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so the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is a part of life it's culture a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of. brides just to show the most. sometimes take back the difference to go up a personal fine against judicial corruption as. in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna.
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org. web public protests in russia over the shopping center fire which killed at least sixty four people most of them children. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg plans to testify before congress over social networks privacy practices president trump's son in law jared kushner is back in the spotlight this time over loans for his family's business. and we look back at the life of linda brown who as a girl was at the center of an historic u.s. school segregation ruling sixty years ago.
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welcome to the program our top story five people have been charged over a fire in a shopping center in russia which killed sixty four people forty one of them children the russian president vladimir putin is visited the siberian city where it happened and blame the tragedy on criminal negligence it's far too rare protests on the streets demanding justice for the victims out moscow correspondent for a challenge reports. two different memorial events in moscow one tuesday evening two different aspects of a nation's grief first the official one beneath the walls of the kremlin with flowers and toys supplied by the city authorities later the people's gathering on pushkin square here there was anger at the country's political system for allowing cameras appalling far to happen. citizens are deeply unhappy with your
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thought these actions including the president who should be responsible for everything happening in the country but who nevertheless doesn't do anything to minimize things like corruption. i think that the at the rallies hundred percent staged i don't think that many people willingly when there are many of them receive salaries from the state and they were forced to attend here people came because they wanted to in camera itself which lost so many people in this disaster understandably the mood was even more that's a rally demanding truth and justice a man described his last words to his dying young daughter would you. i said where where is my daughter i was talking to her on the phone she cried i'm here dad here i told her lie down on the floor i'm brave breathe and don't die i cried i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing
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consciousness excuse me people here say they believe the death toll is much higher than officially admitted. vladimir putin often stays away from domestic disasters but earlier on tuesday he visited camera and its bereaved residents criminal negligence was to blame he said but it was too early to point fingers this says the investigation team of one hundred people is working here they will go along the whole chain starting with those who issued licenses and up to those who are responsible for safety and that security for employees who are sitting there and did not press the button on time in the gutted remains of the winter cherry shopping center those investigators are trying to piece together what happened and how blocks fire exits nonfunctioning alarm system and a slow emergency response might have contributed to the deaths of so many children and families relaxing on a sunday afternoon five people have been charged the director and the technical director of the mall have already appeared in court they insist all safety
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inspections and training were done by the book rusher is no stranger to horrible tragedy so it's quite difficult to put one's finger exactly on what it is about of this one that's made people so hurt and angry perhaps the high number of children dead is a factor but also too i think the belief amongst many russians that corruption and bureaucratic indifference on just nuisances they can be devastatingly fatal to. a country's systemic failings are often most exposed by disaster and it's the failings of eighteen years of putin's rule that are on display just as he begins his fourth and potentially last term in office reach allan's al-jazeera. or in other developments nato has joined in the mass expulsion of russian diplomats in support of the u.k.'s action after the soulsby nerve agent attack secretary-general yen stoltenberg says they're reducing the size of russia's nato mission from thirty to twenty australia island moldova and belgium of also join the list of nations
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expelling russian officials taking it to twenty six stoltenberg says nato has measures the result of a series of russian actions of course what triggered this was the souls attack but it is part of a broader response by nato allies to a pump down of an acceptable unacceptable and dangerous behavior by russia. we have seen the illegal an exceptional chromium we have seen this of the stations of eastern ukraine we have seen cyber attacks we have seen the hybrid tactics we have seen russia are investing heavily in modern military equipment and their willingness to use military force against neighbors or russia has continued to strongly deny any involvement in the salzburg attack the foreign minister sergei lavrov promised a strong response to the mass expulsion of diplomats and criticized both the u.k. and the u.s. the future use of the words will still we will respond on down to only because
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nobody wants to tolerate switchboards behavior and we won't either we know this is the result of colossal pleasure causal blackmail which is now unfortunately the main tool of washington on the international arena. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg reportedly plans to testify before congress over social network's role in harvesting millions of users data without their knowledge the site and the data analytics from cambridge analytic are at the center of a raw of the way personal information was used to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. turned down a request to be questioned in britain's parliament well the whistleblower at the heart of the scandal has been giving evidence to british m.p.'s christopher wiley said data gathered unlawfully was used to manipulate people in the u.k. to vote to leave the european union some and i'll call in for the breaks that referendum to be declared null and void aren't reports. christopher what his
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extraordinary relations are now casting a shadow over democratic elections on both sides of the atlantic here he was speaking to a u.k. government committee explaining how he knew that public opinion had been unlawfully manipulated before the referendum which is leading to the u.k. leaving the european union to irrevocably alter the constitutional settlement of this country on fraud is a mutilation of the constitutional settlement of this country and you cannot call yourself a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve that. while the central claim is that the campaign group to leave the european union hired an offshoot of cambridge analytic the data mining company accused of harvesting personal details of millions of people through facebook and manipulating opinions in an attempt to put all trump
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in the white house the company he said had subverted elections for its own aims in countries including nigeria and trinidad now it was doing the same in the u.k. the company will send billions of people being murdered to intimidate voters this is the company that goes out and tries to illicitly acquire you know live internet browsing data of everyone in an entire country so i think a lot of questions should be asked about the role of patriotic here in this election and whether they were indeed actually complying with the law here to answer they said had already been claimed believe campaign broke u.k. election law by using campaign funds on lawfully allegations the leave camp denies but in an emergency debate in parliament m.p.'s hostile to brick sets have begun to demand the referendum results be declared null and void inherently untrustworthy if the allegations are true that
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a potentially six hundred. and she five thousand pounds was spent illegally in a very focused targeted campaign which by definition would been focused on targeted on a very small number of people then i think it's very hard to predict in the the effect that that would have passed the law what is so often nobody is above at least one prominent m.p. who backs the leave campaign said he agreed with the need for a criminal inquiry. so he's ended up in a situation where you get newspaper headlines like this questioning not just the ethical value but the sheer legality of the vote to leave the european union of course supporters of brecht's states would say the entire thing is a made up plot to discredit a democratic decision but in this hall of mirrors it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and what's fake lawrence lee al-jazeera westminster in london for say
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a sailboat is an investigative journalist from lagos in nigeria which is facebook's biggest market in africa he says the interference in the country's election highlights the importance of being careful with data online if you really haven't. drawn in when you look john we wouldn't want to be talking about. the rule. in relation to the revolution so it's not a lot of you know to get it on and you know what it's already known you know. books biggest market and i don't think there's going to be any reduction in activity or not you know well you can happen is that i heard. that i knew something that those people who want to put online you know what don't really look because someone somewhere is feeding into. my. president and senior adviser jared kushner is facing yet more investigations into his
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business practices white house officials are looking into the legality of two lines totaling more than five hundred million dollars made to question is married to trump still trying to his posse call him reports is not the only investigation carney looking into his dealings with jared kushner often seen but rarely heard always at the center of power but also controversy and now once again facing questions about meetings he had at the white house with business c.e.o.'s who soon after loaned his family company hundreds of millions of dollars his lawyer tells al-jazeera the white house counsel's office did look into the meetings but says they quote concluded there were no issues involving jared there have been plenty of issues surrounding the president's son in law the f.b.i. recently said he wouldn't be given clearance to see the nation's top secrets they didn't say what their investigation uncovered but there have been constant questions about his family's business and his role in the government much of it
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goes back to this manhattan building six six six fifth avenue at the height of the housing bubble kirshner paid a staggering record setting amount for it one point eight billion dollars next february he has to come up with six hundred million dollars or risk losing the building his father admits meeting with qatari officials about a possible investment there are reports cutter said no something cushion or denies but its belief special counsel robert muller is looking into the meeting to find out if his business deals are affecting foreign policy not long after the meeting president donald trump came out strongly on the side of countries blockading cutter and their reports other countries have been caught talking about being able to exploit kirshner's inexperience and financial issues for their advantage. is also central to the ongoing investigation into potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia do. in the transition he met with then russian ambassador to the u.s. and asked to set up a secret back channel to moscow one the rest of the u.s.
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government couldn't hear he said it was to talk syria and there is a new focus on his role in the campaign he ran the digital operation and now congressional investigators want to know how they used cambridge analytical and facebook to target voters there are many questions about businesses role in the campaign and time in the white house all things that muller will likely try to answer peggy called al-jazeera washington and without as they are still ahead on the program france's president promises to crack down on anti semitism following the lead of a holocaust survivor. i'm fairly in the netherlands are to story of this precious diamond is helping the country to come to terms with its colonial past.
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hello there we've had some shocking amounts of rain in parts of australia recently and the northern parts of queensland some places have reported over nine hundred millimeters of rain just in the last seven days and there's more wet weather still for lng you can see the showers that are with us at the moment certainly not as intense as those of we've seen but we don't need any more rain and we're going to see a few more showers not only on wednesday but also as we head through thursday as well meanwhile elsewhere the weather is quite quiet at the moment with twenty three is the maximum there in melbourne and adelaide and force in perth will be getting to around twenty eight and over towards new zealand and it's been rather wait for some of us here all courtesy of this weather front here it's been giving us some very heavy downpours across the south island but it is weakening as it works its way northward so for the north island there will be a few pulses of heavy rain just not quite as heavy as that that we saw over the south island for the south island on wednesday we should see some bright weather but it looks like it will turn a little bit fresher on thursday with
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a maximum in christchurch just of nineteen degrees now up towards japan and there's plenty of sunshine here twenty two degrees the maximum there in tokyo on wednesday as we head into thursday we've got this little weather feature the sinking its way southwards giving a little bit of what weather there to parts of northern haunch you. with. do you. love him a simple single. person or to don imus just a. short documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al-jazeera selects justice.
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looking back at a quick recap of the top stories now have been read protests on the streets of command in the east and russia of the sixty four people forty one of them children killed in a fire at a shopping center five people have now been charged nato has joined the mass expulsion of russian diplomats in the wake of the alleged nerve agent attack in the u.k. saying there are costs and consequences for its behavior and it's being reported that facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will testify before congress following his website's mass data breach. now in all the stories we're following two white police officers who shot and killed a black man in the u.s. state of louisiana in twenty sixteen will not be charged state officials say the
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police officers had good reason to believe that thirty seven year old alton sterling was armed and was resisting arrest his death was one of a number of killings of african-americans that sparked protests in the u.s. . french president emanuel macron says he's determined to stamp out anti semitism in france after the murder of a holocaust survivor eighty five year old male no was found dead in her apartment in paris on friday after being repeatedly stabbed her home was also set on fire two men arrested her death are suspected of killing her because she was jewish with all of the actual door i'm horrified i can't believe that could be such persecution she was a starved eleven times and there were five separate fires are bricks in hell partment therefore there was a real desire to the stronger and everything she had in the apartment the persecution of her as an individual illustrates the anticipate the hate in this
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murder. now russia's defense ministry says thirteen thousand fighters and their families have left syria over the past three days they are heading to the only other remaining rebel held area evacuations a part of a deal struck between rebels and the syrian government ally russia out there is in a hole or has more now from beirut. ahmed says he never carried arms against the syrian government but some of his family members belong to the five rebel factions that's one of the reasons why he left his home in eastern as part of the surrender deal reached with the pro-government alliance the other reason is his opposition to reconciling with a government that has killed so many people. every family in lost a family member i lost a lot of friends i lost a colleague who was among the twenty six who died in the famous airstrike i lost two children that i was teaching at school we decided to move away from this brutal
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regime. ahmed now lives in a mosque he is among some eight hundred thousand people who have been displaced from what was once the rebel controlled enclave in the suburbs of damascus many of those deported to adlib opposition controlled province of the northwest are fighters. is one of them the rebels controlled since late two thousand and twelve but months later it was besieged by government forces. and it's sad that we lost this battle after seven years of remaining steadfast after so many sacrifices we had to surrender because of the civilians they killed many children the hospitals were out of service anyone injured would die slowly. camps are being set up for syria's newly displaced the refugee camps in our overstretched this is a province with a population of one million displaced people and local communities are struggling to cope. when rebels are defeated they go to adlib those who don't want to live
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under the rule of president bashar assad also move to live but there is nowhere safe in that province airstrikes continue to hit nonmilitary targets such as schools and health facilities the rebels arrived with their light weapons it's not clear if they will join the ranks of the armed factions of adlib where there has been rebel fighting. for the asset regime for seven years but no food no water no medicine until the regime of the russians launched a barbaric campaign we promised the outset regime that we will return we will liberate the area there are those who refused to admit defeat but the loss of eastern huta is the worst setback for the opposition since it was forced to surrender the eastern part of aleppo city in two thousand and sixteen after a similar military campaign. into beirut now the us ambassador nikki haley is ripping the u.n. security council over syria saying the failure of a thirty day ceasefire should be
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a day of shame for its members but russia which used its veto to prevent the council from doing more didn't seem too concerned by a criticism i would ask my security council colleagues to consider whether we are wrong when we point to russian and iranian forces working alongside assad as being responsible for the slaughter russia voted for the so-called cease fire in syria last month more than that russia took its time painstakingly negotiating the resolution demanding the cease fire and if you watched closely during the negotiations we could see our russian friends constantly leaving the room to confirm with their syrian counterparts the. ethiopia is said to have its first prime minister from the aroma ethnic group after an historic decision by the ruling coalition the ethiopian people's revolutionary democratic front has elected r.b.a.
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ahmed as its new leader he'll take over from haile mariam desolate who stepped down as prime minister in a short resignation last month here only represent more than a third of ethiopia's population who have been involved in violent anti-government protests since two thousand and fifteen thousands of soldiers and police officers have entered a complex of veil as in rio de janeiro it's the largest show of force by the military since it took control of security in brazil second largest city last month rio is experiencing a wave of violence as rival drug gangs fight for control of the city. now it was a visit that was shrouded in mystery and is still the focus of a lot of speculation who exactly was on that train which traveled between north korea and the chinese capital beijing adrian brown reports. a train like the one used by kim jong un's fargo eases out of beijing railway station heading towards north korea no clue as to who might be on board earlier a motorcade brings the center of beijing to
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a standstill. they are. excited office workers captured the moment convinced that it's kim jong il. but china's foreign ministry spokeswoman was not so sure unable to explain who the mystery visitor might be. well. i'm not aware of any information at present three further questions about whether kim was in beijing with batted away there would be no big announcement here is it possible that you wouldn't know that you can journalists here. everything is possible for me i think these are the freely given chillies true it's true and i tell you this it seems to me you have more information than i think before you and in the house as possible places thousand possible was obviously we were there for you know i suggest you go home and have dinner and carry on with your life she said
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throughout the day other parts of beijing were also no go areas for journalists including the road close to the state guesthouse where the visiting delegation was stored to be staying if kim jong un really has been in beijing it would mark his first visit outside of north korea since becoming the country's leader more than six years ago during that time his relations with chinese leaders have gone from good to testy as he defies appeals to hold his missile and nuclear programs but now it's possible the normal service has resumed a north korean and chinese leaders are talking again adrian brown al jazeera beijing linda brown his father won a famous one nine hundred fifty four racial discrimination case against an all white school in kansas has died at the age of seventy five she was a major figure in the civil rights movement and central to efforts to end segregation in us schools sixty years ago while brownell's looks back on her life.
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linda brown was just a schoolgirl in pigtails when she became part of a historic legal fight and a ruling that struck down decades of racial discrimination in the united states who has died at the age of seventy five was refused admission to an all white topeka kansas primary school in one nine hundred fifty at that time schools in many parts of the country were rigidly segregated legally the arrangement was known as separate but equal in practice it was anything but equal as many black children were forced to attend poorly funded overcrowded badly maintained schools linda brown's father oliver brown took the school board to court the case known as brown versus board of education went to the supreme court where attorney thurgood marshall argued that racial discrimination in schools violated the u.s. constitution in one nine hundred fifty four the court struck down segregation
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ruling that separate but equal was inherently unequal the decision gave a powerful boost to the civil rights movement within a decade president lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act outlawing most forms of racial and religious discrimination in the years following the supreme court's decision in brown versus board of education the struggle to desegregate was long bitter and occasionally marked by violence recent studies have shown that many black children still attend schools in racially and economically isolated neighborhoods brown became a school teacher and remained active on civil rights and social justice issues decades before the youth activism of the present day embodied by the black lives matter movement and the march for our lives linda brown became a living symbol of a young person demanding justice a demand that has still not been fulfilled robert oulds al-jazeera washington.
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now our experts in the netherlands are using their skills to help the country at the knowledge some of its colonial legacy a leading museum in amsterdam has been investigating precious objects taken from former colonies fear reports. it's beauty could almost make you forget it's the past in the nineteenth century and hung around the neck of the. fart affinities yet when he died dutch troops fighting took control of his land and brought to die infected in that lens it's one of the objects museum in amsterdam is now investigating it's trying to determine whether it should be in possession of a jewel that was taken to be such force asking the question what to do with a bloody diamond it's very complex because to whom do you return to stay or. some heritage of the family of the school tom. it's not
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a question like hey here you have your diamondback from the late sixteenth century onwards the dutch shell to africa the caribbean and the east indies trading and later forcing people into slavery the netherlands was a major colonial power for over four hundred years people really were hurt you know it was painful for them and they would be missed the objects thousands of cologne you object in and millions were obtained in the same way says research. as well as millions more in museums around europe who. were i mean what gave us the right to take all the help text from them you know without their permission against their will but tracing the journey of these items through history is no easy task they have passed through the hands of many owners crossing several borders over centuries this kind of has been investigated to it was looted
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in the eighteenth century. but what happens after it remains unclear historical documents lose track of it at one point is described as a gift from a tunisian king to a famous dutch explore and some argue that makes it's part of dutch history too but it's part of a wider debate and. new a legacy in which statues of national heroes are being taken away and signs or traditions referring to slavery are being criticised and altered opponents say it's oversensitivity and there shouldn't be a reason to feel guilty for things that happened hundreds of years ago i think it's disastrous for doing history i think it's far better to accept that things in the past were different from today and our higher morality of today could be viewed differently and a hundred years' time it's widely argued that historical art objects like the diamond have been your marcin help us understand our place in history but also
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reflect our understanding of ourselves today while museums struggle with how to display them governments will have to determine where these artifacts actually belong fear announced book al-jazeera amsterdam. quick look at the top stories now five people have been charged over a fire in a shopping center in russia which killed sixty four people forty one of them children that been rare protests on the streets of the eastern city of camero in siberia why people are demanding justice for the victims after investigators said emergency exits had been blocks. are being held at the site to remember those who died russia's president vladimir putin has visited the site and blamed the tragedy on criminal negligence. but what's happening here is not a military action it's not an unexpected release of missing at a mine people and the children came here to get some rest we're talking about
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demographic decline and losing so many people toward due to criminal negligence due to carelessness. now the developments nato has joined the mass expulsion of russian diplomats in the wake of these souls brain nerve agent attack in the u.k. saying there are costs and consequences for its behavior secretary general against altenburg says seven diplomats will leave the organization and russia's nato mission will be reduced from thirty to twenty facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg reportedly plans to testify before congress following his website's mass data breach the announcement comes after the whistleblower at the heart of the cambridge analytical scandal gave evidence to british m.p.'s about what he knew christopher wiley said data gathered on lawfully was used to manipulate people in the u.k. to vote to leave the european union russia's defense ministry says thirteen thousand syrian rebel fighters and their families have left eastern good to over the past three days they heading to italy which is the only on the remaining rebel held area
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in the country evacuations a part of a deal struck between rebels and the syrian government ally russia and a train which is rumored to have been carrying north korean leader kim jong un has left beijing but there is still no official word just to who exactly has been visiting the chinese capital city was brought to a standstill while a large motorcade was filmed driving through the streets. those the top stories that's it for myself and the team here in london a.j. selects is next and then more news coming up from doha after that in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from myanmar some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as it's illegal and cost you lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera .


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