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tv   Hacking Madrid  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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whole but it comes as the country faces growing criticism over the war in yemen. russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of the rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran u.s. is threatening its own action against iran prosecutors in south korea are demanding a thirty year prison sentence for the deposed president park geun hay she denies bribery abuse of power and courage last year she became the first democratically elected south korean president to be impeached over a corruption scandal involving business and political elite. so that because new president has announced a cheat changes in the cabinet reshuffle and reappointed governments to sacked former leader jacob zuma they include the former finance minister pravin gordhan who's the new public enterprises minister dumas ex-wife was also appointed so roma
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poses problems what he calls a new dawn to fight corruption. as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rebel geeks the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job and was satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera digital technology is the promise of intimacy and these meant and even longer not. in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems interest coverage and need i mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended for money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these powers. now the new generation the bookie
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easiness skills to challenge the tech giants. and enable a different technological future. one that people are not the product. the the. i thought. he. had had and we have no because they work on it that is i.
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think thing through. i would have been in that but he made his mark up a sign and then offered to walk out on his tall ok. i think on this please have my . gun there and then we'll talk a little game they call me and i think what. is this some sort of latterly that they look up i saw this and. unless i'm all seeing as innocent and good quality well i mean you know the butler yes well. how does he look and i knew that the money will get to see. a little longer with the. latest on the commented on medical hearing i said the medical. hang on i thought.
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that i would mourn him before the most i knew to catch up to me listen here's the best. news i've given up in i'm going to believe. he can pick it up last week on the banks of the momentum by people he called president obama's inexperience after watching our stomachs and before him. we are going to the press conference in which we are. going to announce. the biggest step in democracy in decades here. no money just. i mean. we're still getting testy when. a you're not i mean they want to pull that i said i proposed that last point i set
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out there was a but i'll see no good i'm in a safe and i thought. you know that and you know that. what it. is we bought and they're in there to make any money ok cumbia it's given to me as if he she enters the explosive i mean the thing when they see it the better not because i want to sponsor a consequence of high less than die or we're not or lost i mean anything where the other person ask is that you are there or that get aopa some of that inaudible million the but to get there most or not and they know that at the last second yes that sourness get ahead of. gillis but if you're planning board and they don't got bust this and that is that mascot then ian so we don't issue this sale and they leave it up at the hip but then what is a little bit of us in the good and they get off the ice and there's of course us about something else so they are. revealed.
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and. so we have here a city with a lot of citizens thinking how to manage a city. the delusional way it would be to somebody who would represent them and they give their decisions instead of them that would lead to professional politicians that exploit. this guy would have an alias on how to manage this in the knowledge to try something different let's think there's some place where all these people come in and think among themselves for example a website. now these people are not isolated and they come along and subs things. and propose what to do we decide. now is not just somebody having one of the we have thousands and thousands of ideas and people can select the best thing and now the politician should just do one of the simplest ones wants to. be in the
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platform we have. wonderful developers. and yet if they had build a platform one month or something they didn't sleep with us. open source the code to use the free for one to look people are actually helping us and people that we don't know we don't know pretty much any of these people who just show up out of nowhere just sending us codes if you enter their website. very soon you can make a proposal and why is the proposal is happening in their website anybody can support it two percent of people needs to support a proposal before it gets to public voting which is fifty three thousand people
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right now and. the most supported proposal is the first one is one hundred percent sustainable city the second one is. unique. take it for all public transport the third one is to. eliminate bullfighting. so if it's going. it's going ok. yeah the difference the when we open the first it was there for the first time yeah and you was very funny what you were doing really. really funny that. i'm not going to tell you no one will make their claim. or you don't want to know. i tell it so things i can show you funny show you i can show you of you want to show you come with me. rename it do it with another name monument to the
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flying spaghetti. these are really rushed past the factories why don't you let people walk vacating probably. the factories. what happens now is that we are in a race in order to have one of the proposals to get she didn't meet fifty three thousand votes. when i was a sell out when i was home and they are saying the hunger was a was it like when i might if a moment on many a golden one i phone phonak was the one that i hung you know i saw him they saw.
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a lot of me that i thought i must say when i funked. a young man. get all facing what they will not accomplish up yesterday and then when a. middle going left. with a lot of. what i want and that i feel. as if i'm not in the middle of the i don't want to say i don't want to talk to. you because you patient's case and be fragile. minority government so he's not clear that they're going to leave us to do all the things that we want to do you know before you.
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and there one day rb my interest is that a web. cam of people in boise or some from books but often on symbol and then there i mean come near them in the area doing of it not. so much i mean what the demographic that. they want to see start a quarter the or not. see it i mask and then i would again go into eleven i mean got nothing. to be done that will that it will if you are not. there but they will talk to someone else or something of the same been a bit out of but just know. much more on a given going on. and
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you. have. a professional get them out as liberal and out i mean you know what i mean is that the left and they are the top of the net and just out of the stomach if you know some of the on the net songs about this i think that it. with all these new things and ramming democracy and ways of interacting with the government people are we should be different i always. you know i can let me know your show was looking to get it right it's more important of the problem. it's funny because this is happening to everybody that some of the need to these guys so people will see. everybody always when they hear the same the first time
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they're always thinking first and the problems but then when you see plainly thing they get the locks on them to spend it's something. important and. we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want i mean when when we were starting to like the least of people who were going we were like you know we don't want this kind of job because it's it's horrible we look to the him and he's horrible isn't of the kind of deal you're going to be happy or you're going to end this kind of rename and of course now we have we're really happy because it's a wonderful opportunity and it's not something that you can really have. we all the things that route you want to change now you can change all these things.
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even if you define anything to me if you let me give me. any employee came in. to give me the other one of the best for last and one of the at the end and that's again that's the investment in one of the yeah. yeah i feel that leeana. be able to laugh laugh at the total amount of a. hundred thank you when i am sad when so many. people. don't explode when the. last and only customers know the. land they know he is
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in a stable system yes before we were in the in the government we had like a lot of networks of activists so we we were making trending topics daily but now we are in the studio and we. sort of don't use that months. you know we let marketing techniques that we were using before because we are the government shoot shoot into that governments and shoot. transparently and this is slower. it sucked. we got that in england but is there
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a gun is more. his will make him in the much as he does the most difficult to the. other minister of the stuff for me there's a must to this the room the. every day i'm giving an interview to national review of somewhere many countries that know spanish and. they can make up but not for too long so when they cease to be the. good will no longer mass that in a smart phones i must been the best in this matter phones. this out that is simple to instill the party but then we can. get much given to it because it will get the most out of it's been vetted palin.
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let me have you been without it. yeah. and it's tough but i'm going to be up to belief a lot and of course you never even nominated. let me give you have to. let me get in but when you get there left i think there is something. the same biggest factor. in getting the feedback but i'm more my part of a lot. of fish. if officials before famous have people cast. the. internet to get to africa from us at this point this is what done this in in minutes and then they're going to. whatever you wish you got to do it and it
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will tell you that any mice are fundamental but. you know they're no more mirror binnacle boys to look at but again the look. this is predicated on the kid made up of boys to look. better. good men so mary had a lesson to get us to give us a tough time. in motors and be able moonset over this from this time we have followed. me to a boat sailing or whatever that i've got a low a good enough sleep in the next half and then look us whatever he goes there could be there listening to him being us again but this is a feeling that a lot of the terms of the human. psyche i. cannot know i suppose you are going to live up. to here we know there was what we had not yada a good enough. money
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. but a lot of when i was the asked why nobody else had those get up on evidence yet but still keep that in mind that nobody in putting up with that but it started out that i think you might want to got to see them at the econometrics but i wish him to think that he would outlaw money that belied the other guy that was mocking us in not to be still in our youth i mean to put it in this show me did out of million years ago the lottery he did not have the f.e.c. got to think it's just a matter i mean typical but i think it's just going to consider much to keep him out. we know about a few now we're going to step in. i think that's what i finish in our website i'm going to be blunt this petition will be of no. one to nobble talking they think with that there's me. in the humanity.
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were not paid a few i don't know know if for all of us complaining that i'm in the. choir no matter. who now is only my with not only those with me he's taken up only getting out of all this he needs more nobody else just keep adding more very elaborately to get your menial i can be honest my course i'm very well yet i'm political. a little bit. look at stuff as you know is with us and know. about how to stay focused does not propose that if you minister buses because when i select the last time no matter that is in the middle of dana newman out there in that bed oh yes a lot of us face internet yes i'm from data us a difficult but a million mean that i don't know if he has put a lot of mail into it by now but i thought up a little tight under our borders in accordance with the alchemy just by numbers and under the business when the company that. got it that monoline be asking them or
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not is fine it doesn't affect members and us so most of us is a whole lot of what i'm paid ok ok so much for the new nickels i might get and they get less filthy that is to make out emotionally but i believe it is tasteless universal's the earthy and one on a plate ok michael machine i wasn't i hold men as a spectacle him as they got a harley and what i got at their mass just cannot is can argue that i'm not and what i have had all messy that is but i mustn't have a home. you know what it was one fourth but do you. have anyone have a better one they have nothing. better getting up all the luck and begin to get ahead of the number of parties. getting all that exposure getting it but i don't know.
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what i would see by this even though that's just the usual good news and bill a. little bit too slow. that there are there are sort of to stay the same. and. winning to. win it just thinking out of the box. out of the box not in fact
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a bad way to. get him. with this look at this little. game of. oh yeah i think. he might get it oh yeah there are looking back.
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and look. if it was anything. but then off. for me. to vote for him. to be the only look. anybody got off. on. i remember thinking. about him for the left you have to wonder. if i'm doing it if you can still go fishing it like this yes you know he is a second window is defeated it is repeated over and he quits it because it into nothing i don't even. think it's gonna take you know not perfect gaev. with leaves with the money to for the complete you have these guys for this in europe because
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it was a seat for the fish stories for some peace on the us of the view that in. fact is less authentic and while your moment up i would have a booking tomorrow be the last course when step by a table and say what about the cacique i already have yet it is very tiring because every. weekend we do that he's a bit different. because of this and he's like a bomb but we are here to make different things otherwise we should not be here so you. know that we always feel a hole and oh if only we could do these i mean we think about the news like you know seventy. it's a fist full of the system. we just need to survive yeah we're doing good we're here to survive.
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good so can we. american cyber activists the. moment to my beliefs. on. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. we go to. beaks the spy.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together the story of
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one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study. american media coverage part of this case you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes conflicting reports of shelling just hours into
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a temporary ceasefire in syria's eastern.


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