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particular sparrow was to look at laci dry except in continental south america north america different story altogether it's still cold enough for snow in here that's what's a division the white there is not cloud satellite picking at low temperatures and i still all of the subzero in winnipeg surprised me that means the junction means yet more snow for the great lakes and that also. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. this is al-jazeera. and over america this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes protests and west jerusalem and tel aviv as israel's prime minister cancels a deal with the u.n.
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to relocate african migrants. german prosecutors move to extradite former capital president cause person won't back to spain to face rebellion charges. russia's president vladimir putin arrives in ankara for talks with the turkish and iranian leaders. i'm joining us cope with the sports including a second national championship in three years as villanova win the u.s. men's college basketball title. israel's prime minister has canceled a deal to work with the united nations to resettle african migrants and asylum seekers but you're less than yahoo initially agreed not to deport thousands of africans to rwanda and uganda after the un offered to assist in resettlement now the un said it learned he'd gone back on the agreement through the media it's all about us reports. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announcing on national
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television a solution for the future of thousands of african asylum seekers in the notice of. shasta is a unique agreement with israel let me move sixteen thousand two hundred fifty people we moved them to developed countries like canada or germany or italy that's the commitment of the united nations high commissioner just hours later he suspended it much to the surprise of the un a day later cancelled entirely caving under pressure from members of his government and the public after consulting with residents in southern television where many asylum seekers have said he wrote we have decided to cancel the agreement despite the growing legal and international difficulties we will continue to act with determination to exhaust all possibilities available to us to remove the infiltrators the un had offered to receive sixteen thousand migrants and other western nations if israel settled
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a comparable number it replaced an ultimatum netanyahu issued to migrants last year be deported to an unnamed african country or face an indifferent time in jail the un was optimistic he would reconsider it's a win win situation it will benefit. because it will be able to meet its international obligations it will also have an international component because other countries will share in the responsibility. also will solve the situation of many of the people who need the protection so we believe that this is a very positive step the u.n. deal was celebrated by asylum seekers who had feared deportation to an unknown country most of them are either from eritrea or sudan in the past they have told al-jazeera they would choose jail over a turning to africa i can go to war and because i have small kids saw i want to be in jail. whether he kill me. i don't want to bow to
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a freak human rights organizations had also fought the mass deportations israelis protested what many called an inherently racist policy. in the identity of the jewish state we believe that israel has the obligation to uphold the refugee convention that it is a signatory to listen yahoo may have an obligation to examine refugee requests but it is loyalty to the people of southern television and the hard right that dictates the future of nearly forty thousand people challenge ballasts al-jazeera of protests against a surprising turn around and western islam and tell of a form where stephanie decker joins as now says every one of the protests has been saying. well this is south tel aviv where the majority of those asylum seekers and living and yes you're mentioning those protests basically people extremely disappointed saying that they welcomed this deal that it
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was a good thing certainly when it comes to to resolving the status issue of all these people who've been living here for years i think you would you have to say that there are mixed feelings or in south tel aviv there is support and there's also criticism people who don't want them here as always is the case when you're talking about you know asylum seekers or migrants or whatever but yes you had those protests outside the prime minister's office address them and also here in tel aviv let's take a listen to what they had to say. yesterday a very very imperious sort of joy and this morning they had just been clear. that this could have actually happened hundreds still hope that. privately for libya who will find the better part of himself inside him and do the right thing we want to encourage him to step this political game to not listen to people who comment on facebook to listen to these people back karen says silent and so the citizens have to have a of the are really under her warrigal conditions and so invest that money that is
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so crucial for them when they're in the areas that is really really terribly needed so we encourage the prime minister to re-evaluate and try and to look at the best solution possible. the bottom line here is that these people have been living here for years most of them speak hebrew they are working even though the papers haven't been sorted they pay high taxes and their status has never been resolved their applications have never been processed they don't have refugee status they don't have residency they're sort of in this limbo in the message from israel has been consistently you are not welcome here and this is why they try and make it as uncomfortable as possible certainly according to the absolute us we've been speaking to to make these people take money get on a plane and leave and even with this deal with just been speaking to one of the sort of main activists who deals with this she will tell you even that deal was flute. she said why does israel not do its part in taking the share of refugees which is a world wide problem she said sending sixteen thousand again to burden other
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countries that israel is a country that has created its own refugees certainly for start talking about the palestinians she said it is time and a chance for it to do the right thing so you can sense the complications and i think for now certainly again the formal stages of all these people remains in limbo absolutely facing an even more uncertain future stephanie thanks very much joining us from tel aviv. palestinians protesting on gaza's border with israel say they're going to say camp that front of the six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred were injured as a demonstration continues palestinians in the west bank express solidarity and demand wolf from the leadership not much on june reports. by all appearances the phone call or looks routine with no hint of the desperation now head feels good little in the senate everyone asks why we hit a certain this isn't just taking away our land it's not just killing people this is
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also taking away our loved ones without giving us the opportunity to say our goodbyes every day israel is giving us a new reason to hate it that what they are as a gazan living and working in the occupied west bank now is trying to arrange permission to get back home and mourn with her family she says her nephew or omar a farmer was killed by israeli fire while working his land before the mass protests in gaza on friday let's have out of the shadows look i still don't know whether i'll get the permit or not i'm tired of going to bury people and come back i'd love if i got a permit to go to gaza eat fish have fun and see the people i love. over the course of two days in the west bank demonstrators came out to express solidarity with gazans against the israeli occupation and to denounce american policy which they say is biased toward israel. but attendance was sparse in light of the numerous calls for a campaign of escalation in the west bank this week you would have expected a protest like this to be much larger but here in ramallah it's
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a pervasive sense of resignation that seems to far outweigh any feelings of anger. in many instances it's a growing cynicism toward the palestinian political leadership that has been behind the dwindling number of protesters over the past several years. palestinian officials don't deny the existence of that sentiment. the position of the leadership is it is strong and tough but it has to be translated into terms of of policies on the ground and i think that's when we are grown that's where we have not really been able to do lead in downtown ramallah some residents worry the split between the two main palestinian groups and hamas will seep ever more into the social fabric. we need to tell the politicians enough dividing us stop saying west bank and gaza so we don't feel this division. others expressed their frustration level has in the financial it says i don't feel that there are people who encourage
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and push us to go to protests it's not enough for one or two people to show up you need leadership to encourage you and you need daily demonstrations. but with levels of fatigue here as high as they've ever been many worry things will only get worse mohammed improvement easier for muslims in the occupied west bank meanwhile israel remains defiant saying it won't change its tactics if palestinians approach the border. should. i think that the other side also understand that it's not worth it to keep going and the warn them about the continued provocation we have established clear ground rules and we do not intend to change them anyone who approaches the border is putting their life in danger. five civilians have been killed and dozens injured in russia and syrian as strikes in a busy market in southern province as of the first on the air has been targeted in january twelve people were killed in a strike on another popular market at the province is now home to many displaced
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syrians who were evacuated from east and. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land. and made the comments in an interview with the us my take is here is another sign of warming ties between the saudi kingdom and israel he said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to ensure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are a lot of interests we share with israel and if there is peace there would be a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council bashar as i was or a senior political analyst who joins us now from london so moment is this mark a significant departure from saudi as usual policy towards israel. well you know it depends how you look at it on the one hand so david did
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participate some twenty seven years ago at the med read international press conference sponsored by the united states at the time the soviet union where it's ambassador. to washington. participated along with the israeli prime minister at that time shamir if no one understood that the terms of reference for that conference was peace with israel and that eventually there will be normalization of relations on the basis of course two four two three three eight where is there withdraws from all occupied territories so as far as we're concerned this has always been there's you know sort of an arab consensus that item's will make peace with israel if israel would withdraw from authorities now on the other hand what is new and what jeffrey goldberg who's by the way. about zionist what he made clear in his introduction using the help of his best friend
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dennis ross. a former envoy to the peace process i'm not heard. ardent american zionists took to clarify that work this time around the crown prince made it clear that there it is our right for a jewish nation to have a state in palestine our rights this recognizing a right or historical right of a jewish people in palestine that is new and that is something that is not have nice by anybody including by the palestinians who already have peace with israel arabs and the palestinians are ready to recognize israel in the middle east within a secure borders but the historic right over jewish people in palestine that is definitely new so should the palestinians then feel abandoned by saudi arabia on this issue then. well how do you go this is another thing see this was interesting about this interview there's what mohammed and solomon says the crown prince and there is was jeffrey goldberg the american zionist who was at one point by the way
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a guard at an israeli prison where palestinians were imprisoned during the first intifada in the early one nine hundred ninety s. so you had this former israeli guard prison guard who's now an american journalist who include views the crown prince of saudi arabia and the intro he says the saudi leaders like the arab leaders are tired of the palestinians really i mean is that is that what it is are they tired of the palestinians or have they been defeated by israel and the united states are they tired of the palestinians or are the palestinians tired of being betrayed by despotic dictators in the arab world who are not only betray the palestinians but betray their own people so once again jeffrey goldberg of course had to add his own zionist context to the interview with how much and so much if we're talking about there's a. zionist interviewing
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a saudi the saudi crown prince mean how is this seen by saudi people i mean how is this whole warming of ties seen by the saudi nation. well i will let you on to a secret you are our viewers around the world about a skirmish of sort that happened on social media over the last couple of days when our sister channel which is there are a big quoted exact words of the saudi crown prince and suddenly various o.d.'s jumped and attacked al-jazeera for misquoting the crown prince because a lot of so these are uncomfortable with such language was such a preemptive. too early if you want to move them allies zation off normalization of relations with israel by the crown prince and hence it seems like they were fed you know they were they were not happy and hence the effect of was iraq instead of of course attacking the crown prince where of course they cannot attack than on prince
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unlike what he says in the interview that saudis can say whatever they want about what whoever they want except attacking islam and national security there certainly cannot criticize the crown prince when he makes such statements about israel now that's quite telling indeed it came out always good speech he thanks for joining us there from london. but it also has her on the news hour including zimbabwe's new president visiting china seeking more investment from a country already deeply involved in africa. and france sitting with a rail strike is causing chaos for commuters. bus tiger mania taking over the masses as the fourteen time major champion shows he's back to his best show of these details and spoke. tributes are being paid to winnie mandela with mourners gathered outside the house
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and so west anti-apartheid campaign a played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa should be honored with a state funeral on the fourteenth of april with an official memorial service three days. to. hold. their wonder. for much for me. because the people outside the fighting there are. very good to see the. word seem were laws heard here and it spied on john in their mind though of the nation. they are trying to turn to which was thought. by that negro sort of figure. but takes a look back now at her life. winnie mandela the former wife of nelson mandela spent years in the public eye as an apartheid campaigner my first big has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the which someone needs
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to be of all of their racial groups in this country she'd been suffering from a long illness for which she spent much of this year in and out of hospital she was revered and controversial in equal measure european government here through this morning. testimony. of the failure of our government. but area has failed our country during her husband's twenty seven year imprisonment in robben island when he played a crucial role in directing the anti-apartheid struggle. in one thousand nine hundred ninety now so mandela was freed and the world watched as a juror walked out of prison hand in hand but by the end of the next year when he was found guilty and fined for her involvement in the kidnapping of forced to wear to school children and the killing of a boy in a stumpy by had team of bodyguards in one thousand nine hundred ninety two
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allegations of corruption and mismanagement forced her out of all executive positions in the n c but shortly after she was appointed as culture minister in mandela's unity government she was sacked a year later for insubordination but kept her position as a member of parliament and head of the women's league had marriage to mandela and that in one nine hundred ninety six when he however remained a strong figure in south africa's social and political circles the reality we see out today. i think our worst problem today is crime and of course what goals we had and then that is the poverty of our people. we are far from. fighting the battle of poverty in fact we've missed revolution in this country is a revolution ok supporter for people there she faced controversy in the latter
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parts of her life for millions of south africans winnie mandela holds a special place for her brave fight against discrimination and for equality. to relieve. this struggle. a hundred times more if the end of it i would active please stay slee worked we actually moved as the african national congress deliberately said north south africa the liberties of my people the president of zimbabwe is in china seeking investment to help his country struggling economy and as a mom and dad one has met chinese president xi jinping in beijing and his first foreign trip outside africa since coming to power in november. replaced robert mugabe in the military takeover edge of brown has more from the aging first and foremost president emerson when god wants to thank president xi jinping for all the
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support that china has given zimbabwe during those long eighteen years when zimbabwe was isolated because of the international sanctions that were imposed on zimbabwe and she jinping has always said that zimbabwe and china were all weather friends but of course he needs investment you know zimbabwean it may be wealthy in a variety of minerals but it's a commie is in dire straits now china is already a significant investor in zimbabwe particularly in sectors like farming mining and tobacco but i think the zimbabwean leader will be looking for more investment from president xi jinping and president xi jinping also wants to consolidate and also strengthen the influence the china currently has in africa i'm sure that president xi jinping will want to promote and talk about his one build one road foreign policy and trade initiative and to say to the zimbabwean leader that there's room
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in this project for zimbabwe. a boat carrying dozens of ranger refugees has arrived in malaysia but was incepted in a joint operation led by the coast guard on board the malaysian mainland nations maritime of course once agency director general said the refugees would be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds in refugee agency has praised the decision around seven hundred thousand have been forced from their homes since may and a military crackdown in rakhine state in august. of all the leader of the catalan parliament could soon be spent sent back to spain german prosecutors have applied for khalid extradition following his arrest there last month he's facing charges of rebellion in spain up to spearhead in catalonia independence it is currently being held and a german detention center dominic kane has more from the. decision by prosecutors in this northern state of schleswig is affectively the start of a judicial process that coach culminates in mr push the man being extradited to
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spain to face those two charges which spanish authorities have placed against him specifically about rebellion sedition and ford's being amongst those charges the point to make here in the explanations for the decision taken today the german or for it is a prosecutor's sad that there are there is equivalent legislation which would allow prosecutions in this country as it were and that's crucial because it means as i say that this process can start the question will be how mr push more reacts to this in a statement that emerged yesterday where he he had been speaking to a german politician from behind bars as it were he said that he felt that it was important that for his supporters and for himself to continue to operate the way they had been until now peacefully in a nonviolent way that was the cattle and way of doing things well now he is experiencing the german judicial way of doing things and that means that he nursed must now decide whether to contest this or not if he chooses not to condemn contest
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extradition he could be sent back to spain quite quickly to face these charges however if he chooses to go against this is his ruling is it worth to to try to prevent extradition but it could last some considerable time the suggestion might be that there may be some culmination of this process in late may but the important thing to stress here is it's now for mr putin will to decide how he goes forward with this case. well workers in france. hours have begun three months of rolling strikes causing chaos for commuters four and a half million passengers were affected by two days of socrates' each week the rail workers are angry at present on your micron's plans to reform the industry around half of all star for the taking industrial action. is following the story for she joins us live from paris says ashley it looks like it's quite a lively strike. women's
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rights are trade union leaders of. this protest it was told to see behind me and to come out to the street and to the to this is a railway system to say that something is what one of the french to do this special point the jews which is the only one of which allowed me to. change all those now i really want to see those initial examples they do to. support job but it comes time to push through the unions also determine where they are saying they will hold strikes next three months they are talking about down into the school two days out of every five days until the end of june and that's going to cause widespread trouble disruption mean for the scene today for the million passengers across from the been affected and it's going to go on for the
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next few weeks certainly it would how much of a challenge is this posing for present emanuel mark home. for him at all michael since he came to power in may he came to power closing to transform from she's been pushing forward with a very ambitious reform agenda and. the french network the french where when it will be opened up to foreign competition is determined to continue the unions on this side also determines. public opinion is on the side of my ball for now but of course that could change absolutely ok and such a thing. very much from battling with
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a very loud noise behind you certainly gives us a sense of the atmosphere. from paris. ok you know it's been a pretty hard winter. spring has brought significant flooding as i write this we we saw it in the balkans couple of weeks ago we see it now in parts of the us. throughout the winter in the u.s. but this is central asia we're talking about at the junction between kazakhstan and monk i know we don't often get this part and you might expect they used to springtime falling huge areas covered in snow and then metals this sudden flooding has produced starting that is well it's the worst in thirty years half say they look pretty cheerful about it they're going to all under control and are used to it that is the case currently in central asia has been a sudden warming across the pacific where we've seen almost the opposite from the us flooding which is heavy rain but which has returned in illinois this is this is yesterday they before now that of course is because the cold air is still hanging
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around this low or being around the north hemisphere to be honest it's still up in central canada so although the snow belt is going out of the way the code is still there and in the northeast corner in connecticut we have more snow so winter has said goodbye to the u.s. you do see snow in april and there's a lot of snow a day puts just doesn't seem quite right having gone past the spring equity position as it was films now the frontal system still around and this one here still links them is ten degrees below normal with the warmth of the northeast so as i said they receive more snow to come over right rob thanks very much still ahead here on al-jazeera malaysia makes fake news and legal why press freedom advocates are concerned and you know. i'm roslyn jordan in washington coming up a very human look at martin luther king john. and those ports could that be
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a fairy tale venice or this thing stalls korea that's ahead with. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sent their people the little choosing between buying another creation and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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the harvester. again you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories this hour israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has canceled a deal with the u.n. refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african migrants resettled in western countries or face a previous plan to force base and thousands of people to countries in africa. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians israelis are entitled to live peacefully on
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their own and mom had been the comments in an interview with the us magazine the atlantic is being seen as another sign of warming ties between saudi arabia and israel. and tributes are being paid to winning. the anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had been married to the page nation's first black president nelson mandela. wednesday is the fiftieth anniversary of this awesome nation of u.s. civil rights leader martin luther king jr the latest in our series looking back at his life from washington examiner the range of his ambitions. in the struggle to end segregation in the united states in the one nine hundred fifty s. and nine hundred sixty s. martin luther king jr was at the head of the marchers and the boycotters a powerful symbol of nonviolence pushing for legal and social improvements for african-americans. but according to the new documentary king in the wilderness king
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had a vision of achieving more a vision still unfulfilled fifty years later taylor branch is king's biographer and one of the film's executive producers we were on a mission to redeem the soul of america from the mankind's triple scourges of of racial bigotry war and poverty for a largely invisible tiny minority to have that as an ambition is just stunning. her . king was a preacher by training and so it was natural for americans to consider him a leader even a prophet but only to a point as long as king gave speeches on voting access to public spaces and equal treatment under the law branch says the support was widespread but once president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law in one nine hundred sixty five
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king's influence cratered even among his fellow activists because he opposed the vietnam war because he was trying to launch an anti-poverty campaign and because young people impatient for change cheered on the black power movement what depressed king more was the great rush of excitement about black power that o.b.l. it aerated all the questions of the potential of nonviolence and how quickly nonviolence became kind of passe in the culture. by the time king was assassinated on april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight he was drained under f.b.i. surveillance and worried about a race war but he still wanted to work fifty years after martin luther king's death people speak of the dream he had for a better society king is revered but it's important to remember he wasn't the us a saint. zero washington. that's bringing elaine adela vega she's
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an associate professor at the university of memphis who's just published a report on poverty and inequality to commemorate dr king's assassination good to have you with us tell us what this report found about black and white communities living in the u.s. today thank you very much to they we have about the same disparate they said we've had for fifty years one of them moshe finding so my report is that the median wage that african-americans make has remain stubbornly about fifty percent for whites may in shelby county. and these is emblematic of what happens in the south of the country in the red states. states that were confederate.
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we still have the effect there anything is very clear to see where the. greatest in memphis they are just tremendous why as you think you'll see in the red states and also in other areas of america. there are a number of factors i think that the support for higher minimum wage is crucial because that race is everybody else's wages i think that what we're seeing is the effect of institutional discrimination and there are other things such as strong labor unions that support the rights of both. black workers and white workers and promote much great their parity in wages the other thing that is happening is that the when there are strong. government institutions
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strong state jobs that are also things to resole in much great there in part because the salaries for public jobs are generally dictated by. a rank and they're public so it is much of their those disparities when there are there's a great the reliance on private industry jobs it's much easier to hire this job so one of the things that happens in the united states is that yes the culture of those. encourage people sharing their wages so the spike discontinue right and then the national level i mean how do you see the situation developing the trumpet administration. it on their current times yes it is. encouraging it is not encouraging
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the policy is that support people in poverty in that provide the opportunity for people to better themselves to get the education that they need to get the jobs that they need to eliminate discrimination though saying so being dismantled and they leave basis so it is now getting is here in the east here for the very wealthy to funnel right there are a great there percent of the income in their wages into leave those behind for their behind the tax law that west recently passed is just in the just example of well transfer to the top ok. thank you very much take the time to speak to us from memphis. i know stations actually john was calling on yemen's warring
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sides to reach a political settlement. speaking in a conference for yemen in geneva as priyanka gupta reports aid is desperately needed. the u.n. says the conflict of yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis and it wants the world to pay nearly three billion dollars to help the people of the middle east poorest nation caught in the conflict saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have already pledged nearly a third of that money to help the victims of a war they are heavily involved in in march twenty fifteen they launched a military campaign after who the rebels took over the capital sanaa forcing the president to flee the coalition's blockade in yemen sports last year cut off lifesaving aid for millions of people and sparked one of the world's worst manmade food security crisis nearly three quarters of yemen's population now in need aid that's three million more than last year crumbling infrastructure a broken economy blockades by warring parties have choked supplies driving millions
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more to the brink of starvation according to the u.n. every ten minutes a child under five dies of causes that are entirely preventable hundreds of health facilities are closed because of fighting lack of funding and no doctors about sixteen million yemenis don't have access to safe drinking water sanitation and contaminated water are some of the factors behind a cholera outbreak in yemen one of the worst in modern history it's killed over two thousand people with more than a million suspected cases and their warnings that the epidemic don't contain for now could surge in the coming months. yeah glenda is the secretary of the norwegian refugee council he's at that conference in geneva and says the event is also raising awareness of the human cost of the conflict it is a stark reminder of how cruel this war is what happened in who data there were also missed sides going from the northern governorates into saudi arabia so the
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escalation is precisely what we do not need now here in this building now donations from around the world are meeting to give more funding to us the humanitarian agencies that are desperate plea under-funded on the ground however our message is also it's not just money we need we need more than anything ceasefire we need an end to this senseless war we need an end to the bomb beings and the missiles going into areas like uday the and we need an end to the missiles also going from the north in yemen to saudi this has to end in twenty eighteen number one we need generous donations saudi arabia and the united arab emirates who are also fighting in yemen are now the biggest donor to our aid efforts we need other.
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we need the new media to martin griffiths who is here now in in the building starting his work to lead you in negotiations for peace and we need so do arabia in new rohn iran is supporting those who are having control in the capital sanaa and the northern governorates iran need to push also the parties to the negotiating table so does united kingdom and the united states that are selling enormous quantities of arms to this war. russia's president vladimir putin has just arrived in turkey for a two day visit it's a sign of strengthening ties between the two countries whose sin is to and his turkish counterpart reject will attend a ceremony to launch a joint construction project and russian companies building turkey's newest nuclear power plants in the city of who you. second we dominated by talks
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on syria iranian president hassan rouhani will also be attending the meeting in ankara on wednesday they have. deepening cooperation was the message of the foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey during their last meeting in asd the capital of kazakhstan the power brokers in syria's war said they would continue to work for a political settlement they have enough common interests to continue working together but when the leaders of three countries meet in ankara there could be more park any. peace efforts after the failure of the peace conference in january and those efforts should take into account the new realities that is the opposition's recent losses and his role in syria. involved exchanging for turkey entering our friend. the opposition has been weakened even further with its defeat in eastern one of its last strongholds and turkey's
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military operation against the kurdish. in africa has increased its role in northern syria and turkish determination to extend it to other areas will give it more influence. iran is not happy with the free rein that turkey has been given to enter the are free in kurdish zone in northwest syria . iran has made the displeasure and disagreement quite public. but at the same time iran shares turkey's concerns about the strength and influence of the wife last year both countries discussed possible joint military action against what they consider separatist kurdish forces during a visit by the chief of staff of iran's armed forces to. the two countries are unlikely allies since they support opposing sides in syria's war but preserving syria's territorial integrity. draws them together iran and turkey have sizable
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kurdish populations and want to prevent the creation of an independent kurdish state syria's kurds specifically the y. p.g. controlled twenty five percent of the country. russia has been trying to convince the white peachy to hand over its territory to the syrian government the white refusal is why moscow reportedly turned a blind eye to turkey's military operations in africa. it was also the kremlin's way of increasing tensions between the united states and turkey. russia iran and turkey would like to see the end of the us as a military presence in the kurdish dominated north east the us alliance with the white peachy is its only leverage in syria negotiation between arts russia iran and turkey just to make a new settlement. process to finalize. the implication of inside this settlement because if they will not. sit down the
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process we are talking about all saw a new round of conflict. some of the serious kurds are now the king makers a deal reached with them will determine the state of play between the different stakeholders in syria's war. women with disabilities in india who are victims of sexual violence in the criminal justice system is not helping them human rights watch report says despite significant legal reforms adopted by the government they aren't being implemented fully has more. each day the counselors at this new delhi call center offer a voice of compassion and support to the visually impaired it helps that some of the staff can relate to their experiences because they too know what it's like to navigate through life with a disability many kumari says just getting to and from work with rickshaws and cabs
4:46 pm
carries constant risk and if keep myself long then the situations make they have to make me who dissent is that in my. own places they would have headache and different routes to do let it miss and i might miss a. bit doesn't it but not all women with disabilities in india have fared that well according to a human rights watch report they face a greater risk of sexual violence yet from the initial contact with police to judges in court they struggle to get help the judges who are. completely indifferent to the distress that the woman is going through within the courtroom and as you know in the courtrooms of very cold and indifferent the indian government implemented reforms aimed at combat and sexual violence five years ago after an attack that made news around the world in december twenty twelve new delhi
4:47 pm
student jyoti singh was beaten and gang raped on a bus she eventually died from the attack activists say those reforms must now be properly implemented what we would like is more more to be done in terms of enforcement across the community justice system produces sponsors medical responses and courts and funding the compensation systems many say the broader goal is to educate indian society so that women with disabilities are no longer invisible natasha good name. malaysia's parliament is also laurent says will stamp out fake news but it will be used to stifle criticism of the government come into effect the head of a national election which could take place early as next month reports. almost every social media user has probably done this before share an article
4:48 pm
without having read the entire story first but that could land you in prison in malaysia if the news is deemed fake. and the geodesics. think that. under the anti fake news act anyone found maliciously creating a sharing information that is false or even partly falls may be fined up to one hundred thirty thousand dollars or jailed for a maximum of six years. to anyone inside or outside the country regardless of nationality as long as the new. citizens press freedom advocates say they're concerned the law maybe used to target voices of dissent particularly as elections are expected to be called soon we have seen in fact over the last few years where online expression has come under target and expressions held by individuals not
4:49 pm
necessarily the media all not always opposition politicians or activists and so that's costing and the net slightly wider than what it used to be before steven gan the chief editor of the news portal says other laws are already being used against those who publish information the government objects to his online site malaysiakini had posted video of a news conference in which a politician had criticized the attorney general it was over his handling of an investigation into corruption allegations surrounding a state investment fund. gone has been charged under an existing law that's used to regulate online content. that is a powerful law. you know anyone who holds anything those. annoying critics believe the law is intended to silence debate of the scandal surrounding the fund one which was set up
4:50 pm
by the prime minister. who is implicated in the scandal denies any wrongdoing recently a government minister told parliament that any news on one that's not been verified by the government is fake. rights groups tech companies have spoken out against the law arguing it will stifle debate compromise access to information and if so why did it even be used against satire and parody those consents m.p.'s have been ignored florence louis. said ahead. and sport. for a repeat. it
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
was brought up with laura thank you very much we'll start in the u.s. where the men's college basketball season ended in spectacular style monday with villanova winning its second national title in three is done to david came off the bench to school thirty one points the sophomore god with red head nicknamed the big gregory who lifted his team to a seventy nine to sixty two win over michigan to lead over one all six games by double digits just a full team to do that in the history of the championship villanova university students filled out on to the campus in pennsylvania late on monday to celebrate that when they danced set a small bonfire and at least one student made it out a streetlight despite officials discouraging the tradition by greasing the utility
4:53 pm
poles. well as one season ends with a title another is already underway with the houston astros hoping to defend their world series trophy the astros proudly showed it off to fans in unfurled their champions ban ahead of their home opener against the baltimore orioles on monday he still has been off to a strong start already this season they've picked up three wins in their four game series with the texas rangers on monday they got another against baltimore when gonzalez hit a home run and charlie morton pitch six hall of the names as the orioles six to one . but both the new york teams had to postpone their home openers because of a snowstorm this was the scene at the yankee stadium where they were supposed to be hosting the tampa bay rays the game will now be played on choose day or the mets pushed back their game with the phillies until july the night. south africa's cricketers have sealed the series against australia by crushing four hundred ninety two runs for their first home series win over their opponents in nearly fifty years south africa's bowlers it is seven wickets on the final day of the fourth test in
4:54 pm
johannesburg as australia faced a record run chase and vernon philander delivered the blows taking six for just twelve runs earlier to clinch a third straight victory for south africa australia were all out from under nineteen meanwhile the australian cricketers association has called for duction in the bans handed out to steve smith david warner and cameron bancroft for their part in the ball tampering scandal in south africa last week former captain smith and former vice captain warner were handed twelve month suspensions while bancroft was banned for nine months by cricket australia the trio have until thursday to appeal the bans which the players' union say to severe or the dozen or so. the most severe suspension has been of been. the. most expensive. one under. the informed conclusion is that as wrong as the
4:55 pm
motivation is the proposed penalties are disproportionate relative. and just a few short weeks tiger woods has gone from golf outsider to masters favorite the fourteen time major champion whipped fans into a frenzy in his first practice round in august on monday woods played just nine holes to ease into the course ahead of the first major which begins on thursday he hasn't won a major since two thousand and eight and missed the last two masters because of injury and of course problems but the former world number one showed he still had the touch i think chipped in on the second his fans aren't the only ones succumbing to tiger mania. what's great for the human guards i mean some of these kids under age that are. participating on sunday yesterday you know they never got to see tiger woods that we've all got to see. so for him being healthy i mean that's you know as a friend you want him healthy and as
4:56 pm
a competitor you want to be healthy so yes there's nothing but great things when he's healthy i mean what he's been able to do on and off the course to help the game of golf and help young people. you know being on course and winning again is going to stop that mean more people love the game of golf his big game on tuesday in the way the champions league israel madrid play eventis in the quarterfinals in a repeat of last year's final royal clinched the trophy in cardiff with a four one win even to say they are not focused on revenge while rail managers it is a done says last year's result is in the past when i was looking almost at the us and what we're going to try to do is play a good game a good football game because it's what we know how to do and it's been prepared we are ready but it has nothing to do with what happened ten months ago what happened is in the past we need to think about this qualifying round and try to play a great game. by i mean it play severe in cheese day's other quarterfinal game
4:57 pm
underdog severe who are playing for the last eight for the first time in sixty years have never met by in but they haven't lost at home in eleven matches against german opponents soon but there. you always puts you a self qualifying for the next round we know how hard it will be and that we aren't favorites but we won't make it easy for them we will play with our style and try to take advantage of our strengths if that's enough to defeat this buy in team then we'll be in the next round. australian surfing star mick fanning is edging closer to a fairytale finish at his last event before retirement funding reached the quarter finals at bell's beach on cheese day a competition he's won four times previously the six year old also still has the chance to end his career on top of the world rankings. and that is a sport for now with pizza later laura thanks very much andy well to remember you can always go to our website address al-jazeera dot com for all the very latest on
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