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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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little. zero. zero this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes three weeks into the siege of the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta the death toll
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has passed one thousand donald trump thanks china for its help with north korea but the details of the proposed summit between the u.s. president and kim jong own remain vague also this hour former trump strategist steve bannon addresses france's national front is a political rights uniting across the atlantic and sierra leone's presidential election heads for a runoff will have a report from freetown. thank you for joining us syrian government forces have made significant ground in their battle to take the last remaining rebel strongholds near the capital damascus for the past three weeks they have been pounding eastern. killing more than a thousand people in the process according to the syrian observatory for human rights now grant forces have advance into areas between the main towns of duma and harasta that has cut off the main rebel supply line the government also says it has
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full control of misrata cutting off another key vote to duma and splitting the enclave into three alan fisher has a report from the turkey syria border. well syrian government forces have made big gains in the last twenty four hours they're still facing resistance. thanks this video from josh al islam claims to show regime forces being pushed back but they have surrounded two large towns in eastern guta duma and harassed and circling tones it's something syrian government forces have done consistently especially since enlisting the help of the russians militarily and tactically by cutting off roads and important supply lines they've essentially left the fighters with no place left to go he's isolating the two cities now the two big cities in the in the east he's weakening them and he's. supporting its military approach by having this political strategy submitting them both on the ground and politically by trying to
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have a deal does the with just. across the country to free syrian army supported by the talks are closing in on the city of afrin. the positions held by the kurdish militia the white p.g. . is strikes have been ongoing water has been cut one doctor in the local hospital says he fears a massacre the chair of the local council has called on the u.n. to intervene. if the u.n. official claims that south administration and the y. p.g. prevent the population from escaping we invite those who sit somewhere and say something like this to send a delegation to a free and to talk to people here the people of our free prefer to voluntarily stay in their country and defend against the occupation of the turkish state. duckies president says he expects turkish troops in the city. if we placed on a shelf put on solid our conscience ethics and sensitivities just like other
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countries and terrorists do well in syria been captured after it will be a job that would take is just three days. thank you you still syrian t.v. says government forces now control fifty one percent of the area they're still considering you know money to the corridors for people and fighters who are ready to leave but they still continue to push for full control all official want to talk to syrian border and turkey's president has criticized the nato alliance for not supporting his military operation in syria as a free region tekkie launch operation to clear the area of kurdish y p g fighters in january turkey considers a terrorist group but its nato ally the u.s. has backs the fighters to combat eisel. i'm calling on them now he nato where are you we are putting up a fight isn't turkey a nato country were you invited nato member states to afghanistan immediately so
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how about in syria if the nato countries who are in syria really have the power they would openly in clearly stand against us but they don't dare because they can see that turkey is standing tall but what we wanted was this you called us to afghanistan we came you called us to somalia we came you called us to the balkans we came now i'm calling on them so come to syria turkey with its nine hundred eleven kilometers of border with syria is under threat right now so why aren't you coming you know the world needs us present donald trump is saying to china for its help in trying to find a diplomatic solution with north korea that's after south korea announced an agreement from trump to meet came jiang own face to face. spoken on the phone to both his chinese counterpart xi jinping and japanese prime minister shinzo lobby who were both enthusiastic about the diplomatic breakthrough news of the planned meeting has been making headlines all over the world but not in north korea where it poses a major problem for the nation's propaganda machine while macwrite has more. if you
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are in north korea right now and you do not have access to an outside source of information then you will not know about the historic summit in all six pages of the road long since this is the state controlled main party newspaper there's not one mention of it the only related item is an article attacking the latest u.s. sanctions which it says are a further provocation possibly leading to war the problem in north korea is a propaganda machine that turns out a daily diet of common trees all the tacking the imperialist united states as the great war monger how do you now turn around and tell your people your leader is about to sit down and have a friendly chat with the leader of your arch enemy even harder it seems will be explaining that in preparation for this is sturrock summit you have put on hold
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work on your intercontinental ballistic missile this has been heralded as a great achievement of the socialist north korea the thing that will offer salvation from the very same imperialist americans it seems the north koreans need time to work out these complicated narrative in order to be able to explain it to its people looking even further ahead becomes the prospect perhaps of normalized relationship if this talks continue between north korea and the united states maybe even relations veering towards possibly the friendly or at least less hostile should that happen north korea it seems will have to perform some kind of propaganda contortionists act in order to explain it all luckily for the people in the propaganda department that prospect does seem a long way off has been in mike hanna in washington now my class of tweets on north korea from president trump today but any more details on how his planned meeting
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with kim jong un is progressing. well president trump appears to convince that it's progressing well among that flurry of tweets that he passed out in the course of the day one saying that north korea had not conducted a missile test since november twenty eighth indicating that he believed the assurances that had been relayed to him that these missile tests would be suspended so president trumpets very upbeat about the sub coming meeting but of course talks as well he had with china and with japan in the course of the day seeking international support for what is an unprecedented move by a u.s. president but we still haven't heard anything from north korea in all of this not even a confirmation that it issued an invitation to try should we read anything into this well that's a difficult question because what we do know is that the invitation was extended to president trump via the south korean national security advisor now he and south
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korea's chief of intelligence arrived at the white house for a ship meeting with trump's national security advisor h r mcmaster during that meeting president trump heard that they were in the white house immediately asked to see them the national security adviser who had met mr kim in the course of the week told president trump that mr kim was willing to talk told him that these are the agreements that he would make in two or suspension of missile testing he would not object to the should jeweled u.s. south korean military exercises but the whole point in this is that president trump has taken his decision on the basis of a message through into me to read the u.s. has no connections whatsoever with north korea's though there are no back channels that we know of at this point and also mike the north koreans have any go sheeting team in place have had one for years now what about the trumpet ministration how
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prepared is to set ministration for any type of negotiation with the north koreans . well not prepared at all there is no ambassador for example to south korea the state department expert on north korean policy joseph young actually resigned last week other members of the state department who've been focusing on that region have resigned during the trumpet ministration months of chaos as many would put it so certainly the state department side of things utterly ill prepared to trumpet ministration itself no preparation appears to be in place president trump apparently confident that he can go into face to face talks against a north korean team of the north korean leader who have been dealing with this type of negotiation with various parties over a long long period of time so should this meeting ever take place the u.s. is going to be starting at a massive disadvantage simply from the level of preparation the level of experience
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that it can bring to the table thank you for that mike hanna life for us in washington. meanwhile u.s. president donald transformer advisor has addressed the far right national front party and its congress in france steve bannon praise party leader mccain append for what he called her vision that puts nationalists versus globalists they change every force real. the pain is still bruised by the scale of defeat to emanuel macro nine months ago but as quoted britain's wartime leader winston churchill failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts a change of brandon a change of name a coming in leo this weekend but not it seems a change in policies a ballot of eighty questions sent to national front members just return of majority of ninety percent in favor of a greggs it's referendum on the european union and ninety eight percent want a drastic limit to immigration which delegates here described as
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a tsunami. it's not often that the spotlight moves away from the marine le pen the president trumps former chief strategist stephen bannon managed it when invited on to the party platform we had the single greatest candidate in american history thanks all we had to do was let trump be trump number one stop mass illegal immigration and limit illegal immigration to get our sovereignty back and to help our workers told the national front they were part of a world wide movement that history was on the side and it was the tide that would bring them victory after victory after victory. but it didn't happen for marine le pen and twenty seventeen many blame to a poor showing in the campaign's final debate with a manual macro. eyes are now turning on her twenty eight year old niece marian charlottetown although now retired from politics she has been identified as
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a rising star by bannon and was spreading her message united states last month i'm not offended when i see your president on the truman say america first. in prague. i want america first for the american people i want reading first for the british people and i won't transfer for the french people. the rena pen hopes exercise in leap frogging will help bring support back and allow us to form alliances with other parties. how to steer a. british police have identified over two hundred witnesses in their investigation into the poisoning of a former russian spy the u.k. home secretary said more than two hundred forty pieces of evidence are also being considered ex agency scrape all anya's data usually every main in a critical condition in hospital after being poisoned with
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a nerve agent sonia giggle reports from london. this is a fast moving investigation which is coordinating intelligence officials senior cabinet ministers as well as security officials as well now while the investigation continues in salzburg and all the locations there which have presumably been visited by the victims said basically pile on his door to yes there is also a plan being formulated as to what will be happening beyond this and from this point onwards and as the home secretary amber rudd said this is an investigation which is going to require some fine combing of the evidence before being pointed out who's behind it. this is a serious substantial investigation for over two hundred fifty counterterrorism police from eight out of far left and counterterrorism units involved there's over two hundred witnesses involved and there's over two hundred forty pieces of
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evidence so we need to give the police and all the investigative parts around them the space to get on with that with that in mind there have been tensions also rising between britain and russia with certain politicians and officials tentatively pointing the finger that perhaps this bears the hallmarks of if not a state sponsored attack on mr steve powell and his daughter then perhaps it could be that of a criminal organization this has been something which the russian government has been strenuously denying from its part saying that has nothing to do with such a thing but at the same time the british officials this does raise parallels with the death of mr alexander litvinenko a russian dissident who was living in the u.k. and was killed by radiation poisoning twelve years ago however there will there will be the matter of how do you. tightly define exactly who was behind this once
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the ever. unseals that officials are saying that they will be raising this issue after the nato meeting in july together with nato partners as to how to proceed with perpetrators of such attacks on british soil and that of course is adding to a difficult time tense time diplomatically between london and moscow. granted more ahead on the news hour including the u.s. and europe are into trade war yet but a meeting in brussels saturday laid the groundwork costs. are got reporting from an expedition in antarctica or the effort to golf the remote weddle sea into the largest protected area. and joe will be here with the sport as manchester united tighten their grip on second place in the english meaning.
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but first a second round of voting looks like teen sara lee on with results from wednesday's presidential election too close to call both the ruling all people's congress and opposition semi on people's body on around forty three percent with half the votes counted candidates require fifty five percent to win outright the election itself was largely peaceful but rival supporters clash on saturday as results came in a runoff all must take place two weeks after the final results are known. as more from freetown. many civil unions believe that this election is headed for a runoff with fifty percent of the vote counted there is little difference between the two leading candidates candidate of the ruling a.p.c. party and the biggest opposition party in the country the p.p. all of them have scored more than five hundred sixty thousand votes the third candidate is hundreds of thousands of votes behind them now there are reported
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cases of. stuffing which the election officials say they are investigating now the election commission is expected to announce twenty five percent more of the votes by to morrow probably by the end of. sunday the results will be finally in and no civil unions are bracing themselves for a second round of voting on the streets of seven young they are new to celebrations in certain places the celebrations were actually wild people are commending the election commission for conducting what looks like very very raw vote in steadily on trade officials from the european union and japan are calling for exemptions on steel imports imposed by donald trump the demand came during a meeting in brussels in which the e.u. threatened to impose tariffs on u.s. products in retaliation key u.s. trading partners have warned that comes terrorists which come into force in two weeks could massively backfired transplant will see twenty five percent tax on
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steel and ten percent on a million in the employed spall brennan has more from brussels. this is a meeting that had been put in the diary several weeks ago to talk about the root cause of the industries the steel industries where and that is overcapacity but president trumps announcements on tariffs have put new impetus into that part of the discussions that have been taking place here in brussels and the opportunity for the european union trade commission and the japanese trade minister to have face to face time with robert light hisor the u. s. trade envoy is very valuable at the start of this two week period before president trump's tariffs actually start to be imposed there are going to be intense negotiations over this next two weeks to decide whether or not the european union can be exempted from those tariffs and the big implications if they're not are an escalating tit for tat kind of trade war involving all kinds of other products such
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as peanut butter orange juice harley-davidson motorcycles blue denim jeans all of these kind of things that the european union are threatening they will the slack tariffs on in retaliation essentially for what's happening to the steel industry now it's not a foregone conclusion by any means that the european union will find that it still has tariffs imposed upon it overnight president trump appears to be coming close to a deal with the australian prime minister on security arrangements there which will mean president trump won't impose tariffs on australia so there is a glimmer of hope that european union still produces will escape the worst effects of it but with this president it's not there's no guarantee at all and that is why the european union is seeking clarity from robert lighthouse and here in brussels the u.s. state of florida has passed modest gun restrictions after the pocket and high school shooting that left seventeen people dead last month but in washington there
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peace be little appetite for new laws john hendren has a story. the outcry for stricter gun laws in america has perhaps never been louder or more emotional this makes me sick millions of children are rationally preparing for six student slaughter and this is normalized we cannot allow our nation to go along with this any longer how many more times how many more children are going to be slaughtered the names have become an international shorthand for mass shootings in america littleton colorado virginia tech orlando's post nightclub sandy hook and now parklane florida but little has changed since last month's school massacre there was this hearing by senate democrats as unofficial the republicans who controlled both houses of congress are holding no hearings on guns president obama hugged me and wouldn't let go until i could catch my breath and stop crying it's different this time because people are taking it personally he
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sent but it wasn't different. at weekend gun shows across the us guns are easily bought with or without background checks and the appetite for weapons seems insatiable just try to find a parking spot at this one in virginia one reason background checks are such a point of contention is what's called the gun show loophole while licensed firearm dealers need to do background checks on buyers any individual can sell to any other individual as long as they don't have reason to believe that person is prohibited from owning a firearm and gun shows are where they meet. even many gun aficionados are willing to support some change like mandatory background checks for all gun buyers should there be background checks absolutely absolutely the state of florida has passed modest changes banning the bump stock that turns semiautomatic weapons into automatics raising the minimum age to buy a gun to twenty one setting a three day waiting period in arming school employees. but on capitol hill the
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senate has moved on to banking reform leaving old proposals for new gun restrictions on the show john hendren dale city virginia police in the united sates say the gunmen involved in a siege where three hostages were killed was a former servicemen suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder three female employees and the gunman were found dead after an eight hour standoff at the nation's largest saturn zome in the california town of valle thirty six year old albert wong who served for a year in afghanistan had been a patient at the home psychiatric facility. now the weddell seen on toxic is the coldest on the planet yet it's home to an extraordinary ecosystem boasting an estimated fourteen thousand species from killer whales to stop fish now there's a proposal to turn the rich waters into the not just wildlife sanctuary on earth in
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part one of al-jazeera series on the but what all see our environment as a nick lock joined a greenpeace expedition. it's a city near the end of the maritime history land. in the main square in punta arenas but none mckellen looked out towards way go across the strait that bears his dame from scott shackleton this is where famous antarctic expeditions came and sometimes returned and today it's home to the chilean and it's to cheat a signatory to a very important treaty preserving the integrity of the antarctic continent which is a kind of international co-operative and as you walk into the chilean and talk to institute you're presented with a map of the continent incredibly rich in resources from copper to oil to gold and a lot of nations would like to get their hands on that but they called because of the antarctic treaty which was signed back in one nine hundred fifty nine to ensure
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in the interest of all mankind that shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene object of international discord and so far that has worked to the principle the spirit is a corporation in a time really if you don't compare it maybe you can be or can do anything because this is an extreme. with extreme conditions. from point a right as to king george island on the fringes of antarctica it's well below zero and the tourists off the cruise ships are on their way home. here with no king george island and to articulate it. like landing on. this is where the world's geography is turned upside down where russian neighbors chile along side it does not the nation's research stations it is the antarctic
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treaty in action. survival suits are on for the trip from shore to ship. it is our ride out to the. top when the men. on board were quickly on our way south bound for the site of the proposed ocean sanctuary an isolated wilderness of sea and ice home to an astonishing erev life campaign sort of is for the wealthy marine protected area proposal by the german government and backed by the e.u. and that sort of starts at about sixty four degrees it's described by everyone who goes there is pretty inhospitable i think that's the feeling we're going to have as we round this corner the greenpeace expedition is taking in scientific studies of the ocean floor as well as an exploration of this remote outpost how far we get will depend on whether ice conditions and a good deal of luck nick luck al-jazeera antarctica. still ahead on al-jazeera
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buy elections in hong kong are set to test the strength of the territories democracy movement passed thousands of again many refugees in djibouti face a tough choice struggle on in the camps or returning to their war torn country and the first medals of the twenty thousand paralympic winter games have been won find out who is leading the table n.p.r. chatting with joe in sports stay with us. hello there we've got one weather system that's clearing away from the eastern parts of canada but it's not staying dry for all of us there's that latest system that it brought has a lot of snow but it's working its way away and behind it it's very quiet for short time seven degrees will be the maximum a new york where you can already see plenty of cloud for the south this is giving some of us some rain and a few outbreaks of snow will sweep down into the east there three head into monday
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so more rain and snow will move an edge as we head through the day meanwhile towards the west a little quite a force by the time we get to monday it should be a sunny day in seattle all temperature up at twenty degrees more cloud though for l.a. with all my some temperature around twenty three now a further towards the south and we'll be watching one with a feature edge its way eastwards and it is still with us as we head through sunday and monday so a few showers are likely in the northern half of cuba or so stretching across the bahamas for some of us here are all the wet and that system sticking around as we head through monday for the south are looking for a draw i mostly settled for many of us here just a handful of showers perhaps around parts of costa rica for the towards the south by the time we get to lunchtime on sunday the cold front to clear it away from what is already so it will be fresher than it has been twenty four degrees and that should be some sunshine too.
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and i act of youthful defiance we've ruled your turn next doctor also in the school will be arrested me at home at four in the morning of electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle with als and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war at this time on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies as quakes and that was it but not sure how couple feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding a good education system that was introduced to. latin america al-jazeera has helped to fill a void that needed to be filled. it
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watching the news hour on al-jazeera reminder of our top story syrian government forces have made significant gains in rebel held eastern ghouta they've advance into areas between duma and harasta cutting off a major highway more than one thousand people have been killed in eastern good essence the government stepped up its campaign three weeks ago u.s. resin donald trump says he has secured an agreement from pyongyang to suspend missile testing ahead of a planned face to face meeting with north korean leader kim jong il and he also thinks china for its help trying to find a diplomatic solution to the political standoff and transformer chief strategists
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has addressed a far right national front audience congress in the french city of leeds steve bannon praise party need him out in the pen for what he called her vision that puts pics nationalist against globalist depend plans to change the name of the party in hopes of reviving its fortunes after a major defeat in last year's elections. while for more in steve brown and european tour let's speak to jason stanley who is a professor of philosophy at yale university and author of the upcoming book how fascism works he joins us on skype from new haven in the state of connecticut thank you so much for being with us so what do you make of steve's bannon's international mission he's been to italy recently so it's an anon france is see a boost or bad news for these already established populist european parties like the national front and sides. well i think he's a boost he's giving them strategic how he's telling them he's reinforcing.
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the the the battle lines as it were i mean anyone who is opposed to the ban is opposed to the national front anyway and what's the balance message is is he saying let's not try to win over the unconverted let's be unabashed about our sentiments here and that's a message that's proven very popular in the united states of course and in europe as well he says you say his message as proven very popular in the united states he says he's working on a project to in his words weaponized populist economic and social ideas but do you see right wingers in europe responding in the same way really as they did in america i mean they might respond positively to his attacks on european refugee policies but they would likely not when it comes to things like calling the media the opposition can the far right ideology and ideas in america and those in here
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really come to get. whoa victor our bond is show and and law and justice party and poland are both showing that these strategies work in europe we have they constantly attack the liberal mainstream media in the lawn justice party in poland ran against the media for not covering it's crazy there is a theory about the smoke blunts disaster orbán is constantly attacking the media and european elites so it's very dark very similar strategies here and there are course connections between the russians the far right in europe and the far right in the united states and obviously the kinds of far right tactics that were successful in the united states out of for millionaire and long history in the european countries that issue he says you know the purpose of a straight and what do you see him bringing back to the united states that hasn't
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worked and that has what to europe is there anything more i mean these far right ideas they becoming mainstream in europe and the u.s. at the same time. they are and batted took a step further in his speech note that he said his comment was let them call you racists let them call you zener popes let them call your native us wear it as a badge of honor that bears reply action what typically far right politicians including our president in the united states will provide reasons even bad ones for there is enough over policy so president trump will try to kind act will try to connect immigration with crime we see that in germany we saw it was young i actually started out and be out on the other day and say look there's these high crime areas with immigrants but those are at least attempts to provide reasons
2:35 am
for xeno and racism what bennett is urging is a step further xeno quote is by definition a negative word what means is an irrational prejudice of foreigners what racism means is an irrational prejudice of mine all of racial of other racial groups than it is urging an irrational prejudice to warn as a badge of honor no more giving reasons that's a step further and that is a it's a step further you say but is it acceptable in america and in europe is it becoming you know will it become a constant feature now in elections will it be acceptable by the mainstream. well i assume europe of the united states are not dissimilar here because we have racism
2:36 am
and white supremacy and we have differences between states for instance our southern states were open racism is a much more normal occurrence whereas in northern states it typically needs to be hip and what racism in southern states is connected with history and identity similarly we're seeing in hungary we're seeing in poland we're seeing it in germany without trying to keep it going. and in austria we're seeing. history being connected with open racial prejudice so i think we have we're going to have in both spaces we're going to have a conflict between norms that require hiding it and norms that that say let's just you know be open about i mean victor obama is quite open about his christians very ard jason stanley very interesting to talk to you thank you so much
2:37 am
for joining us here on the news hour jason stanley from yale university via skype there from new haven thank you for your time. india and france have signed sixteen billion dollars worth of deals out to prime minister narendra modi met with president money and michael the agreements include corporation on defense energy space and counterterrorism and the construction of a nuclear power plant in india it was also a place to work together to ensure the freedom of navigation in the indian ocean the two leaders met for ninety minutes on the cost first official visit to india. bodog countries believe that world peace progress and prosperity in the future the indian ocean region is going to play a very important role beat environment maritime security and do so says the freedom of navigation or flight we are committed to strengthen our partnership this is why today present a joins to be decreasing for cooperation in the indian ocean region. and. the pacific or the indian ocean cannot be places for head to morning hours we are
2:38 am
therefore building a strategic partnership in this respect this is also the purpose of our defense cooperation that was born a while ago and was also tested in difficult times but beyond political alternatives in both france and in india this cooperation in the defense sector now has a new significance because it is essential to our strategic independence. happy man jacob is a professor of national security and international relations at neri university says political instability in the u.s. and britain has pushed india to form new strategic partnerships. i think that is not a consequence of our or what is happening in the voucher system today especially with britain reeling under. its all its problems if you are or do partners with the united states or. you know you. look and see the united states
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and they're all crimes is now looking like the biggest. but there is a very big market there in there as. it is you're all underground but this is not just. defense partnership it is also civilian partnership and there's a lot more origin that is going in the body lines in the debate or some media so i think this is a meeting of minds and it is that's has been. very unlikely to be ever since the seventy's and eighty's so it is no surprise here it is good to see that this relationship is. far more robust thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the talian city of florence in a rally against racism demonstrations included african migrants calling for just says after the shooting of a senegalese street vendor earlier this week he was killed by sixty five year old italian man but police believe the shooting was not racially motivated tens of
2:40 am
thousands of people have fled to djibouti to escape the fighting in yemen three years after the sounding led coalition first launch airstrikes against who the rebels the conflict has engulfed most of the country but once the refugees reach safety in djibouti the struggle for survival continues as food is in short supply monod i do has more from the port town of a buck. its food distribution day at the mackenzie come for yemeni refugees in the dusty port town of. the law mohammed of the law has just picked his family's food a location for the month he came here two years ago when a missile hit and destroyed his house in whole south and yemen now a mother had a hand look at the shooting that i say have given us there won't be enough in my family or even five days a situation is really bad. apart from the legal regimes people here also complain of conditions of the come. the sweltering heat and ferocious sun hardly been many
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away this is a place where many don't want to stay for long at one point this camp was home to more than six thousand refugees today one thousand eight hundred one lived here most of them have either gone to all the towns or to the capital debility have others have a country yemen preflighting the un something terrible was known to life in this country. also have chosen to stay see the option of a shared choice we have nowhere else to go where can we go we are forced to stay here yet the massive insecurity and shortage of some basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cause the sea are some but are cut robbed of the come just three days ago from the city of ties which is under the control of both the fighters and again the human we fled from yemen because of war and hunger the hutu militias are also making life unbearable destroying homes of bullying and arresting
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people who will it's a disaster back in yemen. nearly thirty five thousand people admit the jenna's southwards across the bubble man group straight to djibouti since march two thousand and fifteen from the beginning to open its doors to yemenis fleeing from the war the country has been uprooted from foreign investment in recent years due to its threat to look but the extreme poverty is still widespread. officials here say with little else they can do for the refugees beyond giving them safety and also i'm humbled at all just the era of the djibouti polls have just opened in hong kong's legislative council by elections more than two million people are expected to cast their ballots to feel four of six cs formerly held by pro-democracy politicians the voters seen as a litmus test gauging reaction to beijing's increased interference in the city's governance diego palen has more. edward you know is too well that
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victory doesn't guarantee is placed on the legislative council. the former professor won in the twenty sixteen elections and while being sworn in he added to fray saying he would fight for universal suffrage after a year in office the beijing government reinterpreted hong kong's constitution to deem him ineligible because of that this time he promises his supporters he has a plan ranging you're going to you know didn't they. in the end of this year which we'll discuss about the political rights of the cold people i usually did since the twenty fourteen pro-democracy demonstrations known as the umbrella movement beijing has tightened its grip on the city as was it is that you would like to have got to meet these new can we still can have our you know the law says god the legal system and although we need kalmadi these elections to a place for ousted legislative councillors are divided along very clear lines the
2:44 am
candidates are either probate are pro democracy. and this is the other camp rallying supporters in front of the government headquarters the poll beijing parties the main office used to stabilize home called government so i suppose that these are the governments preferred candidates if they win the opposition will not have the numbers in parliament to block bills or question beijing sections but many here believe these candidates will help the city run smoothly i hope it is a problem i know i keep trying to write so insulting but i think all it takes is a kind of heart of the. analysts say this vote is mostly symbolic a victory for the pro-democracy candidates would be an expression of frustration at beijing's increasing interference in hong kong's affairs former colonies macau and hong kong are the only territories in china where the public can directly vote for
2:45 am
their government but many here say with beijing becoming more intrusive and pushing for more integration with the rest of china voting is increasingly regarded as something that matters less and less pollen al-jazeera hong kong. russian president vladimir putin has rejected accusations by u.s. intelligence services that he orders citizens to interfere in the twenty six thousand presidential election in an interview with n.b.c. news bulletins said he couldn't care less if anyone meddled in the campaign as they were not connected to the kremlin he also said he would never allow the extradition of thirteen russian citizens accused in the u.s. investigation of the tram campaign. israeli soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man following a confrontation with jewish settlers near the west bank city of nablus palestinian security sources say the crash was taunted by the settlers and the army intervened firing at a group of palestinians the israeli army has not yet commented on the incident now
2:46 am
women in palestine as struggling to find work despite being among some of the region's most educated thirteen percent of university degrees but economics say israel's occupation has stifled job opportunities harry fawcett reports on the occupied west bank it's a university a chance some of the most able and ambitious students in the occupied west bank and what's noticeable on this most prestigious palestinian campus is how many of them a female natalie salama is in a fourth year studying civil engineering and business she says she dreams of a career in the field and in academia but is all too aware of the realities of the palestinian job market i think i have like a good chance but not the best not because of my academics or my g.p.a. it's because of the type of the need or nature of the. work you in the environment the situation byrd said referred so why the premium that's been put on female education in palestinian society women sixty two percent of the current students
2:47 am
are women the problem for them is what happens when they graduate. palestinian women are some of the region's best educated thirteen percent have a university degree compared to nine percent of men but only nineteen percent of women are in or seeking work that compares to twenty five percent in the middle east in north africa and fifty one percent in the world as a whole palestinian society is certainly patriarchal women often face pressure to marry young and stay at home there's also political and cultural pressure in favor of having large families the palestinian fertility rate is among the region's highest but economists some here are both may says the critical difference from the rest of the region is the impact of the israeli occupation in the palestinian context israel has work. very hard since nine hundred sixty seven on undermining the productive capacity of the economy that is undermining agriculture and long acting these are the sectors that employ women culture has long been
2:48 am
a mainstay of female employment especially here in the village of the about loot where the women say it's rare to spot a man in the fields but these days it's just as red a find a woman under forty five because they might think that other jobs are better it's easier to sit at the desk than work the land we've lost plans to confiscation and we've lost our mountains the settlements it is somehow six daughters she says education has been crucial to their upbringing but the two who have already graduated university of both are unemployed are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. still ahead on al-jazeera going global professional wrestling has its eyes set on the middle east's. natural capital the capital which makes the creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes bits of from opportunity to
2:49 am
be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business that pricing the planet as this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard in the struggles of market to good to me is. already there in. my brain and this story needs to be turned in just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on.
2:50 am
campus forces joe. thanks very much and we start with football where manchester united have strengthened their hold on second place in the english premier league after beating face rivals liverpool two one on saturday making his first league start for united since december marcus rash that scored twice in just ten minutes to put the hosts in control liverpool got on the scoresheet in the second half courtesy of an own goal from eric by e. but united held on for the win they're now five points clear of liverpool in the table three points is very important person performance i wouldn't go so far as perfect in relation to. what the game gave us and in the first of the game it was the opportunity to be
2:51 am
aggressive and direct and fast and intense and to score goals but there were ugly scenes at london stadium as west ham fans invaded the pitch cheering their three nil home defeat to burnley many were protesting against the board and the joint chairman who had to be escorted from their seats before the end of the game the loss was west ham's third straight league defeat their fifteenth in the table just three points above the relegation zone well that result leaves burnley just two points behind sixth place arsenal who play on sunday their wins to forever to newcastle leicester and chelsea antonio conti side surviving a late scared to be crystal palace two one barcelona very extended their lead in the spanish league to eleven points they beat malaga to mail on saturday the catalans were without leo messi who took time off after the birth of his third child but even with their star player missing balsawood dominant goals from louis
2:52 am
suarez and felipe continue sealed the win second place atletico madrid will be looking to close that merrick up again when they play celta vigo on sunday. two goals from christiana rinaldo helped real madrid to a two one win over a bar that saw them just hold on to third place in the table they're still fifteen points adrift of baso though. are only a point behind rail after they beat the via two mail now ireland have one rugby six nations title with a week to spare is off so they secured a bonus point for scoring four tries in a win over scotland on saturday while title rivals england lost twenty two to sixteen in france two tries from jacob stockdale and one each from qana mari and shaun cronin helped ireland to a twenty eight eight victory in dublin they now face england in their final fixture in a week's time bidding to become just the third irish side to complete
2:53 am
a grand slam by winning every game in the tournament. at least. the way. the paralympics so well and truly underway with twelve gold medals handed out on the first day of competition slovakia's henrietta fuck us over was the first gold medalist she won the women's downhill for visually impaired athletes beating defending world champion millie knight of great britain who took silver. meanwhile was a super day for the united states he supports their gold medal haul from the such a games four years ago on just the first day they clinched gold in men's downhill skiing and the women's and men's biathlon staying on the slopes michela shifrin has
2:54 am
won her fifth slalom title in six seasons shifrin secured the crystal globe with victory in the penalty that wealth cup race of the season in germany on saturday she's the first skier to win forty two world cup races before the age of twenty three the american also clinched the overall title on friday for the second straight season. djokovic is looking to put a troubled twelve months behind him at indian wells an elbow injury during rouble than last year kept the twelve time grand slam champion out of action until january australian open after which he had to have more surgery will he'll take to the court again on sunday against japan's terror daniel obviously expectations wise it's different i know it's not like coming in last year or two years to go this year is really different not just because a ranking is but because of the fact that i haven't played matches at all i mean in the last nine months and so for me you know the goals are big difference.
2:55 am
nevertheless when i step on the court it's all game and. and i game on and of course i want to i want to try to get the best out of myself and get a w. now pro wrestling is going global it's looking for talent in untapped markets including the middle east when tom monaghan went to the region's first f a pro wrestling school in cata to hay from aspiring correctness. yeah. welcome to the school of hard knocks. clotheslines are on the curriculum all with technical hold on the map. but trainees at the contra pro wrestling cademy aren't just picking up the moves they're also learning to take them safely both grapplers work together to put on a show that makes the sport dramatic storytelling. is to win but to entertain the crowd and that means you have to rely on your opponent to keep you safe from injury
2:56 am
trust the reports and so like you know the first place we are friends and we move into do a little if i don't trust him i want to be able to. call him that's what you see. the school is the first of its kind in the middle east in the past aspiring wrestlers would have to go to the u.s. or the u.k. but now they have an opportunity that's closer to home i just don't want your. background to be i want to be in many. many shows. with you to do. the students say they're committed and those who aren't serious don't last long boys came here because they just believed it was a good fit if it's fake one of the first day we got to teach him how to act you know talk to risk so with we give them this is listen this is
2:57 am
a ticking bomb of the week that my professional wrestling already has deep roots in the u.s. u.k. japan and mexico but it's right here in the middle east comes a time when the industry is truly going global. could lead to world wrestling entertainment setting its sights on the region w w e airs in more than one hundred eighty countries in twenty different languages the company rakes in over eight hundred million dollars a year and the middle east is its latest target for expansion american wrestling shows usually portray our bressler as bad guys but going global could be challenging old stereotypes everything changed. for many reasons because there will be start to the visiting meet at least not like before so if you go in to for example to soldier be it time to bring the bill that you should. either because this man has a major hue p.w. regularly flies in foreign stars for shows and catherine some of the academy students might soon be ready for
2:58 am
a spot on the card but for now they'll battle it out in the gym getting ready for their chance to perform in front of the big crowds. bins manhunt al-jazeera doha and that is now more later joe thank you that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera to stay with us panting away at news coming up and show.
2:59 am
pretention. the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing and tourism but now a campaign is underway to grade the largest protected area on earth the remote waters of the white vote see stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from the greenpeace expedition to antarctica. the scene for us where they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sept there are people that little choosing between buying medication and eating this is
3:00 am
a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an ounce of us and has posted a story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera it's swear every. three weeks into the assault on the syrian rebel enclave of eastern ghouta the death toll has passed one thousand. this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead donald trump thanks china choice help
3:01 am
with north korea but the details of the group.


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