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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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the consequence of war. ventures into russia shoals he served in the marine corps for nine hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. but living out of the truck for the last couple years. he's home was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans much iced by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter at this time. zero. zero zero zero zero on the this is the news hour live from london coming up.
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facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg admits the made mistakes and promises to do more to stop the misuse of personal data. former french president nicolas sarkozy is based on a formal investigation over alleged campaign funding from libya. or lose president has resigned hours before congress was set to impeach him over corruption allegations. are on releases more than a hundred girls kidnapped last month from a school with nigeria. i'm sure. did a sports in iraq and a three decade long ban on hosting international matches as they face cats in a friendly in bastra warn that the program. head of facebook has admitted his company has made mistakes and its data protection
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to revelations a u.k. firm had misused information from the social media platform c.e.o. mark zuckerberg finally broke his silence four days after u.k. media exposed the actions of cambridge and those ika. is in washington for us mike what did you have to say. well he published a lengthy statement on his facebook page making very clear that facebook was responsible for not protecting the data of its client base he blamed as well though cambridge analytical who you agree the accused of breaking trust with facebook because of its use and authorized use as he put it of the data that it had harvested or facebook servers but certainly there is an apology from mark zuckerberg saying that the company remains committed to protecting the data of every individual the privacy of any indeed if any individual who uses it saying as
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well that going ahead lessons have been learnt from what has happened in recent years however this is not likely to be enough before u.s. lawmakers who are likely to continue to insist that mark zuckerberg and other tech see those appear in person to explain how this type of data harvesting led to the interference in the two thousand and sixteen election what about ordinary users of facebook how do they feel about this. well once again that's a difficult issue to see at this particular point will zuckerberg supply logy be enough well a start full there has been huge anger at the fact that the data on facebook service was so easily as it were obtained by a company like cambridge analytic or that material was put to use in effect interference within electoral processes so certainly there is still a mass of anger among the public in recent days the trending social media hash tag
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has been delete facebook and among those who've actually been urging such a step is the founder of whatsapp who was himself at one stage a investor within facebook itself so the apology may go some way but not enough for many of facebook's users mike hanna thank you very much in the u.k. opposition party said they were concerned that cambridge analytical and struck deals with the ruling conservative party and even barbara has more from outside the company's headquarters in london. well here in london we've heard precious little from cambridge analytical since tuesday when they said they were suspending chief executive alexander nix following the airing on britain's channel four news of undercover filming of nixon colleagues claiming that they'd influence elections in various countries well on wednesday there were accusations in parliament by
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opposition parties. that term senior figures in cambridge analytical parent company had given major amounts to the conservative party of prime minister to resume eight those were concerns that reason may be responded to directly as far as i'm aware the government has no current contracts with cambridge and in this account with the with the s.c.l. group what we had seen in cambridge analytical and the allegations are clearly very concerning as is absolutely right that they should be properly investigated it's right that the information commissioner is doing exactly that because people need to have confidence in how their personal data is being used and i would expect facebook cambridge analytic and all organizations involved to comply fully with the investigation that's taking place now britain's information commissioner has actually applied for a warrant to get into cambridge analytical headquarters here and to start
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a data audit now that's something that has already taken a couple of days facebook representatives reportedly got into the building on monday evening and then were told to leave lots of lots of expectation about what the information commissioner might be looking for people are raising an eyebrow at how long it's taken to get access but of course cambridge analytical say they've done nothing wrong facebook say they've done nothing wrong but a parliamentary committee on wednesday heard from. form apart form operations officer at facebook who said that he'd warned facebook years ago that their lax attitude towards data protection could lead to a major breach and that the company really took very little action so more and more pressure piling on both of those companies there and hunt takes a look at what we know so far about cambridge energy as
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a global operations. cambridge analytic hair executive say publicly at least that they helped politicians win elections what the companies accused of secretly and improperly manipulation votes has the firm is perhaps best known for its work in the u.s. on donald trump's presidential campaign two years ago it began operating there in two thousand and thirteen when it was formed from its parent company is c.-l. and with the involvement of conservative steve benen but its operations extend well beyond america cambridge analytic has executives have reportedly boasted of targeting will than two hundred elections around the world including in kenya nigeria india the czech republic and tina the firm was in kenya just after it opened its job there was to help her opinion at the time facing charges of crimes against humanity he went on to be elected president cambridge analytical is accused
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of stoking its nick tensions and demonizing kenya his opponent. its parent company a c.e.o. worked in the caribbean from at least two thousand and ten and one of the accusations is that it targeted lindsay grant an opposition leader on the island of st kitts and nevis by sitting him up and filming him in a shady deal and why do you distributing the video online and the gulf crisis cambridge generalistic a has been linked to a social media campaign to discredit qatar and in the u.k. it worked for the levy you campaign during the brics it reframed i'm british police are asking questions and the need is widening with investigations also underway in the us and destroy. we should use as a see by line festival which promotes independent journalism he's also part of the team that broke the cambridge analytic whistleblower story joins me now in the studio thanks very much for coming in so we finally got some reaction seeming from
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zuckerberg and one of the things he said is most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we've already taken years ago that last line doesn't sound to me reassuringly i'm terribly projet it will sound very odd given that the whistleblower chris wiley who we worked with for several months informed facebook about this breach that data by came john has got two years ago there was phones when he finally went public through the observing the great work of calcutta was to ban him from facebook and from whatsapp and also from instagram he can no longer log into various accounts because though this was tried to help so coburg out and facebook instead they d. person to him so. do you think that it will be in the end damaging in a big way for for facebook or do you think that they'll just kind of the ordinary users will just kind of go you know an updated version is carry on using as i did before i think this is a wake up call i think i don't know if you remember the phone hacking scandal that rumbled for a couple of years and you have this million dollar moment for the old remember
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a murder victim when it was fine was hacked i think this is kind of a million dollar moment for data breaches because we have been giving our data away free to all these companies they think is the your will they make millions billions of pounds out of it without informed consent we don't know people don't look at what they're signing away when they press that agreement in office to facebook and now they're waking up i think it will be a wake up call for this new economy which exploits our data for their own ends and what about the sanctions i mean we know that the we heard earlier that the information commission is asked for a warrant to get into the cabinet because office is at this stage as far as i'm aware they haven't managed to get in the at how much data can people just get what evidence can people get rid of if they if they choose to in this in something like this well there's two other aspects it's actually quite difficult to get rid of these data. you can see where it's been washed even it's been deleted it's actually quite difficult to delete things so we have to be worried about that particular note but we do have we want about jurisdiction these are global seo set up came down it's going america it's a kind of weird shell company all the employees in london and in this modern
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globalized world especially with tech companies who have floated this globalized internet who look who regulates them and i think that that is going to be a big issue going forward is actually in the nation states where they operate keeps what they do so do you think we want to see sort of peak social media with a with a story like this and that people that don't make a z. because we know that magnet will make it looking at it so so that says the u.k. parliament you think it will actually be measures that change the way social media operates but probably social media is not the idea of social media there's nothing wrong with getting on twitter and talking to people the bottom is owned by the very a few number of monopolies have a men's power you know and that's the problem with a lot of tech startups you know if i were to google to apple they become completely dominant and we all know from the nineteenth century any monopoly gets lower power will exploit it just think though that in terms of that and what they were doing is this just old fashioned dirty tricks in politics but just in
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a new medium where we have chris wiley with the advent yes and the front line club no it's a it's actually much more complicated darker than we think it isn't a bomber had micro-targeting all these companies gather data this was a military technology developed for combat sides to change the reality around it like a enemy generals make it got them on hill attack the wrong times and get caught in the course of our that technology was applied to civilian populations at an individual level thanks to facebook and you could also make you create ads millions of ads specializing in the psychometric variants of each individual that is explored that's a new world and given that it's happened it appears it happening also faces lots of elections around the world what do you think the implications are for that well i think today just now it's. in the guardian calcutta was explained and has published navigation that comes on it's going to have to medical records of the nigerian now the compress and the promise of nigeria also in kit's in sydney this this these
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dark tricks you know we think there may be some issue over who gloams the data belongs to but with when it comes to medical records or compromising material we understand that is wrong. thank you very much for coming to talk to us like you are still ahead on the out of their news hour a suicide bomber kills at least thirty three people in afghanistan as they celebrate the persian new year. and he said then to find a suspect in a series of bombings in texas who blew himself up as they moved in to arrest him. and the western news got a little help bit of help from the weather to book their place at the cricket world cup joe but he tells in sport. france's former president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation accused of receiving any girl campaign donations from the late libyan leader moammar gadhafi sarkozy is alleged to have received millions of dollars from
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gadhafi when he was running for office in two thousand and seven he has denied any wrongdoing that's going on now to natasha butler in paris for the latest so we will do we know about these charges. or what is interesting is this is the first time that a former french president has been placed under formal investigation for illegal campaign funding from of foreign money now over the past twenty four hours nicolas sarkozy was questioned by police officers and non-tariff police station just outside of paris just behind me as they try to investigate exactly what his role was what his links were to this libyan money that was used in his two thousand and seven presidential campaign now he was released from police custody around five thirty this afternoon local time his conditions of his release on yet known it could be bail it could be just that there are travel restrictions but what we do
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know is three judges then placed him under formal investigation for corruption for the misuse of libyan money and for the use of illegal foreign money in a presidential election this is of course the worst case scenario for nicolas sarkozy he was expecting perhaps to be released is always said and he said apparently over the last twenty four hours that he had no link at all to this money money that he is completely innocent he does have six months now in order to try and contest an appeal these charges otherwise magistrates will continue their investigation and see if they have enough of a case to bring him to trial and give them all the background to how he ended up in this position. well back in two thousand and seven when nicolas sarkozy was running as a conservative party presidential candidate he threw a very lavish presidential us style campaign and it was only off to he served his
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first term you only ever serve one term two thousand and thirteen that allegations began to emerge that perhaps that campaign had been partly funded by money that had been given to him by the then libyan leader mahmoud gadhafi now over the year is over the years after that of course these allegations continued several witnesses came forward police opened a case into it just five years ago but one of the main people to come forward was a french lebanese businessman who said that he personally carried suitcases of cash some five million six million euros from tripoli to paris and handed this money to close aide of nicolas sarkozy now that aide and sarkozy who was denied those claims but of course that investigation really stepped up a gear and that is why we then saw nicolas sarkozy arrested on tuesday night after butler thank you very much. most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted a month ago in northeast nigeria have been reunited with their families one hundred
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four girls were released to their hometown of duck chained by boko haram fighters a handful are still missing nigeria's government has had a great a temporary pours in fighting with the group to secure their release some a binge of aid has the latest. it's difficult to hold back their tears after what these girls have been through these are some of the hundred in ten children who were kidnapped last month boko haram fighters took them from their school inductee town in northeastern nigeria the girls say five of their fellow students died. when they took us from the school we've been sitting thinking about what we might eat then we heard a gunshot everybody was confused they asked us to come to the school gate we were in the area they picked us into the vehicle and asked who were the people fasting that they gave us a drink soup in a cake this was on the way after when they took us food there under a tree and gave us food to cook we cooked and asian proceeded further we continued
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going we entered one river then we boarded a canoe and crossed the river into a village they took us away from the village in the night we boarded another canoe to another place and remained in their place until today when they brought us back we didn't go to any other places they didn't mistreat us the dust in the distance are the book vehicles which dropped off the children parents and relatives have been anxiously waiting for weeks to find out what happened to their children. i saw with my own eyes live a book of her own vehicles they were with the children they drop the children at one corner they told us to give space for people to recognize their children and i got my child. it's a government really clear that it would negotiate with the kidnappers rather than use military force would not use any rules of competition i don't forget that a lot of the children are much more important to us than. you can get there
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is an even silence at the girls' school and men dressed in military fatigues entered the school and took the girls away in their truck. this isn't the first time school girls have been abducted there was an international outcry in two thousand and fourteen when more than two hundred seventy girls were kidnapped from two broke many have still not been found nigerian forces have not declared the details of the deal under which these latest girls were released. just the nigerian its allies have been fighting boko haram in the lake chad region for years but brazen kidnapping and drop off of victims indicates that the group is far from being defeated solomon job read out of their. careers president. has offered his resignation ahead of an impeachment vote or a series of corruption allegations several of his allies were filmed allegedly trying to gain the support of a lawmaker so that he would block the leaders ouster because he has lashed out at
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the opposition accusing them of plotting his overthrow and nationwide address he said the campaign against him a damaged peru's democracy. has more from lima. left the presidential palace and as he was walking down the steps he waved at the camera us he was only flanked by administrative people not ministers not cabinet members or congress men or party allies he walked out alone and left the presidential palace to go home right after that the presidential palace aired a recorded message to the nation where he maintained that he was innocent of the charges that were brought to him buz. i think that the best thing for the countries for me to resign the presidency of the republic i don't want to be an obstacle said on nation can find the path to harmony but it
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very much needs and i was to. welcome chance he was about to go on to congress for impeachment proceedings because of his links with the brazil who are still construction giant although it is for links for having received apparently money for consultancy services when he was a government minister more than a decade ago and now what prompted the resignation however was videos from party allies apparently negotiating volts with congress men as so he would save it to save him from losing the presidency now according to the constitution to canada but he's now on his way to peter who should be taken over to finish term and he had three more years to go. home and take a look back at praed republican political career. then simply
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seven year old pedro public could chin ski had waited years to become president of peru finally he had a chance to put his ambitious plans for the country into a year zero or not of all rules your i want a social revolution for my country i hope that in five years peru is a more modern country more just more equitable and have more solidarity but his plans and his presidency which to be sure live it should have been the culmination of a long career that straddled the public and private worlds mr ski had held roles as peru's economy minister with the world playing an improviser investment in equity firms ultimately it was the intersection of those public and private spears that caught up with him in the shape of the scandal surrounding brazilian construction joint operation which admitted bribing officials across latin america which in ski
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denied any links with the payments were found with investment company while he was the economy minister a hostile congress was looking for reasons to get rid of him and with that they had found one could skate their first attempt at impeachment in december two thousand and seventeen when lawmakers supporting imprisoned ex president alberto fujimori abstained from the vote. them pardoned future in what was seen as a clear case of quid pro quo ultimately it was only a temporary reprieve the pardon loss could chin ski credibility and support especially when fresh accusations related to older breast emerged now at seventy nine he confronts the end of a long political career and the short presidency john homan does either. at least twenty two people most of them children have been killed by russian as strike in syria is in the province white helmets say the children died while leaving
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a school in village further south and east and go to a syrian rebel group has struck a deal with the government to evacuate the town of harasta nearly two thousand people have died in the besieged enclave since the government intensified its attacks a month ago senator has more from beirut. one of the rebel factions in eastern a good hour has decided to surrender out a sham they control the town of house the eastern who did this besieged enclave of eastern widows now divided into three pockets three pockets that are surrounded by pro-government forces now one of those pockets how to ask the pro syria government media reporting that up to one thousand five hundred fighters and six thousand members of their families will be leaving early thursday they will be bussed to the north western province of idlib which is under the control of the opposition this will be the first deal of its kind in eastern huta because there are two other rebel factions list them and file at the rom and they have also been involved in
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negotiations with the russian military but so far those the negotiations did not make any progress but undoubtedly the decision by the to sham to lay down its arms will pile more pressure on these two other rebel factions now the pro-government alliances military campaign has entered its second month really relentless bombardment that put a lot of pressure not just on the rebels but the thousands and thousands of people who are trapped inside according to the united nations hundreds of thousands remain in these rebel controlled besieged pockets of territory and that the situation is catastrophic many of them want to leave but they are requesting safe passage what they mean by safe passage is that these humanitarian corridor should be monitored by international observers they're too scared to cross into government controlled territory in fear of arrest and even some will tell you we could be executed simply because we belong to the execution so one rebel faction surrendering the pro-government alliance making this clear in its actions and its in its words really since the start of this campaign that they will not stop until the rebel
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factions lay down their arms and any agreement short of that will not end the military onslaught. still ahead on the news hour forty four african leaders sign a major free trade deal and can it work without the continent's two biggest economies. with gun violence in the spotlight yet again in the u.s. we look at the long history of the u.s. led political struggles. and looking to make a big impression here same boat straps on his football boots to join marine you on the pitch jonah habits and war and sport. heller's does is colored as it was in northern europe there is still cloud coming down from the north which you'd expect to be particularly cold which is actually on
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a warm front now is producing some snow is cold enough not in northern germany i think in poland in the next day or so but the real actions down here this is the remains surprisingly of the last siberian prosecute move away from stephen went across the british isles dancers spike which is now enjoying the sunshine but is that because of the contrast in terms has become a reactive system the bores from going down through croatia over one hundred twenty kilometers per hour in the snow still falling it will fall i think for the next thirty six hours or there abouts possibly longer than that so the balkan nations run out through the remaining towards some new create anything up to sixty centimeters maybe a meter emplacement is huge amount of snow for this time of the year and it's adding to the danger of later flooding is already flooding on the ground in croatia serbia and albania well that's not going to help in the least is it still fine for the west and if anything warming up but it's no big threat at least coming into spain to cover the existing snow on the ground now if you've been in algeria the last two days should be set up by now and ten degrees is the hope you're told
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thursday but i can promise you better weather on friday is warm and sunny. lost and a man. found and saved. one when he's reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance and luck on al jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds of tahrir square down to a few. hours if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength.
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u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new terrorists on imports of steel an alum in your bra five jeans will mean fofa days of time but ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera. one of the top stories here on. facebook has admitted that the social media company made mistakes which allowed users personal data to end up with the analytics for cambridge analytical walks you could post on his own facebook page the company would investigate all apps that can access users data. france's former
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president nicolas sarkozy has been placed on the full investigation after being accused of receiving illegal campaign donations in the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. peru's president federal public has presented his resignation to congress after coming under pressure to step down over corruption allegations. iran's supreme leader says it's no one's business if his country chooses to help its neighbors and the terrazas military has helped to defeat i still to make the middle east more stable ayatollah ali how many made the comments in his annual address marking the first day of the persian new year but the bulk of his speech focused on the nation's own economic problems so i'm striving reports from tehran. at the start of every persian new year iran's supreme leader announces a feat a guiding principle for iranians to leave the country. this year it's made iran. important less he said and by border local.
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support iranian products this is the slogan of the year pursue iranian products seller should sell a reigning commodities buy a ship buy a running commodity a government support iranian products by preventing the smuggling and imports of foreign goods. only commonly acknowledged that iran's economy is in trouble his message to fix it is clear the iranians will have to do it themselves huge more securely kick cheerleader on the one hand on that the key to solving any problem is not in the hands of foreigners yes we have problems but all of them are solvable and the key to the solution is in the hands of iranian people i don't foresee. on the streets of tehran the atmosphere is festive but when asked about their hopes for the future it's all about the economy. now that people want to increase their
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purchasing power and have more money in their hands and have lower prices the other problem is unemployment that should be resolved we need more jobs i'm wondering what the answer is to all these questions. this issue very much so. i want iranian youth myself to have an easier and more comfortable way of living from the economic perspective for people to have more income. iran's leaders had hoped the twenty fifty nuclear deal would boost their economy but relations with the united states have fallen apart since donald trump became u.s. president so that has not happened nor was it a happy time in iran when people look to the future and hoping that the year to comedy is more prosperous but this year iranians are celebrating the persian new year at a time of political and economic uncertainty. in an effort to lift spirits passers by are offered free hugs and encouraged to smile. most are happy to oblige
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. but a few moments after being filmed the plainclothes policemen quietly approached the group and instructed them to disperse immediately or risk arrest accusing them of creating a public disturbance. organizers said they only wanted to spread a little joy. but after nationwide anti-government protests a few months ago police consider any public behavior outside the norm as a potential security threat or. even during new year celebrations. run. israeli military has confirmed for the first time that it bombed a suspected nuclear reactor in syria eleven years ago its release previously classified video of the attack near pterosaur in two thousand and seven israel's intelligence minister says the video should warn iran against developing nuclear weapons are a force of force in west jerusalem. it's hardly
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a secret that israel destroyed what his intelligence services said was a syrian nuclear reactor almost eleven years ago but now it's officially acknowledging that fact and detailing the operation for the first time israel's military on wednesday released cockpit videos of the airstrike in the early hours of september the sixth two thousand and seven the isolated building next to the euphrates river entirely obliterated unlike a similar strike on an iraqi reactor in one hundred eighty one which sparked international condemnation the celebrations took place in secret if you will policy was silence until now a message the message from the two thousand and seven attack on the reactor is that israel will not tolerate construction that could pose an existential threat to the state of israel this was the message in one thousand nine hundred one this was the message in two thousand and seven and this is the future missed it for our enemies israel may have been publicly silent at the time but behind the scenes it was working to convince the international community of its assessment that the reactor
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was a virtual replica of north korea's yongbyon facility built with extensive help from north korea its purpose to produce weapons grade plutonium. and after the operation intelligence offices presented to the heads of state of your ip the united states russia and the arab states intelligence information that substantiated the justification for this attack in order to help them support us and convince us that not to react. the decision to go public comes ahead of the publication of the memoirs of the man who ordered the attack then prime minister ehud olmert more significantly it forms a clear it's to iran at a time when israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is repeatedly warning the israeli public and foreign leaders about iran's military activity inside syria and its nuclear program at home netanyahu has been urging donald trump to pull the us out of the multilateral iran nuclear deal trungpa set a may the twelfth deadline for
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a decision just last month israel carried out extensive air strikes inside syria after one of its fighters was shot down an incident triggered by what israel said was an incursion into its territory by an iranian drone there were fears then of a wider escalation fears which haven't gone away perry forces west jerusalem palestinian teenage girl on trial for slapping an israeli soldier has been sentenced to eight months in prison after accepting a plea deal seventeen year old ahead to mimi was accused of assault after hitting an israeli soldier in the face last year in the occupied west bank the conversation took place after what israel says was a stone throwing assault on its troops the cases made to me a symbol of the palestinian struggle and his door international attention. a suicide bomb attack on the group has killed at least thirty three people in afghanistan it happened just a day after the head of the u.s. military. visited the capital kabul most of the dead were reportedly young people.
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and to report. chaos and confusion on the streets of kabul as a birgitte see crews rushed to the scene of the latest bomb blast the apparent target afghans celebrating no ruse the persian new year. vivir nearby when a suicide bomb went off just stood behind us nothing about the terror. because you know if i was a group of thirty young men celebrating and dancing when suddenly this suicide bomber detonated the explosive there is security here how was this who said able to get access to this area that this suicide attacker detonated his device around two hundred meters from the car to shockey shrine where many afghans gather to mark the start of the new year holiday kabul university is nearby and most of the dead are understood to be teenagers who were taking part in street celebrations the blast is the deadliest to hit the capital after weeks of repeated attacks.
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unfortunately once again our enemies are spilled the blood of our innocent countrymen the young men were holding celebrations for nauru's but he's attacked them here far away from their chosen targets which is an important shrine. on saturday a car bomb explosion claimed by the taliban killed at least two civilians several others were wounded in the morning rush hour suicide blast in an industrial area of the city government said a private british security company was the target it was the four suicide attack in the afghan capital in the past three weeks a u.s. general in afghanistan has said protecting the capital is the americans main effort but the attacks continue increasing pressure on president assad he offered peace talks to the taliban last month as part of efforts to end the sixteen year war but any sort of negotiated settlement appears a long way off at all obama has continued to grow in strength since the withdrawal of the u.s. led nato combat troops four years ago and most security analysts predict its annual
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so-called spring offensive will be more intense this year as taliban fighters respond to repeated u.s. and afghan airstrikes as well as ground assaults of wednesday's attack is any indication of what's to come many more lives will likely be lost. al-jazeera. south korea has offered to meet officials from the north next week to discuss an upcoming latest summit between the two countries. says it wants talks at the border next thursday and he told reporters a meeting between both koreas and the u.s. could take place if talks with. a successful. you are so you're a north korea u.s. summit would be a historic event in itself following an insecure ian summit depending on the location it could be even more dramatic and depending on progress it may lead to a three way summit between the self north and the united states. forty four african
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countries have signed a free trade deal the biggest since the world trade organization was established like the e.u. it will allow the unrestricted movement of people goods and capital but among the countries you haven't signed up for south africa and nigeria the continent's biggest economy monitor reports from the iranian capital kigali one by one they signed up to an agreement decades in the making it's estimated the african continent will free trade area could see business between african nations increased by more than fifty percent within four years the idea is to bring together countries with a combined population of one point two billion people and gross domestic product or g.d.p. of more than two trillion dollars into one market africa. are. now creating africa. so we are realizing that we are
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going to have a larger market. solf awful to fall of the african union's have to five member states have signed the protocol but these one multiple absentee nigeria africa's biggest economy present muhammadu buhari did not attend the signing ceremony to allow time for more consultations nigeria's led by unions had cautioned him against signing what they called an extremely dangerous initiative african union officials admit guilt everyone is such a fight that individual countries would be better off under the deal look at the european union from the treaty of rome. almost to. the teeth of elizabeth if the projects of ration of any live in bogus argument commits countries to moving targets on ninety percent of goods and of thing all body has to trade with in the continent eventually the free movement of people and even a single currency could become part of the free trade area but before the tuppence
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banks are looking to fill the void what's we have. to make sure that the chorus probably. only. wants what it. tough to have been said to have that platform possible. to try to get out of the loop for christmas when africa's most advanced economies often function with them they devote money for she could have been achieved some of them remain opposed to the agreements that trade unions are already raising that flux arguing unfettered access by foreign workers to their labor markets could cause problems as people move to the continent stronger economies is such a jobs summit in a while just got. the opposition and customers used tear gas in parliament
12:43 am
in an attempt to disrupt a vote on a border deal with montenegro will make us from a self-determination movement wanted to block a twenty fifteen deal that was a precondition for being able to travel in the e.u. without visas they say it will mean kosovo news in eight thousand hectares of land despite the destruction parliament went ahead and ratified the agreement with the necessary two thirds majority. officials in the u.s. state of texas say they are reasonably certain there are no will possible bombs there but pretty sisto urging the public to be aware wednesday the suspect in a series of bombings in the city of austin killed himself when cornered by police has been named by u.s. media as marc anthony condit john hendren reports most in the confrontation with the main suspect ended as dramatically as it began police cornering then firing on him in a hotel car park as he tried to drive away then a deadly detonation police say the man set off killing himself as members of the
12:44 am
austin police department swat team approached the vehicle the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle knocking one of our swat officers back and one of our swat officers fired at the suspect as well he had been a person of interest seen on video and mention by witnesses police knew his car the bombs had no set patterns some were random some were targeted five hundred federal state and local police are still scrambling to unravel three mysteries are there other bombers other other bombs waiting to explode and why he did it for weeks austin has been a city on edge the mysterious bombs in the state capital city killed two people and injured four others people are scared you will be too. you know random packages explosives. for no reason. be scared to you on tuesday another package exploded
12:45 am
at a courier distribution center in the city of shirts near san antonio f.b.i. agents say a six package was sent to a separate fed ex depot police say the eventual destination of that package was an address in austin brian jaime's and sixty other employers of a courier company were evacuated after an unexploded bomb was found here giving police potentially valuable clues to give me. that packet in soon as i set it down and explode then i go in sort of the truck goes and then that truck is full of the other trucks full of gas and diesel and the whole fedex the senate is all destroyed and everybody strapped in their you scared now not scared not since the attacks by the so-called unabomber ted kaczynski in one nine hundred ninety five have police faced a spree like it now police will continue to search for any other devices he may have left behind and try to find out what his motive was john hendren al jazeera austin texas. the killing of seventeen people at
12:46 am
a high school in florida last month has spurred students across the u.s. to demand action. on saturday the rally in washington d.c. for stricter gun laws reynolds looks at the long history of youth led political struggles. the gun protests spearheaded by survivors of the stone douglas high school mass shooting are the latest in a long tradition of youth led protest movements student and been at the bank art of social movements in america for a long time people become risk of birth they get older you know you live with their head in the lion's mouth the list of student led protests is long including the one nine hundred sixty lunch counter sit ins against us racial segregation that galvanized the civil rights movement the anti vietnam war demonstrations beginning in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the may one thousand nine hundred sixty eight anticapitalist and anti-imperialist protests that paralyzed france and spread
12:47 am
across europe china's chinaman's square student pro-democracy protests in one nine hundred eighty nine the youth revolt that toppled middle east governments during the arab spring of two thousand and eleven and the black lives matter movement in the united states from twenty fourteen onward i think part of it has to do with youthful exuberance and and fear of the determination in the face very daunting a riff a refusal to federal for the day or compromises that a lot of adults pay out in the world around them some youth protest movements were crushed for a time but their impact lingered often changing political systems and national cultures with the memory of idealism standing up to power echoing across generations after decades of repeated mass shootings followed by barren debate and inaction over guns the parklane survivors protest has already led to stricter gun
12:48 am
laws in florida and with students across the country joining in created a sense of urgency about gun control school safety and the political stranglehold of the gun laws. the students have moved the needle because they've been in a position to say we're going to bring the go through of our dear classmate with every debate a movement led by you if you is to be silent robin liss al jazeera los angeles millions of commuters and only u.s. east coast a facing another us new storm the fourth to hit the region this month heavy snow ice and strong winds have forced schools to close hold of buses and trains and grounded thousands of flights the storm is on track to dump between thirty and forty five centimeters of snow on areas from philadelphia to new york city storms on the east coast earlier this month left at least nine people dead and millions
12:49 am
without power so ahead on news our. in the. business of.
12:50 am
business. lauren thank you very much iraq has made its long awaited return to hosting international football the team played a historic match on home soil on wednesday for the first time since fifa lifted a three decade long ban on the country holding international tournament iraq played
12:51 am
cat on the southern city of basra in front of a packed crowd the match finished three two to cata it's one of a series of friendlies with iraq set to play syria next week but as our correspondent in one can reports from baghdad fans in the capsule feeling shutout of the action. before has lifted its long ban on international games taking place in iraq but the band's only been lifted in three cities built where that game is taking place. the bow doesn't extend to baghdad and that's left a lot of very disappointed because we have the start of praise god it's a big joy that the band for these three major signature posture of karbala and era has been lifted we look forward to the band being lifted in baghdad but as we know it's there are security reasons but when iraq please lift our spirits good government i mean i don't think i can have as you know iraq just came out of war
12:52 am
the cities are the safest that baghdad is the capital we all know security here is an issue that we hope for the future the security gets better and the pain gets lifted now despite that disappointment whoever wins this tournament football wins in iraq and that's possibly the most crucial things fans a very excited international football it's a competitive international football maybe able to return to iraq in the very near future and not be able to see the big heroes people like most people like neymar. will prove had a boost ahead of the world cup captain paolo that arrow has returned to training at brazilian club from anger as the end of his doping ban approaches credit was initially banned for one year after testing positive for cocaine which he denies the suspension was subsequently reduced to six months and now ends in may meaning he will be eligible to play in russia. one of cricket's most famous teams the west indies have booked their place in the twenty nine hundred cricket world cup but
12:53 am
they were made to sweat by scotland and helped by the rains in harare the windies were two for two in the third over but they recovered a little they were eventually all out four hundred ninety eight scotland battle to one hundred twenty five for five in reply to all the fourteen overs left to play but then rain ended the match and with it scotland's world cup dreams. definitely relieved. coming into this tournament been here for the first time and. we know what was at stake and i was just really pleased to see dakota gaze responded you know i think there's going to better things we really came together as a school as a squad and everybody put him there has to go in and try to do what's best western as we can and what's best for us. and it's a good thing that the west indies won so that these two teammates can put this incident behind them all and samuel's had a powerful strike which accidently struck evan lois in the back of his leg the friendly fire floored him for a bit but he got back up and both of them grabbed a half century each. one country that can now dream of playing at the world cup in
12:54 am
the future is nepal just last week they end their official one day international status that means that they can play with some of the sport's big guns like england india and australia but has to be mistress to reports from katmandu the new status hasn't stopped allegations of corruption and political interference. hundreds of fans wait outside government to airport to get a glimpse of their favorite stars and palace national cricket team arrived home on monday evening from zimbabwe after winning one day international status and i'm looking forward to playing the giants of the one day game such as india england and australia you know this comes with a lot of responsibility we have to improve our game and it infrastructure is built on the next six months to a year we can plan and move ahead it's time the government gives priority to cricket. the path to one day international status has been a rocky one for than
12:55 am
a potties the players are talented but the sports administrators are plagued by allegations of mismanagement political interference and corruption involving embezzled funds all that caused the world governing body international cricket council to suspend cricket association of the past two years ago i association suspension from the i. c.c. hasn't excluded the team from competitions but it has meant a reduction of more than ninety percent in fundie of we. don't i mean snow mustard on i mean our it got hampered because there were no board running in the door mr grant i mean so we had a problem with pearson action and. problem for people who are involved in the system to the direct impact and most important in bag that we had in the domestic structure. far from developing new facilities existing cricket grounds have not been meant tain still control this is around the sports administration that's hard
12:56 am
to dampen the spirit of aspiring players cricket has become and you know mostly popular in the earlier this year one of the national players was that elected for the indian premier league the richest cricket league in the world and a few people across the country have started to see the sport as a viable career option now with o.d.i. status assured for the next four years nepal hopes to cement its place as a competitive international team fans here hope that the sports administrators in the park as well as the newly appointed sports minister will make changes and start investing in the development of the sport to beat us russia al-jazeera. belgian cyclist thomas to ghent has grabbed the overall lead at the tour of catalonia after state street again staged a solo breakaway with twenty kilometers left to go on wednesday and himself a twenty three second overall lead over defending champion at the hands of albert.
12:57 am
meanwhile cycling's governing body the u.c.i. says it will use x. ray machines and dismantle bikes to try to tackle the issue of mechanical doping that's the use of a mini engine inside the frame of a bike to help power it in two thousand and sixteen a belgian cyclist was found to have a motor in his bike cycling bosses have been concerned about the issue for some time they've used thermal imaging cameras in the last two editions of the tour de france. well since hanging up his running shoes one hundred meter world record holder bolt has made no c.u. cured secrets of his next sporting ambition to play football for munch's united well earlier the eight time in pick champion had the chance to impress united manager joe is a marine you're jamaican thinking serious as he took to the pitch alongside a host of football legends including diego maradona the event marks eighty four days until the start of the world cup. and that's your sport for now back to lauren
12:58 am
in london thank you very much indeed a quick reminder you can catch up any time with our website the address for that is dot com. that's it for me the intent of this news are back in a minute with another for one of the day's news thanks for watching.
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jeannette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say going to be up at a gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene.
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and a feminist right. ahead of her time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie at this time on al-jazeera. facebook's see mark zuckerberg admits the firm made mistakes and promises to do more to stop misuse of personal data. this is al jazeera live from london.


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