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her task and one that many people here think the government failed. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer. had ever had time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera well the exposed the life and why of maisie adda at this time on al-jazeera. facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg admits the firm made mistakes and promises to do more to stop misuse of personal data.
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container this is al jazeera live from london also coming up former french president nicolas sarkozy is placed under formal investigation over alleged campaign funding from libya. there is president has resigned hours before congress was set to impeach him over corruption allegations. and book around releases more than a hundred girls kidnapped last month from a school in nigeria. and the head of facebook has admitted his company made mistakes in its data protection after revelations a u.k. firm had misused information from the social media platform c.e.o. mark zuckerberg finally broke his silence four days after british media exposed the actions of cambridge analytical mike hanna as the latest after a dramatic day of developments hit the nail on the head
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a hearing on election security by the senate intelligence committee john discussion about how to protect the electoral process from outside agencies in the light of social media interference some twenty sixteen the elephant not in the room though is facebook founder mark zuckerberg he and facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg were also absent from an internal facebook meeting tuesday that was addressed by legal executives zucker burke has released a lengthy statement acknowledging that there were failures in facebook's protection of data he continues i started facebook and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens on our platform i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community while the specific issue involving cambridge analytics. should no longer happen with new apps today that doesn't change what happened in the past we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward but u.s. lawmakers remain adamant that the facebook founder and other tech c.e.o.'s should
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provide information in person minnesota senator amy klobuchar has formally asked for a judicial hearing with social media c.e.o.'s including zuckerberg this isn't the first time we've made this request but now fifty million people who had their records stolen should add to our numbers for chuck should be for the district meet with the commerce committee maybe both under oath under subpoena with documents of doubt this fundamental breach of trust underlying the uproar the allegation that data harvested from facebook servers was used by cambridge analytical to support the trump campaign in twenty sixteen interference in the electoral process confirmed in this undercover interview with the company's then c.e.o. alexander nix have you met mr that isn't. the date of the
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victims of what is. just a facebook spokesperson says the company remains committed to protecting the privacy office users there's a surance is not enough for us lawmakers though all for those who are once the facebook faithful trending on social media is a hash tag delete facebook and the chilly prospect facing the company is that its own client base may freeze it out mike hanna al-jazeera washington. in the u.k. opposition parties said they were concerned cambridge had struck deals with the ruling conservative party and even barbara has more from outside the company's headquarters in london. well here in london we've heard precious little from cambridge analytical since tuesday when they said they were suspending chief executive alexander nix following the airing on britain's channel four news of
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undercover filming of nixon colleagues claiming that they'd influence elections in various countries well on wednesday there were accusations in parliament by opposition parties. that term senior figures in cambridge analytical parent company had given major amounts to the conservative party of prime minister to resume eight those were concerns that reason may be responded to directly as far as i'm aware the government has no current contracts with cambridge and in this account with the with the s.c.l. group what we have seen in cambridge on alyssa car and the allegations are clearly very concerning as is absolutely right that they should be properly investigated it's right that the information commissioner is doing exactly that because people need to have confidence in how their personal data is being used and i would expect
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facebook came with analytic and can i say she's involved to comply fully with the investigation that's taking place now britain's information commissioner has actually applied for a warrant to get into cambridge analytical headquarters here and to start a data audit now that's something that has already taken a couple of days facebook representatives reportedly got into the building on monday evening and then were told to leave lots of lots of expectation about what the information commissioner might be looking for people are raising an eyebrow at how long it's taken to get access but of course cambridge analytical say they've done nothing wrong facebook say they've done nothing wrong but a parliamentary committee on wednesday heard from. a form of profit for what gratian is obvious at facebook he said that he'd warned facebook years ago. attitude towards data protection could lead to a major breach of the company really took very little action so more and more
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pressure piling on both of those companies the jeep says the c byline festival and how to break the story he says the revelations will alter the behavior of facebook users i think this is kind of a million dollar moment for data breaches because we have been giving our data way free to all these companies data is the your all they make millions billions of pounds out of it without informed consent we don't know people don't look at what they're signing away when they price that agreement in office to facebook and now they're waking up i think it will be a wake up call for this new economy which exploits our data for the net but we do have we want about jurisdiction these are global as c.e.o. set up this current america it's kind of weird shell company all the employees in london and in this modern globalized world especially with tech companies have floated this globalized internet who look who regulates them and i think that that is going to be a big issue going forward is actually in the nation states where they operate keeps
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on what they do the social media is not the idea of social media there's nothing wrong with getting on twitter and talking to people the bottom is owned by a very few number of monopolies have immense power you know and that's the problem with a lot of tech startups you know if i were to google to apple they become completely dominant and we all know from the nineteenth century any monopoly gets low power will exploit it france's former president nicolas sarkozy has been placed on the formal investigation to be accused of receiving illegal campaign donations in the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi so he is alleged to have received millions of dollars from gadhafi when he was running for office in two thousand and seven he's denied any wrongdoing and has more from paris. well this is the first time that a former french president has been placed under formal investigation for illegal foreign campaign funding foreign funds planned during presidential campaigns here
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in france well nicolas sarkozy was questioned by french police for just over twenty four hours that non-tariff police station just behind me it's just outside of paris and then he was released earlier on thursday afternoon around five thirty local time and placed on a conditional release we don't know whether that means bail whether there will be restrictions on his travel but what we do know is three judges then decided to place him under formal investigation for corruption for the misuse of libyan funds and for illegal campaign foreign funding now that of course is the worst case scenario for nicolas sarkozy has said that he is innocent and he was of course hoping for his release what he can do now though is he has six months to try and appeal those charges during that time they magistrates will try and put together a case they will do more investigating see if they can possibly bring nicolas sarkozy to trial at some date in the future careers president. has offered
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his resignation ahead of an impeachment vote or series of corruption allegations several of his allies were filmed and actually trying to gain the support of a lawmaker so that he would block the leaders removal krasinski has lashed out at the opposition accusing them of plotting his overthrow in a nationwide address he said the campaign against him a damaged peru's democracy mariano sanchez has more from lima. left the presidential palace and as he was walking down the steps he waved at the camera us he was only flanked by administrative people not ministers not cabinet members or congress men or party allies he walked out alone and left the presidential palace to go home right after that the presidential palace aired a recorded message to the nation where he maintained that he was
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innocent of the charges that were brought to him buz. i think that the best thing for the countries for me to resign the presidency of the republic i don't want to be an obstacle to the on nation can find the path to harmony that it very much needs and i was to. local chance he was about to go on to congress for impeachment proceedings because of his links with the brazil who are still construction giant although it is for links for having received apparently money for consultancy services when he was a government minister more than a decade ago now what prompted the resignation however was videos from party allies apparently negotiating revolts with congress men as so he would save it to save him from losing the presidency now according to the constitution the
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first vice president takes over and he should be taking over. an ambassador. to canada but he's now on his way to peter he should be taken over to finish the jeans case term and he had three more years to go. so ahead on the program a russian asteroid kills twenty two people first of the. children as they leave a school in serious problems. forty four african leaders signed a major free trade deal but can it work without the continent's two biggest economies. hello there's a potential development of pretty nasty weather in the fall north of australia
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otherwise the clouds are there to show you well smaller but occasionally pretty sharp showers and a line particularly through sydney and he's between sydney in newcastle new south wales coast where the rains been persistent the last twenty four hours i think it'll keep going for another potential from for flooding in this part of the world for that reason the cloud extends inland potential for more rain in south australia about melbourne looks fine and adelaide i think is probably on the bright side that rain by the twenty eight degrees that a woman's path you see that circulation right now that's to remains of marcus they might turn back into was perth but it hasn't got very far come friday whereas this thing has developed now in new zealand where looking picture i'm afraid here are the seasons changed and i think the weather's changed with it there's a cloud across south island it's linked up that persistent system in new south wales on the coast there off so it's potentially quite active i think it would begin fair amount of steady rain to south on this trip up into north on the tension
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cross church by this time a disappointing fourteen oakland hangs on to time still on thursday in about the same on friday. it looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wilds we control the seaside and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime.
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and they're going to run to the top stories. a c.e.o. of facebook has admitted that the social media company made mistakes which allowed users personal data to end up with the analytics cambridge analytical. promises former president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation are to be accused of receiving illegal campaign donations in the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. and peruse president pedro publication ski has presented his resignation to congress after coming under pressure to step down over corruption allegations. most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted a month ago in northeast nigeria have been reunited with their families one hundred four girls were released to their hometown of that tree by boko haram fighters nigeria's government says it agreed
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a temporary pause in fighting with the armed groups to secure their release some binge of aid has the latest. it's difficult to hold back via tears after would be girls have been through these are some of the hundred and children who were kidnapped last month boko haram fighters took them for. in their school induction town in northeastern nigeria the girls say five of their fellow students died. when they took us from the school whipping sitting thinking about what we might eat then we heard a gunshot everybody was confused they asked us to come to the school gate we were in the area they picked us into the vehicle and asked who were the people fasting that they gave us a drink certain cake this was on the way after when they took us food there under a tree and gave us food to cook we cooked and asian proceed further we continued going we entered one river then we boarded a canoe and crossed the river into a village they took us away from the village in the night we boarded another canoe
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to another place and remained in a place until today when they brought us back we didn't go to any other places they didn't mistreat us the dust in the distance are the boko haram vehicles which dropped off the children parents and relatives have been anxiously waiting for weeks to find out what happened to their children mean again you do and. i so with my own eyes live a book of her own vehicles they were with the children they dropped the children at one corner they told us to give space for people to recognize our children and i got my child. to government really clear that it would negotiate with the kidnappers rather than use military force. as long as any rules of competition i don't forget the last of the children what were important was that. she wanted to know if there's an isa islands at the girls' school and men dressed in military fatigues entered the school and took the girls away in their truck. this isn't the
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first time schoolgirls have been abducted there was an international outcry in two thousand and fourteen when more than two hundred seventy girls were kidnapped from two broke many have still not been found nigerian forces have not declared the details of the deal under which these latest go. released. a. new jury and its allies have been fighting vocal her arm in the lake chad region for years but brazen kidnapping and drop off of victims indicates that the group is far from being defeated saddam and job eight are there. at least twenty two people most of them children have been killed by a russian air strike in syria zelig province the white helmets say the children died while leaving a school in calf about village further south in eastern ghouta a syrian rebel group has struck a deal with the government to evacuate the town of harasta nearly two thousand people have died in the besieged and clave since the government intensified its attacks a month ago saying the holder has more from beirut. one of the rebel factions in
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eastern a good hour has decided to surrender out of a sham they control the town of house the eastern who did this besieged enclave of eastern wood has now divided into three pockets three pockets that are surrounded by pro-government forces now one of those pockets. pro syria government media reporting that up to one thousand five hundred fighters and six thousand members of their families will be leaving early thursday they will be bussed to the north western province of idlib which is under the control of the opposition this will be the first deal of its kind in eastern huta because there are two other rebel factions. and file at the bottom and they have also been involved in negotiations with the russian military but so far those the negotiations did not make any progress but undoubtedly the decision by the to sham to lay down its arms will pile more pressure on these two other rebel factions now the pro-government alliances military campaign has entered its second month really relentless bombardment that
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put a lot of pressure not just on the rebels but the thousands and thousands of people who are trapped inside according to the united nations hundreds of thousands remain in these rebel controlled besieged pockets of territory and that the situation is catastrophic many of them want to leave but they are requesting safe passage what they mean by safe passage is that these humanitarian corridor should be monitored by international observers they're too scared to cross into government controlled territory in fear of arrest and even some will tell you we could be executed simply because we belong to the execution so one rebel faction surrendering the pro-government alliance making this clear in its actions and its in its words really since the start of this campaign that they will not stop until the rebel factions lay down their arms and any agreement short of that will not end the military onslaught. a suicide bomb attack. has killed at least thirty three people in afghanistan it happened just a day off to the head of the u.s.
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military. this in the capital kabul most of the dead were reportedly young people celebrating the new year into. chaos and confusion on the streets of kabul as a bird see crews rushed to the scene of the latest bomb blast the apparent target afghans celebrating no ruse the persian new year. even a suicide bomb went off just stood behind us nothing about the terror. because you know if i was a group of thirty young men celebrating and dancing when suddenly this suicide bomber detonated the explosive there is security here how was this who said able to get access to this area that this suicide attacker detonated his device around two hundred meters from the car to shockey shrine where many afghans gather to mark the start of the new year holiday kabul university is nearby and most of the dead are understood to be teenagers who were taking part in street celebrations the blast is
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the deadliest to hit the capital after weeks of repeated attacks. unfortunately once again our enemies are spilled the blood of our innocent countrymen the young men were holding celebrations for nauru's. attack them here far away from their chosen targets which is an important shrine. on saturday a car bomb explosion claimed by the taliban killed at least two civilians several others were wounded in the morning rush hour suicide blast in an industrial area of the city government said a private british security company was the target it was the four suicide attack in the afghan capital in the past three weeks a u.s. general in afghanistan has said protecting the capital is the americans main effort but the attacks continue increasing pressure on president assad gunny he offered peace talks to the taliban last month as part of efforts to end the sixteen year war but any sort of negotiated settlement appears a long way off but all of on has continued to grow in strength since the withdrawal
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of the u.s. led nato combat troops four years ago and most security analysts predict its annual so-called spring offensive will be more intense this year as taliban fighters respond to repeated u.s. and afghan airstrikes as well as ground assaults but if wednesday's attack is any indication of what's to come maybe more lives will likely be lost. al-jazeera officials in the u.s. state of texas say they are reasonably certain their name will possible. but place is still the public to be aware wednesday the suspect in a series of bombings in the city of austin killed himself when cornered by police has been named by u.s. media as condit john hendren reports austin. the confrontation with the main suspect ended as dramatically as it began police then firing on him in a hotel car park as he tried to drive away then
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a deadly detonation police say the man set off killing himself as members of the austin police department swat team approached the vehicle the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle knocking one of our swat officers back and one of our swat officers fired at the suspect as well he had been a person of interest seen on video and mention by witnesses police knew his car the bombs had no set patterns some were random some were targeted five hundred federal state and local police are still scrambling to unravel three mysteries are there other bombers other other bombs waiting to explode and why he did it for weeks austin has been a city on edge the mysterious bombs in the state capital city killed two people and injured four others. you will be too. you know random packages explosives people for no reason i'd be scared on tuesday another package
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exploded at a courier distribution center in the city of shirts near san antonio f.b.i. agents say a sixth package was sent to a separate fed ex depot police say the eventual destination of that package was an address in austin brian jaime's and sixty other employers of the courier company were evacuated after an unexploded bomb was found here giving police potentially valuable clues to get me thinking about that package in sort of set it down and explode then i go in sort of the truck goes and then that truck explode the other trucks full of gas and diesel and the whole fabric facilities are destroyed and everybody strapped in there you scared now not scared not since the attacks by the so-called unabomber ted kaczynski in one nine hundred ninety five have police faced a spree like it now police will continue to search for any other devices he may have left behind in trying to find out what his motive was john hendren al jazeera
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austin texas. a palestinian teenage girl on trial for slapping an israeli soldier has been sentenced to eight months in prison after accepting a plea deal seventeen year old i had to me was accused of assault after hitting an israeli soldier in the face last year in the occupied west bank the conversation took place israel says was a stone throwing assault on its troops a case is made to me a symbol of the palestinian struggle and has drawn international attention. to reuters journalists have accused government of limiting media freedom after a court hearing and young. and have been in custody for one hundred days possessing secret government papers rights groups say the journalists are being targeted the reporting on a military crackdown against range of muslims in rakhine state they face up to fourteen years in jail. south korea has offered to meet officials from the north next week to discuss an upcoming leaders' summit between the two countries
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president jane's office says it wants talks at the border next thursday earlier he told reporters a meeting between both careers and the u.s. could take place if talks with a successful forty four african countries have signed a free trade deal the biggest since the world trade organization was established like the e.u. it will allow the unrestricted movement of people goods and capital but among the countries who haven't signed up are south africa and nigeria the continent's biggest economy they haven't had a report from the random capital kigali one by one they signed up to an agreement decades in the making it's estimated the african continent will free trade area could see business between african nations increased by more than fifty percent within four years the idea is to bring together countries with a combined population of one point two billion people and a gross domestic product or g.d.p.
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of more than two trillion dollars into one market of. stronger together now we are creating africa equivalent of area so we are realizing that we were to have a larger market. solf awful to fall of the african union's have to five member states have signed the protocol but these one multiple absentee nigeria africa's biggest economy prison muhammadu buhari did not attend the signing ceremony to allow time for more consultations nigeria's led by unions have cautioned him against signing what they called an extremely dangerous initiative african union officials admit everyone is such a fight that individual countries would be better off under the deal look at the european union from the treaty of rome. who must see. the key to visible if we projects of integration of any live in focus the argument commits countries
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to moving targets online to pull sense of goods and lifting all body has to trade with in the continent eventually the free movement of people and even a single currency could become part of the free trade area but before the tuppence banks are looking to fill the void what's. to make sure that's the chorus probably the. only one. who will walk out on the launch for that of i mean tougher than to have been said to live up to that platform which of course will. suit in federal. court this one africa's most advanced economies are confronted example civil fun for she could have been some of them who made all poles to the agreements that trade unions are already raising that flex arguing unfettered access by foreign workers to their
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labor. could cause problems as people move to the continent stronger economies is such a jobs summit in a while just to gun. millions of commuters in our u.s. east coast facing another snowstorm the fourth to hit the region this month. heavy snow ice and strong winds of forced schools to close halted buses and trains and grounded thousands of flights a storm is on track to dump between thirty and forty five centimeters of snow on areas from philadelphia to new york city storms on the east coast earlier this month left at least nine people dead and millions without power. and one of the top stories here around the c.e.o. of facebook has admitted that the social media company made mistakes which allowed
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users personal data to end up with the analytics firm cambridge analytic a mark zuckerberg made a post on his own facebook page adding the company would make changes cambridge analytical allegedly exploited data from fifty million users to help donald trump's presidential campaign by canada has more he published a lengthy statement on his facebook page making very clear that facebook was responsible for not protecting the data of its client base he blamed as well though cambridge analytical whoi agree the cues of breaking trust with facebook because of its use and authorized use as he put it of the data that it had harvested or facebook servers france's former president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation after being accused of receiving illegal campaign donations from the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi so because he is alleged to have received millions of dollars from gadhafi when he was running for office in two
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thousand and seven such as he has denied any wrongdoing. through congress as accepted president. nation in us he was leaving before an impeachment vote he was under increasing pressure over a series of corruption allegations vice president not in risk era is now expected to take over leadership of the country first the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted in northeast nigeria last month have been reunited with their family as the girls were returned to their hometown of depth i would appear to be a convoy of the her armed fighters jerry's information minister says one hundred four girls were freed at least five reportedly died in custody a russian a strike in syria is in the province has killed at least twenty two people rescue workers say most of the victims of children who died while leaving a school in calf a village further south and east and go to a syrian rebel group has struck
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a deal with the government to evacuate the town of harasta twenty two thousand people have died in the procedure enclave since the government intensified its attacks a month ago to stay with us people in power is next thanks for watching. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people so bad they see the importance of the outcry witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. usas constitutionally in trying to love affair with firearms is given it the highest levels of private gun ownership in the world and a truly staggering rate of gun related homicides but it isn't just the us that's felt the effects south of the border in mexico american soldiers weapon has made it
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that he broke that country's drug use giuliana refused to be driven.


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