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tv   Circle of Poison  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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you know one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to do and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera russia's president has ordered a five cease fire in syria's east and beginning at seven hundred hours g.m.t. a humanitarian corridor will be opened allowing people to leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held on klav. following
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the order of the russian president with the aim of eliminating casualties among the civilian population of eastern ghouta a daily humanitarian pauses being introduced starting february twenty seventh from nine am to two pm and a humanitarian corridor will be created for the exit of civilians its cordon its have been prepared and will be announced soon more now from al-jazeera sama been job it. it is not yet clear what the details of this proposed russian ceasefire between nine am to two in the afternoon are going to be so far what we've seen is that this humanitarian ceasefire will mean that a color door will be opened and people will be allowed to exit people inside eastern huta do not want to exit from their homes they have been seeing what has been happening to people in aleppo they have been seeing what have been happening to people in the riot and they do not want to exit their own homes to places where they don't know what are the conditions going to be like if it is going to be in the south near the border with jordan are they going to be moving with the words
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the city of damascus the syrian capital or will they be forced to move into there because continuing to be a front line between government and rebel forces so these are all questions that people who have been asking they're angry they're frustrated they say that this is not they were expecting what they were expecting from the united nations security council resolution and saturday evening where there was a unanimous agreement that there will be a thirty day ceasefire across syria people have been expecting humanitarian aid deliveries to be brought into them this is an area home to nearly four hundred thousand people and a few hours they think is not going to help them russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons falling into the hands of rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran three nobel peace prize winners are calling on fellow laureate aung san suu cheat a condemned violence against the range of minority warning me of mass leader that
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she risks prosecution for genocide but group is visiting ranger refugee in cat refugees in camps in bangladesh almost seven hundred thousand have fled since the start of a military crackdown six months ago. is one of the peace prize winners she says that she hopes that suchi will come with them to visit me on mars worst affected areas. well i would like to go went to burma diverse of our sister laura to ask her sister laura to go to the villages where the people and mostly been flattened and destroyed the albums up there on the side as being well covered as we make m i would like and thankfully she you're pumping us to the villages a little and a lot of people who are actually i know you're there you. have a right to live. you know right to be muslim purdon kill like. so. what's happened to me and the burning of villages and forcing the ripping the
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population out of the halls can only be described as genocide and ethnic cleansing i hope that the i.c.c. will put on sun suchi and other to the traces of these heinous acts on trial south africa's new president has reappointed several ministers who were sacked by former leader jacob zuma so around a poser announced thirty changes in the cabinet reshuffle the new additions include two former finance ministers many students in northeastern nigeria say they're too frightened to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week nigeria's government admitted for the first time on monday that the girls had been kidnapped it's believed that boko haram faces took the pupils and spread of king hussein bolt is poised to reveal his new sporting move in the coming hours the eight time olympic champion retired from athletics in old west now he says he signed for a football team a south african club team from pretoria that he trained with last month but hinted
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at a possible. because of the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the circle of poison next. environment doesn't know any boundaries you know dust and pollution from china settles in the us you know nuclear radiation from chernobyl went over iceland. what goes up into the environment goes around the world and ultimately this then layer of topsoil. maybe six inches of soil around this hard planet spinning in space represents the dust of our ancestors all human history and all the other
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creatures are in that soil and to contaminate that and the water supply in the air is a forgivable sin it's something that we'll pay for as a species. in generations to come this senate agriculture committee is considering a bill that would ban the export of dangerous pesticides farm workers from abroad told lawmakers yesterday of devastating health problems from exposure to chemicals made by american companies close to reagan former morio zimbardo used to grow bananas for export to america until he believes the pesticides sprayed on the plants made him and eight hundred other workers and. he told a senate committee there were times when he virtually bathed in a chemical that u.s. companies and officials knew could render men impotent if a chemical is banned or unlicensed as too dangerous to use in america should it be morally wrong to export it somewhere else aside from morality many experts believe
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americans are eating these pesticides can produce grown over see the so-called circle of poison. we know the circle poison really started for me years before when i was in the peace corps in afghanistan and my wife and i were in this little remote northern town called has absolutely nothing to do there and. we were bored and one day we. up some food from the american embassy when we're in kabul and she was reading the ingredients on the kool-aid packet that she got in which there wasn't a lot to read in telecom and she said holy cow cycle mates in the us i said wait they're banned about the us government how could a banned substance end up in a poor country like afghanistan and so that started the investigation where i started to realize that systematically anything that was banned or heavily regulated or restricted to iran registered in the us was being allowed by the us
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government and in fact encouraged to be sent overseas almost as compensation for the companies for losing the us market. pesticides are pushed on grounds that it's a very modern way to do. i remember. years ago reading a book that india is on to develop because it doesn't use pesticides and we've made poisons the measure of progress and catalytic this it's called god's own countries it is so beautiful it has some of the best health indicators in the world one hundred percent literacy. and you go and spray poison.
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you know so. she actually got us into the world. the issue of perception conflict is a very unique is the first response in the past in back to her facilities on animals. we have the disappearing of the dogs doing the chickens dying snakes dying in the in the in the planet's media. initially the people were really happy because the snakes are dying the cause of dying so the nobody will go your color will come and catch you if you can so you're happy you can walk in the plantation freely because all the snakes are gone but in a year's time they found that the chicken is also disappearing. to your spine bank
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they found that they can no longer keep dogs because the dogs again. suddenly you have the impacts of this of your own human beings and when the impact became visible on human beings like. the one we call the brain in the man. people born with old limbs seven cases people born with you and then there are things outside the body you named the human disorder which can happen to a body you see in constable and. then be active and then and then time to understand the issue of. this is that anderson. the local community and generally they were not to turn off in fact it's a place that they can pass. there is no source of other source of pollution in that area because except for standing in each city they're also not initial every disgust of a that this is actually that and then slowly even the minister. and collecting the information they said only you realize that now these things can happen. probably
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the signs and symptoms was in the early ninety's like ninety one ninety two ninety three that kind of video by someone it was a. child born with something but we see a lot of new ones born with you know docs who can fix the child is not exposed but the patterns are exposed and the children are born with the former that is happening today. in the cashew plantations of india doctor and his mobile medical team visit survivors of one of the worst pesticide disasters in the wilds. or the transition here or full of cases he also is sort of scraped by the end of.
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she has been dismissed before me dismissed problems in the table she was not i would have. shows that she was not meant that that then she was absolutely normal she was able to handle difficult. than r.p. spain see this collapse and became a things. which are. very very slim. so they even began my journey that way and. say ok we're.
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going to see. this is the sum of this and. this name is obsessed he's suffering from a lot of us. so sort of a national this head of a list will be s. and they're going to all of a spectacle. of some kind living in cuba and. you perceive the u.s. government as one it is for the corporate standing for media man in seventy two when the u.s. abandons to distil they're used to the next will be to africa and asia even after fifty years they're doing the same the it is very unfortunate.
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forgat dropped from brain leader of the great foreign gas bombs but the enemy rated it with gas against your community there is no report there are fanning. the for world war two there wasn't widespread use of pesticides there was reliance on some of the drugs but during and after world war two when companies began to develop these chemistry for war they were looking for a new markets for the same chemicals and so turned to food and agriculture after war and things like organophosphates which. where nerve poisons when then pushed into agriculture many of them are still used mites might spread and.
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without war we would have passed a size that's maybe that's an irony maybe maybe not but one way or another way this is what we ended up with in the early seventy's it was clear we had problems health problems and environmental problems we've never experienced before thanks to pesticides that's when the us government in the act of fifty one provision of which allowed the continual production and manufacturing of pesticides that were not permitted for use here to be exported overseas that set up the whole regulatory loophole that created this allowed the circle poison to come true. limited data from the e.p.a. in twenty thirteen revealed that banned restricted an unregistered pesticides a manufactured in twenty three states to export only the e.p.a. doesn't track the volume or final destination of these pesticides which are then
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applied to crops like coffee tea cotton fruit and vegetables and may indeed be imported back to the u.s. as pesticide residues on these foods the f.d.a. only inspects two percent of imported produce so the true risk to the u.s. consumer is unknown. there's a contradiction here because i think when you look at nuclear technology we're very careful in how we export that technology but you know i think one of the major concerns we've got to admit is that where we worry that an abuse of that technology or misuse of that technology will come back to her the united states in some way or another we need to have that same attitude with pesticides. you know when i step back and really think about the scope of what we've done it's been a giant terrible tragic experiment it goes way beyond past asides to a specialist lead paint flame retardants to all kinds of products drugs
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pharmaceuticals that were not properly studied and cleared for safety before we turned them into products all those products and all that export and all the damage that's been done for decades the first politician that really took notice of this was president jimmy carter when i was gay record label office had exhausted by effort to get congress to pass it but we had all the material to show that we were doing stuff and it was basically unscrupulous or illegal or international law but the manufacturers of these dangerous materials and i don't wish for so palpable that they obstructed what i did so they were they i could do was to shoot injective auto as a last resort and it precluded the distribution or sale of any material basically overseas that we couldn't safely present to consumers in america i wanted the brand made in america to me to mean something.
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that i left office they descended over for president reagan while reagan and he agreed. to protect their rights they can take your selling. pesticides and clothing and on prove or disprove drugs. to people over say to some of the manufacturers to get rid of it and not to have a big loss. for the thirty years after i left the white house the issue is still unresolved and i would say that this point they are powered employers all unscrupulous companies and their lobbyist. is even more powerful than it was when ours in the white house.
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when we speak of the circle poison we most often think of the danger to american consumers we think of foreign grown food senator leahy was the first elected official after president carter order to try to stop the second poison by introducing three bills in one thousand nine hundred. twelve when i first suggested we have a lot of pushback. i lobbied us in the senate. we had the people in the senate who realized that it was important to stop to circle poison and we passed. a once and cut to the house representatives walk his frame to work a lot harder. and they were able to stop it from being in the final we tried mightily we work on saturdays weekends everything else. in the bill but could not get that part through. there are very powerful interests to make
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a lot of money i sign things they know are contaminated and the fact that we might be able to make money and create a few jobs here and poison people in other countries where there's a bet as best us or lead paint is something we shouldn't do that. it's rumor you it's senate. you're the lead op that allows all your members to be able to say i fully agree with you or i got what you talked about that's correct go ahead. thank you mr chairman senator lugar i would like to. welcome the other six exact senior executives of n.a.c. a member companies to join me on this panel today. one of senator leahy's main opponents to the bill was cheever in midst of room has represented the pesticide industry in washington for nearly three decades dance rhythms state an argument in one nine hundred ninety with senator leahy and others as it is today is that. we
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would rather that the united states be a principal source providing proper texan tools for farmers around the world and the incubator if you will for innovation for that kind of product development and the follow on stewardship that companies like those that are based here in the united states can and do provide over the years rather than having those needs served by product producers pesticide. pounds from places other than the united states. do you think you'd find everything sacred you figured find a whole lot more violations. perhaps a little of both i will tell you when the agency undertook its investigation last year we did find a number of violations. and filed a number of cases against companies it was the first time that we had really enforced j. vroom also had allies within the government. of the e.p.a.
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also opposed to suckle a poisoned bell so take the case to linda fisher she was an e.p.a. official who argued against a circle of poison bill during the first bush administration after that she went to work for a month actually as a lobbyist after that she went back into government back as a high official of the e.p.a. in the second bush administration and since then she's become a high official at department is a perfect example of how the revolving door of officials moving in and out of government regulating pesticides and other toxics and then going to work for the people that produce. the big six are the six agra chemical companies that control upwards of seventy five percent of the global has to sign trade and the big six names are monsanto dow bear syngenta. m.b.a.'s and the six global corporations really
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controlled in terms of food in farming. bookie. you know they need to leave. your feet don't have to be going to. have to to. want . well more if women i guess would not go many of them with ball but it gets a little offensive emails etc how did he come from. sunday in south moonshot just emphasize oh not that i had an example but get a little put to me that can leave out the more they were asked what it was was he put them up and made a movie a card but i doubt that i was out that about this. you
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know my own priest. he was far nine june funny he says to now. where the real who uses the. good with good luck in the beautiful her your own baby opening this i'm a metaphor for your cover up the love evoke or like i'm the i'm but his mom worked her whole life in the fields and so before the pregnancy she was working in the fields and for the first few months. in marrying the travel he had. to see a bill she said but. so he's been diagnosed with cirrhosis of children. with a man example the more difficult the traveled it was for the family i doubt we'd live in eagle is your view been. a secret a result of the east out and out when he was born
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a little bit swollen but it's gotten much awareness and you're going to see a good operation and mainly to look at his liver and in june they said that he just has about three years to live and that there is nothing they can do anything you know he. told me. it really is something that of course deeply affects me as a human mind all of us you know that especially as a nurse that i feel you know a deep need to stop. and you know i'm stop this is not that it's having on on children you know i'm not. all. the scene for us where online. and in yemen the peace is possible but it never
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happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks there is a sense of renewed hope with a president who enjoys quiet he'll with detailed coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in the south korean database for separated family. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to who's dedicated his life to searching the
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woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. will in the future is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find if i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera. again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera russia's president as order the five cease fire in syria's east and go to beginning at seven hundred hours g.m.t. a humanitarian corridor will be opened allowing people to leave hundreds inside the rebel on klav have died in more than a week of bombardment by syrian and russian forces. following the
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order of the russian president with the aim of eliminating casualties among the civilian population of eastern guta a daily humanitarian pause is being introduced starting february twenty seventh from nine am to two pm and a humanitarian corridor will be created for the exit of civilians its cordon its have been prepared and will be announced soon russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have criticized tehran for failing to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of hooty rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran. three nobel peace prize winners are calling on fellow laureate aung san suu kyi to condemn violence against the range of minority warning me and months later that she risks prosecution for genocide the group is visiting range of refugees in camps in bangladesh almost seven hundred thousand fled since the start of a military crackdown in me in last six months ago south africa's new president has reappointed several ministers sacked by former leader jacob zuma civil run oppose
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thirty changes in the government reshuffle the new additions include two former finance ministers many students in northeastern nigeria say that too frightened to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week nigeria's government admitted for the first time on monday that the girls had been kidnapped the party of germany's chancellor angela merkel has approved a deal to renew its coalition with the social democrats the decision by the christian democratic union puts merkel a step closer to a fourth term as leader the social democrats will announce next week whether its members back the deal sprint king hussein paul two supposed to reveal poised to reveal its new sporting move or the coming hours eight time olympic champion retired from athletics and oldest now he says he signed for a football team a south african club that he trained with last month has hinted at a possible. i'll be back with news here on al-jazeera in
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a little over twenty five minutes but let's get you back to suckle of poison. when i step back and really think about the scope of what we've done is spent a giant terrible tragic experiment best to sidestep pushed on drugs that it's a very modern way to do farming and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the cia vinnie other half of the same. thing you want to get on him. and. he can encompass all. those born in the know about a higher law and get not going to harm not to go here in the lab not have a look if they are easy enough can employ me on the i'm going to also have he
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thinks he owns the knowledge that can't be done to harm the among the naive thought in this way that i mean that i. don't want to be done thought of if even if. it gets a laugh and in a get out of a hat on a political man probably the most dramatic way to understand the difference between domestic regulation and the lack of regulation once you cross the border as the facts pesticide use and people is just south of the border in mexico take the sonora desert split down the middle by an arbitrary border between countries so on one side pesticides that can't be used are being used on the other side they are used and there's evidence of the are facts. in one thousand nine hundred eight dr conducted a study of pesticide exposure in mexico she compared the children living in the pesticide intensive yaki valley to those in the non-exposed hotels. after playing
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catch with the children and observing them dropping raisins into a bottle cap found disturbing differences in hand eye coordination between the groups of children. she. looked at four and five year olds and five and six year olds and one of the things she asked them to do is drop picture of a person and found that the children in the non-exposed areas through people just like i think any kid anywhere you could tell they were people drawn by very young children many of the children in the highly exposed areas to pesticides just to scramble you couldn't even tell that they were people.
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a look at the end of the story there's a pool in my illustration here. you. one of the best examples of a place where people are chronically exposed to chemical pollution is in louisiana between baton rouge and new orleans along the mississippi where there's one hundred fifty industrial facilities all along that corridor. in fact the industry calls it the chemical corridor residents they have a different name for it or they call it cancer alley. in many communities especially here in louisiana you can look out of your bedroom
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window and you're looking at a smokestack and you smell the toxic fumes on a daily basis we have lost historic african-american communities because of the toxic exposures from those companies warranting the relocation of those communities and the entire towns of these historic communities have been raised and only thing you now see if there's any found that they once existed might be their own cemetery grounds while the facilities have gotten larger and expanded into those historic communities that once lived and thrive in this area. there's a culture in the state that really gives the industrial corporations running these facilities a blank check. they pay nothing in property taxes they get to do their campaign contributions and basically elect whoever is going to be in the legislative control of lawmaking in the state they have a lobby that denies and takes away rights of citizens in the state for health care
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for health monitoring in the event of a toxic exposure. so we're in a real sad situation in terms of the pallor that is industrial corporations have in louisiana and companies like monsanto along with. monsanto is a is like all big agra cummock or company's highly profitable and highly influential political circles few years ago the complete. a hundred million dollar expansion of the round up plant for instance in cancer alley please welcome our governor bobby jindal and our first lady so pretty agenda. governor jindal whose wife is a foreman one son two employee praised the expansion of the round up plant in two thousand and ten every year since then this plant in cancer alley has had the most toxic releases in the entire state. is really important to remember there's
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a real difference in any pesticide between is active ingredient which in the case of roundup for example is good life is eight verses all the surfactants and nerds that go into that full pesticide when it sprayed and to demonstrate this research it had to ponds with frogs in them and in one pond you just put the active ingredient of roundup like to say very little impact on the frogs in the next pond he put the whole formula devastation eighty ninety percent depending on the developmental stage of the frog of death in those frogs so that shows you the difference between just an active ingredient and the whole formula it turned out that it's are fact and that part of roundup that makes it stick to the crop was so fatal working with the other ingredients in in round so failed of those frogs so roundups legal by the way round up is in the band chemical so one thing that's important to consider is on some levels it doesn't matter whether an agricultural chemical has been banned or restricted very much yet because we simply don't know
4:41 am
what the negative effects of most of these chemicals will be over time they're not studied as complete compounds that are isolated neuro chemical tests that are performed on them of course are not studied on human beings that would be unethical so essentially it's a big experiment and we just don't know whether it's regulated that they're not shouldn't prohibit us from speculating and also investigating what are the effects of these little chemicals some of them may be as bad as the banned ones. a standard argument against. the health environment and other regulations in the country or for export is that it's harmful to business which of course it is
4:42 am
i mean if bins can kill people freely it was more profitable than if you have to pay attention to it to sing in the good effects on people and so on on the other hand if you do care about harming people of it's just a matter. of fact it's kind of interesting in this country that. the major industries like lead as best as tobacco chemical industries have so often succeeded for decades in a poisoning people quite consciously you know the person who probably will the children are going to die of lead poisoning but you got to make profit of course by the time you get to export it's a little more vicious because here what's happening of course is. that the domestic population has become organized enough an act if enough so they're saying you can't feel us a so then the idea is if it will kill will kill people are more vulnerable
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and that's what the export is but yes it's good for business and that it. he hooked them into the handbag asked them had money enough to not make them a gift up but. get themselves into the heart of. the last not be legislated that i doubt it in the national anthem enough don't put out a king equal. in the will just cheeky just a on my farm i shall be much of the and so the mama cass and the a too modest only in the. video again i'll settle them all a muscle when you go from a baby in the. ground the. most
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our city like a hornet. a second bundle for neither one the for me don't know for me i not all of the staff are not done by the doc and all into one in there for one on and then. when she was on ball game in time i said that i am but that they. must pass at a concert i will not be allowed on by makassar as usual i mean it's ironic and i meant bass. residents of a to sing go reported cancer rates to severe thats were forty one times the national average in argentina. and there may be some to. come.
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you know where meadow a cable where i deal with dead people to look at sally with and then we had it. he said i normally will promote a book at all for a moment anyway and ross said well now then once you you know if he can as i noted . he also known as i am not i am a nominal then when i saw my mother to sign all of you you know the one image argument of it he went to yeah see you don't want to. see a man i support their life when only. going to get any at that he hooked me when i get out of the hook. after that i mean that will tell if one of your at that moment you're not going to alarm on. a hook and they're going to hold a colossal. despite these threats sophia and the mothers continued their
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fight they ultimately succeeded in getting a new aerial pesticide spraying within two thousand five hundred metres of homes. about two years ago the prime minister of bhutan invited me to help become hundred percent about it so what we've been doing in these two years is my team goes twice a year and works with the palms and the brittany's come and train at our farm and that at the moment we practice an ecological and without it with no chemicals and we have no pests nothing at all we have lots and lots of insects but. to try. to make old local farms organic would make it the first country in the
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world to convert to a fully organic agricultural system and the sale of pesticides. has been almost very important because our country has very little land under cultivation and of the whole country and we have only about it percent of that understood actually edible and all of that because of our limited human resources we only come to between one two point nine percent of the land and to keep that percentage very low percentage of land cultivatable for a long time it is important for people to make sure that this is enough organic matter so that the soil doesn't degenerate. because for generations this is only the length that we have to farm on and on to use it up in one generation and
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not leave productive land for the next generation so it has always been a tradition that is taking cattle. the britain government has very very clearly decided to not measure growth which measures only how much commerce takes place and of course you can have lots of growth by first creating best the pesticide industry makes lots of profits that's growth people get cancer the same best aside companies sell your patent at gad's a medicine that's growth this world is not measuring welfare it is measuring destruction. decided to do is going to. make happen is the objective. and therefore they focus on gross national happiness and
4:51 am
the prime minister when he wrote to me he said there's only one way i see growing gross national happiness it's by growing. bhutan is not alone after seeing the devastating effects of pesticide use in their communities small farmers around the world are turning to sustainable methods of agriculture. it again would not have any sea went down your liberal. as a single guy in your case as a router in a tin where he let the american one it down. not around and he says he on for be approved as the gun you are less a nazi as
4:52 am
a muslim he knows knows dorsett there is a on your side that has him blain are cliches the logic and the nuts on the tone of there are a lot. more. siegelman deny it they are noble they are human that and with appropriate i mean yes i want one hundred billion in a number of on that nazi for media don't think i knew i left. over here. it's a non-issue as i have and they are so involved i looking may go i doubt i said broke unity and then said they were not. he went on to sort out the name of the band mentor the motor locus of way but it was he did it seen a loser anyone. in such him gave me god.
4:53 am
and i see lexie thing if i shook as an idea but he ducked it in and i thought that image of the old dude attic up only for us at the end i'm not signing up to dallas we don't need just one with reporters any good night yes if they do it and they mean it's immunity i guess and what i have found in my twenty five years of working with biodiversity but going to build ecological agriculture systems is that chemical free boys and free agriculture systems which intensify ecological processes which intensify biodiversity produce more food and money but that's the way we must cope precisely because the population is increasing. is does he embarrassed get released of our media is to come is nothing me i get what i news sisto the concept of i'm too good on the board and it has eunice this comes around i'm quite interesting point i use against the media
4:54 am
a focus of course the channel supro p.s.a. me again monita gave us if you see mentee effect on or not because you're in that place he has a use for asian i mean pick or knows him. some form of the contract company sigesmund and proud of him at least. if the greek from the east of a media series find out what does organisers yawns by now what was where i see very few employees. work at that hour is the last time you released a multiple legal complaint of people age of consent is he not up with ricky begin monday near knowing that the susana. it's simple. but.
4:55 am
since two thousand and three bizarre in carolina has helped small farmers give up chemical intensive agriculture to deliver safe sustainable produce this farmer's market was inspired by the growing organic movement in the united states. where i thought might happen hoped by happen it turned out didn't happen it was here again a farm bill people started paying a lot more attention and they had a hobby type saying that they detractors called it is now turning into a thirty billion dollars a year business to only agriculture businesses growing but also more importantly people started asking questions we need people to say we don't want the hazards we don't want to support the hazards we all want to export our chemicals we don't want to import poisons on our food we want communities where food is produced to be safe we want our food to be safe we know the systems exist we need leadership
4:56 am
desperately we need an uprising. but what's your belief that there's not enough on this plate the food everybody. should know that you need. in order to the hungry and the board.
4:57 am
march on al-jazeera. with all potential challenges out of the way egypt's president . is poised for a second time in power. a series of stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president dominates the russian political scene his reelection becomes more apparent. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news is being counted. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders into such as gather in brazil to address. march on al-jazeera.
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hello it's finally stopped raining of the ohio valley after five days of it and flooding to boot and this is the cloud that waved around is finally moving east was doesn't mean that will be the final cold but at least for maybe twenty four hours possibly more than that it's now dry in this area as well from the drama not in the sky the wintry weather has disappeared from the high ground further west as well in fact got quiet spells in the temperatures a quite high chicago fourteen new york's a twelve toronto's at about ten degrees it shouldn't be this warm in february but it's a wouldn't necessarily last more rain is feeding into the ohio valley and the studies showing some parts of ontario but it's not that cold plus eight in toronto there's been a stir left in maybe arizona maybe southern california but it's not a lot to it but of late wintry stuff maybe in the me caribbean too it's not as wet
4:59 am
as it was there's still a bit of a breeze but if anything is weakened when it gets to the coast of nicaragua and costa rica i don't expect to see much in the way of showers there and occasional wind down in panama as well the concentration of showers for the south is increasing i think some for northern bolivia more especially in northern argentina and increasingly heavy showers in power inquiry. i am doing this on the benefit of people. so mad they see the importance of. witness documentaries not open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
5:00 am
and this is different whether someone is paying for someone's favorite dismantling any tree i think it's how you approach an individual and after that is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy a story and fly out. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the countdown is on to a five responded from the bombing in syria's eastern goose up.


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