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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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i really did bad thing. would i be able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't even showing. the unforgiven weakness documentary on al-jazeera my old team asked. him out but. this is al-jazeera. a lot of this is the news hour live from dog coming up in the next sixty minutes. seven trillion dollars. in the middle east over the last seventeen years
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we get nothing nothing at all donald trump says if the us keeps troops in syria someone else is going to pay for. fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs the us reveals the chinese imports they going after the latest move in a growing trade dispute. fleeing me and mabo carrying dozens of ranger refugees finally lands in malaysia will they be allowed to stay. fifty years ago today martin luther king was gunned down in memphis tennessee we returned there to find out if his life made a difference. donald trump says he is close to pulling troops out of syria but the president has added that allies saudi arabia would have to foot the bill to keep an american military presence there. trump told a news conference he will make
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a final decision on the issue soon given that the fight against isis was nearly over the pentagon says about two thousand u.s. troops are in syria to prevent an eyesore resurgence and maintain stability or some first hinted the u.s. would soon be leaving at a rally in ohio last week catching many allies and even white house officials off guard is remarks come a day after speaking with king salmen of saudi arabia where they discussed syria along with the saudi led blockade against qatar alan fischer reports from washington. the president insists he's never been keen on america's foreign military adventures seeing the cost too much money thank you at a news conference at the white house with leaders of three baltic countries donald trump insisted as a sit in on withdrawing from syria is coming quickly i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation think of it seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing nothing except death and destruction. it's
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a horrible thing so it's time it's time. to fish really the u.s. mission in syria is to provide advice and support for forces battling against isis the president's latest statement marks a shift from a comment he made just last week at a political rally in ohio and we're not going the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now kerry said that caught many in the administration by surprise given senior figures had been talking about an extended syria mission as unfinished business as he was speaking across town a senior state department official seem to back up that idea we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission but the u.s. presence costs hundreds of millions of dollars and during the news conference the president turned up the heat on his allies as saying they'll have to share the financial burden saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well
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you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. oh the idea of the situation in syria could be one of the things discussed during an anticipated gulf meeting hosted by the u.s. this ring has disappeared reports coming out of washington suggest the unannounced summit has been shelved there are a number of reasons for any potential delay first of all the u.s. doesn't have a secretary of state at the moment rex tillerson still hasn't been replaced donald trump is planning to meet north korean leader kim jong un in the next couple of months that summit will take a lot of preparation and with a real prospect of no breakthrough in the g.c.c. dispute the americans are worried they'll invest a lot of time and effort with nouriel return any potential summit could know take place later in the year alan fischer al-jazeera washington. trampas also announce he is going to deploy soldiers along the border with mexico the u.s. president saying the move is needed until his long promised wall is built trumper
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demanded the mexican government stop a caravan of more than twelve hundred central american migrants moving toward the u.s. border get up when they're close if you want to put troops at the border perfect he can put them there but to use us to enforce his policies of fear as if these people were soldiers look at the women look at the women and children fleeing the violence . john homan has more from mexico city. donald trump says that putting troops on the border is a big step but it's actually something that the two presidents that came before him also did temporarily what's going to determine exactly how big it is is how many military personnel is going to go on that mexico united states divide and what exactly they're going to do president trump also said that he's going to be talking to mexico about the cooperation on migration across that mexican us border he seems to think the mexico is not doing enough to cooperate with the united
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states and stop country migrants from countries in central america like honduras and el salvador crossing through this country on their way to the united states has even said that if he doesn't get what he wants he could pull out of nafta the free trade agreement between the united states mexico and canada what president trump doesn't seem to be aware of is that here in mexico on the southern border they've been tightening the up for the last few years and cutting more and more central american migrants that are trying to get through the mexican government in response to president trump's tweets on the issue try to strike a measured tone and say that they continue that cooperation with the united states and that they didn't promote illegal migration now of course beneath all of that political drama there's also a human element to this there are people that a fleeing honduras el salvador guatemala those central american countries
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a many of them a fleeing because of chronic problems poverty but also because of gang violence gangs in those countries that dominate the stool and kill and some of those that we've spoken to they're heading on the way north since president trying to get into power have said that despite his rhetoric and despite the measures that he is planning to take they'll still keep heading north because they don't have a lot of choice. david roshi is a professor at the national defense university and a former pentagon official he says trump's hostility towards u.s. involvement in syria taps into a broader sentiment. most americans share that view that we have no business being involved in what they see as other people's fights and that when we do get involved in particularly in the middle east that it just becomes a fiasco and there's very little that benefits america so i think that the washington commentary at which i'm
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a junior varsity member of will will you know astounded and clutch their pearls and they'll be negative washington post office but i think that among trump's base they'll say yeah that's what we elected him for the trump policy toward syria is not that different from the obama policy and you know we did not intervene in syria to defeat bash. and his hezbollah an iranian overlords we entered there to defeat isis because they were beheading american hostages and there was always a paradox both in iraq and in syria which was the united states was kind of serving as a de facto air force for militias aligned with iran i think the president also uses language and precisely and i think when he says saudi arabia he's probably using that as a surrogate for all the sunni muslim states of the region that are concerned about iranian domination of the assad regime and of an iranian land bridge from iran through baghdad across syria to lebanon. china has condemned the latest move by the
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u.s. in a growing trade dispute it says it is ready to retaliate again after being hit with twenty five percent tariffs on more than one thousand three hundred items the duties affect mostly non consumer products in the industrial technology transport and medical sectors the goods add up to about fifty billion dollars worth of annual imports on monday china imposed duties on one hundred twenty eight u.s. products affecting about three billion dollars in imports they include pork wine cherries and presto ashes the u.s. society of national security as a reason for the terrorists but china's government says they violate world trade organization rules adrian brown is live for us now in beijing so adrian how is china reacting to the escalating trade friction. well six am local time that's about four hours ago china's commerce ministry issued
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a very brief blunt statement warning of counter measures of equal intensity then shortly after that we heard from china's foreign ministry warning that what the u.s. was doing was recklessly endangering trade cooperation between china and the united states and that these were unrealistic protectionist actions so the fact the response from china has been you know quite strong i would say during the past few hours it seems that the trumpet ministration is targeting industries that form part of president xi jinping made in china two thousand and twenty five strategy this is his plan to make china a modern manufacturing economy within the next seven years in doing so of course china is challenging the big tech giants in the united states and they say the only reason that china has got to where it's at now is because it's been stealing and
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replicating their technology and they wanted to stop what happens at the moment in china is this say some u.s. executives when a u.s. company wants to do business here in china it has to find a local partner in the process the u.s. side has to hand over often quite sensitive information you know details about how they do what they do their intellectual property rights the problem is when the joint venture goes sour the chinese side holds on to that information and there are no safeguards for the u.s. side that's what the u.s. is really targeting analysts say it's not so much the trade deficit that the in the crosshairs of the trumpet ministration it's chinese trade practices adrian brown live for us there in beijing thank you. now russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense system to turkey a move which has alarmed its nato allies putin has put his warming relationship
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with russia typewriter one on show as he also launched construction of turkey's first nuclear power sovereign jellied reports from ankara. it's a special occasion for turkey to be part of the nuclear power generating club this is the site of the twenty billion dollars. which is scheduled to begin operations by twenty point three the leaders of russia and turkey said it will have a workforce which is already under training in russia it's the first foreign visit by president vladimir putin since he was reelected last month he chose nato member turkey which has become a staunch russian partner in recent months or so which is it would know today we're not just inaugurated the first atomic power plant but we're laying the foundations for turkey to have an atomic industry so we're building a whole new sector turkey is a highly developed economic state but this is a new step in the history of a turkish republic besides the power plant the two countries are forging defense economy in strategic ties both countries are working on
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a major gas pipeline which will provide hydrocarbons with the growing energy needs they accuse birches of russian s four hundred missile defense system has been criticized by its nato allies to them between the two countries is worth more than twenty six billion dollars a year and the turkish president is hopeful that russian help he can push the economy to be among the top ten in the world by twenty twenty three trucks is that if we are enacting many strategic projects together with russia the s four hundred strategic missile defense system and the turks stream pipeline are just some of the projects we're working on the nuclear power plant is another and we will also address the terror threat and conflict in syria. so billion nuclear technology defense and the economy are sectors where turkey and russia have common interests turkey's geopolitical position plays an important role in its relationship with moscow but ankara is increasingly having to play a difficult balancing act between being a nato ally and partners with
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a country which many in the alliance see as a threat. and car. putin also commented on the spiral with britain which has led to the expulsion of dozens of russian diplomats worldwide putin says up to twenty countries have the capability to manufacture the same nerve agent used to poison former double agents. school scotland yard because . scotland yard is on record for saying they need a couple of months to complete this investigation within the framework of information i have been given the head of the defense laborde treat which is based eight kilometers from the location where the incident took place told news agencies that they were not able to detect the country of origin that the agent was from they could not tell if it was manufactured in russia and they were not able to make that clear. a plenty more ahead on the news hour trapped in limbo land the african refugees facing more uncertainty after israel scraps
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a relocation. or charred stump for a long fight well workers in france valiant to keep striking till the government meets their demands. plus later in sport it is all one sided affair and a clash of champions league winners and the season's quarterfinals peter we'll have the details. are still to come but first our boat carrying nearly sixty ranger refugees has reached malaysia the journey for the group began at the overcrowded bangladeshi refugee camp of cox's bazar headed through southern sea routes where it was intercepted by the time navy stopping on an island in the krabby province group was given supplies in a score to the way the boat was then spotted and intercepted by malaysian maritime enforcement in pulau in the line car we waters it was docked in quetta state an
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immediate aid was given to refugees they will now be processed by malaysia's immigration department plus louis is live for us in bil'in to close to where the ranger refugees are being processed process so florence what is the latest on this group. well well on the way to bill on take which is where the immigration department is where about twenty kilometers from there we understand that the fifty six refugees whose boat has been intercepted by malaysian authorities in malaysia in waters just a day ago and choose day have been taken there where they will be processed accordingly according to malaysian authorities they'll be treated as migrants without valid travel documents now and we understand as well that representatives from a move limb aid organization were allowed to visit these refugees when they were being held on long cowley island on tuesday they are trying to get permission to enter the camp on wednesday as well now and we spoke to one of them and he said
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that they appeared to be fine some one were not feeling well they don't appear to be in any serious condition some were hungry presumably because they hadn't had enough food or water enough to eat in the last couple of days when they were on the sea journey traveling to malaysia not malaysia has a policy of not allowing refugee boats or north taking in refugees who arrive by boat but they say they are extending assistance this time on humanitarian grounds it's also worth noting that the prime minister najib razak has. has said that he has said this is a couple of years ago and he has said that he these were injured people because of being so put because they're being persecuted in myanmar the world has to extend assistance to them and he called he said what was happening to them in myanmar he used very strong words he said it was a genocide that was taking place in myanmar but it's also worth noting that he is
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expected to call for a general election perhaps within the coming weeks and election has to be held why all this so there is some speculation that perhaps malaysia is changing its policy not just for humanitarian reasons but perhaps also to gain some brownie points with was the majority voted. and this is the first boat intercepted in malaysia for the year are we expecting more that's right now refugees coming. traveling from myanmar. taking the paralyse journey to others how these asian countries and that's not something new we saw this peak in two thousand and fifteen and since then there has been a crackdown by countries in the region on trafficking networks so this is the very first boat to arrive in on malaysian shores this year now and refugee advocates say it's not surprising that this is taking place again because of what's happening in
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rakhine state in myanmar where there's and crackdown on the muslim minority having said that we are entering the start of the monsoon season which will make sailing in the undermanned sea and along the straits of malacca extremely dangerous extremely perilous so we may see we may not see very many boats in the coming weeks but we can expect perhaps more to pick up when the sailing season starts sometime in october. lifeforce there in the land. four police officers have been cleared of using excessive force against an african australian man and during the violence a rest in melbourne that was caught on camera in two thousand and sixteen the sudanese born man had assaulted several people including an eighty year old man before trying to hold up a pharmacy armed with scissors security camera footage captures his arrest shortly
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after where police repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head two and police stand his body found the actions of the officers were appropriate and in accordance with the law. israel's defense minister has warned protesters in gaza that anyone who demonstrates on the border is putting their life at risk eighteen protestors have been killed there since friday and more than a thousand wounded many palestinians say they're angry not just with israel but their own divided leadership i'm a jew reports from ramallah. by all appearances the phone call or looks routine with no hint of the desperation now head feels good meanwhile in the senate everyone asks why we hit a certain this isn't just taking away our land it's not just killing people this was also taking away our loved ones without giving us the opportunity to say our goodbyes every day israel is giving us a new reason to hate it that was there as
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a palestinian from gaza living and working in the occupied west bank now it is trying to arrange permission to get back home and mourn with her family she says her nephew or a former was killed by israeli fire while working his land before the mass protests in gaza on friday let's have out of the shadows look i still don't know whether i'll get the permit or not i'm tired of going to bury people and come back i'd love if i got a permit to go to gaza eat fish have fun and see the people i love. over the course of two days in the west bank demonstrators came out to express solidarity with the people in gaza against the israeli occupation and to denounce american policy which they say is biased toward israel but attendance was sparse in light of the numerous calls for a campaign of escalation in the west bank this week you would have expected a protest like this to be much larger but here in ramallah it's a pervasive sense of resignation that seems to far outweigh any feelings of anger. in many instances it's
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a growing cynicism toward the palestinian political leadership that has been behind the twinkling number of protesters over the past several years. palestinian officials don't deny the existence of that sentiment. the position of the leadership is it is strong and tough but it has to be translated into terms of of policies on the ground and i think that's when we are alone that's what we have not really been able to do to lead in downtown ramallah some residents worry the split between the two main palestinian groups but to her and hamas will seep ever more into the social fabric in can we need to tell the politicians enough dividing us stop saying west bank and gaza so we don't feel this division others expressed their frustration level has in the financial it says i don't feel that there are people who encourage and push us to go to protest it's not enough for one or two people to show up you need leadership to encourage you and you need daily
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demonstrations but with levels of fatigue here as high as they've ever been many worry things will only get worse mohammed improvement easier for muslims in the occupied west bank the un's refugee agency says it is disappointed that israel's scrapped the deal to relocate hof the african refugees living there have been protests against the u.-turn in tel aviv and jerusalem stephanie decker reports from tel aviv. the deal was on then it was off this was the reaction in tel aviv by some who had hoped that tens of thousands of asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan would finally have their legal status resolved. is one of them he made the dangerous journey from eritrea in the horn of africa alone at the age of sixteen he's been here for six years and is fluent in hebrew he shows us his immigration papers that he needs to renew every two months shit. is first of all there is racism in this country and
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this is a difficult disease especially among the politicians. with but then there's the issue of a government takes twenty percent of the money we make and puts in a deposit we can only see this money when we leave the country this puts huge pressure on us. the deal would have seen just over sixteen thousand african asylum seekers resettled in western countries under the auspices of the united nations and in exchange israel would process and resolve the status of up to twenty thousand others who would remain in the country something it hasn't done it would also replacing ultimatum issued by the israeli government last year be deported to an unknown african country or face an indefinite time in jail but activists tell us that even this now cancelled deal which put some hope was floored this is the first time we had a chance to take part to take responsibility to share the burden with the world and say look. it's hard for us blah blah blah even though it's not hard we're
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benefiting at konami cleaner but let's say it's hard for us where do we stay where we're going to take our we're going to take our share and taking refugees we are actually from the modern state from our democracy state we're trading we're saying ok we're we can't even take care of sixty thousand we're throwing them back to the world many of the african asylum seekers we've been speaking to live here in southern tel of the they will tell you that there was a short lived moment of hope but now it is back to the uncertainty that they have experiencing here for years and they say they don't know what israeli government will do next these people have been living in a legal limbo for years under the constant threat of prison or deportation we're told this is all part of a systematic strategy to force them to leave israel human rights activists say this is an inherently racist policy aimed to preserving the identity of israel as an exclusively jewish state and it appears that a plan that would allow up to twenty thousand asylum seekers to stay in israel and
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get some form of legal status was something that those in the country's far right didn't tolerate for even half a day stephanie decker al-jazeera. of the former leader of the spanish region of catalonia may soon be extradited to spain prosecutors in the in germany have applied for colace puja months extradition after his arrest there last month he faces charges of rebellion after leading catalonians illegal referendum on to session last year france has had the first of what could be many days of transport chaos rail workers are striking against president emanuel across a planned labor reforms just one in four trains in paris have been running unions want the government to give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions the reports. it was chaos for commuters in paris as the rail strike began to hit with most trains cancelled many passengers were left stranded some stations were nearly empty
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as many travelers chose to stay home or take alternative transport i think the strike justified you have to defend public services and everyone has a right to strike but i believe the rail uprighted must be reformed. drugs israel unions have called for three months of rolling strikes and protests they're angry over the government plans to reform the national oil company s.n.c.f. and scrap some of the workers' special privileges such as early retirement are not backing down we want to give up this fight or give in to the government school of the objects or not we are protesting far blights as well workers and to keep our privileges france's government says s.n.c.f. must change as it's deep in debt and must prepare for twenty twenty when the french rail network will be open to foreign competition and the e.u. rules like eastern six o'clock form this reform is necessary for commuters yet in seattle where workers so it must be completed yet many people in france they did
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these strikes will be a man on michael's biggest test since he came to power in a he has promised to transform france's accordingly and he's been pushing ahead with an ambitious reform agenda but it will not be easy to reform as in say. if macro fails the remainder of his presidential term will be tarnished as a huge failure on the other hand if he succeeds he will be seen in the months and years to come as someone who was capable of reaching out to the unions and doing exactly what he was elected to do and that was to reform the country reform. past presidents have tried and failed to reform s.n.c.f. is determined to succeed much now will depend on the result of france's powerful trade unions its national buchla al-jazeera paris. are still ahead on details on the first prison sentence in the investigation into possible russian meddling in the u.s.
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presidential election. thousands rally across brazil calling for a former president to start his prison sentence for corruption. and later as for the man known as the king of course at a day or it's glycerin tory. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. welcome back as we look at the weather across southern and eastern china and taiwan things looking fairly quiet through wednesday see some rain here that area of rain is likely to develop as we head through into thursday so heavy rain likely to extend towards trying to in the way towards shanghai to surf up a southerly flow is all looking woman he would turn twenty eight degrees the high in hong kong and the warm weather in annoyed too with that maximum of thirty three degrees celsius general cross indo-china weather conditions are looking ok one to
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two showers around but generally dry young ghonim are looking at highs of thirty seven then into southeastern parts of asia we've got just the scattered showers across the philippines and no more than that dry for much of the time and plenty of sunshine in manila a fair few showers across are in the borneo but for java bali through towards east timor west papua weather conditions are looking fine and then up through them they potentially we've got dry conditions for singapore and kuala lumpur one to two showers around the gulf of thailand but i think generally we should be looking at dry weather in bangkok with a high there of thirty six degrees so if asia no change the heat continues to build up ahead of the monsoon a certain long way to go for the monsoon to arrive so for now paul you look at my some of forty two degrees celsius not much better and daddy a high here of forty one. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. just is influencing. sudden
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journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our fast calling the media or opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one. zero.
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again you're watching hard to zero mind of our top stories this hour. u.s. president donald trump has reiterated the fight against isis in syria is nearly over he says u.s. troops would soon be pulling out but he added countries like saudi arabia would have to share the financial burden of the u.s. kept a military presence. trumps also said he'll deploy soldiers along the border with mexico demanding mexico prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s. . china has condemned the latest move by the u.s. in a growing trade dispute it says it's ready to retaliate again after being hit with twenty five percent tariffs on more than one thousand three hundred items mostly
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non consumer products u.s. media is reporting donald trump is not currently a criminal target but is still part of the ongoing investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election the washington post says a conversation took place between special counsel robert muller and trump's attorneys last month meanwhile the first sentence has been handed down in the middle of a tense he has more on that from washington. the dutch national alexander's one received a twenty thousand dollar fine thirty days in prison and two months of supervised release he admitted he had lied to investigators and withheld information relating to the special counsel's investigation into forward from campaign chairman paul metaphor and his deputy rick gates' lobbying for ukraine both have been charged with undeclared foreign lobbying and money laundering vandals runs sentencing is not connected to allegations that the russian government colluded with the trump campaign in order to sway the twenty sixteen presidential election than this one
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was being interviewed as a special counsel investigated poor man a foreign rich gates lobbying and alleged money laundering as they lobbied for the ukrainian government years before the election while they were working for former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych amount of foreign gates work with them does one but runs one failed to disclose several conversations he had in twenty sixteen with gates and a long time he have big business associate of manifolds about that work the f.b.i. alleges that business associate has links with the russian intelligence and that's caused excitement among those looking for a smoking gun in the russian investigation but the discussions are reported to have focused on payment for the ukrainian lobbying it's long been clear that the special counsel's investigation isn't limited to the allegations of russian conspiracy any illegal business deals or improper contact with foreign interests among those in donald trump's orbit are being probed alexander's ones prison time is being interpreted as
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a warning to those who feel they need not be forthcoming with the investigation she had three times the al-jazeera washington. of thousands of brazilians have rallied across the country calling for former president luis of the silver to be jailed for corruption that comes a day before the supreme court decides whether he should start the sentence he was given after his conviction last year all that's in america and it's only soon human reports now from south paolo. more demonstrators filled sao paulo's emblematic police to ave demanding former left wing president lee seen. be put behind bars without delay. tensions are soaring ahead of wednesday's supreme court ruling on whether to accept lucas argument that he cannot be sent to jail to serve a twelve and a half year sentence for corruption until he has exhausted all appeals. if you do that is not imprisoned he will return to power and keep stealing he's the leader of them all. as he's known is still the front
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runner ahead of october's presidential elections if it went he's allowed to run people here say they won't let that happen demonstrators say they want to send a very strong message to the supreme court that just about the former president they say that about in favor of the lowest petition would set a dangerous precedent that could lead to the release of scores of high ranking on the dissidents and business leaders who are actually serving jail sentences for corruption but most of large to peel's hundreds more who've been indicted for corruption could avoid jail for years of the motion is upheld. many here have lost faith in the supreme court as an brazil's other institutions. but sure they have paid off all the judges of the supreme court so lula will remain free but we are here trying to prevent that well those are. political passions running so high
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there's good reason to fear of violence ahead of the ruling last week gunman attack . act and shot at a campaign bus caravan in which lula was taking part in southern brazil he insists he's a victim of political persecution as the countdown to wednesday's all important judicial decision begins the pressure on the court for and against sending lula to jail could not be overstated seeing human i'll just see the. rebels have struck a saudi oil tanker in the red sea of yemen's main port city of her data hooty say they targeted the tank after an airstrike that killed at least fourteen civilians including seven children the u.n. says that strike was one of the deadliest attacks childrens since the saudi led coalition began its aerial campaign against in twenty fifteen none of the parties to this brutal war have for one second respected the fundamental principle of
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protection of children and children continue to be the victims of indiscriminating disproportionate attacks and today the as you know the international community is used to danger in the valley response to the to the dire humanitarian crazies in yemen and unicef called on all parties to the conflict and all who have influence on them to immediately take action in the by the by their legal obligation to protect children and their ways keep them out of harm's way there is no justification for such blatant disregard for children's rights and international you money to run low. a south african politicians are praising winnie mandela after her death at the age of eighty one store supporters are attacking those criticizing her checkered past calling them racist catherine sawyer reports from johannesburg. economic summit the life of an indiana through songs of struggle. that it's
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a political party largely supported by young people and reaches the same populist ideals of the woman who kept the anti-apartheid contain alive when i had spent nelson mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven s. . because of her fabric politics and apologetic positions some would say maybe tension leadership and post apartheid scandals we had an uncomfortable relationship with the leadership of the ruling african national congress she helped build the leader of the f.-f. julius malema led supporters in paying his respects saying he relates to his struggle and launched his equally abrasive politics for a. cause to close out the club. like that to. the white house where there was
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a lot of this it wasn't just. me on the board other posts that started. the fight. the flow of the sheep like what malema and women particularly close she stood by he would few within the a.n.c. dead today after he was expelled from the potsherd she continued to see and give him political advice through the yes' and in time he says lim are tired of defending her legacy and fighting for what she stood for. many here say that we need mandela's politics was misunderstood that's just human and make mistakes but that side. highlights should not overshadow what they believe is a great elegantly. women like. told us they are angered by the ongoing debate about how checkered life will make sure. that her legacy continues.
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if they seem that very have carriage with we knew they must know she has cloned yourself into a menu a nice i am one of the freedom fighter will be given a state by relaxed saturday many people who want to remember the significant role she played in the country's people ration struggle for which she suffered at the hands of the apartheid regime she was fighting but others say the controversial side of. the least time. back. for thousands of people are in the u.s. city of memphis to mark fifty years since the assassination of civil rights leader martin luther king. i mean they're taking part in various events to honor of the man who immortalized the words i have a dream in one nine hundred sixty eight and king was shot in memphis during a protest there's a four black sanitation workers battling for better pay and equal treatment and as
5:42 am
rosa in jordan reports now the city's workers are in another standoff with their employers half a century later. my name is back rigidity she. said they. won't you know pick the. people. was. the people. showing the. we had we had. the jump was also dangerous cole and robert walker were crushed to death. while they were waiting out a rain storm in the back of their trash truck the city didn't care so leach and hundreds of others went on strike in february one nine hundred sixty eight martin luther king visited the city three times to support the workers the second march turned violent after police clashed with some of the protesters to gala row by my
5:43 am
dad and i were a given haydon vida to name a row but still leach was grateful and asked to be on the main hit my phone of me and my family visiting right here not even hot on her mare right now he really was the guy sanitation worker did i hear they were going to say listen mr colton is a welcome here some would have been as mayor right now he had no benefits maurice spikey is one of the union leaders for today's memphis sanitation workers black and white the sanitation workers along with the police and other government employees are in a standoff right now with the city over a new contract what they want better pay and health benefits as well as better working conditions still a problem here after fifty years we asked for can you believe it or not air
5:44 am
conditioning in our trucks can you imagine working in a memphis heat when it's one hundred five degrees out here and you have no refuge from the heat. baxter leach received seventy thousand dollars to cover the retirement pension he didn't get while he collected the city's garbage a blessing he calls it still leach says today's workers shouldn't have to worry about earning an honest day's pay or about being treated with respect due to be a man and showed all who will bowl will be among the album laying what that's so that. imo may not know boy the quest for fair treatment seemingly neverending. roslyn jordan al-jazeera memphis tennessee i'm mary frances berry is a professor of american social thoughts and history at the university of pennsylvania and a former chairwoman of the u.s. civil rights commission she says martin luther king's agenda to end racism and
5:45 am
inequality is far from finished what is going on in memphis is a metaphor for what has been going on in the country and is still a problem after these many years we still have racism and inequality economic inequality in our society martin luther king's agenda is unfinished his economic agenda and his agenda around questions of race and some days lately it sounds like it's worse than it was before with the unarmed black men and women being killed by police who were supposed to be protecting us and the like one of the things that has changed is that there are a larger number of african-americans who are economically affluent there are people who are millionaires even a billionaire two who have made it in american society and there are people in every field whether senate taman or sports or whatever it is but there are still
5:46 am
all these people who are at the bottom who need to have attention and it's because of the way capitalism works as well as the persistence of racism in our society. all right.
5:47 am
5:48 am
thank you very much we start with the u.a.e. for champions league where twelve times champions real madrid are in pole position to progress to the semifinals of the handing out a hiding against last year's a runners up portuguese superstar christiane or an elder making history by scoring in ten consecutive champions league matches as you might expect he opened the scoring against juventus into rain on tuesday a bicycle kick byron elder then double the lead for the spanish club it got worse for the city our side when paolo di barlow was a red carded in the second half that was before marcello rounded off a resoundingly three nil beating for the dens main. and it was a good night for five times european champions buy in munich as well after going behind at severe they struck back to take a two one lead into the quarter final second leg legal leaders barcelona face to roma in the quarter final first leg on wednesday looking to reach the last four of
5:49 am
the champions league for the first time in three years of the falling of the quarter final stage both in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen the last time roma faced bustles in the champions league group stage three years ago basso thrashed them six one on that occasion it was part of us after watching the roma games in the group stage it wasn't a big surprise that they've got here as they played very well i'm not surprised they're in the quarterfinals they are a great team playing well attacking well and also defending together they are hard to beat when they are compact and we will have great difficulty breaking them down all four of the quarter final matches look very attractive and we hope to make it through to the next stage. manchester city's champions league quarter final first leg tie against liverpool at anfield suffered a blow as their striker. has been ruled out of wednesday's game after suffering a knee injury the same injury has meant that the argentine has been forced to miss the last five games for city and also argentina but. still seems
5:50 am
optimistic despite the setback we have here our best performance is one semifinal the champions league and they are five finals and many champions league they warned . that we wanted to do something in that competition to fill it to our favorite you have to feel it you have to feel you can do it if done is no change. i meet people over the day they can tell me each goal little score thirty seven years ago in the fifty six minute. and i think ten players who did that and i can say the names so that's all good and good but this team we need to we need to be proud of our history but we need to create our own history. to the u.s. where the men's college basketball season ended in spectacular style and monday with villanova winning its second national title in three years don't even chains
5:51 am
all came off the bench to school thirty one points the sophomore god with red hair nicknamed the big rob who lifted his team to a seventy nine sixty two win over michigan villanova won all six games by double digits which is the fourth team to do that in the history of the championship. villanova university students spilled out onto the campus in pennsylvania late on monday to celebrate their when they danced set a small bonfire and at least one student made it up a streetlight despite officials discouraging the tradition by greasing the utility poles. now in just a few weeks tiger woods has gone from golf outsider to marsters favorite fourteen time major champion was back out practicing at augusta a little earlier woods played the back nine with phil mickelson fred couples and thomas peters they are checking out the famous a main corner of wednesday's par three contest woods has not won
5:52 am
a major since two thousand and eight and missed the last two masters because of injury and of course problems. well it's great for the demographic i mean some of these kids under age that are. participating on sunday yesterday you know they never got to see tiger woods that we've all got to see. so for him being healthy i mean that's you know as a friend you want him healthy and as a competitor you want to help the so yes there's nothing but great things when he's healthy i mean what he's been able to do on and off the course to help the game a graph and help young people. you know being on course and winning again is going to stop that many more people love the game of golf so the effort in cricket captain fluff to policy has praised the amazing bowler vernon philander as he called him for his performance in the historic test series win over australia philander took six wickets for twenty one runs in australia second innings in the fourth test in johannesburg it helped the hosts crush the aussies by four hundred
5:53 am
ninety two runs for their first home series win over their opponents in forty eight years of straight lives defeat is the heaviest of any team in terms of runs in tastes since nineteen thirty four meanwhile the australian cricketers association has called for a reduction in the bans handed out to see some of david warner and cameron bancroft for their part in the ball tampering scandal in south africa last week former captain smith and former vice captain warner were handed twelve months suspensions while ben croft was banned for nine months by cricket australia the trio have until thursday to appeal the bans which the players' union say are too severe. of the dozen or so matters of this time the most severe suspension today has been a band who won elections the most expensive fine has been one hundred percent of the match. the informed conclusion is that his run is the motivation is the
5:54 am
proposed penalties are disproportionate relative prison. norwegian biathletes all a on rb and dahlan also known as the king of biathlon has announced his retirement from the sport that he dominated for more than twenty years steering his impressive twenty five year career he won thirteen in the big medals including eight gold in a total of twenty world titles the forty four year old was the most successful winter olympian of all time until his record was broken by fellow we didn't cross country skier merit bugan who took her limbic medal settle to fifteen at the winter games in pyong chang dahlan has a heart condition but leave the sport as the most decorated male winter olympians ahead of the start of the commonwealth games on wednesday india's boxing team has received an official warning after a cleaner found syringes in their accommodation over the weekend a hearing into the incident cleared the team of doping violations but they were found to have breached the game's no needle policy that's after
5:55 am
a doctor gave an athlete a vitamin injection and then left needles and attended in the athletes' village it's not the first time india have been reprimanded over they use of needles they also received a warning at the twenty fourteen commonwealth games in glasgow this matter is now not defined as an anti doping rule violation but rather as an infringement of the c.g.s. no needle policy which are has been introduced by other major sporting events and of course this is to ensure safety medical best practice and that's all the sport for me will have another update for you again later on. a mash up of dozens of news presenters in the u.s. reading from the same script has gone viral they all work for local stations owned by sinclair the country's biggest role costly it's seen as pro trump and aims to reach more than seventy percent of u.s. households his christmas saloon we are extremely proud of the statements made by local news presenters got little attention on their own but when the web site
5:56 am
deadspin put together this mash up showing the exact same words be read at the television stations around the country the sharing of biased and false news has become a call to comment on the social media echoing language used by the trump administration even some members of congress of the other stuff the source of their own for. alarm bells started ringing for you the commentary was mandated by sinclair broadcast group already known for airing right leaning editorials for all of its one hundred seventy six stations what they're doing is indorsing donald trump's fake news narrative and using it to essentially try to deal with him are as much of the news media in the united states so they are not just way and with the sort of bland support of accuracy very are way on the side of this sort of culture war and they are doing it at the same time they're asking the federal communication
5:57 am
commission to loosen regulations and approve a controversial merger that would give them even more local television stations and access to up to seventy two percent of u.s. households sinclair however says the statement was not politically motivated but in response to polls showing a deep distrust of the media and president trump was quick to come to the company's defense saying it was funny to watch fake news networks criticizing claire which he called far superior to c.n.n. one sink clear employee responded saying actually this isn't funny at all when media jai. and scovell up local news stations there are repercussions more voices are better than single voices and in that case more voices can dilute the mistakes that any individual voice makes. and critics say it undermines the credibility of journalists the local community has come to trust in
5:58 am
a statement sinclair has encouraged its viewers to call in reports of fake news if the blowback on social media is any indication they are getting plenty kristensen me al jazeera new york. that's it for this news hour more news in two minutes. paint the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out of it just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera when the news
5:59 am
breaks in a pleased on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on line. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we are here lies that nothing worst first world the injury the devastating impact to save the big means also to save the deposits of in their service and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn over our gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera.
6:00 am
in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. and i said well you want to say maybe going up to pay. donald trump for just saudi arabia may have to pick up the bill the u.s. forces in syria. hello.


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