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al jazeera. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. when he's the best agaves how far china will go to control its citizens. on our visit. and bring you. up and ante beijing announces additional taxes on american goods after the u.s. hiked tariffs on chinese imports.
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and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth braun and also ahead. iran's haasan rouhani joins the presidents of turkey and russia for talks on syria's war. and i said well if you want to say maybe going to pay. donald trump suggest saudi arabia may have to pick up the bill for u.s. forces in syria and music streaming company strikes a chord with investors and it's opening act on wall street. trade tensions between china and the u.s. continue to escalate with beijing just announcing a new round of tax cuts well those tariffs will be up to twenty five percent or one hundred six u.s. imports the main areas affected include soybeans cars and chemical products but china had already announced half. on one hundred twenty eight u.s.
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products including port wine nuts and fish that's about three billion dollars worth of goods the u.s. is imposing twenty five percent tariffs of its own on thirteen hundred chinese products mainly in the medical industrial and transport sectors those cover fifty billion dollars in imports while this rapidly escalating trade dispute was set off last month when washington announced why did you say he's on steel and alan minium imports the u.s. also the qs is china of intellectual property theft and claims beijing pressures foreign companies to hand over technology well let's get more on this now we're joined by our china correspondent adrian brown he's live for us in beijing and we'll be expecting this immediate and further response from the chinese government adrian. yes as a for thais china has really made good on its threat it is outlined in considerable detail the counter measures that it had promised earlier in the day in fact china
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first responded to trump's actions with a statement at six am local time on wednesday now it's gone into details about the one hundred six items it's going to be targeting the big ticket items of course so there's a bit as you mention cars soybeans and chemicals this is a very important market actually for general motors a they sell more cars actually in china than they do in the united states some four million cars here last year so people in china thinking of buying a general motors car now are going to perhaps think twice now in the last few minutes officials from china's finance ministry and commerce ministry have been talking to the local and international media they've been at pains to stress that china does not want to trade war but if it's a colony is going to be threatened or hurt then china is quite prepared for one earlier of foreign ministry official said basically in
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a very taunting message the time for talking is over now it's time for action we also spoke to a prominent analyst earlier on today and he said that basically this is not smoke it's now fire the the the trade war has begun but i think we have to remember that president from has yet to sign off on these terrorists there is going to be a sixty day consultation period and that of course offers time for negotiation and diplomacy is what we're seeing at the moment simply posturing and negotiation by both sides perhaps yet the war of words has set me back on a defensive what can we expect next with negotiations. well i think at the moment they'll be a hope possibly on both sides they'll be cooling off both sides have now demonstrated quite clearly what they are prepared to do unless there can be some
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sort of resolution to the trade friction between china and the united states and of course we have to remember elizabeth this is all happening at a time when china is marking the fortieth anniversary of its opening up to the world the irony years china opened up with the encouragement of the united states and since then china u.s. brands have benefited enormously you know mcdonald's starbucks apple kentucky fried chicken general motors boeing these are huge presences in china they have a deep presence in this country you know is the united states really going to risk their future and the jobs of thousands of workers here in china officials here in china still can't quite believe that president from really wants a trade war because of the sort of mutually assured destruction that would bring about adrian thank you very much for that for now that is that china correspondent adrian brown with the very latest live in beijing thank you. let's move on to other news now and russia's foreign intelligence agency chief has accused the u.s.
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and the u.k. of concocting the poisoning of a former spy assegais and made the comments at a security conference in moscow he says washington's actions towards russia means they can meld talk of return to the cold war era several countries have expelled russian diplomats over the poisoning of former agent. and his daughter in russian we have two correspondents following developments we will be talking to don slee in london shortly but first let's go to russia cost on the droid chalons he's live for us in moscow and so what is the russian government saying what very. well the mood here the moscow conference of international security has been i think relentlessly and see weston so far that's not surprising seeing is this is an event put on by the russian defense ministry and it basically gathers all of these defense and security big wigs in the russian moments and i was them to
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present their view of the world's to a gathering of of international like minded people i suppose generals and security chiefs and across the planet now some of the most strident comments did come from the risk in the head of the foreign intelligence service here in russia now he said . the u.s. is basically become fixated on a fight against a nonexistent so called russian threat and that this is reach so ridiculous proportions at absurd characteristics that it's possible to speak of a return to the dark times of the cold war he then went on to say that this for apollo case was a kind of illustration of this and it was a. grotesque probably a provocation that had been concocted by the u.s. and and u.k. . teligent service is fairly crudely and that he was thankful that some european
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countries had not gone down the route of expelling russian diplomats now of course it's worth saying here that as the head of the russian foreign intelligence service if this was indeed a russian state sponsored or state sanctioned on the strip poles then this probably would have gone through in his desk or thank you very much for that for now that's for a challenge joining us live from moscow and the head of britain's defense laboratory says they have not tracked down the precise source off the nerve agents used in salisbury. or job within the whole of this investigation is and was to identify the agent used which is from the family of nova chop their regions we provided that information to the government who have then used a number of other sources to come to the conclusions that they have an end to the diplomatic steps that they have i can only emphasize that our job within this whole
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. episode if you like is to provide scientific facts and evidence and into. which was identification of the agent and that's what we've done like hosp on that law in place is joining us live from london now lawrence the british prime minister the british government promised a truism a foreign secretary boss johnson you know was so adamant that there was no doubt that russia was behind the poisoning has the case been weakened at all by their own experts saying that well they can identify the source. yeah boris johnson the foreign secretary here gave an interview a few weeks ago vello the germans he'd been at work in which he said that porson down had told him not only that it was not a shock but very to come from the russians and there you have the head of porton down yesterday saying it we told we was not rich but we don't know where it came from and the russians have been saying this for weeks and weeks and weeks that's
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not a choke was produced in the soviet union but then was replicated in lots of other countries and so you have this situation now where the british are saying it was not a chalk it was made by the soviet union it must have been the russians who did it and the russians saying it was not shot but you can't prove that it was us because you can't say where it came from and it seems to me that that's sort of a standoff can conceivably be resolved and i think the problem for the british now is this if it was a criminal case in this country the law says that if the prosecution is to prove say that the russians tried to kill scripted they have to prove it beyond all reasonable doubt now the thing is the british cold proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the north of shock was administered and made by the russians because portadown has said so themselves and so and that's the hole that the russians are now exploiting by saying you can't have a say it was us and the trans one the mind the british case in that way and i think
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it is very difficult now for the british to say we know for a fact that it was the russians when their own experts say we can't actually create it and so what happens next in this investigation now is because we know that the c.w. the organization for the perhaps i should have chemical weapons a meeting about this among other things in the hague and what does that also mean you know for the diplomatic relations between several countries and russia who poured their stuff out of russia. well on the o.p.c. w. thing that they are meeting at the behest of the russians now the o.p.c. daily doesn't usually say what what the outcome of this meeting is they're supposed to come up with a resolution today to the meeting but i daresay the russians who will no doubt be there will announce what they think the o.p.c. w has come to the whatever conclusions come soon doubtless i'm sure will be the same as porton down the chemical weapons inside here said it was not a shock but we can't say where it came from so the thing is you know now you have
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a situation to your second point you question whether the russians are now on this concerted diplomatic initiative so you have for example the russian ambassador while and yesterday briefing people in ireland which had come out on the british side saying look the british come prove that it's true and across the piece because the russians are concerned about the european union's more general siding with the british over this that they're going to be part of a much bigger diplomatic initiative now to try to undermine the british case and say to these countries look the british should have a brought you in and you've expelled some diplomats and you believe what the british said we're saying now you can't prove that it's true you can't believe what the british are telling you and i think it is a big problem that the things i think that we need to understand this overwhelming lead the russian reaction to this is so different to their reaction after living in co the other spy was killed in two thousand and six then it was an absolute footprint tracing it straight back to these two guys who had been flown back to russia to that one became an m.p.
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in the tumour in russia they never said it wasn't us them this time they're saying it wasn't us you can't prove it was us we want to help you it starts to look as if the british don't have the all the evidence they need to stand this case very interesting thank you very much for that for now that is largely joining us live from london thank you. the leaders of the. seven. president hassan rouhani and russia's vladimir putin support syria's president bashar. turkey. all three have. significant military presence and. the heart of reports. deepening cooperation was the message of the foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey during their last meeting in asd the capital of kazakhstan the power brokers in syria's war said they would continue to work for a political settlement they have enough common interests to continue working
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together but when the leaders of three countries meet in ankara there could be more park any. peace efforts after the failure of such a peace conference in january and those efforts should take into account the new realities that is the opposition's recent losses and his role in syria. that involved exchange for turkey entering of. the opposition has been weakened even further with its defeat in eastern one of its last strongholds in turkey its military operation against the kurdish. in africa has increased its role in northern syria and turkish determination to extend it to other areas will give it more influence. iran is not happy with the free rein that turkey has been given to enter the are free in kurdish zone in northwest syria
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. iran has made his displeasure and disagreement quite public. but at the same time iran shares turkey's concerns about the strength and influence of the wide last year both countries discussed possible joint military action against what they consider separatist kurdish forces during a visit by the chief of staff of iran's armed forces. to ankara. the two countries are unlikely allies since they support opposing sides in syria's war but preserving syria's territorial integrity draws them together iran and turkey have sizable kurdish populations and want to prevent the creation of an independent kurdish state syria's kurds specifically the y. p.g. controlled twenty five percent of the country russia has been trying to convince the white peachy to hand over its territory to the syrian government the y.p. g.'s refusal is why moscow reportedly turned a blind eye to turkey's military operations in africa. it was also the kremlin's
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way of increasing tensions between the united states and turkey. russia iran and turkey would like to see the end of the us as a military presence in the kurdish dominated north east the us alliance with the white peachy is its only leverage in syria negotiation between. russia iran and turkey just to make in your settlement and to push the process to finalize. the implication of the inside this settlement because if they will not. sit down the process we are talking about all saw a new round of conflict. some of the serious kurds are now the king makers a deal reached with them will determine the state of play between the different stakeholders in syria's war. us president donald trump has spoken again of his desire to pull american forces out of syria
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suggesting that victory over eisel is imminent trump also said that if allies like saudi arabia want america to stay in syria they may have to pay for it alan fischer reports from washington. the president insists he's never been keen on america's foreign military adventures seeing the cost too much money thank you at a news conference at the white house with leaders of three baltic countries donald trump insisted as a citizen on withdrawing from syria is coming quickly i want to get out i want to bring the troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation think of it seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing nothing except death and destruction. it's a horrible thing so it's time it's time. to fish really the u.s. mission in syria is to provide advice and support for forces battling against isis the president's latest statement marks a shift from a comment he made just last week at
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a political rally in ohio and we're not going the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon that caught many in the administration by surprise given senior figures have been talking about an extended syria mission as unfinished business as he was speaking across town a senior state department official seem to back up that idea we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission but the u.s. presence costs hundreds of millions of dollars and during the news conference the president turned up the heat on his allies as a single have to share the financial burden saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. oh the idea of the situation in syria could be one of the things discussed during an anticipated gulf meeting hosted by the u.s. this ring has disappeared reports coming out of washington suggest the unannounced
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summit has been shelved there are a number of reasons for any potential delay first of all the u.s. doesn't have a secretary of state at the moment rex tillerson still hasn't been replaced donald trump is planning to meet north korean leader kim jong un in the next couple of months that summit will take a lot of preparation and with a real prospect of no breakthrough in the g.c.c. dispute the americans are white they'll invest a lot of time and effort with nouriel return any potential summit could know take place later in the year alan fischer al-jazeera washington. still ahead on the bottom playing young mom about caring dozens of one hundred refugees finally lands in the nation but why they may not be allowed to stay and a state of emergency is declared on the engine nation on and off i went off to an oil spill ignites killing five.
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how the shells are still falling in java bit more restricted jakarta's included and sudden sumatra to borneo insular way sea daily showers giving typically that one hundred millimeters would go to eighty five jakarta. a little bit more than twenty four hours with these probably fold in three or four hours during the thunderstorms now they are the exception not the roads is becoming dry now and if anything you see bigger showers further north and the lazy and increasingly in thailand some pretty destructive ones recently and meanwhile she said giving indication of where it is most humid now is those dry in indonesia are still pretty wet and humid and taught to be honest in australia's top end but the tropical cyclone in the flow has been off the coast of queensland for about twenty four hours it's been giving rain and was gale force winds to the coast in the cars got one hundred thirty millimeters of rain is three days enough for funding but not exceptional now in the
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next twenty four hours the storm vanishing cycling through its course is proper i just more or less stays where it is a guarantee drifts a bit further north towards townsville so makai will still get patted this part of the queensland coast is going to be wet in contrast to the rest of australia was actually a nice bit of laura's first early winter. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the. flow. of al-jazeera selects express yourself.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories china has escalated its trade dispute with the united states and also an additional tariffs on american goods at some point saying to have some twenty five percent on one hundred six u.s. products including soybeans cars alcohol and tobacco the move is a reaction to planned u.s. tariffs off twenty five percent on chinese imports. russia's foreign intelligence agency chief has accused the u.s. and the u.k. of concocting the poisoning of former spies and his daughter and russian say again that it made the comments that a security conference in moscow says washington's actions towards russia means they
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can now talk of a return to the cold war era. and leaders of iran russia and turkey meeting and for a summit on sylvia's a seven year war or three a key powerbrokers of the conflict with a significant military presence and serbia. a boat carrying nearly sixty one hundred refugees has reached malaysia the group's journey began from a bang and they shoot refugee camp at cox's bazaar the refugees the sheltering. among hundreds of thousands of all those who fled violence in myanmar the bolt headed through southern sea routes where it was intercepted by the time navy stopping on an island in the krabby province the group was given supplies and its way the vessel was then spotted an antiseptic by malaysian. waters were docked and stayed there the refugees were given food water and medicine and the now being processed by malaysia's immigration department of law and slowly has to kick in state. refugees mostly women and children have been brought to this
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detention center and belong take on the mainland of peninsular malaysia now at this stage they are being held by immigration authorities officials will question them and try and determine whether they were trafficked by human trafficking networks whether they are who they say they are the un refugee agency will also try and determine whether these people are in need of international protection now malaysia does not recognize refugees is not a signatory to the un convention on refugees and as such even those refugees may have un states as they are not able to access public services such as schools they're not able to work. even so many were refugees continue to make their way to malaysia because they see this country with its muslim majority population as a safe haven they already about sixty thousand living in malaysia. and the myanmar
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court has delayed ruling on the fate of two voters journalists who are currently detained the decision on whether to dismiss the case has been delayed to next week while owen and charles sawyer who are accused of possessing secret government documents their lawyers say there isn't enough evidence to support those charges rights groups are being targeted for reporting on the hinge of crisis. police and the indonesian port city of balik pop on has declared a state of emergency after an oil spill spread along the coast killing five fishermen when the world court fire said last reports from jakarta. oil polluting the bay of the city of balad and several nearby villages the spill has spread over an area of around twelve square kilometers residents have complained of a strong smell of fuel in the area hundreds have reported health issues such as nausea and vomiting fully self warrant against lighting fires. on saturday
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shortly after the spill was first noticed a fire broke out in the water near a chinese cargo ship five fishermen were in a small boat in the big at the time that i. was home to one of indonesia's largest oil refineries but the country's state energy company better meena as the night the leak comes from its underwater pipelines. we have formed a special team to investigate this a team from syria by has arrived to take samples of the oil and other places so you can find what caused the spill by fishermen how the protests at the mayor's office demanding compensation to spill stop them from earning a living if those have been damaged and they can't reach to fishing grounds almost two hundred fishermen are affected by the impact of the pollution on marine life still needs to be investigated residents are working with emergency services to get rid of oil and right amount of this out or don't police to speed up the
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investigation and bring those responsible for this bill to justice they also want the government to act fast the clean up the oil and limit damage to the environment step by al-jazeera. but to a second day of severe transport disruption as underway rail workers a striking in protest against president emanuel that calls planned labor reforms only a fraction of trains are running leaving many commuters stranded unions are planning rolling strikes over the next three months they want the government to drop proposed cuts to benefits and pensions. u.s. president donald trump says he wants to send troops to the border with mexico to stop illegal immigrants who has long promised border wall is built is continuing his tough stance against illegal immigration as he demands mexico prevent a large group of central americans from reaching the u.s. hundreds of men women and children are stuck in southern mexico where officials are trying to determine their legal status. it's been fifty years since the death of
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civil rights leader martin luther king jr and one of the only surviving members of his entourage says his death was always a source of pain king was shot dead at the lorraine hotel in memphis in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight by james earl ray can lead a movement of nonviolent resistance but the f.b.i. still dubbed him the most dangerous man in america jesse jackson was with king when he died on tuesday he went back to the hotel with his family. i mean sixteen in part on spotify has made a strong diving on wall street investors predict the company will maintain its lead on her vitals even if it's yet to make a profit spotify has played a huge fall in changing how people listen to and pay for music reynolds reports
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from los angeles. spotify his debut on wall street came without the bell ringing in the hullabaloo that normally accompany hot initial public offerings the company says its focus isn't on making a splash but on building a long term strategy we do think demand is going to be strong for sponsor fights you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry the twelve year old swedish company jumped into a dominating position in music streaming convincing customers to pay a monthly subscription fee allowing them to choose from millions of songs online instead of paying to own individual tunes starting out with a handful of people working out of a back room stockholm office spotify now has seventy one million aids subscribers worldwide that's double the number of its closest competitor apple music the streaming model was initially resisted by the music industry but since streaming
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became widespread around twenty fifteen spotify has helped drag the music industry into profitability after a decade and a half in the doldrums streaming service revenue now accounts for sixty five percent of recorded music sales spotify also changed the way people listen to music play lists dominated by hit songs partly chosen by artificial intelligence and algorithms now influence what consumers here instead of individually developed tastes and preferences spotify has not yet turned a profit but the company expects to have ninety six million subscribers and more than six billion dollars in revenue by the end of this year. zero. time again on there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera china is retaliating with new
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tower of sound u.s. goods as trade tensions continue to escalate its imposing tariffs of twenty five percent on one hundred six u.s. products including soybeans cars alcohol and tobacco with those products well worth fifty billion dollars last year the move is a reaction to planned u.s. tariffs off twenty five percent on chinese imports. and other news u.s. president donald trump has spoken again with his desire to pull american forces on to servia suggesting that victory over eisel is imminent would trump says of allies like saudi arabia want to america to stay in syria they have to pay for it the leaders of iran russia and turkey are meeting in for a summit on syria seven year war iran's president hassan rouhani and russia's vladimir putin supports the vias bashar asad while turkey backs the opposition all three have been keep our brokers in the conflict with a significant military presence in syria. a boat carrying nearly sixty one hundred
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refugees from bangladesh has reached malaysia and are being processed by immigration staff they had been sheltering in bangladesh with hundreds of thousands who fled violence in myanmar. and the myanmar court has delayed ruling on the fate of two voters journalists who are currently being detained the decision on whether to dismiss the case has been delayed next week wallow in and work accused of possessing secret government documents rights groups that are being targeted for reporting on the hinge of crisis. a second day of severe transport disruption is under way in france rail workers are striking in protest against president emanuel that calls planned labor performs only a fraction of trains are running leaving the many commuters stranded unions are planning to roll in strikes over. the next three months. to benefits and pensions. and. the death of. dead.
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by. he led a movement of violent resistance those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us leg coming up next. u.s. president said he was. for us. but ten times faster than. this time. we work every day since.
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