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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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don't do that because they have the heart protection of nature to do that because to see your business pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football when used explores how china is now spending billions in its quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time when al-jazeera. deserves it like read a lot but not enough to keep him as secretary of state the us president fires rex tillerson citing differences of opinion. in our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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a narrow escape for the palestinian prime minister after a roadside bombing targets his motorcade on a rare visit to gaza. russia slams the u.k. for refusing to give it access to a sample of the nav agent used in the spy poisoning case. inspiration or appropriation of the big brands or to using mexico's unique cultural designs fighting to share the profits. and there has been a turbulent fourteen months in power for u.s. president donald trump and tuesday was no different following the surprise sacking of his top diplomat no one was more taken aback by the news than sector state rex tillerson himself only found out via twitter trump insists policy differences are to blame but his role in jordan explains reports of friction and falling is out of play the plaza relationship. it's not every day you lose your job the
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a social media but an emotional rex tillerson deliberately ignored that detail when he addressed reporters on tuesday or received a call today from the president night states at low afternoon time from air force one my commission as secretary of state will terminate at midnight march thirty first tillerson served as u.s. secretary of state for a little more than a year he spent much of that time pushing back against reports that the president donald trump wanted to fire him on tuesday morning on twitter trump did just that mike pompei a will become our new secretary of state thank you to rex tillerson for his service trump then told reporters this we disagreed on things when you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i want to use a regular something he felt a little bit differently so we were not really thinking the same looking back it's
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clear trump and tillerson disagreed on the big problems of the day whether or not to engage directly with north korea how far to hold russia accountable brits meddling in u.s. political and civic affairs something tillerson made a point of stressing the u.s. must do ultimately the former u.s. diplomat say taylor since firing is no surprise and neither is the choice of his replacement the cia director mike pompei oh he's well known for his support of trump's policies trump is impulsive and trump is temperamental trump wants. once a neighbor's and validators more than he wants advisors tillerson didn't have many fans at state because of his plans to cut staffing by nearly thirty percent some senior diplomats quit in protest but the firings at state didn't end there at lunchtime the white house dismissed assistant secretary of state steve goldstein
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after he released this statement suggesting tillerson thought his job was safe the secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason for his dismissal in any case tillerson said he had no regrets rex tillerson didn't lose his job because he didn't agree with the president analysts say he lost his job because he refused to pretend that he agreed if confirmed my pump ale will face a very high standard of agreeing with the president all the time especially because the president believes he already does rosalynn jordan al-jazeera the state department let's get more now from john hendren in washington d.c. said they disagreed over a number of months so why did it happen now the firing. that's a great question lauren and one that everyone here in washington is asking because it would seem like it should have happened on on last week when the president announced he was going to have meetings with north korea and tillerson was
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completely blindsided by that tillers and didn't know when this was going to happen but he certainly knew it was a possibility it was the worst kept secret in washington that the president had repeatedly been critical of him the two men disagreed on policy when it came to the iran nuclear deal the president wanted to junk at the paris climate treaty tillers and wanted to keep it at the gulf crisis tillerson it tended to favorite guitar the president had been critical in favor of this saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and then of course there was russia where the president was in curious about russia's role in the u.s. election that made him president and tillerson was quite critical in the end the timing of this may come down to the fact that the president is a former reality television star famed for his saying you're fired who doesn't really like to fire people and that may be why tillerson found out the a tweet and only got a call from the president later the worst part of this relationship really broken
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down may have occurred when tillerson reportedly called the president a moron that apparently fired up the president a good deal and he has recently been said to have called tillerson arrogant so how did this respond to what happens next. well he came out today and spoke at the state department he was clearly emotional but also dignified and composed he had no criticism for president trump he did not fire back at but he also didn't thank trump while he was thanking a number of other people and that did not go unnoticed by the white house he took a parting shot at russia saying that russia needed to reconsider its role in the world or it would become increasingly isolated and that would be bad for everybody so now the president gets mike pump a zero is his top diplomat pumpin now the head of the cia a true believer or a hawk but who has also been critical on russia meddling he also gets gina haskell
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at cia she's the deputy there both of those would require senate confirmation in the house bill in particular might get some criticism because she was overseeing cia black sites at a time when there was waterboarding going on in thailand and elsewhere but keep tuned because the president says there are likely to be more changes coming up ahead and john given all these changes in this of the idea of a kind of revolving door at the white house do you think that it's people see it as kind of creative chaos what they see it is toxic. we've never seen an administration like this this is a president who doesn't really support his nominees he said that he likes to see fighting within his administration president lincoln was famed for having a cabinet that often was contentious among each other but that was a much more civil case and in this case you tend to get a fight and then somebody goes down somebody like tillers and we've seen more
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departures in this administration than any in recent memory so there is definitely a kind of chaos going on here whether it's an organized chaos with a purpose that is really a matter of perception john hundred thank you very much indeed. palestinian prime minister rami hundred dollar has escaped unhurt after a bomb exploded one his convoy was traveling in gaza the palestinian authority has called the move an assassination attempt and blamed hamas it has denied any involvement very force it has more from gaza. the palestinian prime minister had come to gaza to demonstrate progress by attending the opening of a new water treatment plant. instead just a few hundred meters into gaza a territory. visit became a demonstration of the level of insecurity here a powerful bomb buried by the road blasted the end of his convoy vehicles were
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damaged seven people were lightly injured. and his delegation pressed on to the water project where he said the attack would only make him more determined to return. they blew up three of our cars on entering the gaza strip this proves to you one hundred percent that it will not prevent us from continuing our. putting an end to this division. but that division between the palestinian authority dominated by fatah and its political rival hamas in gaza was once again on full display a palestinian president's office accused hamas of responsibility for the attack given its continued control of security in the strip hamas condemned both the explosion and the p.a.'s accusation. written accusations can only achieve the goals of the criminals that targeted the convoy of. the bank suspects
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who wants to destroy the palestinian. occupation. some analysts suggest salafist groups aiming to cause political chaos were behind the attack on the crater itself shows you just what a sizable device this was the immediate impact obviously substantial the question now is how far the shock waves of what happened here will carry over into the political process between fatah and hamas. reconciliation efforts have been stalled for months since hamas dissolved its administration last year so far there's been no full resumption of p.a. control in gaza with talks foundering on issues such as jobs for tens of thousands of hamas members and control of its military wings weapons we are living in by a lawyer in between the responsibility of hamas or that defacto government and that a new government that's indeed not a walk in of. have it said is possible. the palestinian prime minister arrived back
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in ramallah in the occupied west bank his spokesman accusing hamas leaders of declining an invitation to meet for gaza's people desperate for some kind of government to address a worsening humanitarian and now security situation of the weight goes on are a force that gaza. small groups of people are being allowed out to rebel held eastern in syria one hundred fifty people have so far left the enclave which has been under intense government meant for three weeks and fisher reports. turkey syria border. they've come from eastern guta slowly perhaps hesitantly most definitely the glad to be out and what about those they've left behind. we were about two hundred people living in a cellar without light or electricity and very little food it was impossible to leave because of the events many people decided to leave and head to duma and only forty of us stayed behind in that cellar and decided not to leave until the syrian
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army entered the city. my children tell me dad we don't want to die whenever they tell me this i cry tears of blood and pray to god to make me die before them. others have been bussed out of the area after the group reached an agreement with the united nations the russians and others. and a thousand people need to leave for medical treatment the first batch of around one hundred have no left. to date has been agreed to take those who want to go to damascus or even approach to be treated and returned back once again to good the first batch consisting of around forty families have left to damascus for treatment at the u.n. and the red crescent where their new batches of sick people will follow for treatment outside quarter the agreement to get injured people lie to has been around for a little while the fact that the process is actually started will give encouragement
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to the united nations who obviously like to see the numbers increase in the coming days the fighting continues around the young cleve which is no been split in three by city government forces backed by the russians. it may not be as fierce as recent days but that's little consolation to those still trapped in sight. alan fischer al jazeera on the turkey syria border. still to come on the program president donald trump examines prototypes for his wall to separate the united states from mexico. and why south sudanese refugees who fled their war torn country are finding a return home isn't exactly what they'd hoped for. how i would get lossy dry weather across much of australia at the moment not too
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far away there out into the policy you can see this little circulation lat says now developed into tropical cyclone linda is going to make its way very close to the sunshine coast cloud coming in across the sunshine coast that into the gulf coast it'll sink its way further southwards and eventually push a little further south east as we go through wednesday on into thursday brightening up the high twenty four brisbane nineteen in melbourne so welcome right coming into melbourne recently little more rain a possibility over the next day or so as is the case to into the southwest perth with the top temperature of around twenty three degrees the cooling off on the kind of values that we've seen recently something like a ten degree drop in temperatures we've got a little more cloud making its way into new zealand meanwhile some decent spells of sunshine sunny quater the has been of late twenty one celsius there for oakland i crossed it on wednesday going into thursday similar values increasing winds coming into christchurch just as northerly wind its attempts getting up to twenty three degrees the north island will stay fine and dry pleasantly warm see similar type
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which is actually coming into japan over the next as i was surprising spring off throw tokyo twenty degrees celsius but increasing clouds for the korean peninsula. subzero temperatures extreme altitude. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from the top. to higher there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the kurdistan of this time.
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and one of the top stories here not just syria. state rex tillerson has confirmed you'll be leaving office at the end of the month he was fired by president donald trump via twitter because of policy differences. from mr romney hamdullah has escaped unhurt for a bomb exploded his convoy was traveling in gaza hamas is denied responsibility. one hundred fifty people have been allowed to leave the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta which has been under intense government bombardment for three weeks . president trump has examined border wall prototypes for his proposed project to separate the u.s. from mexico in an attempt to curb illegal immigration it was shown eight towers that will be tested for thirty to sixty days which design is best trump said he
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liked a fully concrete wall because it was the hardest to climb but says it needed see through capabilities as well some experts estimate the wall could cost as much as twenty billion dollars and funding is yet to be secured. head of the president's arrival dozens of protesters took to the street to sun. sunday those border with mexico to denounce the immigration crackdown let's go to who joins us from miramar in san diego so what does said while visiting well. well the president as the left this arena here station here in san diego the air force one and he's on its way to los angeles where he will attend a fundraiser tonight and spend the evening in los angeles now he has not said a word about the arguably the most important story of the day is abrupt ouster of rex tillerson as secretary of state he did call on congress to fund fully fund the
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border wall which as you mentioned could cost up to twenty billion dollars he did not mention again his campaign pledge to force mexico to pay for the idea because it is a. nonstarter he did also criticize the governor of california jerry brown saying he's done a poor job and particularly was scathing about california's policy of sanctuary cities and those are cities where local law enforcement authorities are not permitted to cooperate in some matters with federal immigration and customs and border patrol officials so a lot of difficulty between the state of california and the present united states ended and why do you think there is such a difference between between him which and the u.s. has not just most economically powerful state why do people there and officials oppose so many of his policies. you know california is so large and such
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a powerful economy that people almost think of themselves as living in a different sort of. country not that they feel they're not living in the united states of america but they are very aware of the fact that they live in this this strong powerful state and of course it's a democratically dominated state dominated by the democratic party very liberal positions particularly in cities like san francisco or los angeles. a oh california by a wide margin preferred hillary clinton to donald trump in one thousand. and twenty sixteen and there's also a very large letterio hispanic population here so these immigration policies this wall policy the the denigration of immigrants from mexico as the rapists and drug dealers that trump said during his election campaign does not go over well at all with those people. so many voters in california do not like president trump
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many elected officials do reject his policies the state has sued twenty eight times the administration twenty eight times on issues ranging from refugee policy to environmental protection and that may be one of the reasons why this is the first time the president has visited california since he took office thank you very much refugees who escaped the civil war in south sudan six months ago beginning to return to their homes more than four hundred thousand people sought safety by fleeing east across the border. but as have a moment reports from the border town of many are coming home to find that community is destroyed. mary gets course is preparing to start serving tea she says it's the only way for her to make money to look after her four children the family returned to product from refugee camps in ethiopia by god became too dangerous for them to live during the fighting last august. i came
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back here with my teapot and my things to sell tea hoping that i'd get money for my children when the fighting started i went to the border with them when it calmed down i came back to sell tea so i could continue to earn money for them mary was one of thousands who fled bug and won a four hundred thousand south sudanese who escaped with european. was the military headquarters of the armed opposition under the ousted former vice president riek machar there's very little to return to for the few who have ventured back. i was here when the fighting happened in august and fled to i heard people were returning so i came back with my children but i didn't find anything when i came back it was destroyed what is left behind a reminder of fierce fighting thousands of civilians use this bridge to flee from baghdad to gamble in neighboring ethiopia when the armed opposition under read much
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or lost control of the territory six months ago and while they may have lost their military headquarters the fighting between the opposition and the government is far from over with civilians being the price of the war that is now in its fifth year the united nation expects three million south sudanese will be displaced this year in africa's largest refugee crisis since the rwandan genocide in one thousand nine hundred four government ministers want everyone who fled by god to come back we are writing them to come all of them the governor and the deputy governor us and valley . make sure that there were received and the role of the president of the republic of south sudan president salva kiir mayardit is to make sure that those who are killer turning will be provided with the services they need as a government we would like your work to make sure that services are provided to all of them. around four million of south sudan's twelve million population lost their homes as some start to return in other parts of the country the mass displacement continues peace seems elusive to africa's in this nation people more than al-jazeera in south sudan sierra leone's presidential election is heading to
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a runoff in two weeks time the ruling party candidates american mara has finished second in the first round behind the main opposition candidate advantages has more from the. former military head of state brigadier general julius mudd a bureau wins the first round of presidential election with forty three point three percent of the vote but not enough to avoid a runoff he leads the anointed credited of president and is by former doctor tomorrow who scored forty two point seven percent of the vote now the third and fourth clearly this new interest only broke away from several units two main political parties to form their own and challenge for the seat of president may decide who becomes the country's next president according to the election commission ninety four point eight percent of registered voters participated in the election so i run over several for two weeks from now that means that several units
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will be required to come out again on the twenty some of march to vote the next president of this country the parliament in somalia has voted to ban a port company owned by the united arab emirates from working in that country it follows a three way deal signed earlier this month between the company d.p. world is here pier and the breakaway somali region of somaliland somalia does not recognize mali land and is accusing would you buy based company of undermining their sovereignty. a court in the west african nation of been in has jail seven pharmaceutical executives for selling expired and counterfeit medicines the trial is seen as a breakthrough in west africa's campaign against fake drugs medicines appear to be legitimate but are actually fake or below regulatory standards and even has a reputation for being a crossroads for trafficking in expired and counterfeit drugs. party has broken out of the turkish parliament after
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a controversial law was passed changing election regulations government and opposition politicians shoved each other traded punches and even chased each other across the chamber your position is unhappy with the new law which allows the electoral board to merge voting districts it also means ballots are admissible without an official stamp and members of the security forces can be invited into polling stations. russia has ramped up the rhetoric against the u.k. warning britain not to threaten a nuclear power prime minister to resign may has given russia a deadline of the end of tuesday to prove it was not involved in the nerve agent attack against former double agent sergei script and his daughter moscow has so far refusing to cooperate with the u.k. in his investigation on a beef it reports. is this the lull before the storm the british government says it's looking at ways of responding to what it believes is now re just backed by russia this is part of a pack of behavior a by the putin regime and you'll seeing this reckless support for the use of
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chemical weapons all the way from syria to the streets of. our country. being encouraged by the determination of our friends to stand with us except that friends aren't so predictable these days the american president shortly after sacking a secretary of state who was highly regarded by the british government says it sounds to him as if russia was involved in the nerve agent attack but in moscow the russian foreign minister said britain was being obstructive refusing to give russia samples of the nerve agent so that it could carry out its own investigation. but its russia is not guilty but russia is ready to cooperate in the framework of the chemical weapons convention only in the united kingdom takes pains to fulfill their legal obligations and cling to the same document that was the london's luxury
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properties luxury shops could britain target russians who spend money here an anti corruption group estimates more than a billion dollars of suspicious russian wealth is invested in u.k. property well it's certainly the case that some of the individuals that we've identified in this research are well known to the kremlin so if they were to find themselves subjected to police investigations by unexplained well for days for example then that would send a very clear message to the kremlin the corrupt individuals and their illicit cash and no longer welcome here british politicians want to send a message to russia that they won't tolerate what they see as a brazen attack on british soil but they also hope to cooperate with russia on issues like. containing iran and north korea's nuclear ambitions in other words russia's international significance presents britain with a diplomatic dilemma britain says it's ready to act but if this crisis escalates
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western unity could come under great strain party phillips al jazeera. mexico is famous for its highly patterned ornate indigenous clothing and the fashion world has taken notice major brands and designers have been selling clothing inspired by traditional designs but the communities where those designs originate say they often don't see the benefits john heilemann has more from mexico city. it's taken as a q.b. same thing a lifetime to get to here when the pain seems to guide itself what he sees in his community of to mexico flies of the page made flesh by his wife this intricate dream world has been built up in the imagination of generations of to mangle across people. together the community's become famous for these tapestries. now they're worried that their shared heritage is being exploited by big brands who use their designs but don't share the profits but i must proportion. we can make
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anything we're asked to that we should be paid a fair amount that way we can get ahead generate employment here and the people write. a recent study by n.-g. o. impact concludes that a clothing brands of plagiarised indigenous designs. the spanish clothing firm mango used to design in this wetter after complaints they withdrew it from wrote a letter pledging to help the community several indigenous communities in mexico have their own distinctive designs which are sold locally in shops and markets these are often poor people so when they see their patterns being used to mass produced or luxury clothing without compensation or recognition it really rankles. the problem is judging when the thin line between inspiration and plagiarism is crossed. defining that by copyright is tough because the designs are often the cultural heritage of entire communities rather than just one person. congresswoman
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powlett félix says companies shouldn't see is a legal question but one of moral duty guess what one of us at the government of us they need to get ethically responsible because at the end of the day it's just stealing that is that is of mexican craftspeople we have to have that word has to say you can't explode it is fags in other countries and say they are yours. but when it is well it's a complicated picture but the very fact it's been watch more closely than ever may mean a fair deal from its cruise cross people john homan out zita mexico city. top stories when i was there here's extra state rex tillerson has been fired by president donald trump on twitter and it appears he wasn't told about it beforehand announcement ends fourteen months of what was often a rocky relationship to listeners repeatedly had to deny falling out with the
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president including multiple denials that he called him a moron they publicly disagreed over a number of issues including the iran nuclear deal. i wish greg. well. as far as rex tillerson concerned i very much appreciate the bit that is service and i wish you well direction i've been talking about this for a long time. we got a lot actually quite well but we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess but it was ok i wanted the break up thing he felt a little bit differently so we were not really think the. president trump has also been examining the border wall prototypes of his proposed project to separate the u.s. from mexico it was shown eight towers that will be tested for thirty to sixty days
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to determine which design is best some experts estimate the wall could cost as much as twenty billion dollars and funding is yet to be secured as team prime minister rami hamdullah has escaped unhurt after a bomb exploded one his convoy was travelling in gaza the palestinian authority has called the move an assassination attempt and blame time us but the group has denied any involvement russia says it won't cooperate with the british investigation into the poisoning of a former russian double agent unless it's given access to a sample of the nerve agent used on him so i guess crippen and his daughter unio were found unconscious in southern england last sunday the british prime minister to resign may has vowed to take retaliatory measures if russia offers no explanation it's small groups of people are being allowed out to rebel held eastern ghouta in syria well one hundred fifty people have so far left the enclave which has been under intense government bombardment for three weeks there's your
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headlines to stay with us on out of there if you can risking it all is up next and then more news for you after that i think. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel in the . process will mean the days of time it's about time stocks of the day we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero.


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