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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 57  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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these do not supersede these obligations u.n. agencies say war displacement of an economic crisis of food insecurity inside sudan to unprecedented levels with more than sixty percent of the population at risk of starvation and july. three nobel peace prize winners have called on their fellow laureate aung sang suu kyi to speak out about violence against her him jim islams warning she risks prosecution for genocide women are visiting refugee camps in bangladesh and they've told me in my leader to wake up to the atrocities facing the way him neymar does not recognize the range as an ethnic group and has blamed violence in rakhine state on terrorists yes supreme court has dealt a blow to president donald trump insisting he must keep the protections he's tried to end for immigrants brought into the u.s. illegally as children the trumpet ministration was trying to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program by dhaka by march the fifth those are current
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headlines come to the cost is next. raising awareness of the plight of the one hand we know both these laureates visit a refugee camp in bangladesh to hear all the suffering but does the visits help the muslim minority and is it embarrassing for them in moscow nobel laureate aung san suu kyi this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. myanmar's leader has been widely criticised for turning a deaf ear to global condemnation of her response to the ranger crisis now own son sochi faces a new warning from the women. nobel peace prize when wake up or face prosecution for genocide is a message come pain on the raids mogwai at a local come on from yemen and iranian student abadi in bangladesh they are touring go ahead joe refugee camps to assess the needs but to contain women who say soldiers from myanma braved until show them will get to our guests in a moment but first let's have a look at the plight of little. hundreds of continue to pour over the myanmar border into bangladesh every week both countries recently signed an agreement to gradually repass rate refugees voluntarily but the un says conditions are not yet
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conducive for returning home and the muslim minority has safety concerns in buddhist dominated myanmar around seven hundred thousand ranger fled to neighboring bangladesh since the military crackdown began last august they told reporters of the rape torture and the burning of their homes the un describes the military offensive as a textbook case example of ethnic cleansing and have appealed to myanmar to stop but the un security council fares short of imposing sanctions on myanmar for hinge on her number around one million of the start of last year one of many ethnic minorities in myanmar but the government denies them citizenship and sees them as illegal immigrants from bangladesh the u.n. secretary general says the ranger one of the most discriminated against populations in the world and tania goto is called for immediate assistance and long term solutions i call on the government to ensure in fact that the military excess in
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iraq i'm state and i appeal to the international community to support those were fled to bangladesh the international community needs to come together to support the safe voluntary dignified and sustainable return of refugees to their areas of origin or choice you know accordance with international standards let's get the thoughts of our guests joining us in costa bazaar in bangladesh near aid mcguire a nobel peace prize laureate visiting ruins refugees in berlin turn kin here is the director of the burmese will hinge or organization. u.k. and in kuala lumpur charles go chad of parliamentarians for human bites welcome to you all let me start by asking miss. this we saw the first time with leaders from different parts of the world saying this is one of the most
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secure the communities. and that. the well's knows friendless people but nothing has been done to alleviate their pains what do you think from your experience your recent visit should be done immediately about this particular crisis well i think immediately that the action should be taken for the the international criminal court to really at least set up hearings before they go to the burmese government for the rangar genocide is happening in this the twenty first century and that should be an immediate thing and made it clear i'm trying to she as a moral leader and a person people have looked to for hope she would immediately go to the villages were the people have been raped murdered killed barnhart of their villages and had to escape and and to her and another country there's
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a million one million. people serving in this camp and bangladesh she has a responsibility and i hope that she'll go and she'll speak i do count the actions of the burmese military this can be stopped tomorrow all it needs is a phone call to the burmese military from those in a part to say stop killing murder and raping. people we heard testimony today which would break your heart. and she can stop this going to stop. from the talk because she orders are coming from the top and they think that they are immune and nobody will do anything about it can't be stopped and stop now i. can when you hear statements from people like the raid mcguire describing what is happening as a policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing do you have any hopes that the
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international community will listen to people like the raid and stop the suffering of thousands of people. in myanmar i think i really appreciate and many thanks to. mark why are you nobel laureate and to others because it into the camera. myself you know i have also met these big teams you know it's been going on these gentle side for. around four decades you know so it is important that. to stop these dental side from you know policy makers not below reads intellectual every thought fired he must come forward to stop this genocide we need everyone's support and solidarity to stop these dental site i really appreciate and thanks again busy team to that cams. we men given them a big. moral support to their big teams who face march three
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maslow tried and other atrocities by their burmese military i think international community. we have seen is serco i disappointed the un security council this sat down for three times and we have not seen any or stronger action this is very disappointing and today we have seen also e.u. have some. some conclusion from it is not. that might help that much thing to stop these dental site military any government we need concrete f. active action from you know individual got a man to call for i please when you are able to bring those responsible to death mr sense you mean against the backdrop of all the international condemn nation why
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does the government of myanmar seem to be in denial about what is happening the government of myanmar is not in denial they know exactly what they have done. but they have this pretense that it is within their right to do so because the within their wife does kill people drive thousands of people of their homes yes course you know exactly what they have done i was there greys are women and that's mine. yeah i was then constables out last week last month and i met the refugees i met all about twenty to twenty five refugees who are based in. in the course of us in fact i also met with new people who had just come in from. a kind state. and this was taking place at the same time as the governments of. myanmar and bangladesh concluding that a pet ration plan what they told us was very clear they were raped their land was
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too burnt their houses were burned their wives were raped it was a law it is just a whole lot of horrible stories that they had told us but the point basically and the point important question now is why is the international community silent and quiet about myanmar and the quick answer to a very difficult question is that because of investment opportunities in myanmar. i think a lot of country lot of companies a lot of countries see me on my as an investment opportunity and therefore they do not want to rock the boat at the international level or he won't pull up the army to be sanction or even to question and criticize. i think the because responsibility in this context goes to. as the un has been pushing for doing on this issue and yet most a member of us yet and i was in has kept silent in fact actually ignoring what to happen in
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a kind of state and in so doing legitimizes what's happening in terms of the genocide that has been taking place i think as you know has been totally irresponsible right missing a raid one year address on sunset she saying that she has to all face prosecution. isn't she the most intriguing part of this particular puzzle she is someone who's suffered trying to defend human rights a suddenly she is very silent denial saying this is an iceberg of misinformation what's the problem here do you think that she is more concerned about protecting fragile democracy in her own country and putting the issue of the ranger on the back burner. well i think when you are a leader and a country that all the people should be your responsibility not just a section of the community and there are many ask nick growths and burma who have
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never been protected i went with bishop tutu seventeen years ago to the burma thailand barger to the current people and we met women who have been raped by burmese soldiers hundred tof them and they were starving and on the border absolutely distraught and the burmese government this is not a new thing going on this has been going on for a long time that the promised government can do what they like and i wouldn't fight i'm saying so just to consider this one story from one woman today twenty years of age the fermi soldiers came into her village they they killed her husband they took her and her baby to leak they three to six months old they have a and a leak and it was strong and they dragged her back to her home for me so interesting elder died when another soldier ripped her and and then they lifted her thinking she was dead took
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a ride and threw her and faded and left her for dead trees and i would say what sort of leadership of you got in burma when other allies and soldiers to do this and the since women children and not story can be multiplied over and over so this is gang rape murder torture a genocidal policy to destroy a whole people is what this is a bite and i'm trying to see she as a leader and her country must speak arts and defense of the fans to get your point . leader is widely criticized for her response to the crisis especially because on censored she was water the nobel peace prize in one thousand nine hundred one the state doesn't have control over the military and she hasn't gone down the years of force by troops during their crackdown on the ranger so much is blamed what she called a huge iceberg of misinformation for the crisis in iraq and state in a t.v.
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address last september second or human rights violations iraq kind but didn't specify who would be qualified to return and how their battery ation process would work in her first address to the united nations general assembly last year search she defended her government's efforts to resolve the crisis this year a face mounting international criticism for failing the ranger she canceled her trip to the united nations in new york mr can what is it that you wish your think uncensored she can do immediately to stop the problem can she interfere with the military how can she solve this crisis. you know i have to point out here the bottom line is if she has willingness to do she could do a lot of things and every time international community says she's not controlling the military but we have to look ad she is defending must extra cities what
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burmese military committed genocide against rohingya recently we have to look at you know build a shared plan. who is thirty years friend of the authors who do you know he was a member of government kofi annan a recommendation implementation a committee he realizes it is whitewash there is no such talk about citizenship each full citizenship issue safety security issue there so we can't see any at the two two or rohingya change by their military from military and on san suu kyi particularly she is taken side of the military she is totally completely of this general fight if she really wants she could do a lot i did for me as a frankly speaking atheros india i am i we rolling i have supported her i campaigned for her a leave the last ten years ago you know but i i don't think she will do anything
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that i have to as a big teams who are suffering in bangladesh big teams of general i met last two weeks ago we need to bottom line here the only playing international community must intervene un must intervene to protect the living because that's what we call in here when we talk we are protected to return to protect at home land in myanmar that is what we are calling for because burmese military and government have no right to there is no i see your point let me go in being a never changing because mr santiago in this debate was a century ago we tend to put the blame most of the. time on the. myanmar government and on censorship but there are some elements that need to be clarified when the bangladeshi government signs this three patrick ation deal with the myanmar's government which paved the way for people to be sent back home how
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those people being consulted in advance have do we know whether they want to go back home when the situation remains very delicate for them and their villages completely raised by the government. we met while i was in concert as our last month we had met with officials were part of the negotiating team with the myanmar government and surveillance the military. and also met the refugees as i said earlier it is very clear from the point of that effigies that they do not want to return. and they have put some conditions and i believe they have already. communicated that position to the un you let's see are and other u.n. agencies one is the one safety the better ation program the older one peacekeeping force in a kind of state in order to church that they will not be raped and killed again.
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number one citizenship they want freedom of worship as well as compensation for the loss of life as well as for the loss of property and so on so forth till all of these are get emptied they's no appetite to go back. and as i said a while the goes actions are going on and while the government of bangladesh is planning to send back other patriot some of them more people are coming into. and that's because the burning the looting the reaping is still going on and therefore it doesn't create a climate of confidence for the refugees for the refugees in compas are to return them speak of that i mean back to the speaker of the particular climate of confidence and confidence building measures the need to go to the raid i mean from that experience in complaining for piecing plate communities shattered by ethnic religious divisions don't you think that the international community when it comes
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to me and mine should address first of all the root causes of the problem why are they denied the right to be citizens why the government continues to consider them as illegal migrants and then once you solve that you talk about that relation. well the tragedy here is that the burmese government have denied these people their identity. they don't even use the word renga and when people are speaking they actually are warning them don't use the word running and there are many high profile visitors have gone into burma and before they went they were told don't use the word renga and yet we have the rank of people history is well documented and burma so they are they are people they are an ethnic people and we know there are one hundred thirty five different ethnic groups and burma but the rang the people
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have been removed of that list so they have no right and they are not allowed to work there are held with and camps inside burma and we heard today that the that the village they were actually sealed off for six months by the burmese soldiers are not allowed even to why did the village so the whole human rights and right rights question for the rank of people has got to be dealt with they have to be given recognition and census and ship and that protected and their lands given back and restored to them because they've been stripped of everything and so that has to be undertaken so when they go back they will be protected but we are here on the border and the no man's land there to serving in the middle of nowhere who have lost everything and if they come in here to bangladesh they will become refugees and if they go back in to burma they will become tortured
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persecuted and nameless people again and the international community must deal with this ok mr cain should the international community. do you think. this will do you think that would be helpful. yes of course. that would be helpful must though we have to focus on i fifty or pharo two barmaids general me online and of course thank chance an arms embargo on top of that we need to talk here now the bottom line is really need season is coming soon in three four months time so there is more than seven hundred thousand ruined or if you do this is you know landslide aaron you know flooding can happen any time after three months floor these. are the big dangerous so
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we need to look for immediate something solution what is that we need to. when i met big teams you know general side they told me they want to they want to go be a homeland but it must be protected for we need to look at without u.n. protection and these people cannot be returned we need u.n. protection. and we monitor. these people there are people they want to return but when so it's turning back and also the united nations and that is should step in santiago this is a crisis that is most likely going to go on for quite some time many villages have been recently raised by the government people saying this is an attempt by the government to destroy evidence of mass killing and genocide. bangladesh with thousands of ranger is suffering financially what should the international
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community do to tackle this humanitarian crisis. well i think couple of things should be done when his immediate support for the efforts of the bangladesh government especially financial support the u.s. presence is quite your mongers in providing support to the support. for the refugees but i think i want to go back to the issue that kim had raised earlier that the monsoon great monsoon rains are supposed to hit by leisure especially the clocks by the beginning next month and the options that we had met both at the u.n. as well as the government fear that there's going to be a lot of loss of life because they do not have the capacity to protect a million people in the entire place. you know what is going to happen is this a lot of human trafficking is going to start because people will find their own solution to a very difficult complicated problem and then you will have human trafficking syndicates operating and that is going to lead to
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a larger problem within south asia the human trafficking will be a big problem i see i foresee beginning march april mean look this is something that they're going to do let me go to now i think mr rate for this is going to be my last question is the raids we have created international institutions to maintain peace and hold accountable anyone who commits atrocities we have the u.n. we have the ear we have the international criminal court but all these institutions have done little to try to contain this particular crisis what is the problem here are we talking about different regional agendas countries like china russia the united states of america not agreeing on how to move forward when it comes to the. well of international community must help the range of people and they can do it we have witnessed here on the grind of the bangladeshi government has been wonderful
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and helping we have a n.g.o.s a year and here organizing what is a tremendous challenge to them where you have had a million people coming over a barker and they have managed to feed them shelter them take care of them but they need more and more out and i tried governments around the house to financially and every way to look after the refugees who are our first and urgent concern secondly the they took off a month of bangladesh and drama. and they go right hard make it possible for the burmese people that are handed to stay and barbecue which is their home which is where they want to bathe and look and see if there is one. thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and it's on by visiting a website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com
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for us last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside a story from the house i'm out of out of the whole team here but you know. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sept there people the little choosing between
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buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera as their want us to we brits but also the to see what happens next which is on a wired budget where mobile barricaded seventh street that leads to hear the movies now has been all about change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and i'll just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. what they call so good in less than one generation a developing countries one of the most the developed countries in the world we have to be prepared for just a need for new brigadier and fear to the president and off men singapore's founding
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father created a nation of political dynasty but a family disputes undermining that legacy what's happened to the family and what's happened in singapore's institutions i just don't know what would have caused the whole grief people in power investigates the house that leave at this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. down julie macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up russia's president orders a humanitarian corridor in the east and for a u.n. cease fire has failed to stop a tux.


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