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perception. powerful documentary. from around the globe. was a big sound but that brings me down to the. field it's journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't the only argument i find against that is all over the corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. do most surrounded syrian government forces cut into dealing i'm a just set back to rebel fight. and turkish forces close in on the affray in the northern syria code say they'll form a human shield.
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hello i'm i am in london you're watching al jazeera also coming up. their leader for life teaching position off to china's people's congress abolishes current limits for the president. colombia's historic vote with former fog rebel standing as candidates for the first time. and the national gathering party to marina proposes a new name for france's far right party. syrian state media says the army has now completely surrounded the town of duma in eastern that means the rebel held area is caught in two amid intense as strikes pro-government forces broke through rubble lines to establish a corridor through the enclave state television has been broadcasting inside the
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town of the dera where the army units joined up. marches and activists say over a thousand people have been killed since the government ramped up its offensive to take back the area over three weeks ago. is the rebels' last stronghold near the capital damascus the orange stripes here show how much of it they held on february eighteenth when the government stepped up its offensive three weeks of heavy bombardment later and that's dramatically shrunk and the surrounding of duma by syrian government forces threatens to exacerbate an already diet humanitarian situation why add more you dean lives into my he told me earlier what he's witnessed over the past few days. i don't see any. regime i see the russian airplanes and militias of iranian and. un. known. army coming to is to. yesterday in there was so
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civilians in and don't know anything about them. unfortunately the situation here in eastern very very awful and miserable meanwhile further north in syria kurds are reported to be mobilizing to form a human shield around the town of afrin as turkish forces advance turkish troops and free syrian army fighters have surrounded afrin and a warning that their entry is imminent kurdish y p g forces say civilians a volunteered to protect the town and are on their way to form a human shield algis there is alan fischer is in on the turkey syria border. so what has happened in demise happened elsewhere in syria we've seen it before where first of all the split the area as they did in eastern guta on saturday and there's no surrounded one tire in the syrian government forces and backed by the russians then tend to use their military advantage to try again
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a political advantage by saying to the fighters maybe you should leave a move to another part of syria as a city that has happened before in this conflict meanwhile in a free and we are hearing that the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia are calling on civilians to help form a human shield to place themselves between the y. p.g. and the advancing free syrian army which of course are backed up by the turkish military now it's not just cards who have responded to this call and we hear that there are buses heading towards africa but also groups here in turkey clearing women's groups and socialist groups over how they will get across the border which is currently closed is another issue entirely in our friends city please see that there is no water no internet and up to three or four families are no sharing each house because families that move from the early stages of this assault are no seeking shelter with friends and relatives seeking shelter essentially where they can the leader of the council in a frame says the situation is dire and has called on the united nations not only to
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investigate but to intervene. china's national people's congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president and the vice president to change the constitution pave the way for changing and turn main office beyond twenty twenty three adrian brown has more from beijing. but an army of chinese legislators came to the great hall of the people knowing what was expected of them a display of uniform loyalty to the man who could now be china's leader for life first of all on the constitution is. in accordance with our country's reality and the wishes of all the people. this is a big event a very memorable moment in our political life. and historic and controversial moment as well the almost three thousand delegates had been told the amendments
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were needed because the challenges china faces require a strong leader and a united party. in china's version of legislative government new laws and constitutional changes are always passed unanimously and so it proved to be the case again on sunday when delegates approved twenty one constitutional revisions including the scrapping of term limits for the president and vice president for there was perhaps token opposition to votes against and three abstentions congress officials insist this process was transparent. the chinese people have had no say in this historic moment critics accuse president xi jinping of building a personality cult indoctrinating the masses with his political philosophy just as chairman mao once did it was done shopping the other towering figure in recent
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chinese history who'd insisted on two term limits for the president he wanted to avoid a repeat of the cultish devotion that had surrounded mao but analysts say one party rule is once more turning into one man rule the fact of the matter is seeming has hijacked the entire communist party in the country so we are back to just one person doing the talking one person making the decisions for the entitled party in the entire country we are back to the period of the so-called one wars echo chamber. the president's influence is now felt in many as. specks of life here she jean ping thought is now required reading for all party members study groups of spread to businesses and universities. parliament also voted to expand the president's campaign against corruption during a five year purge more than one and
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a half million party officials have been punished analysts say the campaign is a guys for getting rid of potential rivals for now at least though she would appear to have none adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. well the polls are due to close in the next few hours in colombia's congressional elections this is the first time form of rebels have been able to stand for office at political debut comes after they laid down their arms and being fifty two years of fighting with the colombian government fark is guaranteed to win a minimum of ten seats under the terms of the peace settlement but many colombians still feel the form of fighting should be in prison rather than in congress so let's go to alison around guessing who is monitoring developments for us involving top how is the voting going so far. well marry him things were going smoothly until recently but in the last couple of hours and especially in the
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last hour we are hearing people. essentially saying that they're not being able to vote in the primary did last in and the right coalition they're also voting for dad not only for congress today here in colombia and the national registry just said that they probably didn't sprint's enough ballots for those primaries and they're now saying that they're trying to fix that essentially making photocopies of the ballots that will then be signed in the voting station but in such a polarized situation as the one we have here in colombia people especially online and even some of the candidates are saying that they cannot trust the national registry now on the primary votes and some are accusing the censorious government of president juan manuel found to essentially trying to disrupt the vote of these
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most polarizing figures on the left and the right so well even to be until very recently as a move today it's could turn in quite a mess here we're going to have to see what happens in the coming hours if people don't feel that they're right. vote is being respected or the candidate might not feel that the results of the primaries will be the correct. the important thing here is that this could be these parliamentary elections could very much be a dry run for the crucial presidential vote that's coming up in just a couple of months. definitely definitely there's the frail use the fuel of bread. both what will happen today strengthening or weakening of the parties were also strengthen or weaken their friend the presidential candidate the new composition of congress will be fundamental for the next president but to
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push forward the reforms or not that are part of the peace deal so what happens today will be very important for the presidential election at the end of the day we're going to have to see which coalition seems to be the strongest in the upcoming presidential election thank you very much from the. with all the latest on the elections. voting to ratify any national assembly that are a key step towards choosing the next president on the communist front caribbean island nation eight million cubans are expected to turn out to ratify more than six hundred candidates for an equal number of seats in the assembly and you members of the assembly will choose a successor to president raul castro the new president will be the first in almost sixty years from outside the castro family. anyone who leads the country well that's what's the main thing that they laid will look for the good of cuba or. so for i don't know who will be the president of this country
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well i think it could be he looks like a good person to know let's see about the rest. still ahead on the program a billionaire takes back the reins from a socialist as chile's new president is sworn in. and people are being urged to wash their clothes and possessions if they visited a restaurant and pub in the english city where russian former spy and his daughter what poisoned. hello there we go quite a large area of low pressure affecting europe at the moment that means things are pretty wet and pretty windy for many of us there's that area of low pressure then there's all the cloud that spiraling out from it and it's giving us some very strong winds those are whipping up quite strong waves there in the northwestern
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parts of spain english and that system is also bringing in some quite mild air so this is what it looks like ansen james's park at the moment all the disability out so mild and wet really the theme for many of us across europe and that mild air is also spreading further the truer to the east warsaw for fifteen there on monday and then that malta extending further east as well by choose day moscow should be above freezing the first time that's happened since around the third of february so it's all changing across europe then it's mild but it's also rather wet for the other side of the mediterranean though the weather here is quite quiet generally fine unsettled for the eastern parts in the west where here there's a few more bits and pieces of cloud but largely is looking dry here too not the way it's going to stay as we head through chews day robot should be pretty warm up at around twenty one degrees over the towards the south we go quite a few showers hero video and those are going to stay with us for monday and tuesday to.
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problem is something which is a mission that's for governments international institutions to monitor refugees don't have the right to freely on the other goods can move freely as far and as much as they want if. this is the. over the course of these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. a quick look at the top stories this hour syrian state media says the army has
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completely surrounded duma in eastern good evening the main area still held by the rebels cut into china's national people's congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president paving the way to remain in office beyond two thousand and twenty three. and in colombia voters are electing members of the country's congress former fog rebels are eligible for the first time. on all the stories we're following people who visited a pub and restaurant in the english city where a russian former spy and his daughter were poisoned a week ago have been urged to wash their clothes and possessions they had with them health officials believe as many as five hundred people may have been contaminated by the nerve agent which left their gas crippled and his daughter junia critically ill in hospital paul brennan reports. families enjoying a pizza drinkers socializing in the pub hundreds of people may have been unknowingly contaminated as a consequence of the u.k.
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spy poisoning the revelation the traces of toxic nerve agent have been found at both the z.z.z. and the mill pub in seoul very approach a startling message from the u.k. top health a driver i am confident that this is not home and the health of anyone who was in the middle pub or this is restaurant however some people are concerned that prolonged long term exposure to these substances may over weeks and particularly months give rise to health problems the advice is to machine wash clothes use baby wipes to clean any personal items such as phones and items which can't be washed should be securely bagged and sealed the authorities insist the risk is minimal but caution is essential the trail of nerve agent contamination is being followed backward from the park bench where sergei script and his daughter yulia were found collapsed the former spy's house is also sealed off for forensic examination and
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specialist officers have even been examining the cemetery where mr script was wife is buried among several priorities for police or the questions of how and where scripts and his daughter came into contact with the nerve agent had they already been contaminated by the time they visited z.z.z. in the mill or where the traces of toxin found at those locations left by whoever was trying to kill them. in two thousand and six when former k.g.b. dissident alexander litvinenko was murdered by russian agents using radioactive polonium the killer has left a trail of radioactivity at several locations in london unfortunately it's happened again it means something was not done and alyson what it is saved after the murder of my husband was not learn. and his daughter remains critically ill in hospital twenty one other people have also been treated for possible exposure but the instruction for hundreds of people to cleanse themselves of possible contamination is a worrying discoloration paul brennan al-jazeera on also news from yemen where
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a senior official official has called for protests to demand the return of president months or hardee from saudi arabia minister of state. made the statement on his facebook page hadi left the country ahead of the saudi led coalition's campaign against that with the rebels in march twenty fifth dean the president has reportedly been in riyadh for over a year now. the us president donald trump says his planned talks with north korea could either fail or bring about the greatest deal for the world to ease nuclear tensions between the two countries speaking as a rally in pennsylvania he said he believes north korea wants to make peace but president trump also warned he could leave the talks quickly if it didn't look like progress for nuclear disarmament could be made meanwhile to south korean officials who met north korean leader kim jong un last week are to brief the leaders of china and japan one of the officials will meet china's president xi jinping on monday while the other will see japan's president sions out of
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a on cheers day the meetings are designed to update leaders on the progress of nuclear talks with north korea. well now to france where the main far right party the national front is to be renamed the national gathering azealia marina pan but for the proposal on the second day of the national front's congress make over is designed to revive the nationalist party after the pen lost the french presidential election tilman in mark or last year a pena sought to distance a party from her estranged father and the former leader and is called the name change of betrayal therefore sir. we are the defenders we are the last defenders of the french republic. the french republic has been stripped of its content which you thea is becoming less and less democratic and less and less social the political latest a speaking in english is being replaced by the european flag marked by agendas that
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a void of any substance. they have brings us more now from the congress and. we had to wait until the very last moment of marine le pen speech here before we heard the name being suggested to replace the national front a suggestion was national gathering now that name will be put to the membership of the party in the next few weeks we know that the guy fifty two percent of respondents so far has said they're in favor of that still leaves a large number of the old national front opposed to changing that name now the reason marine le pen was trying to rebrand and change all of this is she wants to detox defy the image of party has because of father john modi the plan now he stayed away from this conference it was stripped of the honorary presidency by by them at during the course of the proceedings and he actually has been launching his own autobiography the first volume at least in paris which is turning
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out to be a bestseller in that or to the biography he says that he was very much in favor of the he she regime of course and collaborated with the nazis in the second world war adding to the impact of the remark he made about the holocaust as to the details of history so i don't think despite marina penn's best efforts to get really rid herself of the impact of the father who founded body and the lead it nearly four decades no matter what she does what she goes through what policy policy she's tries to push through the memory of her father will stay as a to. haunting spirits no matter what she tries to do it does still make her bra with a new name slightly talks. sebastian pinera has been sworn in as chile's president for the second time a new era a billionaire entrepreneur about to revive the economy which has slumped under the
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center left the to michelle question les this is the second time bashir has turned over the presidency to pinera large crowds gathered for x.'s harmony involved a latin america and italy scene human is in the chiang capital while waiting for chile's newly sworn in president several stamping it out to make his way here from by sorry saw to the presidential palace behind me here in santiago but before he comes here he will be visiting a slum in another part of the city and the reason he's doing that is that he wants to underscore that this time around he's not going to make the stay mistakes that he made during his first presidency he says that his priority now is to work for the downtrodden for the dispossessed during his first presidency he did manage to secure a lot of economic growth in this country but he was seen as someone who was doing it mainly for the wealthy not for the poor remember he is a billionaire this time around he says he won't do that that he is serious this
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time about really working for the average chile. now supporters of catalonia as independents have been protesting in barcelona demanding the release of politicians jailed in the aftermath of last year's referendum attone has postponed until further notice the election of a new regional president after spain supremes ruled that candidate george sanchez would not be allowed to be prison to attend a parliamentary session which was planned on monday. were called hole is in barcelona with the latest on the catalonia independence protest. several thousand catalans of taken to the streets of basra alone calling on their politicians to show great to unity and press ahead with their plans to set up a breakaway republic separate from the rest of spain now this is certainly the largest produce a session demonstration of the year so far but it's a far cry from the days in the lead up to the october referendum last year when the
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independence movement was able to put tens and thousands of protesters on the streets now the demonstration sunday evening comes just ahead of the day when the cattle and parliament had been due to swear in a new first minister of the catalonia region that will not happen however because the man that was due to be elected jordi sanchez remains in prison on charges of rebellion for his part in organizing last year's independence referendum the other candidate colace who's the more the former first minister of cuts alone yet remains in self-imposed exile in brussels he can't take up the sport i've done right now madrid and the central government has backed on trying to head off the secession movement through legal measures and that so far is succeeding in many ways you look around here and it seems that the procession politicians may be running out of
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ideas and frustration is growing on the streets. more than fifty thousand indian farmers are marching towards india's financial capital mumbai demanding financial support from the government and prices a five day marched out from nashik city which is one hundred seventy kilometers from mumbai and hope to reach the city on monday many of the from fallen into debt huge increase in the erratic weather patterns. well the indian prime minister narendra modi in the french presenter manual on of officially launched the international solar alliance at a summit in new delhi they want to reduce the world dependence on fossil fuels by expanding the availability of solar energy the idea was first proposed on the sidelines of the twenty fifteen paris agreement on climate change are presented from forty five nations are attending the event with the summits goal is to promote greater investment in solar projects in the member countries the alliance is
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seeking to add a thousand gigawatts of solar power by twenty thirty but that comes with a price tag of a trillion dollars today there are one hundred twenty one prospective member states thirty of which have signed and ratified the framework agreement countries at least partly within the tropics are eligible to join most of those involved are relatively poor states though with high levels of sunshine while at the lord president not quantico subtle swipe at the u.s. president all chance of pulling out of the paris crimes agreement as he praised a group of female solar engineers they didn't wait and they didn't stop because some decided to leave the floor and leave the bridge agreement. because they decided it was good for them for the children the grandchildren they decided to back us and keep back. and. while we are here in order to act recreate.
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now the antarctic has been described as one of the most remote and treacherous places on the earth much of its rich biodiversity has yet to be fully documented in the second part of our antarctic series we look at the european union's campaign to protect this desolate region al-jazeera is nick clark joined a greenpeace scientific expedition through the wet elsie. the captain's eye view of voyage south as the icebreaker optic sunrise pushes through into the remote waters of the weddell sea vost unknown territory few ships venture this fall. has already made an attempt this antarctic summer but was foiled by ice. or way through. to get it down into the wealthiest trying to reach think before the beginning of what would be protected looks like
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opening it here for. yes only just great here is somebody. finally we break through into the isolated area of the proposed site tree at the moment i checked on the. satellite charts this morning and there's some one other ship in this entire space as another ship about that and that's it and the whole whole area that's a slightly scary terrifying. exciting kind of just makes a case that base is pristine this area is not developed his not call industry has never had industry. we take a chance in this rare window of weather to take to the air and look down on the mesmerizing scene below. the western edge of the would be protected zone breath
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taking the rule power of land and sea and ice constantly reshaping on the move this is nature on a planetary scale so what we're looking at here is melting ice and great icebergs to be. sweeping up. the. way to save the proposed area pretty much touched by human activity. scientific research is taking place back to base the arctic sunrise standing by for a return alongside a giant tabula ice pack perhaps a kilometer long the next helicopter sortie is to the very top of it the expedition team making a dramatic landing to spread the sanctuary message around the world this iceberg thousands of years in the making now adrift in a process that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years appraises it seems may be changing because of global warming and did a day of scenic wonder the antarctic day ends with
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a spectacular show above this apparently a reverse sunset phenomenon while simultaneously the clouds morph in shape and color into fantastic unworldly painting across the evening sky at the ends of the. nick log al-jazeera and taught to kill and maim scenes and the third part of our series will be looking at the multiple threats wildlife in antarctica face ranging from climate change to terrorism and there's more from next expedition right here for that and more. a look at the top stories now in syria state media saying that the army has now completely surrounded the town of duma in eastern guta that leaves the main area still held by the rebels cut into
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a made intense air strikes pro-government forces broke through rubble lines to establish a car door through the enclave why and we have seen lives ended in may he told us what he's witnessed. i don't see any. regime i see the russian airplanes and militias of iranian. known. army coming to is to. yesterday there was so few civilians. don't know anything about them. unfortunately the situation here in eastern very very awful and miserable. elsewhere kurdish forces say that civilians plan to form a human shield around the northern town of afrin to protect it from an expected turkish incursion turkish and free syrian army forces have surrounded the town
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warning that their entry is imminent they've been fighting to drive out the kurdish wife from the area. living to our other top stories colombia's national registry says it failed to print enough ballots for some of the primaries taking place in the country's election its promise its prompted an outcry is voters go to the polls to elect members of congress these are the first elections in which form of art rebels will be able to compete. china's national people's congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president and the vice president to change the constitution paves the way for paying to remain in office twenty twenty three. and france's far right even marine le pen is proposed changing the name of a party from the national front to the national gathering to make over is designed to revive the nationalist party often up and lost the french presidential election to emmanuel macron last year or estranged father gilles marina fan who co-founded
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the party in one nine hundred seventy two called the name change of the trial coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera. the journey to europe starts here in a small bus station off the coast of west africa on the outskirts of town because capital banjul in their backpack they carry some money a change of clothes but perhaps a cell phone everything else they leave behind including.


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