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right. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. day two of a cease fire in syria's eastern ghouta after violations of the first day. a link to
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u.n. report shows new links between north korea and syria's chemical weapons program. three months after his visit to saudi arabia led to a political crisis back home lebanon's prime minister is back in riyadh. and over two million cars are recalled in australia and the latest development in a scandal over unsafe bags. welcome to the program russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has blamed syrian rebels for blocking access into the besieged area of eastern ghouta well russia's pause in fighting is in effect for a second day the first attempt on tuesday failed to stop the onslaught with at least thirteen killed in the fighting. says russia and its syrian allies have established humanitarian corridors for people to flee but rebel shelling is
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blocking the path out where the u.n. says the truce is five hour window is too short to evacuate people or send them made. the people of syria face a direct humanitarian crisis un security council resolution two four zero one has established a framework for all parties to agree upon conditions to elevate the plight of civilians throughout the country russia together with the syrian government have already announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern group. now it is the turn of the militants and their sponsors to act the militants entrenched they continue the shelling of damascus blocking aid deliveries and the evacuation of those wishing to leave some of them just say it is in the turkish city of gas the end of the syrian border somerset's day two of these five hour cease fires in eastern due to what kelly expect to happen today. what is happening on the ground is a relative calm rest bite for the hundreds of thousands of people in who've been
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shelled and bombed in the last eleven days intensely we've been hearing reports from the ground that this humanitarian pause is in the fact there have been a very few violation it's relatively quiet there are reports on the outskirts of eastern that the defense lines that have. for instance where there have been some clashes between government forces and rebel fighters who've been trying to use and with or for the last few days on the humanitarian front aide workers have been telling us there have been running out of basic essentials they're been using trying to use this post to get to more areas people have been stranded for days without food without water and without essential supplies it also gives them a chance to clear out the roads because if you remember aid workers were telling us twenty eight hours ago that many of the roads because of intense bombardment and shelling have been have been destroyed so they have to bring in diggers to try and
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clear the rubble so ambulances and some aid workers can reach from one area to be other and also know once the cease fire is a rover presumably the bombings will continue in the syrian regime backed by the russians are absolutely determined to take eastern ghouta. absolutely this is one of the areas closest to the seat of power for the syrian government and they are adamant that they want to take it at any cost that's why you're seeing. a gathering of all sorts of. contingent of the syrian government across around on various front of the tiger brigade that forty four brigade the tenth regiment they're all gathering across we're going to try and take it as much as quickly as they can but it is it has to be said that the rebels are entrenched they have dug tunnels and they have been able to stave off this advance for the people in eastern who think that it is beyond understanding that they don't understand how would the world expect them to go to the very people who've been
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bombing them until eight fifty nine and at nine o one in the morning they're supposed to cross this corridor and go back to the same side that has been killing them and they have been calling on the international community including russia to try and give some sort of guarantees for those people and medical evacuations to happen dissolved and today they. are thank you. now u.n. experts are accusing north korea of supplying the syrian government with items to create ballistic missiles and chemical weapons the reports expected to be publicly released next month outlines north korea's dealings with syria over the past ten years the supply of such items of breach u.n. sanctions the syrian government's been accused of using chemical weapons the report also says north korea sent ballistic missile systems to me and well who is managing editor at korea exposé and joins us live now on skype from seoul so this report hasn't officially been released yet but it will go on to say that that been dozens of climb to stein shipments to syria from north korea how big do you think the
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problem is. we have been hearing about a military connection between north korea and various countries around the world for quite some time in the name syria and myanmar certainly had a lot in the past this report that we're talking about now was in fact mentioned in an a.p. report a lot of months ago so people knew that something was going on but what makes the report so damning is not only that it's been compiled but independent experts associated with the united nations but they do this all months details of just how far north korea has been floundering these international sanctions to me money and also supplying very dangerous weapons parts to other countries around the world so this is a really significant development so how do you think washington will react to this i mean are they likely to push for yet more sanctions against the north i think we can certainly expect it given what has been going on with washington for the last
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several weeks you know there has been olympics going on here in south korea and the government here has been really trying to use that as an opportunity to bring about a gauge and dialogue with north korea and this is something that washington at least officially has been very adamantly opposed to and right now oh i think america really has gained crucial leverage in arguing that there need to be more sanctions in effect us announced last week what it called the heavy of sanctions ever against north korea and now it is in a credible position to say that even these sanctions are not working and if we are to trust what donald trump has said he has promised what he called face true against north korea and it's difficult and rather frightening to think look at my actually mean so where does this leave south korea then because as you say solar has been pushing for a dialogue with pyongyang and doesn't put the south in
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a difficult position. i would say extremely difficult because south korea has always insisted dead yes it supports sanctions well it's to bring about dialogue they need to call in north korea and they're not released with no other option except to talk to south korea and also with us but now it seems that sanctions may not be working specially because north korea has the assistance of certain state actors like china and perhaps even russia but reports pointed out dead actually one of the facilitators in north korea's trade dog on as you would syria was a chinese shipping company this is something that china has been denying. south korea now is to actually explain if it really supports sanctions what does it really intend to do to make sure that sanctions or work and that's probably going to involve putting pressure on china and that's something that solar has been very reluctant to do for fear of offending this neighbor and perhaps causing economic sanctions against korea and go these are very much indeed for your time sir now in
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myanmar to imprison reuters journalists appearing in court for another hearing they were arrested last december and have been charged with illegal possession of state secrets they have been covering the violence against muslim or hinge in rakhine state the u.n. is calling for their immediate release let's talk to a grand robinson she's chief editor at nikkei asian review and seen a fellow at the institute of security and international studies along commun of s.t. in thailand she joins us on skype from bangkok where robinson saw the journalists back in court today in myanmar clearly is not letting go of this case why is that. no they're not and it's clear that this kind of hostility towards particularly western media was now being obviously throughout last year the media became very active covering the rakhine crisis but this particular case really has i think galvanized them and they are determined it seems to make an example but
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particularly i think because of the nature of this case and it forced the military . as we subsequently saw to actually admit incredibly to some killings of villages i think it's really route to security forces as well so there's a confluence of interests that are really out to make a case over this i do know just recently. coming out of some myanmar officials including the myanmar ambassador to the united nations has shifted a little bit to stress that this is not about press freedom it's about national security so they are very much invoking the rule of law based journalists allegedly had a secret documents again you know their defense is they were set up and that's what the case is. in terms of the bigger picture when is it your assessment that this
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seems to be a growing trend throughout asia of cracking down on press freedom. yes i think it that's absolutely it's an it seems to me it's a very strange kind of coincidence and a convergence of. politics around the region and we saying crackdowns big crackdowns in cambodia vietnam the philippines and of course me and russia and to a lesser extent in thailand where there's a military regime and very strict placing a place a magistrate rule so this is all happening at the same time is there a patent reasons that are common i think that one thing that's really clear from watching the end is a growing resentment at what's perceived to be westen. western interference western lecturing and as we all know the response of the officials in myanmar to reporting on the recurring crisis has been extremely hostile but again it's similar
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rhetoric we're saying from whom standing cambodia in the philippines listen to the vietnamese but still greatly up resenting western interest interference robinson we are coming to the thank you very much for your time. lots more so to come here on the news hour we'll tell you about the afghan president's olive branch to the taliban as the government moves towards ending sixteen years of conflict plus. i'm catherine sawyer in central african republic a town that is controlled by one of the largest rebel movements in the country i'll be telling you why they are here despite the presence of u.n. peacekeepers in sports legend is back to his best details coming up later in the program. now lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia for the first
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time since he abruptly quit you're going to visit to riyadh last year in the van but really made a televised address from saudi arabia announcing his resignation a day after arriving in the country where lebanese officials accused riyadh of forcing a reread to quit and putting him under house arrest well while the government denied this series resignation plans lebanon into a regional and political crisis between saudi arabia and iran i returned home weeks later after a french intervention and withdrew his resignation his government has since reaffirmed its policy of staying out of conflicts in arab countries let's talk to zain she's been covering the story for us and joins us live from the lebanese capital beirut cena many people must be asking why solder really is going back to riyadh so soon after his abrupt resignation there what's what's behind this move. well his press office is saying that the prime minister did not request this visit he is responding to an invitation given by the saudi authorities clearly toys are
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strained not just between heidi and the saudi leadership but between saudi arabia and eleven on like you mentioned his sudden resignation from the saudi capital on november four and the bizarre events really the bizarre sequence of events that followed many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of putting the prime minister under house arrest even you know holding him as a hostage ever since he has revoked his resignation but the relationship has not been on a good foot in one way or the other there has been no visits never visited saudi arabia since then the first time an official saudi delegation visit the beirut was on monday now sources saying that this meeting or the meetings in saudi arabia will open a new phase in the relationship and so i know how much influence did the saudis lose as a result of this resignation. well how do you see is their man is saudi arabia's man in lebanon you lose him you lose influence saudi arabia did lose
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a lot of influence the whole you know the whole resignation it was seen as a saudi orchestrated move against iran but iran did not lose any influence in lebanon how did he return to office hezbollah iran's ally still remains in his government so saudi arabia in one way or another miss a calculated so this is why it lost a lot of influence and we have to remember in may lebanon is holding parliamentary elections so people are denying that this has anything to do with that but of course the timing of these elections if saudi arabia wants to have influence they will need to be the strongest and most popular suddenly leader in lebanon saying up thank you. afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of talks aimed at ending the more than sixteen years of war ashraf ghani was speaking at a meeting of nations trying to build a framework for peace talks but he reiterated that the armed group also needs to recognize his government downey's proposed releasing prisoners and a review of the constitution officials from twenty five countries the e.u.
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and nato a meeting as part of the kabul process in the afghan capital attorney bertie joins us live now from kabul tony so what details have come out of this meeting. well i think there are some encouraging signs according to some people about this announcement and the speech by president danny these things have been said before but he's the first time he said them in public i think as you mentioned for your intro that he's called on the taliban to come and join talks he's promised to recognize them he's actually said that they could move their office from doha to kabul and operate with immunity so that's a quite encouraging sign there are also signs going on the moment but one of them the main reasons is they must recognize the afghan government and that's something the taliban has always refused to do they've always said that the afghan government is a puppet of the americans and they will deal with the americans only but as i said there are encouraging signs not only from the afghan government but also from the taliban and from the americans now joining me now is political analysts. darkeys
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political analyst he focuses on national security and he's with me are you encouraged by what's coming i think all of the afghans are encouraged that's for sure. the afghans and the international community recognizes the fact that none of the sides could could get to victory militarily i think. the offered that the president has made to the taliban is very bold and it should be welcomed and the fact that you have twenty five. members of the twenty five countries present in this conference today. that includes pakistan is an indication that we could get to that regional consensus that we talk about as far as reaching a peace deal is concerned reaching peace deal immediately would be would be quite far but one thing that we could be hopeful for is an immediate cease fire
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that could be reached that because the taliban has shown softness in their stand and the african government today made an offer that indeed kids boldness and. softness at the same time about their willingness to engage taliban in peace talks should be welcomed and i think the afghan population at large deserves the right to to have is ceasefire which could and civilian casualties that has that has been. on a very large number over the past six months as you say there's been a softening of the stand by the taliban and a dropping of some of their previous conditions but still one of the conditions is that they will only deal directly with the americans is that a sticking point that is a sticking point because they believe that being that the americans have invaded the country and therefore they only would want to talk to the americans but i think that is utopia you cannot neglect the afghan government because african government
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is is part of the conflict and the afghan government has been declared nice by almost every other country every country in the world so you cannot neglect and refrain from dealing with the afghan government and i think the afghan government today has as came out in specific president danny and has offered them immunity has open has as told that he is ready to accept them as a political group he is he's ready to who's them in kabul with immunity and i think it's time for for taliban as well to soften their stand and deal with the afghan government as well yes we do understand that the afghan conflict has various sides to it is the afghan side is the regional site to it and as far regionally the international side and when we talk about the local context i think it's very important taliban and the african government should come together and sit on a table and i think this is the perfect time for. thank you very much. signs around
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this but it's a long process it's called the kabul process and still has much talking to be done and hopefully the here in kabul they hope that talking will include the taliban in the studio thank you. now one of christianity's holiest sites in jerusalem has reopened three days after it was leaders closed it in protest against israeli tax measures the church of the holy sepulture was believed by many to be the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of jesus christ it reopened after the local mayor suspended a plan to make churches pay substantial back taxes on their assets sorry for said as this update from occupied east jerusalem. well here in the square outside the church of the holy sepulcher things seem to be back to normal tourists and pilgrims they've been flocking over the last three days not able to get in through those giant wooden doors now they are able to get in to this most important christian holy site however behind the scenes there is still some uncertainty what has been
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struck is an interim deal which is allowed the jerusalem municipality to suspend for now its attempts to collect back taxes from the three churches involved the armenian greek orthodox and roman catholic churches it's also allowed for the suspension of any proposed legislation which would see the israeli government have the ability to claim land seize land which the church had sold to private investors that is something that the church says is discriminatory along with the attempt to claim taxes from what it says it should be tax exempt properties in and around jerusalem for the tourists for the pilgrims this of course is a very happy day it was very important for us and. impression for us because we didn't see days to come in and we have no chance to call there and they tell us that the place if us it was an hour or two in actually that we may not get to come and so now i think it really joyous the price to be able to come in here so christians once again have access to sites such as this the slab
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where jesus said to have been prepared for burial the question now is how this is resolved the plan is for a committee which includes ministers the jews from his party and others to try to come sign some kind of long term agreement as to how to solve the divisions that still exist between the church in your forty's there are some voices that question whether that gives too much power in the long term to israeli authorities while in the short term it does seem that they've backed down the standoff has been resolved the differences that created it have yet to be. employees at general motors in south korea are demanding the government protect their jobs they have already voted to go on strike if the u.s. carmakers decides to pull out of the country the company suspended pay talks earlier this month and revealed it would shut one of its factories is still deciding what will happen to the three remaining plants general motors employs around sixteen thousand people in south korea the pride isn't so with. the extent
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to general motors troubles in south korea was highlighted earlier this month when it said that one of its bonds would have to close by may with the pay to. hang in the balance sixty thousand jobs are at stake making come make up the south korean government financial help and is asking these workers to accept pay raise and no bonuses this year extra pressure on their trade union leaders as they get into the latest round of negotiations with their employers. who g.m. in the factory can the close because of g.m. school calls we are here to offer them to stop it happening three supposed to be in two thousand and eight when g.m. globally had a difficult time for g.m. korea helped them out so much how can they do this to us now is. the workers reject claims of being overpaid they blame coal leadership from general
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motors global management i'd also the production of popular models we simply don't sell very well whatever the coal is the result is car production facilities that are working well under capacity with general motors korea looking for ways to turn around this business australia's government has over the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese. it says it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out by vehicle manufacturers last year. the airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths around the world. there's no doubt that this is one of the largest and most significant recalls in the nation's history with a total of four million cars the fictive by defective airbags this equates to around two incident cars on the road. tragically there's been one death and one
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case of serious injury. as a result of the deployment of these airbags and the government just doesn't want to see anymore venezuela's leader nicolas maduro has officially registered himself as a candidate for april's presidential election the opposition is boycotting the vote and calling it a farce in the do a rose main rivals a barred from standing against him others have left the country to avoid detention venezuela's going through an unprecedented recession with widespread shortages of basic goods medicines it's also facing tough sanctions from the united states. but venezuela's economic crisis is fueling mass migration into neighboring countries hundreds of thousands of people have gone to colombia and many others are heading south to brazil. reports from the northern brazilian city of what the u.n. is calling a refugee crisis. in a makeshift encampment the center of town hundreds of venezuelans who have crusted do brazil in search of what they can't find it home food jobs and maybe
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a better life. this is a city of both of these dippers ilk on the border within a swale and that's where we find nineteen year old thomas prieto and his wife sees about it for them and their newborn baby said go home is now a tent in spite of the conditions they're hopeful. it's better here than in venezuela at least here we can eat here we have possibilities you can find food and people try to help us she is only twenty one years old and having to make decisions based on survival for her family but at this we came here to try and find a better future for our child and find. in the last few weeks about a thousand venezuelans have been arriving here every day after a tough journey across the border many are hungry. when a truck carrying food arrives in the park the desperation is evident i don't watch it unfold on the other side of town the gymnasium has been turned into
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a rudimentary shelter for six hundred people the conditions are prison like with only two washrooms the first thing many venezuelans do when they reach brazil is try to get a job it's the first step in trying to earn money to support their families but to work in brazil you need a permit and that process of getting one used to take weeks but now it's taking months because there are so many people didn't work. they come to the police headquarters to begin the process and the plaza was forced to come here by herself to try to find work to support her three kids back home in ohio there are no options in venezuela the option is only to leave anthony the mayor of says the city is doing all it can but is one of brazil's smallest and poorest state capitals struggling. vista is offering all services we have to venezuelans because the city of only three hundred fifty thousand residents we don't have the capability either
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fire. all three. deal with the situation. as more people arrive the strain on resources is likely to build but brazil at least for the time being does not plan to close its border with but if it does it would extinguish something else these people say is also in short supply. and that's hope. in a few moments there with. the families living on the ground in libya. traditional way of life plus. football. by the skyline if asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hollow their way have plowed now spilling its way into western parts of europe that will eventually nudge the the beast from the east as a comment out of the way this is a situation in crisis and very heavy snow because the usual chaos south of the bouts on the roads similar picture to in a sleigh this is the colosseum in rome on usually study weather here and even into spain has seen a fair bit of snow here as well richard struggled to get above freezing on says they are no good dusting of snow and that snow extended its way into past lonna here's the change area of low pressure just nudging its way this one is called storm emma it will bring wet and windy weather and it will also bring mild eventually but as that not using to the colder air you can see how the leading edge of the system readily turns to snow though on thursday into friday it will not a little further north woods and ace was and we'll see further spells of wetter
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weather coming in behind but that's not extending all the way from the balkans across the alps pushing right up across france and into the united kingdom london still struggling to get to one celsius on friday paris at five degrees as we go on through the end of the weekend these temperatures we back up into double figures. the weather sponsored by cats on race. course to beat the street by their governments in one nine hundred twenty three. it was very greek and turkish villagers returned to their roots only thing she really turned. and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever. people shouldn't be forced to move from the land where that were born. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. winning these breaks when people meet me.
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in the struggles and like it occurred to me. that my brain and this story needs to be to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancies al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on and. welcome back time for a quick recap of the top stories here al-jazeera russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has blamed syrian rebels of blocking aid access into the rebel held area of eastern russia or that a pause in the fighting which is in effect for
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a second day the first attempt on tuesday failed to stop the onslaught of the least thirteen people killed. afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of talks aimed at ending more than sixteen years of war don he was speaking at a meeting of diplomats trying to build a framework for peace talks. and australia's government has ordered the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese firm says it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out by vehicle makers last year forty talk of the air bags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths worldwide. now indonesia's government has warned of an increased landslide with more than forty eight million people at risk across the country recent years have seen hundreds of people killed and thousands displaced during the rainy season from central java stop fast as this report. landslides have become indonesia's most common natural disaster killing more people in
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a year then earthquakes floods or tsunamis. on february twenty two a group of farmers was buried while working at their rice fields when a hill collapsed on top of them. the danger looms mostly in that sleep off related mountainous areas like by general garda in central java here seventy percent of the land is prone to landslides put in one million people in immediate danger early in january fifty one houses were destroyed and villages were cut off after the land collapsed everyone managed to escape in time c.e.o. hannah and her husband ran out of the house when huge correct started to appear and the did and it was raining and we were all sitting together as heaven indeed suddenly the electricity went off and there was a rumbling noise everyone ran outside and we felt the landless moving electricity
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poles had fallen down so i ran as fast as i could with my two sleeping kids. not only did she lose her house she also lost her chicken farm four years ago landslides were still rare in by joining but in the past two months there have been fifty nine. it started in two thousand and fourteen and more than one hundred twenty people died when a landslide buried a small village logging intense agriculture and the rapidly growing population are seen as the main causes. why do we see more landslides and floods it's an accumulation of environmental destruction with riverbed deforestation and that's been happening for decades while measurements show soil in biogen a ga is still unstable and more landslides could happen locals have started to clear the road millions of people in indonesia are living on a ticking time bomb every rain shower could cause another this asked for destroying lives property and livelihoods while experts urge people here in this mountainous
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region to relocate many don't want to leave. the government so far has only relocated people who have lost their houses but land is getting scarce and many don't want to live far away from their plantations and farms those who insist on building new houses inside dangerous areas can still do so they are simply told to watch out and look for cracks and other signs showing that a landslide is about to happen rarely does there. the reality is we cannot evacuate everyone these people have their lives and livelihoods here they have their plantations we always tell them to be more careful. trying to prevent more casualties an early warning system has been put in place a district chief has urged the government to help pre-planned the area as soon as possible using trees with strong roots that can keeps all together if this is not done quickly he worries a much bigger disaster could happen some time soon. joins us now in our doha studio
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stuff i suppose the big question is why is this happening now why are there so many of these deadly landslides in indonesia well there and you can say that basically in the nation is now paying the price for many years and decades of deforestation what's happening basically is that so much land has been cleared not only by looking companies but also by villagers basically because they have bentley populated areas they look for new land and agriculture has been done in areas that basically are not suitable and also the wrong kind of plants have been planted for example in the area where i was in this during this report there is a trend basically to plan this snake fruit trees they have very short roots and that means basically that the soil gets very unstable and as soon as there's a rain shower and this soil basically turns in some kind of parting you can see there is water growing beneath it as are several layers and basically it just collapsed like that just disappears and this has turned
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a lot of land in indonesia in a very dangerous place so if if many of these places are so dangerous why is the government allowing people to live there it's a huge dilemma first of all the government can't relocate millions and millions of people we're talking about forty one million people that are in the danger zone and the other thing is of course that people are living in very first thailand is very fertile soil so their products are very well growing very well they have huge plantations and they can give that up if they're going to be relocated it's not sure that they have anything they can plan there they don't know if they have any income so basically it's a huge dilemma of course because they do you want to live there but they risk their lives basically nearly every day and indonesia is a country that faces many natural disasters we hear about tsunamis we hear about earthquakes but we don't really hear about these landslides in the media why is that no that's that's correct of of because. can a corruption so they attract
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a lot of attention for example to us while you can say landslides are basically less sexy but what's also happening is because it's been happening so often because we have been covering a lot of landslides over the years but because it has basically become normal it has tracked a lot less intention and if a natural disaster which is basically a manmade natural disaster has become normal that's when it's really becoming worrying i think all right stet good to have you with us thank you very much and. now the head of saddam's army has been replaced and a shake up of the defense establishment president omar al bashir ordered a series of new senior appointments in the armed forces bashir replaced as head of security earlier this month he also announced more than eighty political prisoners would be released. fighting in central african republic between muslim and christian armed groups has forced more than a million people from their homes and half the population need humanitarian aid for the conflict is now spreading to whereas that were once thought to be peaceful the first of our three part series catherine sawyer went to
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a diamond rich region in the northeast that's controlled by one of the largest rebel groups here's an exclusive report from priya. the i'm very busy but it hasn't been this rebel gunmen make sure that everyone entering bria is unarmed and don't belong to rival groups the checkpoint is controlled by the popular front for their innocence of the central african republic. the f.b.i. are seize one of the largest factions of what was a mostly muslim group called seleka the town is on important supply routes and has the largest diamond mines in the country. so we are all abundant we are not bundy it's all militia. organized we have structures we're not so just get out of line we deal with them when i see one commits a crime we have a judicial system to deal with that. business is a town center which is only now coming back to life after armed groups which had
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previously clegg sister it began fighting just over a year ago this is the main markets. they keep people here. and support the north and the arrangement that seems to be working well now. at one end of town and right on the doorstep of the un peacekeepers base is accomplished placed people all a christian more than seventy thousand people in brianna have been forced to flee their homes the un says this complex been infiltrated by gunmen from. a largely christian group in the competent high that. during the fighting it is then to block a woman sure that a good three out of the ones who protected us in the comp him or what you see in bria plays out in many other towns and villages across the country people who are living together have now created their own religious and ethnic boundaries
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binoy lives on the christian side of town he says he can go to the muslim dominated market during the day but has to return before nightfall. even at night i don't sleep well. afraid that people might come and kill me i always have to be prepared to run. most of the country is controlled by armed groups often fighting over men drawls cattle and trade routes forging an easy alliances and then violently breaking up un peacekeepers in the central african republic. and. central african. who are just trying to stay alive catherine saw al-jazeera central african republic. u.s. politicians are making more accusations that russia is causing political divisions for the use of social media some members of congress have sent a message to moscow by installing a new street sign in washington d.c.
1:42 pm
it commemorates a crime in critical was murdered three years ago this particle. for the first time i find it is coming up on after show you have the family of slain kremlin critic in washington d.c. on the third anniversary of his killing they say to send a message to moscow he will be remembered. to bring name to a portion of road in his honor in front of the russian embassy or snapshot plan as it puts russia on notice notice that the world is watching there was plenty of tough talk from u.s. politicians senator ron johnson tells al-jazeera he believes without a doubt that the russian government interfered in the u.s. election that they are still sowing division on social media to which congress responded by passing sanctions that the president is refusing to implement but the congress seems unlikely to push him while the president at the end of congress you . have to ask president ok i voted for the sanctions and we learned
1:43 pm
today the u.s. is not fighting back inside her space according to the director of the national security agency the president hasn't authorized him to try and disrupt what's happening we're taking steps but we're probably not doing enough ok so she wants to know and i want to know why the hell no ma'am i didn't say i'm an operational commander ma'am you're asking me a question that's so much bigger than me admiral mike rogers says russia will continue because it hasn't paid a price i put this question to republican senator roger wicker but if you believe they've interfered with the election and that they're still trying to sow discord within social media and the president won't pass sanctions even though he's being investigated for potentially colluding with the russians during the election how does this not seem kind of minor. well. i think this is a bigger step today and you can you can put it in the context of everything that's happening in the world today we are making a statement about
1:44 pm
a brave man so all the signs are up what is it actually mean well anyone coming into the russian embassy if they look up they'll have to read the name but as far as writing mallare giving people their address that's still wisconsin avenue the russians are reportedly going to fire back naming an alley by the u.s. embassy in moscow one north america dead end a war of words so far without any consequences. al-jazeera washington. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has brief the security council for the last time before he leaves the job. had criticized international players involved in the conflict meanwhile the humanitarian crisis seems to get worse by the day homage on june reports on why cancer patients at more risk than ever before. were about thirty there's nothing more important than providing whatever comfort he can i'm going to have out of the i'm scared for my children that my life they are the seeds of my soul every day i do my best to help them. the worried father holds their hands
1:45 pm
while taking the pretreatment to the national on college the center in yemen's capital sanaa his eight year old son a crime suffers from lymphoma while his seven year old daughter as john has a brain tumor they wait in a room in which bright colors fail to mask the kind of darkness the young should never have to contend with. other children are clearly paned. life was extremely difficult for cancer patients in yemen even before the three year old war which has devastated hospitals and the health care system the center's director says government payments have stopped it used to provide twelve million dollars a year we need they had no consideration dying to. even. up or. what they can or. the world health organization is in the process of providing the center with two point
1:46 pm
five million dollars an amount that would be sufficient for approximately thirty thousand patients but that money is a fraction of what's needed what is happening is also because of the local resources the people are not paid the professionals are not paid as professionals on the state and that the qualified of kolaches water required to take as of patients they leave the country or they seek for four other opportunities doctors examined as john and a crumb a routine they become accustomed to but despite the care but that he is still concerned so now that they're not able to get proper health care they're not able to get supplies into yemen because of the siege and prices going up there's a shortage of medicines in the chiba medical centers now you have to buy the medicine to treat to ms and few were available. a father anguished but determined no matter the war no matter the shortages clinging to hope for himself and his
1:47 pm
children. when we come back. number one roger federer picks up more. with us.
1:48 pm
welcome back homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including in libya someone hundreds of years old of the mountain a city have got a young and old and three thousand of them will know only a few survive to provide modern day living.
1:49 pm
in these mountains libyan's execute of ated these cave houses hundreds of years ago to routine social bonds this house has a visitor's room separated from the others inside a cool dude leads to a terrace that has a natural drainage system there are a true means each used to be inhabited by one family from the same grandfather a lot of people had in his family members are comfortable in their inherited house . after the great grandfather. dug this house in the seventeenth century this house is three hundred fifty two years old and since them all the sons and daughters and grandchildren have been living here the house has not been abandoned for a single day the reason why we live here is that we find tranquility in this place plus it's our birthplace and heritage. he also says the ten meters deep eccentric
1:50 pm
design has health effects. swallows which make their nests nearby provide a morning alarm and warn over snakes dools are usually made of all the ward to resist dk here you can smell the aroma of ancient times and the rooms are decorated with primitive exotic household utensils each one has a single purpose such as this clay pitcher used for preserving oil this one is for me it and this one for milk everything here looks natural mats made of brush plant land firs wall carpet. traditional outfits and oil lanterns. much for the better it's cool in summer and warm in winter but
1:51 pm
also maintains privacy since you can't hear what the families in the adjacent rooms are saying unlike in modern houses also ceilings are painted with white lines to give light prevent insects from living in spaces and absorb humidity. there were around three thousand cave houses in the city only a few have survived a lot of. hopes to turn his into a heritage museum. with a lack of awareness and government support the other houses face an uncertain future. or no historic daryn thank you so much we start with basketball in the biggest star in the game le bron james has made even more history is triple doubling cleveland's went over brooklyn on tuesday saw him become the first n.b.a. player with thirty thousand points eight thousand assists and eight thousand
1:52 pm
rebounds now remember these pictures that we showed you on choose day three billboards were put up near cleveland to try to entice cavaliers star to sign with the philadelphia seventy six ers the stunt is inspired by the oscar nominated movie three billboards outside. thirty three year old who can opt out of his contract this year says he's flattered by the gesture. you can say that. this is a distraction. not a distraction is actually very flattering and i'm sitting here at thirty three my fifteen year teams. say teens. from stanford. but people in nursing just like the city want me to play for them. i mean. i. just don't. le bron's close friend and former teammate dwayne wade also had a big night this three time n.b.a. champion now back with miami drain the winning shot to help he beat the seventy six
1:53 pm
ers by a point wade scored twenty seven overall in what was his best performance since moving back to south beach earlier this month like miami portland are in playoff contention damian lillard double double down twenty six points in twelve it says the trailblazers beat the sacramento kings one hundred and sixteen to ninety nine it was their fourth win in a row. p.s.g. phase bitter rivals marsay for the second time in a week later as they attempt to a trophy quadruple this season they meet in the quarter finals of the french comp with p.s.g. winning sunday's match in the league neymar was injured in that game with p.s.g. confirming the forward has a fracture in his right foot the brazilian does however have a small chance of playing against madrid in next week's champions league last sixteen second leg tie the french club trail three one on aggregates. do you know the monday there is not any decision about undergoing surgery it is all fake news
1:54 pm
this morning i had a meeting with the doctor he told me everything about his injuries after the. swelling has gone down the doctor detected the front in the mid to toss all bone we will see in the next days what is going to happen then make a decision. with the game in mind rail rested cristiana rinaldo for their league game against espanol gerard marino scored the only goal of the game israel slipped to their fifth league defeat of the season or third in the table fourteen points behind leaders barcelona it's the first time espanyol have beaten raul since two thousand and seven. we're not in the first half with the chances we created we could have scored a goal and the much would have changed. this is the defeat we lost and it's very hard. the head of football's governing body has backed the use of video technology to assist referees at this year's world cup in russia figure president believes the
1:55 pm
system doesn't prove the accuracy of decisions football lawmakers will decide on saturday whether to authorize the so-called v a r system on a permanent basis at a meeting of world cup team officials it's been decided the software will be made available to doctors during tournaments matches. an assistant of the doctor or the second doctor sit in front of a television screen. held to the doctor in taking his decision because he can review very clearly very concretely what happened on the field what the doctor sitting on the bench perhaps could not see so this is a superman to help for the doctor to put his diagnosis and to say ok he can go on yes or no former arsenal and man city midfielder samir nasri has been banned from football for six months by football's european governing body wafer french player was found to have violated anti doping rules the thirty year old who is currently without a club received in an authorized drink treatment at a private clinic in the united states in two thousand and sixteen tennis world
1:56 pm
number two rafa nadal has pulled out of the mexico open just a day before his opening round match in arkell poco the sixteen time grand slam champion is suffering with a hip injury that also forced him to withdraw from the australian open in january. is it possible to say something realistic about if i want to be an indian wells. my goal is to be there and i want to work to try to be there but of course i can't say yes. i hope the best will be i suppose the first possible. meanwhile world number one roger federer was a big winner at the lower as awards in monte carlo the thirty six year old one sportsman of the year after clinching is fifth australian open title and his eighth wimbledon title last july the swiss star also won the comeback of the year award.
1:57 pm
we did have a we were right we believe you could beat the best we believe you could maybe be the best you believe that could win. whatever it was you know and that's what i think what makes me so incredibly proud and happy right now to receive these two awards very well knowing that many other athletes deserve as much as me maybe even more but i take them very happily. elsewhere top seed has been knocked out in the first round of the dubai championships two nation while targeting only just beating the world number four in three sets thirty four year old jaziri will play dutchman robin haas in round two. for ari and mercedes were the pacesetters on day two of the formula one pre-season testing for r e sebastian vettel post the quickest lap time in barcelona the german finished second in last year's championship behind mercedes driver lewis hamilton hamilton skip tuesday's session while his teammate terry botha's was only marginally slower than vettel the first grand prix of the
1:58 pm
year is in australia next month. and that's all your sport for now will have more later but for now it's back to enjoy it and for a thank you very much and a lesson for me daryn jordan for this news hour stay with us because duck will be here in a moment with more of the day's news as if i'm a buffalo caesar. the way we communicate is what defines us. you don't always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content creation
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streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india. at this time on a. chair of a ceasefire eastern goods after violations on the first day.


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