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at this time. april on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the brigitte vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. is know one way of telling a story keeping is to the right and to be i suspect there is great because you get to know the person for he tells. the.
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saudi arabia says it shot down seven missiles fired by the rebels in yemen targeting it's at polls. so robert you're watching all jazeera live one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes at least sixty four people a dad and thousands remain missing after a five are the shopping center in siberia. also voting is under way in egypt's presidential election where the incumbent of the c.c. is certain to return to office and anger on the streets of barcelona as the catalan leader. who was arrested in germany on sunday is set to appear in court.
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welcome to the program saudi arabia's military says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen who the rebels say they carried out the strikes targeting several airports saudi authorities say at least one person was killed from these alexander as more. loud explosions and bright flashes in the sky saudi arabia's air force says it intercepted a series of ballistic missiles fired from neighboring yemen who three rebels say they've targeted airports in several cities including the capital riyadh and egyptian resident there was killed the hoofy leader is warning there's more to come and we'll use a long range drawings which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men about people to fight. saudi arabia is leading
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a coalition that has been fighting the who things in yemen since march two thousand and fifteen like most of the u.s. president donald trump may have been braced saudis crown prince mohammed bin soundman at the white house last tuesday but it didn't stop the senate from voting on a resolution calling for the end of u.s. support for saudi forces in yemen saudi war effort and particularly air campaign over yemen has not stopped it has only increased lately so i imagine it's normal that the both these are finally going. to show that they are still capable and they are not to be taken for granted militarily. at least ten thousand people have been killed in yemen since two thousand and fifteen which is also battling cholera and diptheria outbreaks the u.n. says living conditions there have reached catastrophic levels with more than twenty two million requiring some form of food assistance was the point of this three
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years of war hundreds of thousands of people have died because of quote it are because of starvation this means that you only heard there many civilians on the whole the still capable dogs me is that there are stronger than before and this is another failure to the saudi led coalition in yemen numerous rounds of u.n. sponsored peace talks have failed to stem the bloodshed in yemen trendiest alexander al jazeera. thousand of you things are running in sanaa two months three years since the sorry campaign in yemen who the rebels control large parts of yemen including the capital saudi arabia's bombing campaign in support of the government began in march twenty fifth dean has failed to push the rebels out of schools large numbers of civilian casualties sparking criticism from rights groups and the united nations something under its director of the levant institute of strategic affairs joins me now from our beirut bureau to tell you with us on the program sir what's
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your understanding of what you think these missiles all. i mean this type of capability for sure developed by state. power. it's not a technology that can be developed by use more. so. it has to be provided by state second element but he views the. coalition accused directly of supplying. you with this kind of weapon and more importantly he. said seventeen highly in the united nation. and the classified she said she declassify. information information and technical one she was showing good evidence of ballistic me. in riyadh and directly
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accusing iran it's true that up to now the united nation did not accuse iran. but given. that that of such fighting is directly related with what's happening. in washington and the change in the american administration coming up with a team that is more aggressive two words it on all of these elements to say that iran is behind this. attack on saudi soil is the. saudi arabia found it difficult to try to either find. eliminate these yemeni soil. because there yemeni is
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a huge space because there is always there is of damages and death toll among. and there because i mean at one point we see get control of all countries and. their state and their state of yemeni military was in shambles big b. before saudis tried to intervene in order to protect their small blasts i mean there is more and more pressure to stop this war and to find political settlement but the fact is it's very hard to get of such a use of. only by military means it has been. elsewhere in syria and lebanon it's not. an easy target specially that.
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military. type of militias are widespread among good a civilian population well that's the mood to leave it in and see what the outcome of this scenario is the moment something out of the in beirut thank you so. fire is killed at least sixty four people in a shopping area and dozens more people are said to be missing it happened in the city of three thousand kilometers east of the russian capital moscow many of the victims are said to be children scientists say the fire started on the top floor of the full story building challenges has the latest for us from moscow. just put this in context this is now being talked about here is one of the four worst fires in one hundred years of russian history it seems like the blaze started near one of the kids loans on the top floor the fourth floor of this shopping mall complex and
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quickly spread through about one thousand six hundred square meters of the building the footage that is being taken by locals on their mobile phones shows thick smoke pouring out of the top floors with emergency services people trying to get access to the building on long ladders lower down in the building the kremlin is saying that it is being kept up to speed with what's going on to be true peskov the spokesperson for the kremlin says but he may pose in the president has dispatched the emergencies minister to camera to oversee the operation rescue in the aftermath we know that various bits of kits like robotics and drones of also being dispatched from moscow and another siberian city cross and i ask there is also the criminal side of things which is swinging into gear this was a new building it was only opened in two thousand and thirteen so all the fire specs exact all that sort of thing should have been up to modern regulations we
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know who the detentions police intentions of been made so far one of the bosses of the company that runs this mall has been taken into detention i expect that that side of things is going to be progressing fairly quickly in the days ahead now the emir of qatar is in russia for talks with president vladimir putin he's the first foreign leader to visit moscow since putin was comfortably reelected last week the talks are expected to focus on economic ties the blockade against qatar by other g.c.c. countries and the war in syria. voting is underway in egypt in the presidential election widely expected to return the incumbent of those other seats power opponents have called for a boycott of the vote after all serious challenges to sisi withdrew saying they faced intimidation cc's only rival is. a former supporter who the opposition
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says is a dummy candide it jamal a shell looks that ccs first four years in office. although opted for the has he was only named president in june two thousand and fourteen the former army general has been in control of egypt since july the previous year when he led a coup deposing the country's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi since taking power sisi has made numerous promises and pledges to the egyptian people in a bid to win their support first he vowed to defeat what he described as potential violence and terrorism in any digital fleet i call in all egyptians to take to the streets to task me with preventing the potential violence and terrorism that threatens us. in reality however since sisi became president attacks and bombings appear to have increased dramatically across the country i saw which did not have a branch in egypt recruited fighters and began killing soldiers and police officers in sinai but the violence was not limited to the peninsula car bombs in central
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cairo and alexandria are testament to cc's inability to deliver on his promise of security another pledge made by the army general was to build a national road network that would connect cities and help improve road safety i will i will build a world class road network within one year that will connect all of egypt. four years have now passed not only does egypt have an extremely poor road network according to the world health organization it ranks amongst the ten worst countries for road safety with deaths being an almost daily occurrence. c.c. had also promised to drastically improve the economy and increase living standards there was initial hope when his government organized the two thousand and fifteen international economic conference billions of dollars worth of projects were announced until now though very little of those have been achieved even the much hail construction of a new administrative capital has seen little to no development similar to the
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pledge of building one million new homes with hundreds of thousands of egyptians still either homeless or living in slums one promise that was fulfilled by c.c. was the expansion of the suez canal however the promised revenue from this project has not materialized in fact after convincing the public to help fund the project through investment bonds the government's own figures show revenue from the suez canal has actually dropped as a result of the decline in maritime traffic c.z. has been president for four years and in power for five in the early days he had promised to transform egypt into a world power the reality is that he presides over a country where thirty percent live below the poverty line and the vast majority are struggling to remain just above it his critics doubts that's another four years will bring any significant improvement. well still ahead
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here on al-jazeera an adult film star goes public about her relationship with donald trump why she says she feared for her life and the u.s. and south korea agreed to a revised trade deal how are we to dress is america's concerns those stories to the . hello once again we'll stop by look at the weather in southeast asia and here you can see a lot of cloud across parts of borneo philippines not looking too bad but we have had some heavy rain being reported here over the last twenty four hours and then as we look at the forecast much of the philippines slightly drawing you see a circulation developing towards the east now that is a tropical depression which is expected to move away towards the south so although as i move the forecast through to when say it begins to look quite threatening we're not expected to have an impact on the philippines so elsewhere we've got some
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showers for borneo so heavy showers across java and then moving up through the night pincher has a chance of a shower for singapore but probably dried drying kuala lumpur and northwards towards bangkok is also likely to stay dry here into a straight here than we've seen some huge amounts of rainfall being reported in parts of queens and with the remnants of tropical cyclone nora which continues to drift away towards the south and as this runs into this trough of low pressure would like to see further heavy showers affecting parts of queens and so an extremely wet one intense phil further south we got some showers for breeze front but sydney should be dry and fine because they're for melbourne at twenty one but as we head on through into wednesday see temperatures rising there nicely should be fine in perth with highs of twenty two across new zealand it looks like being a pretty wet one across parts of the south i don't.
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i am doing this for the benefit of people. so bad they see the importance of the our guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera are. you watching all jews are welcome back home so robin a reminder of all top news stories saudi arabia says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen fifty rebels have claimed responsibility for the strikes which
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targeted airports in the capital riyadh and three other cities saudi authorities say at least one person was killed. at least sixty four people are dead and dozens missing after a fire was a shopping center in siberia it happened in the city of command of three thousand kilometers east of the russian capital moscow many of the victims also to be children and voting is underway in egypt in the presidential election widely expected to return of the shuttle sisi to power the former military general is running virtually unchallenged up two opponents withdrew saying they faced intimidation. israeli police are questioning prime minister benjamin netanyahu over one of several corruption cases that could threaten his political future police arrived at his home in jerusalem on monday morning israeli media reports the questioning relates to netanyahu is dealings with israel's largest telecommunications. company he's accused of giving him regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable coverage on its news website. the israeli government's also
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being given until monday to provide more details of its plan to deport more than forty thousand african refugees the supreme court set the deadline after suspending the program at a hearing earlier this month how he foresaw reports of west jerusalem. among the inmates of saharan imprisoned deep in israel's southern negev desert are dozens of eritrean and sudanese men who have in the narrowest sense chosen to be their stead of deportation to a third country known to be either uganda or wondered what are her son says the inmates have made the right choice he accepted a deal to leave israel for uganda in twenty fourteen but instead found himself delivered to sudan the country he'd fled now he's made it to uganda away studying law but says direct deportees from israel have their documents taken at the airport leaving them unprotected no one is willing to fight or die for this because rights
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in israel there's at least there's activists and there's a lot of resistance. israel's government is trying to remove forty thousand africans mostly sudanese and eritrean who entered from egypt before a border fence was completed four years ago the first phase of the detention or deportation policy targets single men but for now it's been frozen pending a decision by israel supreme court on monday the train was running very quickly we at least stopped at seagull coco v.v. is one of those behind the legal petition against the policy she doubts the government has a defensible deal with rwanda to show the court and hopes the freeze will continue but i think it's going to be very hard for the supreme court now to turn this around and say without an agreement without seeing an agreement this can go on israel's prime minister though is determined to press ahead last week he said unrestricted african migration would be more dangerous than terrorism is. long argued that israel has the right to expel people he calls illegal infiltrators
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where somebody is granted asylum status he can be expelled but not to the country where he cannot be returned in this case but if another country is willing to accept him it's perfectly legal under international law. it's an argument that holds little weight protests as good on who fled forced service in the eritrean army but how does asylum claim rejected in israel he says neither wonder nor uganda offers the safe haven that should be his right under international law let's though i did what i did to stay in a prison to stay in a prison i prefer to stay in a body that instead of risk of death. i don't give up and so i don't lose hope i don't give up in the short term such hopes depend on the next decision made by israel supremes court but more broadly they rely on the outcome of what's been a vociferously national debate about whether african refugees now deserve the same kind of sanctuary in israel as jews fleeing europe in the twentieth century a recent poll suggested two thirds of jewish israelis supported the government line
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are a force of al-jazeera westerners in a letter to europe now a former catalan president is expected to appear in court in germany those arrested on sunday after travelling through finland and denmark he faces charges of rebellion and sedition in spain which stemmed from last year's session vote in catalonia angry protesters in barcelona called the pujols release david chaytor has the latest for us from barcelona. tension is still high here on the streets of barcelona there were more than ninety injuries including twenty two police officers in the clashes overnight and at one point the police had to draw their weapons and fire warning shots into the air to keep the protesters back there's also been a call for a new democratic front to to get the trade unions together to amass the right number of people to actually cause disruption here but also been calls from the
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speaker of the the parliament that there should not be violence they want to keep this a calm and a peaceful protest but it depends very much on the appearance of colors bustamante in the german court will he be remanded in custody and will he be released on bail to fight the extradition process what happens in that court with very much affect the mood on the streets here in barcelona and across the whole of catalonia so they're saying essentially that the government is running. an oppressive repressive and revengeful campaign against the separatist leaders and they're simply trying to decapitate the democratic process here in catalonia. filmstar who says she had to with u.s. president donald trump in two thousand and six says she was threatened with physical violence after she first tried to go public with the story stormy daniels
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told c.b.s. sixty minutes that she was accosted by an identified man and told to leave trump alone has more i realise exactly what i'd gotten myself into. and we go in a highly publicized television interview adult film star stormy daniels detailed an alleged six chilling concert with u.s. president donald trump more than a decade ago daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford is suing the president to avoid a non-disclosure agreement she signed for one hundred thirty thousand dollars days before the election you thought that there would be some sort of legal repercussion if you didn't sign up as a matter of fact the exact sentence used was they can make your life hell in many different ways she's already seen the links the trunk kemp was willing to go when she tried to sell his story in twenty eleven i was in a parking lot going to
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a fitness class with my infant daughter just taking in the seats facing backwards in the back seat diaper bag you know getting all the stuff out and a guy walked up on me and said to me leave champ alone forget the story and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said it's a beautiful little girl and be a shame or something how much our mom and then he was gone. the daniels lawsuit in two others followed by a woman in the past week or the latest distraction for a white house mired in a special investigation about possible collusion with russia former playboy model karen mcdougal is suing to be released from an agreement she says requires her to keep quiet about an alleged affair she had with trump a decade ago and a new york supreme court judge ruled some observe oss could move forward on a different nation lawsuit that claims the president six arrest her oh she was on his apprentice television show there's a huge to juggle for embarrassment on behalf of the president where he could be
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deposed you could have documents they could be released as part of this they could be embarrassing details that could get leaked from these lawsuits it could be a problem our civil trial could be huge spectacle accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior have dogged the president since his election campaign two months before the election in two thousand and five tape surfaced of trump talking about groping women. to do it you can do anything whatever you want. to any of that. still me daniel story goes one further alleging a cover up complete with physical threats allegations the white house says are without merit shall not ballasts jazeera. and saying in the country the new york times has revealed the extent of influence the american businessman has had at the white house in promoting the interests of the united arab emirates and saudi arabia investor and defense contractor elliott brody was
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a top fundraiser for the trump presidential campaign according to the new york times a businessman and political advisor to the crown prince of abu dhabi george nader helped brody's company gain access to the u.a.e. in exchange navy used brody's influence to shape trance policy in the region the newspaper ads that brody pushed the white house to fire the former secretary of state rex tillerson and to adopt a policy of confrontation with qatar. the situation pacific now where south korea has secured an exemption from hefty u.s. steel tariffs in exchange for a vising the country's free trade agreement under the changes us all to makers will be allowed to double the number of cars they can import into south korea and south korea will now have to comply with a quota which cut steel imports to the u.s. by about thirty percent if we teaching books have been amid rising uncertainties in the global market due to the united states treat actions against china the latest
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agreement has removed two uncertainties the u.s. steel duty exemption and the united states korea free trade agreements before the green winter visions no automakers in the u.s. shipped more than ten thousand vehicles the spy the threshold being twenty five thousand but not march for our lives protest failed to garner a reaction from president donald trump and galahad reports now from washington d.c. was by any measure the march for our lives protest was a success hundreds of thousands of people came to hear from those whose lives have been touched by gun violence frank decades my country. has become accustomed to this violence was. around the world the refrain of never again was heard loud and clear but while crowds gathered close to the white house president donald trump was in florida his twitter account has remained silent on the issue although the white house issued
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a statement that in part said we applaud the many courageous young americans exercising their first amendment rights keeping our children safe is a top priority of the president's. on friday the president signed a bill that includes legislation that aims to strengthen background checks. moves to ban stocks which turn rifles into fully automatic weapons are also on the way campaigners say it's not enough the fact that nobody is discussed in the bill they don't say the word gun once what causes all these shootings what's the one thing to tie everything together there's no specific mental health problem that makes all these shootings happen is the weapon and the fact that they aren't taking any action towards it is proof that we need to keep on going my name stephen. marching from my coach chris dixon organizers hope that this is the beginning of a movement that translating never again into significant changes will be challenging former astronaut mark kelly whose wife survived an assassination
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attempt says it will be a long road ahead i would warn them not to get this courage you know this is often two steps forward and one step back. to the opportunity to talk to a few of them yesterday they have a point where this is this is not the last you're going to see these kids the protesters that came here may be gone but their list of demands remains banning assault weapons extended magazines and raising age limits will be challenging while the republicans remain in power and the national rifle association continues to wield so much influence the next revolution say organizers will be at the polls and al-jazeera washington the facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg has taken a full page newspaper to apologize for what he calls a breach of trust they say he's sorry more wasn't done when data was leaked in twenty fourteen he says limits are being placed on the days of the can collect from users and the firm is also investigating apps that had access to large amounts of
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data well technology journalist dan daughter marc saltzman says facebook is in damage control mode. they're doing what they can to plug in the holes they need more transparency they need to review and over you know totally over you know redo their entire security and privacy protocols look them over and if they wanted to you know keep this you know what close to two billion user accounts they have to have more transparency and perhaps more importantly you know once the users leave then the advertisers are they may even jump ship also so this is a big thing that they need to do so is that enough it's something you know that the silence right after this story broke by october was deafening because it took him a few days to come forward clearly he was figuring out what this p.r. team how to come out so they did it enough we'll have to see they lost quite a bit of money in their market value last last week about fifty billion dollars
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u.s. . what you observe these are all top news stories saudi arabia shot down seven missiles fired from yemen rebels have claimed responsibility for the strikes which targeted at ports in the capital riyadh and three other cities saudi authorities say at least one person was killed thousands of these are rallying in sanaa two months since the sound of pain in yemen began the three rebels control launch parts of yemen including the capital saudi arabia's bombing campaign in support of the government which began in march twenty fifteen sailed to push them out of. the sixty four people are dead and dozens missing after a five and a shopping center in siberia now it happened in the city of quetta most of three thousand kilometers east of the russian capital moscow many of the victims are children. voting is also under way in egypt in the presidential election widely
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expected to return of the federal seat of power the former military general is running virtually unchallenged after opponents withdrew saying they faced intimidation. and the emir of qatar is in russia with talks with blood amir putin the president that he's the first foreign leader to visit moscow since putin was comfortably reelected last week the talks are expected to focus on economic ties the blockade against cattle by g.c.c. countries and the war in syria israeli police have questioned prime minister benjamin netanyahu over dealings with zak israel's largest telecommunications company is accused of giving regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable coverage on its news website former catalan president charles puja monthly is expected to appear in a court in germany he was arrested on sunday after travelling through finland and denmark he faces charges of rebellion and sedition in spain and angry protesters in barcelona called for pujols release. south korea
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a skilled exemption from have to u.s. steel tariffs in exchange for revising the country's free trade agreement under the changes to u.s. automakers will be allowed to double the number of cars they can import into south korea and south korea will now have to comply with a quota which cut steel imports to the u.s. by about thirty percent those are the headlines the news hour is next in thirty minutes with laura karl next on al-jazeera it's witness do stay with us. you stand the difference is. and this is a menagerie said cultures across and. al-jazeera .


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