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tv   Circle of Poison  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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hello i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here at al-jazeera opposition medics in syria say a child has died than a dozen more are being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held eastern ghouta this video is said to show
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a victim struggling to breathe the syrian government has denied using chemical weapons in the war the u.n. secretary general has used his opening address of the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire in eastern guta twenty three people have died there in fighting on monday and at least five hundred were killed last week the high level discussions are being held in geneva over the next four weeks but dean is a resident and civil activist in duma that's inside eastern ghouta he told us about the worsening situation inside the enclave. our. agreement. there was. not. even for anyone. but you.
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don't come out from the basement for a week they have to get some food for their families. and tell me now. when you hear when you hearing about. these people they have to go out to get some food for their. children although the food. yemen's transport minister is accusing the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal armies so i'll just one is also warning that al qaida is spreading its influence exposing internal conflict in the world. the situation is very bad in all liberated areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal armies established and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial armies and there are gangs even al qaida is
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spreading there in large part on the governorate al qaida has never been as present as it is right now. united nations says the number of people facing extreme hunger in south sudan is now unprecedented more than five million people or about half the population are now entirely dependent on handouts years of conflict that led to what the u.s. has called a manmade famine. south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise so the talks can go ahead a north korean general visiting south korea has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness to meet the united states kim young child's presence has been met by protests in so many blame the general for the death of dozens of south korean sailors in twenty ten the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbyn has back to britain being in a permanent customs union with the e.u. in a speech setting out his approach to briggs it the labor party leader said the move would avoid the need for a hard border in northern ireland and ensure free flowing trade to business policy
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could lead to labor siding with conservative backbenchers to defeat the prime minister to resign may on her breaks its strategy nigeria has sent its air force to search for more than one hundred girls are missing after a boko haram attack gunman targeted a school in the northeastern year baystate last week one hundred ten of the school's nine hundred students remain unaccounted for president mamata bihari called the abduction a national disaster students have returned to their florida high school for the first time since a gunman killed seventeen people the earlier this month a school reopened to students and family members ahead of classes resuming on wednesday and in barcelona riot police a fort with pro independence supporters protesting against a visit by the king of spain. police stopped protesters were approaching the venue of a mobile phone trade show he was opening philippe was making his first visit to catalonia since the independence referendum in october which is ruled illegal by judges in madrid kings being criticized for a lack of empathy with catalonia but those were the headlines the news continues
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here on al-jazeera after circle of poison station thanks for watching. environment doesn't know any boundaries you know dust and pollution from china settles in the us you know nuclear radiation from chernobyl went over iceland. what goes up into the environment goes around the world and ultimately this then layer of topsoil. maybe six inches of soil around this hard planet spinning in
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space represents the dust of our ancestors all of human history and all the other creatures are in that soil and to contaminate that and the water supply in the air is a forgivable sin it's something that will pay for as a species. in generations to come and this senate agriculture committee is considering a bill that would ban the export of dangerous pesticides farm workers from abroad told lawmakers yesterday of devastating health problems from exposure to chemicals made by american companies close to reagan former morio zimbardo used to grow bananas for export to america until he believes the pesticides sprayed on the plants made him and eight hundred other workers and. he told a senate committee there were times when he virtually bathed in a chemical that u.s. companies and officials knew could render him in if a chemical is banned or unlicensed as too dangerous to use in america should it be morally wrong to export it somewhere else aside from morality many experts believe
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americans are eating these pesticides can produce grown over see the so-called circle of poison. we know the circle of poison really started for me years before when i was in the peace corps in afghanistan and my wife and i were in this little remote northern town khattala has absolutely nothing to do there and. we were bored and one day we'd. picked up some food from the american embassy when we were in kabul and she was reading the ingredients on the kool-aid packet that she'd gotten which shows there wasn't a lot to breed in telecom and she said holy cow cycle mates in the us i said wait they're banned about the us government how could a banned substance end up in a poor country like afghanistan and so that started the investigation where i started to realize that systematically anything that was banned or heavily
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regulated or restricted there on registered in the us was being allowed by the us government and in fact encouraged to be sent overseas almost as compensation for the companies for losing the us market. pesticides pushed on the grounds that it's a very modern way to do. i remember. years ago reading a book that india is on to develop because it doesn't use pesticides and we've made poisons the measure of progress and cattle let it down this it's called god some countries. it is so beautiful it has some of the best health indicators in the world one hundred percent literacy. and you go.
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you know so. she actually got us into. the issue of perception constable is a very unique is the first response in the past in back to her a series on animals. we have the disappearing of the dogs doing the chickens dying snakes dying in the in the in the planet's media. initially the people were really happy because the snakes that they cause of dying so the nobody will know your color will come and catch you if you can so you're happy you can walk in the
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plantation freely because all the snakes are gone but in a year's time they found that the chicken is also visibly. to your spine bank they found that they can no longer keep dogs because the dogs again. suddenly you have the impacts of this of your own human beings and when the impact became visible on human beings like. the one we call the brain in the man the soul and the people born without limbs seven cases people born with their youth and then there are things outside the body you name the human disorder which can happen to a body you see in constable. many actually. understand the issue of. this is that and aside from the local community generally they were not. there in fact it's a place that can pass. there is no source of other source of pollution in that area because except for standing so even also not initial every discussed of a the basis that's on the level and then slowly the in the middle east. and
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collecting the information they said only we realize that now these things can happen. probably the signs and symptoms was. really early ninety's like ninety one ninety two ninety three that's going to be here by someone it was a. child born with something but we see a lot of new ones born with you know docs who can fix the child is not exposed but the patterns are exposed and the former that is happening today. in the cashew plantations of india dr and his mobile medical team visit survivors of one of the worst pesticide disasters in the wild. for the transition here or full of cases. he also is sort of scared by the end of.
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you know. what. i'm not in the. meeting and i don't want to. live in that i'm going to. see it as an absolute the nominee said before they expose the fantasy. hold which you know she's been in. this unit and she. is the most liberal and. she was a six six years she was studying the second standard and she was running behind
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and it's something it's just that she was twenty she was learning behind the illegal. she has been dismissed before me dismissed problems in the table she was not i would. shows that she was normal that that then she was absolutely normal she was able to handle difficult. then after spain see this collapse and became an. issue there.
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so there he really gamma let me come up ok. ok ok listen they are going to see. this is the son of this time. his name is obsessed he's often but i don't know if i. saw sort of a national this head of a list will be as i'm going to all of a spectacle. of some kind living in cuba and. you perceive the u.s. government as one needs for the corporates are starting to be demanding to do in the u.s. abandons to distill the news to the next will be to africa and asia even after
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fifty years they're doing the same the it is very unfortunate. forgat dropped from brain leader of the brain foreign gas bombs but the enemy rated it would gas against your community there is no report there are fanning. the for world war two there wasn't widespread use of pesticides there was reliance on some of the jerk but during and after world war two when companies began to develop these chemistry for war they were looking for new markets for the same chemicals and so turned to food in agriculture after war and things like organophosphates which. where nerve poisons when then pushed into agriculture many
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of them are still used mites might spread and. without war we would never pass decides that's maybe that's an irony maybe maybe not but one way or another way this is what we ended up with the early seventy's it was clear we had problems health problems environmental problems we've never experienced before thanks to pesticides that's when the u.s. government in the act of fifty one provision of which allowed to continue production and manufacturing of pesticides that were not permitted for use here to be exported overseas that set up the whole regulatory loophole that created this allowed the circle poison to come true. limited data from the e.p.a. in twenty thirteen revealed that banned restricted an unregistered pesticides a manufactured in twenty three states to export only the e.p.a.
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doesn't track the volume or final destination of these pesticides which are then applied to crops like coffee tea cotton fruit and vegetables and may indeed be imported back to the u.s. as pesticide residues on these foods the f.d.a. only inspects two percent of imported produce so the true risk to the u.s. consumer is unknown. there's a contradiction here because i think when you look at nuclear technology we're very careful in how we export that technology but you know i think one of the major concerns we've got to admit is that where were we worried that an abuse of that technology or misuse of that technology will come back to her the united states in some way or another we need to have that same attitude with pesticides. you know when i step back and really think about the scope of what we've done it's been a giant terrible tragic experiment it goes way beyond past asides to inspect lead
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paint to flame retardants to all kinds of products drugs pharmaceuticals that were not properly studied and cleared for safety before we turned them into products all those products and all that export and all the damage that's been done for decades the first politician that really took notice of this was president jimmy carter. when i was gay rector leave office i had exhausted by effort to get congress to pass it but we had all the material to show that we were doing something it was basically unscrupulous or illegal or as international law goes but the manufacturers of these dangerous materials and items. that they obstruct what i did so only i could do with issued an executive order as a last resort and it precluded the distribution of sale of any material basically overseas that we couldn't safely present to consumers in america
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i wanted the brand made in america three to mean something. to so that i left office they defended old well president reagan while reagan and he agreed. to protect their right to configure selling. pesticides and clothing and on proved or disproved drugs. to people overseas to sort of manufacture to get rid of it and not to have a big loss. for the thirty years after i left the white house the issue is still unresolved and i would say at this point the power and influence of all unscrupulous companies and their lobbyist. is even more paul. that it was when i was in the
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white house. when we speak of the circle poison we most often think of the danger to american consumers we think of foreign grown food senator leahy was the first elected official of to president carter order to try to stop the second poison by introducing three bills in one thousand nine hundred. twelve when i first suggested we have a lot of pushback. by lobbyists in the senate we had the people in the senate who realized that it was important to stop to circle poison and we passed. a once it got to the house representatives want israel to work a lot harder. and they were able to stop it from being in the final bill we tried mightily we worked on saturdays and weekends everything else. on the bill but could
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not get that part through. there are very powerful interests to make a lot of money i saw it as a no are contaminated and the fact that we might be able to make money and create a few jobs here and poison people in other countries where there's a better as best us or live pay or something we shouldn't do that. it's rumor you senator. you're the leader out that allows all your members to be able to say either they probably agree with you or like dad what you're talking about that's correct during it. thank you mr chairman senator lugar i would like to . welcome the other six exact senior executives of n.a.c. a member companies to join me on this panel today. one of senator leahy's main opponents to the bill was chave room mr of room has represented the pesticide industry in washington for nearly three decades pants written state an argument in
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one thousand nine hundred with senator leahy and others as it is today is that. we would rather that the united states be a principal source providing proper texan tools for farmers around the world and the incubator if you will for innovation for that kind of product development and the follow on stewardship that companies like those that are based here in the united states can and do provide over the years rather than having those needs served by product producers pesticide compounds from places that other than the united states. do you think you'd find everything sacred you figure to find a whole lot more borrowing. perhaps a little about i would tell you when the agency undertook its investigation last year we did find a number of violations. and filed a number of cases against companies it was the first time that we had really enforce jay vroom also had on lies within the government linda fisher of the e.p.a.
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also oppose the second poison bell so take the case to linda fisher she was an e.p.a. official who argued against a circle of poison bill during the first bush administration after that she went to work for months on to actually as a lobbyist after that she went back into government back as a high official of the e.p.a. in the second bush administration and since then she's become a high official at department is a perfect example of how the revolving door of officials moving in the out of government regulating pesticides and other toxics and then going to work for the people that produce. so the big six are the six agricultural companies that control upwards of seventy five percent of the global house and trade and the big six by name are monsanto. they're syngenta dupont and b.s.s.
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and those six global corporations really controlled in terms of food farming. personally my father was lucky enough to begin to be in the business to lose cattle feed in hold those like yourself some of us had on compost yes you see those of us going to spec out of the market if you have. that much motive a very bad idea. if will not get will not go money that might fall but it gets all offensive even more than that are how did he got it sunday in south moonshot just emphasize oh not that i had an example but get out but to me that can leave out the more they lack what i swore to see put them up and they've come up with the cot but i doubt that i was out that a lot of the. you
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know my family don't have a priest. he was firing on june fifth i mean he's here now. where the real me and says the. good if you're not good in the beautiful how are you on baby opening this i'm a metaphor for your cover well i'm not revokable i'm the i'm but his mom worked her whole life in the fields and so before the pregnancy she was working in the fields and for the first few months. in manteo the travel he had. to see a bill she said but. so he's been diagnosed with cirrhosis of children. with a man to comfort him or if it will be the travel that was for the family i doubt we'd live in the interview. a secret that he's
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a result of the easter get out when he was born a little bit swollen but it's gotten much awareness and he's going to see a good operation and mainly took a look at his liver and in june they said that he just has about three years to live and that there is nothing they could do anything you know even. if it really is something that of course deeply affects me as a human mind all of us you know that especially as a nurse that i feel you know a deep need to stop. and you know i'm stopped to say that it's having on on children you know i'm not. all that. the story of one of the most successful p.r.
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campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone and they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. violence
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and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but it's leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. nobody got the courage to leave and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers ahmed khan witness at this time on a busy day. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera opposition medics in syria say a child has died and a dozen more being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack with this is reported smelling the gas after the explosion and the rebel held eastern ghouta this video is said to show victims struggling to breathe the syrian government has
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denied using chemical weapons in the war the un sekret general has used his opening address of the human rights council to call for an immediate ceasefire in eastern guta twenty three people have died there in fighting on monday and at least five hundred were killed last week the high level discussions are being held in geneva over the next four weeks yemen's transport minister is accusing the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal armies so they are job one is also warning that al qaeda is spreading its influence by exploiting internal conflict there although. the situation is very bad in all liberated areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal armies established and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial armies and there are gangs even al qaida is spreading there in large parts of the governor it has never been as present as it is right now israeli security forces have arrested nineteen palestinians in the occupied west bank half of the arrests
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took place in the ninety's solid village north west of ramallah a palestinian child who was shot in the head with a rubber coated steel bullets in december was one of those detained about six and a half thousand palestinians are in israeli prisons more than four hundred without charge the united nations says the number of people facing extreme hunger in south sudan is unprecedented more than five million people or about half the population are now entirely dependent on handouts years of conflict and lead to what the u.s. has called a manmade famine. high school for the first time. the school reopened to students. on wednesday.
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those are the headlines.
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when i step back and really think about the scope of what we've done is spent a giant terrible tragic experiment just decides up pushed on crumbs that it's a very modern way to do plumbing and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the cia vinnie other half of his family to much of anything you want to get on him . and. he can encompass. little one and know about a high lock and dam not going to go here in the middle there are no good they are
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easy enough to get them to me on the arm when i also have the only knowledge they don't have a hand among the naive thought in this way that i mean that i. don't want to be done thought of if even. in a get out of a hat on a plane. probably the most dramatic way to understand the difference between domestic regulation and the lack of regulation once you cross the border as the facts pesticide use and people is just south of the border in mexico take the sonora desert split down the middle by an arbitrary border between countries so on one side pesticides that can't be used are being used on the other side they are used and there's evidence of the are facts. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight doctors conducted a study of pesticide exposure in mexico she compared the children living in the
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pesticide intensive yaki valley to those in the non-exposed hotels. after playing catch with the children and observing them dropping raisins into a bottle cap found disturbing differences in hand eye coordination between the groups of children. looked at four and five year olds and five and six year olds and one of the things she asked them to do is drop picture of a person and found that the children in the non examples areas people just like i think any kid anywhere you could tell they were people by very young children many of the children in the highly exposed areas to pesticides just to scramble you couldn't even tell that they were people.
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in employee the new slick was they live on this i guess if you're not being under salute seen that he. will learn something in the post canal is he using our r g in. the woman was on my lips looking for men i was a ghost in the space around us usually you mean ones that you will be only one of the million. in the thankless that many of us have it's. all for mobility the feel of real stories and not because you knew. already here's what i want to write a script is rewarded for my laces and i look well for boards that are out there because you're honest. so i would do that but a mystic of what i love it can end up you can't because some prove to us of them at the toxics.
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it's a little bit above your level of the little bit of earthly we are. if there is a look at the name of the story that the people in much the illustration here. one of the best examples of a place where people are chronically exposed to chemical pollution is in louisiana between baton rouge and new orleans along the mississippi where there's one hundred fifty industrial facilities all along that corridor. in fact the industry calls it the chemical corridor residents they have a different name for it or they call it cancer alley.
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in many communities especially here in louisiana you can look out of your bedroom window and you're looking at a smokestack and you smell the toxic fumes on a daily basis we have lost historic african-american communities because of the toxic exposures from those companies warranting the relocation of those communities and the entire towns of these historic communities have been raised and only thing you now see if there's any value they once existed might be their own cemetery grounds while the facilities have gotten larger and expanded into those historic communities that once lived and thrive in this area. there's a culture in the state that really gives the industrial corporations running these facilities a blank check. they pay nothing in property taxes they get to do their campaign contributions and basically elect whoever is going to be in the legislative control of lawmaking in the state they have
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a lobby that denies and takes away rights of citizens in the state for health care for health monitoring in the event of a toxic exposure. so we're in a real sad situation in terms of the pallor that is industrial corporations have in louisiana and companies like monsanto along with. monsanto is a is like all big group come a coal company is highly profitable and highly influential in political circles few years ago the complete. a hundred million dollars expansion of the round up plan for instance in cancer alley please welcome our governor bobby jindal and our first lady so pretty agenda. governor jindal whose wife is a foreman one son two employee praised the expansion of the round up plant in twenty ten every year since then this plant in cancer alley has had the most toxic
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releases in the entire state. is really important remember there's a real difference in any pesticide between is active ingredient which in the case of roundup for example is go ifas eight verses all the surfactants an urge to go into that full pesticide when it's sprayed and to demonstrate this research it had to ponds with frogs in them in one pond you just put the active ingredient of roundup like to say and very little impact on the frogs in the next pond he put the whole formula devastation eighty ninety percent depending on the developmental stage of the frog of death in those frogs so that shows you the difference between just an active ingredient and the whole formula it turned out the surf acted that part of round up that makes it stick to the crop was so fatal working with the other ingredients in in round so failed of those frogs so roundups legal by the way round up is in the band chemical so one thing that's important to consider is on
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some levels it doesn't matter whether an agricultural chemical has been banned or restricted very much yet because we simply don't know what the negative effects of most of these chemicals will be over time they're not studied as complete compounds that are isolated neuro chemical tests that are performed on them of course they're not studied on human beings that would be an ethical so essentially it's a big experiment and we just don't know whether it's regulated that they're not shouldn't prohibit us from speculating and also investigating what are the effects of these little chemicals some of them may be as bad as the banned ones. a standard argument against. the health of the environment and other regulations
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in the country or for export is that it's harmful to business which of course it is and if bins can kill people freely it was more profitable than if you have to pay attention to it to seeing look at the effects on people and so on on the other hand if you do care about harming people above it's just a matter. of fact it's kind of interesting in this country that. the major industries like to lead as best as tobacco the chemical industries have so often succeeded for decades the poisoning people would consciously you know the person who perfectly well the children are going to die of lead poisoning but you've got to make profit of course but when you get to export it's a little more vicious because here what's happening of course is. that the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough so they're saying you can't kill us a so then the idea is if it will kill will kill people who are more
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vulnerable that's what the export is but yes it's good for business and that it. he what i meant i think jack asked them fed him and then that in america a thought but if you know now that you know it themselves you know how to make. me laugh not be russia but it got only ninety thousand international month i mean i don't but i will cain eco. nuts in the interest cheeky just a fun month for matching the much of the answer the mama cass and the. the modern family and. i'll settle them all the muscles we need the money in the.
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and there may be some to. come. joe may i met though a cable where i deal with dead people to look at sally i found them a heritage. he said i normally will promote a book an awful moment and were interested in the end once you you know if he can as i noted. he also known as i am a nominal then when i saw my mother to sign all of you you know the one image argument of a rich he went to yeah see you don't want to. see a man i support their life when only. going to get any at that he hooked me when i
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get out of the hook last week. after that i mean that will tell if one of your i met you're not going to alarm on. the hook of the holocaust. despite these threats sophia and the mothers continued their fight they ultimately succeeded in getting a new aerial pesticide spraying within two thousand five hundred metres of homes. about two years ago the prime minister of the time on invited me to help would become hundred percent about it so what we've been doing in these two years is my team goes twice a year and works for the farms and the brittany's come and train at our farm and that at the moment we practise an ecological and without it with no chemicals and
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we have no pests nothing at all we have lots and lots of insects but. to try. to make old local farms organic would make it the first country in the world to convert to a fully organic agricultural system and the sale of pesticides. has been almost very important because our country has very little land under cultivation and of the whole country and we have only about it percent of that understood. and all of that because of our limited human resources we only come to beating one two point nine percent of the land and to keep that percentage very low percentage of land cultivatable for a long time it is important for people to make sure that there's enough organic
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matter so that the soil doesn't degenerate. because for generations this is only the length that we have to farm on and on to use it up in one game. mission and not leave productive land for the next generations of it has always been a tradition that is sticking to. the lot of us some of. the boots on government has very very clearly decided to not measure growth which measures only how much commerce takes place and of course you can have lots of growth by first creating best decides the best decide industry makes lots of profits that's growth people get cancer the same pesticide companies sell your patent to gods or medicine that's growth this growth is not measuring welfare it
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is measuring destruction. of illness done decided to do is going to make happen is the objective. and therefore they focus on gross national happiness and the prime minister when he wrote to me he said there's only one way i see growing gross national happiness it's by growing organic. boutin is not alone after seeing the devastating effects of pesticide use in their communities small farmers around the world are turning to sustainable methods of agriculture.
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the ten men to the motel locus of way but it was he'd seen a looser than he would fit in such a game he got. in with. it but you're crazy and you're a pretty duck it's in a good image of the old dude at the cup only three years at the aeronauts on a boat i list would only just north of puerto rican night yes. it they do it and they mean it's immunity i guess and what i have found in my twenty five years of working with biodiversity but going to build ecological agriculture systems is that chemical free boys and free agriculture systems which intensify ecological processes which intensify biodiversity produce more food and money. that's the way we must cope precisely because the population is increasing.
3:55 pm
is does he embarrassed a good release fist of all media has to come it's nothing me i get what i news sisto concert of on the good on the board and it has units is the most are random quite interesting point i use against the media a focus or course the chandos opprobrious amy we've got monita gave us if you see mentee a sip then on up because you're in that place he has a use for asian and men pick or knows him. some form of the contract come to use it to school and i'm proud of him at least. if the breakdown is the media theory find out what does organisers you on this fine old was wherever see that a few games. were kept are is the last january's game a legal fight of equal age of consent is a not up with ricky begin monday near nothing with the susannah.
3:56 pm
it's simple to. leave but. since two thousand and three still got it bizarre in carolina has helped small farmers give up chemical intensive agriculture to deliver safe sustainable produce . this farmer's market was inspired by the growing organic movement in the united states. where i thought might happen hope by happen it turned out didn't happen this year again a farm bill people started paying a lot more attention and they had a hobby type thing that they. detractors called it is now turning into a thirty billion dollars a year business to only agriculture businesses growing but also more importantly people started asking questions we need people to say we don't want the hazards we
3:57 pm
don't want to support the hazards we all want to export our chemicals we don't want to import poisons on our food we want communities where food is produced to be safe we want our food to be safe we know the systems exist we need leadership desperately we need an uprising. but you're to believe that there's not enough art on this plate the food everybody. should know that you need. in order to the hungry and the board.
3:58 pm
by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across the americas and south america plenty of showers across amazon basin as you come southward says gerry looking fine across much of paraguayan down through argentina and towards chile we've still got some showers from rio de janeiro in brazil that's likely to be
3:59 pm
a risk again as we head through into chews day and still some heavy showers affecting parts of bolivia and to a lesser extent peru heading into central parts of america in the caribbean the islands are all looking dr fine at the moment very nice weather conditions temperatures in the upper twenty's wanted to share as coming into the isthmus the through the caribbean side but still a lot of sunshine expected here and fine in mexico city with a maximum temperature of twenty three degrees as you move into north america this line of cloud is a very active cold front which is be moving through only very slowly it certainly given some very severe weather is gone through these pictures come from new louisville kentucky you see we've had flooding from tarantula rain we've also how significant wind damage are the straight line winds or tornadoes and the front hasn't quite finished yet still push its way slowly towards the southeast pushing its way through georgia elsewhere look at dry conditions for new york highs of twelve degrees initials we brought in washington again with a maximum of twelve. the weather sponsored by qatar and race.
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true confessions might never be clean after many but not or a cynical example of communist propaganda and to put it in the big. bear i want to do it. in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. it's time to stop these hell on earth us.


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