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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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nation with from the european union and see. this eighteen year old syrian was in the smugglers boats with his younger sister. the police came up to us and they told us you can cross they made us turn around the police previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity. but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international. working and we're not giving up. diplomatic. agreement for syria at least five hundred people killed in. just seven days.
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and welcome to live from our headquarters in doha with me purana also ahead for attacks across targets and diplomatic area. nigeria's president describes the schoolgirl's as a national disaster while sending more troops to find them and fascists and elsewhere. parties think a break for an election. have expressed extreme frustration as the u.n. security council delayed a vote on a resolution which demands a ceasefire across syria well that is now expected later on saturday russia has raised several objections which the other security council met. as
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a trying to work through one of them is timing russia says and mediate cease fire is unrealistic well the draft resolution calls for a thirty day truce which would allow a deliveries and medical evacuations of people who are critically ill and wounded while diplomats are focused on the rebel on klav of eastern ghouta near damascus which is being pounded by syrian and russian forces at least five hundred civilians have died there in just one week asama binge of aid has the latest now from guardian type along the turkish syrian border. in the last few hours the grim death toll that has been mounting in the last seven days in eastern route has crossed the five hundred mark we've been hearing from activists on the ground that airstrikes and artillery shells have landed in a green. and other areas of eastern civilian and residential neighborhoods have been targeted and many people have been trying to live underground for the
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last couple of days during daytime to try and go out and search for food but there is fear that as soon as they come out there will be an artillery shell or in a strike which will target them medics have been telling us about the grim situation of medical facilities in they say that at least twelve clinics and hospitals have been completely taken out of service because these attacks continue on a dog thing not just hospitals and clinics but anything that could sustain life in eastern huta people have been telling us that the tactic here seems to be this to stop and surrender but fighters on the ground and other others have been saying that they will continue to fight and they will not give up. on to other news now there have been four attacks and on. the out. in the west killing at least twenty soldiers and security forces have also been targeted and. and another attack took place and. i saw one has claimed responsibility. for sponsibility for
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a suicide bombing and tony has more from kabul. another bloody day in afghanistan three suicide bombings at a large scale taliban attack on an afghan army base the first attack was in kabul at eight thirty on saturday morning the target was intelligence building afghan intelligence building where people were killed and wounded this was carried out by islamic state they claim responsibility for the other attacks were by the taliban there is concern i think especially for the attack in kabul you may remember the large ambulance bomb that was set off in january killing more than one hundred people but after that the afghan president ashraf ghani said there was a new security strategy you've seen on the streets greater numbers of army and police greater defenses but still with this in place islamic state able to strike so that's causing concern and of course the taliban is beefing up their attacks as
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well is preemptive perhaps for their annual spring offensive which they always launch but there are so many attacks going on now that basically want to fence it rolls into another the united nations has released a report showing that the majority of people killed all civilians last year ten thousand were killed and wounded and it's the weapon of choice now is more often suicide bombs and roadside explosions. the americans are here in force they've beefed up their numbers they're using more aerial power to try and defeat in particular islamic state but so far it doesn't seem to be working and the security strategy certainly has holes in it. to somalia now where relatives of those killed in bomb attacks of accusing government leaders of failing to protect people twenty in the capital killed thirty eight people on friday the administration is praising security forces for intercepting a vehicle packed with explosives but has more. for the families connect the dead
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hours after the latest bomb and gun attacks in the capital it's four months since the largest of a truck bomb attack in mogadishu killed hundreds of somalis the lack of protection continues to cause. the government failed to protect its people they should step down if they can't protect us from the slaughter of the constant explosions. one of. the fighters launched the attack at the start of friday prez targeting somalia's intelligence headquarters and then the. gun battles continued near the presidential palace. as the night wore on the number of dead rose people searching for their loved ones and hospitals then at moogs many of the dead and injured on friday were civilians including people enjoying their weekend on the beach.
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we came from the beach me and my two brothers we were near the hotel when the explosion happened i survived but my two brothers died. fighters who are linked to al qaida once controlled large areas of somalia but were forced out of major cities six years ago it wants to overthrow the un backed government and impose strict islamic law. frequently detonates car bombs and fights gun battles the worst attack killed five hundred twelve people in october at least fifteen hundred children well off and somali government leaders say they are doing what they can to keep people safe and say security forces prevented at least one bomb laden car from reaching its intended target the somali government is backed by twenty two thousand african union troops and u.s. drone strikes following criticism after october's attack the minister of defense was sacked along with the police commissioner and security bosses despite that
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mogadishu's in mourning again victoria gave him be. nigeria's president is deploying extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of. mohammad the heart of his current monday's abduction a national disaster parents of the missing girls plan to join the bring back our girls campaign which was launched after boko haram kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from the town of chibok in two thousand and fourteen many of them still missing after what interest has the most is from and. there are questions as to whether or not the ground troops and the air operations will look at where they are your best state in particular is a vast area most of it a desert area. and it's not far from the general public this school where these girls were taken in particular lies less than two hundred kilometers away from the general public and nobody is certain whether or not this goes have been moved out of nigeria to reggie or inside nigerian territory so the question is why would
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these troops start looking and it's been three or four days since they have been taken but all the same a lot of people are sort of. commending the government because that knowledge this problem early on unlike in the past when it took weeks before the government accepted the fact that these guys have been take the government will be keen to avoid a repeat of chibok of two thousand and fourteen simply because it's campaign season starts very shortly and already it has gained momentum in this country the president will want to see this issue quickly resolved and how soon nobody knows at the moment but it's clear that the next few days will determine whether or not this government will succeed in bringing this goes back and people will be watching what it will do also regarding the remainder of the chagos kidnapped by boko haram four years ago. well to sit on our journalists they're living in fear of arrest simply for doing their jobs last month several reporters were detained while covering
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protests against government policies which resulted in further price increases where many of those jailed have now been released but there is concern about others still behind bars have a morgan reports from khartoum ten days ago i might have been he was not sure whether she'd ever see her home or her children again the journalist was held for more than a month without charge or trial after she was arrested while filming protests against economic reforms. i was arrested on the sixteenth of january in the protest organized by the community party we were at the place the protests were held with my colleague omar security people came and beat us and directed us to go to a certain direction they surrounded me and said i'm melissa filming us filming us. a bunny was one of eighty journalists politicians and activists released last week by the sudanese government. they were arrested during last month's protest against
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the government's decision to devalue the currency which led to price rises and inflation lower hand has and like others who were arrested says she had no part in the protests. but to get them even though. i was walking on the streets after the protests and they were beating a young man so i stepped in to help and told them to leave him they turned to me and started beating me they put me on a pickup truck and i was taken to detention. because the prisoners were released after international pressure on sudan's government which hasn't said how many arrests were made. political and rights groups say more than two hundred people were arrested during the protests over high gas prices in january and with only a few released rights groups including human rights watch say many are still being held in unknown locations with no access to lawyers or family visits and conditions which may constitute and for the parents and put them at risk of abuse. the
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government has pledged to release all prisoners but says processed as who are attempting an overthrow need to be careful the governor say the president's decision to release the prisoners is a sign of good will and we released all the students women and all the members of the party and we hope that contributes in developing the political environment in our country but anyone who tries to mess with the administrative institutes of the nation and tarnish it we will not let them get away with it i'm a know. i'm and have been he says she's happy to be back with her family again but worries about others who remain in detention and whether she'll be jailed again for doing her job he will morgan al-jazeera caught up to him why the check is next and then a formal election and to donald trump place guilty as more charges of a veiled in the investigation into alleged russian meddling and u.s. politics and the u.s. confirms its embassy removed from tel aviv to jerusalem by may much earlier than expected.
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hello there we've got a few outbreaks of rain across parts of china at the moment on the chart there for sunday we're seeing some of the wet weather through term ching and down through hunan and goings zoom but those showers become confined to the northwest of that region as we head through the day on monday so more of a getting away with a dry spell of weather the temperatures aren't too bad at this time of year either with chung do getting to around seventeen in force in shanghai will be at around of fourteen of the maximum now as we head across towards the west we're seeing more unsettled weather here now particularly in the northern parts of arm up his the lake to system it's made its way through parts of pakistan and into the northern parts of india as well that's working its way eastwards of fizzling out if it does so so not a great deal left to it as it makes its way across parts of nepal but then the next system is making its way towards us so here it is on sunday then some of the clouds
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making its way into the western parts of pakistan that edging its way eastwards on monday more of a seeing that cloud and we'll see some heavy rain make its way across the border to now here in doha we're also expecting some rather heavy rain overnight on saturday that will gradually begin to clear on sunday so still a good deal of cloud few outbreaks of rain are likely on sunday but the wettest of the weather that will be over the u.a.e. and stretching northwards across iran. what makes this the spirit we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive will provoke it would be nice people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. it
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is good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories hundreds of thousands of people trapped on klav mia syria's capital being bombed for a seventh day as diplomats at the u.n. negotiate a cease fire proposal at least five hundred people have been killed and over the past seven days there have been four attacks across of gonna start with at least twenty soldiers killed in the west two other attacks targeted soldiers in southern helmand province while in kabul a suicide bomber blew himself up in the diplomatic area and nigeria's president is
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deploying extra song to this to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of. hadi describes the abduction by the armed group. as a national disaster. now rival demonstrations taking place and support and against far right parties ahead of next week's parliamentary elections well supporters of the anti immigrant northern league party seen here holding a campaign rally in milan the election campaign has divided the country over immigration paul. is a correspondent song a guy who is joining us live from milan now and what's happening where you are song here. is about that the moment supports his head of law. believe party here are waiting for the party's leader to arrive he is expected to address some thirty thousand people here it will be the
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biggest rally to date in this campaign head and it really is quite interesting to see how the lead to. who himself has got a lot of support here is actually changing the party from what started out as a session it's movement to get the north of italy to secede from the rest of the country but also now he's expanded it to include all italians are making a plea to include some of those as well a group of people some part of the country that has previously been very dismissed by the northern league is even sort of drops the polls from the party's title itself now what's this perhaps it's a top cynical ploy oer opportunistic one to gauge enough support from all over the country in order to be able to target what he sees is being a major issue which is immigration the refugee crisis had a tremendous impact and it's the some six hundred thousand people have arrived in
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italy by sea and that has really had an effect on how people have been viewing these wave of refugees these immigrants who've arrived and believe in itself has been a very quick see capitalize on that and to capitalize also on the growing sense of xenophobia which before perhaps was also to some embarrassment but now seems to be the case where more and more people are feeling some want able to be able to voice more than a phobic attitudes and the northern league believe has definitely top dollar lot to lose but there are rallies. in support of the leak elsewhere to sanya they're not the only protests or rallies taking place in italy today. so. what's quite obvious here in days before leading up to the election here is just how divided the italian political scene is on the one hand you have emboldened. far right to have to choose which are. really sort of being voiced in here in the
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country but on the other side as well you also have. fascist voices who are fighting against that but the problem is of course is that the left is in crisis in haiti has been for a while now and certainly most political parties have topped in on this. feeling and have certainly adopted that as part of their rhetoric meeting up to the elections as well so what you're seeing is really a country which is really divided along these lines as well and a country which is also gradually swing towards more rights wing attitudes elizabeth thank you very much for that for now that. joining us live from that. thank you. now palestinians are accusing the u.s. of more provocations off of washington and else the new embassy will be opened in jerusalem this may than expected or donald trump's decision to move the embassy and recognized them as israel's capital triggered protests around the world roslyn
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jordan has more. news the u.s. embassy would move from television to jerusalem on may fourteenth king not in a communique but in a tweet from israel's intelligence minister. i would like to congratulate donald trump on his decision to transfer the u.s. embassy on israel's seventieth independence day no greater gift than that a short time later the u.s. president donald trump confirmed the news in a speech i was hit by more countries and more pressure and more people calling begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it. i said we have to do it it's the right thing to do it wasn't december trump announced he was moving the embassy to jerusalem. and he angered at those who said the u.s. was basically giving jerusalem to israel outside of final status talks with the palestinians the palestinian president mahmoud abbas was among those who condemned
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truff but at the u.n. security council this week it was clear abbas had moved on he told him about the era of the u.s. as an honest broker is over and that it's time to try something new and any out of grammar i would call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid two thousand and nineteen based on international law and relevant un resolutions with broad international participation including the two concerned parties and regional and international stakeholders one toasting a politician says the embassy is an affront to his community. this presents a very serious provocation to the palestinian side besides the fact that moving the embassy to jerusalem is by its participation in violation of national a us based analyst called the move in date very bad foreign policy rather than just giving jerusalem away to the israelis what he could have done it said we will acknowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel if you dismantle all the illegal
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settlements and so what he stand now it seems given away very big valuable check and essentials gotten nothing in return the ambassador david friedman and a few aides will join current consulate staff at their office in jerusalem a new building won't be built for several years there's no denying the embassy move will affect any and all peace talks going forward rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. a former. u.s. president. has plenty to guilty of allegations of conspiracy and lying to the f.b.i. . they significance of gates' apparent admission. thank you it's happened again another member of donald trump's twenty sixteen campaign walks into the courthouse and pleads guilty to a serious felony conspiring against the united states and line to investigators gates isn't
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a household name but it's believed he played an important role in the campaign and inauguration often seen right next to his boss like here preparing for his party's acceptance speech gates was the former deputy campaign manager for trump and a longtime business partner of campaign chairman paul man of fort gates was indicted with manna for it last october for money laundering later face charges of bank fraud and tax evasion both men originally pled not guilty gates joined the term campaign in june of two thousand and sixteen and stayed on after man a fort was fired this will put more pressure on man afford to follow suit and flip giving evidence on people higher up in the campaign he was in that critical meeting between donald trump jr jared cushion or and the russian lawyer linked to the kremlin this is now the third trump campaign official to come to this courthouse and plead guilty with that there's been a lot more talking conservative circles the president should simply pardon everyone involved under the constitution he can do that you can pardon pretty much anybody
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except himself it would be politically risky but there's another problem the special counsel's been working with states' attorneys and when it comes to stay crimes well there's literally nothing the president can do to interfere so far nineteen people have been indicted in connection with the investigation into possible russian collusion have flipped making it likely that more rests are coming and making it harder to say there's nothing here it discredits more and more the claim that the. it's just fake news there's nothing there of there's nothing there why are people pleading guilty they usually do that in order for prosecutors to get people more powerful in this case closer to the president what's not know just how high this will go if it's possible it could lead to the president himself. al jazeera washington so the u.k. now where knife crime by more than a fifth last year with a third of a offenses taking place in london the majority of those killed in the capital or
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black teenagers are you don't want to be for that report no father should have to visit the site of their son's murder but this is michael speight he doesn't know who stabbed to death his boy michael jr in a south london park the attack seems to have been random for months on the police appealed for information. is being tight lipped we're facing a barrier which is people think into their so that if they're open their mouths and says something they're going to be labelled as be maimed farmers are a smidge. just another london knife crime this robbery earlier this month on camera but no one will tell the police who this is the epidemic hundreds of knife crimes every week these some of the weapons used driven say the police by territorial gangs drugs and in london there's an ethnic dynamic i recognise that there's a disproportionate number of young black males that are getting stomped and
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unfortunately being killed the gangs don't necessarily follow racial groups in fact some of them come in very multicultural but as a rule at the moment we're finding the biggest threat to a young black male is indeed a young black male. this club tries to give children focus yes children this young are at risk for us the man who founded this club was killed aged twenty in a knife crime his mother tries to explain what's gone wrong no investment. community centers being closed down. no emotional support for our young people it affects their mental health depression anxiety stress. this project helps fill the void left by cuts in social spending by the government the mare of london city card is not responsible for those cuts but is
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a high profile politician in the capital he's feeling the political heat of the knife crime crisis at a time when the dymov the policing is going up the supply of police and because of government cuts is going down his opponents say his policies are incoherent he's too slow to spend the money he does have. this week he sent a message to young londoners who is learned in these new life london evening life london needs me alive so i don't carry a knife. it's too late for my heart stabbed to death at a north london party attended by hundreds. last summer the police who have very few ethnic somali offices are again struggling for information this community is disproportionately affected but a mother's despair well that's universal i love my son he. is a mummy boy he's good boy never feel good. to be phillips al jazeera london
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now all eyes have been on the olympic venues and the pos few weeks the area has historically been underdeveloped bought an influx of investment for south korea's first one to change that the question now is what happens after the olympics are over the talks are going to reports from down one province on whether the money will keep flowing the mountains the sea and the forests of gang one province have inspired artists for centuries but the korean war divided the picturesque region and drove away investment after spending an estimated thirteen billion dollars on the so-called peace olympics as well as renewed dialogue between the north and south people wonder if the tourist dollars will keep coming long after the athletes pack up their skis and ice skates. much less developed than i thought i don't think there would be much economic benefit after the olympics. it was good the north
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koreans came in so how developed we are it would be good for unification. huge you love the bustle the expense and the smog of saw six years ago to invest in our hometown. the pyongyang native open this bakery with her brother she says the winter games have boosted profits and she's going to expand because the future looks promising. this is special for us has become known throughout the world and it was a boost for a bakery south koreans hope they can benefit from the costly infrastructure projects to continue hosting sporting events something other olympic host cities have found difficult to do even so some of the stadiums will be demolished because they're too expensive to maintain a. governor chamberlain soon says even with the new hotels a high speed train line and
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a casino the most important benefit for gang one is the prospect of peace with north korea. we hope the peaceful atmosphere will continue expand and we can tackle the nuclear issue it's our role to provide a good atmosphere and for the sports and cultural exchanges are key. the hope is the picture seen on television and social media feeds during pyongyang twenty eighteen will captivate prospective tourists in the way it has artists and they'll come to experience the natural beauty firsthand natasha going to al-jazeera gang one province south korea. and again i want to live upon and the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people trapped in a rebel held playfully a serious capital being involved for
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a seventh day as diplomats at the u.n. negotiate a cease fire proposal at least five hundred people have been killed in the east and go over the past seven days. they were in for attacks across afghanistan with at least twenty soldiers killed in the west to all the attacks targeted soldiers in southern helmand province while the. ball the suicide bomber blew himself up in the diplomatic area tony burton is following developments from kabul this attack in kabul especially shows that islamic state is still active it's still capable of launching attacks i think that was the message they wanted to to put out there the taliban is getting stronger as we understand it every day they control something like seventy percent of the country we're told specially in rural areas of course the civilians are bearing the brunt usually of all these attacks the u.n. of just published a report which shows that last year ten thousand civilians were killed and injured a lot of them by suicide bombings nigeria's president is deploying extra soldiers
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to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school and the talent that she mohammed the one heidi has called monday's abduction by boko haram a national disaster where parents of the missing go as planned to join the bring back our girls campaign which was launched after boko haram kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from the town of chalk in two thousand and fourteen many of them still missing. rallies are being held across as in the ahead of next week's parliamentary elections these are pictures of anti-fascist demonstrate just taking to the streets of tehran the election campaign has divided the country over immigration policies. the u.s. has confirmed it will open its new embassy in jerusalem this may march earlier than expected palestinians have condemned the announcement. recovery efforts are still taking place after at least thirty eight people were killed and twenty four months and somalia the first blast was at a checkpoint near the presidential palace in the capital mogadishu the second was
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in front of a popular hotel. the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. as are the headlines on al jazeera up front is coming up next. al-jazeera. ethics. did lot to be uprooted to help donald trump win the u.s. presidential election and how free and fair is russia's own presidential election next month going to be a loss one of putin's leading opponents and speak to a former top cia spy.


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