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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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who is controlling what states of resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who'll use implicate good or named in those before was ever asked to put their point of view on the financial rewards available to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on all just zero . zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero dollars less.
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the children of boys the legislators know children's safety is more important than guns. a message is enough is enough hundreds of thousands of people across the u.s. demand tougher gun laws. hello i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up pro-government forces in syria inch closer to capturing a single to only one a rebel group remains in the enclave millions are displaced in need of aid and malnourished the democratic republic of congo says that's an exaggeration and refuses to attend its own don't know conference and rallying for answers argentinians march in memory of the victims of the nineteen seventies so-called dirty war.
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mass protests are taking place across the united states and in thirty six more nations worldwide calling for an end to gun violence and stricter gun laws the main demonstration is being held right now in washington d.c. right at the heart of the u.s. political system the event called march for our lives is being replicated across the nation with rallies in cities including boston houston and part one florida the scene of febreze school shooting that killed seventeen people well let's speak to our correspondent on the galleria who is in washington d.c. at that margin and the you covered that dreadful school shooting in florida the real push for these marches and let it go right across the world has been those students saying enough is enough. and as an as you know i don't know if you can hear this behind me but the crowd is chanting vote them out that is very much one of the refrains of this shoojit march
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this march for our lives expected to be attended by about half a million people a mass you said sue there are marches going on all across the world but let's get one of those important voices in let's bring in carlos rodriguez who's a junior from marjorie sturm and douglas high school you may have started this protest alone but you're certainly not alone today what do you think to the atmosphere and the people of turned out to support you you know we're from a school that's three thousand students a little over three thousand students and just coming out here today and two million more than two million people in this supporting us and we're all here is one voice for one cause here this is the most. listened to this we believe in to see this is amazing. what about from this day going forward because i know i've gotten a lot of students from our jerusalem and douglass high school your older term into keep pushing for reform and where do you go. from here you know we have
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a lot of we have a lot of plans a lot of plans this is not the end this is our first step into this change and if the politicians aren't able to hear that then they're not ready for what's going to table and what we what we have planned is really going to take over and we will achieve change they will not silence us and we will not be silenced it's going to be a long hard battle i guess so because you know banning assault rifles is not going to be easy to not be you guys will get to vote a lot of you get to vote in november in the midterm elections and in the next election certainly so what's your message to politicians. politicians i don't i don't know if there's a misunderstanding but we we don't want to take away your second amendment we understand that's a part of your culture and it's part of the first bill of rights bill of rights and then as i came out but we do want a modification in the policy and we do want a site seems to make us feel safer to guarantee that there will not be another mass shooting. because you know the pain that we felt that the pain that we felt on
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february fourteenth that the day of love the day of friendship. is that it's a pain that will turn only follows like a call is forever and it's undeniable and we don't want anybody else experience that a final word on the support you've got not just from people in the united states and cities all over the country but all over the world as well how do you feel about. some present because. after a mass shooting the politicians always say it's not the right time to talk about guns it's not about to talk about gun reform and that's why this is the march for our lives and that's why we did it about a more about a month out there because the march for our lives is something global it's something that everybody in like japan. the united kingdom that colombia that everybody supporting and if the politicians of the united states can read. as the
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support that we have and realize the power that they have gave us themselves. then . you know they're not there they're here because we we're going we're going to bring it all across thank you very much for the words of one of the more interesting and douglas high school students of many over the past few weeks eloquent passionate just like carlos. campaign for gun reform will not end on this day that's what they say told so often marches like this that we've seen in the past don't lead to a movement but there is a tipping in public opinion here in the united states the gun reform is becoming something people want to see more but as i said it will undoubtedly be a long and hard battle not just for these students are going through so much for everyone who is battling for some kind of sensible gun reform thank you and they got together with strong eloquent guest in the modern washington d.c. well let's get a bit more to their pensions within the marches on the ground diana as to brooke has been and amongst them in washington.
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a lot of the people who have turned out today to march at this rally are teachers who are concerned about what is happening in their schools they're concerned about possible shootings that could affect their students and potential shootings within their communities and one of the teachers that's come out today is kim fitzgerald lennon she is a teacher in virginia what's your concern as you walk into the school every day you know i'm a teacher at twenty eight years a veteran teacher and my main concern when i walk into school is educating students and i want that to remain our making student of concern is having kids come to school and feel safe and be safe and to learn and increasingly here in our society that our focus is on our kids' safety and of course you know i'm concerned with that but i don't want that to become our main concern and i think that we need to do something here in this country that will curtail the violence that we're seeing
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in our society and in our schools and that's adversely affecting all of us but particularly our children you talk about safety are you in favor of arming teachers i am not in favor of arming teachers i read an article actually recently about a rural school in pennsylvania that has rocks in their closets baskets of rocks to help to. you know fight against criminals and no not at all i don't think that that's what teachers most teachers went to school for we went to learn to teach kids and that's not what our concern should be thanks jim. a lot of these teachers on the students as well say that they're in this for the long haul and they think they can make a difference they can bring about potentially tougher gun legislation here in the u.s. . now the syrian army is close to taking full control of the last rebel held area near
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the capital damascus two groups have already surrendered with. wasn't the fighters and their families departing for rebel held areas in the north and in the suburb of duma remains in opposition hands with the josh rebel groups so far refusing to give in and say no hardware has more from beirut and neighboring lebanon. they're being sent into exile the forced transfer to the rebel held province of idlib in the northwest of syria is the second deal of its kind in eastern huta. one of three rebel factions that controlled the rebel enclave agreed to surrender what was left of its stronghold in the southern pocket up to seven thousand people fighters their family members and opposition activists who don't want to live under the government's rule or are afraid to are leaving. we will leave but one day we will return they have managed to silence the revolution but will never die will return to liberate our land in the revolution will return to repeatedly asked the
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international community for help but they didn't do anything it's very difficult time for us but we will return thousands more were bussed out of another rebel pocket in eastern huta the town of harassed or which surrendered on wednesday they are syria's newly displaced but. they used every kind of weapon against us in an eastern order in general families who were hiding in underground shelters were killed in the bombardment the civil defense was not able to retrieve their bodies from under the rubble down there saying. it was a very bad situation the children were hungry because of the siege and scared because of the bombing they didn't have milk we pleaded with aid agencies but no one helped us they were sent to the rebel controlled northwestern province of idlib which is already crowded according to the united nations one million displaced persons who left other opposition held areas after they were recaptured by government forces live there it's also not
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a safe place airstrikes are have increased in the past week. killing dozens of people many of them children. unicef partners report that seventeen children were killed yesterday in. heavy violence near a unicef supported school for students to flee to an underground shelter in a nearby building which then came under attack around one million children live amid escalating violence and. it has been attacked from the air for years and a few months ago government forces have their allies launched a limited ground offensive for the first time in years if the pro-government alliance launches an all out offensive to recapture adlib many warn it could be an even worse humanitarian catastrophe it is a deescalation zone according to an agreement between russia and turkey to reduce the violence across the country but so was eastern hota violence continued in both
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areas the spite the agreement the syrian government is now consolidating its control over eastern huta the third rebel faction jaish al islam will soon hand over the main town of duma the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but it came after years of siege five weeks of relentless bombardment and almost two thousand civilian deaths. beirut. a car bomb has killed two please men and then did five others in northern egypt the attack hit a security convoy as it passed the police station in the center of alexandria the interior ministry says the city's security chief was the target the explosion comes two days before monday's presidential election. government leaders in the democratic republic of congo are refusing to attend the donor conference in geneva next month the meeting aims to raise all point seven billion dollars for its humanitarian crisis but the government insists the u.n. is overreacting president joseph kabila has also failed to visit
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a refugee camp in northern it through a province where many of the victims have fled shelob alice reports. she tried to run but marie last child fell and trying to escape her attackers. one of the london militia cut me with a machete my brother helped me run away but i was also hit by two arrows on my side four of my kids were killed that same day law children and family are among the tens of thousands of congolese who have been injured and displaced during clashes between rival tribes the haman's and lenders who are based in atory province is salacious flare up and land disputes that date back to the early one nine hundred seventy s. villages have streamed into domestic displacement camps and over the border into uganda we have been living in a very difficult situation and we don't know what the president thinks about resolving the situation so we can go back home president joseph kabila promised to
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visit the displaced this week but he has battles of his own many congolese a furious with him for clinging to power after his term expired two years ago and for refusing to cool elections critics argue he's doing little to prevent the ethnic violence. problem we had problems between the two communities even before two thousand and three we controlled its because the government was. absent today all the legal and security forces our presence there how can we justify then these level of atrocities this is why we're saying it was then willingly by the authorities. a leader with one of the tribes says both sides are being manipulated . we have form a militia members without jobs in our community and it's easy to manipulate them the enemy of our province is profiting from the unemployed young boys in order to destabilize it to re province the un is warning of a worsening situation thirty million people need humanitarian assistance four point
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six million children are acutely malnourished and there is an epidemic of cholera and secure violence if nic troubles in a terry province just one crisis within many for a country wrecked by conflicts chala ballasts al jazeera. still to come on the program we take a look at how yemen's war isn't worsening regional tensions. on the mission to plan many and for feeds in brazil yeah how it could help the city's water once. had some very hot southerly winds pushing in across the levant recently temperatures seen by reach and in israel getting up as high as thirty seven degrees celsius this was the scene in tel aviv as the scorching conditions came three people flocking to the beaches similar conditions that to ensue into beirut as the
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the heat set in nice the cooler air is now in the process of coming through we have got an area which is sinking its way further east woods bright skies to come back a bit high but this is system moves through we lose the southerly winds will see the will conditions being regimes by rate getting up to around twenty one degrees celsius to risk them at around eighty degrees so much fresher air coming through but at least it will be vastly fine and dry a little bit of wet weather making its way into an open positive iraq having said that over towards northern areas of iran up towards the caspian south of that generally settled and sunny karate thirty seven degrees or so over the next couple of days even in kabul still getting up to around twenty six even though the cloud will spill through notice temperatures recovering him by road and cerise limb by the time we come to sunday highs of around twenty six twenty seven degrees by this date thirty one celsius the high end the warm weather set to continue through the weekend.
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and. there were seven candidates vying for egypt's presidency. now and there are just two and with president abdel fattah el-sisi poised for his second term in power international rights groups are calling this election a fuss we'll bring you the latest coverage and analysis of the egypt election on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our mind all of the top stories here on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating across the u.s. calling for stricter gun laws the syrian army is close to taking full control every single thousands of rebels surrender and flee to opposition held areas and a car bomb has killed chiklis man and injured five others in the egyptian city of alexandria. french investigators have found three homemade explosive devices a handgun and a knife inside the supermarket which was attacked in on friday the gunman who went on a shooting spree and took several people hostage was killed and the second suspect has been arrested president emanuel macro has praised the place response to the attack in particular the heroism of one officer let's watch a butler has the latest from caracas on. people in the french town of caucus on pay tribute to. the forty four year old french police officer have swapped himself for
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a hostage in a supermarket attack on friday short by the gunman he later died of his injuries in this small town known in france for its medieval citadel people say he was a hero. he was a man who was passionate about his job i can only imagine that he knew that going into that supermarket he had little chance of getting out to give others a chance to leave if he kept us on this you. caucus on it like a village it's a lovely place people are happy here i'm angry that there are bad people out there it was on friday morning that a gunman hijacked a car in caucus on killing its passenger he then shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging he then drove to the nearby town of tire but where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more people pledging allegiance to myself. if you. do i saw the attack of firing two or three bullets
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and crying al akhbar and so i went back up stairs quickly and told the girls in the office call the gendarme call the gendarme there is a terrorist in the store police identified the killer as twenty five year old read to one lakh in a french national who was born in morocco rather one like him grew up on this housing estate in calcutta so on he had spent some time in prison for petty crimes police said he had become radicalized and they put him under surveillance four years ago but last year french intelligence services decided lacked imposed no threat and was unlikely to carry out an attack so they ended their surveillance of him many people in france are now questioning how the security agencies could have got it so wrong natasha butler al jazeera france the u.n. envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sana'a which is under the control of hoofy rebels is the first time the first visit by martin griffith to sylar since he
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was appointed in february is there to meet hootie leaders and try to arrange a fourth round of talks three previous rounds of negotiations have come to nothing anger is mounting in the u.s. city of sacramento over the killing of an unarmed black man by police twenty two year old steven clarke was shot at least twenty times after police wrongly believed he had a gun or grenell it's reports from sacramento. yes there is no demonstrators marched through the streets of sacramento california capital city for a second day friday they were protesting the police shooting of an unarmed twenty two year old black man last week he was judge he was sentenced and he was executed the protesters blocked traffic and shouted slogans and dented a car that tried to pass through one group attempted to block a major highway but were prevented from doing so by california highway patrol
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officers in riot gear stephan clark died in his own backyard killed by a hail of police bullets i don't care what color he was you know no person on this earth to be sat down like that. because i think i think of the newly released video from a police helicopter shows clark running and climbing over a fence in a neighborhood where police were responding to a report of a man breaking into cars. police wearing body cameras cornered clark and within seconds the encounter turned deadly. the policeman did not identify themselves before firing twenty times they said they believed clarke was holding a gun but he was only carrying a cellphone shortly after the shooting another officer tells the policeman to silence the audio of their body cameras. clark's family and friends want to
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know what was said after the sound went off you're muting something you don't want the public to hear what you're saying and that means that if you don't want the truth to come out there all of it is a lie police are promising a full investigation or asking for the community to be patient quark's death at the hands of sacramento police is the latest in a long series of controversy all police killings of on our black men the deaths gave rise to the black lives matter movement and of heightened racial tensions in communities all across the united states robert oulds al jazeera sacramento california. thousands of croatians are rallying against a european treaty which indirectly legalizes gay marriage and gives rights to press charges gender people protesters marched in the capital sagrera against the istanbul convention which they feel undermined traditional family values in the
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predominantly catholic country coalitions parliament is in the process of ratifying the tracy which is designed to combat to mystic violence but opponents say paves the way for transsexuals or transgender. experience. intending insomuch ing in memory of the victims of the so-called dirty war tens of thousands of people were tortured or disappeared to during the military dictatorship of the one nine hundred seventy s. but since the scrapping of two amnesty laws in two thousand. five their minds are growing for answers as to what happened to the victims stories about reports. when asked where are they asks these people outside a courtroom what a sight is the question is directed at the former military officers on trial for human rights abuses committed during the dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's when. your father we know was an intelligence military chief during the dictatorship who is under house arrest really i mean he told me he would do it
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again and i was in shock. would you kill again would you rate again. it took years to accept her father's crimes that's why she's campaigning to change the laws so that she and others can testify against their parents in court if it was i was embarrassed to say who was my father that he committed genocide i approached human rights groups because i believe we should be able to testify against our parents. if we have any type of information that could shed some light on what happened during those dark days arjen time legislation prohibits sons and daughters from testifying against their parents in court and that's why a group of people whose parents were members of the military during the dictatorship are hoping to change the penal called only in cases where human rights abuses have been committed they believe that their testimony can help shed light on what happened to thousands of people that were killed at the time. and it's not
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just finding their remains that victims want it is also finding the who are now adults born to mothers who disappeared at the. sun had lost both his legs amputated in a train accident he was a political activist in argentina in one nine hundred seventy eight he was kidnapped with his wife and daughter. was able to find her granddaughter twenty two years later but many grandmothers are still trying to find missing children joke available we thankful for anyone who can provide us information that can help us find our grandchildren even if it's my son who did something wrong he deserves a trial but stealing his daughter i don't understand how these months is can continue to stay silent. there is a pact of silence among members of the military involved in abuses that's why
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information is precious for those trying to find their loved ones. changing the penal code would allow a new testimonies to be given which may not only lead to new arrests provide the answers they've been looking for decades. rescuers in western australia are asking the public to keep a close eye out for five whales in case they become stranded on a beach for a second time the parks and wildlife service was only able to rescue fine of more than one hundred fifty pilot whales that beached in heaven in bad a south of perth on friday my warning that wiles' off to return to dry land after mass stranding events. the eighth world water forum has just wrapped up in the brazilian capital with delegates emphasizing the importance of countries sharing water rather than fighting over its the host city brasilia is itself facing water
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shortages now its residents have come up with a traditional solution to the modern problem on his hands the latest report in our first series. there's plenty of water here about three hundred kilometers north of brasilia in the shipyard at national park resilience the learned the raging rivers and expansive lakes. itself side the world will to form in brasilia residents demonstrated over want to rationing. and several national human rights organizations in a letter to the un pointed out that thirty four million brazilians don't have access to clean running water or more than one hundred million have an adequate sanitation the water level at this time of the year the end of the rainy season should be up to about here but we can see if we went down to the water level that it is now this simply not enough water in this reservoir to see this route in through for the rest of the year forcing many to look for alternative methods to
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keep the water flowing. this is where brazilian was created in the one nine hundred fifty is the city is still growing much of the hobbits out there was damaged in the rush to build is now being replenished by simple replanting. we faced a serious drought in brasilia and this dam was on the actual percent of its capacity today it's around sixty eight percent we know that the vegetation will help to produce water in the region we expect this project will help to recover the water capacity in the basin at that serves brazil's capital the seeds grow to strengthen to strengthen the soil. of attention where it's needed and preventing flooding. maybe the idea of throwing seeds into the soil is a way of reproducing the vegetation instead of cultivating a plant in a greenhouse which is a controlled environment before transferring it to the land this plant will grow in
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this space and adapt more easily than a transplanted plant the seeds are collected by hand and stored which also provides much needed was. when we started in two thousand and twelve we had one family which collected six hundred kilograms of seeds in twenty sixteen on the other hand we worked with more than fifty families who collected twelve tons of seeds the results have been positive and the project is growing with turning to pass methods to the very source of life itself for a solution to a very modern problem that. central brazil. now a giant soviet era television tower has met a spectacular demise. for. the two hundred twenty eight me to structure a year catherine was felled by a controlled demolition the construction started in one thousand nine hundred eighty three but the tower ceased operations in one thousand nine hundred one
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making it the world's tallest abandoned structure the time. scale of the top stories here on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people are marching across the u.s. demanding an end to gun violence and tougher gun laws the march for our lives rallies are taking place in several cities including parkland florida or a school shooting last month killed seventeen people the biggest event is happening last month killed seventeen people the biggest event is happening in washington d.c. within sight of the u.s. capitol and the gallagher is that. the battle these students face to change policy issues minds will be a very long and hard road although public opinion in this country is beginning to swing in change of thirty men lots of republicans who are now for common sense gun reforms and as i'm standing here now you can hear the students shouting vote them
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out and remember these are people that come november's midterm elections will be able to vote themselves come the next election they will be voters it's going to be pretty hard to ignore the voices that ignore that shift in public opinion in this country. the syrian army is close to taking full control of the single the last opposition stronghold in the capital damascus two groups have already surrendered with thousands of fighters and their families departing for rebel held areas in the north only the suburbs of duma remain in opposition hands with josh islam or the army of islam so far refusing to give in. and many of those escaping are heading to opposition held but the region is far from safe a car bomb near a hospital on saturday because at least seven people and a car bomb has killed two policeman and injured five others in northern egypt just
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two days before monday's presidential election the attack at a security convoy as it passed a police station in the center of alexandria interior ministry says the city's security chief was the target. government leaders from the democratic republic of congo are refusing to join a donor conference in switzerland and raising money for their country prime minister jose mccullough says they won't attend next month's summits because the u.n. is overreacting about his country's needs. headlines next up its inside story.
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the u.n. plans a donor conference to help people in the democratic republic of.


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