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families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say again without that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail. the consequence of. not ventures into russia will be served in the marine corps for next year into marriage not a five that just doesn't go away it's been living out of true for the last couple years. is home was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time zero.
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former cattle and president call us put him on the lead the region secession from spain is detained in germany. as you see get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. only one rebel group is left in eastern huta with pro syrian government forces edging closer to taking control. marches across the world in solidarity with american students demanding tougher gun laws. as the first nonstop flight from australia to london touches down we look at the growth of ultra long routes world one.
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i'll always start with some breaking news the former president of the catalonia region in spain has been detained in germany called a sponge a month left catalonia after it's a session bid in october an international arrest warrant issued for put you want and six other cattle and leaders who went abroad who was visiting finland on saturday to get the latest on this now from paul brennan who joins us live from london so paul what more do we know about this. well quite a fast moving story and you'll know the background in fact you've given some of the background their colors praised him on the form of cattle and president has been living in brussels in belgium since last november after he fled spanish justice. spanish would almost certainly have imprisoned him denied him bail as part of their investigation into that independence referendum that took place last october several of his colleagues in the council and parliaments have been put behind bars
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as priest a man and several of his colleagues though managed to escape and flee spain and go elsewhere this weekend though the spanish supreme court issued an international arrest warrant for colors proved to maher and these other fugitive politicians who are no longer in spain that was on friday at the time carlos preached a moment was on a visit to finland had been invited by finnish parliamentarians and he was coming back it appears by road he seems to be avoiding travel perhaps for obvious reasons he was coming from finland through denmark and crossing the german border there when he was spotted by german police and appears to have been detained the news of his detention has come in and in social media from a tweet from his lawyer who said his followers the president has been detained in germany when he crossed the border from denmark on the way to belgium the treatment
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has been correct at all time procedures being correct he's now in a police station legal defense has already been activated the president was heading to belgium to catch up at the disposal of belgian justice so he's in custody in germany and it will be now for the germans on the puts them on defense team to decide whether he's now going to be sent to spain and how long that process might take yeah i mean that is the big question isn't it poor we expecting a protracted legal battle here in the next few days. well he's always said that he would he would cooperate with the belgian or thora t.e.'s let's see if he has a separate with the belgian or thora ts let's see if he has the same sentiment towards the german authorities i mean much of this is procedural of course we if this channel will remember the case of ahmed monsoor back in two thousand and fifteen al-jazeera arabic journalist who was detained in germany on an international arrest warrant issued by egypt and after just
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a couple of days less than two days actually he was released in the end because the german government intervened and they said although the paperwork appeared correct politically they did not want to send commitments or back to egypt because in the germans words they weren't convinced that the rule of law in germany in egypt was robust enough they felt it was a politically motivated prosecution i'm not sure that they can make the pre-stimulus defense could make the same case about spain it's a european union partner the legal system in spain significantly stronger i would suggest than in egypt significantly more independent anyway and so i think the most lawyers are going to have difficulty arguing that he won't get a fair trial or that somehow the rule of law the in spain is not robust enough but that said please do more has always resisted any attempt by spain to get him back so we'll see indeed we will pour brennan lie for us there in london thank you as
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syria's government is closing in on eastern the whole tourney of the capital damascus rebels in our brain and america have surrendered and are withdrawing to northern italy province one hundred fifty kilometers away thousands of civilians and fighters are being moved out of the enclave the group says it wanted to put an end to the human suffering after more than a month of government bombardment. it is the second rebel group to surrender in recent days this leaves. the last rebel stronghold in the area the fighters are negotiating a surrender deal with russia and could soon hand over the territory to government forces. has more from beirut. new evacuations from the southern towns twenty five buses ready to take the second batch of fighters their family members as well as civilians to the north western province of part of an evacuation deal or what many call a surrender deal. and the rebel faction in charge of those southern towns i mean to
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lay down their weapons little choice i just like. the rebel factions that surrendered the town of harassed on wednesday they were surrounded by government forces and there was a relentless bombing campaign that left two thousand civilians killed. the third rebel faction which still controls the town of in the north of eastern they are now involved in the with the russian military we understand that they're close to an agreement but. of course they have to hand over the area to the government but there's going to be some fighters who would like to stay behind and reconcile with the government and that russian military police will and to do my so they're finalizing the details of that deal but what we understand they are close to an agreement. they're being sent into exile the force transferred to the rebel held province and in the northwest of syria is the second deal of its kind in. one of
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the three rebel factions that controlled the rebel enclave agreed to surrender what was left of its stronghold in the southern profit up to seven thousand people fighters their family members and opposition activists who don't want to live under the government or are afraid to. we will leave but one day we will return they have managed to silence the revolution but will not. i will return to liberate our land and the revolution will return to repeatedly asked the international community for help but they didn't do anything it's very difficult time for us but we will return thousands more were bussed out of another rebel pocket in eastern huta the town of harassed which surrendered on wednesday they are syria's newly displaced but. they used every kind of weapon against us in an eastern water in general families who were hiding in underground shelters were killed in the bombardment the civil defense was not able to retrieve their bodies
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from under the rubble down there so. it was a very bad situation the children were hungry because of the siege and scared because of the bombing they didn't have milk we pleaded with aid agencies but no one helped us they were sent to the rebel controlled northwestern province of idlib which is already crowded according to the united nations one million displaced persons who left other opposition held areas after they were recaptured by government forces live there it's also not a safe place airstrikes on have increased in the past week killing dozens of people many of them children. unicef partners report that seventeen children were killed yesterday in. heavy violence near a unicef supported school for students to flee to an underground shelter in a nearby building which then came under attack. around one million children live amid escalating violence and. it has been attacked from the air for years and
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a few months ago government forces have their allies launched a limited ground offensive for the first time in years if the pro-government alliance launches an all out offensive to recapture adlib many warn it could be an even worse humanitarian catastrophe it is a deescalation zone according to an agreement between russia and turkey to reduce the violence across the country but so was eastern hota violence continued in both areas despite the agreement the syrian government has now consolidating its control over eastern huta the third rebel factions jaish al islam will soon hand over the main town of duma the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but it came after years of siege five weeks of relentless bombardment and almost two thousand civilian deaths. beirut. turkey says it has control of all areas in the african region in northern syria the military allied rebels captured the main town last week they launched
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a ground offensive against kurdish fighters in late january about two hundred thousand people were displaced. in the united states hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in protests marches calling for tougher gun laws the march for our lives rallies were inspired by calls for action from teenage survivors of last month's school shooting in florida where seventeen people died and again ago reports from washington i was on the streets of washington d.c. the crowd swelled and voices rose in unison. thanks. to march for our lives protest was led by the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida with seventeen lives were lost and the gonzales survived the shooting and face a crowd in tearful silence for six minutes the time it took the gunman to take so many lives you know i could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach or where this would go. for those who still can't comprehend because
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they refused to i'll tell you where i went right into the ground six feet deep. that. protesters came from across the country to show their support many here have been touched by the plague of gun violence and of long campaigned for change i just think it would be great if they enacted certain gun regulation that kept weapons of war off of our streets i have a young son who's about to be in can their garden and so making sure that the places that he goes actually safe and secure is among the speakers eleven year old niamh wilder has pledged to take political action at such a young age resonated with many my things and i might still be eleven and we might still be in elementary school but we know we know life is needful for everyone and we know what is right and not. was five we also know that we stand in the shadow of the capitol and we know that we have seven
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short years until we do have the right to that by the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school may have started this protest alone but the voices of far from solitary here in washington d.c. hundreds of thousands joined the coals for gun reform and around the world eight hundred other events made this a truly global affair the refrain never again from this new generation has never been louder my name's cardioids ali i'm marching from my best friend meadow paula back in parklane florida the students of marjorie stoneman douglas simply read out the names of classmates and teachers that were killed last month this was as much a remembrance for those lost as it was a cool to action on the gallacher al-jazeera washington. well as andy noted that people around the world have been getting behind the call for stricter gun laws there been more than eight hundred marches in thirty seven countries all in solidarity with the students in the u.s. in hong kong hundreds to modern measures to be taken to prevent gun violence in the
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u.k. there was a minute's silence and a lion outside the new u.s. embassy in london and in france families gathered near the eiffel tower in paris to urge us politicians to protect children not guns but the pot despite the emotions seen in washington and so many other cities on saturday gun control remains a controversial issue in the u.s. steven rogers is a campaign advisor to president trump and is a form of police officer he says americans have the constitutional right to own guns the problem we face here is that this is a best effort to eliminate guns from law abiding citizens it might thirty eight years as a police officer who investigated violent crimes i've always heard from the who would always tell me if i had a weapon to protect myself i would have not had so it's a fish losing my very life so there should be reasonable regulations but i think
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there's enough on the books now for us to follow we have a constitutional right to bear arms now i would say reasonable regulations f. background checks make sure people who are deemed as mentally ill don't get those who have their hands on those weapons the bump stocks be eliminated that's fine but took time out right a constitutional amendment. a thousands of people have rallied across australia calling for better treatment of asylum seekers australia sends people who are arrived by boat to offshore prisons in papua new guinea or now really to deter refugees the united nations and human rights groups have criticised the policy is inhumane and you thomas was at a march in sydney. there are protests rallies happening in town two cities right across australia on sunday but the one about three thousand people so far in sydney and in melbourne are likely to be the biggest people here say that the refugees who've been sent by australia to mass on the proper new guinea and snow route many
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of whom have now been there for almost five years have suffered enough and should be brought to australia they also think that australia's refugee policies also hinged with racism earlier this week peter dutton the immigration minister suggested that white south african farmers who are being kicked off their farms could perhaps be given refugee status here in australia this for a man who has spent his career it seems to people here keeping other refugees in other places out this is what from the refugee action coalition said to me earlier i think the role of the demonstrations we're seeing around the nation today is precisely to say pete adoption is not legitimate he's not legitimate in saying that you know white south africans who haven't asked us for help a more deserving of australian asylum than the countless numbers of people fleeing war zones who have there are thousands of people here and thousands more in melbourne and in other places across australia but in the great scheme of things these are still relatively small protests australia's media rarely reports more
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than a tiny bit on these sorts of events and in terms of politics both the governing liberal party and the opposition labor party broadly agree on the tough policies and that's why not much looks likely to change. still ahead on our visit our crowds demonstrate in tel aviv against the israeli government's playing to deport thousands of africa more. bus lush mountain ranges but no water why afghans are struggling to secure one of life's most precious resources. hello there the weather is quite quiet over the northern parts of asia at the moment plenty of us as seeing some fine settled weather is just a few bits and pieces of cloud that are affecting us in the northern parts of japan
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elsewhere for the southeast fine settle plenty of sunshine and the temperature is quite nice at this time of year actually there are nineteen there in tokyo and force on tuesday that we scraping just a little bit higher making it to around twenty degrees further west a lot hotter than that for some of us hit beijing all the way up to twenty nine now the temperatures here have really jumped over the last few days before the towards the south and the temperatures are also on the up here say for shanghai will get to around twenty one degrees here there will still be a little bit of clouds and a few showers around at times most of the wet weather over the southern parts of china there is here in the west has been over chung do i think we might see some snow just to the west that but further south we see the rain just dipping a little bit further southwards as we head through the next day i'll say for the southeastern parts of asia well here's the cycle before generally it's running away towards the north or should miss us if we're in the philippines here this should be plenty of fine weather just a few showers at times there's more lively downpours across parts of borneo and
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across the northern parts of java some of the showers here will be very heavy. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer and time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life of maisie at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching i just read a mind of on top stories this former president of the catalonia region in spain has been detained in germany put him on the left catalonia after a session bid in october an international arrest warrant was issued for the preacher man and six other cattle and leaders who went to brought. the syrian government is close to taking control of eastern huta to rebel groups have surrendered in recent days and fighters in duma are now in talks with russia to negotiate a deal. hundreds of thousands of people have joined protests around the world calling for tougher gun laws the rallies were inspired by students caught in the florida school shooting west seventeen people were killed had been more than eight hundred marches in thirty seven countries. and saw hailing what they call a historic day for air travel the first nonstop flight between australia and the
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u.k. has landed at london's heathrow airport the qantas airlines plane is the first to completely fourteen and a half thousand kilometer journey from perth without a break it took just over seventeen hours most flights from australia to europe require at least a stopover in asia all the middle east. but the quantas flight is not the longest nonstop service in the world that belongs to the qatar airways flight from dakar to all cleaned in new zealand fourteen thousand five hundred thirty five kilometer journey takes seventeen and a half hours several airlines are competing to take the title in twenty sixteen air india started flying nonstop from new delhi to san francisco the distance is that distance is more than fifteen thousand kilometers but the flight time is only around sixteen hours because of tailwinds for the airline wants to launch even longer services from india to los angeles later this year emirates has promised to fly a nonstop from dubai to panama which would take
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a similar length of time singapore airlines held the title for nearly ten years when it eighteen hour nonstop flight from singapore to new york the all business class service ended in two thousand and thirteen no because it wasn't economically viable alex much airbus is an aviation analyst he says many passengers will opt for cheaper non direct routes the first is this is the first nonstop flight between the u.k. and australia which is the kangaroo route as it's known this is a route that used to take around seven days you know many many years ago and now you're able to do it in seventeen hours you know between london and perth so that's why it's being you know that's what all the fanfare is for but as you say there are flights that exist there are longer qatar airways have it between the one who can't so in terms of being commercially viable airlines and quantas say that it for them is better economics than stopping in dubai for example they pulled out of the u.a.e. and it's worked out for singapore but in terms of from a passenger's point of view nonstop flights between australia in the u.k.
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for example are actually twenty percent higher in fare averages compared to stopping off once which actually is driving the fares now is becoming cheaper to stop once if not twice. now afghanistan's water crisis is one of the worst in asia fewer than a third of people there have access to clean drinking water and thousands of children are dying every year because of the can't tell a nation and poor sanitation tony berkeley reports from kabul the hindu kush mountain range a wonder of nature and the giver of life it has the highest concentration of snow in places outside the polar region and is afghanistan's main source of water but it's under threat there has been a rapid retreat and melting of glaciers at the current rate they will disappear by twenty fifty. water the water. sources of that is no was alive. so with something happened something unfortunate happened of
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course does is the loss of human. melting glaciers are not the only problem forty years of conflict and the gleg to taking a toll on an antiquated water and sanitation system just twenty seven percent of the population has access to clean water only twenty percent in rural areas this is the way most of kabul's poor get their water stand pipes open for a few hours every day the water system was designed in the one nine hundred eighty s. to cope with a population of a few hundred thousand today nearly six million people live in the capital muscle that he says that like that man i go to school at six o'clock in the morning and when i return i have to carry water buckets to my home up the hillside and for that reason i'm too tired to do my homework. lack of education has led to poor hygiene people deaf occasion rivers and few boil the water they drink most rivers are contaminated every day rule so each flows into the kabul river from six thousand
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channels and is having serious health consequences twenty five percent of the deaths of children under the age of five are due to work to contamination and bad sanitation ten thousand children die every year because of die rule and water where an infection and disease account for more deaths in afghanistan the bombs and bullets forty years ago the population was thirteen million today it is around thirty six million causing a huge thirst but a shortage of reservoirs and pumping stations means just thirty percent of water is retained. improvements are being made in kabul this pumping station is part of an eighty million dollars german project to increase the number of connected homes from ten thousand to one hundred thousand more but we still need technical and financial support from the international community in the sector such as improving water management and for greasing capacity we also need support for exit queuing technical issues you can only supply water if you have it and because of the
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melting glaciers afghanistan has just over thirty years to come up with a solution to his predicted water loss before nature turns off the tap tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. peru's former president paid the republic has been barred from leaving the country while under investigation for corruption prosecutors have searched his home in the capital lima kaczynski resigned on wednesday rather than face an impeachment vote he's accused of money laundering linked to a bribery scandal involving the brazilian construction giant auto brecht. denies any wrongdoing thousands of people have protested in tel aviv against israel's planned mass deportation of eritrean and sudanese refugees israeli government has ordered more than forty thousand undocumented migrants to leave in exchange for money and a plane ticket the supreme court suspended the deportations demanding more information on the plan before it can go ahead. i keep my head out is
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a senior columnist for the news website a monotone he says prime minister benjamin benjamin netanyahu has policies all racist these people. human eyes and never knew how as being able to shut the border between israel and egypt takes credit for this and his message is that if we don't stop them we will get hostile million and we'll lose our. jewish identity here in israel so it's again it's like the spin on iran and posting and taro so these people who just are not part of us and this is true here do human is a church of people and you know we have. about one hundred and fifty thousand illegal. immigrants from ukraine from europe but they're white
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and this doesn't seem to disturb you know but. you know. this is part of. kind of racism israel has to tackle and i'm afraid the danielle is riding on this fear. of stopping it and unfortunately we'll find ourselves that we are writing. and one day where you will become the victims of strike at least seven people have been killed in a shootout with police in rio de janeiro in brazil security forces say they were searching for suspects involved in a recent police killing when their patrol came under attack but families of the victims dispute the police account brazil's millet military took command of the city last month in an attempt to curb rising violence. hundreds of football fans have marched in britain second largest city in a protest against extremism but some accuse the organizers of the rally of
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spreading hate catherine stansell reports from birmingham i would call fans uniting if they say she and extremism the football lots alliance was formed last june after the attacks in manchester and london bridge the group wants the government to do more to prevent so-called terror attacks and are calling for tighter controls on those who might be considered a threat but here in birmingham one of britain's most diverse cities the march is seen by many as promoting intolerance something the group's founder denies time to be with the demographics and a mike of what people you know these things apart from to go about a country are not they're not rice individuals the always be people who try to catch him so that their own richard goes off in caspar the cyber self in the rice east and in terms of the cities my rice is in my box and we've got from the outset the football odds alliance was formed only
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a few months ago but already it's gained a very large following in social media tens of thousands of people have attended the last two demonstrations but despite their message of unity some people accuse them of harboring racist messages an offshoot of the f l a confronting an anti racism counter-rally held a few steps away group chants and it's this aggression that many say is on the rise in the country right wing material on the internet fuels the attack at a mosque in london last year when a man drove into worshipers killing one person and the former head of counterterrorism policing says that far right extremism has become a significant threat to the u.k. something anti racism activists say needs to be addressed. the group of people for whom again something that completely people don't start to decide how we run only for lawyers who want to live together in. peace and harmony but it shaving not will be difficult as nationalist voices in the u.k. and across europe grow stronger catherine stansell al-jazeera birmingham.
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this is al-jazeera is going to monitor of the top stories the former president of the catalonia region in spain has been detained in germany carlos put him on left catalonia for belgium after the session played in october an international arrest warrant was issued for prejudgment and six other catalan leaders who went abroad for brennan is following the story from london the news of his detention has come in and social media from a tweet from his lawyer who said as follows the president has been detained in germany when he crossed the border from denmark on the way to belgium the treatment has been correct at all time procedures being correct he's now in a police station legal defense has already been activated the president was heading to belgium to catch up at the disposal of belgian justice the syrian government is
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close to taking control of eastern huta to rebel groups have surrendered in recent days and fighters in dumas are now in talks with russia to negotiate a surrender deal turkey says it has control of all areas in the african region now in northern syria military and allied rebels capture the main town last week they launched a ground offensive against kurdish fighters in late january about two hundred thousand people were displaced turkey says it will now expand the campaign east across the euphrates. protesters are rallying worldwide in solidarity with demonstrators demanding tougher gun control laws in the u.s. there been more than eight hundred marches in thirty seven countries including hong kong the u.k. and france. peru's former president petro pablo kaczynski has been barred from leaving the country while under investigation for corruption prosecutors of search his home in the capital lima kaczynski resigned on wednesday rather than face an
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impeachment vote he's accused of money laundering linked to a bribery scandal involving brazilian construction giant auto brecht kaczynski denies any wrongdoing aviation fans are hailing what they call a historic day for air travel the first nonstop flight between australia and the u.k. which landed at london's heathrow airport for the quantas airlines plane is the first to completely fourteen and a half thousand columb to journey from perth without a break it took just over seventeen hours those are the headlines that we're back with more in half an hour right now it's inside story.


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