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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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a survivor of the genocide there were people who begged me to kill them to end their suffering but it didn't come to heart and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. will in the future is the goal. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just trying to think about i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera. the health authorities in eastern reporting chlorine gas simpsons among the casualties of syrian government air strikes.
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again you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm peter w. also coming up the white house responds to north korea's offer of talks saying certain conditions must be met. how an israeli text plan has led to the closure of one of christianity's holiest sites plus. i'm i'm. i'm not going philippines protestors fearful the country is returning to an era of dictatorship. the top story the health authorities in rebel held east and reporting symptoms of black gas poisoning among casualties of syrian government airstrikes at least twenty seven people have died in the latest wave of attacks the week long bombardment is continuing despite a u.n. resolution demanding a cease fire in syria health workers say a strike on the village of. left several people suffering so. consistent with
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exposure to chlorine gas one child died in that attack from osama bin laden with a warning his report does contain some distressing images before i this is what the united nations agrees has to stop. but hours into the un security council has thirty day cease fire declaration forms kept dropping on eastern. medics aboard a dozen of the dead and injured from more than one hundred airstrikes. and artillery bombardments all of which was supposed to and continues in the rebel held area home to four hundred thousand syrians what experiences from the vs. and don't give us heights that face and it's the fish and when this. what. the cease fire will start as soon as possible one this possible we don't know we don't we don't know when this will start and and then here this is
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a big number of relation and it won't be a solution being them one or two homeboys and one be the solution that we evacuated one thousand or two thousand of them to be sort of out of little as feared government forces try to enter eastern huta from three sides attempting to seize as much land as possible before the cease fire is implemented reinforcements from the syrian army's fourth and tend to brigades have been circling eastern who different days special forces and troops from the in the tiger battalion are also on the front lines. bulldozers and tanks are deployed to breach defenses iran and syria maintain that the security council resolution allows the targeting of what they call terrorists to win this fight facing large approved numbers and heavy fire power levels and they have held their front line so far killing and capturing some soldiers should think about how we welcome the security. decision regarding
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a ceasefire because of the burden on our families and he said this suffering must be lifted to the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern guta as usual we didn't find any commitment by the syrian regime and its russian allies eastern ghouta northwestern go to southern with almost every front and go to has been stalled by the regime on sunday in order to achieve some advance but they haven't succeeded. many besieged people have been stranded in underground shelters for days and fear the worst to come. we can't eat because there's nothing to eat our sons have no work my son has five children and he doesn't know how to feed them we will die hungry without food we've been targeted in our homes have been destroyed we have done nothing to be treated and targeted like this but eastern good has been intensely targeted for the past week the u.n. called it hell on earth. the calls the victims in syria martyrs that have been
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conversations between the leaders of france germany and russia to drive persuade the assad government to stop attacks and allow in humanitarian aid that's when the people will continue to face what they see is annihilation. of the turkey syria border. and also korean general attending the closing of the winter olympics in south korea has suggested his country is willing to hold talks with the united states at the ceremony he said just meters from the u.s. president donald trump still so ivanka the touch of a name has more now from call. from protesters at the border and the stadium too uncomfortable questions asked by reporters all over no doubt it was a controversial arrival at the closing ceremony of the winter olympics for the north korean delegation. some south koreans are angry about the delegation leader
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general kimmitt young is thought to be behind attacks against the south including the sinking of a warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors now. president of korea is most strong simple play during the north korea to hear oh. yes we are wrong to protest. no prisoner and the north korean dictator this is. south korean president moon j. in use the games to reboot intercalary and relationships with. the so-called peace olympics included a joint women's hockey team athlete celebrating korean nationalism by marching under a unified flag as well as a visit by kim yo job the sister of the north korean leader she arrived with an invite for mu to visit yeah. it's a two hour test and it was
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a good olympics it was so concerned about it last year but he went so well many north koreans came in i wish this could lead to unification i didn't it was interesting it was an honor for us to host it i really enjoyed it and. even the choice of olympic venues was symbolic gang one province is divided between the north and south i think is what they meant if the tension continues tourists don't come so peace is very important to our economy north korea participated in the olympics and this has become a basis for establishing peace here and that means a lot to us. for the russians the games and did as they began marching without their flag two of their athletes were disqualified after testing positive for banned drugs four years on from the sochi doping scandal russians were only allowed to compete under an olympic flag as all athletes return home the question here is what happens after the olympics. the u.s.
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announced its toughest package of sanctions against north korea on friday with the hope it will pressure the country to denuclearize whether that will work when other sanctions have failed remains to be seen and there's no word yet on when president moon might travel to the north if he does he'll become the first south korean president to meet kim jong un since he became leader seven years ago natasha going to al-jazeera south korea well north korea's general chawl is due to meet south korea's intelligence chief in the capital shortly mcbride has more on that for us from seoul. with senior north korean official kim young charley and his delegation in south korea for the next two days there is increasing speculation about what talks will be held about what further progress might be made to build on the apparent goodwill that's been built up over these lympics it's expected there will
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be further talks with the unification ministry of south korea about future dialogue and also about the possibility of a visit by president moon jail in of south korea to north korea which will be a big development in korean relations. office has talked about the optimism that has been built up about the progress that's been made and the dialogue is the only way to achieve long term peace and also to achieve ultimately the denuclearization of north korea the north koreans though have given no indication they're willing to make any concessions on their missile or nuclear programs and indeed any talk of such things has been skirted around conveniently around these olympics but if talks are to proceed then the subject has to be addressed and in the background of course is a very concerned united states worried about north korea possibly beguiling the
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south koreans with this so-called charm offensive and concern that south korea might be willing to make concessions for america north korea has not changed it is the same country despite all of the smiles then united states is still determined that south korea should be part of a united front in dealing with what it sees as still a potentially very dangerous adversary. chinese president xi jinping could stay in power indefinitely under plans by the communist party to abolish term limits the ruling party wants to change the constitution to remove the current restrictions under which leaders can only serve two terms vice presidents would also be able to say without term limits the communist party elected president xi as its head for another five years last october. as a political analyst he also advises the chinese government on economic and development issues he says many among the general population like what she jingping
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has done for the country but some in the elites may have concerns over his plans to abolish term limits sheeting thing is pretty much pretty well known right now no one is guessing about what is next as this is not like donald trump where every day and you tweet it's a very slow and steady progress so i think it's ok but the real question comes down the line once you a sample this kind of power structure how do you you know pass it on to the next generation and how much power do you want them to have i mean i think towards the end of whatever he intends to serve because i think he believes he has to make sure that the reforms and they are big are actually seeded and start to grow before you know if there was some change and somebody wanted to do to reverse what he's doing invention some headwinds because as you have a more middle class society is going to be different pressures not necessarily the
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ones that we face in the west but certainly something that is going to be. the nigerian government has confirmed that hundred ten girls remain unaccounted for far from an attack by the armed group because rahman the country's northeast gunman overran a school in the town that last monday the authorities had initially denied that any of the girls had been abducted nigeria's information minister says additional police and security officers have been deployed to schools president's muhammadu buhari called monday's abduction bible quote a national disaster. still to come here on al-jazeera. my priority is to keep the community safe the mayor of the u.s. city defines the federal government want immigrants the government really it's all coming. we had fungus in our classrooms we had to take classes in tents puerto rican college students cotton hurrican the real resource to leave the country and
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start over again in the united states. from the waves of the snow. to the contours of the east. i know that there's still a lot of unsettled weather over many parts of the middle east at the moment as one system is moving away another one is edging its way over parts of iran and then gradually into afghanistan as well that system's giving us a fair amount of rain some of it's heavy and over some of the mountains we're seeing that turn to snow behind it there's a little bit of a break but not much of one then the next system is coming through that's working through parts of iraq and it's staying more or less where it is if we had three tuesday time more heavy rain still to come here a bit further towards the south and we're seeing some of that unsettled weather here as well so we've seen some wet weather already in doha that's clearing away towards the east here it is making its way into pakistan there for monday and then
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as we head into chews day the next systems with this his that cloud them building during the day will see a few outbreaks of rain and some of them could turn out to be roll the heavy if we had down towards the southern parts of africa there's also a lot of wet weather here in fact for some of us we're seeing a little rather intense area of wet weather across the central belt and that's given to some very in hong strain and there is likely to be a bit of flooding i expect over the next day or say so that what weather stretches all the way down into parts of mozambique and into madagascar the heavy downpours here but towards the south is dry and fine and dry in cape town. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. when winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine is going to overdrive. just he's been feeling saying. we just don't know yet where the lines when to draw in between what's coming said and what kept. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for
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outside polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from why of course here in doha the headlines so far the health authorities in rebel held eastern into a reporting symptoms of gas poisoning among casualties of syrian government airstrikes in which it was twenty seven people have died the continuing bombardment comes despite a u.n. security council resolution demanding a cease fire in syria. a north korean general attending the closing of the winter olympics in south korea has suggested his country is willing to hold talks with the
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u.s. at the ceremony he said just meters from the u.s. president donald trump's daughter ivanka put washington says sanctions against north korea will continue. and the chinese president xi jinping could be able to stay in power indefinitely on the plans by the communist party to abolish term limits for chinese leaders ruling party wants to change the constitution to remove the current restrictions on which leaders can only serve two terms. church leaders in occupied east jerusalem have closed the holiest site in christianity in response to what they call discrimination by the israeli government managers of the church of the holy sepals believed to be the site of the crucifixion and the resurrection of jesus christ are angry at proposed tax plans sorry for such explains. the chance to experience sunday mass at the place where they believe christ rose from the dead draws pilgrims from around the world to the church of the holy sepulcher but this sunday the greek orthodox armenian and catholic churches which
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jointly run the site announced its abrupt closure protesting against measures which they say would constrain their rights over church property is that in mind the. offer loans office. which we're. hearing. in europe. this is the about the and unprecedented attack against christians in the holy land. levi only most. and some of the right the church leaders say they face a twin attack first in the shape of a demand by jerusalem city government what it says is more than one hundred eighty million dollars in back taxes and secondly from proposed legislation which would seize retroactively for the state church land sold to private companies or sundays in the square outside the church of the holy sepulcher always thronged with tourists and christian pilgrims many of whom are travelled
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a long way to see this most important holy site it's always an atmosphere of emotion today the chief atmosphere though is one of disappointment the belief that jesus christ died and if you was buried here would have liked just to go there and have the east point is you you know that would we be able to understand it better you know i don't know if the sides of the parties involved but you know it certainly is going to get the public attention to do this and hopefully it drives a quicker conclusion the christian patriarchates only large areas of often prime real estate in and around jerusalem much of it at least to the state palestinians have criticised the greek orthodox patriarch the selling property inside the old city the jewish settler groups and others jerusalem's municipal leaders say only properties being used for religious activities should be tax exempt not those rented commercially they've already frozen about nine million dollars in assets of the greek orthodox church we're talking about other places that the church own fact
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has hotel and they have been exempt wrongly from paying city taxes for years and years and years and the mare at the moment is trying to correct a wrong that was done that affects us from evidence every single day and ministerial discussion on the bill to allow seizure of already sold church land has been postponed to next week the author of the. law says it's designed to protect the rights of those living on the land from off an anonymous offshore entities church leaders say their long established rights are being trampled in what they call an attempt to weaken the christian presence in jerusalem ari force it out his era occupied east jerusalem one person is dead and at least twenty are injured after security forces in the democratic republic of congo shot at protesters the nationwide marches are the latest in a series of church led demonstrations calling on president joseph kabila to step down to the shop aborts. the catholic church has been at the forefront of
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demonstrations calling on the congress president joseph kabila to stand down. and after morning service on sunday protesters took to the streets again. since december more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces and protests like these and today there was an all too familiar response by police was tear gas quickly followed by gunfire was it for you candy was shot dead before the march started. his body taken to a nearby hospital and. two others were seriously injured one of them a student serge moca a washington josh i'm not protesting by accident or in vain and not because i don't know why i'm protesting by protesting today i was just claiming my right and this is what happened to me. organizers said the protesters no longer believed in the political will of current leaders to ensure a peaceful transition of power if capital is forced to stand down then his get
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gerri's killing here is kabila condemning them and he's not condemning them a tall we will not end this protest we will maintain our fight and we will go up to the end with this fight. as with previous protest marches internet mobile data and messaging services were cut across the congo was what you wanted to. do with the opposition message is getting out. and the shooting by the security forces is further stoking up anger peter shop al jazeera. thousands of people have demonstrated in brussels against the belgian government's migration policy. protesters accuse the government of a hardline approach on migrants and want the migration state secretary to you frank come to be sacked earlier this year the government was rocked by scandal over the forestry pantry of one hundred people to war torn sudan some of those deported say
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they were tortured on their return to the country. former students of the florida school for seventeen people were shot dead of held in march in parkland in solidarity with the victims the shooting on february fourteenth sparked widespread student led protests calling for tougher gun laws the us president on trump i suggested arming some teachers in school and raising the age limit to buy rifles. amir in the u.s. state of california has warned residents against possible raids by immigration agents in defiance of a federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants oakland is one of several so-called sanctuary cities which have refused to help federal officials and force the government's immigration policy the warning to the city's immigrants comes just days after donald trump threatened to unleash a potential crime wave on the state by withdrawing agents from the immigration and customs enforcement department. yesterday i have learned information from multiple sources that there is potentially an ice activity planned in the bay area
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that could be starting as soon as today. my priority is to keep the community safe . it is not my wish to panic people but to ensure that they're prepared with the information australia has a new deputy prime minister barnaby joyce following week suppression has been replaced by the veterans affairs minister michael mccormack choice came under fire after it was revealed he had an extramarital affair with his press secretary of the sexual harassment complaint. and that's the latest from sydney. where the government is now hoping that it can move on from the toxicity and the sniping back and forth between the two parties who make up the governing coalition you've got to remember that the coalition is the most successful political arrangement in a stranger's post-war period and neither side wanted to see that arrangement derailed the prime minister malcolm turnbull had been calling on a b.
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joyce's affair with a former staffer a shocking error of judgment barnaby joyce retaliated calling his comments inept so that relationship really deteriorated but now they're hoping for a fresh start with the election both michael mccormack as nationals leader and deputy leader of the country he says that he wants to focus on uniting his team and on building teamwork and on really bringing back the focus to governing and keeping the opposition labor party out of government who have been really enjoying the spectacle of the last three weeks. the court in egypt turns frozen the assets of a prominent opposition figure accused of having contact with the outlawed muslim brotherhood former presidential candidate abdel moneim aboul fotouh was arrested on february fourteenth after calling for a boycott of next month's presidential election he has his own political party and
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has distanced himself from the muslim brotherhood for years bullfighter appeared on al-jazeera earlier this month where he was critical of the egyptian president. the philippines is celebrating the country's return to democracy it's been thirty two years since the end of the mark austin tator ship but some fear their current president roderigo to turkey is trying to bring back the era of the strongman is under schapelle. for thirty two years filipinos have come together to celebrate a watershed moment in their history when a revolution forced president ferdinand marcos from power. in recent years that unity has been tainted by partisan politics between political dynasties and concerns of the current leader rodriguez deter take his tuna style joke of the marcos era and it's important to stand up now especially since last year we saw that this administration blatantly disregarded our history that they buried the
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dictate our marcos and now we see the same of our day and seize from the current regime from the current government after twenty years in power marcos was toppled in an army back to revolt after he was accused of cheating in the presidential election when filipinos flooded at a main road in manila demanding an end to corruption and human rights abuses thousands were killed for voicing opposition to his rule do territories were on drugs reminds many of the darker time because thousands more filipinos have been killed. despite that and opposition from these protesters and others such as the roman catholic church to tear to remains popular able to withstand whatever criticism he gets from rights groups the media and his political opponents and several new show on the we are celebrating decades more than three decades after with it being used to define what we are a nation which is a democratic society are republican government where there is
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a rule of law not the man but a problem with that pays off and so we all went home. do turned to wish the protesters well calling the anniversary a time for unity in the name of democracy but unlike his predecessors he wasn't there to deliver his message or hear how polarized his policies have made these filipinos feel the anger chapelle al-jazeera. puts a rico has suffered another setback to its recovery efforts with most of the island losing power after an explosion at a substation on sunday the u.s. territory is struggling to rebuild after hurrican maria in september and now college students are being forced to move to the mainland to finish school christensen and he has more now from new york. nineteen year old crystal medina prefers the weather back home but says she's thankful to be here despite the cold attending new york university going to school in puerto rico has been difficult
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since hurricane maria a lot of the buildings were being really badly damaged we had fungus in our classroom so we had to take classes and tents. there was no electricity for like the first two months there was no water for months after the category four storm a third of the island remains without power even before maria hit the government there cut funding to the university of puerto rico. prompting a student strike that shut it down for a month chrystal is one of about sixty puerto rican students attending n.y.u. free of charge dozens of other schools on the mainland are offering free or reduced to ition but such programs aren't without controversy as many as thirty two thousand college aged puerto ricans are expected to leave the island in the coming year continuing a trend that started with an economic crisis in two thousand and six as they leave in search of better opportunities the worry is that universities like this are luring away the best and the brightest researchers at the hunter college center for
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puerto rican studies say the d. population of puerto rico is one of the most significant hurdles to its economic recovery the reality. is the long term parole in the now is being intensified. those your people even after you train them which is part of what's up to me then the economy if lacking the skills base to live battle you know new broader new companies of enterprises that have actually promoted you're going to be brought home and why you require students to continue paying tuition to their schools at home to lessen the impact on their already strapped budgets still christian cruz has mixed feelings about being in new york as an. element of like guilt too because i'm over here and i'm pretty much getting a free ride just pay my city university back home and i'm getting all these
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benefits and they're not. but the longer it takes puerto rico to recover the stronger the pull to leave kristen salumi al-jazeera new york the body of the beloved bollywood actress sridevi is due back in india today from the fifty four year old who starred in more than one hundred movies died suddenly of a heart attack at a family wedding on saturday big crowds of fans gathered outside her home the police were forced to put up barricades around neighboring roads as the crowd swelled throughout the day. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are the top stories the health authorities in rebel held eastern ghouta are reporting symptoms of gas poisoning among casualties of syrian government airstrikes in which at least twenty seven people have died the continuing bombardment comes despite a u.n. security council resolution demanding
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a cease fire in syria al jazeera correspondent mohammed ali is in eastern guta and sent this update. now on the. russian and syrian government warplanes have been stopped targeting the residential areas of eastern greeter we can hear they are flying over us to target the different districts and towns people stuck here are very scared the syrian regime forces have attacked eastern due to from several different fronts with the aim of advancing its control of parts of the area the opposition says the fighting is ongoing in more than twenty syrian regime forces have been killed while another group of them has been captured in the fighting is happening even after the u.n. security council's decision to demand a cease fire that would have led aid and assistance to reach the people of east in . the north korean general attending the closing of the winter olympics in south korea has suggested his country is willing to hold talks with the united states but the white house says dialogue must end with its denuclearization the chinese
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president xi jinping could be able to stay in power indefinitely on the plans by the communist party to abolish term limits for chinese leaders the ruling party wants to change the constitution to remove the current restrictions on which leaders can only serve for two terms. church leaders in occupied east jerusalem of close the holiest sites in christianity in response to what they call discrimination by the israeli government manages at the church of the holy it's believed to be the site of the crucifixion and the resurrection of jesus christ the angry proposed new tax plan. the body of the beloved bollywood actress. back in mumbai in india today from the fifty four year old who starred in more than one hundred films died suddenly of a heart attack at a family waiting on saturday large crowds of fans gathered outside her home the police were forced to put up barricades around neighboring roads as the crowds
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swelled throughout the day more news on the web site al jazeera dot com half an hour of. between now and then it's the listening post. on counting the cost how corrupt is your country transparency international has the latest global rankings venezuela makes history by launching a crypto currency. only in its finances as cape town faces a water shortage counting the cost at this time. elections are coming president sisi to. hold. on with the return of security state elections in. the past. hello i'm richard gaisford in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we've been tracking this week elections are coming up in egypt
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and hungary given what president and.


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