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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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that's. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. four of us sisters started running to give that she fell and i fell down church but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taking confusion and allegations of a cover up after both her arms strikes again in northern nigeria. daily
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show with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the un security council will vote on a ceasefire for syria's eastern ghouta but it's unclear if russia is on board. south korea is set to welcome a controversial official from the north as the u.s. has a hit on young with a tough new round of sanctions will be live impure in china. of a governing crisis five years into the conflict in central african republic and half the population now needs urgent humanitarian aid. to first have been scenes of desperation in the north east of nigeria after the government retracted a statement in which it claimed that dozens of abducted schoolgirls had been
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arrested the girls were taken from the school in the town of that's in your bay state in this all happened on monday evening al-jazeera is armitage this was the first international. left to get there and he sent us this report from. disappointment induction i was after parents were told that daughters have been rescued the state government apologized saying the information was not true. for the relatives of more than one thousand students the wait has just begun. some say it's all over again. these sisters have not only escaped the kidnappers but they're all the sister wasn't just lucky the incident leaves them devastated. and then i'm wondering as they came just after we broke our monday fast we heard gunshots there was chaos everywhere she tried to comfort us but it only got worse
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four of us sisters started running to give that she fell and i fell down but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taken. neighbors poor into their home to offer support at the girls' school we were refused access to film inside i would necessarily attackers dressed in military fatigues drove through the school gates but before they got in many of the girls alerted by the gunshots fired early on the scale of the problem at the front of the school on this cape but some girls say they saw some of their schoolmates being led into a waiting truck. so literally and his family thought they too were received fourteen year olds and up but she was one of the schoolgirls taken in to tell us the mother is in hospital she fainted on hearing that her daughter was and found the grief is too much for her and cuba. isn't much as expected of the second year high school student for now they continue to wait hoping to hear good and
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definitive news about the return of their child. residents hope the tragedy will be as long as the twenty four incident where more than two hundred seventy goes like kidnapped from their school more than a third of them are yet to be found. al-jazeera. the united nations security council is due to vote on a draft resolution demanding a thirty day cease fire in eastern guta it comes as the number of deaths in a rebel held on klav under government bombardment since sunday has now reached four hundred now russia has denied any involvement in the airstrikes but it's not clear whether it will support the resolution or use its veto also a binge of aid reports now from the turkish city of very close to the border with syria they're going to get what they're looking. for the smallest coffins of the heaviest busy to third they are in their dozens every day for
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parents saying goodbye to little children is not easy. almost every family has lost someone the number of dead is so high that trenches are being dug for quick burials . of people linger outside for too long the risk becoming victims of the next one. living rooms in offices are now in makeshift morgues. for those who survived the attacks medical facilities are not available. doctors without borders sister team hospitals have been hit in three days. since sunday the syrian government and its allies have stepped up their strikes in terms of the converging on the scene and. supposed to be bona for deescalation zones agreed upon by russia iran and turkey but the syrian government says it stopped getting what it called in an area known to four hundred thousand people and russia denies it's involved in the relentless from barb of civilians. the situation really leaves much to be decided well as
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you know the responsibility for the situation in east rests with those who support the terrorists tunnels like these have been crucial for rebels multiple attempts to storm the eastern front in the past year off numbers and their supplies have been cut off but the rebels say they will not surrender without a fight. or capabilities are weak but god willing we will deal with this the regime will lose again face similar attacks and it didn't fall and now again we will survive the so besieged city and say none of the words from people in power for have done much to protect them. messages for help from easton who have been nonstop street after street bodies and parents have been trying to pull their children out of the rubble the united nation calls it hell on earth for besieged people in eastern. and by the outside world they might as well be living on another
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planet. to. tell u.n. headquarters diplomatic editor james space also syrian ambassador about civilian deaths in. do you deny that you are killing civilians at least include not only we are saying that many of these fake in use are staged. by who. by your cousins by you by the terrorists by the syrian moderate opposition. the north korea is sending one of its highest ranking generals to the closing ceremony of the pure on jan winter olympics he is former intelligence chief kim young chong and he's believed to have been the one behind several attacks on south korea president trump is sending his daughter ivanka she'll be leading the u.s. allegation at the ceremony which takes place on sunday so let's go live now to our correspondent his at the one of the winter olympics venue is china occurs when is
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natasha going insane or tasha i'm just wondering whether these two interesting leaders a very of these two delegations have any chance of meeting. i think that's going to be a big no in fact this south korean government has said that unlike when u.s. vice president mike pence and the north korean delegation with kim jong un sr were here for the opening ceremony that this time during the closing ceremony the south koreans are going to make attempts to avoid any kind of encounters or awkwardness you mention the general that's leading this eight member north korean delegation he is generating a lot of controversy and martine it's part of a bigger wave of public discontent that we have been seeing and hearing since president moon began pushing an engagement policy with north korea at the beginning of the year this general is a hard liner and as you mentioned he's believed to have been responsible for
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attacks against south koreans most notably the sinking of a warship in twenty ten forty six sailors were killed so now the victims' families and many conservatives are pushing back asking why the general would be here during this moment the moon camp is saying that this man is the perfect person to come at this point in time it oversees relations with south korea it is this man does have a say in north korea's nuclear program and it's asking the public to look toward the future to see how this could be again yet another step in the reconsolidation and peace process hope for between the two koreas this would not be the first time that the general has been to south korea he did come in two thousand and fourteen for a military meeting and also today friday we're expecting the latest tranche of of quite hala hitting sanctions from the u.s. imposed on the north. yes and this quite honestly
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is not a surprise given the rhetoric that we have been hearing from the trump camp over the last several weeks u.s. vice president mike pence said during his five day swing through asia earlier this month that the toughest round of economic sanctions were yet to come to north korea and this is right before the opening ceremony it might have been why the north koreans scuttled planned but very secretive meeting between pence and kim jong sr and the ceremonial head of state thousand opposed to take place in seoul at the presidential blue house and the north koreans canceled two hours before again there's no expectation that there will be a meeting with the u.s. delegation and north korea this time around but as we look ahead bar teen post olympics there are a couple of lingering questions and neatly this one will president moon take advantage of kim jong un's invite to come to pyongyang and have
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a meeting to help the reconsolidation process there's a lot of pressure on moon not to go there's a lot of talk that this charm offensive by the north koreans has been to try to take down the heat on the same sions that it's experiencing and the other issue is how will north korea react if the united states and south korea proceed with a joint military exercise now scheduled for march after the olympics the tasha thank you very much natasha can name that live in china. now escalating violence in central african republic is forcing more and more people out of their homes a number of different armed groups started fighting into a live thirteen the united nations now says that hoff of the four and a half million people in the country now are in desperate need of humanitarian aid catherine sawyer reports from the northern town of brega. mario says she had
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a farm and have family didn't rely on anyone for their basic needs before march last year she lives in brianne a town in north eastern central african republic that was considered relatively peaceful but then conflict between several armed groups started on all her neighbors had to flee so now they live here in a calm for displaced people that is on one end of the town and right at the doorstep of the un peacekeepers. the gunfight started at night we hid everything of ours was destroyed i came here with nothing. more than seventy thousand people in brianne have been displaced in just over a year there's a religious element to the fighting but the rebels are also in conflict of a minerals cattle and trade routes and what they leave behind is a trail of death destruction and misery it's really hard to imagine house dead people as they fled from this neighborhood with christians and muslims used to live
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here before the fighting intensified last year different blame each other for the destruction of the power also in the north is another area where there was no fighting until recently displaced people receive food aid at the town square around sixty thousand have fled from violence and moved into the town that already had forty thousand residents the fighting in central african republic is spreading fast. with many armed groups and forced u.n. peacekeepers in the national army are overwhelmed so are aid workers who are often unable to reach many of those in. one out of two people in the central african republic are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection and due to the resurgence of violence and the fighting of armed groups particularly here in the north of the central african republic in power that has led to a massive displacement of people the u.n. is appealing for just over half
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a billion dollars this year money that will help people i could tell suzanne who says she has nothing left to go back home to. a man came to my village in a sunday and we had skipped the next day my husband and her neighbor were killed i don't even know where my nephew yes this situation is desperate many of those we spoke to said they would rather be home fending for themselves all right now home is not an option catherine saif al jazeera bria central african republic still to come here at al-jazeera a dispute over gas ignites more tension between cyprus and turkey. plus no mohammed downs in east africa says impose a second dying clothes from the west is killing the local industry.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast now if you look at europe's weather we've still got some heavy snowfall affecting parts of the balkans through up into austria some heavy rain across much of italy cold air across eastern parts of europe so minus level in moscow relatively quiet conditions across much of u.k. low countries through germany france into the iberian peninsula now as it moves the forecast on twenty four hours you can see how the snow begins to die away still some rain. across parts of italy but generally dry conditions across the balkans but the cold air for the east is going to begin to swing further towards the west in the coming days that's certainly going to be the story for europe in the coming week to ten days on the other side of the mediterranean we've got this low pressure center giving us some showers for coastal parts of china sea and some quite strong winds expected here elsewhere we've got more of a southerly flow for so if a car should turn to be quite a warm day and the temperatures rising to head on through into saturday into central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers across parts of uganda
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particular says sit down maybe see one or two downpours a good ball and also parts of west africa a few downpours likely here but further north it should be drawing bamako mali with highs expects reached thirty five on softly further south that should be a rather cloudy want to not cry in ghana or might some here well thirty.
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take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera government leaders in northeastern nigeria are being accused of a cover up after they retracted a statement that dozens of abducted schoolgirls actually being rescued the girls were taken from the school in europe a state on monday. the u.n. security council set to vote on a draft resolution which would demand a thirty day ceasefire in syria's eastern gator at least four hundred people have been killed in government has strikes only on clay since sunday. north korea is sending one of its highest ranking generals to the closing ceremony of the pyong chang winter olympics former intelligence chief kim young child is believed to have
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plotted several attacks on south korea president trump's daughter ivanka will lead the u.s. allegations. the leaders from africa's hell region are trying to raise more money to pay for a joint military force and a meeting with the e.u. in brussels the so-called g. five group is made up of mauritania mali became a fascinating and chad their troops work alongside the french and u.n. forces buses attash a buckler reports more money is needed to secure the future of the alliance thing december the french president held a fundraising conference for the g five sile force back then a promise of one hundred million dollars by saudi arabia added money already pledged by the e.u. france and the us but just in the hall for the five hundred million dollars targeted was raised. the funding shortfall prompted the president of one of the
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so-called g. five nations to call for more support earlier this month. it is urgent that this force be operational of the international community whose serious decisions in libya have had disastrous consequences for the security of our countries must show greater solidarity with. the joint military force known as t. five was launched last year by the leaders of new share picking a fast so charred mali and mauritania backed by france its five thousand troops will work alongside un peacekeepers in mali and french soldiers already deployed in syal its mission is to stop cross border attacks from armed groups including boko haram and affiliates of al qaida and eisel as well as crackdown on weapons and people trafficking instability in libya is worsening the crisis. we have to fix the causes with brought a spread in violence the big reason is
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a full look at afi and this is responsibility of the international community g five style and european union leaders meeting in brussels on friday hope to raise enough money to enable the force to be fully operational within weeks more money for joint forces in this central but some analysts say can only be successful if it's allowed to fully cooperate with the national and international forces already deployed and his operations must go hand in hand with more developments in the region and it must win people's trust that it's vital that the rights of the people are respected there must be proper training you can't have troops for example who don't even speak a local language it won't work or if the g five force can gather the necessary money to carry out its mandate it'll be an urgently needed and important step in cooperation in a region where so many people have been killed in violence or forced to flee their
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homes natasha butler al jazeera brussels. after weeks of pressure australia's deputy prime minister brown to be joyce has stepped down but he'll remain a member of parliament to keep the coalition governments one seat majority the conservative leader campaigned on family values but he's come under fire since it was revealed he had an extramarital affair with his press secretary he faces a separate sexual whoreson in the complaint which he has referred to the police i have asked that that be referred to the police i've asked for the lot of the person who's made the allegation and i've asked for bharat of defense to be referred to the police. but it's quite evident that you can't go to the dispatch box why she's like that surrounding. our candidate into any discussions about that as you understand if it's going to be before the courts come before the courts but what
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but i will say is that on monday morning at the party room i will step down as the leader of the national party and deputy prime minister of the street. and unicef's deputy director has resigned after complaints about inappropriate behavior in a previous job just in full size was the c.e.o. of the u.k. charity save the children until twenty sixteen whilst their three female workers complained about inappropriate text messages and comments about what young women were wearing unicef says it wasn't aware of the complaints when it appointed forsyth. u.s. president donald trump is not backing away from his controversial suggestion to arm teachers to prevent school shootings he suggested that they should be paid a bonus trump is under pressure to pass tougher gun laws after last week's mass shooting at a florida high school is white house correspondent kimberly how it. arming
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teachers in the classroom is a controversy ally dhea being promoted by president donald trump prevent school shootings if you harden the sights you're not going to have this problem because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools he says he wants to encourage educators to become comfortable with the gun even offering bonuses for those with firearms skills i want my schools protected just like my banks are protected trump made the comments on thursday at another white house listening session following the shootings in parkland florida that left seventeen people dead most of them teenagers. since the school shooting fellow students have made their voices heard and brought pressure to bear on trump and other right of center politicians to tighten gun restrictions arming teachers is not what they have in mind that's their plan anyway mark barden lost his son in two thousand and twelve
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when the sandy hook school shooting school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now then to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life on twitter trump attempted to clarify his position and floated other proposals such as background checks for those buying a gun raising the legal purchasing age to twenty one and again suggesting the end of the sale of so-called bump stocks that increase a weapons fire power not zero but some of those ideas are at odds with the biggest gun rights group in the united states with national rifle association or n.r.a. pushing back against any effort to limit gun ownership the elites don't care not one whit about america's school system for them. it's not a safety issue it's a political issue they care more about control. and more of that gun owners agree every right to protect ourselves protect our children so if
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they're properly trained why not be able to use that i think that it would send a message across the nation that we are taking it in this into our own hands we're fighting back and we will be the first line of defense and while there is support for at least some of donald trump's proposals even the most basic limits on gun ownership will require congressional approval an accomplishment that in the past has proved difficult can really help get al-jazeera washington. brazil's military has raided a jail in rio de janeiro after the senate signed a decree putting the army in charge of the city's security prison assaulted a riot on sunday after they complained of a of a crowding government leaders hope giving the military control of policing will curb violence from the city's drug gangs gabriel elizondo has the latest from riyadh. here on the streets of rio de janeiro everything seems normal like any
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other day but below the surface there is real apprehension in a worry in this city about what's to come in the last couple days we've seen army soldiers patrolling highways maybe even lead to operations inside a local shanty town or bell as they're called here and they were called to help restore order at a local prison during a riot it's all part of the militarization of rio it was ordered by president michel tamar to combat a huge crime and violence waves sweeping over the city troops have been on the streets of rio before but they were just here as a backup to the local police force now that's changed the military has been ordered by the president to completely take over all security aspects in the state police are still on the streets patrolling but they are subordinate to the military and the top public security official is now an army general this is the first time since an. terry dictatorship in brazil indeed in one thousand nine hundred eight
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the military has taken over like this while everyone in this city agrees that crime is now out of control people disagree if the military is the solution to fix it there are already three thousand troops here in rio when the decree was signed those troops now have a much different role than they had before they are now doing police work it's unclear if the federal government plans to send more soldiers here but what's already been decided is that the militarization of rio will last at least until the end of the year the chinese government has seized temporary control of one of the country's largest insurance company is the founder and chairman of the group is facing charges of fraud and embezzlement the takeover is being seen as an attempt to insulate china's economy from financial risk. through under tanzania and uganda are facing threats of trade sanctions from the u.s.
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after they agreed to ban imports of secondhand clothing explains from uganda's capital kampala. this sounds counts passing shoppers as a deal on second hand clothes to these markets in uganda's capital kampala people take their pick from a pile among the more than one hundred fifty million u.s. dollars worth of used clothes ported in east africa if we yeah mostly from the u.s. and the u.k. imports that uganda rwanda and tanzania to create to plan to support their own textile industries. marjorie doesn't agree she looks after three orphans and gets their clothes here i think it's strong because not everybody can afford and clothes . so that they will people would not afford clothes most of them will one day care about that so it's not because it's not a good idea but some east african governments think it is good to support the few
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local producers like this factory in kenya they hope to create much needed jobs and increase exports. for the u.s. says the ban violates free trade agreements. threaten trade sanctions kenya's pulled out. back in uganda just next to the second hand market there are many new clothes on sale almost none a made in east africa almost all a made in china many of the new clothes imported from china are made in western styles several african countries used to have thriving textile industries making fabrics with patterns like these as industries are suffered in recent decades and many of those fabrics secluding all of the ones here and now made in china instead of the reasons why it's cheaper to manufacture in china than most other places how many would. economist or grafters no i gather says several things are needed to revive the local industry to not just banning secondhand imports is going to would
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one day a mixed economy but in the longer term. in the sense that would support domestic manufacturing now the most money functioning is something that you cannot boast. up front decision. because a new drama you need to be industry you need. attendant what the fuck does he need image. back in the market the traders make a run for it when a city official arrives it don't have a trading license. minutes later they're back in forcing a ban on imported used clothes might look a lot like this the trade employs tens of thousands they might wish to one day have a job in a clothes factory but this is how they survive malcolm webb al-jazeera camp uganda .
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here with al jazeera and these are our top stories government leaders in northeastern nigeria are being accused of a cover up after they retracted a statement that dozens of schoolgirls who were abducted by boko haram had been rescued they were taken from their school in the town of baystate on monday. the u.n. security council is set to vote on a draft resolution demanding a thirty day cease fire in syria's eastern guta at least four hundred people have been killed in government airstrikes on the rebel held on klav since sunday it's not clear whether russia will support the resolution or use its veto. meanwhile at the u.n. headquarters a diplomatic editor james bay has asked the syrian ambassador about civilian deaths in eastern guta. do you to know that you were killing civilians at least include not only we are saying that many of these faking you are staged. by who.
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by your cousins. by you by the terrorists by the syrian moderate opposition. north korea is sending one of his highest ranking generals to the closing ceremony of the pier on jan winter olympics former intelligence chief kim yong cho is believed to have plotted several attacks on south korea president trump's daughter ivanka will lead the u.s. delegation australia's prime minister vali joyce is stepping down after weeks of pressure but he'll remain in parliament to keep the coalition governments one seat majority the conservative leader campaigned on family values but he's come under intense fire says it was revealed he had an extramarital affair with his press secretary. brazil's military has raided a jail in rio de janeiro after the senate signed a decree putting the army in charge of the city's security prisons started a riot on sunday complaining of overcrowding government leaders hope giving the military control of policing will curb violence from the city's drug gangs rodger
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to date for now those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon one of when he's follows dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again at this time on al-jazeera. amnesty international slams what it calls trump led politics of hate for eating away at human rights around the world as things deteriorate protest movements have been created to fight back but will activism turn the tide on certain policies this is inside story.


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