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in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my family looking while i'm doing yes ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. a conflict spanning seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half for the nation. zero world needs to children who have become victims of serious of a war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera.
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oh. heavy security in beijing with reports that a senior north korean official is in china but there's no confirmation about the identity of the visitor. alone said obama you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes the russian president visits siberia where a fire at a shopping center killed sixty four people angry protesters are demanding justice. also it's day two of egypt's presidential elections millions of voting in the contest the incumbent president is set to win and australia's major cricket sponsors are put the national team on notice as cheating scandal escalates.
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into the program a train reportedly carrying c. the north korean officials has left beijing with still no word as to who exactly was visiting the chinese capital now a large convoy with heavy security was seen on the streets with speculation that it could be north korean leader kim jong un china's foreign ministry has denied any knowledge of the visit china correspondent andrew brown has beijing. well speculation over who this v.i.p. guest might be began circulating here in beijing on monday night japanese media reported that an armored train was seen crossing the friendship bridge which separates north korea and china in the northeastern chinese city of dun dong on sunday afternoon that train then turned up at beijing railway station the oldest railway station in beijing then a large motorcade was seen passing along chang an avenue in the center of beijing the main thoroughfare in the city heading in the direction of the di you tie guest
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house which is traditionally where heads of state and paid stay when they come to beijing now the south korean media is speculating that this visitor might well be kim jong un the sister who's enjoying a very high profile at the moment now if it is kim jong un then of course the question remains what has motivated him to come here is china threatening to enforce more sanctions against north korea or is china offering something to north korea but either way it possibly demonstrates that china still holds sway over north korea well kathy novak is our correspondent in the south korean capital seoul the chinese being a very tight lipped for the moment cathy has anybody got loose lips there in seoul . they do not the south korean government is neither conforming nor denying the reports that this could be a train carrying the leader kim jong un or indeed his sister as has been also
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speculated here in the south korean media of course kim jong un's a sister was sent as a special envoy to south korea during the winter olympics that was the first time any member of the kim family had traveled here to south korea and if indeed this train was carrying on and he was in beijing for meetings it would be significant because as a leader he has not traveled outside of north korea for an official visit and part of the speculation was fueled by reports of this particular armored train that was said to be spotted in china traveling from north korea people pointing out that it was a similar train to the one that was used by kim jong un's father kim jong il when he traveled to china as a leader and when other members of kim jong un's government including the foreign minister i have traveled to china in the past they generally fly so that is part of why there is this speculation that the train could have been carrying kim jong un
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or his sisters to help but we shall wait and see what is said later when it does we'll come back to you thanks for the moment. so to russia where the president vladimir putin is blaming what he calls criminal negligence for the shopping center for that killed sixty four people on monday but it's been confirmed that forty one of those that died with children putin has visited the sunday talk before in the eastern city of computer over in siberia people. calling for justice for the victims of us to go to say a smoke alarm system and bring to the shopping mall exits blocked for people to be detained including the head of the company operating the shopping center. what happening here is not a military action it's not an unexpected release of messina to mine people. and the children came here to get some rest we're talking about demographic decline and losing so many people to what due to criminal negligence due to carelessness law
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correspondent really challenged as following events for us from the russian capital moscow it's quite unique that the president actually visited the scene of the incident. i think certainly in the kremlin there's an awareness that this is a very delicate situation a sensitive situation at the beginning of a week in which russia is also managing a severe diplomatic crisis i think it's telling that vladimir putin has chosen to visit camera and deal with this is the most pressing issue the most pressing issue that needs a kind of presidential hand i think there is. an awareness that with putin going into his fourth presidential term even when he talks about things like you know criminal negligence. and carelessness he has to realize that a good deal of this is on you know him because he's been in power for eighteen
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years this is the system that he has nurtured and created so when kids are being burned in their cinema seats and when an eleven year old boy is jumping out of a fourth story window over of a shopping mall or a fourth story window over of a shopping mall to escape the fire that is just killed his parents and as his younger sister that is a problematic issue for the kremlin and it's a problematic issue for vladimir putin that's why he's gone indeed of course not that loot of the people there is change very quickly from grief to anger and very quickly focused on local officials people there want answers the question is who's going to give them those answers. well you know there's a crowd that has been gathering in central government care over for i think five hours now it's still there as far as i'm aware they've been chanting pravda profit which means truth they believe that they're being lied to by the authorities i mean
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we're you know. nearly three decades on from the collapse of the soviet union but still in russia there's a culture of secrecy and people believe that the author of seize or try to cover up domestic tragedies like this they think that they're not being told the truth about the death count here in this particular disaster that it's much much higher than sixty four they also are wanting to know answers to you know what happened inside this more why they believe were the doors of the cinema theatres locks shots why was the sprinkler system deactivated and why are they being made to sign disclosure nondisclosure agreements when they go to identify bodies of the more this is an angry city and i think it be anger is of reverberating around russia or at the moment well we're we'll leave it there for the moment of course as you monitor events there from russia thank you.
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know it's the second day of voting in egypt's presidential election which the incumbent. to win opponents have called for a boycott after many candidates withdrew saying they faced intimidation now the president's only rival is the farmer who's known as a supporter of sisi. egypt's president is hoping a large turnout will give him a strong mandate for a second term harbor reports. a crucial moment for the band seeking reelection president. wants a comfortable win and a huge turnout among the nearly sixty million eligible voters his supporters see him as the only man capable of leading egypt at a time when the nation faces many challenges and i'm an empty. i couldn't sleep from all the joy just to come here and say yes to my motherland egypt i came here
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to say yes to stability yes to development i came here to say yes to all military and. i will vote for sisi for the sake of the coming phase and i have a bachelor's degree in business administration and i feel like i have not given what i deserve and i feel that this coming phase will offer great things but the election has been widely seen as a false potential rivals to c.c. have either been jailed or dropped out of the race after a campaign of intimidation the only candidate allowed to run is a staunch supporter of president sisi. whose leader of the centrist party told the media he doesn't want to challenge the authority of c.c. for critics. more than a candidate whose role is to give the impression of a legitimate election i don't think there's any question that it's
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a sham i'm not aware of any serious difference of opinion among you know political scientists or human rights groups or analysts i think the point of the election is to demonstrate cc's power and his popularity this is why the government is pushing so hard for a high turnout if there's a low turnout it will be bad optics for the regime. president sisi will likely secure a second term but the general turned politician faces mounting discontent over the economy and armed groups operating in the sinai peninsula the vote will last for two war days a strong turnout could indicate a growing trust in cc's leadership has my but i'll just see or. senior u.n. official has visited one of australia's offshore detention centers for silence seekers describing the conditions there a shocking it follows nationwide marches on sunday calling on the government to bring refugees on mother's island and the route to australia under the government's
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hard line immigration policies anyone who attempts to reach australia illegally by boat is automatically sent offshore processing and told that they will never settle in australia i have witnessed for example a child of fourteen who was with her father in the in the detention center her mother and sibling had been transferred to australia for medical treatment this child was pretty much catatonic had not gotten out of bed in a month and was basically not leaving her room and this is just symptomatic of some of the dire conditions that children face in terms of the long term stay there forty children have basically being born there have never seen anything outside this place and fifty children have actually spent most of their time there so i must say the situation there particularly for children was extremely dire we
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encourage that the australian government and the u.s. government has come to an agreement by which refugees are being resettled in the united states but still over a thousand people with a need solutions and pending an outcome. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a united front britain's allies band together expelling more than one hundred russian diplomats after the poisoning of a former spy and going the distance we'll tell you why a small rural village in ethiopia is producing some of the world's best long distance runners their stories on the other side of the break. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts we've lost the extreme weather across europe still
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a fairly unsettled picture see from all these areas of cloud and low pressure systems was really at the forecast and across western heiresses quite moderate the moment temperatures well into double figures indeed quite warm in the iberian peninsula twenty one there in madrid but quite a bit of rain pushing across the u.k. and down through france during the course of chews day central areas generally ok ten degrees there in vienna and largely dry eastern areas still some patchy snow around but nowhere near as heavy as it was over the last week or so so as you move through towards wednesday we have got now if low pressure on the eastern side of the mediterranean give you some disturbed weather but otherwise as he said there is fairly quiet the western are still seeing some brace of rain coming in and showers affecting the u.k. into north africa weather conditions here not too bad for morocco algeria tunisia but again that low pressure system is giving some pretty disturbed weather along the coast of libya around benghazi but for cairo still getting the winds coming out from the south might be some dust but temperatures up as high as thirty six degrees into central parts of africa plenty of showers in evidence here away from the congo
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towards gabon our forecast shows plenty more showers to come rather also like you see some downpours affecting across encounter. there with sponsored by the time. the scene for us when they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because the camps or if you join a sunset there are people there there are choosing between buying medication. this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on how does iraq. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so whole robin a reminder of our top news stories a train reportedly carrying senior north korean officials has left beijing with still no word as to who exactly was visiting the chinese capital a large convoy with heavy security was seen in the chinese capital and there are reports that an armored train has rolled out of town. the second day of voting is underway in egypt's presidential election the incumbent abdel fattah el-sisi is certain to win opponents have called for a boycott after almost all challengers to sisi withdrew saying they faced intimidation. and russian president vladimir putin says criminal negligence is to blame for a fire that killed sixty four people at a shopping center and he's visited the site of the fire in the eastern city of combat over in siberia people are angry and calling for the resignation of local politicians investigators say
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a smoke alarm system had been turned off and exits were blogs. twenty four countries including the united states canada and australia have expelled the russian diplomats it's a coordinated response to a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in britain which the west blames on moscow russia denies the allegation and describes the expulsions as a provocative gesture she have written three reports now from washington d.c. . the trumpet ministration had said it would expel russian diplomats if its allies also did so in a coordinated action and on monday that coordination was revealed countries across western and eastern europe and canada joined the u.s. in the expulsions the british prime minister expressed hope gratitude international solidarity following what the u.k. alleges was a russian nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent and his daughter in an english town this is the largest collective expansion of russian intelligence officers in history. i have
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found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the soulsby incident the russian ambassador to the u.s. expressed his concern the deal would she would say union leaders that they meet again what the united states of america is doing today they are destroying what little remained of us russian ties and i would add that all the responsibility for ruining russian american relations is on the united states of america. sloma however a different tone was struck on twitter the russian embassy asking the public for suggestions on which u.s. consulate to now close in russia u.s. officials said there expulsions weren't just about standing with the u.k. but about curtailing russia's covert operations against u.s. national security they presented all of those being expelled from the russian embassy the seattle consulate and the u.n. as part of a pool of some one hundred agents moscow currently has in the country administration
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officials here said that with these expulsions some forty russian spies would remain in the u.s. but that russia's covert operations would be severely curtailed in all three statements from the white house the state department and the u.s. is u.n. mission there was unequivocal agreement with the u.k. that russia was behind the chemical weapon attack something that donald trump or sounded less convinced of in his statement so far she ever times the washington. well as she had mentioned some of the diplomats being sent home from the u.s. are from russia's mission at the united nations here's what the u.s. and russian u.n. ambassadors had to say about that. i think you're seeing an increasingly. move of bad judgment by russia and when we see these espionage tactics that are taking place right here at the heart of the u.n. we can't have that and this is really not just us but multiple countries saying all of these actions have to stop this is not what we do. in any other place and it
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can't be acceptable for you to do this unfortunately russia is now being held accountable for a lot of things and they have a decision. that's very unfortunate and very unfriendly we would have diplomats. expelled from here and they will have to leave by the second whether secondly the biggest convoy of evacuees yet syria's eastern ghouta according to state media about seven thousand people left the battered rebel enclave overnight and thousands are leaving the area as part of a deal struck between rebels and the syrian government's ally russia many are heading to the only other rebel held territory it led to reports. bus after bus arrived in the rebel controlled province of idlib in northwest syria thousands of people transported across a divided country rebel factions surrendered their strongholds in eastern huta after what was one of the fiercest offensives launched by the pro-government
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alliance fighters their families and members of the opposition deported as part of a negotiated with. everything even the bunkers we were hiding in if we left the bunkers we would get killed by air strikes i can't describe the situation we were in it was over. almost two thousand syrians were killed and thousands were wounded in the attacks appeals for medical supplies for those trapped in a war zone went unheeded already there was a shortage of aid and medications because of a government imposed siege on the opposition area lesser from the. unfortunately the cases we received are very critical we also have cases of malnutrition as well as extremely sick people who couldn't receive proper treatment because of the lack of medications as a result of the siege more than ten thousand people have been displaced and not all are fighters some didn't want to risk arrest or be forced to join the army they
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left with whatever they could carry. we left our homes behind everything has been destroyed we left our history. we left behind because the. eastern huta has been under the control of the opposition since two thousand and thirteen not long after the government besieged the enclave. it wasn't only under siege came under fire for years it was always an important military objective for the government being so close to the capital but the pro-government alliance was busy fighting on many fronts and it was always just a question of time when it would turn its attention to the rebel stronghold. it has been one tragedy after another for syrians caught in what seems to be an endless conflict. we lived in bunkers our lives were in danger we left after the international community let us down. it has become what some
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describe as a dumping ground over the years tens of thousands of rebels and their families who surrender territory to the government were sent here and there is little sign that day just like those who have been recently displaced well ever returned to their homes. beirut now the u.s. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have agreed to hold regular meetings to discuss security concerns in the middle east it's seen as an indication of closer ties between the three countries the white house says it's part of an effort to counter iranian influence in the region. one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the u.s. has filed for bankruptcy just days after millions of americans took to the streets calling for tougher gun laws remington outdoor company blames some of its troubles on the election of double trump and says the current political climate has made it impossible to find new investors diane estabrook reports. after millions marched across the u.s.
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for tougher gun laws new york based remington outdoor company filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection remington is one of america's oldest gun manufacturers it built its first rifle in eight hundred sixteen and both on its website of building america but the two hundred year old gun company which makes weapons for hunting military and law enforcement says it's burdened by more than six hundred million dollars of debt the eight air assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing and remington blames some of its money trouble on the election of donald trump anticipating hillary clinton would win the white house and push for tougher gun laws remington and other gun makers ramped up production expecting gun enthusiasts would stock up on firearms but that didn't happen with trump in the white house the day after trump was elected the stocks of these gun manufacturers
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actually took a big hit in the days following his election it has since come off pretty strongly as the revenues had done this is well there doesn't seem to be the clinical risk the political sphere that regulation will be coming down but calls for tougher gun laws have been escalating since the mass school shooting last month in parklane florida gun control supporters are calling on congress to ban the sale of assault rifles and raise the minimum firearm purchase age. to put more safety in our schools to help students. by name since the parklane shooting some retailers have limited gun sales and some banks have put restrictions on business customers that sell firearms remington says that climate made it impossible to find lenders that would finance its turnaround so it was forced to file for bankruptcy protection remington is the second american gun
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manufacturer to file for bankruptcy in the past few years diane nesta brooke al-jazeera. the coach of australia's cricket team is reportedly set to resign as the fallout from a cheating scandal escalates the sport's governing body cricket australia to go to south africa to look into the incident australian player was caught on camera tampering with the ball during a match it's prompted major sponsors to question the support for the national team . from sydney. there's no precedent in australian cricket for this sort of investigation so it's unclear what form it would take but there are no doubt many questions that need to be answered including what if any involvement the coach had in this there are also calls for further sanctions on the leadership team and we've been getting some mixed responses from people outside the sydney cricket ground on what sanctions should be here if. you can do
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this in an international. stand down stay standard. but then again everything cheats. just got caught not only. by things which are of. this trillion sports commission said the players involved should have immediately been sent home and that there needs to be an overhaul of the culture within the sport we think that one of the good things that's come out of this situation is that the australian public has still a very strong message to the leadership of the sport about where they brought along and what they consider to be totally inappropriate standards of behavior and triathletes those who are in the green and gold act would conduct themselves with the utmost integrity as the cricket australia investigation plays out in the way there are doubts about how much you can salvage the reputation of one of the most popular and idolized sports in the country. well to ethiopia known as small rural
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village that's producing some of the world's best long distance runners because. if you go here and at least eight olympic medalist world title and. well the record company and this is barring any generation to do the same stephanie decker reports . it's barely seven o'clock in the morning but these two are already late. coach entire show to his busy warming up his students something he has done here in because for the past thirty years this rural village almost three thousand metres above sea level in the highlands is at first glance just like any other but world class athletes are born and bred here. it's given the work within the will to the security their determination and their hard work and all sorts of weather for instance if you bring them out late from time worries it will be difficult for them to breeze at least for the first few weeks once you get used to do you would be
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fine and then once you get back to the ground level it will be much easier there's been a lot of debate and research as to why the small rural villages produce so many world class long distance runners now one thing is certain the dedication and determination of these young men and women to make it and it's very possible that you'll be seeing one or more of them at future world sporting events. according to coach entire u. seventeen year old messer taffeta is one to watch we ask her about her dreams and you can win my second and my dream like other successful athletes from my village like her own as a good shepherd and others i want to run in the olympics and i want to break the records and i can see that in my dreams. for many running offers the only way out of this village life can be difficult children tend to cattle and help take care of the family from an early age there is incredible
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pride in those who went from here to international sporting fame. and that can be seen at the local government office proudly displayed on the wall posters of local heroes limbic medalist and world record holders coach intaglio shows us his training log book at home to wish you well and have entries for tear into us to baba from when she was thirteen years old she is now the five thousand meter world record holder and remains the youngest ever female world champion winning gold at just eighteen. if these role models are inspiring this new generation all the determined but not all will make it the coach says it's essentially down to hard work and that's something many of these teenagers are already used to further inspired by the fact that dreaming big in this small village the olympic gold in world records really can come true stephanie decker. in central ethiopia and of course you can follow all of the stories that we're covering here on
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al-jazeera by logging on to a web site out is there a dot com is updated throughout the day. you're watching al-jazeera harms the whole robin these are our top stories a train reportedly carrying syria north korean officials has left beijing the solo word as to who exactly was visiting the chinese capital a large convoy with heavy security was seen in beijing. russian president vladimir putin is blaming what he calls criminal negligence for the shopping center fire that killed sixty four people on monday though it's been confirmed that forty one of those that died were children putin has been at the scene of the fire in the eastern city of could a mover in siberia people there angry and calling for justice for the victims investigators say a smoke alarm system had been turned off in the shopping center and exits blocked
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four people have been detained including the head of the company operating the location. produce what happening here is not a military action it's not an unexpected release of missing at a mine people and the children came here to get some rest we're talking about demographic decline and losing so many people to what do to criminal negligence due to carelessness. also a second day of voting has begun in egypt's presidential election also a second day of voting has begun in egypt's presidential election which thing come but the fact that sisi is certain to win opponents have called for a boycott after all serious challenges to sisi withdrew saying they faced intimidation. in twenty four countries including the united states canada and australia have expelled russian diplomats it's a coordinated response to a nerve agent to turn on a former russian spy in britain which the west blames on moscow russia denies the
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allegation and describes the expulsions as a provocative gesture. cambridge and a little whistle blower christopher wiley is expected to face questions from members of the british parliament in the next few hours they'll be asking him about the involvement of the company he worked for in the brics it campaign cambridge analytical and facebook car under growing pressure from the public and governments after widely revealed that the data of fifty million users was exploited to influence the twenty sixteen us presidential election he also says the data helped the u.k. campaign to leave the e.u. those are the headlines see in thirty minutes just. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for. the listening post this time on al-jazeera.
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