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tv   Journalism Is Not A Crime  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 9:00am-9:59am +03

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finalis the biggest ever democracy in decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy so to focus source code to use freedom for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are. talking madrid at this time and i'm just you know. we should all be in doha with the top stories from al-jazeera the russian president has ordered a five hour ceasefire in syria's eastern ghouta starting at seven hours g.m.t. a humanitarian corridor will now be opened allowing people to leave hundreds inside the rebel enclave have died and more than
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a week of bombardment by syrian and russian forces were. following the order of the russian president with the aim of eliminating casualties among the civilian population of eastern guta a daily humanitarian pass' being introduced starting february twenty seventh from nine am to two pm and a humanitarian corridor will be created for the exit of civilians its cordon its have been prepared and will be announced soon osama bin laden with the latest. it is not yet clear what the details of this proposed russian ceasefire between nine am to two in the afternoon are going to be so far what we've seen is that this humanitarian ceasefire will mean that a corridor will be opened and people will be allowed to exit people inside eastern huta do not want to exit from their homes they have been seeing what has been happening to me in aleppo they have been seeing what has been happening to people in their are and they do not want to exit their own homes to places there where they don't know what are the conditions going to be like if it is going to be in
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the south near the border with jordan are they going to be moving west the words the city of damascus the syrian capital or will they be forced to move into it that which is continuing to be a front line between government and rebel forces so these are all questions that people who to have been asking they're angry they're frustrated they say that this is not they were expecting what they were expecting from the united nations security council resolution on saturday evening where there was a unanimous agreement that there will be a thirty day cease fire across syria people have been expecting humanitarian aid deliveries to be brought into them this is an area home to nearly four hundred thousand people and a few hours ceasefire they think is not going to help them. russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have condemned iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of hoose the rebels in yemen instead the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran. so the arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders in
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a shake up of its defense ministry no official reason was given for the overhaul but it comes as saudi arabia feces growing criticism over its involvement in the war in yemen. three nobel peace prize winners are calling on fellow laureate aung sun suu chee to condemn violence against the range of minority warning mean loss leaders she risks prosecution for genocide the group is visiting ranger refugees in camps in bangladesh. raid maguire is one of the peace prize winners she says she hopes she will come with them to visit me in law's worst affected areas but i would like to go into burma diverse and our sister laura to ask our sister laureate to go to the villages where these people and mostly been destroyed the avodah side is being well covered as we speak and i would like to thank you you're pumping us to the villages of little people so you are actually i know you're there you want me i want to write like. you know write to be muslim per kilo like.
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a north korean delegation to the winter olympics in south korea is now returning home representatives wrapped up a three day visit that took in the closing ceremony in pyongyang chang meanwhile talks are being held to discuss north korea's taking part in next month's paralympics south africa's new president has reappointed several ministers sacked by the former leader jacob zuma civil remedy thirty changes in the government reshuffle the new additions include two former finance ministers. many students in northeastern nigeria say they're too frightened to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week nigeria's government admitted for the first time on monday the girls had been kidnapped it's believed they were taken by boko haram fighters spring king using bolt is poised to reveal his new sporting move in the coming hours the eighth time a limb pick champion retired from athletics in august now he says he signed for a football team we south african club he trained with last month has hinted at
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a possible to do you are right up to date with all our top stories more news in thirty minutes up next al-jazeera world.
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a model. for the bottom of the matter when your constant amateur me to russia what it was in the army. let me out if all that would listen to your. mom would have been. a lot. and. so i. suppose other. men in a mobile home and this is what about the only ones on the second over the. to develop the elements i got a firsthand value of the alyea. machine which might more than awful lot of other. stuff and that's not what i want
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mama say. mahmoud her saying was arrested in cairo on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth seen. i am up to me and i also work well i'll just so his situation speaks to me directly because i was arrested in cairo and twenty thirty and. i spent three hundred and nine days in an egyptian jail and while i was there i rode my thoughts down on scraps of paper. my moods case brought everything flawed in back. like mahmoud i could see no end to my detention and i took the dramatic step of going on hunger strike for five months to draw attention to my case and try and regain my freedom. i can remember the loneliness and how slowly time passes. to date my mood has had no cold
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herring so there are no formal charges against him. and i'm going to start feeling . nothing but within that one can your question i think how do i swallow my it how was he is it off was that the happy outcome bad going to happen. but i won the quest. for sane arrived at cairo international airport early on the morning on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth. he was arrested detained for fifteen hours at his passport confiscated but was then released. the following day he went to egyptian state t.v. to make an administrative request but he was told this. required approval by egyptian security officials. two days later on the twenty second of december twenty sixth seen for seign was detained in an unknown location. then two weeks
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later on the fifth of january twenty seventh seen istanbul he was told it was being held in poor a prison south of cairo. i didn't want to. put up a. little more and i'm also. ahead of. what you. lot of. lety thought was that if. one. arabic and other media broke the story of hussein's their arrest. but. that. the egyptian interior ministry released a statement accusing the same of carrying out and inciting
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a media campaign aimed at what they call spreading chaos. journalist is guilty until proved innocent. much of you don't have money enough. and. when the moment. you know it was over then. i want. whether the and. then if you know it's going to be a. it will be. a little bit of a very young and religious icon on the muslim brotherhood. but
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. i wouldn't. let me if. i had to. do them. this will be a. little bit of. a national and it didn't really. get into the middle of the year. and she. well it was never the. helpful as well.
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as i know to my cost mahmoud hussein is not the only working journalist to be challenged or detained in egypt. when it comes to media freedom egypt is rated very low indeed by international human rights groups. in egypt. the state is pretty much employing all of the tools that we see repressive regimes around the world employed to restrict have expressed all at once so there is direct intimidation harassment arrest of human rights defenders and journalists and activists. torture and mistreatment of these individuals once they're arrested in their detained. reporters without borders is an international organization monitoring media freedom. in twenty seven seen it published
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a press freedom index a league table of different countries on the a treatment of the media and journalists to get drunk to egypt number one hundred and sixty one out of a hundred and eighty and the black list of countries considered what they called prisons for journalists national might be how much. was that the woman in ireland how wonderful book life given that the. as of. a scene one thing i think i had. in the absence of any judicial process the d.p. media set to work on the case of the sane. t.v. channels launched an intensive media campaign against a former colleague. mahmoud had once worked as chief correspondent for the government now t.v. channel. one can barely inhale before you want.
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to see it unfold often but. how many. of them have seen on. god. god. how do you know the creatures. here again show me you don't worry if. they even want to give you know around the. feel. of the most of the second
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for more. than a second fizeau it's a. comedy touch me. very very highly. problematic. botany. one. more. for the living. room. three. much daughter for same is studying for
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a master's degree in paris. we decided to visit the reporters without borders of this in the french capital. min. no one thousand one. hundred what i can burn in it is about. any. man if one excellent mama don't have it and maybe ohio don't be. mad men and what the heck the beast me would want any they have met on. a i know. she said and sufi our. family anika noni the other one who know him said aquino was ahead in.
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back in doha i talked to move of mahmoud hussein school leaks at al jazeera arabic . they are no formal charges against him so we only have the allegations by the egyptian interior ministry and the campaign and the media which accuse him of spreading false news. i ask the not dizzy or presenter would walk with him in the field and in the newsroom if this was at all likely. you know that they will if they view it they hear. that. if they're. why the hummer. i let it go how will we have that infinitely doesn't
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matter i said. but that's them assortment of medicine study. the international federation of journalists is the largest group representing the profession why. it was founded in nineteen twenty six in paris but relaunched in belgium in one thousand nine hundred fifty two it now has around six hundred thousand members in one hundred forty countries. saying the media is not. trust you have to describe facts one just publish false information or incorrect information once again if you accuse someone you have you have to show what and when. allegedly spread false information and if they didn't correct the information after. let's not go into
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about that as you have the more data you have the other but let's get back in melbourne a man. shall not. have to listen to be an. elephant feet that. he. went to him and. then can and will be. a sort of. mini. if you belive but the. people have even could have been more so but managed. so now we have gone without a mask. and i want to know you. want to think. well not. if it's not going to happen from time. to sane is
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a very experienced journalist whose career began in egypt in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine he worked for t.v. channels and back frame iran and sudan before joining our disease in two thousand and three because i knew what i thought we had done. and not that i would want a lot of stuff and what can under-staffed he wanted me to. and i worked economic aid in norway and now can essentially fall at this is the only real killer but then you'll believe me to gather my mind what i know what i can see what i know of to them sticking what out well enough of them they are now in the senate now they're saying things you don't say as editor by asking others to see right colleagues about mahmoud's korea and that's television joining that is the us and you know what ham. and i mean thirty a good then. and i work. out and we. also fit our shout out to them about a time when there were a lot of we have seen some philistine. can vary but in the last almost three year
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mosher the fear. of the knot of. time alone and why than. the feeling. of. the philosopher. is a sort of. can't you for another i'll give you three in. the last. can or insert for care here you have to hold the head.
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three year and model for a year would be some of the. sort of the. brahimi. the concern. about you if you saw a new. kid. you
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are. trained journalists insisted on accuracy. more.
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than. the. job you want to be how do you sunday. at the worst.
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you know. what going under her going to be the good then. the dog oh. yes you know what the. mom or the. me will do but i really would. and i have been this way. here. and i. have to be here by one woman. and then i say. we. put a lot of kind. of sat up on the on the mind. how
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it was you that it. will be at the. public thought up a little thought look at metal and turn it. because you don't really want you. so. much what you want. to be you. know. because you know them and. for them they're not the water when joe you him i think just be unfair to him well i'll be out of here in. a few. had
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came out in the softening in the. had to be in a monotone with the feet when how off. i tried to get egyptian government officials comment on what the saints case. i don't there's no comment. on the. and i said it's kind of the disease. and i talked to international media freedom agency. you'll rarely find a government of any stripe who will take an action and will admit that it's. the way we communicate is what defines us. it always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content
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creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take just one frontiers the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities. finalis the biggest a stab in the monkey. decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this information and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the freedom for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks madrid at this time and i'm just you know. the environment doesn't know any boundaries
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what goes up into the environment goes around the world. best the sights are pushed on trans that it's a very modern way to do farming and we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough to believe. in the ideas that will kill or more vulnerable circle of poison this time on al jazeera. i'm john donvan and with the top stories on al jazeera russia's president has ordered a five hour cease fire in syria's eastern go to due to start in half an hour humanitarian kargil will be opened allowing people to leave hundreds inside the rebel held
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enclave of died in more than a week of bombardment by syrian and russian forces. following the order of the russian president with the aim of eliminating casualties among the civilian population of. a daily humanitarian pauses being introduced starting february twenty seventh from nine am to two pm and a humanitarian corridor will be created for the exit of civilians its cordon its have been prepared and will be announced soon. russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of the rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran. saudi arabia's king samana as a place top military commanders in a shake up of its defense ministry no official reason was given for the overall but it comes the saudi arabia faces growing criticism over its involvement in the war in yemen. three nobel peace prize winners are calling on fellow laurent and son
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suchi to condemn violence against the regime of minority warning minimize leader risks prosecution for genocide the group is visiting rangar refugees in camps in bangladesh. south korean prosecutors have demanded a thirty year jail term for fall apart president park when she was ousted last year of an influence peddling scandal that rocked the country's business and political elite she's standing trial on charges of bribery abuse of power and courage in which she denies. many students in northeastern nigeria say they're too frightened to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week it's believed they were taken by boko haram fighters and sprint king hussein bolt is poised to reveal his new sporting move in the coming hours he retired from the playtex in august now says he signaled for football team south african club that he
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trained with last month has hinted at a possible deal those are the headlines the news continues but first it is al jazeera world to stay with us. i am a. zero arabic. i am looking at why my colleague much the same has been in jail in egypt for a real year without trial. he is experienced and as covered several solutions as a foreign correspondent. as an egyptian revolution in twenty eleven was a huge challenge for him here what was he like to work with and you know mahmoud in a wellness in the can with or was it what i was certain. of and i came to tell them what can them and he made them that man with a better hope are behind the saffi you have. and what danny i would still have from
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a then i am alone i like that just a tad but i'm all for the one k. faith and color. really eleanor said going in that the jimmy road that i met is easy for them and that they have been no formal charges against mahmoud an interior ministry statement simply said that he had carried out a media campaign aimed at what it called spreading chaos however article seventy one of the egyptian constitution say's no cost to the will sanction shall be imposed for crimes committed by way of publication or the public nature there of the half a must be at about the half of that a medication that i don't know who is you know. that i would know and i know most of them. would in twenty seventeen said over seventy journalists have been jailed that year. more than five hundred twenty six ways
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suspended three hundred eighty three by relations of press freedom to six attacks by security forces on journalists seventy one other attacks one hundred seventy three journalists banned from working and twenty eight investigations trials or imprisonment of journalists for the cause any cause for how to live their lives to the pistols like a man in medicine when a whole town seems. confident and so have you had. the most. were what kind of person was me me you know well know how. on a you are a shit about your salami. you will rarely find a government of any stripe who will take an action and will admit that it's illegal they're always going to try to cover up their actions with this veneer of the rule of law this veneer of legality. they will cite legal.
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legal precedents or justification zur laws that have been passed but it doesn't actually make these things legal when the law that was passed actually violates the egyptian constitution or actually violates gyp's international human rights obligations i was in a gypsy in jail for three hundred and nine days when this program is best shown in english mahmoud will have been detained for four hundred twenty eight days increasing every day. you know your. people how to get on it today. what i'm. i asked the former chief justice of the city office if it was legal to the team would the same which seemingly indefinitely absolutely up the hudson deal to.
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a billion a. year well below a few mccann i mean. there was a bit why do. we have no information about the reason of his arrest and the woman was informed that the. last december if i remember it was the first. suspect we didn't know what exactly was told to both his activity which would explain why he was detained and when you do time someone without clear explanation it's a breach of. rights. which case screamed repression here is an individual who was a journalist who was not even actively reporting at the time he was arrested even
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though that would have been his right to do. he was targeted because of his affiliation with a media organization with al-jazeera and arrested and detained without any due process whatsoever that is that i ask the judge about what's called preventative custody and why mahmood had not been released after a given period of time. hold that. if you have it hard. to get. about that but i. also feel. this is a. matter of. doing i.
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think if you mr safir you are just going to let you. go i think if you don't you. let it come to that i. said. it was the eleven percent. mostly for. the hard. core than it was a year at the nearly. some . of. the most of.
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the have. and. have the only one on. the. phone. i wanted to get the view of the egyptian union of journalists so i called its head. but failed to get through. to the supreme council for media regulation. because my come from a definite as i have it apart. by a blanket i can limit any into. which
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i could get them. help. then ask if they demanded more true leads on health grounds. i read. them. and more cool. to be with you with this total of three. of our most of all they got a mother. here we got forty seven i can now and then you and i. he has you know when you gender joinery says in the tech approach freedom and freedom of expression which doesn't mean joinery storable of the los we have every citizen the duty to respect close i came not to steal or kill someone we don't any reason but what what what happened with what we called the criminal criminalization of
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journalistic work namely you describe their work as a crime and this is in the press freedom. for science interest in december twenty sixth team came three years have to mine and that of three other al jazeera journalists. i was released in twenty fourteen and my three colleagues the police. yanni as i mean mahmoud who. i thought was the one to. have a son and a colony in musty. talk of a woman is without one a militant and. modernism went out to me as a man that was about the africa. in. more than luther fit or. in like in the skin in the hannan. in the senate i thought of my who had. been the world been more than one of them
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out. and. we had the media we had. a lot of the last week we have here at home. and the. i'm not going to. call and i will ask how it. is immediately from. jimmy and they say that what it was in the me that i mean if it is at the feet or. what. and look at the short end they have a more than a mostly. a c a c
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that c.s.c. has been awesome but they have a. lot in the last thirty seven that they. emerge for many. voices in the international media concern and has done it by working on a very independent two way in the sense that they don't depend on national governments so i can imagine their way. here are reported to. was not welcome for the government because they couldn't have any pressure on this . model though what we don't know how to do it with hundreds and know if you've got the muslim on muslim world got on your side. you have them and they want the whole
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model confusing. several agencies have asked the egyptian government to explain why i met with the same has been detained without trial. and in february twenty eighth team the u.n. called for his immediate release. so we wrote letters as soon as he was detained to the egyptian president mr. member soon brussels because. it's close to the g.o.p.'s and we do know that the fact he was jailed in the snow was asked why precisely our colleague was detained we received no answer from. these we wrote those letters to united nations you know. mr bug. by that time to be known as the fact and the united nations warry i won't. press freedom situation in egypt engineer
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a little political. and one of the not that there. was a could have because i like. one of them. but at the. other. when i look at the i'm a. possibility. but he. also has a leg up in mahmoud's case the one that we presented to the united nations working group on arbitrary detention we requested that that working group. analyze my case declare him to be arbitrarily detained under international law and egypt's international human rights obligation immediately release him under the least restrictive means possible and to let him exercise his right to freedom of movement and reunite with his family and go where he may the root can to be human rights organizations petition says mr hussein has been arbitrarily detained for one
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hundred twenty nine days including eighty nine days in solitary confinement he continues to be subject to grave prison conditions and possible abuses the continuation of such deprivations of his rights constitute serious threats to mr hussein's health to his physical and psychological integrity and to his life accordingly we request that the working group transmits an urgent appeal to the government of egypt by the most rapid means possible on behalf of mr hussein. because i. mean. living with him. because he mad because he might but it's. a.
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little funny if. i thought it was important to make one more attempt to speak to the head of the egyptian supreme council for media regulation or mohamed that meant to ask him about mahmoud hussein's. and it is not. if you must stick with. the machine you must be. going to get the kind of. must ignore whom. you must.
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have been the messiah. and i saw this kind of the disease. and he said i'm. very. pleased. with it since i love money. and at the. end of one. of them i was what i was so but then
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when i look whole it's often just a hunch is it. could be you know. it was a bit of meat measuring. managed to get a shot to get a. different you want to. put it. on the muscle mechanic. krishna. god must be. shocked at how. good their smiles are. now that i have them to give them care. and most of the bother to signal the something new that can something maybe.
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happen to believe in. balance. just. how bad the mama mughal men were long before how bad the most. any of us the members are over for one thing that i do not mean. nothing what. does that all make and has new. journey be so i merely not know what her scene was so i thought he had the ill for a suburb in this but the home well not to let who be its lucky sort of he got to be walked in one can. be had been many expressions of sonny berry tea with more insane under the same banner as the campaign to free me and my three could be denialism is not
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a crime. this was in the i'll just near studio in doha. and this in mauritania. this was in indonesia. and this on the streets of paris. a little to the visitor learn to talk up the. behavior you. were in. so that he certainly will earn even probably not a you are not he will get the. feel of them. out of pocket. couples.
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and it. would be. what sort of luck. with the. event of the demonstrate. your quarter more of one. main or main. with another your body will set the old. one about you then you had comfy. living at the. house. over him. and there might. wind up on some norm this is not it and that only. you know your systems. and.
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not one of them other. than the mattresses here we are talking about her financial pressures. particular commander outer. forcibly displaced by their governments in one nine hundred twenty three. it was very greek and turkish belligerence returned to their roots on most essential really turn. and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever young. people shouldn't be forced to move from the land of the border which are. the great population exchange at this time.
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hello israel we see some decent cloud shapes over iran around the caspian sea but listen very obvious cold front here. that could well be to produce some decent thunderstorms as it runs east out of iran and eventually to pakistan but the focus by day is it's falling apart so a bit of snow still to come maybe the top and to beyond that then it's all clear and back towards iraq northern syria the still rain here and this rain likely in eastern turkey snow and some height looks breezy to seventeen degrees in beirut as an example but it won't stay even that relatively settled the day after the clouds starting to sicken again what sites come out of syria iraq moving across iran to a few shows seem likely there significant development happening in western turkey but it's quiet and down in beirut and it's warmed up in baghdad but look at the box
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bottom end of what's happening here we've had rain recently and significant thunderstorms in amman in saudi arabia and in qatar there's more rain forecast in qatar bahrain for tuesday twenty two degrees for wife austria a decent amount of rain in the ground that's a few minutes for this part of the world it looks quieter here the day after but the cloud hence maybe a significant rain if you're lucky for the u.a.e. .
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i don't live in one of the neighborhoods and. the. music what are the. names. of the models this isn't the bulk of the. of the disc. you will get excited them see.
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that it. was up to the. toughest office of business. in the. name. of. anybody and.
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what he makes of the best. selling.


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