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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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when i walk on the street. i feel much thought to have died and i'll be proud of it i'll prove it with when i'm walking on the streets and to drive by the light all can be all that really tough that is how you do it i love ya that's what keeps me cool. zero. zero zero am fully back to go this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes kurdish fighters in the syrian enclave of our friends say they
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are bringing in human shields in a bid to stop attacks by turkish and free syrian army forces. a key milepost on the path to peace colombians are electing a new congress and for the first time former flock rebels on the ballot also this hour british officials say up to five hundred people may have been exposed to the poison that targeted a former russian spy and his daughter and china makes it official lifting the limits on how long she jingping can remain in power. kurdish trying to have called on civilians to volunteer to form a human shield around the syrian city of afraid as turkish forces advance al-jazeera has had reports that women's and community groups have responded to the calls teka should send free syrian army fighters have surrounded
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a free and warned they will enter soon to launch an offensive in a free and in january to clear the area of kurdish white beach the fight is elsewhere in syria state media say the army is completely surrounded the town of duma east of the capital damascus that devised the eastern ghouta region weakening what is one of the last opposition strongholds government forces broke through rebel line. secrete a corridor through the enclave meeting up in the tunnels more dehra monitors and activists say more than one thousand one hundred people have been killed since the government stepped up its offensive in eastern go to three weeks ago alan fischer has more from gaza and tap on the take the syrian border but what has happened in dumas happened elsewhere in syria we've seen it before where first of all the split the area as they did in eastern guta on saturday and there's no surrounded one tire in the syrian government forces and backed by the russians then tend to use their military advantage to try and gain a political advantage by saying to the fighters maybe you should leave
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a move to another part of syria as a see that has happened before in this conflict meanwhile in a free and we are hearing that the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia are calling on civilians to help form a human shield to police themselves between the y. p.g. and the advancing free syrian army which of course are backed up by the turkish military no it's not just cards who have responded to this call and we hear that there are buses heading towards africa but also groups here in turkey clued in women's groups and socialist groups over how they will get across the border which is currently closed is another issue entirely in our friend city we see that there is no water no internet and up to three or four families are noshing each iced because families that move from the early stages of this assault on those seeking shelter with friends and relatives seeking shelter essentially where they can the leader of the council in a frame says the situation is dire and has called on the united nations not only to
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investigate but to intervene. in lives in dumas in eastern go to he says the situation there is die. i don't see any. reason why i see the russian airplanes and militias of. known. army coming to is to. yesterday there was really and. i don't know anything about them. unfortunately the situation here in eastern very very awful and miserable and russian and syrian government jets have attacked another main rebel stronghold province in the north they bombed the central bank building in a city pro-government media saying it was being used by al qaeda as a command and control center that rebel activists say was an administrative
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building for the opposition. has more from a town in italy products that are going to. look at the fiber has a beam off of the cotton was a string of intense airstrikes by russia and the syrian government has targeted beneath. their targets with these troops then chael areas several people have been killed and wounded some children and women have been rescued and taken to makeshift clinics civil defense units are still working hard to get people out from underneath the rubble this is strikes come after months of calm at least considered a part of the discussion zone it's home to many internally displaced people and many have flipped again to a nearby farm houses at the. seriously ill. in other world news the trump administration says they'll be no added conditions for talks with north korea
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donald trump and kim jong un are set to meet within the next two months in the first ever talks between the two nations leaders the u.s. president has warned he will leave quickly if there is no progress korea has already promised not to resume nuclear or missile testing during the talks the cia director michael bell says that's a first for pyongyang this first meeting i think is between the president is the leader of north korea the two people who are the decision makers who will ultimately decide what arrangements are acceptable but make no mistake about it while these negotiations are going on there will be no concessions made the activity of this administration to disrupt the north korean economy to put pressure on north korea to galvanize the world in a way that you have countries from the middle east to europe and asia placing sanctions on the north korean regime and those will continue and wolf see how the talks and then go she actions proceed meanwhile to south korean officials who met kim jong only last week or said to brief the leaders of china and japan one of the
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officials will meet china's xi jinping in the coming hours while the other will see japanese finally assertions abi on to say that update the leaders on the progress of the nuclear talks the two envoys returned from the u.s. on sunday after meeting president trump b.j. came is a former south korean diplomat he says the u.s. needs to add staff to diplomatic positions to be paid for talks. the white house national security council they have added rocco who has professional you know with long experience in this because they're having discussion when the korea before but other than her i mean there are other competent professionals but state department is a problem they don't have them that there are two south korea here for those so they have several layers of sr and the one thing that will this will not yet a point is so you know this is a diplomatic game we're talking about therefore no matter how hard trump and the
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national security council at the white house are leaving the game still at the state department there is a lot of work to do and they don't have the people so that they'll have to move pretty quickly but in the meantime because of the lack of manpower at the state department probably will continue with the white house the national security leading the game for quite some time colombia's civil registry says it thrown out of ballots for the country's congressional elections prompting an outcry from voters it's the first time from a shock rebels are able to run for office their political debut comes after signing a twenty sixteenth peace deal to n.t.t. two years of fighting and it's on the run p.t. has more from one task. colombians voted in congressional elections on sunday and also two primaries one for right wing parties and one for left wing parties we're still waiting results on what the new congress will look like but we know that the former mayor of bogota will stumble past
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a very popular but also controversial figure has won the primary on the left he will now run for president in upcoming elections in may on the right evander look at the candidate of the democratic center party a former president. even the biggest poser of the peace deal in the country between the government then fired gravels as easily one of the primary on the right he's now the frontrunner in the upcoming presidential elections having won more than three point five million votes in the primary overall we're expecting a strong showing of right parties in congress and a loss of votes of many sent three center additional parties in the country but
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definitely these elections will remain in history because they've seen the participation for the first time a legal party of former rebels fire could they have guaranteed ten seats in congress regardless of their showing for the next two legislature however so far it seems like they have not received the many votes might be difficult for them to legitimize their presence in congress but it's definitely any story could day and a step forward for the implementation of a peace deal in colombia. in chile a conservative billionaire sebastian pinera has been sewn in as president for the second time a businessman involved to revive an economy that has slumped under the outgoing center left leader michel bashfully busy and human has more from santiago. this out when to socialist and in again came
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a billionaire chile's former conservative president of us jumping into is having a second crack at the helm and his first challenge is to again generate economic growth while learning from his past mistakes the big perception of the first time a row was the ministration war only for wealthy this time around before everyone. otherwise peña is almost sure to face the same discontent and street protests that marked his first presidency. a small group of supporters waited to bid farewell to outgoing president michelle bachelet as she arrived at the senate to hand over her sash. i'm emotional because a great woman who represented all of us is leaving she did so much for women another thing that hasn't gone on i noticed is that was. the very last remnant president in latin america that lives both north and south america as
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a region in the world without a woman in the presidency. the need as an organization allowed visiting regional leaders to exchange views ahead of the upcoming summit of the americas despite mounting tensions over immigration and trade president donald trump says he'll attend but mexico's president may not. we haven't confirmed are participating in principle i'm going but i'll discuss it with president pinera over lunch. but addressing chileans from the presidential palace balcony it was clear painted as priorities are aimed at keeping his most ambitious campaign promise. me. one day listen carefully our children and grandchildren would judge us for the way we handled the new transition we face the transition to a developed country without poverty. but without a legislative majority in an increasingly demanding society scamp in iraq will have
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his work cut out for him you see in human santiago hundreds of visitors to a pub and restaurant where a former russian spy was poisoned have been urged to wash their possessions british health officials believe there is a chance they may have been contaminated by the nerve agent that left sergei script palin his daughter a critically ill poll brennan reports from london. families enjoying a pizza drinkers socializing in the pub hundreds of people may have been unknowingly contaminated as a consequence of the u.k. spy poisoning the revelation the traces of toxic nerve agents have been found at both diseases and the mill pub in soldiery approach a startling message from the u.k.'s top health the drones are. i am confident that this is not honed the health of anyone who was in the mill pub or this is restaurant however some people are concerned that prolonged long term exposure to these substances may over weeks and particularly months give rise to health
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problems the advice is to machine wash clothes use baby wipes to clean any personal items such as phones and items which can't be washed should be securely bagged and sealed the authorities insist the risk is minimal but caution is essential the trail of nerve agent contamination is being followed backward from the park bench where sergei script l. and his daughter were found collapsed the former spy's house is also sealed off for forensic examination and specialist officers have even been examining the cemetery where mr script was wife is buried among several priorities for police or the questions of how and where scripts and his daughter came into contact with the nerve agent had they already been contaminated by the time they visited z.z.z. in the mill or where the traces of toxin found at those locations left by whoever was trying to kill them in two thousand and six when former k.g.b.
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dissident alexander litvinenko was murdered by russian agents using radioactive polonium the killers left a trail of radioactivity at several locations in london and fortunately it happened the gall it means something was not done and a lesson what is saved after the murder of now has been was not heard sergei script and his daughter remain critically ill in hospital twenty one other people have also been treated for possible exposure but the instruction for hundreds of people to cleanse themselves of possible contamination is a worrying escalation. brennan al-jazeera. head on the news hour including ten months after a sweeping election loss france's national front hopes a new name broken vince voters the party has changed plus. i'm it's not reporting on the multiple threats to wildlife here in antarctica from climate change to terrorism. and in sports a win for tottenham in the english premier league despite an injury setback for
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their star striker signed i will have the details. hong kong's pro-democracy campaigners have lost ground in a crucial by election for seats were up for grabs with the opposition and probating loyalists winning to reach that means the opposition won't be able to block any bills in the chamber the seats were vacated two years ago when pro-democracy candidates were ousted from office for using their oaths to defy china a low turnout for the volt has raised alarm among the opposition. china's ruling communist party has paved the way for xi jinping to remain in office indefinitely it's voted to abolish term limits for the president and vice president adrian brown has more from beijing. an army of chinese legislators came to the great hall of the people knowing what was expected of them
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a display of uniform loyalty to the man who could now be china's leader for life for the constitution is in accordance with our country's reality and the wishes of all the people. this is a big event a very memorable moment in our political life. and historic and controversial moment as well the almost three thousand delegates had been told the amendments were needed because the challenges china faces require a strong leader and a united party. in china's version of legislative government new laws and constitutional changes are always passed unanimously and so it proved to be the case again on sunday when delegates approved twenty one constitutional revisions including the scrapping of term limits for the president and vice president but there was perhaps token opposition to votes against and three
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abstentions congress officials insist this process transparent. the chinese people have had no say in this historic moment critics accuse president . of building a personality cult indoctrinating the masses with his political philosophy just as chairman mao once did it was done shopping the other towering figure in recent chinese history who'd insisted on two term limits for the president he wanted to avoid a repeat of the cultish devotion that had surrounded mao but analysts say one party rule is once more turning into one man rule the fact of the matter his seeming has hijacked the entire communist party in the country. so we are back to just one person doing the talking one person making the decisions for the entire
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party and the entire country we are back to the period of the so-called one wars echo chamber. the president's influence is now felt in many aspects of life here she jumping thought is now required reading for all party members study groups of spread to businesses and universities. parliament also voted to expand the president's campaign against corruption during a five year purge more than one and a half million party officials have been punished analysts say the campaign is a guys for getting rid of potential rivals for now at least she would appear to have no. adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. while she jinping is now the most powerful chinese leader since moussa don't he will did power over communist china from its foundation in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine until his death in one nine hundred seventy six deng xiaoping emerged as a successor in the years that followed him was recognized as leader despite never
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formally holding the top job it was during the day an era that restrictions were imposed on future presidents jiang zemin took over in one thousand nine hundred ninety three and was limited by the constitution to a maximum of two five year terms hu jintao also abided by those rules serving ten years from two thousand and three to two twenty thirteen but now the national people's congress has removed that restriction paving the way for xi jinping to potentially hold office beyond the end of his term and twenty twenty three oh let's speak to graeme on web about this he's a researcher a research fellow at the institute for defense and strategic studies at nih young technology called university and is via skype from singapore thank you so much for your time so what's your view of this small business or return of the maoist type of power in china will she jinping have the kind of power that mal how do you think . well the answer in the short of it is yes and no it is certainly a return to the maoist model that we saw in the one nine hundred sixty s. one nine hundred seventy s. in terms of one man rule or presiding over
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a very large population over a very large territory but the difference today is that if one were to make a personality level comparison between miles of dollars each in going is as each in pink is relatively more astute or more competent more savvy more well informed leader then melted on was certainly the two personalities find a common ground comes of their very strong orientation towards colonists aren't you ology i do logical thinking but sitting thing i think is a more a more competent leader and that that aspect would actually need to get some of the perceived risks in terms of the return of one man rule to china is it just separatist anality trait well i mean he works within the communist party xi jinping which is a very powerful party there are so many different kinds of constituent elements do you think that the one party rule can really become
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a one man rule today given the strength of this communist party in china. i think saw and that is so once again you know in terms of our teaching things political savvy something that he's been able to realize yes the truck the chinese communist party to do is a lot more different than it was in the past you have a lot more competent personalities within the chinese communist party all you have to do is look into the seven member standing political role which is the core leadership of the party and you find the likes of you could young and one one who inning and others who are extremely savvy people so you can be of course since you came to power and when you the team was able to consolidate that over time by reading up arrivals and getting people who are who support him to be on his side and so i think he's he's taken a very. forward planned approach towards consolidating his power within it different times companies are i think he's done it certainly from the votes you saw
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. yesterday. being has achieved his this stance but if he fails to fulfill the expectations that say in the future could he be removed could we see a change of power without people participating in any sort of process. that's a very interesting question and i think that's a question that we ought to monitor over the next few years i mean having said what i just did i'm not an apologist or supporting the outcome of that is that we seem yesterday i think on balance this is not a very positive step for china we're living in a very complex time a very complicated global economy and it shouldn't be left to just one person in any government no matter how small or large to criticize over the matters of military economics and society and soar and all the risks for teaching being have have grown tremendously he's put himself in this position where he's at the helm but really all of it falls on his shoulders in terms of the successful as the
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country and saw one would think that you know the terms of what you just mentioned the chinese communist party machinery is a lot more savvy the more sophisticated today the expectations of the teaching thing have increased and he has room for fear six trini little if you makes any missteps that have repercussions are going to be dire for a country of the size and i think it's going to lead to instability in china rather than more stability thank you so much for sharing your views with us thanks for your insight graham on the web joining us there from singapore now antarctica is the largest unspoiled well dennis on earth famous for its iconic wide knife but is facing multiple threats ranging from climate change to a dramatic rise in tourism nick clark is on a greenpeace expedition ship and in the third part of our antarctic series he looks at the creatures conning the continent home. life of the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant
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a place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. a place to breed feet and grow. its pristine nations full of marine species including more than a dozen types of whales but getting to see the astonishing wildlife here is by no means straightforward. the weather makes everything a challenge bit of a threat on today it's gusting forty to forty five knots we buried her progress in the night we're now back in the antarctic that hoping to get her back which is where there's an argentine research station three want to visit that is also a colony of about one hundred thousand. and then by radio the argentine base says the winds have become impossibly strong and it now has enough away things
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to me. mission is aborted and we have to wait another twenty four hours before making landfall on penguin island near the reasonably accessible tip of the antarctic peninsula a colony of chinstrap penguins territory with a large group of seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers of the molten juveniles of course the environment where these magnificent animals wildlife is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that are up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism and the tourists come here the audience close to king george in their masses. some are prepared to pay top dollar and all to experience there are some pressures that come from tourism so in the background we have a two hundred person tours ship take the number of tourist coming down here so the beginning of the two thousands was somewhere around four five thousand
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a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. two days later we arrive at hanna point on the southern edge of livingstone island here another colony of chinstrap penguins healthy and in good shape they will look a group of gentoo penguins there's the distinctive beak of the southern giant but showing its young. or elephant seals all different species side by side on a grand scale but across the continent the pressure is building it's crazy the pace of change and at the moment colonies like this one seem to be doing ok but all it takes is one bad year and we saw in the east antarctic last year a penguin colony collapsed due to chicks born. and so that the pace of change is so quick we don't want to add additional thrust things like fishing which is gradually expanding and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape
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needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats interludes on the horizon because al-jazeera antarctica. and in the fourth part of on tactics series nik talks to scientists looking to see if micro plastics have made their way into some of the world's most remote waters. still ahead on the al-jazeera news our cuba takes a big step towards life after the castro brothers protesters are back on the streets of boston know not to demand the release of jailed politicians and as serena williams continues her tennis comeback after many a face awaits her at indian wells sound have a decent still stands. the nice thing sky spy the taj mahal. or is the sunset in the city of angels.
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hello there is now far warmer for many of us in the eastern parts of china the temperatures in shanghai are rocketing twenty two degrees will be our temperature on monday and then as we head into cheese day will be all the way up to twenty four twenty four i think much in the temperature we're expecting in hong kong for many of us here it should be fine and dry is just really the northern parts of it now where there's more in the way of cloud and we could just see the old shower for the southeastern parts of asia plenty of dry weather to be found here as well the showers a largely in the southern part of developing for parts of borneo and across through java and into somalia and this region again is where we're going to see most of the showers as we head through monday and then to choose day so pretty wet tail but further north largely dry just one or two showers behind the times that we had across towards india largely fine and dry for most of us here is just in the far south we've seen a few showers and that's just really been brought to us courtesy of the showers that are over sri lanka some of these have been very heavy recently but they've just been clipping a little bit further northwards just in the full southern parts of india too to the
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north of that following android but getting pretty warm now for some of us new delhi they're up at around thirty four degrees on monday and by choose day up at thirty six there is little snow that's mostly over parts of afghanistan. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. an act of youthful defiance. your turn looks the only school will be arrested we're told for in the morning of electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war this time on al jazeera the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the soldiers going to be enough to leave men and women to
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the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story unique is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera a kurdish fighters have called on civilians to volunteer to form a human shield around the syrian city of a freeness turkish forces advance to the shops have surrounded a friend and warned they were and to assume turkey launched an offensive an f.
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eighteen in january to clear the area of kurdish y p g fine to its colombia's civil registry says it ran out of ballots for the country's congressional elections prompting an op cry from voters it's the first time from a fox rivals are able to run for office. that political debut comes after assigning a twenty sixteen p.c. of that and fifty two years of fighting with colombia's government. and china's ruling communist party has paved the way for xi jinping to remain in office indefinitely as voted to abolish term limits for the president and vice president leaders until now are restricted to a maximum of two five year terms. now the man expected to be cuba's next president is promising the new government will be more responsive to its people cubans have been voting to ratify their national assembly which will choose a successor to president raul castro julia galliano reports from havana. no
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campaigning just one party and rarely any surprises elections in cuba are carefully managed in this vote the last step before cuba's national assembly chooses a replacement for raul castro was no different. with their ballots cubans essentially confirmed the names of six hundred five assembly delegates and electoral process that began months ago and will end on april nineteenth that's when the new assembly forms the council of state which in turn chooses the next president. it's widely expected this man vice president. will replace castro is we will use government that we are electing today will owe itself to the people the people will take part in the decisions that the government takes that government will work based on its relationships to the people and the people can also remove those who don't meet their responsibilities. to generational transition that the cuban government says will guarantee the continuity of the revolution and
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in a country where the political power is largely in the hands of the communist party the old castro won't be stepping down entirely he's expected to remain as first party secretary and continue to be a major power behind the scenes there's a palpable son. of resignation in cuba about who the next president will be in fact with only weeks to go few of us know very little about me or any of the other potential candidates one thing there is no uncertainty about though is what the next president's biggest challenge will be upon taking office and that is tackling the country's stagnant economy. over the last decade cuba has made efforts to modernize its economy most notably allowing some private businesses to operate but many here feel they have fallen short of what's needed to improve quality of life on the island the next president's job has also been made much harder by the worsening relationship with the united states and you can on the collapse of venezuela cuba's main ally in the region. there will be positive changes both to
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our economy and our politics because some of the decisions made in the past have become obsolete but. we have some big economic challenges ahead in particular the unification of our two currencies which creates a lot of problems but we trust those people in this new government will be able to find the best way forward without ever compromising our peace and freedom whoever is the next leader will find it tough to replace these historically recognized figures but despite the challenges ahead many cubans are hoping this is a moment their government can capitalize on for lasting economic reform julia galiano al-jazeera have anna. on this i speak to antonia morals in latin america analyst and editor in chief of news and news dot com he's joining us via skype from miami thank you so much for your time do you see these elections representing change in any way for cubans. well there are certainly a big generational change the fact that there are now is going to be this person who is going to be the leader cuba moving forward although of course the power
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behind the scenes as your correspondent said is definitely still to be in row castro's hands he's going to remain as secretary as the first secretary of the cuban communist party until at least twenty twenty one so i think anyone who thinks that the castros are still not going to continue to be in power in cuba are wrong but again this is a much younger guy he's fifty seven years old he was born after the revolution. and so it is a generational change in leadership something that cuba has not seen since in sixty years as you say at the first vice president macand yes can and is expected to become president he's young he's saying he's where he was born after the revolution he but he has also no military history how do you think he'll be able to establish his legitimacy within the party when he doesn't have the same moral authority as the historic generation of revolutionary leader is well it's a good point ali because that's going to be the issue going forward and i think it
5:37 am
raises the possibility that there will be change because he simply will not have the same kind of authority as the people who came before him the people who were part of that revolution who were who were going to be icons of the of communist cuba so that is going to be an issue for him although again with raul castro still there and still backing him up i don't think about going to be much of a change the question's going to be whether dissidents and others are more inspired to take action and to protest against the government but i wouldn't hold my breath on that because the tight control that the cuban security apparatus has over the cuban people from the military the police and the this the one who will see on the committees of defense a defense of the revolution which are basically people in your neighborhood who are watching out to see if anything happens and the call the police of if they see anything out of line it's just it's so strong and super. again i wouldn't hold my breath at this would be a change in cuba anytime soon and how do you see relations with the united states
5:38 am
evolving are they going to deteriorate further under this next president i don't know if they'll tear it any further he has a reputation of being moderate but last year a tape emerged you know sort of you didn't know he was being taped them and audio was heard or he was talking about censoring web sites and talking about how everybody censors and taking a very hard line toward the united states so i think again people who think that the u.s. going to know is going to be a moderate going to change things significantly i'm not sure that i would believe that that is going to be the case i think he will continue to at least initially follow the same party line and see in the route the years of this revolution and tony moore i thank you so much for your insight thank you for talking to us on al-jazeera i thought. and fans the main far right party the national front is being rebranded in a bid to revive its a major party leader a million appends says it should not be called the national gathering but will
5:39 am
a new name attracts a new vote has had a change to has more from the. i read the panda wrapped up the refunding of a potty with a classic speech touching all the point she knows will get the cheers from a crowd top form the european union and tough most of all of the effects of immigration. leave us your leg it is legal and illegal immigration are no longer tenable. last year on this the french people's money must go back to the french people first. we no longer have the means to welcome to house to careful or to feed the whole world. but the high point came at the end when she announced her suggestion to rename the party it was here in existence absolute you know it must signal an absolute demand to unite the country in the defense of its identity its prosperity
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and its security and freedom i therefore propose that the national front become the national gathering live for national now on the agenda has some limit on the show not. so the national front is dead but not quite varied yet the members will have a chance to vote on the name change in the next few weeks for what is the most important thing for me was to keep the war national in a thing that the world gathering is coherent now the idea is no longer to be a france but to get a people together to. see. demonstrators took to the streets of lille to show what they called their contempt for the rebranding of the national front they said it was just another attempt to disguise fascism but back in paris a warning from an expert who knows the party at first and an opposition councillor it one of the heartlands. let's not forget the national front got the highest score
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in its history last year the fact she made a fool of herself at the debate doesn't mean the party is finished but. the party's found on there in the pen has now been stripped of his position as on ri president of the national front but he can't be written out of history he's just published the first volume of his autobiography and it's turned into a bestseller he said changing the name was committing political suicide david chaytor al-jazeera live. she. is an associate professor of sociology at the american university and author of extreme gone mainstream she says the new name won't change the party's rhetoric i do not think this is really a rebranding at all i think it's just a renaming i think especially coming on the heels of having steve benen speak to the congress and say you know it's ok to be a racist it's ok to be let them call it was you know i don't see how this
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distinguishes you know distinguishes the party at all from from its past but certainly we're seeing you know a much greater acceptability of rhetoric of anti immigrant rhetoric of phobic rhetoric in political parties across across the continent and we're seeing some of that language show up even in more mainstream parties as you know as an attempt to move and draw some of those voters and so i do think that that we're going to continue to see that happening i don't think that that you know is it distinguishes what's what's happening now from what the party has been in the past. in spain police say nearly fifty thousand independence supporters have marched in barcelona demanding the formation of a new government madrid has blocked the moves and legal action has also forced the castle and parliament to cancel this week's planned session to elect a new regional minister coppin hole reports. they're marching for
5:43 am
their own breakaway republic but they're going nowhere fast do we owe them anything i mean. i know in the band members. songs of freedom ring out but the political reality is discordant. it's been five months since many catalans voted to split from the rest of spain the spanish central government to so far block the move it declared the secession referendum illegal and jailed some cattle and leaders while others fled a broad. indices your politicians are being a bit indecisive they need to be bordering to make progress. demonstrations like this seem to be an indication that diehard supporters are growing impatient with their leaders failure to declare an independent republic as promised and this is certainly the largest procession demonstration of the year so far but it was
5:44 am
never talked quietly from the days leading up to the october referendum last year when new independence from the moment was able to put tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets. the catalan parliament had been due to elect a new first minister for catalonia on monday but the top candidate jordy sanchez is in jail facing charges of rebellion the judge refused to release him. the two largest cattle and separatist parties are now considering a legal appeal to european courts their smaller ally the leftist c u p party and its head col of three the more radical action. l. struggle is peaceful nonviolent but the only way to win is through civil disobedience and that means will have to suffer more state repression a. chance to occupy the streets some demonstrators seem ready to heat the cool for direct action then it was decided. we have to turn out
5:45 am
and demonstrate every day and night until our voice runs out until we can sit up our republic as soon as possible. but others clearly did not share the same urgency and headed home the pipe has lost. only the stragglers. zero barcelona. tens of thousands of followers have marched to have reach india's financial capital mom by after a five day march there demanding financial support from the government better crop prices and more access to land many of the farmers have fallen into debt due to drought and increasingly erratic weather pie patterns. eight months after u.s. bought forces drove i saw from iraq's second largest city mosul unexploded bombs mortars and other explosives still litter the streets the u.n.
5:46 am
says most of them are buried under an estimated eleven metric tons of destroyed buildings it warns removing them could take many years in test time as our reports . it's one of the most dangerous jobs for new iraqi soldier identifying into husing unexploded mortars homemade bombs and other explosives on the streets of mosul's old city or littered with such weapons most of which are buried under houses and buildings destroyed by border artillery and air strikes. sound of explosions regularly brings out as teams detonate the bombs. we are working hard to dismantle leigh's an exploded bombs yet many of the displaced trying to return home have found explosives in their houses all of the houses were rigged with explosives or the neighbors' houses rigged instead so when
5:47 am
they report this to us we have to take action. on the outskirts of mosul which is in iraq's predominantly sunni nineveh province some of the unexploded devices are brought here to be destroyed iraqi officials estimate more than five thousand civilians were killed in the battle for the city most of them in u.s. and iraqi airstrikes are tillery and mortar attacks targeting eisel fighters. with no escape route out of mosul several hundred thousand civilians were trapped as security forces seize control of the city. at a recent meeting iraqi military leaders promised nineveh provincial council officials they would remove be unexploded ordinance as quickly as possible so that those displaced in the fighting could return home tell. me how i did to implement the prioritize our mission to remove explosive devices as soon as possible from the safety of up was awfully moving these explosive to comply with the orders of the
5:48 am
prime minister. to facilitate that and off the displaced people and bring back stability at also a bit of a that's. according to the united nations most of the explosives are buried under an estimated eleven metric tons of rubble u.n. experts say removing the devices will likely take many years the u.s. government has promised to provide loans and loan guarantees to american companies to help reconstruct mosul but won't provide any direct funding for the eighty eight billion dollars iraq says it needs to rebuild the city and others like it meaning it a likely take a long time for any form of normalcy to return here in the style of al-jazeera a turkish socialite returning from a from her bachelorette party in the u.s. is among eleven people killed in a plane crash in central iran the private jet was flying from saga to istanbul when it crashed into a mountainside about three hundred seventy kilometers south of tehran the plane was
5:49 am
owned by mean a bus runs father businessman hussein boss ron seven of her friends were also on board the plane an investigation is underway into why helicopter went down in new york's east river the crash was caught on camera by a passer by at least two people were killed while three others are in a critical condition in hospital but they say the pilot managed to free himself and was rescued by a tugboat the helicopter had been chartered for a photo shoot business owners in poland fear they may be jobless after a new law banning almost all sunday trading came into effect initially trading will be banned on two sundays a month extending to all sundays by twenty twenty some poll say they feel exploited under previous regulations others feel the new ban infringes on consumer freedom. indonesia more than a thousand people have taken part in a march in the capital demanding equal inheritance rights for women women and men
5:50 am
rallied in the streets of tunis on saturday they were demanding an end to the islamic inheritance laws where women and men rather receive double the amount given to women despite being seen as a pioneer of women's rights in the arab world wide school say women in tunisia. disadvantage. game and a woman is on her husband's side her entire life and at the end she gets inheritance which is not a tool that comes a day when you discriminate among your children she gets a quarter of the inheritance and that's not fun and i'm not ok with that still ahead on al-jazeera sports with santa and some surprise results on day one of the world in australia.
5:51 am
5:52 am
tempest for see santa. thank you very much after the disappointment of their champions league exit three days ago tottenham returned to their winning ways in the english premier league on sunday. you know the side they came from behind to beat bonus and move up to third place in the e.p.l. standings but it wasn't all good news for spurs to strike a harry kane that was substituted off to colliding with bournemouth keeper asked me because richie and injuring his why ankle this time last year kayne missed ten games it with an injury to the same ankle despite that setback spurs went on to secure a four one win in the reaction was important for the for the team i think we started. you know we were difficult again because they put
5:53 am
a lot of. the temple from the beginning you know it was difficult. but that you know after we can see the goal. is to play. we don't listen to sounds as if. we are so happy because he's must have three points for us. no arsenal and of the three game losing streak in the league scored run to fire appear in merrick and henrik at arianne all finding the back of the net in a three nil win over what for but the czech also saved the penalty disc or his two hundredth premier league clean sheet to stick together you know. take advantage of the weak moments we had. defensively and much in the end it was a convincing win we. highlight as well what peter
5:54 am
take is now on two hundred games two hundred career match remarkably well despite the much needed when arsenal are still twelve points adrift of the top four in the qualification spot for next season's champions league tottenham are now a point ahead of liverpool and while a leader is that majesty city can increase their lead at the top but when they play stoke on a monday over in spain that logical my did beat celta vigo to stay within eight points of league leaders barcelona on two one the grossman got athletico off to the market just before half time and gave korea and total were also those in the score sheet in the three nil win it means that let it go also stay seven points ahead of city rivals real madrid in the table. jantina have played their first match since the sudden death of their captain a story just a week ago fans at paid touching tribute to our story ahead of the syria game with
5:55 am
a bin of into which was stopped on thirteen minutes to honor the former italy international players from both clubs also wore a stories number thirteen shirt on tina went on to win the match one nil a story died of a cardiac arrest just hours before his side were due to play with an easy loss on tape he was thirty one of age ten is now on as serena williams continues her comeback following the birth of her first child she set to face a militia opponent in the third round of the indian wells on monday she'll take on the her older sister venus for the twenty ninth time in a competitive match three that is playing in her first tour event since her daughter was born just six months ago the six year old that beats kiki burton seven six seven five that's the longer the tournament saturday chill out of laziness for the first time says the twenty seventeen australian open final would she want to claim her twenty third grandstand singles. you know
5:56 am
as one of the best players in the world last year so for me to have to go up against so passes will be good to see where i am on my level or see i'm not putting too much on mars. phoenix beats around assisted to fast the third round against the reno will be the earliest the sisters have played to at a tournament since the first to a meeting at the moment in ninety eight off screen opens. a new season of the world's surf league championships got on the way on the gold coast in australia on sunday and it was a shock defeat for the world's top ranked a surfer john john florence while he was beaten by fellow american griffin cora pinto the nineteen year old competing in his first ever w s l a heat meanwhile it was business as usual for three time w s l champion cories the more the american scored the highest combined of the day with the sixteen point sixteen out of a possible twenty from surf to the snow now work cross country skiing star
5:57 am
bjork in wrote another chapter in the history books in front of home crowds and also on sunday a month after the norwegian became the most decorated winter olympians of all time on tank that seven year old has now become the first athlete to win seven women thirty kilometers in the fall. and with one of the more extreme winter sports downhill i saw a cross similar to ski cross the but on skates events his competitors a race on track of keep turns and but props will championships i have been taking place in canada for home favorite spots the crux of. the world title that's the spot him finishing last in the spinal heat off the crushing with his brother when his event was one that by amanda trousseaux of the united states she has dominated the circuit this season.
5:58 am
and that's a sport for me will have more later on. thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera plenty more news as always on our web site al-jazeera dot com. is with you next to stay with us. as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being barked sold and given away you know if you g. camps one used investigates yet another dark side of the crisis at this time on al jazeera the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year though more than thirty minute is in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes it caught in the
5:59 am
crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my son due to king leyland the go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers falso act as security guards. are harder for. when the news breaks when people need to be heard in the struggles of lucky to good
6:00 am
to be. really really mean to god my brain and this story needs to be tuned asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. syrian dollar fields of split to rebel territory and east and go into three while reports surface of a new that curation deal for the fighters. welcome
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to al-jazeera life why headquarters in doha with me end of the.


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