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the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm on this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. this iteration really highly straight. russia's partial truce plan
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and syria's use and makes little difference to the people trapped in the rebel held area. willing to talk to the taliban in the afghan government to make overtures of peace ahead of an international conference to and the bloodshed. south africa's parliament backs a motion to redress racial disparity and land ownership that would allow farms to be taken over without compensation. holding up a. technology that talks to you and each other we look at what's being called a new industrial revolution. the first daily five hour ceasefire in a rebel held on klav in syria has failed to stop the fighting russia's partial truce was planning to allow day in and get the injured out of eastern capital
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damascus some of enjoy the reports thank you when the bombs stop it's time to see what's left of the home day one of the five hour ceasefire brought comfort to the people trapped in besieged eastern. there's no food or water they always say there's a ceasefire but they come back in the bomb us the situation is pretty bad prices already high and we did not as many who stay at the shelter. over water and we do not. close to six hundred people have been killed in the latest onslaught hospitals have been hit and medical supplies are running out there and suddenly the airplane came towards us my mother screamed get inside the house i told her i will wait for her and the missiles exploded you know who. has jets roared above both sides accused each other of by leaning the troops even
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when i mean look this is the truth this is the ceasefire this place had fifty women and fifty children thank god they left before the airstrikes. ordered by the russian president the syrian government had agreed to hold fire but despite the violations moscow is optimistic about its plan. on moving in the school says rick humanitarian corridor also have been saved through which aid will be delivered and medical evacuation will be carried out in the opposite direction also billions who are willing to leave will be able to leave in full compliance with the un resolution to fall over. a un force says have no plans for martha back ration so they can bring out the more than one thousand people in urgent medical care but without a consent from or warring sides they still don't have a plan. and assistance aid agencies including the u.n. are frustrated that since saturday words have not translated into action we are
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within a million. miles distance from is that would. enable really. medical supplies that are desperately needed to bring to people in the area so this iteration is really highly satisfactory to say the least there aren't many people in willing to brave the rough at the crossing and even if they wanted to leave it isn't clear where will they go it was unsafe because they also shouldn't they wish to be there will be back here and there will not. and you might. be able to meet them there's not much faith in promises of help in this damascus suburb for the last five years but even the dead are not exempt from destruction some of a job made out of the era. of the turkey syria border and the u.s. state department says russia is to blame for much of the recent misery caused by syria's government rosalynn jordan reports from washington d.c.
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the state department spokesperson heather nauert tells al-jazeera the situation in the middle east does have a common destabilizing factor and that is the government of russia russia had said years ago that it would help help syria get rid of its chemical weapons russia failed to do that the syrian regime was back on its heels years ago who came in and prop them up or russia dead so without russian support syria we believe the united states government believes would not be in the position to attack people the misery that the syrian people are feeling right now is because of its own people its government the government of bashar al assad and also russia hospitals and struggling to cope with the number of injured especially is their own stuff a culture in the firing line. my name is malik. i've been a nurse in one of his hospitals for five years we had
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a very tough day at the hospital five days ago as we received so many wounded people after the barbaric shelling of the area. i finished work and left the home all of a sudden about one hundred meters from the hospital i was shocked to receive a bullet wound to my stomach i yelled out in pain and a group of colleagues rushed to help me they took me to the hospital where i was treated at the same period where a few minutes before i'd been treating other wounded people. i spent the night at the hospital and the next morning an aerial raid hit the city everything shook everyone of us forgot about how pain and we to the emergency room with that was full of the wounded i left my bed and i went to try and help the wounded i was shocked to see one of the patients was my best friend i tried my best to calm him down as he knew well what had happened to me five days ago and. the afghan government says it will set no preconditions for peace negotiations with the taliban and us when it comes hours after the armed group said it was willing to
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talk to the united states to try to end the bloodshed in afghanistan suicide attacks killed close to one hundred fifty people in kabul last month thousands have died in the violence since the taliban was overthrown by a u.s. led campaign in two thousand and one the afghan government and the taliban have held direct talks only once before in twenty fifteen but they broke down almost immediately officials from around twenty five countries the e.u. and nato do to me just part of a couple process in the afghan capital on the web and state president bush afghani is expected to map out his peace plan at the conference tony berkeley has more from kabul. well there are two ways of looking at this one that it was an open letter which was basically an accident the omitted certain things or it was deliberate now normally when the taliban issue a letter or a statement they always say that before any direct talks happen the americans have
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to withdraw militarily they haven't said that this time so if it was a deliberate mission it does suggest a softening of tone from the taliban and that is quite something different it may be for several reasons you mention the conference which is happening in kabul on wednesday it also could be something to do with a statement made by a second assistant secretary of state department for south and asian affairs alice well she said the door was always open for direct talks with the taliban so maybe this is moving things along it could also have something to do with the increased american firepower now in place in afghanistan you know that under president trump the force here american forces going up from eight thousand to fourteen thousand and a month's time there's going to be another thousand combat troops who will be in the front line and that's the first time that will have happened since two thousand and eleven and of course on top of that you've got increased american aerial power that's being brought to bear the american bombs have been falling they say they've been successful they're pushing the taliban back from areas that's not what the
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taliban say they say they still control up to seventy percent of the rural areas but still there is fire power being brought to bear so the taliban are responding with suicide bombs the americans with aerial firepower so it may be too difficult mike pence the u.s. vice president when he was here in december he said they were on a relentless pursuit to victory and they will win but i think if you ask most people here that nobody can see an effectual winner here nobody can win the taliban nor the u.s. so therefore at some stage you've got to have to have people coming to the negotiating table now under what conditions there have been lots of conditions from both sides the taliban say no direct talks with the. afghan government has to be with the us the us want the afghan government to be involved so it has to be decided at this conference this going on on wednesday it's about the modality of the peace process it's also about fighting terrorism some of the major players in the region will be here but one notable exception the taliban and nothing will be
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achieved in this situation without the taliban agreed david seventies the former deputy u.s. assistance assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan and pakistan he says the increase of u.s. troops is impacting heavily on the taliban up until then the taliban have been counting on president obama's promise to leave afghanistan and to end the war there by pulling all u.s. troops out this change of direction by the trumpet ministration has told both the taliban and their supporters in pakistan that they can't count on the united states leaving and i think that is one of the major factors that is leading the taliban to look at a little to look at talks with new interest i think that his show on both the taliban and pakistan that just waiting out the the fall of the afghan government is not going to work at the same time or the increase in air attacks and increase in u.s. military support for the afghan government is leading to greater battlefield casualties
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to that for the column and they've responded by cheap shots if you will using suicide bombers to kill civilians in afghan cities but on the ground the situation is starting to tilt against the taliban. one of the biggest threats the afghans face is from long lines left over from the soviet invasion and the fight against the taliban more than two thousand guns have been killed or injured by land mines last year five times more than six years ago the aid group the halo trust estimates up to six hundred forty thousand landmines have been laid since nine hundred seventy nine although most known battlefields are being cleared afghanistan remains one of the world's most mined countries jennifer glass has more from southern afghanistan. afghan a farmers watering their crops came upon this and anti-tank mine for decades land mines remain an everyday threat especially in southern afghanistan where they kill or injure nearly ninety people a model
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a tractor hit this mine but it didn't detonate that's the miners job now. about two kilometers up the road they are clearing mines from the village of personify to do it as quickly as possible machines till the earth then d. miners check the swill for explosives this was once a frontline almost anywhere fighters have been there could be mines too and they're planted during the fighting so in different villages and different houses when conflict and people are turned back to their villages it's inside their houses orchards streets in even you know but ours in other areas in the communities that's what happened here this was once barren desert people started to return a decade ago to build and farm instead they found binds the mind here are mainly
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mines left over from the soviets in the one nine hundred eighty s. as much as two hundred square kilometers here a jari district are believed to be contaminated but even as the miners are getting rid of old mines from the previous conflict they face new problems from current fighting that's disrupting the local population and also causing casualties razia was herding sheep with three other children in neighboring maiwand district when they pick something up it exploded two children were killed another girl lost a leg and fingers razia lost both hands with we need your brain there are people who give children balloons or chewing go in return for a piece of metal so then children go out looking for metal and sometimes when they find it it turns out to be a bomb. the u.n. says in situations like that it's impossible to know who's explosives were in the field the taleban denies using minds but the u.n. says it does as of about two thousand and ten there was verified use of improvised
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victim activated devices of improvised landmines and the u.n. has evidence that the taliban has been planting improvised landmines in afghanistan u.n. officials want to start removing abandoned roadside bombs and other explosives to do that they'll have to negotiate with all sides of the conflict to access areas where recent fighting has ended or what. it's a big problem every day one or two people step on a mine both sides plant explosives but if the government and the taliban the other day an old man was looking after his cattle and the bomb exploded the un's new plan is a bold one but officials hope it will make life a bit safer for civilians who are so often the victims of this long war jennifer glass al jazeera the saab southern afghanistan. plenty more ahead in the news including the scars of atrocities committed in zimbabwe three decades ago we meet people still demanding justice from robert mugabe's time in power plus.
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with. nicolas maduro dances for reelection thousands of venezuelans escape a harsh economic crisis. and. they say in bold will get to play at manchester united but not as a professional footballer. south africa's parliament has passed a motion allowing the government to take control of private land without paying compensation the motion was put forward by the left wing economic freedom fighters party and supported by the ruling a.n.c. and you president said obama opposed has promised to speed up the transfer of land to black south africans land ownership remains an important issue more than two decades after the end of apartheid. has more from johannesburg. ever since the
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n.c. came to power in one thousand nine hundred four its politicians have promised land reform and redistribution they've had policies and programs to do so but progress has been slow and it still remains that in south africa about three quarters of the land belongs to the white minority a lot of people say that the reason progress has been so slow is because a lack of political will from the top of the a.n.c. and also allegations of corruption and landry redistribution julius malema the leader of the breakaway opposition economic freedom fighters party has been saying that the problem needs to be tackled by changing the constitution to allow the government to expropriate land without compensation so he made the case to parliament to make to pass a motion to make that constitutional change we must ensure that we do store the dignity or for our people without compensating the criminals who stole our lint
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those who continue to protect these crimes themselves are accused of crime because those who protect the crime are criminals themselves the motion was passed in the significant majority about two hundred forty in favor and about eighty voted against this is because the ruling a.n.c. party voted with the economic freedom fighters in recent years as the a.n.c. its popularity has declined their rhetoric has got even tougher on land reform they used to object to expropriation without compensation but this time they joined the effort in a move that will begin the process of constitutional change so by the time that's made it will take months we don't know who will be in power as an election next year we don't know to what extent they will use this policy to bring about radical and change but it's something generally that may be popular with voters but on popular with investors. public hearings have started into atrocities committed in
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zimbabwe more than thirty years ago during the rule of robert mugabe it's claimed the former president ordered the deaths of people he believed were trying to depose him but as hard and were tossed out of course from the tunnel partly many feel the hearings are a waste of time. this public hearing was meant to encourage people to talk about atrocities committed in matabele land chill the one nine hundred eighty s. but some here feel the national peace and reconciliation commission set up by zimbabwe's government is a waste of time. president amos n one and i was in charge of internal security during the cook around the massacres with thousands of people were killed allegedly by forces loyal to robert mugabe the former president people from this area mainly much real and in millions nice to see the very guy. took part in those atrocities being arrested being taken to court because you are saying that most of them are still alive they are still very even in the government so unlike saying if
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justice is to be done those people should be arrested. soon after independence from britain in one nine hundred eighty mg i believe some of the barbarians were plotting to overthrow him here q some communities of working with and hiding his enemies he called dissidents. some people say they don't want an apology they don't even know one of the say she was fired as they are these hearings and they don't trust the government those who want the hearings to continue so they can get answers are frustrated these three came from an area called troll or chill they say soldiers came to a village in one nine hundred eighty three looking for dissidents. it's difficult to talk about what happened they killed my husband then they've beaten raped me it's very painful. the group around the massacres in. other atrocities tore apart families some people still don't know where their loved ones
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are buried what is it that can unite this country. unless we year what is taking people what is troubling people what are the major problems that are keeping us divided. we do not know how far we can move because the massacre is a moment of madness but he never apologized to give innocent healing to be a long slow and painful journey for those desperate for answers how to toss al-jazeera pani zimbabwe the head of the army in sudan has been replaced in a shake up of the country's defense establishment president omar hassan al bashir ordered a series of new senior appointments in the armed forces but shiver places head of security of this month is also an us that more than eighty political prisoners would be released u.s. president donald trump has discussed security in the middle east with sudden arabia
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and the united arab emirates separate phone calls to the saudi crown prince and abu dhabi's crown prince the white house says that it is discussed iran and agreed on the importance of united the gulf cooperation council to ensure the region's stability. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has briefed the security council on the crisis in the country for the last time before he leaves the job a small shake ahmed has criticized the international players involved in the conflict saying their politics haven't helped on the ground our diplomatic editor james spays has more. he said that there was a destructive pattern a zero sum politics which has not been broken which has led to poverty and destruction he also revealed for the first time that peace talks that he led in switzerland and then in kuwait in twenty sixteen nearly resulted in a deal when our you know your today i would like to announce for the first time
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that we did reach agreement on a peace proposal developed in consultation with the parties but they refused to sign at the last minute at the end of the consultations it became clear that the who these were not prepared to make concessions on proposed security agreements or even get into details about a comprehensive security plan this has been a major stumbling block towards reaching a negotiated solution well this all follows in the last twenty four hours some drama in the security council over yemen the renewal of the sanctions program for yemen keeping those sanctions in place which resulted in a veto by russia in one draft resolution that came that the u.k. and the u.s. came up with which actually specifically had criticism of iran in it they ended up voting on another russian draft that didn't include that and some of that criticism of iran has come up again in the security council meeting the u.k. and u.s.
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quoting a panel of experts reports saying that iran has been interfering in yemen and helping the who things with their missile program it's worth telling you that there are other parts of that panel of experts report that they've not been mentioning those are the parts that say that the saudi led coalition has been causing a great deal of civilian casualties with its wide square scale bombing in yemen and one member of that coalition the u.n. he has been involved in southern yemen yemen backing separatist forces and has also been running torture camps in the country. one of christianity's holiest sites in jerusalem has reopened three days after it closed in a protest over taxes the church of the holy suffolk her is reopening after the mayor suspended a plan to impose substantial back taxes and church assets around the city venezuela's leader nicolas maduro has officially registered some registers himself
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as a candidate for april's presidential election the opposition is boycotting the vote and calling it a farce but do those main rivals are barred from standing against him or they've left the country to avoid detention venezuela is going through an unprecedented recession with widespread shortages of basic goods and medicines. venezuela's economic crisis is fueling mass migration into neighboring countries hundreds of thousands of people have gone to colombia and many others are heading south to brazil i'll just see it as governor i was on the reports from the northern brazilian city of boy what the u.n. is calling a refugee crisis. in a makeshift encampment to the center of town hundreds of dennis wayland's who have crossed the debris still in search of what they can't find it home food jobs and maybe a better life. this is a city of both of these to presume on the border within a swale and that's where we find one thousand year old thomas brito and his wife
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sees that it for them and their newborn baby said go home is now a tent in spite of the conditions they're hopeful. it's better here than in venezuela at least here we can eat here we have possibilities you can find food and people try to help us she is only twenty one years old and having to make decisions based on survival for her family but i got this we came here to try and find a better future for our child and find. in the last few weeks about a thousand venezuelans have been arriving here every day after a tough journey across the border many are hungry. when a truck carrying food arrives in the park the desperation is evident i don't want it over on the other side of town the gymnasium has been turned into a rudimentary shelter for six hundred people the conditions are prison like italy
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to washrooms the first thing many venezuelans do when they reach brazil is try to get a job it's the first step in trying to earn money to support their families but to work in brazil you need a permit and that process of getting one used to take weeks but now it's taking months because there are so many people in the work. they come to the police headquarters to begin the process easily in the plaza was forced to come here by herself to try to find work to support her three kids back home you know while there are no options and then as well an option is only to leave. the mayor of both these to says the city is doing all it can but is one of brazil's smallest and poorest state capitals struggling. vista is offering all services we have to venezuelans but in the city of only three hundred fifty thousand residents we don't have the capability either fire. all three infrastructure to deal with a situation like this. as more people arrive the strain on resources is likely to
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build but brazil at least for the time being does not plan to close its border with minister if it does it would extinguish something else these people say is also in short supply back home and that's hope. algis eat a bowl of east of brazil. still ahead and al-jazeera. after days of protests all eyes are now in the u.s. congress to see what it's can do on gun control. blankets covering britain and large parts of europe why scientists are calling it wacky. and in sports how technology will help team doctors as well as referees this year's football world cup. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east.
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ally we go dave active weather coming up a significant frontal systems develop nukes in circulation rather tough for your screen well that's the cold front from it's a little run through thunderstorms quite possibly heavy downpours quite possibly once it's all gone through it cotton is down again as i get to says states doesn't grow in shanghai hong kong slosson warmer twenty five the rain is down to reform just inland from sichuan again challenges has been sitting in the sunshine in the twenty's for seems like weeks all and be honest south of this we've had almost three weeks without any rain in singapore but the showers are off the coast in fact there was one briefly about two three days ago and it looks like a whole lot slowly moving up with the sun so the potential for showers increases in singapore kuala lumpur those not very high so it's more like you'll see where the just catching the edge of viet. more especially through borneo to gleason's born here and then towards java possibly bali more especially sumatra that line is
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consistent over the next couple of days leaving actually most of the philippines fairly dry alongside many i think never seen right recently moving through afghanistan and iran the plot is very much there and the full cost suggests it may well start to fall i was writing in pakistan. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. winning the win of the people hinges on the mass media and state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just who is influencing. we just don't know yet where the lines we've been drawn between what can be said and what comes up to chat. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera or. you read every us. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the first five hour cease fire for the city's damascus suburb of east of course has brought a little rust pipes to the people there were multiple violations with both sides
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blaming each other. afghanistan's government says it will set no preconditions for peace negotiations with the taliban and the group has said it was willing to talk to the united states to try to end the bloodshed. south africa's parliament has passed a motion allowing the government to take control of private land without paying compensation you president said obama has promised to speed up the transfer of land to black south africans. on what was supposed to be the ceasefire in syria al-jazeera correspondent mohamed al jazeera has sent this update from inside eastern hota. yes shelling is still ongoing in eastern guta three many villages and towns and even the city of duma you can hear the intensive bombardment of several areas feast battles are also taking place the host of a hair and front says the regime forces are trying to advance and storm east into
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russia yesterday announced a truce between nine am and two pm in addition to humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave the area but the civilians don't want to leave the areas controlled by the regime via these corridors all crossings because of the continued shelling the syrian regime forces are only a few hundred meters from where i am civilians have been killed today and people stuck here scared administrative and medical authorities here say that there is no contact or coordination between. them on one hand and the russian side or the syrian red crescent on the other hand the administrative and medical authorities say this is aimed at circumventing the security council's decision on the troops u.s. president donald trump is to address congress about the need for restricting gun ownership many people hope you'll convince politicians to finally move forward and stalled gun control legislation after the school shooting in florida two weeks ago committee reports. after days of student protests all
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eyes are on the u.s. congress to take action to limit gun violence following the florida school shooting earlier this month that left seventeen people dead leading that debate is president donald trump who met on tuesday with republican lawmakers at the white house to hear their arguments we shouldn't be banning guns for law abiding citizens we should be focusing on making sure that citizens who should not get guns in the first place don't get those guns most conservative lawmakers favor only limited restrictions on gun ownership with an emphasis on improving mental health initiative in december the republican controlled house passed a bill to strengthen background checks but it needs senate's approval to pass and that hasn't happened yet it's outrageous that so many guns are sold with no background check whatsoever met over the weekend with leaders of america's largest gun lobby group the national rifle association in two thousand and sixteen the n.r.a.
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spent more than thirty million supporting trogs presidential bid still he's vowed to take them on don't worry about the n.r.a. they're on our side you guys here for you are so afraid of the n.r.a. there's nothing to be afraid of. and you know what of the now with you we have to fight him every once in a while that's ok already trump's directed his justice department to work on banning the sale of. the device increases of weapons fire power. and was used to murder dozens of concert goers last year in las vegas. but a survivors of the florida school shooting lobbied lawmakers on capitol hill they appeared less confident there would be congressional or presidential action president trumps gun policy is unclear the white house says trouble wants to take a leading role on gun control and wants congress to pass something that so far has been veg on exactly what kimberly helped get al jazeera washington u.s.
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politicians are making more accusations that russia is creating political divisions of the use of social media so members of congress have sent a barbed message to moscow by installing a new street sign in washington d.c. and commemorates a kremlin critic who was murdered three years ago particle heinous more. for the first time i find it fascinating this coming the ravens on the memphis show who have the family of slain kremlin critic birthname stop in washington d.c. on the third anniversary of his killing they say to send a message to moscow he will be remembered. every name the portion of road in his honor in front of the russian embassy more snapshot plaza puts russia on notice vitamine notice that the world is watching there was plenty of tough talk from u.s. politicians senator ron johnson tells al-jazeera he believes without a doubt that the russian government interfered in the u.s. election that they are still sowing division on social media to which congress
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responded by passing sanctions that the president is refusing to implement but the congress seems unlikely to push him when the president after the end of congress will. have to ask president ok what i voted for the sanctions and we learned today the u.s. is not fighting back inside her space according to the director of the national security agency the president hasn't authorized him to try and disrupt what's happening we're taking steps but we're probably not doing enough ok so she wants to know and i want to know why the hell no ma'am i didn't say i'm an operational commander ma'am you're asking me a question that's so much bigger than me admiral mike rogers says russia will continue because it hasn't paid a price i put this question to republican senator roger wicker but if you believe they've interfered with the election and that they're still trying to sow discord within social media and the president won't pass sanctions even though he's being investigated for potentially colluding with the russians during the election how does this not seem kind of minor. well i think this is
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a better step today and you can you could put it in the context of everything that's happening in the world today we are making a statement about a brave man so all the signs are up what is it actually mean well anyone coming into the russian embassy if they look up they'll have to read the. name but as far as writing mellor giving people their address that's still wisconsin avenue the russians are reportedly going to fire back naming an alley by the u.s. embassy in moscow one north america dead end a war of words so far without any consequences. al-jazeera washington. a summit in kenya is focusing on how aid agencies can regain public trust after a string of sex scandals donations to oxfam have fallen following the sacking of workers who used prostitutes in haiti and united nations peacekeepers have been sent home from south sudan after being accused of sexually abusing women catherine
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soy has more from nairobi. this is a summit that brings together key players in the humanitarian sector and one of the main talking points is finding the reason a lot of fun sign about dawn of the deep particularly when it comes to funding as some of the countries that have experienced long and protracted conflict the summit also comes at a time when some aid workers from some humanitarian organizations like oxfam have been accused of sexual abuse in countries that they're operating in countries where that have some of the most vulnerable people this is something that the united nations a some don't the communities are very worried about what's behind us here of tolerance to it sexual exploitation and abuse we're now using this moment when it has come to light very clearly we're now using this moment to look it up and whaling procedures and policies and to make corrections when needed whether that be
5:39 am
in recruitment retention the policies in the way in which we deliver our aid in refugee camps as an example so it was seizing the opportunity to ensure that the reform takes place it is not just within the u.n. it sounds it's our contractors our cotton everyone that is working with us and in this environment must uphold we also spoke to delegates from south sudan one of the countries that has been affected by this sex scandal told us that they believe the situation in that country is even worse because there are so many valuable people whistleblowers face a very challenging time and it's easy for aid workers within some of these a few money terry and organizations to use money to cover up their activities. i did five soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack by marxist rebels in colombia fighters from the national liberation army bombed amin vehicles on a road between two northern towns ten dollars people were wounded the attack
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happened the day after the group said it would hold a unilateral cease fire during elections in mom's. staying with colombia one year after the government signed a peace deal with the far the rebel group turned political party is launching a t.v. network near columbia news aims to offer a post conflict alternative to traditional media. yet he reports. there's a new player in colombia's media landscape one that doesn't have much money or clout but dreams of being revolutionary in a country where mainstream channels of long been seen as serving the interest of the powerful and emotionally we have a clear editorial line that guides us give voice to the voiceless to those who have been neglected by the state we also want to reclaim social struggles and report on the peace implementation this is one of twenty five former fire fighters running we have a colombian d.c.s. after a life of give me your war fare as part of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal
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they live in housing paid by the government and receive a small stipend as they learn to operate cameras and write news stories the channels director says it's a way to reintegrate fighters into society but also aspires to become a distinctive voice. we are aiming for objectivity which doesn't mean. we want to approach our journalism work with an almost scientific discipline and accuracy but without being distant or lacking sensitivity towards people's problems and for most riders the media training started while they were still in the jungle working for five radio programs but reporting publicly on the streets means facing a public still wary of them after five decades of civil conflict. it is not easy we face many obstacles and the rejection of some people who don't like peace all the
5:42 am
idea of our reintegration but each day we learn a little bit more and continue towards the level we want to reach. they're hoping in time to attract a larger audience by focusing on stories and people neglected by means stream channels and media experts say they face an uphill battle as they try to convince the public that they're more than. a majority of colombians have a very bad image of the fox so they need to change that they need to demonstrate that they are like everybody else and be cool be interesting instead they insist their programming employing an ideological battle one of old style counter information it's fun if they want to do that but they should offer new formats new ideas instead repeating the old formula for the moment their shows are seen online and small community t.v. networks but they're convinced they'll win over more eyeballs by covering the lives of rural forgotten colombians and what they hope will become
5:43 am
a televised revolution and listen to them. according germany has passed are willing to allow cities to ban the use of diesel cars the measures have been imposed to tackle air pollution dominic came ports from berlin. soon cities in germany could enforce bans on older diesel vehicles moved environmental groups here have long campaigned for and now thanks to a court ruling on choose day they have it is above you but we are certainly happy and satisfied as of today we have diesel bans in germany we achieve that in both of the places that we were fighting for doesn't go off and stuck out these cities have long been amongst the most polluted in germany shortcuts geography means vehicle emissions often linger in the air the council is considered introducing some form of ban on diesel engines now it's likely to act but this ruling spells trouble for the automotive industry millions of vehicles could be affected and alterations to
5:44 am
engines or retrofitting could cost as much as three and a half thousand dollars each and then there's the uncertainty about whether other cities might want to introduce bands. the problem with the decision is that different cities could have different regulations this concerns us because a patchwork of different regulations would obviously confused drivers that's why we hope for reasonable nationwide regulation. until now the federal government has resisted diesel bans saying it hoped that a mission levels could be reduced through software updates for older engines last autumn angle america has negotiated a deal with the car industry that stopped short of introducing bans on diesel engines meaning choose days court ruling was unwelcome news and often didn't find its need to find out what must definitely happen is that clean air plants really have to be put into action with the help of the government who will discuss further
5:45 am
matters with the parties concerned what is perhaps important to mention today is that the ruling is specific to individual cities for more needs to be done but it really does not target the whole country or all drivers in germany. as clear as this ruling may seem it does throw up many questions with germany's road users are their vehicles going to be affected will they need to be expensive be retrofitted and crucially who's going to pay for that donna carrying al-jazeera in some parts of britain said to be colder than the arctic circle this week is because of a freak winter storm which is also hitting much of europe scientists say manmade global warming is a likely cause the bar report this is what many people across the u.k. woke up to roads blocked public transport come sort of schools closed fun for some misery for others in croatia the army were drafted in to
5:46 am
rescue people trapped in their houses but as fast as the snow cleared. quickly fell . and in the italian capital romans experienced the first snow in six years to the phatic and into a battle ground. cold weather in winter is hardly surprising but what's unsettling scientists is that europe is currently colder than the arctic a freak warming around the north pole is sending a blast of arctic cold across the continent whether experts say manmade global warming is to blame in the one nine hundred seventy s. climate scientists came up with a theory for the war the arctic cold or the european continent they even gave him an anagram w a warmer arctic sea sea colder continent or as the scientists prefer to call it wacky people here in southeast england baby surprised by this unusual
5:47 am
or wacky weather but it could in the future be the shape of things to come on the norwegian archipelago of svalbard in the high arctic scientists have recorded temperatures thirteen degrees centigrade above average sea ice is for treating exposing warmer water below and releasing more heat into the atmosphere and while arctic temperatures increase the wacky weather continues to leave europe out in the cold. dark al-jazeera in kent southeast england. ok does your fridge know when it's out of milk maybe your home's going to meter to monitor heating or one of the main technology talking points at this year's mobile world congress is the so-called internet of things charlie angela reports from barcelona . sorry for all that. automated connected peppa is popular he can dance and change color but he isn't solving any
5:48 am
real world problems and that's where the focus is at this is mobile world congress so this device you see originally impaired in blind people the internet of things or io t. is a network of devices connected to the internet that talk to each other to gather information analyze it and act on it and the possibilities are endless already in use in tennessee a folk senses wish to take where the changes and slow down traffic when visibility is poor also in the market the smart work point which can send and receive messages to danger this is a follow for so when i eighty device still in development is created a holographic version of me which could potentially travel to different countries for me on this in the virtual round so it has potential in education and payment and social catch all industries are now looking at how connected technologies can improve business and finally pulling it off for industrial revolution telecoms
5:49 am
company one thousand nine hundred a design in io t. solutions to urban a she's it ranges from smart parking smart. electrical lights to surveillance solutions that cities need each see each city's needs are different based on what the population is like where they're located and then there is the connected home by twenty twenty two it's estimated there will be five hundred see. devices in the average family home dishwashers t.v.'s even small mirrors but there is a concern that technology is running ahead of itself and security is suffering to strike israel barely a week goes by that we don't hear some talk of saudi security attacks i think. one of say areas that manufacturers and service providers need to take
5:50 am
a lot more care over is they the small device or the analysts predict that soon most every day devices will be connected one way or another and managed by a smartphone app it will be almost unavoidable just don't use your phone charlie and al-jazeera bus in their. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports the boscobel team inspired by hollywood to make their bets to sign an n.b.a. superstar.
5:51 am
5:52 am
and it's time for the sports is on. thank you very much will strike and i'm all still has a small chance of playing in next week's champions league game against round madrid the french confirming the two hundred eighty million dollars strike and. it is wrong. the world's most expensive player was injured during his team's win of a mass a on sunday but p.s.g. have denied reports that the brazilian will require surgery his team host royal next tuesday having lost the first leg of that last sixteen tie three one. two million monday there is not any decision about him undergoing surgery it is all fake news this morning i had a meeting with the doctor he told me everything about his injuries after the first test once the swelling has gone down the doctor detected a fracture in the metal tassel bone we will see in the next days what is going to
5:53 am
happen then you make a decision about sydney my well with that game in mind rail rested christiane or an elbow for the league game against espanyol gerrard marranos called the only goal of the game is rare slip to their fifth league defeat of the season their third in the table fourteen points behind leaders barcelona it's the first time espanyol of beaten right now since two thousand and seven. ahead of football's governing body has backed the use of video technology to exist referees at this year's world cup in russia favor president giani in front saina believes the system does improve the accuracy of decisions or football lawmakers will decide on saturday whether it's authorized the so-called veil system on a permanent basis at a meeting of world cup same officials it's already been decided the software will be made available to doctors during tournament matches. an assistant of the doctor or a second doctor will sit in front of a television screen and can help the doctor in taking his decision because he can
5:54 am
review very clearly very concretely what happened on the field what the doctor sitting on the bench perhaps could not see so this is a superman to help for the doctor to put his diagnosis and to say ok he can go on yes or no for mass no and manchester city midfielder salman nasser has been banned from football for six months by the game's european governing body your wife the french ply was found to have violated anti doping rules the thirty year old who is currently without a club received an authorized drip treatment at a private clinic in the united states in twenty sixteen. top seed greg out of a trough has been knocked sales in the first round of the dubai championships chin is in wildcard beating world number four the interesting race thirty four year old is a very well placed dutchman robin house in round two. for rory and must say these were the pacesetters on day two of formula one pre-season testing ferrari's
5:55 am
sebastian vettel posting the quickest lap time in barcelona german finished second in last year's championship behind the city's driver lewis hamilton will hamilton skipped choose day session for his teammate. who is only marginally slower than vettel first year coming up in australia next month. now limping legend to sign bolt will be switching his running sponsor for football boots but not quite in the way many of his fans have been hoping bolt had hinted at resigning for professional club but the reality is rather different son homesh reports. rugby league needs and the new you say you can run on the ground how big the thing is and leave the ball to me so use them both will be playing at manchester united's home ground alongside some professional footballers but not in anything approaching a serious game bolt will instead be captaining a team in a charity game later this year. for you this is
5:56 am
a game with your support children in danger around the world together to make them all be debility on monday a bald had teased his five million twitter followers with a video message that hinted he could be about to make a serious curious which are just signed for forty five no one to use it point to something very rare. the eighth time a limp dick champion quit athletics last year and has often spoken of his desire to play pro football earlier this year he had a training session. with the south african team member load sundowns and the thirty one year old cames german club brucia thought men have offered him a trial both sides are backed by the same sports where a company that sponsors bolt bolt social media game may have raised awareness for the soccer aid game but it did also produce an online backlash from those who felt
5:57 am
they'd been misled are you saying both a bit of a joke a what's that a bit of you know he's associated with various brands of online and doing all sorts of different bits and pieces so you know perhaps next time when he delivers the goods then we'll have to pay attention. to the game will it he's give the world a chance to see both and does have a few of the skills he talks of and if he has any chance of one day being signed by a real team. al-jazeera a more traditional form of for information has taken place in the world of basketball a team taking inspiration from hollywood to try and silence an n.b.a. superstar their way three billboards have been put up near cleveland urging heavily is a legend lebron james to sign for the philadelphia seventy six says he can opt out of his contract with the cavaliers to share the stones in spite of course by the oscar nominated movie three billboards outside and being missouri ok that is only
5:58 am
sport for not more lights. and all our correspondents of course provide lots more pictures and background and all those stories and websites that dress for that is al jazeera dot com peter dobby is going to be here in a couple of minutes with all the latest on these stories some robot as a thanks for being with. the way we communicate is what defines us. it always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content creation and distribution utilising cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take a stew on front is the future of media leaders summit.
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limitless possibilities. cut down. just. like one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds me we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america and about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet with to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be. too often on the streets of india. are victims but
6:00 am
a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's need. at this time. i'm a mom i see those videos i'm horrified and second by at. the words and images that are painting a very different picture of the partial ceasefire in syria.


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