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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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ology and artificial intelligence. the future has never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to our frontiers the future of media leaders summit. limitless possibilities. zero. hello i'm laura kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. draft unanimously u.n. security council approves a resolution that calls for
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a thirty day ceasefire across syria. as they dragged out the negotiation the bombs from assad's fighter jets continued to fall but that agreement was hard forth with fiery exchanges between the u.s. and russia also ahead. trumping trump democrats release their own memo regarding surveillance of a presidential aide during the twenty sixteen campaign. and nigeria's president calls the plight of missing schoolgirls a national disaster and sends more troops to search for them. so after days of heated to go. consul has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding a month long truce in syria and this comes after a week of government led strikes on the rebel held and place of east and which have killed more than five hundred civilians the resolution calls for an immediate end
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to hostilities for thirty days that's meant to allow window for much needed aid to be let into besieged areas including east and would also allow medical evacuations in just a moment we'll get the latest on the situation in eastern goods but first. this report from the united nations. for a third day diplomats worked frantically to get a resolution for a cease fire on syria a bastard and he got an agreement with the russians now. today we're going to see if russia has a concert the russian ambassador conferred with his syrian counterpart whose government has continued without rest by the bombardment of eastern puter even as the negotiations dragged on diplomats have been working around the clock exhausted frustrated and in some cases angry most of the discussions focusing on the exact wording of one paragraph in the end they agreed to a place an immediate cease fire with one that comes into force without delay it
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meant they could vote. it was unanimous but they didn't seem to be much unity in the chamber. every minute the council waited on russia the human suffering group getting to a vote became a moral responsibility for everyone but not for russia not for syria not for iran i have to ask why as they dragged out the negotiation the bombs from assad's fighter jets continued to fall in the three days it took us to adopt this resolution how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling why we negotiated this so long and that is illusion that they wanted to make sure that it is not used as a pretext military action because we had some trouble so what are you worrying. governments on that in the recent days any good in today some of the variability
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cause these negotiations were extremely hard getting a ceasefire across syria will be even harder can they get a stop to the bombardment in eastern guta there is an exemption in the resolution allowing continued military action against al qaida. and eisel and some diplomats fear that the syrian government will assert that those fighting in eastern guta have links with those groups james pays out his era at the united nations syria's two major rebel groups say they welcome the un resolution but it's still unclear whether it will bring any relief of the seas civilians in eastern grosser a sound engine of it is following events from turkey's border with syria. i've spoken to a number of sources since the united nations security council came to this agreement a united nations source said that we've always been ready to provide aid inside eastern hooter and it's been frustrating for us to know that people can see our
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warehouses from inside we're told they're only a few kilometers away but we haven't been able to reach them in the last five years but aid workers are saying that it is going to be tough for these aid groups to come in and provide this help because not just the syrian foreign ministry but the syrian intelligence also controls these checkpoints and in the past have stopped aid convoys and taken out medical supplies and essential items that they do not want to ascend into to people have cautious optimism about what has happened but they're also afraid of what is going to come in the coming hours because eastern hooter has been bombarded relentlessly more than five hundred people have been killed at least twelve hospitals have been destroyed and more than two thousand people have been injured medics have been saying that the situation is desperate and critical. see. rescuers are responding to crisis for help. people think of but didn't used to know where
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a safe clean under the wing was one of the moments of panic this search for children who disappeared in the debris was going over with the children call for their father. was a civil defense worker says they must hurry to the basement. activists accuse the syrian government and russia for the airstrikes and shelling the suburb of syria's capital damascus has been bombarded specially hard for the last week. the only like these is from the fires which started the bombing. these children prayed in the dark in an underground shelter one of them wants the world to feel their pain her. no food no water every day you sleep on the floor my back hurts we can't bring a pillow from our house if we get out we'll get it don't you know. imagine your
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children. won't be to say. the other wants to safety. because you had the floors are down the air is humid and it's called underground there are few basements in all the nearly four hundred thousand people i get on the roofs of our size i don't know what this is our children didn't take for two days we can't find anything else we'll feed them this is a male god help us. aid i syrians living in cities abroad have protested in small gatherings they reject that the fight in eastern huta is against what the government calls terrorists. but the syrian government iran and russia say the civilian deaths in our fabricated propaganda. since the united nations security council agreed to a thirty day feast in syria aid workers say they're ready to take in the aid but people inside kuta are scared fearful of what has happened in the past in other
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areas might happen here again with the government tries to take as much as possible before the implementation phase kicks in some of the job. on the turkey syria border. meant to be single to follows gains by the government over the past year which has emboldened the military and its allies they now have a clear up a hand in the conflicts this area in red is controlled by the syrian government and pro assad forces but there are still sizeable pockets of rebel held territory seen here in green the fighting focused on it lip in the north and of course eastern gates are there the capsule damascus is also a threat of confrontation between pro-government forces and turkish forces in a frame where turkey is trying to push out kurdish fighters. and of course a skier is a fellow at the washington institute focusing on russia's policy towards the middle east he joins us now from washington d.c.
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on skype's we've got this resolution at the united nations security council passed finally but just how quickly will russia be able to convince the assad government to comply. thank you very much it's good to be here will look russia's if we look if you street offers any any lessons russia's track record on pressuring assad is not exactly your goal and that is to say russia really has very little interest in pressuring assad so while perhaps in the short term the cease fire might hold. long term and there's lots of very big questions about what's going to happen down the road i mean to carry the the u.s. ambassador here was furious following the vote saying it was delayed by russia over a few words and some commas what's russia's tactic here. well russia was trying to this was again pro classic protection of assad i mean if you look at that that's exactly what was happening they were arguing over commas in significance to the
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words immediately and so forth and really as the delayed in this was a delay tactic assad's forces continue good and so the idea was for russians to delay to again allow for assad to continue to gain ground on the other side we have to address that as well you've got two major rebel factions needs to go to welcoming this ceasefire but there are other fighting groups there and across syria what are the chances that we're going to get everybody on board for a whole month. again you know certainly you know history is a got there's lots of reasons for skepticism my major concern personally is again once again with russia and certainly with iran to what sides major backers historically when cease fires broke down in the past. it's assad's forces and his allies that were responsible remember for example us to tell we're two thousand and sixteen where are allegedly russia had bombed the u.n. humanitarian convoy and so it's assad and his allies that are the major issue here
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ok. thanks very much for joining us from washington thank you for having me the u.s. congress has released a classified memo by the democrats two weeks after president trump blocks over security concerns it rebuts a document prepared by republicans on the house intelligence committee which is made public earlier this month the republican memo alleged f.b.i. bias against trump during its investigation into his presidential campaigns links with russia the white house signed off on the release of the democratic member only after reductions were made to live not to die on estabrook she's also in washington d.c. so damn what exactly is this memo say the bits of it that is that we can see. right laura there's been a lot of back and forth on these memos but basically the memo that the democrats released today said that the f.b.i. and the justice department followed the letter of the law when they launched this investigation into. carter page who was
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a former trunk campaign aide now earlier this year the republicans claim that this investigation was based primarily on research that was part of some research that the democrats had gotten from a former british spy christopher steele today the democrats said that's really not the case in the memo that they released they said they relied very little on the steel dossier in fact they began this investigation a few months before they got the steel dossier they said the reason that they looked into the f.b.i. began investigating carter page was because of interactions that he had with russian officials and his relationships with former russian spies now the white house said a late this afternoon that it's glad that this democratic memo was finally released although it undercuts the president politically on the other hand the democrats that that this investigation was justified and the f.b.i.
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would have been remiss had it not looked into quarter page as it does it put an end of the battle between the republicans or the democrats over this issue. no probably not at all in fact there was more back and forth today between the democrats and the republicans adam schiff who is the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee tweeted some time ago republicans on our committee released a declassified memo that omitted and distorted key facts in order to mislead the public and impugn the integrity of the f.b.i. we can tell you what we can now tell you what they left out now devon new yes who is the republican who chairs the intelligence committee house intelligence committee said this afternoon that this memo proves absolutely nothing i would say that this we actually want to do so so this is been held for over two weeks the
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f.b.i. and do j. had right away had told the democrats what was wrong with their memo or their response to our memo and they waited for two weeks before they actually did the reductions that were necessary to get this out we wanted out we wanted out because we think it is clear evidence that the democrats are not only trying to cover this up but they're also colluding with parts of the government to help cover this up. so the republicans contending that this is an ongoing witch hunt into the trump white house the democrats saying that they were acting responsibly looking into quarter page ok many thanks i so says it carried out an attack on a counterterrorism campaign and yemen which left at least fourteen people dead two suicide bombs were set off at the entrance to the camp in the southern city of aden before government tried to attack the facility its act was the first of its kind in
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southern yemen since fighting in january between separatists and yemen's internationally recognized government. extrasolar tests have been deployed to search for more than one hundred one chair in schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram on monday abductions in the town adopt a cast doubts on the government's claims and the face of the armed great advantages has more from the capital a picture of the mood is that of shock and anger anger because the nigerian government has failed to properly explain how many kids or how many students have been taken from that college and what exactly happened there now shock in the sense that many people expected nigeria and the security agencies to learn from the mistakes of two thousand and forty interval when more than two hundred and seventy schools go to school girls have been kidnapped by boko haram more than one hundred of them are still unaccounted for a group of activists who've been pushing the nigerian government to rescue the chapel girls now we spoke to some of them who expressed shock and dismay that four
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years on the nigerian government and the nigerian security services have not learned anything from people who are hoping that before it's four years or one hundred and twelve chibok girls did but only to be woken up on tuesday to realize that most girls were abducted and we're back to square one when many nigerians expected the government to beef up security around vulnerable places like schools especially boarding schools in the northeast of nigeria now in the case of cheese that clearly did not happen and many nigerians will be watching the government closely as well as security agencies to see whether or not these girls are rescued in the next few days or so. plenty more still ahead here on the news including two u.s. allies to a major companies cutting ties with america's largest gun lobby the n.r.a. calls them khalid's. and norway when a record thirty eight the winter olympics medal all the details from coming up with
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tatiana and. have been for attacks in afghanistan taliban fighters stormed an army outpost in the west killing at least twenty soldiers security forces have also been togs in and another attack happened in nearby. responsibility for a suicide bombing in kabul has more from kabul. another bloody day in afghanistan three suicide bombings at a large scale taliban attack on an afghan army base the first attack was in kabul at eight thirty on saturday morning the target was intelligence building afghan intelligence building where people were killed and wounded this was carried out by islamic state they claim responsibility for the other attacks were by the taliban there is concern i think especially for the attack in kabul you may remember the
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large ambulance bomb that was set off in january killing more than one hundred people but after that the afghan president ashraf ghani said there was a new security strategy you've seen on the streets greater numbers of army and police greater defenses but still with this in place islamic state able to strike so that's causing concern and of course the taliban is beefing up their attacks as well is preemptive perhaps for their annual spring offensive which they always launch but there are so many attacks going on now that basically want to fence it rolls into another the united nations has released a report showing that the majority of people killed all civilians last year ten thousand were killed and wounded and it's the weapon of choice now is more often suicide bombs and roadside explosions. the americans are here in force they've beefed up their numbers they're using more aerial power to try and defeat in particular islamic state but so far it doesn't seem to be working and the security
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strategy certainly has holes in it. a new report by save the children has highlighted the dangers faced by reading to children living in refugee camps in bangladesh aid workers have documents at least thirty two cases of child trafficking in the cox's bazar camps since august but say the real number could be higher say the children spoke to girls in the camps who said they were afraid to use the communal bathrooms for fear of harassment others described how they kept their children close because of their belief that kidnappers were operating in the camps the charity says another concern for children is to curity of their tents which are made from plastic and bamboo evan sherman from save the children spoke to us there about reports. agencies are doing a number of things to address some of the concerns that and raised simple things like recommending the lights in the camp so that they fit to access the trains at
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night but also i think one of the priorities is to increase access to. children at the moment only about a quarter of. a have access to learning opportunities this is something we really want to scale up in the future and i think that's really important because learning activities and running centers provide children with a great form of protection and safety protected from homes like trafficking and things like that when they're in those running activities so that's really important this is a huge humanitarian crisis where it's you know everything from providing shelter and food for a new refugees to providing really important social support and i think that's probably one of the elements of this response that i find particularly concerning is that there are many children and adults and that it clearly living in distress that experience really traumatic things and they need support to address the mental
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health and their emotional wellbeing and recovery such is the magnitude of this crisis and much. more efficient support is needed we've seen a seven hundred thousand a year arrive in bangladesh and in six months an incredibly large number of people that are living in really congested really challenging conditions and in a couple of days' time we're going to see a new joint appeal and for almost a billion dollars to support the right here in the host community affected by this process over the next ten months and it's really important that the international community steps up and fully funds that that appeal. hundreds of catholics in the philippines have been marching in protest against president were triggered to tertius and drugs campaign three thousand alleged drug users have been killed since teddy took office and twenty sixteen police officers are accused of involvement in most of the deaths of protesters are also opposing a bid by to tertius allies in the philippine congress to legalize divorce on thirty
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has not spelled out his stance on the bill has attacks the church since taking office. police in lebanon are questioning a man arrested on suspicion of being involved in the death of a filipino maid in kuwait. his body was found in a freezer more than a year after she was reported missing her former employer lebanese national not as some soft was detained in syria and later handed over to authorities in beirut his wife who is also a suspect is still in syria to my father as his death prompted the philippine government to ban new deployments of workers to kuwait the country also brought hundreds of its nationals home to bertie's government has seized a major container port from a u.a.e. owned company doral a port is strategically the cases on the straight between djibouti and yemen it has access to shipping lanes linking europe asia and africa that's one of several ports in the region run by dubai based d.p. world others are controlled by the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen of which
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the u.a.e. is a member of the dispute between the u.a.e. in djibouti a spot for regional concern almost all the imports destined for neighboring ethiopia move through doral or it's also used to transfer a lot of aid in sea yemen d.p. world is now launching a case in the international court of arbitration seeking damages. more. the contract signed in two thousand and six for d.p. world to operate the drala container terminal in the port of djibouti was meant to last for thirty years but in two thousand and fourteen launched a lawsuit against d.p. world accusing it of bribing a former port director to secure favorable terms then on thursday the government terminated the contract. for the west apprised of the contract is so unfair and detrimental to our rights and our national sovereignty and that so many years after signing it when we asked about the need to enlarge the ports and build new ones we
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were told we had no right to do that dubai is infuriated and has described the move as oppressive and cynical and as an illegal seizure designed to force the dubai ports world to renegotiate the terms of the concession d.p. world is seeking international arbitration djibouti says the season is finally perfectly comfortable to upright it's like. this is a business this is a politics. there to present. would break. anyway that we were ready to sell it so why don't they don't sell for us but behind the dispute there was fierce international competition to control the red sea the port of djibouti is considered one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the horn of africa strategically located on the state of babel meant that the shipping lanes link the indian ocean to the red sea channeling more than half a cargo between europe and asia djibouti is also close to regional conflict zones
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including yemen somalia and sudan as well as the swiss canal because of its strategically important position the united states chose duty to set up its first permanent military base in africa more than a dozen drone flights are operated daily from camplin one year as well as training and planning for security operations across the region. france also has a military base in djibouti and china set up its first major military base overseas there japan italy spain saudi arabia station troops there as well ironically the country more dependent for its economic survival and djibouti has no military presence landlocked if you appear receives eighty percent of its imports from the port china is building an additional port for djibouti and it has recently built a much needed railway line for the transportation of passengers and goods between ethiopia and. the decades long border dispute between djibouti and that it really
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made ethiopia's interest in closer ties with more important reports suggest that relations between djibouti and the united arab emirates soured after the u.a.e. started military cooperation with eritrea. it's not clear who replaced the united arab emirates in djibouti with the sudden turn nation of the d.p. world contact. or does it. still had hair on al-jazeera who is going to london even london is making life london easier life so i don't. take steps and hopes will stop a rise in deadly knife attacks. and the surprise winner of the international film festival. the oscars. and to fly the flag or not rational place await their fate after two failed drug tests at the winter olympics as he tells coming up with and sport.
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hello again the rain is still falling across many parts of north america and it's been stuck where it is at the moment for the past few days and that combined with melting snow has given us quite a few problems these pictures from indiana showing how bad the flooding has got there now the wet weather is finally going to be on the move as we head through the next day or so here's where it is currently but as we fast forward to into sunday it's just not going its way a little bit further towards the east and then eventually as we head into monday begins to move down into the southeast corner behind it is generally following and settled and it will give us a chance to recover from all the heavy rain that we've seen recently towards the west there's another weather system pulling in there and that will be giving us a fair amount of snow is it makes its way across the rockies ever further towards the south and for many of us across the central america is there some fine dry
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weather to be found but we have seen some rather stubborn showers over parts of nicaragua there's also been stretching down into costa rica these showers will be easing a little bit as we head through monday but still one or two of them around that coast a bit further south there's also been a lot of what weather here too particularly in the northern parts of bolivia here we've seen some flooding more showers are likely here and those showers stretch all the way down and into rio. in two thousand and eight raggy traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american first i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress but ten years on the lot has changed rewind is now in america at this time on al-jazeera the globe in the
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united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenge is going to be up to men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story the news is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for stance what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. there again you're watching out there has a reminder of our top stories this hour u.n.
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security council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding a month long truce in syria as a week of government led strikes on the rebel held and. which have killed more than five hundred civilians. a classified memo by the us democrats has been released two weeks after president. republican memo released earlier this month alleged f.b.i. bias against. investigation into his presidential campaign links with russia. has tweeted that the newly released document as a total political and legal. action soldiers have been deployed for more than one hundred nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram on monday and their parents say the government has failed to protect children in the town of doubts over the government's claims that it has defeated the brute. well it says of the thirty eight people killed in twenty six and somalia blaming the government for failing to
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protect the people but when the course says i'm all those praised the security forces who prevented attackers from hitting their intended targets victoria gates and he has more. on the families collect their dead hours after the latest bomb and gun attacks in the capital it's four months since the largest ever truck bomb attack in mogadishu killed hundreds of somalis the lack of protection continues to cause anger. and i don't know. the government failed to protect its people they should step down if they can't protect us from the slaughter of the constant explosions. one of the. fighters launched the attack at the start of friday prayers targeting somalia's intelligence headquarters and then the prominent. gun battles continued near the presidential palace. as the night wore on the number of dead rose people searching
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for their loved ones and hospitals then at moogs many of the dead and injured on friday were civilians including people enjoying their weekend on the beach. as we came from the beach me and my two brothers we were near the hotel when the explosion happened i survived but my two brothers died. fighters who are linked to al qaida once controlled large areas of somalia but were forced out of major cities six years ago it wants to overthrow the un backed government and impose strict islamic law. frequently detonates car bombs and fights gun battles the worst attack killed five hundred twelve people in october at least fifteen hundred children were orphaned somali government leaders say they are doing what they can to keep people safe and say security forces prevented at least one bomb laden car from reaching its intended target the somali government is backed by twenty two thousand african union troops and u.s.
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drone strikes following criticism after october's attack the minister of defense was sacked along with the police commissioner and security forces despite that mogadishu's in mourning again victoria gates and be. a growing number of high profile u.s. companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association following last week's shooting at a florida high school more than half a dozen companies say they will no longer offer discounts to the n.r.a. as five million members for the social media campaign by gun control activists calling for a boycott on brands who partnered with the organization or companies that have severed ties with the n.r.a. include major insurers car rental firms and two of america's biggest airlines delta and united the n.r.a. has lashed out at the companies saying they are punishing membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice f.c group august activists using the february fourteenth shooting to expand gun control and abolish gun rights
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in the u.s. it's a matthews as a professor of political science at cypress college and he joins us now from los angeles good to have you with us so what's the impact of all these companies causing that ties with the n.r.a. . it's going to have a significant impact because these are large companies when it was a small company like a car rental company that's one thing but when united airlines and delta and other symantec i believe a high tech companies does the same thing it's going to have a both of material impact and a moral or ethical impact because the word then spreads and the awareness of the issue of assault rifle especially assault rifles that's what needs to be banned and a lot of these young people the students have been galvanizing public opinion and these corporate opinion now against the n.r.a. and that's very significant like the second upset also a lot of and i members five million or so you won't get that discount but do you think it's going to extend to having an impact on the n.r.a. is lobbying ability in congress certainly to some extent but the n.r.a.
2:35 am
gets about almost half of its money from the gun manufacturers so a very important connection we have to make here the people that produce the guns the four corporations like west smith and wesson others is actually produce the rifles and the guns you want to keep selling them they almost fund the n.r.a. is budget about fifty percent and the rest of it comes from the individual membership and also other kind of donations so the or the charity i guess that has to do with foundations but the thing is the n.r.a. gets most of its money or a lot of it from these manufacturers and then makes a big difference at the same time it's going to be have an impact that the public and these big companies are backing away from them and it'll also give a give a political sort of political impetus for those who are against having these automatic what you call some automatic weapon weapons and that's very important i think and again with the students involved it's extremely important in the second amendment has to be looked at to we can talk about i just a minute if you like to so i just want to get to the point that i was trying to us
2:36 am
about the the the public the pardon terence especially members of congress whether they will be pushed out to north except the donations from the n.r.a. . yes that's a key point very good very well put in fact about two hundred thirty members of congress over half of the house of representatives receives money for the n.r.a. from the n.r.a. for their campaigns and now they're going to have sorry jacking up money because their own constituents will turn against them once these companies turn against them and once the students have led public opinion against the n.r.a. and what it's doing because the n.r.a. does not they want to have any kind of regulation whatsoever but once these members of congress and their candidates who run against them see that the n.r.a. is actually more of the obstacle rather than a help to them they're going to have to refuse the money from them ok so that saves or at least break away from their political support let's turn towards the second amendment so why is the n.r.a. so how bans on the right to bear arms. it goes back to the fact the n.r.a. was actually established by by hunters and volunteers who actually wanted to like
2:37 am
a club a social club did not have any corporate influence and then in twenty's and thirty's in their established but by later on these big companies that make their weapons got ahold of them and started giving money to the n.r.a. and include their members together and supporting these positions so the n.r.a. became a spokesperson for manufacturing guns getting people to buy them and not to have any kind of reform that would cut back on the sales of these weapons and so what happens the second amendment says that a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state the right to keep and bear arms with people shall not be infringed so what the courts decide nine thirty nine is that this has to with the militia and therefore it was not it individual's right to bear arms back in the nineteen thirty nine court ruling but in two thousand and eight the u.s. supreme court reversed itself and said the right to bear arms is an individual right the other part is just a preface to the amendment so they actually gave the rights for individuals to buy arms but it could be regulated because machine guns were still prevented so it's not a completely unwarranted right but it's a very extreme right to where you can actually get some automatic weapons wouldn't
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shoot many many rounds in one shot in a few trigger pulls and that's very dangerous as you know what happened in las vegas with stocks those things so it's getting out of control completely and the people are fed up with american people ready to stop this asking for change and i think thanks very much for taking time to have joined us we well thank you my pleasure. dozens of protests taking place across as tensions rise in the run up to next weekend's election they drove the anti immigrant league policy address thousands of supporters in milan and rome protesters rallied against what they fear is a return to a fascist past so i get reports. really the crowds in milan but they are salvini one to the ear of the whole nation only days away from italy's problem entry elections this was the largest gathering given by the right wing populist leg up party it may have started out as a northern italian secessionist movement with a desire to separate from what it called
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a backward southern region but this is italy politics here is a mecurio game since in the change it rebranded itself as the policy for all italians with the same anti immigrant populace program. we want a federal more efficient country which takes care of the north and the south employment taxation immigration the league has grown up in many ways and mr snyder really has a lot in common with far right wing european leaders and see european union gura zone he's also against the big macro dominance over the economy the home wasn't really going to. live is an answer immigration policies and here there are plenty of people who support that group given the refugee crisis that has had its lead to kill. in the last four years some six hundred thousand people have arrived in italy by sea but it has coincided with a tougher session and high unemployment and the infrastructure has barely been able
2:40 am
to cope immigration rhetoric has surfed to whip up sentiments hear him pass the phrase interest them you've got to win this is not the government has imposed this uncontrolled migration on its unregulated and it's not fair. i want to clean italy i want more employment less crime. legal immigrants who are destroying it illegally. over the country there is a sense of hardening attitudes in the southern city of one neo fascist group came out to defend its positions meanwhile in the capital rome the fear of a return of italy's fascist past prompted five separate demonstrations railing against the agenda of the far right this is a country which has always had sharp divisions in the political scene but there is a fear that violent tensions of the past are making a return to sluggish economy has made many here feel hard done by and there is little trust in mainstream politicians to result it. al-jazeera.
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thousands of people have attended a rally in tel aviv protesting israel's plans to deport african migrants in february the israeli government started handing out notices to twenty thousand male migrants saying they rest being jailed if they didn't leave by the start of april fourth that has more from tel aviv. there are thousands of people here on the streets of south tel aviv not just african to silence seekers but also a notably many israelis who are out here to protest against their government's policy of threatening government. infiltrators from african nations mainly sudan and eritrea with either prison or forced to essentially forced people tension to a third country i.e. or one of the well most of the people that we've spoken to who may be in that situation the future they say that they would prefer prison to being sent to a country which isn't theirs which they say they would feel unsafe in one of those people is someone who's been here for ten years an asylum seeker who is from darfur
2:42 am
in sudan and his name is thais harun and he joins me now thais just briefly your presence here is because of what happened to you and your family in darfur yes i'm here to say so then i and the reason i'm here is because they genocide that happen in darfur two thousand and three going to say i started on we run away you know we our houses were van our family this is where you know most of the people work and i'm going to end up going to that he felt that the majority according to polls of israelis support the government two thirds of israeli support the government's policy on this nonetheless we see his big turnout opposed to it and in support of your argument here tonight what does i do feel. look like to be honest i really want to thank the israeli society for coming on our i know that they met us they know that we are not here as migrants we came here because we have
2:43 am
a problem on home and they understand that and we are very grateful for the opportunity we just want the government to see this to see to come and meet the people and to see it if you will out of migrant workers so riyadh really. looking for a safe my family ties thank you very much for joining us and so that's the situation here we have thousands on the streets protesting against. however the process has already begun some people are in prison people have been issued with these deportation notices the israeli government seems determined to press their. number of knife crimes in britain rose by more than twenty percent last year with a third of recorded offenses in london which already of those killed in the capital were black teenagers are u.k. correspondent bonnie phillips reports no father should have to visit the site of their son's murder but this is michael speight he doesn't know who stabbed to death his boy michael jr in a south london park the attack seems to have been random for months on the police appealed for information people is be empowered lip were fierce and
2:44 am
a barrier wishes. people feeling came to this if they're open their mouths and says something they're going to be labelled as be maimed pharma iris mich. just another london knife crime this robbery earlier this month on camera but no one will tell the police who this is the epidemic hundreds of knife crimes every week these some of the weapons used driven say the police by territorial gangs drugs and in london there's an ethnic dynamic i recognise that there's a disproportionate number of young black males that are getting stomped and unfortunately being killed the gangs don't necessarily follow racial groups in fact some of them come in very multicultural but as a rule at the moment we're finding the biggest threat to a young black male is indeed a young black male. this club tries to give children focus yes children this young
2:45 am
are at risk for us the man who founded this club was killed aged twenty in a knife crime his mother tries to explain what's gone wrong no investment for the young people community centers being closed down. no emotional support for our young people it affects their mental health depression anxiety stress. this project helps fill the void left by cuts in social spending by the government the mare of london city car is not responsible for those cuts but as a high profile politician in the capital he's feeling the political heat of the knife crime crisis at a time when the dymov the policing is going up the supply of police and because of government cuts is going down his opponents say his policies are incoherent he's too slow to spend the money he does have. this week he sent
2:46 am
a message to young londoners who is learned in these new life london evening life london needs me alive so i don't carry a knife. it's too late for my heart stabbed to death at a north london party attended by hundreds. last summer the police who have very few ethnic somali officers are again struggling for information this community is disproportionately affected but a mother's despair well that's universal i love my son he. is a mummy boy he's good boy never forget barnaby phillips al-jazeera london still ahead on al-jazeera it's a high scoring affair and dublin in the six nations between ireland and wales tatiana will have all those details and spoke to. the scene for us where they are on line what is
2:47 am
a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. back to her duty and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers ahmed khan witness at this time on a. that's
2:48 am
how has the sport now. thank you very much text my border ethel a death scam has made history by becoming the fast akeley ever to win a gold medal in snowboarding and skiing say pretty acronym pick there was a good day in pyongyang for no way and host south korea as well as peta stem reports. or eyes were on esther the deaths go on saturday having already taken gold in the super g. alpine skiing event she went on to write her name into the in the big history books
2:49 am
the check winning the parallel giant slalom gold medal in her chosen sport of snowboarding no one else has ever achieved this double feat at the olympics it was a great day i enjoyed every run and i'm very happy to be here. first place on the men's side switzerland's live in goma remey took gold in the parallel giant slalom he beat out south korea's leasing home who took his country's first medal on the snow. big a snowboarding has won lots of fans over to limbic debut including donald trump's daughter ivanka she was in the crowd to see kyle back when silver for the usa but it was sebastian tootle of canada who got the gold. it was a special day for norway as they broke the record for most medals one at a winter olympics by any nation a bronze in the alpine team competition took their tally to thirty eight one more than the united states won at the vancouver games in twenty tain switzerland beat
2:50 am
austria to gold in that event which sees mixed teams of four skiers compete in head to head slalom races there was better news for the u.s. in the men's curling final as they defeated sweden ten seven for a first ever gold in that event a good day too for finland who wanted first gold of these games in the men's cross-country fifty kilometer mass start even eskin and held off two russian competitors to win in speed skating it was a gold medal for japan in the ladies' mass start nonna to kagi was first across the line with the host nation's kimbo rome taking solver. brahms' when to irene's holton from the little looms and the host nation was given something to cheer for later in the day as lief song when the men's mess start gold medal the last middle of the day belgium's bought swings were second well bronze went to couldn't for the way of benevolence it all comes to an end on sunday with norway and germany in contention for more golds and south korea's goalie gould's women's curling team in
2:51 am
contention for the ultimate prize peter sturm of al-jazeera well here's how the medal table is looking on the penultimate day of competition norway still top with thirteen goals and that record tally of thirty eight germany in second also have thirteen gold medals with canada sitting in third on eleven just four medals left to be awarded on the final day of action sweden will play host korea for the gold in the women's curling the meant for man bobsled competition will get a new champion the last gold medalist russia was stripped of their title for doping germany face the olympic athletes from russia for the men's ice hockey gold and the most decorated athlete in winter olympic history noways marriage be a going goes for her fifteenth medal in the women's cross country thirty kilometer must start meanwhile the international olympic committee have delayed a decision on whether or not to allow russian athletes to march with their country's flag in sunday's closing ceremony they've competed as
2:52 am
a limpid athletes from russia n.p.r. and carried an olympic flag in the opening ceremony that is after russia was banned from sending an official team because of a massive doping scandal two russian athletes a failed drug test at these games complicating the i.o.c. his decision allowing them to march with their country's flag would be readmitting russia into the olympic family. so. of course we assure them that these violations are not of a systemic nature as you all the well and i hope our i.o.c. colleagues understand this also that this is more the result of negligence than malice. many russian athletes have won medals at these olympic games but of course we think our whole delegation of the athletes the coaches consider that the best reward would be the return of the national flag and the reinstatement of the olympic committee. so ball now and round the dread throat recent return to good form has continued with
2:53 am
a win over i live as in the league of christiana and although scored twice in the game and gareth bale who'd previously been left out of the squad for a lack of goals while he also scored four nil is how it ended with current benzema scoring in the eighty ninth minute rout trial athletico madrid by four points in the table and leaders botha have now gone ten points clear at the top of the standings this after their six one thrashing of a catalonian team hit on a athletica madrid are second in the english premier league liverpool have moved into second in the table vat is after a four one win over west ham chance scored liverpool's one hundred goal of the season with the opening one of the game also on the scoresheet mohammed so law about a familiar and saudia monterrey. alina's fit alina successfully managed to defend her dubai tennis championships title on sunday the cranium be seeded daria covered keenness six four six love in the final this is the salinas eleventh title of her
2:54 am
career and as a result she also becomes the third woman to win successive defy titles after justin and venus williams you have revenues of reform and. this is really. coming into this week without the next their versions of course i have grown friends and pressure but just tried to you know take one match of the desire and be really for was an order of the records and it worked really well in rugby six nations scotland's of pulled off a quite an opt out after beating england in edinburgh on saturday hugh jones scored two tries sean maitland also across the line a spin russell put in a man of the match performance for the scots to defeat the english by twenty five points to thirteen. and in dublin ireland overcame wales in a high scoring affair irish winger jacobs stopped else scored twice as the host out scored the welsh by five tries to three and a thirty seven twenty seven home victory. australia's right hand dennis leaves the
2:55 am
tour of abu dhabi cycling race into sunday's final stage denis won the individual time trial stage earlier on fourteen seconds ahead of spain's jonathan a customer who is now sits second in the general classification time trial while champion time to learn had a disastrous day when a mechanical problem force him to change bikes on the side of the road leaving him in night. and that evolved but for now more later. there are many and fell about the fear of enterprise seen as the surprise winner of this year's top prize the burden stash of the personal touch me not was picked ahead of eighteen other films on it came reports they're going to be after him as if it only goes to. touch me not by. when her film was entered in this year's competition few might have thought a dinner in team would scoop the top prize but for the jury no other film and no other director was more deserving of. the pope.
2:56 am
touch me not is an examination of physical intimacy where the main characters explore their emotions and feelings for each other but also their fears about opening up to one another this was its director's first full length work which explains his shock at winning both best film and best first feature we were not expecting that our oh it's so important this is coming because. we would like the dialogue that we not proposes. opens to the world so we invite we invite you the viewer to dialogue. rancid upward to where mean banana peels although few hollywood studio movies were in the competition the film i love dogs gained its director wes anderson a silver bear his movie offers us a stop motion animated adventure in
2:57 am
a dystopian future japan where a form of canine flu has falsely or for a tease to quarantine all dogs on a remote island the us actor bill murray voices the role of one of the characters he picked up the award on wes anderson's behalf i knew or thought that i would. go to work as a dog and come home with i. the silverback grand jury prize went to the polish film mug based on the experiences of an industrial worker called yet chick who suffers a disfiguring accident while working on a vast statue of jesus yet check requires a face transplant and his subsequent experience and the reaction he receives depicts what the film's director feels is the changing face of poland so this festival is drawing to a close with a controversial choice for the golden bear the top prize touch me not from the
2:58 am
interior has been described by some as polarizing opinion with its examination of physical intimacy in the twenty first century but for her this is a triumphant night dominic kane al-jazeera berlin about in just a moment more of the day's.
2:59 am
architecture. al-jazeera. swear every jew it's. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to use and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the
3:00 am
american mind at this time on al-jazeera facing realities growing up when to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because he expressed himself here their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. of the draft is hence adopted unanimously. u.n. security council approves a resolution that calls for a thirty day ceasefire across syria. as they dragged out the negotiation the bombs from assad's fighter jets continued to fall but that agreement was hard for foreign exchanges between the u.s. and russia.


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