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mentor at this time and how does he hear. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you want it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. hello there i'm laura kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. one hundred people killed in
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a week in the bombardment of syria's eastern. time we need it desperately but russia blocks those efforts by the un security council to call for thirty days across the country. plus mixed messages from government about missing schoolgirls after monday's attack. and the new campaign that's underway to make antarctic waters the largest protected area. has been under siege by syrian government forces for five years but the last five days have been the worst so far officer in the rebel held east and near the capital damascus relentless bombardment killed dozens more bringing the number of dead to
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more than four hundred more than a thousand people have been injured the military has dropped leaflets over the area urging residents to leave and calling on opposition fighters to hand themselves. meanwhile the un security council is struggling to possible solution on a cease fire. into the area it's facing opposition from russia which claims information from the ground in east to good has been fabricated by the syrian opposition brings more on that in just a moment but first. reports on a. good look at the thank you thanks. it was the smallest coffins the heaviest and besieged there are dozens every day for parents saying goodbye to little children is not easy but almost every family has lost someone the number of dead is so high that trenches are being dug for quick burials thank you people linger outside for too long they risk becoming victims of the next
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bombing. living rooms in offices are no makeshift morgues. for those who survived the attacks medical facilities are not available. doctors without borders says thirteen hospitals have been hit in three days. since sunday the syrian government and its allies have stepped up their strikes and seems to be converging on the fence. supposed to be blown off or deescalation zones agreed upon by russia iran and turkey but the syrian government says it stopped getting what it called dentists in an area home to four hundred thousand people and russia denies its involved in the relentless one bottle of civilians. the situation really leaves much to be decided well as you know the responsibility for the situation in east rests with those who support the terrorists tunnels like these have been crucial for rebels who have stopped multiple attempts to storm the eastern front in the past get off numbered and their supplies have been cut off but the residents say
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they will not surrender without a fight each month. or capabilities a week but god willing we will deal with this the regime will lose again we face similar attacks and it didn't fall and now again we will survive this besieged city and say none of the words from people in power have done much to protect them. messages for help from eastern who have been nonstop street after street there are bodies and parents have been trying to pull their children out of the rubble the united nation calls it hell on earth for besieged people in eastern ghouta who feel abandoned by the outside world they might as well be living on another planet some of the job as they are. the united nations humanitarian chief has been urging the security council to order a desperate is to deliver food and medicine to her but russia has been downplaying the situation automatic as reports from the u.n.
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as people in eastern continued to die in the security council they continue to argue more words of division and no sign of desperately needed action the regime wants to keep bombing and gassing these four hundred thousand people and the assad regime is counting on russia to make sure the security council is unable to stop their suffering there's really no good use of your time is right to discuss frankly what is occurring around the mask a suburb the massive psychosis in global media outlets in coordination disseminating in recent days the same rumors this in no way do anything to help improve an understanding of the situation he said a false narrative was being presented to taint the reputation of his country this despite the fact he'd heard the un's top humanitarian official detail exactly what was being inflicted on eastern ghouta. airstrikes mortars rockets barrel
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bombs custom emissions chemical weapons. suicide bombs snipers double tap attacks on civilians and the essential infrastructure lated and invading hospitals and schools outside the un the campaign group highlighted the scale of the seven year long conflict and tried to shame the security council into action inside the building here in the corridor laws there were frantic negotiations to try and bring a draft resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire to a vote obama is about the only thing for. this game went into a medical building those eleven by the time they gathered in the security council chamber it was clear russia wanted amendments and wouldn't let the resolution pass in its current form over the past two years with russian military help the syrian
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government represented by ambassador bashar jaffrey has turned the tide of the war now using russian diplomatic gade the assad regime wants finally to win it whatever it takes including civilian casualties and outright lies it do you to know that you are killing civilians at least include not only when we are saying that many of these fake in us are staged by you. by your cousins. by you know by the terrorists by the syrian moderate opposition there was a sense of exasperated and despair that we summed up by sweden's ambassador i do think that we are tested today not just as representing our countries but as human beings and that is a massive responsibility a test for now they have failed james pays zero the united nations. that has him is the director of the center for middle east studies joins us live
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from denver via skype good to have you with us why is russia downplaying the situation. or because it's committing war crimes and it's backing it has committed war crimes it has military aims that it is seeking to east and still it's trying to do everything and to prevent international action to stop it realizing this war has been very effective in doing circles it's going to veto the u.n. security council the swedish ambassador would not be pushing for a vote on this latest resolution to allow humanitarian access to be pushing for that vote to take place on friday but do you think it will go ahead. i suspect it probably will and if russia doesn't get its way it will veto the resolution just as it has in the past it's important to point out to your viewers that russia has vetoed eleven un security council resolutions almost half of those resolutions
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dealt with an investigation into assad's use of sarin gas so the fact that russia does not seek and is not willing to tolerate an investigation into use of chemical weapons gives you a sense of you know what's going on in moscow and what the you know what the world view of the of the putin regime really is really stand for and if but that has made them is going for a cease fire is calling for humanitarian access is not trying to take you to point the finger at this time so what is it that russia's unhappy about well i think russia does not want to see any sort of humanitarian aid go into east who wants to conquer that enclave. and so russia wants to continue its bombing campaign it is hoping to you know conquer the enclave just that just as they played a critical role in conquering you know aleppo roughly a year ago but i want to point out it's important that sort of you know precedent here four years ago russia voted for a u.n.
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security council resolution twenty one thirty nine that affected to be called for what we're talking about right now humanitarian access respecting medical facilities allowing you know civilians to flee and so why hasn't russia you know lived up to its resolution that signed on to four years ago i think this is largely political theater and until and unless the international community gets a very serious with russia i don't think they're going to stop their their war crimes and it's a bit serious how i mean this it will come back to this question time and time again what else can be done. well let me give you an example i think what would send a clear message to run through. would be if. major countries around the world particularly in the west were to say that as of tomorrow no aeroflot airlock and in any western city as long as russia is bombing hospitals and civilians in east air flight airline is fifty one percent state owned something along those lines would send a clear message to florida you're simply passing u.n.
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resolutions that russia will either veto or no more has been tried in the past and so they think that will make any difference tomorrow in the coming days is really wishful thinking that i seem eager to get your thoughts thanks for joining us there from the. get. the iranian deputy foreign minister has told out of there that terror on could withdraw from the landmark twenty fifty nuclear deal if there is no economic benefit from it something that could happen if the u.s. pulls out i think our position is very clear really meaning that the as long as we can benefit from it. if the u.s. walk away can be a still benefit from the deal it's a big question for the time being we are not convinced that the deal can survive and you don't can benefit from that the it's very much depends on the other participants to the c.p.o. way and. as i said. for the time being i
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don't think. that they can deliver the deal without the u.s. this is important u.s. president donald trump is not backing away from his controversial proposal to arm some teachers and suggested they should be paid a bonus is under intense public pressure to pass tougher gun laws following last week's mass shooting at a florida high school white house correspondent kelly halkett has more. arming teachers in the classroom is a controversy ally dhea being promoted by president donald trump prevent school shootings if you harden the sites you're not going to have this problem because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools he says he wants to encourage educators to become comfortable with the gun even offering bonuses for those with firearms skills i want my schools protected just like my banks are protected trump made the comments on thursday at another white house listening
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session following the shootings in parkland florida that left seventeen people dead most of them teenagers. since the school shooting fellow students have made their voices heard and brought pressure to bear on trump and other right of center politicians to tighten gun restrictions arming teachers is not what they have in mind that's their plan anyway mark barden lost his son in two thousand and twelve when the sandy hook school shooting school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now then to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life on twitter trump attempted to clarify his position and floated other proposals such as background checks for those buying a gun raising the legal purchasing age to twenty one and again suggesting the end of the sale of so-called bump stocks that increase a weapons fire power not zero but some of those ideas are at odds with the biggest
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gun rights group in the united states with national rifle association or n.r.a. pushing back against any effort to limit gun ownership the elites don't care not one whit about america's school system for them it's not a safety issue it's a political issue. they care more about control and more of gun owners agree they were right to protect ourselves protect our children so if they're properly trained why not be able to use that i think that it would send a message across the nation that we are taking this into our own hands we're fighting back and we will be the first line of defense and while there is support for at least some of donald trump's proposals even the most basic limits on gun ownership will require congressional approval and accomplishment that in the past has proved difficult can really help get al-jazeera washington. brazil's military
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has raided reduced narrow personnel to the senate side of the creek putting the army in charge of the city's security riot broke out of the prison on sunday with presents complaining of overcrowding and says and takeover rhea's policing as part of a security intervention to restore law and order of brazil's federal government hopes the move will curb violence driven by drug gangs which they say have taken over the city i can live now to give us on the he's in rio de janeiro for us what signs all of the military is now in charge. well over the last couple days since this decree has gone into effect we've seen the military out on the streets in some areas as you mentioned they were sent to a prison to help quell a prison riot we also see him on some highways doing some patrols and they also did a couple operations into foot bellows or shanty towns here as well but beyond that
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on a normal night like tonight here in the neighborhood of copacabana a neighborhood for example we're at all signs are pretty normal we haven't seen any military really anywhere in this city. on this day at all really and it's really an indication of what role will the military play when will they be out on the streets when will they not be out on the streets what are they going to be doing those are the questions that a lot of people have here but make no mistake about it this is a city that is militarized we've seen the military here in rio before during the olympics and the world cup they were held here but they were had just a supporting role to the police now it's different now the military is in control and the police while they're still patrolling they are subordinate to the military and the top security official in this state is now an army general this is the first time that the military has taken control over a city like this since the military dictatorship era in brazil india and that was
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one thousand nine hundred eighty eight so it's very significant times here in the city and state indeed and all people happy about this. will tell you we talked to several people here just regular people in the streets and we asked them that very question everybody agrees on one thing here and that's that crime has gotten way out of control from drug gangs and also militias as well everyone agrees on that and they say the police have not been able to contain it were people disagree is when you asked him is the mill. terry going to help resolve the crime issue some people say they're so fed up with crime here that it's gotten so bad that they're willing to give the military a chance other people are saying the military is not suited to do police work and that their military can't deal with the underlying issues of inequality. or this city is is hampered with and so the military is going to do nothing to help in that way and maybe even hurt things because they're not trained to do policing that
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they're having to do now so they're very much a mixed bag on how people feel about the military on the street but again everyone does agree that something has to be done ok. reporting from a just mary but people still ahead here on the news hour including south africa's food coming under scrutiny after the number of deaths from this styria more than doubles plus we're getting a lot of. refugees stage a hunger strike in an israeli detention center to protest the deportation order. and to support a two decade wait for them pick gold finally ends for the u.s. women's hockey team. more charges have been filed against former aides to the trump presidential
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campaign gates by special counsel robert muller that has to count indictment includes tax on bank fraud charges in october manifolds and gates were charged with conspiracy to lauda money both have pleaded not guilty well it is investigating possible collusion between the campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen election you can update now from castrations life for some washington d.c. so he can explain these new charges for us. hey laura yes so it is a little bit complicated legally these are thirty two charges that. are in addition to the twelve that initially were filed in october and it is important to mention that out of all of these charges against both paul mann afford and rick gave none of them directly implicate trump or his campaign the charges filed today mainly centered around filing false income tax returns and money laundering in fact
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laundering thirty million dollars of income that came from foreign sources including a russian linked political party in ukraine now the fact that trump was not mentioned at all in today's filing certainly is a point that the president will likely into size when he responds to the questions that will surely come out of this indictment but what this truly is significant is that the special counsel appointed to investigate the wider russia topic robert mueller he is flexing his muscles with these charges and he's showing in intricate detail how much he and his team of investigators have been able to dig up on these close trump associates and so although it does not mention by name is certainly does darken the shadow that is already hanging over this administration and at the very least begs the question of wide trump was allowed to surround himself with
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associates who had these darkness' areas dealings in their past ok thanks for that plagues of clearing some of us up from washington d.c. . now a british charity oxfam has been suspended from operating in haiti for two months but in the ongoing controversy over sexual abuse allegations the carbon island's government has temporarily revoked the aid organizations permission to work in the country it follows revelations that staff sexually exploited victims of the earthquake in twenty ten deputy director of the un's children's agency unicef has resigned after complaints about inappropriate behavior in a previous job just in forsyth was the c.e.o. of the u.k. charity save the children until twenty sixteen on he was there three workers complained about inappropriate text messages comments about what young women were wearing says it wasn't aware of the complaints when it appointed for saif
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angry parents of dozens of missing nigerian schoolgirls have accused of lying to them after a state governor apologized for saying some of them had been rescued and they're actually still missing fighters drove to. village and state on monday ninety one students from the school in the country's northeast have been reported as missing disappearances one of the largest since baccarat abduction more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls in the town of chip book and twenty fourteen. since tuesday we are here looking for our child we didn't see them and actually they did not inform us we were children on early yesterday soldiers brought about seventy two girls and now we are waiting for them and dumped you to see with their among those risk you'd a number of deaths from listeria in south africa has more than doubled since last month the government says one hundred seventy two people have now died since the outbreak began just over a year ago the disease is usually passed on through food but the source of this
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outbreak is still unknown to me the miller has more from johannesburg. in the last year more than nine hundred cases of listeria have been reported in south africa most of those cases have been here in johannesburg listeria is a serious bacterial infection which is spread when people eat contaminated food the most common thing is to be contaminated on pasteurized milk cheese which to goals and processed foods many of those foods can be found in markets just like this one a listeria infection include symptoms like diarrhea and can even lead to meningitis or premature labor in pregnant women the center for communicable diseases is trying to figure out where this disease originated parties have closed poultry adverts where the bug was detected this theory is a treatable disease but the concern is that there isn't enough public awareness and that's contributed to the largest outbreak south africa's ever seen. ten senior
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greek politicians including two former prime ministers are facing an investigation into alleged bribes from a swiss drug company comes after a heated nineteen hour debate and vote in parliament pharmaceutical firms allegedly bribed politicians and doctors to raise the price caps on their medicines johnson has more for that. the greek parliament has voted to hold a preliminary investigation into whether there are political responsibilities for two former prime ministers one former finance minister and seven former health and labor ministers over the last fifteen years the thought to have been potentially susceptible to charges of either soliciting or certain gropes money laundering in other words illegally processing the proceeds of those bribes if they did indeed receive them one of the former health ministers and labor
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ministers who spoke in his own defense passionately to. he was the man who served as labor minister between two thousand and nine and two thousand and eleven the very beginning of creases economic adjustment program that was the socialist government which started the serious fiscal austerity program that continues to this day and he said he had found health health project that was worth thirteen billion dollars and in his time that was reduced to about eight billion dollars similarly within that budget the pharmaceutical expenditure that he found he said was worth about seven billion dollars and that was reduced by almost so how could it be he said that i received bribes to raise the pharmaceutical expenditures of the state i was doing precisely the opposite similar remarks came from all of the other defendants all of them denying the charges against them many of them saying that they're willing for the investigation to proceed in order to clear. the
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investigation may take one of two routes could decide that there are political responsibilities in which case under the great constitution it is parliament which must affectively act as a court of law for these politicians or it may decide that parliament will not involve itself in any further investigation and hand the case back to the traditional authorities where they can pursue the charges against these politicians and former politicians as ordinary citizens. so has half. our movie stars our politicians they're all more protected than our children at school all has a larger. america breaks his silence about the deadly florida school shooting. for and set a goal just one of the west african nations away said economic crisis. and
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saying he's launched. new formula one season and we'll have all those details. welcome back as we look at the weather in north america we've got this frontal system which has been very slow moving along that we've had some very very heavy and persistent rain warm air being trucked up on the southern side of the front but cold air digging in behind it so still some snow for northern parts of the u.s. and through into canada across the great lakes meanwhile this frontal system still giving some storms down a strong temperature wise but then we get a push of warm air coming up from the big rise in temperatures for dallas and then mild air pushing northwards and new york coming in with double figures meanwhile out across the west we've got some snow to contend with there for denver colorado
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another area of snow coming into wars a pacific northwest to head down into central parts of america remains pretty quiet here has been that way for quite some time now few showers coming in off the caribbean sea into some coastal regions but otherwise looking fine and as for the caribbean islands weather conditions looking just about perfect temperatures into the high twenty's brous winds and showers very few and far between heading into south america we've had heavy showers affecting parts of peru and into bolivia still showing up in the forecast further south only isolated showers into northern parts of chile should be fine in santiago across much of argentina sunshine is expected with highs of twenty seven and buenos aires. the way we communicate is what defines us. it always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content
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creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to one frontiers the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed that as a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching out who's there has reminder of our top stories this hour the syrian military has dropped leaflets over eastern calling on residents to leave for their own safety and opposition fighters to hand themselves over more than four hundred people have died in the rebel held enclave turn five days of let's. blame the still no agreement at the u.n. on ordering a cease fire aid into the area is facing opposition from russia which is accusing the media of a massive disinfo mason campaign. and brazil's military has carried out security operation as a ridge is no present as part of efforts to restore law and order to the troubled state comes off the senate approved to create authorizing the military to take control of police forces in the states. ok back to one of the main stories now and u.s. president donald trump is not backing away from his controversial proposal to some
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teachers and suggested they should be paid a bonus he's under intense public pressure to pass tougher gun laws following last week's mass shooting at a florida high school america's national rifle association call support. it's a bizarre fact that in this country our jewelry stores all over this country are more important than our children our banks our airports our n.b.a. games our n.f.l. games our office buildings our movies stars our politicians they're all more protected than our children at school the same make any sense to anybody. do we really love our money and our celebrities more than we love our children. tim taylor is the current board member of texas gun
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sense and she joins us live in austin via skype does it ari chief have a point why are we willing to have armed protection for banks and film cells for example but not schools i'm not willing to treat our schools like prisons i think it's a sad state of affairs that we have to we feel like we need to be sick. protected from guns and all of those situations that they just described quite frankly the reason that we do is because the n.r.a. has made it easier for every american to access the gun apathy firearm and they've made it easier for them for people with mental health issues that doubt firearms so this idea that we have to treat our schools like prisons and have armed guards in a car. like the teachers is is just ludicrous. there is no weapon armed guard and at the school last week and he did not get there in time ok so more teachers
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having access to guns new you think would not have stopped this particular incident from happening absolutely not absolutely not i mean there have been other instances where there have they have had teachers armed i think i heard a story today in israel and twelve year old boy was shot by accident when the teacher was cleaning his gun. and more guns do not make it safer. and study after study proves that more guns do not make us safer do you think though that this proposal by trump might get to congress and might pass. no i do not see the congress passing this bill quite frankly they have to fund it and if you're talking about funding critically in the united states we're not funding our schools with our teachers have to buy their own people or cancels and some just drips in some schools were woefully underfunding our schools and the idea the idea that we're going to spend billions of dollars are arming our teachers is just
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ludicrous we always think we have to do is make our call for universal background checks and make our database more updated and call for a ban and on and on and an ar fifteen. passed just said that he is willing to push for tighter background checks and lifting the a raising the age limit on buying sussan weapons obviously you think that won't go far enough but is it better than nothing in this current climate anything is better than nothing in this current climate. yes i mean any anything any step in the right directions and a good step. but i believe in universal into we get universal background checks you are really truly not going to say. the gun carnage that we're seeing in the united states ok kim taylor many thanks for taking the time to join us from austin in
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texas thank you. global leaders including donald trump she didn't paying undermining human rights that's the warning from the sense that latest report it accuses the leaders of rolling out regressive policies such as trump's controversial travel ban on muslims the report also highlights atrocities including mammals military crackdown on the rangar particle hain has more from washington d.c. . a bleak assessment on the state of human rights in twenty seventeen they will not look back and draw any lessons from this they will look back and they will see that they will all of the drafting of some of the dockers chapters in modern history the forward of the four hundred page report takes aim at specific countries first and foremost me and mar accusing the government of committing crimes against humanity which forced almost seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims to flee it singles out saudi arabia's blockade for creating
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a humanitarian catastrophe in yemen all of the countries fighting i saw in iraq in syria for not protecting civilians and south sudan for crimes which forced thousands of people to flee from their donald j. trump is called it comes out the united states calling president donald trump's plan to ban entry from citizens of several muslim majority countries a transparently hateful move and it blames european leaders for creating the conditions for what it calls shocking abuses of refugees in libya it names countries it says are consistently violating human rights such as turkey china russia then israel and egypt and iran it also pointed the finger at six african countries for stifling public protests this is the very first time that amnesty international has chosen to unveil their annual report here in the united states and they chose the capitol building they say in large part because they believe what they call his nationalistic and sometimes even hateful rhetoric and policies of president donald trump are spreading across the globe anything that the u.s.
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does has a massive in a multiplier effect across the world but they want em boredom by the fact that you know being on human rights abandon me human values is something which is acceptable today we asked the white house for a response but didn't hear back as for amnesty international it says it's not all bad out there it sees the rise of hate be met with the rise of a resistance from the u.s. right. going to poland. then this way or two around. which embassy says gives it some hope the just maybe twenty eighteen won't be quite as bleak in so many places paddy calling al-jazeera washington african refugees in israel's hot detention center have gone on hunger strike protesting the imprisonment of seven eritreans who have refused to leave the country. and then the first to be jailed under
2:38 am
a new deportation skein many of the thirty seven thousand african refugees in israel have been given three months to take up a cash offer to leave for rwanda face indefinite jail time but a smith has more from the detention center in israel southern negev desert so israel has started to carry out its threat to jail what it calls illegal african infiltrators who refuse the offer of cash in a one way ticket to a third african country and seven eritreans been taken from the detention center behind me to the jail just on the other side of the road and bodies the fate that awaits thirty seven thousand of the african migrants if they refuse this offer of caution one way ticket home many of the people we spoke to here mainly from eritrea and sudan say they will not take this offer and they are now on hunger strike until israel reverses its policy. they're the hardest jobs to fill in israel's restaurant
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industry and they're often done by people like tyler booker who walked from darfur in sudan to israel eight years ago but i got him involved in that for the situation there was very difficult i used to see death every day i saw the death of my father with my own eyes you can't go back from here i would like there's no way back no return but talib is in israel illegally now he faces deportation his boss says those refugees who work for him have a strong work ethic making them worth the extra taxes he has to pay for hiring normally israeli staff i mean it's not something that you can. go on to a hotel manager of the hotel owners they simply don't want to local workers and that's why they are willing to or hire them i went starts that's a fourth but that's that's a false assumption because you're paying more and once there we leave you will be left with no walker and no one to not want to do those jobs thirty seven thousand africans are being offered three and a half thousand dollars on
2:40 am
a one way ticket to an unspecified country in africa many live here in the working class suburbs of southern television pressure on the right wing government from local israelis and its nationalist base encourage the deportations but it's prompting a backlash in a country other israelis see as founded as a refuge for jews fleeing persecution a group of holocaust survivors has written to prime minister benjamin netanyahu asking him not to deport the migrants the anti-defamation league in the u.s. says israel should reconsider its plans citing jewish values and refugee heritage netanyahu says that israel does accept refugees and the people facing deportation are those who are illegal economic migrants eleven asylum requests have been accepted by the government out of about fifteen thousand that have been submitted in the e.u. by comparison around sixty percent of applications are approved. at the very least we need to be as open as other countries which we haven't to be and i think for
2:41 am
a lot of people as you said this speaks very deeply to their personal and family history it does for me as well but i think beyond that this is this is a human rights issue that we all have to fight against and make sure it doesn't happen but still opinion polls suggest seventy percent of israel's jewish population agrees with the deportation program those who don't take up the cash and take it off the face jail says he prefers that than being sent back to africa. certainly from the eritrean and sudanese migrants that we've spoken to none of them want to go to african country and that presents an enormous challenge the israeli authorities because if they carry out then they have to find jail space for thirty seven thousand african migrants that want to takes about two thousand so israel would have to embark on some sort of massive jail construction project person in
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president mahmoud abbas checked himself into a u.s. hospital but was later released officials say it was a routine check and he's been discharged. address the u.n. security council in new york on tuesday spanish police say an officer has died after clashes between police and football fans before a europa league match in bilbao spanish media is reporting the officer died in hospital after suffering from cardiac arrest during the riots the trouble erupted ahead of the last letter bilbao and spartak moscow a federal court in germany is set to decide whether diesel cars can be banned from certain cities in an effort to cut air pollution there's the potential to cause problems politically and germany the automotive industry as a major part of the economy to mccain is following the case from berlin. today's ruling is all about air pollution what causes it devices such as this are filtering measuring the levels of pollution in the environment of the big cities and it's the
2:43 am
cities which are potentially going to be the ones that would implement a plan if that is the decision of the court the point to make is that those bringing the case believe the environmentalists believe that diesel engines are a prime cause of elevated levels of dangerous emissions and they say dangerous emissions in the atmosphere also motive industry disagrees it believes with the measures it has brought in is implemented alongside the coalition government are enough not to see a baron brought in the point would then be how could a brown be in for certain cities notably dusseldorf and stuttgart would very much like to be able to introduce a sort of blue badge scheme if they could which would be put on all cars that didn't emit dangerous emissions the question will be whether the court feels now is the time to bring in a kind of decision which would make a barren possible bankruptcy japanese based automotive parts supplier to carter has agreed to
2:44 am
a six hundred fifty million dollars us penalty settle claims that concealed a deadly air bag safety defect that the forty four us states involved in the private ways not to collect the penalty and it says allowed victimize consumers to get as much recovery money as possible that affected air bags and face it with too much force causing at least twenty two deaths court approval of the sale of the bankrupt companies other businesses is expected soon some nations in west africa including senegal guinea ivory coast and ghana have seen a strong economic growth recently senekal guinea ivory coast they've all seen seen a six percent increase last year that's a remarkable rate and much of it is being filled by freedom of movement and cross border trade as a close hard core ports from dhaka. chicken is a laborer from getting. stealin gum and engineer from congo and jello mason from guinea all our working on this construction site building new office blocks and
2:45 am
city girls growing capital. this is no should toll it's the land of opportunity. and every week i said money back to my mom and my little sister going to school thanks to what i said. after having left my family behind i have no regrets to have children senegal i feel comfortable with people who are black africans like me i'll take that any time over being with white people and still far away from my family economist at the international monetary fund see a surge in economic growth in west africa take a look at these numbers across eighteen countries their gross domestic product is a five percent africa sleeping lion economies are now roaring ahead with gonna predicted to grow at nine percent good deed well and so they go at seven percent if you're gonna give me now the u.s. president may call it a shit hole and the united states invested sixty five billion dollars in african
2:46 am
countries in two thousand and sixteen and that number is expected to rise in two thousand and eighteen. while many europeans in north america still view the continent as poor war torn and desolate african see more opportunities at home than outside the consulate. so west africans are on the move that there are seven times more likely to move within west african countries then go to europe or north america. for the past forty years fifteen countries in west africa if we allow the free movement of people and goods within its borders migrants from the region sent thirty three billion dollars to their loved ones last year the problem we have enough is not a problem of money there's a lack of organization those people leaving their countries to grow abroad those are the champions those are the rules because even though if you and this is a sprint position think about it are many people would say i'm going to now go
2:47 am
across the entire sourav to go to look for something that other african migrants to europe said more money home than those from within the region. most west africans are moving closer to home for again they jallow opportunities are here and this is where they want to build their lives because hark al-jazeera to car. how pain is underway to turn a vast area of antarctic water into the largest protected area on earth the wealthiest which invite avastin currently untouched by human activity make clark is on board the greenpeace ship sailing to the sixty fourth parallel in antarctica. so we're on board the arctic sunrise heading further and further south we've come through the antarctic found by sexy and talked the principle we're now on the web will see but not yet at the core that was that would have protected the sixty four
2:48 am
parallel but to get there we've got to get through all these lies there's a lot of it around and we're finding these clear passages trying to we're always through the eyes in a way that is happening is through the skipper the captain. right up there in the crows this you just. sort of he's looking for the leads the passages through the eyes which will guide us on the down part of as you can see it's just incredibly spectacular we've seen plenty of water life to the penguins or three around with the met with seals believe in the old tale of the whale disappearing in. the gulf the reason we're on board is to follow a bad attitude to have a large part of the way to the into the ocean country and then where i spoke to will we call him here on board the ocean's team leader for green bay it's just incredible ecosystem so you have this unbelievable wildlife down there are twelve feet of the whale some scientists of the modeling suggest there's more than
2:49 am
fourteen thousand species living and it's an absolute even when i'm talking currents you know coldest things on the planet and so far it's pretty much on touch by human activity the way we seem to say that way we don't want krill fishing industry to expand into it we don't want any industry to expand into it and what will it be if we have the opportunity to protect the scientists in germany to pull together a proposal which is now being backed by the e.u. and the decision. have been since october as to whether it will be put off limits to human activity. so we'll keep pushing through those eyes as best we can to reach the sixty fourth parallel and if this guy is a rain clear like this we can tell you this helicopter up and get a great movie review of this magnificent ice skate here and on top of that in three or four days to head back up the east coast of the on talk to prince with these sounds and islands which is the area where a lot of cruel fishing is taking place and then we will tell you call me in for
2:50 am
a free rock drake passage back to south america. has had. an interesting much for a dismissal we feel a great responsibility to our fans we are completely sure that these metals are clean. russian cut off found guilty of taping at the winter olympics speaks out. but the sports.
2:51 am
2:52 am
six. time now for the sport and has peta. thank you very much the united states have won women's ice hockey gold after one of the most dramatic contests seen at this year's winter olympics in pyongyang they beat canada in a shootout to end a twenty year drought in his home and reports. oh the united states had won the first women's hockey gold medal in that you know in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight but it been a long white since they'd seen canada win four consecutive winter olympic gold medals and locked it to two after overtime it all came down to a penalty shoot out west finally the americans provides was. two decades of frustration artha and a moment to celebrate the fans' m a r k and amazing overtime shootout and
2:53 am
a sudden got shootout doesn't get any better the net was worth every penny. i don't think the united states starsky a mckayla schifrin had to settle for a silver in the women's alpine combined event behind switzerland's michelle gibson lindsey vonn failed to finish the slalom leg of the rice that was almost certainly her last at an olympic games men's joy muscle hotshot and henrik christofferson also both failed to finish the slalom thirty five year old on time you're a celebrating a surprise victory instead sweden's first man slalom gold since nine hundred eighty thanks i've been quite. overwhelmed says i cross the finish line but when i got to go this simple amazing feeling. women's began snowboarding made its a limb picked ibu and saving her best score for her final jump so austria's at
2:54 am
augusta clinch the called medal was a die jarius women's bobsled team may have finished. last but the fact they became the first african team to compare the invented a winter olympics was an achievement alone biggest thing that this will do for younger women in nigeria young girls in nigeria is to actually have them step more inside the box there are four years for africa's next generation of winter olympians to turn the inspiration into action elites homan al-jazeera. with just three days of competition remaining norway and germany are neck and neck at the top of the middles table they have thirteen gold medals each canada are sitting in third position followed by the united states and neverland. now the international olympic committee is still considering allowing russian athletes to march under their own flag at the closing ceremony that's despite
2:55 am
a russian curlers being stripped of a bronze medal do you two doping alexander. tested positive for mel dhoni him while competing in the mixed doubles alongside his wife the court of arbitration for sport confirmed his disqualification from the games he had been competing as an alum pick an athlete from russia after the country was banned by the i.o.c. from sending an official team following a state sponsored doping scandal he and his partner insist he did not take the drug and were not spiked and this was not done by accident says we're not five year old children and do not put everything on our mouths we watch our bottles. we feel a great responsibility to our fans to everyone who supported us to our relatives to our coaches to our delegation first of all because we are completely sure that these medals are clean you know we came here for them have been preparing for a long time so went through a lot and it is very insulting when they are taken away so easily. thirty two teams
2:56 am
were vying for the last sixteen spots in the europa league at the start of town thursday but he tell you need is not a one of those that have been eliminated on the way goals by rb leipzig big name teams like arsenal better see a daughter and lot seal and atletico madrid are also through to the next round but nice were knocked out by lokomotiv moscow while there was violence in bilbao before the game with spartak moscow athletic went through on aggregate fiefs president giani infant teano has hosted african football delegates in tanzania as part of a tour he's been conducting on the continent it comes as morocco bids to host the twenty twenty six world cup it's expected to receive the backing from africa's fifty four member countries in june vote football writer gary l. smith says in front tina's visit is not accidental the mark is good look it's been it's looking good i mean the other thing that people are going to ask him is gianni
2:57 am
wall and doors they were can be he wouldn't do that because of i mean obviously all the corruption allegations that are happening with. qatar and so on i'm sure for it but i think that the american that is getting a lot of traction they see they have all their bits from africa they are all their base from all the islamic in arabic countries and of course and we're going to ramping up his his rhetoric against immigration and all that i think governor rick we're going to get a lot of sympathy votes from around the world. the twenty eighteen formula one season raves into action in about one month's time with the you astray and groan free and miss eighty's were showing off late twenty eighteen call on thursday lewis hamilton and the sadie's will be looking to defend their respective drivers and constructors' championship titles they have won four titles in a row while hamilton has won three of the last four one more title the hamilton will see him equal origin time great one man well fangio has five titles. have to
2:58 am
read try and figure out where you can find the determination in the drive. and yeah . i would say in the last couple of days of i saw something about being up there potentially with franjo so that is quite exciting prospect and that's all the sport for me we'll have another update for you again later as well so it from me laura croft this news up i was back in just a. part
2:59 am
. discover a willful would winning programming from around the world. you're going to make it challenge your perception if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better plan than facebook paul full documentary debate and discussion this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point alger's real. environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. best the sides
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are pushed that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic relations has become we're going to push them out from active enough to believe. in the ideas that will kill people who are more vulnerable circle of poison this time on al-jazeera. over four hundred people killed in less than a week and the bombardment of syria is. all we need is a sustained says station of positivity and we need it desperately.


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