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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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what makes this. so unique this is really an attack itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to be civil provoked it's all about. serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. a live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. walk into the news grid the u.n. security council set to vote on a resolution to stop the fighting in the syrian rebel held on klav. government
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forces and their allies have been targeting the area near the capital for days the situation on the ground is being called hell on earth catastrophic and barbaric but russia has dismissed the reports we'll be live at the u.n. . still no word on the fate of dozens of schoolgirls abducted by boko haram fighters in northern nigeria on monday the government retracted that the girls had been rescued the first international media to arrive on the scene. u.s. president donald trump will address the annual gathering of the right wing conservative political action committee within the hour is expected to announce new sanctions on north korea but may also talk about the iran nuclear deal as well as the debate over u.s. gun laws after the shooting at a florida high school. it was a simple tweet from an american reality t.v. star but it caused panic on wall street and may have cost the social media company a billion dollars. share your thoughts. those drop the show using the hash tag a.j.
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newsgroup. i know you're with the news good live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al jazeera dot com in just about an hour from now or perhaps at any moment the un security council will vote on a draft resolution demanding a thirty day ceasefire in syria's eastern huta the last rebel held area near the capital damascus has been relentlessly bombarded by government forces for a fifth day running now out to pass this draft resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes russia which has of course been giving military support to the syrian government is one of the veto holding members they have blocked previous security council action on syria eleven times since the war started seven years ago and previous attempts at a cease fire have eventually all collapse we'll have the latest from our diplomatic
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and to james bass who is at u.n. headquarters but first let's speak with osama bin javid in gaziantep on the turkey syria border so there are some as we've been reporting this relentless bombing of eastern huta goes on despite whatever happens in new york at the u.n. security council what what more can you tell us on on what's happening there on the ground. since late last night b been hearing reports of the first reports of the first time that incendiary bombs have been used on eastern ghouta if you remember do deals with the kind of missions which were being used in aleppo siege and have been used in homs and other areas as well so it's reminiscent of what the strategy has been by the syrian government that it is in circles an area that had been with all that it's got we've been hearing heartrending stories about how people have been coping in shelters some haven't been able to come out for a matter of days because they're too afraid to go out and venture out some parts of
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the are inaccessible medics have been telling us about the desperate situation that they've been running out you have to remember that bhutto has been under siege since two thousand and thirteen and the supplies that people had already were very very little and they have run out of most of them because the number of dead continues to rise and hundreds and hundreds of people are being wounded and they don't have anywhere to go because most of the hospitals have been taken out in these strikes according to one charity at least twenty three medical facilities have been hit since sunday. osama bin javid live for us in gaziantep on turkey's border with syria on that to our diplomatic at the james base at the u.n. headquarters in new york that james as we were saying there earlier the key to getting this resolution passed would be getting russia on board any indications at this point that that's going to happen. well the resolution that we before
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before the security council for a vote one hour from now is a slightly changed one from the one that they were talking about twenty four hours ago this is the new version of the resolution i've got here slight changes from kuwait and sweden but they haven't really in any way watered down the resolution and the russian ambassador made it quite clear twenty four hours ago that the older version was one he couldn't support so that makes you think russia might be likely to veto but as ever high drama the last minute and the latest information is coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he has been speaking in moscow we have news agency reports from the interfax news agency of what he's saying i'm afraid as we stand one hour to go it's not in clock tali clear what he's going to do because listen to these the translated from the russian lavrov says russia ready to vote in favor of security council draft resolution ready to vote in favor it
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says but then the second line says but the u.s. refuses to amend resolution to include guarantee rebels will on or seize far so he's ready to vote for it means he's going to vote for it or he's ready to vote for it if there are further amendments not clear at this stage it hangs in the balance that line from interfax suggesting that he was ready to vote for it i saw just as i was speaking to the president of the security council months or maybe the kuwaiti ambassador who was on the escalator on the way up to the security council a short time ago he looked at the first part of that statement from moscow and said this could be good news it's though at this stage unclear or i will certainly be waiting to see what does come out of that vote at the u.n. security council but james there is a sense that this that the horrific situation that's been playing out in eastern of the last few days is not getting the attention it deserves it is this an attempt by
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the u.n. if nothing else that at least get this back on the agenda get people talking about it again. i think so because if i was to walk out of the united nations in the region immediate confines of this building and walk further out of international territory into new york city and i was to go out to be evil and say east ghouta i'm afraid most people certainly in this country do not follow what's going on in syria they've completely forgotten about a war that's gone on for seventy years so it certainly brings some attention to the situation and particular situation right now where there are so many people dying it's clear it's not really clear right now when you speak to diplomats what calculations are being weighed up in terms of russia clearly they are trying to work out how russia will respond but how is russia viewing all of this why would
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russia be talking in recent days about this resolution being completely unrealistic and now perhaps mr lavrov the foreign minister of russia saying it might be ready to vote for it it's certainly clear that russia is working very closely with the syrian allies in its syrian are lies want to finish the job they fear that they feel that they are winning the war and they feel that eastern ghouta is one last place that they want to win the war and defeat fighters there and it seems they're prepared to do whatever it takes even if that means killing huge numbers of civilians in what seems to be a breach of international humanitarian law or a danger we know you'll be monitoring developments for us at the u.n. security council for the moment james there is live for us in new york and of course you can check out our website for all the latest news ideas into dot com we've got the latest map here of who controls what in syria and as you can see eastern huta is marked in orange near the bottom left there and now too.
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now to north east nigeria where families of abducted schoolgirls are desperate to hear news on their whereabouts the government had claimed earlier that they had found them kidnapped by boko haram only to change their story the governor of your base state has since apologized but it brings little comfort the parents concerned it could turn into another chibok situation where two hundred seventy school girls were kidnapped in twenty fourteen many dress has been the first international journalist to visit dutchy where this latest kidnapping has taken place disappointment induction i was after parents were told that daughters have been rescued the state government apologized saying the information was not true. for the relatives of more than one thousand students the wait has just begun. some
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say it's all over again. these sisters have not only escaped the kidnappers but they're all the sister wasn't as lucky the incident leaves them devastated. and i'm wondering as they came just after we broke our monday fast we heard gunshots there was chaos everywhere she tried to comfort us but it only got worse four of us sisters started running to give that she fell and i fell down but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taken. neighbors poor into their home to offer support. at the go school we were refused access to film inside i would miss is that some of the attackers dressed in military fatigues drove through the school gates but before they got in many of the girls alerted by the gunshots fired early on scaled the perimeter friends of the school and escaped but some girls say they saw some of their schoolmates being led into a waiting truck. so literally and his family thought they too were received
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fourteen year olds and up but she was one of the schoolgirls taken. in to tell us a tassel metal mother is in hospital she fainted on hearing that her daughter was and found that the grief is too much for her thank you but there isn't much is expected of the second year high school student for now they continue to wait hoping to hear good and definitive news about the return of their child. residents hope the tragedy will be as long as a twenty four incident where more than two hundred seventy goes like kidnapped from their school more than a third of them are you to be found one hundred edris al-jazeera duction are under schapelle has been the morning monitoring this for us on social media and what is the conversation online about. well the hash tag bring back our girls was launched almost four years ago now to raise awareness about the schoolgirls who were abducted in nigeria's chibok region but it's once again being used this is being
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discussed in the wake of monday's attack on the school in a state now most of that conversation is coming out of two places nigeria and the united states but this bring back our girls initiative which began in two thousand and fourteen was led by a group of activists who are calling for an effective search and rescue of all abducted girls in nigeria but many from that initial group are still missing one hundred thirteen of them so lots of people of course are wondering why this is happening again a user here tweets it's unfortunate that history is repeating itself another tweet i saw today called this bring back our girls season two so there's a lot of frustration in nigeria that's being expressed here jeff acorah for is a spokesman for the bring back our girls movement and shared his thoughts with us. right now reminded of the events a sequence of events the consistent message you know you know who is the number. that has been taken as well as the inability of the government too much means to
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just goes. on you know or not over that book communication go you know this is quite of what you did we are going to continue to be on top of the situation we have also promised that this is going to be whipped and i did hope that it was time to need to make sure that the issue is something different but not just like you have for you to quote goes on to you as you and as many people who are criticizing the lack of international media coverage here one user here says that one child taken in the west would get global headlines so let us know what you think about this especially if you're watching us from nigeria you can share your thoughts using the hash tag news great or message me directly i'm anderson. all right thanks andrew as we've been telling you a few minutes from now we're expecting to hear from the u.s. president donald trump he's going to address the largest gathering of conservative leaders they are attending the seatback or conservative political action committee
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conference is likely to announce new sanctions we are told against north korea over its missile and nuclear program alan fischer is live for us in oxon hill in the u.s. state of maryland where that conference of conservative leaders is taking place allan what are we expecting to hear from the president. while on stage at the moment as much as the chairman of the secret would suggest the donald trump is maybe just a few moments away we know he's certainly in the building there in one landed in a car park not far from the building and he was able to get it over here probably about thirty minutes ago we're expecting to hear that he's going to announce new sanctions on north korea now we're told that that will involve twenty seven shipping companies twenty vessels and one named individual the intention is that that is going to make it much more difficult for north korea to skirt the sanctions that are in place and try in the american administration's view to force them to
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the negotiating table to talk about ballistic missiles. ballistic missiles and also their nuclear program we're also expecting he's going to talk about school shooting what will we hear from him there what he's going to reiterate the plan that he's floated in the last couple of days of arming teachers in schools even though there is a growing swell teacher saying that is a bad idea he won't talk about his idea we suspect of burning bump stocks which those guns to fight a much more rapid rate or increase the age where people can access certain types of weapons because this is largely uproar in our e. trade national rifle association pro-gun crowd and so they don't want to hear about those sort of restrictions being placed on people the. idea is that donald trump will come to the spall will get a full. time he says about donald trump and his agenda whether he's a true conservative in the last year he certainly won them over by doing things
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like introducing the tax cuts putting the seven justices on the bench including on the supreme court and passing regulation to many people in the hall here it's not about what he says on twitter but what he actually does and they believe that he is a conservative president a conservative president they voted for and that is why he is going to get of spending my time here alexis talking on faith how you cry by i thank you from my own their faith but don't come from what else will i put here no doubt he will run through the greatest thing that will happen when he succeeds it will possibly talk about the iran deal and how that's not very good for both of them and the last thing he finds was building up for the old time music targets such nancy pelosi i don't suspect him to put anything with both of them about the russia investigation he will undoubtedly attack the media that seems
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to be coming. safe but that is essentially in the grind of what we're likely to hear from donald trump over the next thirty minutes or so i. much thank you everybody thank you i. thank you very much thank you matt. thank you for that great introduction and thank you for this big crowd this is incredible really across the we've all come a long way to get out of there we've come a long way together. and i'm thrilled to be back at sea packed with so many of my wonderful friends and amazing supporters and proud conservatives the author remember when i first started running because i wasn't a politician fortunately but do remember i started running and people say you show he's a conservative i think that we prove that americans are a. lot of the law and for more than
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four decades this event has served as a forum for our nation's top leaders activists writers thinkers year after year leaders have stood in the stage to discuss what we can do together to protect our heritage to promote our culture and to defend our freedom see pac is always been about big ideas and it's also been about putting those ideas into action and see pac really has put a lot of ideas into action we'll talk about some of them this morning but the last year with your help we have put more great conservative ideas into use than perhaps ever before in american history. the owner what a nice picture that is look at that i'd love to watch that guy speak for you the
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old school was the only child like aldehyde that bald spot folks i work harder vote doesn't look bad hey when i get in or hang in there hang in there right together where hang in. we've confirmed a record number so important of circuit court judges and we are going to be putting in a lot more the old they will interpret the law as written. and we've confirmed an incredible new supreme court justice a great man neal gorsuch the right the behavior he we've pass massive
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biggest in history tax cuts and reform law or he you know i don't use the word reform there was a lot of reform to very positive if i don't use it and when we were first doing it i told everybody everybody get that i said just talk about tax cuts people don't know what reform means they think reform might mean it's going up and i said do tax cut the bubble of the bubble of . thank you. the why did he get in here mad the record why ok just for the media the faked
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is back there they took very good care of him they were very gentle. he was very obnoxious or it was only one person so we have thousands of people here so so listen tomorrow the headline will be protests shoes disturb the trial. one person folks doesn't deserve a mention doesn't deserve a headline the headline tomorrow disruptors of c pack. one person and he was very nice we looked at him he immediately left aka. the iraq now i've had it too often you have one person and you can hardly even hear in fact the biggest really disturbances are you people you know why he'll say something nobody hears them because a song and then in the crowd will start screaming at them and then ever then all of a sudden we suffer and that's ok you have to show your spirit right. i have to show
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you it is true for him so we passed the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country and it was called tax cut and reform and i said to our people don't use the word reform because we're going to go at the tax reform act i said no wonder for forty five years nothing's been passed because people want tax cuts and they don't know what reform means reform can mean you're going to pay more tax so i convince politicians who have done this all their lives and they do a great job in many cases but this was one they were if they were going to tax reform act of whatever year we want to put ok so they have the tax reform act and that was it and now it was called the tax act tax cut act and jobs we had to add jobs into it because we're picking up a tremendous number of jobs two point seven million jobs since your dog point
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seven the it so to is so now people here tax cuts and it has been popular remember it started off a little slow. that it got passed that we had some great help i will say we had some great help in the senate and the house we have guys here today we have a lot of congressmen we have a lot of senators we had a lot of help and we got it passed just it was not easy we didn't have one democrat vote and i think that's going to cost them in the midterms i know that whoever wins the presidency has a disadvantage for whatever reason in the midterms you know what happens trying to figure it out because historically if you win the presidency you do you don't do well two years later and you know what we can't let that happen and i know what happens i finally figured it out nobody's been able to explain it it just happens that distinctly almost all of the time for many years what happens is you fight so
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hard to win the presidency you fight fight fight and now only two years that's a very short period and by the time you start campaigning it's a year and now you've got to go and fight again but you just won so nobody has that same drive that they had so you end up not doing that well because the other side is going crazy they're crazy and by the way they're crazed anyway these people they are really crooks. so because it you know i kept trying to say why is this but it's just there so the great enthusiasm going to you sitting back watching television ads maybe i don't have to vote today we just won the presidency and then we get clobbered and we can't let that happen we get clobbered in eighteen and we can't let that happen only because we are so happy we passed so many things honestly and i say i'll use the word my
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administration as opposed to mean. my administration i think has had the most successful first year in the history of the presidency i really believe i wrote the law the ear really believed the in so the e.u. mean judges regulations everything i ever heard and the beautiful thing to beautiful thing about the tax cuts is nobody thought we could tune because again we had to get one hundred percent of our vote. and nobody thought we could and frankly i mean to me we got it and it's turned out to be one of the most popular things and by the way for the republicans in this room of which i assume would you say what is it ninety nine percent matter one hundred percent. i would hope it's close to you know what we probably have some democrats that want to come over we have a great governor from west virginia that left the democratic party big jim and he
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came over to the republican guard law to so. some people are sitting there and they're saying on which side that great victory let's not vote let's go to a movie we will go there republican party we're going to do great and then they end up losing so you've got to keep up the enthusiasm now what happens by the way they lose and then you have the presidential election coming up again and you clobber them because everybody gets off their ass and they get out and they were right and they were and they work and work and work. and you end up winning the presidency again and we should do that hopefully we're going to do that very easily but never never we have to worry right now we have a big race coming up at eighteen you have to get out you have to just get that enthusiasm keep it going to. see the word really is complacent people get
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complacent it's a natural instinct you get you just won and now you're happy and you're complacent don't be complacent don't be complacent because if they get in they will repeal your tax cuts they will put judges in that you wouldn't believe they'll take away your second amendment which we will never allow to happen they'll take away you saw the it was. if the over the iraq war who remember that they will take away thank you they will take away those massive tax cuts and they will take away your
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second amendment by the way if you only had a chance of one what would you rather have the second amendment or the tax cuts go ahead second amendment or tax cuts second amendment was i'm going to leave it at the second amendment i don't want to get into that prattle. we're going to say you want matt we're going to say you want the second amendment the most but we're going to get them all then remember this side of the remember this we've got you know somebody got on television recently and they said actually this is the first time i can remember trump made campaign promises he may be the only person that actually fulfilled more promises that he made i think that's true the i phone held more from the but we have a very crooked media. we had a crooked candidate to by the way but we have to and we have a very we have a very very crooked baby or to
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a . i will say this. everything that is turning out that alex amazing that's come full circle. have they committed a lot of atrocities when you look right the way you look at it have they done things that are wrong to him but remember this not only did we get the tax cuts which everybody said we wouldn't get and by the way repealed in that tax cut the individual mandate to determine who the it was this is where you're forced to pay in order not to have health care ok is that great you pay for the privilege of not having health care see a subsidizing lots of other people that's gun i know people came up to me with
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tears in their eyes a saying i'm forced to pay not to have health care it's very unfair and by the way we're having tremendous plans coming out now health care plans at a fraction of the cost that i'm much better than obamacare or here and except for one senator who came into a room at three o'clock in the morning and went like that we would have had health care too we would add health care to. think of that. but i think we may be better off the way we're doing it's piece by piece by piece obamacare is just being wiped out the individual mandate essentially wipes or so i think we may be better off in the end people are getting great health care plans and we're not finished yet but remember one person walked into a room when he was supposed to go this way and he said he was going this way and he walked in and he went this way and everyone said what happened what was that all about boy oh boy who was that i don't know i don't know. i don't know i don't want
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to be controversial so i won't use his name ok. mess but it's all happening anyway it's all happening anyway and we've at the same time eliminated a record number of job killing regulations and people are going back to work. right to it he believe going back to work. so and you know the fake news always well what if i say something that's like a little auth next a headline he miss represents i have to be careful but in the history of presidents no president and i'm saying no president not maybe they'll find i was off by two but we're here one year. no president. i read it in lots of good papers actually but they'll change
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a story when i say. no president has ever cut so many regulations in their entire term ok it was as we've cut in less than a year. and a and and it's my opinion that the regulations had as big an impact as these massive tax cuts that we've given so i really believe the wheat ended the war in american energy we were in war and we've ended the war in beautiful clean coal one of our great natural resource the i'm very important for our defense coal very important for our defense because we have it we don't have to send it through pipes we don't have to get it from foreign countries we have more than anybody and they wanted to end it in our miners have been mistreated and they're not being mistreated anymore we're doing
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tremendous business the owen i was in vietnam and the prime minister and the president vietnam with their and we have a massive deficit with them like we do with everybody else because these presidents have just let it go to hell we have the worst trade deals you've ever seen so we're changing it so i said we have too big a deficit with vietnam i'm not happy he said well but we're going to i said by coal michael they will use a lot of coal by coal and he said you know we have bought coal from west virginia and other places and it's the finest coal we have ever yes it's interesting and west virginia now is doing great you look at what's happening in west virginia you look at what's happening in pennsylvania you look at what's happening and ohio in august you look at what's happening in the wyoming and you look at what's happening all over it's like it it's like a different world and remember this virtually as soon as i got into office. we
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approved the keystone x.l. pipeline and the dakota access pipelines which would never have been a good to her own and we announced our withdrawal from the totally disastrous job killing wealth knocking out you know it knocked out our wealth or it would have they basically wanted to take our wealth away they didn't want us to use our wealth power we knocked out the paris climate accord would have been the law to it would have been a disaster for our to a owen to a you know basically it said. you have
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a lot of early gas that we found you know technology has been amazing and we found things that we never knew but we have masses of just about the top in the world we have massive energy reserves we have coal we have so much and basically those in don't use it you can use it so what it does is it makes us uncompetitive with other countries it's not going to happen i told it's not going to happen and you know china their agreement didn't kick in until twenty thirty. right our agreement kicks in immediately russia they're allowed to go back into the one nine hundred ninety s. which was not a clean environmental time other countries big countries india and others. we had to pay because they considered them a growing country they were growing country so what are we we allowed to grow to ok are we allowed to grow up the way they called india
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a developing nation they called china a developing nation but the united states would develop we can pay so folks if you don't mind i tell you what it's amazing how many people understood. the paris accord because it sounds so good it's like some of the environmental regulations that i could they have the most beautiful titles and sometimes that's a look i'm just going to close my eyes and scientists because you know what i'm going to get killed on this one and i get so much thanks to country knows what i'm doing we couldn't build we couldn't farm if you had a puddle on your land they called it a lake for the purposes of environmentalism is crazy it's crazy to her and. i signed certain bills that i'd have farmers behind me and i'd have house builders home builders behind me and these are tough people strong people they fought hard they've worked all their lives hard and
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they'd be half of them would be crying because we gave them their property back we gave them the right to earn a living they couldn't do it they couldn't do what they had to do we gave them their property back we gave them their dignity back the o.l. was to it by the way you don't mind if i go off script a little bit because you know it's sort of boring the law the in the into it this beautiful speech everything's wonderful but a little boring we have to you know it digit but we gave them their dignity back. and that's why our country's doing record business we're doing record business we're doing business and you have to look at the fundamentals companies a poor going back into this country they're pouring back not like i mean when did
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you hear about car companies coming back into michigan and coming to ohio and expanded law when do you never heard that. you hear they're leaving i've been talking about it for twenty years i was a private sector guy but for whatever reason i always had these guys always covered me much more than anybody else i always got a lot of these characters they used to treat me so good too until i ran for office i used to get the greatest publicist friend of mine said you know used to be the king of getting great publicity what happened i said well i have some views that they're opposed to for a lot of bad reasons a lot of bad reasons but but when you look at what's happening to our country it's incredible and the fundamentals are so strong the stock market i just see with all of the ups and downs since election day is up thirty seven percent from election thirty seven percent. now. it did
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a little bit of a correction in fact i saw to say you know i was in it for like thirteen fourteen months from election. i say is this sucker ever going down a little bit this is a little embarrassing it was up up a hundred up two hundred up one thousand up one hundred fifty up ninety up sixty three s a good that's better. hey we've got seven years to go folks you know it all we got a long time to draw the weren't the the and so. thank you everybody you've been amazing. you've been amazing you know what matt didn't say when i was here two thousand and eleven i made a speech and i was received with it such warmth and they give you know they used to give i don't know matt does that because he might not want to be controversial but
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they used to give the best speech of seabeck do they do that still might get you better pick me or i'm not coming back to you and. but. and i got these everybody they love that speech and that was i think matt i would say that might have been the first real political speech that i made it was it was a love fest two thousand and eleven i believe the time when and a lot of people remembered him a sept we want trump we want china and after a few years ago by and they say here we are let's see what we can do and then everybody said he cannot get elected he cannot do it you need two hundred seventy votes. you need electoral college which by the way is much tougher than the popular vote the popular vote he would have peace it would be so much easier you go to three or four states and you just go and you just do a great job hillary forgot that guitar she went to the states i said what she doing why does she keep going back to california. crazy. to
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a next time they're going to remember they're going to remember ohio remember how. they spent a lot of time in pennsylvania to no avail. they spent a lot of money they spent a lot of money in north carolina the great state of north carolina we did very well there we have a great person in the room mark meadows from north carolina he's or a wrist mark. where is mark and deb. and we have jim jordan warriors warriors all. of a lot of great we have a lot of great people here but you know we just we hit a chord and if you remember two thousand and eleven probably that was the beginning of what we've done and hopefully at the end of a period of time people are going to say thank you because it is not easy we're fighting a lot of forces their forces that are doing the wrong thing they're just doing the
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wrong thing i don't want to talk about what they have in mind but they do the wrong thing but we're doing what's good for our country for the long term viability and survival like for instance seven hundred billion dollars got approved for a military our military was going to have the overwhelming. we declined to certify the terrible one sided iran nuclear deal it was a horrible thing the it the overheard you give one hundred and fifteen. billion dollars to a nation that has no respect for you whatsoever they're saying death to america well there's signing the agreement if somebody said death to america well i'm signing an agreement and i'm president i mean is that what's going on here folks i'm not signing what's going on and they just kept going kerry kerry may be the worst negotiator i've ever said. how about how about this guy how about obama of
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course he's the one. but how about one point eight billion in cash did you have to see what like a million dollars in hundred dollar bills a lot of people do it as a promotion it's a lot it's big it's like big now take that go to one point eight billion dollars in cash one point eight billion for what for what why did we do this why did we do it anyway we didn't certify and lots of interesting things are happening with that whole mess but we have to treat people the treat us well we treat them well people that treat us badly we treat them much worse than they could ever imagine that so what has the white house the over
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the we officially recognized jerusalem as the capital of his era in the otoh every president campaigned on we're going to recognize serious limits the capital of israel everybody have for many present you've been rating it and then they never pulled it off. and i now know why because i put the word out that i may do it right i said i do it in my campaign so that usually means unless i find something i'm going to do it i was hit by more countries and more pressure and more people calling begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it i said we have to do it it's
6:45 pm
the right thing to do so right thing to have to third law and i did. what every other president really live because they campaigned on it that was always a big part of the campaign then they got into office they never did so i understand why they didn't do it because there was tremendous the campaign against it was so incredible but you know what the campaign for it was also incredible and we did the right thing. so we've kept our promise as i said to rebuild our military eliminating the defense sequester which is a disaster and i don't know if you saw the number seven hundred billion dollars you know ultimately that comes before everything else we can talk about lots of things but if we don't have a strong military you might not be allowed into this room someday ok you may not have your houses your homes your beautiful communities we better take care of our military these are the greatest people and we're going to take care of our veterans
6:46 pm
and we're going to take care of the earth. we've been doing a good job on the vets the a the and. and after years of rebuilding other nations we rebuild other nations we rebuild other nations that have a lot of money and we don't ever say hey you're going to help. we're finally rebuilding our nation we're rebuilding on a. car and we're restoring our confidence. and our pride all of us here today are united. by the same timeless values we defend our constitution and we believe in the wisdom of our founders our constitution is great the. we support the incredible
6:47 pm
men and women of law enforcement the and through. we know that a strong nation must have strong borders we celebrate our history the and our heroes and we believe young americans should be taught to love their country and to respect its traditions don't worry you're getting the wall don't worry or cares or the a if
6:48 pm
. i had a couple of these characters in the back say oh he really doesn't want the wall he just used that for campaigning i said to you can you believe it. you know i say every time i hear that the wall gets ten feet higher you know the and every single time ok now we're going to have the wall or they're not going to have what they want you know we have a problem we need more republicans we have a group of people that vote against us in a block they're good at two things resisting up structure resisting obstruction and they stick together they do they always vote to block you know it's very rare that you get a couple of them to come your way even on the tax cuts i mean we're going to be fighting these people. in the one thousand election we're going to be fighting people that vote against tax cuts because the tax cuts are phenomenal and popular
6:49 pm
and helping people and helping our country you saw apple just brought three hundred fifty billion in exxon brought fifty billion in recall we're going to be fighting the fact is we need more republicans to vote for him we want to get our agenda because now what we have to do is in order to get a vote to fix our military we have to give them one hundred billion dollars in stuff that nobody in this room including me wants in many cases it's terrible we need more republicans that's why you have to get out and you have to fight for eighteen you have to do the iraq we salute our great american flag we put our hands on our hearts to the pledge of allegiance to it and we all proudly stand for the national and regain the over
6:50 pm
her love all else we know that faith and family not government and bureaucracy are at the center of american life we know that the ignore her because in america we don't worship government we worship god the it was the into iraq war heroes in the era when nations motto is in god we trust
6:51 pm
the and this week our nation lost an incredible later. who devoted his life to helping us understand what those words really mean a leader he was a leader is a great man we will never forget the historic crowds that voice the energy and the profound faith of a preacher named billy graham. to a. great man a great family franklin graham great family and they were for us i'll tell you they were for us right from the beginning they were for us as
6:52 pm
a young man billy decided to devote his life to god that choice not only changed his life it changed our country and indeed it even changed the world reverend graham's belief in the power of god's word gave hope to millions and millions who listen to him with his very beautiful but very simple message god loves you. and a very special tribute because it's almost never done on wednesday we will celebrate billy graham's life. as he lies in honor in the rotunda of our capitol to it and to
6:53 pm
a old . one day wednesday til thursday at eleven o'clock on wednesday i bet those lines are going to be long and beautiful because he deserves it not other not everybody deserves it but very few people you look back ronald reagan was so on are very few people are so on or it's a big thing and he really almost more than anybody you can think of he deserves to be in the rotunda so that's going to be very special wednesday eleven o'clock. and paul in mitcham the whole group they work very hard to make it all happen so we want to thank them to everywhere you go all over the country and
6:54 pm
cities small and large americans of all faiths reach out to our creator for strength for inspiration and for healing great time for healing in times of grief and hardship we turn to prayer for solace and for comfort in recent days our entire nation has been filled with terrible pain and sorrow over the evil massacre in a great community parkland florida. this senseless act of mass murder has shocked our nation and broken our hearts this week i had the honor of meeting with students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school with families who have lost their children in prior shootings great families great people go with members of the local community right here in washington d.c.
6:55 pm
our whole nation was moved by their strength and by their courage we listened to their heart wrenching stories ask them for ideas and pledged to them and i can speak for all of the senators and congressman and congresswoman all of the people in this room that are involved in this decision that we will act we will do something we will act with us on wednesday was one of the families whose daughter didn't come home last week a beautiful young woman named meadow pollack credible family i had them in the oval office incredible people you've probably seen her picture she had a beautiful beautiful smile and a beautiful life so full of promise we wish there was something anything we could do to bring meadow and all of the others back
6:56 pm
there are not enough tears in the world to express our said this in anguish for her family and for every family that has lost a precious loved work no family should ever say and ever have to go in and suffer the way these families have suffered they've suffered beyond anything that i've ever witnessed a father drops his daughter off at school. kisses or goodbye waves to her she's walking up the path and never sees her alive again. gets a call can't believe it thinks it's the night we're once to wake up from the night . so we want to hear ideas from americans of all backgrounds and beliefs about how
6:57 pm
we can improve security or schools tackle the issue of mental health because this was a sick person very sick and we had a lot of warning about him being sick this wasn't a surprise to the people that us president donald trump there addressing c pac the conservative political action committee just hearing him there paying tribute to the victims of the florida high school shooting and their families this is of course the ongoing debate in america right now over gun control or whether he should be tougher gun control legislation earlier he touted a list of many of his achievements that this conservative gathering would like the tax cuts appointment of a conservative justice to the supreme court pulling out of the paris climate of current cutting regulations and so on we had been led to believe that he was going to announce new u.s. sanctions against north korea but as of now he hasn't gotten to that as the
6:58 pm
president likes to do he frequently when i went off script to go after some of his favorite targets the news media his democratic opponents and so on. that is it for this edition of news grid desk they with us though because in the next hour our colleagues in london will have the latest on the u.n. sanctions resolution. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way.
6:59 pm
our impeccable some of us remain. but none comes breaking. business climbs. the altar for the sake of family stone cold. weather conducting business sharing a special journey. in the thing still. the search on that. man. in the train some miles this. century in the sky. reduced to space. list to use. as own it was going places together.
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the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expensive nap or people would come to us and actually share the information with the al-jazeera team into them. activists say syrian government forces are using incendiary rockets to spawn fires and rebel held. as the un security council meets to vote on a ceasefire plan.


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