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tv   Give Us Back Our Data  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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way what i saw was a deputy arrived at the west side of building twelve take up a position any never went in when the. yes he was here when they addressed the killer killed the killer more charges have been filed against former truck presidential campaign aides paul manifold and rick gates by special counsel robert mueller the thirty two count indictment includes tax and bank fraud charges in october man a fourteen gates were charged with conspiracy to launder money. australis embattled deputy prime minister barnaby joyce has resigned after revelations of an extramarital affair with a former staff member joyce will step down from cabinet but will remain in parliament safeguarding the government's one seat majority the politician who campaigned on family values left his marriage of twenty four years and is is
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expecting a child with his former media secretary he also faces formal sexual harassment complaints which have been referred to the police those weather headlines more news in thirty minutes next knowledge as there are rebel geeks to stay with us. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to win his followers dr moon. has returns to his hometown baghdad to give up beauties the hope of walking again at this time on al-jazeera digital technology he says that on this intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. even a t.c.g. billions of calculations in our pockets it seems he discovered and he didn't mention. in which everything in our lines can be increased and tracked and intend its money. and his convenience profit and they only use the intolerance. now the new generation of the bookie easiness skills to challenge the
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tech giants. and enable a different technological future. one that people are not the product. my name is getting at is it and i've been there right in the research or the politics of the culture or seven eight years that. we can still are fearful as we walk down in this business to death and in the coming days should all on their devices we have causal this area of the screens around us hunting for more and more information in the process all that along more and more of those devices also but i mean it isn't that the laws on the providers the manufacturers of those devices platforms and apps. it's important for us to understand that all of this albany splay. providing the services because they're not interested in only providing the services they're also interested in making
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money. to sue better be the new marble up and it plays an important role in derailing value for those companies up on the stand with us from where they come from os the user. it's a tracker it tracks your movement to tracks your calories it tracks your heart rate . and you can sync it up with your phone via a bluetooth connection. it works in it's a tool that didn't used to exist you know i just basically tracked every step i made with my heart rate and i and i did it here so this is the number of steps that
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have taken six minutes and. i have three thousand and three steps toward my ten thousand dollars you know it's a poll full one two punch. if you think about the data that is generated by self-acting devices for apps the things i'll follow the main path about the data can take in favor of the manufacturer of the device keep getting these share to where your the first element is your health i tell you which in my vanity will still require a doctor started. in how do you decide about of the drugs that is on the line on the arts for people like you with your particular lifestyle options so this data has a life of its own. the tracker will track your output it's how many steps you've taken how many calories you've burned but there's the other side of it of how many calories so you consuming what we use
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for that is an application called my fitness pal so this is a separate application it syncs with the tracker what i'm going to do is i'm going to add breakfast this is what i had for breakfast well i know that the calories on it on the backs is one hundred forty calories i could either search for that food by clicking on the search button or i could click the skin coat the barcode reader and it's going to give me a barcode and then going to just using my camera. i'm going to record that and it's populated. exactly what's in it and the counter and that information obviously is being tracked in the cloud when i scan a barcode i'm interested in the calories but a marketing person would want to know that i'm consuming their product i don't know that people really understand that myself included i never really gave it a whole lot of thought. one of the most profound consequences of the shift towards health care act has been the growing eagerness to
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offer many citizens to incur in the lies the larger silicon valley and the logic of silicon valley and the college accompanists when it comes to the sisters just that you know how else is it on the sponsibility but health is also what happens as you are exposed to constant advertising for john flint health is also what happens to us as a child you have to face a certain number of choices in your high school cafeteria this is also helms and this is also something that has to be a fact that by all this. i am joe computer vice president for connected health welcome. our goal is about extending here beyond our four walls creating technologies that enable you as a patient to feel cared for throughout your life and not just when you're visiting
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the doctor. and that's pumping up now it's going to stop when it senses that the blood flow is impeded and then it will deflate and as it the flakes that captures the pressure and heart rate the pressure is a little high but that's probably a reflection of the circumstance they're going to. tell you that it's transmitting and it will be able to be seen in the electronic record shortly someone in the office is tracking this market. mostly usually a nurse can call me up and say this morning your pressure was one fifty five what's going on. in the same way we can track activity we can track your glucose if you're a diabetes patient we can track your weight if you're heart failure patient we're starting to track emotion are starting to track each gene and there we have it today two high readings there's a revolution of new sensors coming out.
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that data becomes a way of really personalizing you if i know your activity level and from your phone i can grab your location i'm aware of when you were most active with what you were listening to on your spotify i can mash all those things up and create a very unique profile that enables me through software not a person but through software to message you in a very compelling way about ways to improve your health when you head for the refrigerator a smart refrigerator can give you some guidance as to what might be the next best healthy meal when you head for make dolls your mobile phone might give you some guidance as to what might be a healthy choice for you there when will we see the connectivity between the refrigerator and the blood pressure cuff and the tree and the. coach that's going
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to be able to come in your life and help you with all that that's a five to seven year time frame it's not far it's happening. hard to imagine that people used to sell stuff to people who try to censor users hard to tell us how safe they were but i do think you will get out the differential to them from insurance companies once more than half of the population the partially and gauges itself. because the default assumption that will be made by introns companies when it comes to self-esteem will be that if you if you do you such a gadget you have something to hide which would also mean that you're happy you have to be watched more carefully be out so you have to pay more because you think that you produce nothing to discuss society and this in this sense that silicon valley can exert quite a lot of control without physically forcing us to do anything. it's compatible is
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much more subtle than that happens by means of the market but that happens on the last. weary multi-modal biometrics the dedication company we've got the world's only patent on a handheld multiple which means fingerprint iris and facial device on smartphones around town. installed in state department of corrections sheriff's offices and local police in forty seven states it's big if you want to search someone by iris and this is how easy it is to do you simply click on search by iris yes the person to take a look at. in about ten seconds it's going to bring back who that individual is from anywhere on the planet it's one of the factors that has allowed to the immense
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gross in this sector of biometric technologists over the last than the fifteen years have been the wars in afghanistan than that rock where the u.s. government mostly in the u.s. the fans the parchman the how to past all of this technology is for identifying the local populations. it really accomplishes several things all at the same time first is it causes data to be shared across multiple disparate databases where organizations will have separate data sets in and nothing that ties them together better than a biometric to say if we can agree on one thing it's what those fingerprints of those eyes say about that individual and this automatically through the cloud using secure devices ties that the on occasion tokens credentials will be for auction. because the document can be forged but at the backend on the
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server in the cloud in the network it's impossible to create the fraud then you're . in think about this just in the financial industry to be able to take credit and very quickly in swipe and have the transaction come back with the individuals photo right in front of you to eliminate fraud to protect the identity of the individual and they didn't have to do anything. in its emerging across all markets health slumps people who jumps high end resorts where the person just wants to walk in and look at something and have access that v.i.p. kind of treat. we often see the future as a right that it's already here today. not in the nature of such technologists to suggest that some people all last dangers are less suspicious than they see what
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happens usually over the screaming nation so what will happen is that a lot of people will just get excluded from the circles where they normally belong to be in situations the normal effect on that and this is i think one of the main reasons why ordinary people should be concerned about it. for me this is a form of governance by day time in my bed perfectly normal individual whose facial expression for example might indicate that you have some dangers as a species thoughts within five years or so well looking at a future where police forces will be able to identify we who you are in the way you are in the city and look into the social networking cage with all of your friends
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which i think has profound implications for i was thinking about it all passed on the past i'm told of crowd. city by city technology and innovation is changing the transportation status quo of our driver partners are the heart and soul of this company people tell us the being a driver on hoover is liberating there's no schedule no boss and better income through better technology. seventy four thousand dollars is the sticker of this truck plus the insurance the licensing and who gets all that is a few drivers. for. the cost of a nap. after each trip the
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driver rates the passenger the passenger rates the driver. not these these commercials of the run guarantee thirty five thousand dollars well you got to accept every single fare and that means it's like three o'clock in the morning with a you've got to like a crowd of drunks you know that you know you have to be afraid that they're going to reach you bad and they're going to you know act the busa of in your car and i'm a guy and they act like this and encouraging women. in their mind they think that they're. growing to the point where they could have you know fifty thousand cars on the road sixty thousand and you know everyone's going to have enough work but if it's not the case and guys have to work sixteen you know eighteen hours a day seven days a week you know you're going to have some dangerous you know roll with the retired guys and. they're really not nice like you know it's all like all about like they don't care what you go through they just want to dominate you know the idea
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is great. the business that you know it's the service it provides is magnificent the greed. is like is gross you know it's like you know it's just be happy with the fifty billion dollars. doesn't have to be a trillion. highway here you see shannon was very. right. yeah hi. you know so i know that you're leading a lawsuit against over which concerns drivers and i asked in
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a little bit more what they subject matter was this so we are challenging the first prosecution drivers is independent contractors rather than employees by ossified the drivers as independent contractors that the company is able to save massively on this labor cost and the drivers don't have any of the protections of the wage was or i'm playing it when they lose their jobs or workers' comp if they get injured on the job or the ability to join together to form a union if they want to burden collectively what's the rationale to bring gifts for the whole class of time and that's. well the ones there is not claims that it's not actually a car service that it's. it's a technology company just providing a means for people nearby to be actually the independence's you want to provide arrive the federal judge overseeing our case is already rejected that argument and the public today is just so excited about the quality that they're actually eager
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to. this regard some of the logical arguments that are being made that this is the best but they should this is not the technology and they're just so much more excited about accepting and there are about dick knowledge it being the ultimate the set up to force it will usher in progress abundance of luxury for all i think you're right i think that is where is using these advances in technology in order to try to sway public opinion and then i understand why the public is so excited about these services but what does it mean for those labor protections that have been put into place over many decades and fought for i'm sure we don't think those just be thrown out the window because a company has come up with a way of providing services through a smartphone. often if we want to see just companies like this a move away from the security and safety that where provided by the alpha state you
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can no longer calm down having a job tomorrow it can no longer tal don't work in fixed hours to come along and tell them anything if there was a pick yes. this is not boss capitalists and this is actually pretty well for us they this is the soulbound to do all the for to delay should then be for security and before any sort of provisions were put in place to protect the workers. beneath the. that's all off kompany is like. is there par for lager they basically just the odd their own merely. by arguing that anybody can do that because it's the algorithm that has all the power. and the al is eventually going to analyze their business model and the way in which she genuinely has very little to do was the algorithm and everything to do is the beta
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that we as users of those services have contributed to the will in the polls use of using the service so virtually every single fast for our economic models the social life can now be turned into a nice thing to come order to be treated in the market. where new york and we're about to visit the startup. and they want to be maybe startups right now that are trying to hold her ownership of beta two users away from big by google and facebook and they're going to see how one of them will. so why didn't you tell us a bit more about a cool water this. so david who is
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a personal data marketplace platform for individuals to aggregate scene sell their own data the basic premise being united individuals create mountains of increasingly valuable digital data and i did it basis and for the most part we don't really partake in the economic value chain of the data in any meaningful sense of the word partakes and that's kind of crazy so we sit on top of a bunch of different social platforms like facebook twitter linked in instagram tumbler meet up and so forth we sit on top of bank account informations. transactional spend on debit credit card and so forth and then people are connecting the different data sources and compiling that data in one place you are using part of jamie to take ownership of my data which also means i have far more the ways to govern genuine data imo so being in the car it should track more and more need to cater my life so knowledge of them a graphics and h. but no spare have to manufacture of pillows would like to know what i was there
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pablo i suppose longer a sliver so i guess what you're getting at is i mean there is no limit to how much data is collected on my shirt so i'm ok thinking about things as far as asset and leverage value and what kind of utility can i get in a marketplace that for me is a normal thought process in a normal setting that i'm comfortable with and i know it has obvious ramifications i mean it is i'm sure you're probably going to play so we can all address it before you can get there but like if you're tracking all these different things about your life what does that mean for insurance applications if you have a linked in account plus a credit card. plus that. you can now discern whether around like me with my linked in title or operations you can discern whether i'm buying a lot of mcdonald's or at whole foods you can also deserve a run is your miles a week or forty miles
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a week clearly the people who are operations mcdonald's and zero miles a week are going to suffer in that case these people may end up having to pay a higher price if you have the mindset of you know. individual responsibility or self accountability you're probably more apt for this kind of a world where you're going to trap me everything and utilize it exacerbates but the people who are that additionally well off and who else in their families and i'm having a somewhat healthier lifestyle various people who come from poor backgrounds don't have that they don't have many choices other than the to get mad on. all of their job as if i am somebody who might have a health condition or who might have to stand the chance of being discriminated against isn't in my advantage too. unpleasant but this is a long maybe not in that particular case right but the you are comfortable with this trend so as far as your start up the so that some yes.
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that's typical of a lot of libertarian discourse and ited states there is very little sympathy for the poor and a disadvantage proved my log again as much from a world where they just feel a bit minister sure sure in another situation and where the insurance company of all of the charging them more than they want to hear from start ups on this matter is that. it's a political decision it's not up to our way here just the empower people. what has happened i think is that silicon valley house preserved our imagination and house needed them possible for us to be on our own turf we have to beta the more lasting believe you would treat a lot of maturity sources we have to treat them as something that cannot be sold
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because alternately if will last the likes of google to own the issue of the sources they would eventually start letting us brief for free is long as we can send advertising imagine if they managed to pull all that they thought that would generate in the context of search email using maps and so force into different database or which people developers activists n.g.o.s in susie ask or mr harper's would be able to build their own naps and to build their own services you know what if i live in the neighborhood where a lot of people like me take more or less the same path and the route to work every day but we don't know this and we can actually organize our own work and organize our own boss if only we can exchange the data about how travelling how. we are not creating the kind of war on the big knowledge allows us to create with
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full automation who doesn't. oh but. the value of this is all that knowledge. is a sham is the perfect will be. to think outside of. the biggest. democracy dictates activists and seats of government we do the one thing we don't this is condition. we really. challenging politics and implementing direct democracy the source code to use the free for one to already innovators we are activists. at this time.
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and under. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full drive. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the wrath. of the cloud.
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paint the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello you're watching al-jazeera arms the whole rom and these are all top stories the syrian military has dropped leaflets over eastern ghouta calling on residents to leave for their own safety and opposition fighters to harm themselves over more than four hundred people who.


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