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where we hear lies that nothing worse first wealthy in the devastating impact to save a bank means also to save the deposits of in their citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and on mine.
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china says north korea is prepared to abandon its nuclear program after a meeting between xi jinping and kim jong. il and so robin you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up u.n. security council members trade blame and event frustrations over there and he did demand for a syrian cease fire. but there could be a difference in the referendum. you know had there not being in my view. the man who blew the whistle on the facebook data scandal testifies that dirty tricks were used in the u.k. so breaks it campaign plus. shark fishing is still big business here in indonesia i thought relations i declining and the government any increase its protection and
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that reporting from the french are making off. welcome to the program north korea's leader has met china's president on his first foreign trip since taking power seven years ago kim jong un's secretive meeting for the first time with xi jinping was revealed after it happened here's our china correspondent adrian brown with the latest from beijing. and so he was here after all chinese state controlled media waited until kim jong un was back home before confirming what officials had tried so hard to deny just today. in the great hall of the people kim jong un and his wife were welcomed like old friends by president xi jinping. a brief greeting in korean was the only time kim's voice was heard.
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appearance is important at times like this kim looked like an old style communist leader where she opted for a business suit. the wives of both men were present during most of the photo opportunities. this visit was powerful symbolism for both men but especially for president xi now the first world leader to meet kim and a reminder that china still holds sway over its neighbor and allies. it's not clear what motivated kim jong un to come to beijing now and whether he was offered any incentive to do so but china remains north korea's only ally so it's fair to assume the president she might have wanted to know what kim's negotiating strategy will be during the summit is expected to hold with president trump before may it's a visit the would have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago when a chill in relations deepened over kim's refusal to halt the development of his
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nuclear weapons and long range missiles. at an exhibition showcasing some of china's technological achievements the message appeared to be we can help you with all of this if you behave china's leaders are fond of metaphors at a lavish banquet she told his guest that in the beautiful season of spring everything comes to life kim replied with another metaphor i believe our meeting will yield abundant fruit that could mean making good on his commitment to give up nuclear weapons what the fruits of spring were apparent in the garden of the state guest house where friendship also seemed to blossom she accepted an invitation to visit north korea and told kim he was welcome to visit china now and then the visitors left happy adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. well so through his ministry of unifications kim's meeting his hopes that the boy tov coming talks between
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pyongyang seoul and washington kathy novak has more from the south korean capital the south korean government says it welcomes the visit by kim jong un to china and says that it hopes that the meeting between kim and she jinping will help contribute to the overall goal of denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula the spokesperson for the presidential blue house though added that the situation is evolving beyond their expectations and that they will have to monitor things as they go forward with all possibilities in mind there is an acknowledgement there i think of the surprise that was involved with this visit by kim jong un the first that he has taken as leader out of the country indeed the surprise that many felt when donald trump accepted the invitation to hold a meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong un in fact chinese state media reported that kim said he was willing to have that summit with donald trump and it
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was the first time that we had a direct confirmation from the north korean side of plans to go forward with that meeting there were indications that even the north koreans were surprised that trump accepted that invitation so there are a lot of moving parts here now on the korean peninsula for the south korean side they are moving ahead with plans for an intercom rian summit on thursday there will be a high level meeting at the d.m.z. at the border that separates the two koreas and we are expecting china's top diplomat to be in seoul to brief the south korean government on the meeting between xi jinping and kim jong un well the white house has also released a statement about the historic meeting saying that the u.s. sees this development as further evidence that all come pave of maximum pressure is creating the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue with north korea. now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says the security council should be ashamed that
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the bombing of eastern ghouta continues despite a cease fire agreement syrian government forces with russian support intensified its offensive to retake the rebel held enclave more than a month ago u.s. ambassador nikki haley blamed the two countries for what she called a slaughter but her syrian counterpart struck back russia will stop at nothing to use its permanent seat on this council to shield its our i push our our side from even the faintest criticism and we cannot take these actions because instead of calling out how assad russia and iran made a mockery of our calls for a cease fire too many members of this council wanted to wait this is a travesty. this should be a day of shame for every member of this council and it should be a lesson about what happens when we focus on fleeting displays of unity instead of on what's right. in response russia's u.n.
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ambassador accused fellow members of wasting time instead of taking action against armed groups in eastern guta but. some members of the security council prefer to squander time on letters and rhetoric with us now to claims against our country probably this is to conceal their own willingness to do something constructive in implementing the cease fire resolution and in line with the groups they sponsor. meanwhile russia's defense ministry says thirteen thousand fighters and their families have left eastern over the past three days now they are heading to been the northwest of the country the last rebel held province in the country reports from beirut and they bring lebanon. ahmed says he never carried arms against the syrian government but some of his family members belong to the five man rebel faction that's one of the reasons why he left his home in eastern huta as part of the surrender deal reached with the pope government
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alliance the other reason is his opposition to reconciling with a government that has killed so many people love the end of a watershed. every family in eastern lost a family member i lost a lot of friends i lost a colleague who was among twenty six who died in the famous airstrike i lost two children that i was teaching at school we decided to move away from this brutal regime. adamant now lives in a mosque here is among some eight hundred thousand people who have been displaced from what was once the rebel controlled enclave in the suburbs of damascus many of those deported to adlib an opposition controlled province in the northwest are fighters. is one of them the rebels controlled eastern huta since late two thousand and twelve but months later it was besieged by government forces. and it's sad that we lost this battle after seven years of remaining steadfast after so many sacrifices we had to surrender because of the civilians. killed many children the
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hospitals were out of service anyone injured would die slowly. camps are being set up for syria's newly displaced the refugee camps in adlib are overstretched this is a province with a population of one million displaced people and local communities are struggling to cope when rebels are defeated they go to adlib those who don't want to live under the rule of president bashar al assad also moved to l.a. but there is nowhere safe in that province airstrikes continue to hit nonmilitary targets such as schools and health facilities the rebels arrived with their light weapons it's not clear if they will join the ranks of the armed factions an adlib where there has been rebel fighting. left before the acid regime for seven years with no food no water no medicine until the regime and the russians launched a barbaric campaign we promised the offset regime that we will return we will liberate the area there are those who refused to admit defeat but the loss of
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eastern huta is the worst setback for the opposition since it was forced to surrender the eastern part of aleppo city in two thousand and sixteen after a similar military campaign set of. beirut now is the third and final day of voting in egypt's presidential election incumbent of the sisi is certain to win a second term his only competitor has been a vocal supporter of the president all of the candidates with through that after being arrested or being pressured by his to move out of the election race problem government critics have called for a boycott of the vote. juan cole is a visiting professor at the center of gulf studies that qatar university joins me now here in studio good to have you with us you have a military strongman the goddess of being a president about to take his second term of office and one of the major issues if you look forward is security you have to secure a country and then with that comes investment but we've had problems in the north of the country trying to secure the security of coptic christians in the last
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couple of years and then we've seen ongoing sporadic violence against the military in sinai how he going to tackle these two very disparate situations well unfortunately field-marshal. because that's what he years views the sinai as a military problem and so he's committing troops. tempting to fight a war there the real question in everybody's mind who follows these things is why are the people in sinai so upset what is driving this insurgency what could the egyptian government do differently about development in this region that might mollify people and that's part of the problem there was that it's not the economy is in direct to be related to why the public would be disgruntled whereas the government to certainly giving us the impression that the egyptian people are very happy with the status quo as it is but if you look at some of the figures and they're all laid out on our website at al-jazeera dot com from
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a variety of sources that we feel that inflation is now hovering at fifteen percent it has gone as high as thirty three percent in the last five years subsidies on bread and fuel reduced and the minimum wage reduced in real terms by practically half this upsets a very young population that are aspiring for something better yes the bridge consumer in egypt is suffering from very hard times. has also devalued the pound against the dollar well that has certain virtues for future economic exports and so forth at the moment what it means. it's just in the past few years everything that you consume in egypt that's imported is much more expensive for people how do you assess the role of young people in the younger generation will be the leaders of the future in theory what are you hearing about the aspirations of young people in egypt and what they want from the next government on the new and
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the president himself well there is polling on youth attitudes in egypt and other arab countries that shows they're extremely concerned about corruption they don't trust the government they they think it's stealing from them and they're extremely concerned about future employment opportunities they don't think the government is generating the kind of jobs that are going to be needed and these are clear eyed evaluations i mean that they're right about these problems and so it will have more analysis on speak at the results and the verification of the vote itself for the moment when called thanks so much for joining us on so i thank you. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. i'm curious back in the netherlands where the story of this precious diamonds is helping the country to come to terms with its colonial past.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of the not. the weather remains pretty cold across eastern parts of europe had a cold enough for some snow but the general push on the weather is from west away to say the latest area cloud of grain piling in from the land's sake and i suspect ling of showers is rolling in here some rather wet weather in place further races that cold enough for snow has seen a fair bit of snow once again into moscow things will improve was it go on through the next few days but a good little dusting in recent times a week as you can see the snow still coming down after what has been this snowiest of february on record is that it will gradually improve over the next few days still on the cold side temped is struggling to get to minus two celsius in moscow single figures there into eastern central parts of europe you notice the further west cloud and right within those temperatures to around thirty degrees in paris the mass of the pictures from paris recently it's been absolutely tipping down
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where this day was like a pretty miserable day and that wet weather will drive this way further he says prices guys do come back in behind still up into double figures as the mild the wet pushes into that culture where we are seeing it turn readily to snow anywhere from around well southern sweden pushing over towards pollen now a little dusting of snow across the alps with heavy rain for the south. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. paid the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera oversell rob a reminder of our top news stories the north korean leader kim jong un has met chinese president xi jinping for the first time during a secretive visit to beijing it's kim's first trip abroad since taking power in twenty details of the meeting were only revealed after it had taken place chinese state media reports that kim say that he's open to giving up its nuclear program another visit comes ahead of planned summits between the north and south as well as between pyongyang and washington. also the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says the security council should be ashamed that
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the bombing of eastern continues despite a cease fire the syrian government and ally russia stepped up its offensive on the rebel held don't play for a month ago he haley blamed the two countries and what she called a slaughter. to europe now where the catalan parliament is expected to vote shortly to demand jailed leaders of the secession. to movement to return to their posts in parliament former castle and president callus puja morey's in custody in germany awaiting for a court to decide whether he'll be extradited to spain he's been denied bail he's considered a flight risk faces charges of sedition and rebellion related to last year's referendum on suspicion other leaders remain in prison in spain well david chaytor our correspondent is live for us in barcelona sort of a political headlong clash with madrid and it seems to be in the offing if catalan politicians continue with their demands david.
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so i was speaking to a professor here earlier this week who's an expert in the cattle on independence movement and he said what's going on at the moment is a high stakes poker game between madrid and barcelona and he said both sides keep raising the stakes and that means that any form of dialogue or resolution is impossible in this situation and that means that in maybe four months time there might have to be another election here under the rules of the constitution but the votes today are important ones this is a full plenary session of the parliament and the most important vote of course is going to be on that demand that you mentioned that the the candidates who find themselves in prison should be allowed to actually take part in this political process. has actually been asking for
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a vote in today's election now the people who are imprisoned here in spain have been allowed by the judge to register their votes in this plenary session will push them all also get a vote while he sits in a german prison that is one of the most important developments in the course of the morning but there is a slim majority for the independence parties here they got seventy votes out of one hundred seventy of the seats out of one hundred thirty five in this parliament in the december election so it seems that most of the resolutions will be passed but what does it mean it means that the confrontation that game of poker will continue with the stakes as the professor told me continuing being raised by both sides indeed of course drives of frustration really within the sort of public display and we saw last week when he came out onto the streets i mean what's the feeling there and be seeing that sort of scenario again in the coming days.
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i think so because we've got news that carla ponce polled upon suttee who is the former education minister who's teaching economics at st andrews university is going to surrender to the the british police sometime in the next few hours so that will look further in rage feelings here on the streets in barcelona i was out an attempt last night for the demonstrators to completely cut off the main high speed rail station here in barcelona and they have been roadblocks from burning tires so that the action here does continue and i think there's a building hope that general strike and civil defense disobedience will start but the the main thing is that they're being calls to keep it calm to keep it cool and they've been stewing stewarding their own police in their own demonstrations making sure there are no more clashes like we saw on sunday night but it's very hard to
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see if they'll be able to stop it well of course as a situation develops will come back to david chase today in barcelona thank you. the whistleblower the heart of the scandal facing facebook and the data from cambridge analytic and has been giving evidence to british members of parliament christopher wiley said days are gathered and more fully was used to manipulate british voters to leave the european union laurence leamer reports. christopher what his extraordinary relations are now casting a shadow over democratic elections on both sides of the atlantic here he was speaking to a u.k. government committee explaining how he knew that public opinion had been unlawfully manipulated before the referendum which is leading to the u.k. leaving the european union to irrevocably alter the constitutional settlement of this country on fraud is a mutilation of the constitutional settlement of this country and you cannot call yourself
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a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve that. while the central claim is that the campaign group to leave the european union hired an offshoot of cambridge analytical the data mining company accused of harvesting personal details of millions of people through facebook and manipulating opinions in an attempt to put on trump in the white house the company he said had subverted elections for its own aims in countries including nigeria and trinidad now it was doing the same in the u.k. the company will send out videos of people being murdered to intimidate voters this is the company that goes out and tries to illicitly acquire you know live internet browsing data of everyone in an entire country so i think a lot of questions should be asked about the role of patriotic here in this election and whether they were indeed actually complying with the law here to
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answer they said had already been claimed the leave campaign broke u.k. election law by using campaign funds unlawfully allegations the leave camp denies it but in an emergency debate in parliament m.p.'s hostile to brick sets have begun to demand the referendum results be declared null and void inherently untrustworthy if the allegations are true that a potentially six hundred. and she five thousand pounds was spent illegally in a very focused targeted campaign which by definition would been focused on targeted on a very small number of people then i think it's very hard to predict in the fact that that would have passed the law is the law and nobody is above at least one prominent m.p. who backs the leave campaign said he agreed with the need for a criminal inquiry so he ended up in a situation where you get newspaper headlines like this questioning not just the
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ethical value but the sheer legality of the vote to leave the european union of course supporters of brecht's it would say the entire thing is a made up plot to discredit the democratic decision but in this hall of mirrors it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and what's fake lawrence lee al jazeera westminster in london there are to experts in the loans are using their skills to help knowledge the dutch colonial legacy know the history of precious objects stolen from former colonies are being traced by a leading museum in amsterdam. the polls. it's beauty could almost make you forget it's. in the nineteenth century and hung around the neck of the silk. yet when he died dutch troops fighting to control his land and brought to die infected in madeline's it's one of the objects museum in amsterdam is now investigating it's trying to determine whether it should be in possession of
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a jewel that was taken to be such force asking the question what to do with a bloody diamond it's very complex because to whom do you return to stay or. some heritage of the family of the school tom. it's not a question like hey here you have your diamondback from the late sixteenth century onwards the dutch shell to africa the caribbean and the east indies trading and later forcing people into slavery the netherlands was a major colonial power for over four hundred years people really were hurt you know it was fighting for freedom and they would be misty objects thousands of cologne you object in the millions were obtained in the same way says researcher as well as millions more in museums around europe who will try to capture indonesia.
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i mean what gave us the right to take all the help text from them you know without their permission against their will but tracing to journey of these items through history is no easy task they have passed through the hands of many owners crossing several borders over centuries this kind of has been investigated to it was looted in the eighteenth century. but what happens after it remains unclear historical documents lose track of it at one point is described as a gift from a tunisian king to a famous dutch explore and some argue that makes it's part of dutch history too but it's part of a wider debate and. new legacy in which statues of national heroes are being taken away and signs or traditions referring to slavery are being criticised and altered opponents say it's oversensitivity and there shouldn't be a reason to feel guilty for things that happened hundreds of years ago i think it's disastrous for doing history i think it's far better to accept that things in the
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past were different from today and our higher morality of today could be viewed differently and one hundred years time it's widely argued that historical art objects like the diamond have been your marcin help us understand our place in history but also reflect our understanding of ourselves today while museums struggle with how to display them governments will have to determine where these artifacts actually belong fair announced book al-jazeera amsterdam the scientists all calling for restrictions on shark fishing to prevent them being wiped out from waters around indonesia where the demand for shelf in soup in china is in danger in many species of vasant of poles from indonesia. they are predators at sea but powerless against fishing lines shocks of all sizes float the fish market in limbo nearly every day. they're court for one reason they're expensive fins
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mostly sold to china to end up in soup we've filmed fifty five sharks being auctioned on a single day some still babies. jack fishing is legal in malaysia except for whale sharks which have become an endangered species the government has also impose an export ban on hammerhead sharks to prevent more populations coming under threat of conservationists are keeping track on the trade. what we have found is a populations of sharks a declining and also the sars of sharks are becoming smaller. sharks are at the top of the ocean's food chain scientists say they keep populations of fish stock healthy and protect the ecosystem. fact populations are easily threatened because of this low reproduction rate some female sharks can only get growth. even quietly and so that's why so government great perfect. shot
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fishing is big business in indonesia with export revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars a year traders not only sell shark fins but also this kins and bones they say the export ban and other protection measures have hit them hard. since the government is banning all kinds of shocks the prices have dropped drastically we can now only sell locally and the prices we get for export a much higher. but marine scientists say law enforcement has been weak and more needs to be done to enforce the export ban and protect vulnerable shark species something the government wants to discuss at this week's symposium in jack after what they tried to do work together with minister of environment the. business side because i think that's the easiest actually to start to make the fisherman understand it's going to take time. in order to protect fishing communities the government does not plan to impose
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a total ban on shark fishing but rather increase restrictions but with the month likely to remain high conservation is worried that it will be hard to prevent fins of protected species continuing to end up at markets steadfast and al-jazeera. in east in need. or geologist their ives a whole robin these are all top news stories north korean leader kim jong un has met chinese president xi jinping for the first time during a secretive visit to beijing it's kim's first trip abroad since taking power in two thousand and eleven details of the meeting were only revealed after it had taken place chinese state media reports that kim as saying that he's open to giving up his nuclear program rather visit comes out of planned summit between the north and south as well as pyongyang of washington south korea's ministry of unification and
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kim's meeting as help set the right tone for upcoming talks between pyongyang seoul and washington. i think improvement in the north korea china relationship ahead of the enter korean summit and u.s. north korea summit will we hope for in solving the problem on the korean peninsula such as denuclearization and establishment of peace the u.s. ambassador to the united nations security council should be ashamed. but the bombing of eastern ghouta continues despite a cease fire agreement syrian government forces with the russian and support intensified its offensive to retake the rebel held on klav more than a month ago u.s. ambassador nikki haley blamed the two countries or what she called a slaughter but a syrian counterpart struck back. russian president vladimir putin has declared wednesday a national day of mourning for the sixty four people killed in a shopping center fire on sunday at least forty one children were amongst those who died at the shopping center in the siberian city of curve oh the fire alarm system
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wasn't working an exit doors for blocked. protesters in spain gathered at barcelona's main railway station to demand for more cattle and needed to be released from jail riot police blocked the entrance to stop them staging sit ins on the tracks is currently being held in germany where a court will decide whether to extradite him to spain to face charges of rebellion those who headlines more news in thirty minutes with me now on al-jazeera is the stream to stay with us. facing the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time.


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