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environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. pesticides are pushed on drums that it's a very modern way to do pop and we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic. circle of poison this time on al jazeera. as the u.n. discusses a potential cease fire for syria the killing on the ground in eastern guta continues. to go there and joining with all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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the parents of ninety one missing nigerian schoolgirls wait for news as the military admits not often rescued. president trump says america needs to toughen up on gun control suggesting ways of the age for flying weapons to twenty one and i'm restoring law and order in rio de janeiro brazil is military sweeps a prison after being put in charge of security. the syrian army has been dropping leaflets over eastern doucette the last rebel held on clay of the capital damascus the telling residents to leave for their own safety and urging opposition fighters to have themselves over the government's been bombing the area for a fifth straight day. well since some day at least four hundred people have been killed many of them are children more than a thousand all those have been wounded hospitals are being targeted in those attacks adults without borders says thirteen of the clinics it supports have been
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hit in the space of three days some of them are now completely destroyed but syria's ally russia says the pictures coming out of eastern go to our media fabrications and hopes are fading that the u.n. security council will manage to approve a thirty day cease far we'll have more from the u.n. in just a second but more for us from this report by osama bin jeff aid. get a good look at what they're looking taking. the smallest coffins of the heaviest busy tutor there in there doesn't every day for a parent think good bye to little children is not easy. almost every family has lost someone the number of dead is so high that trenches are being dug for quick burials. if people linger outside for too long they risk becoming victims of the next forming. living rooms in offices are no makeshift morgues. those who survived the attacks medical facilities unmotivated. doctors without borders says thirteen
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hospitals have been hit in three days. since sunday the syrian government and its allies have stepped up their strikes in terms of the converging on the fence. supposed to be bought off for deescalation zones agreed upon by russia iran and turkey but the syrian government says it start getting what it calls in an area to four hundred thousand people and russia denies its involved in the relentless bombardment of civilians. the situation really leaves much to be decided well as you know the responsibility for the situation in eastern huta rests with those who support the terrorists tunnels like these have been crucial for rebels who have struck multiple attempts to storm eastern front in the past year after numbers in their supplies have been cut off but the rebels say they will not surrender without a fight. our capabilities are weak but god willing we will deal with this
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the regime will lose again face similar attacks and it didn't fall and now again we will survive this besieged city and see none of the words from people in power have done much to protect them. messages for help from eastham who have been nonstop street after street bodies and parents have been trying to pull their children out of the rubble the united nation calls it hell on earth for besieged people in the east and abandoned by the outside world they might as well be living on another planet some of the. well as that fighting continues on the ground continuing to seek a diplomatic solution. ports on the. as people in eastern guta continued to die in the security council they continued to argue more words of division and no sign of desperately needed action
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the regime wants to keep bombing and gassing these four hundred thousand people and the assad regime is counting on russia to make sure the security council is unable to stop their suffering and there's really no one use that kind of your time is right to discuss frankly what is occurring around the mask a suburb the massive psychosis in global media outlets in coordination disseminating in recent days the same rumors this in no way do anything to help improve an understanding of the situation. he said a false narrative was being presented to taint the reputation of his country this despite the fact he had heard the un's top humanitarian official to tell exactly what was being inflicted on eastern ghouta. airstrikes mortars rockets barrel bombs cluster munitions chemical weapons. suicide snipers double tap attacks on civilians in the essential infrastructure they did and invading hospitals and schools. outside the un the campaign group highlighted
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the scale of the seven year long conflict and try to shame the security council into action inside the building here in the corridor was there were frantic negotiations to try and bring a draft resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire to a vote obama is about the only thing for. the scheme went if you have to call in those eleven by the time they gathered in the security council chamber it was clear russia wanted amendments and wouldn't let the resolution pass in its current form over the past two years with russian military help the syrian government represented by ambassador bashar jaffrey has turned the tide of the war now using russian diplomatic gade the assad regime wants finally to win it whatever it takes including civilian casualties and outright lies do you to not lie that you
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are killing civilians at least include not only when we are saying that many of these faking it was staged. by you. by your cousins. well you know by the terrorists by the syrian moderate opposition there was a sense of exasperate and despair that we some don't by sweden's ambassador but i do think that we are tested today not just as a bastard and representing our countries but as human beings and that is a massive responsibility a test for now they have failed james bays al-jazeera the united nations. meanwhile kurdish y p g fighters say they've lost control of parts of aleppo city to syrian government forces why p.g. says government troops have retaken kurdish held districts of the city after its fighters went to nearby a freend to repel an assault by turkey why p.g. is fighting alongside government troops in the free both sea turkey is
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a common enemy he is military's backtracking from claims that it rescued dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram earlier this week ninety one girls were reported missing in the village of death she and you'll be stayed on monday night well initially nigeria's military said it had managed to rescue seventy six of the schoolgirls but it's now issued an apology saying the security agency responsible for the information had made a mistake the governor of you'll be state is working with local security forces on the girls' families to ensure their return david also is a counterterrorism security and organized crime analyst he says there's a lack of credible information coming out of nigeria. i think that's one of the biggest problems you know the information you know comes you know in halves and you know nobody has been able to have you know a very fight information as to you know how many goes on the scene you know if book is indeed captured any of the goes and this is the biggest concern to that is
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different but you know the government the local government you know has the incentive most of the students back home you know for a while with brick without actually having done any investigation into to a city in which of these students have been missing how many has been captured by bookworm or if at all any of the goes has been captured by a book or a u.s. president donald trump has told the national rifle association that america needs to toughen up and some rules about some rules around gun control well he also called the legal part just saying aides to be raised and suggested that teachers be on the classroom our white house correspondent kimberly helped get us the story. arming teachers in the classroom is a controversy ally dhea being promoted by president donald trump to prevent school shootings if you harden the sights you're not going to have this problem because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools he says he wants to
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encourage educators to become comfortable with a gun even offering bonuses for those with firearms skills i want my schools protected just like white banks are protected trump made the comments on thursday at another white house listening session following the shootings in parkland florida that left seventeen people dead most of them teenagers. since the school shooting fellow students have made their voices heard and brought pressure to bear on trump and other right of center politicians to tighten gun restrictions arming teachers is not what they have in mind that's their plan anyway mark barden lost his son in two thousand and twelve when the sandy hook school shooting school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now then to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life on twitter trump attempted to clarify his position and floated other proposals such as background checks for those buying
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a gun raising the legal purchasing age to twenty one and again suggesting the end of the sale of so-called bump stocks that increase a weapons fire power not zero but some of those ideas are at odds with the biggest gun rights group in the united states with national rifle association or n.r.a. pushing back against any effort to limit gun ownership the elites don't care not one whit about america's school system for them. it's not a safety issue it's a political issue they care more about control. and more of them gun owners agree they were right to protect ourselves protect our children filter properly trained one not be able to use that i think that it would send a message across the nation that we are taking this into our own hands we're fighting back and we will be the first line of defense and while there is support for at least some of donald trump's proposals even the most basic limits on gun
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ownership will require congressional approval of accomplishment that in the past has proved difficult can really help get al-jazeera washington the special prosecutor looking into possible collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and the kremlin has brought new charges against the former chairman of the election bid home out of fort and one of his business associates face several counts of bank fraud conspiracy in the new indictment yes president's former aides also claim to have long more than thirty million dollars in income man of ford and great gates pleaded not guilty when first charged last october still to come on the program cape town has managed to push back daisy rule the day the city is expected to run dry plus the secret life of one of the ocean's most mysterious creatures is revealed in talks.
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welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across australia first of all can see we still got some heavy showers across northern areas into queensland now you've seen some severe storms here in recent days and it's like who they're going to be continuing to in the course of friday with some localized flash flooding elsewhere as a woman for sydney is pretty hot there for adelaide at thirty four degrees and out across western australia general looking fine twenty six the high in perth moving the forecast aamer looking at a change wind direction for the temperatures dropping and for those showers across queensland are likely to continue with more flooding issues across into new zealand looking at jerry an improved weather situation here fine conditions across the whole of the country and indeed it looks as though it will stay that way for all those places during the course of saturday maybe later on we've seen some showers on the western side of the south island heading up into northeastern parts of asia
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here is still roughly cold and showery so we're seeing showers across a cairo further south for much of honshu weather conditions looking ok tokyo there ten degrees and as we head into saturday again more showers likely be coming in but warm conditions expected for tokyo temps across the korean pitcher falling wages one as a high in pyongyang and temperatures stropping in beijing just three degrees celsius . once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to win his followers dr moon. has returns to his hometown baghdad to give you to use the hope of walking at this time on al-jazeera facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in jail just because he expressed himself hear their story on and
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talk to al-jazeera at this time. i don't mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera the un security council's been discussing the situation in syria's rebel held on cave of eastern good to be at least four hundred people have died since sunday there's talk of a thirty day cease fire but no. and here is military's backtracking from claims that it rescued dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped from you'll be state by boko haram already this week ninety one girls are still reported to be missing. u.s. president donald trump says the legal age to buy guns needs to be raised from eighteen to twenty one he also won the national rifle association the song goggles
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need to be toughened up. to sils military has carried out a security operation at the rio de janeiro prison as part of efforts to restore law and order to the troubled state well it comes just one day after brazil senate approved it to create authorizing the military to take control of police forces in the state dead the violence has spiked and real by eight percent over the last year causing president michel to merits a war on drug gangs have virtually and control the metropolitan area for twelve the . and once again on this song that joins us from rio de janeiro civil gave our troops now on the streets. well yes and no we saw them on the streets the last couple days here in rio they were at a prison trying to help out after there was a prison riot there we saw them monitoring some highways in town as well as doing a couple operations in shantytowns or fellows as they're called here that was all
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within the last couple days today we have not seen any army presence here on the streets were in the copacabana neighborhood the very famous neighborhood of rio de janeiro as you can see is pretty normal there's nothing out of the ordinary it's kind of a normal evening early evening here but beyond this and below the surface there is a lot of apprehension by a lot of people in this city and state apprehension about what could be coming and that could be more army true troops on the streets here in rio make no mistake about it this is significant because this is the first time since the military dictatorship in did in one thousand nine hundred eight that the military has been in control like this we saw the army here during the world cup and during the olympics but they were in a supporting role just helping the police now that's completely different the army controls security here and the police are subordinate to the army and just to give you an idea of the head of the security of this entire state is now an army general so this is the situation here but it's really unclear what the army's role is going
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to be as you see you don't see army soldiers on every corner the police are still doing their patrols but it's really the army that are really the head of the security now i'm dave how are people feeling about this. yeah we spoke to several people just average people here in the city of rio when we got here we asked them just that question the short answer is this everybody agrees that crime and criminality is out of control in this city and it's gotten worse over the last year and everyone agrees that the police just haven't been able to get a handle on it at all but people disagree if the military on the streets is the right way to solve the criminality problem with a wave of criminality it's hit this city and state some people are saying that they're so desperate to see law and order come back to rio that they're willing to have the army on the streets others say well the situation is bad the army will not
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be able to solve the underlying problems here socio economic economic problems that are leading to the criminality and so they say the army is simply not suited to perform police judi's like they are now having to do so a lot of people are worried about that as well and gave of course it's a presidential election year how might this decision impacts the elections all. yeah there's a lot of politics going on in brazil right now a big presidential election later this year in october the current president michel tamar he's the one that ordered the army troops on the streets here in rio it was all is doing he even though he has less than ten percent approval ratings he's thinking about possibly running for reelection believe it or not he's thinking that if this is successful if the army troops are able to contain violence here in rio get it under control this could boost his chances of running for president later this year so that's what a lot of people are saying will that happen we simply don't know but
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a lot of people here are saying maybe this is just a political ploy by him because as you see it there are no army troops on the streets year that we've seen anywhere in rio right now so they're wondering is this just a big show by the president making this decree but will it actually be meeting real troops on the streets and really able to contain the violence that's where a lot of people are very skeptical but clearly a lot of politics going on here a lot of opposition candidates that have already declared that they're going to run already saying that this is not the right thing to put soldiers on the streets doing police work gave elizondo their lives from rio de janeiro gave. the president of the philippines says his ban on the deployment of workers to kuwait will continue and it may even be expanded to other countries were to go deterred he made the comments after attending the wake of a filipino made whose body was found stuffed in a freezer in a kuwait city apartment ernie and this month philippine officials say joanna den families pulled the boy torture marks and there were indications she was strangled
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the president says he intends to file criminal charges against his it's. a standoff is taking place between cyprus and turkey over natural gas exploration in the eastern mediterranean the president of cyprus says turkey is violating its sovereignty by using warships to block their vessels from cyprus in holiday explains. greek cypriots say it's their sovereign right to explore for natural gas in the eastern mediterranean but in this divided island sovereignty and borders have long been disputed turkey's decision to hold military exercises off the coast of cyprus prevented drilling from proceeding the rig couldn't reach its intended site turkey. using means the not being caught for me with international law is trying to hijack you know weary you know the.
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area over the eastern mediterranean. turkey sees it differently it says its interests and the rights of turkish cypriots are being violated and corrupt says turkish cypriots should have a say in the decision making process and then equal share of the revenue it's a sentiment shared by the breakaway turkish republic of northern cyprus it believes the resources around the island belong to it to. the greek cypriots kicked us out in one nine hundred sixty three and oak by the republic now they are trying to steal what is ours we want a lot of this the potential for natural resources further complicate efforts to resolve what is known as the cyprus problem last year the two sides came closer than ever to a deal but talks collapsed the cypriot government says negotiations can't resume until what it called the turkish blockade and the fact that these factions are coupling now is preventing us from resuming renegotiation because you cannot you
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know. when you have these kind of threats. experts say the amount of gas in the mediterranean basin is not a game changer it has a lot to do with turkey's role as an energy hub there needs to be a main export route and if this is going to be turkey of course this is. very important the international community's reaction has so far been to discourage escalation with the united nations urging a return to the negotiating table the potential for natural resources has brought back attention to the cyprus problem the hope is it will bring the sides closer together but the fear is it will complicate efforts to find a permanent solution on. greek cypriots turkish cypriots turkey they all agree that the island's natural resources belongs to all cypriots apart from that there is little agreement the untapped resources have
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become a bargaining chip to further political gains in a decades old problem. on the divided island of cyprus migration from west africa to europe gets a lot of attention but the vast majority of west african. work end up staying closer to home but many of the region's economy is booming plenty of them are finding opportunities to work their neighboring countries. in senegal. chic enjoys a laborer from. she's still in got my ninja near from congo and jello mason from guinea all over working on this construction site building new office blocks and city girls growing capital. this is no chateaux it's the land of opportunity. and every week i send money back to my mom and my little sister. to school thanks to what i said. after having left my family behind i have no regrets to have children
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senegal i feel comfortable with people who are black africans like me i'll take that any time over being with white people and so far away from my family. economist at the international monetary fund see a surge in economic growth in west africa take a look at these numbers across eighteen countries their gross domestic product is a five percent africa's sleeping lion economies are now roaring ahead with ghana predicted to grow at nine percent a good deal and sigel at seven percent if you're gonna get a number here the u.s. president may call it a shithole but the united states invested sixty five billion dollars in african countries in two thousand and sixteen and that number is expected to rise in two thousand and eighteen while many europeans in north america still view the continent as poor war torn and desolate african see more opportunities at home than outside the caught up so west africans are on the move but there are seven times
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more likely to move within west african countries then go to europe or north america. for the past forty years fifteen countries in west africa agreed to allow the free movement of people and goods within its borders migrants from the region sent thirty three billion dollars to their loved ones last year the problem we have enough is not a problem and there's a lack of organization those people leaving their countries to grow abroad those are the champions those are the rules because even though if you and there's a sprint position think about it how many people would say i'm going to now go across the entire south. to go to look for something that other african migrants to europe send more money home than those from within the region. most west africans are moving closer to home for.
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opportunities are here and this is where they want to build their lives because hark al-jazeera to car. that's water restrictions in cape time in the city's been able to push back the date when it expects the taps to one dry business is about to make big changes to how they operate day zero as know as it's now called is not now expected until july charted bellus explains. as the sun rises over to vassar's kloof dam cape town's main water resource has never been so low in january south africans were warned days iraq would come on april twelfth the day cape town would run dry but their prophecy looks unlikely to come true. water restrictions appear to be working resistance are sticking to the daily limit of fifty liters per person per day deemed the minimum needed for survival business
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owners are changing the way they operate south africans have nudged a zero out another three months to july we've made a mess of a thread in trying to use as little as possible save washing up seeing some really really we don't we for often we use it consciously and mindfully. one entrepreneur has opened an eco friendly car wash swapping water for a chemical that can remove. the cost of wasted water will not be tolerated police officers visited car washes in cape town on wednesday and caught a live in using municipal water they were all slept with two hundred fifty dollars fines others a worried about how costly the crisis could be to their bottom line the bad part of it if i might just need to stop i need to think about that very i want to prepare more work for people but if that happens it's going to be out of my. risible haven't been full for more than three
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years because of an injury and drought now the city is digging into alternative options like the aquifers that lie beneath here vassals kloof table mountain and hundreds of kilometers up the west coast is huge it's worse than often or any of the much evil and expecting water from the well not because. they've also been helped by. farm is releasing tame billion liters of water from private reserves for the public to use cape town's four million people just need to maintain restrictions until winter when rain will hopefully arrive to avoid becoming the world's first city to turn off the taps shallop bellus al-jazeera groundbreaking experiment by scientists and antarctica has revealed secrets about one of the ocean's most mysterious creatures marine biologists have attached a camera to the elusive winkie will for the first time we said just say it helps
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them understand the mammals behavior ahead of the project says he's impressed by the whale speed as well as how often it effectively once every ten seconds. what's amazing to me is how fast the animal is and how quickly it can feed and then how great the again it can be the second time we're used to study the whales and then whales that can take up to a minute between between when they open their mouth and when they can do that again because it's not a process all that water these minky whales the wondering out of the meeting where it was once a crowd of ten seconds. mind of those top stories here on al-jazeera warplanes have been pounding the last rebel on clave near syria's capital for a fifth straight day one of the fiercest air assaults in seven years of civil war with at least four hundred people killed in eastern guta since sunday the un
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security council is discussing a potential thirty day ceasefire for syria but so far there's been no agreement u.n. humanitarian chief says a cease fire is not only necessary but legally requires. your all its member states aware that your obligations under international humanitarian law or just that they are binding all big asians they're not for you to be traded in a game of death and destruction. humanitarian access is not a nice term. it is a legal requirement. counter-terrorism efforts supersede the obligation to respect and protect civilians but you do not justify the killing of civilians and the destruction of entire cities and neighborhoods nigeria's military is backtracking from claims that it rescued dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram earlier this week ninety one girls were reported missing in the village of shion you'll be stayed on monday night initially nigeria's military said it managed
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to rescue seventy six of the school girls it's now i shouldn't apologize saying the security agency responsible for the information made a mistake. yes president donald trump is still the national rifle association that america needs to toughen up some rules around gun control some said the legal age to buy guns needs to be raised to twenty one years of age from eighteen he made this gestures at a school safety meeting one week after seventeen people were killed in a school shooting in florida president also said the movies are too violent and that mental health institutions need to be real and america's gun control debate is also dominating the annual meeting of right wing activists at the conservative political action conference near washington the c.e.o. of the national rifle association attacked those calling for tighter gun controls and argued for armed protection in schools europe today those are your headlines
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stay with al-jazeera one a one east is next as always thanks for your company sees it. al-jazeera. swear every since. decades of war have left thousands of iraqi amputees desperate to mend their broken bodies. now the chance to use cutting edge robotic kristen's is giving them new hope. and steve cho on this episode one on one he's follows one man's incredible journey from refuse.


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