhill having completely missing out on the medals in the super jeep. well the social media narrative surrounding lindsey vonn surprise space in that these olympic games that have has centered on her political views before the games issued said that she's representing the united states not donald trump twa look at this tweet a says that made her the target of a lot of twitter trolls even after her bronze medal let's look at this one for example says liz yvonne i don't think the president invites a bronze medalist to the white house he on the suman that's an evil laugh well one
6:54 pm
supporter i just spent last twenty minutes reading through tweets directed to lindsey vonn sickened and disgusted once again by the lack of humanity that engulfed our country she just raced her damn heart out and tromp supporters glow cheer celebrate her new billeted to medal is this what we've become while lindsay has replied to that than this is what she said it's ok julie not everyone has to like me but my family loves me and i sleep well that might our cod and try to be the best person i can be if they don't like me their loss i guess thank you for the support while that response has attracted twenty nine thousand likes well from online bullying to real life and south korea have reacted furiously to the behavior of to the speed skaters towards teammates the trio of came aboard norse younger hyung and polish you will were competing in the five and a meta team pursuit when nor fell behind her teammates proceeded to leave her
6:55 pm
behind and cross the finish line well television footage showed nor bursting into tears after the race while kim and park repeatedly ignored her while more than five hundred thousand that people have now signed a petition on the website of the south korean president more calling for the two athletes to be banned. well you can get in touch with me on twitter not santa ate underscore sports i'll be back with more at eighteen pm table for now hand you back to come all of late thank you for that santa finally as official intelligence which depending on who you believe is either dramatically improving our lives already or is leading to the premature end of mankind sounds a little dramatic i know but there is a dark warning about ai from some of the world's smartest minds on emerging technologies twenty six experts who say cyber crime will grow drones will be misused and that's just in the next decade him heyward with us from cambridge in
6:56 pm
the u k. it is the stuff of science fiction or at least it used to be a computer able to master and a chinese boardgame without human help to win every time and a truck that drives to itself computers and vehicles powered by artificial intelligence now leading a demick so warning not to put the brakes on ai but that the technology is increasingly being used for malicious purposes for political or financial gain to extort and to gain influence cyber attacks on infrastructure as we've seen in ukraine attacks on computers in hospitals manipulation people for example we've seen some. attempts to manipulate political elections in the u.s. and in europe recently now those have been varying degrees of effectiveness with the techniques we have today but artificial intelligence will allow new types of
6:57 pm
cyber attacks that might be more capable than we had before very safe. from health care to walk their machine based thinking is revolutionizing the way we live exposing us to the benefits and the risks the robot here has been designed to pick up these little bricks and put them back on the green mats now this is just a laboratory setting but in five or ten years time it could be developed to work in a construction site or support in the design or wouldn't want the technology hijacked the report thought there's a calling on governments in the industry to do more to protect us from all the pitfalls experts warn of the serious consequences it's absolutely right that we issue warnings where they are because the capabilities of the possibilities for it going wrong are absolutely they could be absolutely tragic we need to be able to get to grips with this now ai is clearly here to stay and staying one step ahead of
6:58 pm
those who want to abuse it will be a constant challenge and he would al-jazeera cambridge. and that'll do it for this newsgroup thank you for all your contributions and your comments the hash tag idea use great on twitter facebook and whatsapp you see right back here in studio fourteen tomorrow fifteen hundred eighty.
6:59 pm
in the first century. conservation is helping kids stove to recover it's snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the kurds on the international list of threatened species once held in one of australia's toughest
7:00 pm
detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to win his followers dr moon. and returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again at this time on al-jazeera i mean this is different but there are some i think for some of the favorites we think it's how you approach an official nothing it is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy in and get a story and now it. a chorus of international condemnation but it's fall in on deaf ears syria's government continues to pound the rebel held this streak of eastern huta.


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