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the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to fact on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of them now the jury's still out. of the nation as one in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror . but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. above.
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this is al-jazeera. a lot has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up. russia warns britain it is playing with fire during a heated u.n. security council meeting about a poison double agent. that i. thought would have been a little bit more the president goes off script and attacks events to launch another attack on immigration. results former president lula is given twenty four hours to hand himself into police and start his jail sentence. to meet the ranger refugees who hope for a better life in malaysia despite having no rights there. you're
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playing with fire and you'll be sorry the warning to britain by russia's ambassador at the un in a heated security council meeting over the nerve agent attack in southern england that meeting came only hours after one of the victims yunior scree powell spoke publicly for the first time since the poisoning. the dramatic editor james bays reports now from the united nations a greeting between the british and russian ambassadors but it was clear when the meeting started that is where the cold all relations ended russia called for the security council meeting to strongly reject u.k. allegations that russia carried out the nerve agent attack. because monday a dozen new notebook at the computer ladies and gentlemen i don't even know what to say about this it's some sort of theater of the absurd could you come up with a better fake story we all know what the worth of british intelligence information is based on the experience of tony blair we have told our british colleagues that
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you're playing with fire and you will be sorry diplomats tell me they see this council meeting as part of a pattern when russia is backed into the corner it goes on the diplomatic offensive we've seen fresh comments in recent hours on the soles pre-k. seen from foreign minister sergei lavrov and from russia's ambassador in london on wednesday russia called a meeting of the international body that oversees chemical weapons the o.p.c. w and brazenly suggested a joint investigation by the u.k. and russia the idea was quickly voted down but the british ambassador at the u.n. again referred to it using a very british literary reference the villain in the sherlock holmes books allowing russian scientists into an investigation when they are the most likely perpetrators of the crime insoles be would be like scotland yard in fighting game professor moriarty so i don't think that's
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a tenable way forward instead i fear that the russian motive in calling for a security council meeting today is another step in the pattern of obfuscation and contempt for international institutions it was at the beginning of march in the british city has sold spree that the former spies surrogate script and his daughter were incapacitated by a nerve agent known to have been developed by russia yulia is getting better an hours before the security council met british police released a statement from her it reads i woke up over a week ago now and i'm glad to say my strength is growing daily. i'm grateful for the interest in me and for the many messages of goodwill that i've received rusher in the u.k. of painting very different pictures of who was behind the attack or miss cripple and her father the investigations by the u.k. authorities and by the o.p.c. w.
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are likely to be long and detailed but even when they report their final conclusions i think there's a strong chance russia will reject them jamesburg al jazeera at the united nations gregory complaints is a chemical weapons expert at the center for arms control and nonproliferation he joins me now from washington thanks for being with us now what we saw at the u.n. on thursday made for some great political theater but on the evidence itself to do the russians have a case to answer here i think the russians therefore have a lot to answer for and so far they haven't provided straight answers to any of the questions that the british raised about this were always inning and the presence of not a charge in salisbury and the russian ambassador has said that that did not chalk this this nerve agent that was used in the poisoning has been developed in a number of countries and there is the argument as well that there are less
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elaborate and more discreet ways to kill someone why would they do this in and risk the the public backlash that they're now getting what do you say to that. oh i think i think there are two things one is when you look at trying to figure out who committed an act like this you look at both the means the motive and the opportunity and we've been very focused on the means like the now we're talking agent because it's very exotic but that doesn't tell you everything you need to also look at who had motive who had the opportunity to try to assassinate these two individuals and i think there is a strong case that the most likely perpetrator would be russia very hard to come up with any other scenarios that would lead to some other government or group wanting to use this kind of agent against these individuals so i think that the the case is very strong and that regard and i think there's a strong symbolic value for russia trying to commit this kind of act sending a signal to other spiders in russia that the motherland does not forgive it does
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not forget and that we can get you anywhere anytime if you betray our country so i think there's a very strong political motivation to this kind of attack it was russia of course who called this meeting at the u.n. what are they getting out of it by doing this this is part of a long pattern we've seen of russia using denial this information deceptive diplomacy trying to up a smokescreen and deflect attention from their role as the perpetrator for attacks like the shooting down of the malaysian airliner over ukraine in twenty fourteen the acts of their ally syria and using sarah nerve gas in country so this is just one of the long pattern of examples of russia trying to grab the world stage and throw a lot of smoke to try to conceal their activities good to get your perspective on this gregory complains thanks for the liz thank you. now u.s. president donald trump has invoked lines from his presidential campaign as he
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veered off script during an event about tax cuts he referred to a large group of migrants who'd been traveling through mexico in what's been described as a caravan trump suggested the group is besieged with violence and sexual assaults similar to what he said in twenty fifteen when he claimed that mexican immigrants are rapists john heilemann has more from minute to plan which is along the route that the refugees and migrants have been traveling. the caravan of people from central america has been traveling through mexico appears to be winding down at the moment a lot of people appeared off and they're heading to mexico city and from there they going to make their own route even to seek refuge in this country or to try and get to the border with the united states but it's been something that president trump of the united states has been infuriated by he's been tweeting about this along the course of the caravan and he came out with a comment that was unsubstantiated and quite outlandish and i remember my opening
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remarks to trump tower when i opened everybody said all he was so tough and i use the word rape and yesterday it came out were this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before the president trumps comment in which he appears to toi rape and levels of rape to the passage of this caravan heading through mexico is as we said unsubstantiated but it's also useful to remember that he's talking about real people here with these migrants but one of the ladies that we spoke to on this caravan told me that she was fleeing her native from douras because she'd been raped twice but she feared that the same thing was going to happen at the hands of gangs to her five year old daughter there's a lot of women a lot of children in this caravan so it's quite a serious thing to link breakthrough to to what's going on one of the other things
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the president trump has done it seems to be provoked by the caravan it is ordered the national guard to move them to go to the united states border makes can president enrique pena nieto has responded to that mexico doesn't see the act a fool well and he said if you've got differences with your internal politics with your laws with your congress then take it up with them not with us the mexican people so there's nothing concrete and what mexico. might do in his address but he was certainly striking a more combative tone that he has in the past and he addressed the mets united states president donald trump directly says when i see it as. the president if you wish to reach agreements with mexico we stand ready as we have proved until now always willing to engage in a dialogue acted in good faith and in a constructive spirit if your recent statements of the result of frustration due to domestic policy issues to your laws or to your congress it is to then that you
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should turn not to make seconds we will not only our negative rhetoric to define our actions we will only act in the best interest of mexicans now some of the people that we've been talking to on this caravan the central american migrants still have the hope of getting to the united states either with asylum or passing through undocumented but after all the control the see that the caravan itself has generated with president trump that hope seems a lot further off the maybe it was before the results former president luis de silva is considering his next move on after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest supporters of gathered outside the metal workers union building in sao paolo where new lays hold up with some of his political allies he hasn't told five pm on friday local time to hang himself into police and follows a ruling by the country's top court that he must start a twelve year prison sentence for corruption to see a new man has more from the capital brasilia. barack obama described lisi
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national literacy law as the world's most popular president the left wing little worker rose to become a global example for others who dream of lifting tens of millions of people from poverty. to list two presidencies were haunted by corruption allegations they never stuck hence his reputation for having a teflon shield but with the supreme court's decision. sent him to prison while he appeals a twelve year corruption sentence it's clear the shield has crumbled the messages you all are equal all the piece off legislation that you have been busy you on the law so now we are talking about the former president to morrow we can be talking about the current president bama or even the future president list legal team said it would request a series of injunctions to block his arrest warrant hoping to buy more time but
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judd said you want o. was quicker on the draw he said that out of respect for law as a former president he would allow him twenty four hours to present himself voluntarily to federal police in the city of where he is supposed to serve his sentence if he does not go then he says federal police will go out to arrest him given brazil's complex legal system anything could happen in that time remains the most popular would be candidates ahead of october's presidential elections and. will be in you with the best president in brazil's recent history it's not fair to end things like this. with lula apparently out of the race the new frontrunner is an ultra right wing former military officer. and admirer of chile's former dictator pinochet. but the senator from lula's workers' party insists remains a political force. this is on this very direct has amended leadership look at
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snowshoe mandela he was twenty seven years in prison lula did not immediately respond to the supreme court ruling but given his temperament it's safe to say he won't go down without a fight. c.n. human i'll just see that brasilia a german court has rejected a spanish extradition request for catalonia his former leader carlos put him on he's now being released on bail but could still be extradited on the lesser charge of misusing public funds which man was arrested as he entered germany last month from belgium where he's been living in self-imposed exile since fleeing spain dominic cain has more from berlin. this decision by the german court means that mr bush will soon be able to walk free from the prison annoyance to that he's been held in for more than a week now since being picked up by german law enforcement agencies on the twenty fifth of march he has to post a bail of seventy five thousand euros and he can't leave germany while the case is
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still active the point to make here is that this ruling states that the charge of sedition or rebellion is one that is not recognized in german law and therefore has been thrown out by the german courts but the other charge that was proffered against mr push them or they may have embezzlement of the funds that we used public funds that we used to allow what the spanish government considers an unconstitutional referendum to be held all that this court ruling in germany suggests well that is grounds those are grounds for him potentially to be extradited but they say they need more information the question now will be what mr push them all does next he will emerge can emerge from the prison the earliest on friday but then the question is what will he do next the deadline under the european arrest warrant scheme for his case to reach combination is in late may the question will be what he does next there are plenty more ahead on this news hour
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south korea's former president prepares to learn her fate on live t.v. . another former leader dogged by scandal is also making his way to court south africa's jacob zuma facing questions about an arms deal. ending champion sergio garcia meets the water more times than he would like on the first day of the twenty eighteen masters tachyon we'll have that story later in sports. gold i still have a first the tit for tat trade standoff between the world's two largest. commies is escalating donald trump has ordered his administration to consider imposing an extra one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods trump fired the first salvo last month by imposing tariffs on steel and alum indian imports largely
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he said to protect u.s. industry from cheaper chinese metals but china responded on monday with import duties on three billion dollars worth of u.s. goods ranging from pork to wine the next day the u.s. and now its plans to slap a twenty five percent duty on more than one thousand three hundred more chinese products china on wednesday retaliated to that by threatening similar tariffs on one hundred six american goods including soybeans the biggest u.s. export to china or just hours before threatening further tariffs against china trump spoke of his desire to straighten out trade issues in many respects i think we're going to have a fantastic relationship long term with china but we have to get this straight we have to have some balance and that goes for other countries it goes for other places if you look at the european union it's very solidly against us in terms of trade it's very unfair look at younger shaking her head yes you know about the european union it's like it's almost we can't even do business they send their cars
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over here they send everything over here we don't want to take our product. so we can't let that happen a severe attack is she to is a professor at the university of she's a walk in school of management and information in japan he joins us now from there via skype thanks for being with us now just to be clear these are nothing has actually been implemented here these are these are just announcements at this point but if your one of those who believes that it's a bad idea as i know you do do you still hold out the possibility that cooler heads will prevail before anything is actually done. well with how things were going so far in and ministration in the united states i think we should expect the worst and prepare for the worst and hope for the best fortune in the latter hope i don't think there is much to it at this point as you pointed out this is to and this is a disastrous move which was initiated by the americans which not only creates the
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regression of protectionism all around the world but also corruption and because he said in this that america's built over the years with their western allies it does not do anybody any good with the exception of maybe a few that may benefit from the strong words which may benefit in two thousand and eighteen election in the united states but you know there is just so much too much at stake for such a very small incident what effect to these tariffs in your view have on the overall economy well there is no logic to initiation of this war in the sense that you know china is not a threat to the u.s. security in any form because they're not dealing in the high end security or related steel in the first place what it would really damage is its relationship
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with for example like canada or japan and of course you know with the chinese retaliation what's going to happen is that u.s. consumers are going to suffer as well. and it brings back again the feeling of protectionism which is already rising on a social logical sense in your for example so this is a very bad timing to trigger these kind of issues and if this does become a full blown trade war which side in your view is better placed to fight it. nobody wins nobody wins in this situation and it's not only the economic side is obviously political and involves so many on the social logical point of view as well because people will start to mingle these things in order to justify their arguments so things are going to get very very nasty not only in the economic or political but also on the social logical side as well which certainly exacerbates
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the current very negative situation that's going on for example like in europe. and that's that is the reason why i say it does nobody any good at this point well of course it is going to hurt the chinese but again i would like to think that the common sense will at least prevail at the last minute wait see what happens could just because you said you're a tech shooter and she's a walk. recommendations from the last opposition area of serious eastern who have stalled reportedly over internal divisions in the main rebel group that about four thousand fighters and their families have been evacuated from the duma since monday as part of a russia brokered deal a convoy of twenty buses retreat to the outskirts of the town on thursday with reports a hardline faction of the fighters refused to leave families had gathered at the west indian checkpoint hoping to reunite with relatives. turkey has condemned the
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deployment of french troops just across its border with northern syria on monday the kurds reveal the party of sixty french soldiers had arrived in man beach to begin patrols that's about one hundred kilometers east of afrin which was seized by turkey from the kurds last month france has criticized turkey's military operation in africa and turkey's e.u. minister says any french plan to train kurdish armed groups in many would be seen by turkey as helping terrorists all of it a little bit what's important here is that the french don't repeat the same mistakes the americans have made him on beijing with the same rhetoric and approach it from this is looking for a partner or an ally that every should be turkey the p y d n y p g can't be friends as partners otherwise what's the point of being nato allies it's five smugglers have been captured after as many as two hundred refugees sailing to the greek islands were intercepted off the coast of turkey video released by the turkish
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coast guard shows women and children being taken off a small dinghy hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria and other countries across to greece and further into europe via turkey in recent years many of died while making the journey. libya has been without a stable government since the fall of one market there in twenty eleven new public dialogue conference backed by the un is hoping to rican sour factions divisions and eventually bring about democratic elections what i did what i had has more from the western city of misrata. this libyan national conference was first suggested by the united nations alongside other river mation as steps including amending the libyan political agreement endorsing the newly drafted constitution and conducting parliamentary and presidential elections in libya this conference which is cancelled by the center for humanitarian dialogue is
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a kind of wide range talks and consultations among all categories of libyan society including former rebels are those who supported in the gauge a little sorry for have to have fears opponents islamists liberals minorities and even those who support the former regime of them and will get their feet and by the end of these consultations and meetings which are supposed to be held in civil or libyan cities from april until july by the end of the meetings the center for human turkey and a dialogue a supposed together all these consultations and talks and come out with a new project to be submitted to the united nations by the united nations special envoy to libya. the palestinians are preparing for more protests along the gaza israel border and that's prompting fears of more violence a week after the bloodiest day in years and some of been gathering tires which they
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plan to burn and create a smokescreen making it harder for israeli snipers twenty one palestinians have been killed over the past week most of them last friday when the israeli army opened fire on protesters near the border israel is warning that it's open fire rules will not change the u.n. the u.n. is urging restraint from both sides and is calling for the israeli army to hold its fire today the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai blodgett off said he is following with concern the continuing preparations and the rhetoric for this friday's great return march in gaza mr biden off called on israeli forces to exercise maximum restraint and for palestinians to avoid friction at the gaza fence yet if the demonstrations and protests must be allowed to proceed in a peaceful manner civilians particularly children must not be intentionally put in
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danger or targeted in any way on many artists who have traveled to gaza over the years to document the hardships faced by palestinians living under the blockade we met one named sam who's been telling palestinian history through sand sculptures this is his story. do you want to. draw in the sand is my hobby and i loved doing that since i was a kid i love visual arts i mean get it away even though my whole family wanted me just to focus on my education i still wanted to dedicate more of my time to join after i finished college i couldn't find a job after i graduated so i didn't want to sit down doing nothing that's why i wanted to be different. fall asleep and sort of document in palestinian history through sense cultures and. while i have nothing to do with the local politics but
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yes i want to use my talent in this hobby to draw more attention to the palestinian cause i avoid dealing with internal issues the partisan politics i believe my mission as an artist is to highlight the struggle of my people as much as i can. my drawings in the sand these cultures are message to the world that we have the right to return we have to right to exist in a couple shots. i drew the map of palestine on the sand the biggest so far as a dedication to my dear friend who was killed by the israeli army last year some of the bomb. hama the bomber wanted me to drop this map on the beach hearing gaza he was a childhood friend before he was a colleague and a calligraphy artist he had this touch on that project he wanted to learn more we work together anything that happen in gaza we work together to highlight it in a sculpture. one day he jew i will return on the sand he took part in the
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protests and then he was killed this is why i wanted to finish what he started. all right still ahead on al-jazeera shutting down schools what's prompted teachers to get out on the streets in conservative american states also. in jordan in washington the nation's capital exploded after the assassination of martin luther king jr some reflections from one man who tried to help keep the peaks. and in sports liverpool kolta on for their fans behavior after manchester city's bus comes under attack. through trying to rape you can you. can free to use and if in the shoes. hello we've had at least two days of heavy rain along the
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yangtze valley but it's cold in northern china and you might get an idea from the wind forecast that cody is heading sayas once more chases the rain out of the way that's heading south and using some pretty nasty thunderstorms in myanmar vietnam quite possibly but it means the skies are clearing and also a temp has dropped a bit it will feel different it will feel rather cold ranch the in hong kong of the twenty one degrees in shanghai and fifteen south of the same way you know what's happening in india china we've got some big shows showing up as true for thailand too but beyond that is rather a poor city there are arrived there around in sort of way seeing boney receipts and wet weather in jakarta recently but there's not much a forecast beyond born here of particularly deep shock sumatra coming back into the wet zone and you already know what's happening in thailand that's rather well represented as you see in the forecast asked for india it's been hot recently but the heat warnings dying where you can watch a stand and there's rather more cloud around this is of course the time to increase
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the humidity and heat premal so you can get some pretty nasty showers in the northeast and it's just start to do that beyond your town a new partner for up in northeast india there's been some nasty thunderstorms and more to come. the weather sponsored by cats are a race. combining also into. the challenge soviet era methodologies. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school armenia is part of the rebel education serious this time on al-jazeera . al-jazeera. where every new.
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china is big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far china will go to control its citizens. on al-jazeera. and again you're watching edges that are mind of our top stories this hour russia has warned britain it's playing with fire during a heated exchange at the u.n. security council the meeting was called to discuss the poisoning of a russian form a double agent in england which the u.k. blames on russian. supporters
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a former brazilian president noisy naseer lula da silva gathered in sao paolo after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest and follows a ruling by the country's top court that he must start a twelve year prison sentence for corruption. u.s. president donald trump has described a large group of migrants from central america as being besieged with violence and sexual assault invoking a language from his presidential campaign in twenty fifteen trump said some mexican immigrants are rapists. but the plight of hundreds of thousands of random muslims fleeing from myanmar since last august has captured the world's attention the crisis in rakhine state is part of a much longer period of persecution which has forced out for decades and sixty thousand found shelter in malaysia where like in myanmar they have no legal status once louis met some in a law setar to find out why they still hold out hope for a better life. b.b.
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came to malaysia by boat four years ago with her children as if. she was stateless and faced persecution she didn't want to leave my door in rakhine state but had no choice. in my village life was good then to myanmar military started making things difficult for us they beat people burned homes took our lands so that's why i came to malaysia but life here is just as tough if not more. she has health problems but barely enough money for medical treatment and she worries about her children who can't go to government schools or work legally. malaysia is not a signatory to the un convention on refugees so the refugees here have few rights and no access to public services the government has declined to comment but many non-governmental organizations are known filling the gap. this school for him is run by muslim aid groups the teachers are volunteers who get
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a monthly allowance the rangar have been fleeing to the laser for decades many of them end up living here in the northern state of which are several entry points from thailand which is often a transit route from myanmar. despite the difficulties somebody and you have secured a better future and. has been here for seventeen years making a living doing odd jobs last year his application for asylum in new zealand was approved. i wasn't planning to apply i'm comfortable with life here but i thought about my children what sort of future if we continue to study here. he's looking forward to starting a new life in a country that actually wants him florence li al jazeera. north malaysia indian security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators in indian administered kashmir. the violence started after police tried to stop students from
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marching in the capital they were protesting against the killing of thirteen rebel fighters at least four civilians in fighting with government troops on sunday three indian soldiers were also killed. protests have broken out in india's southern tamil nadu state over access to water demonstrators are frustrated over how long it's taking to set up a management board to resolve the standoff tamil nadu and neighboring karnataka state have been at odds over the kovi river for decades the indian supreme court recently reduced tamil not his share of water from the river a south korea's former president will be sentenced in the influence peddling case that rocked the country's business and political elite prosecutors want a thirty year jail term for pocky and high for the first time the court session will be broadcast live after it was ruled to be in the public interest kathy novak reports from seoul judgment day for the woman who made history as south korea's
5:36 am
first female president and then as the first leader of the country to be impeached and removed from office she was indicted on eighteen criminal charges relating to bribery and corruption the culmination of months of unprecedented protests in central so. public outrage had replaced the hope that many south koreans felt when in twenty thirteen they elected the daughter of a former president parked and he he was a military general who came to power in a coup and who eventually met a violent and. had a traumatic past which affected her politics her mother was shot when park was twenty two and her father was assassinated by his closest aide. around that time in the one nine hundred seventy s. park befriended chasen schill decades later they were at the center of the scandal that sparked the candlelight demonstrations as president park shared sensitive
5:37 am
documents with chair and allowed her to dictate policy even though she had no official government role in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison for using her friendship with park to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung samsung errand group leader j. widely was tried separately and convicted of bribing park by making payments to foundations chick controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal park has continued to deny the charges against her saying she wasn't aware of cho's activities this is the country's biggest political scandal but it's far from the only one every former south korean president since the one nine hundred eighty s. has faced corruption allegations either personally or because of accusations against their family members. parks' pre-disaster leme young buck is in jail awaiting a formal indictment on corruption allegations linked to his time in office and
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earning a wooden head to south korea lacks a system to keep presidents in check for we are seeing a lot of discussion around constitutional reform to manage the so-called imperial presidency of your presidency president mungy and came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption he has proposed changes to the constitution including revised presidential term limits which need parliamentary approval before being put to a popular vote kathy novak al-jazeera soul or jacob zuma will appear in court to face money laundering fraud and racketeering charges nearly two months after quitting as south africa's president the allegations are connected to a multi-billion dollar arms deal almost two decades ago catherine sawyer a force from durban on a case that's deeply divided the ruling a.n.c. party. these are some of jacob zuma as loyalist in dublin a stronghold of the former president they say corruption charges against him are
5:39 am
aimed at damaging his reputation and they'll support him to the very end the african national congress leadership that strongly supported zuma in previous scandals has distanced itself from him this time and has won supporters against using party symbols and collars. the country one person on that case. if there is anything that have been done incorrectly it can be or. so dreamy. zuma has been implicated in an over two hundred fifty thousand dollars on steel in the late ninety's he was deputy president then and he said to have received bribes to use his influence in favor of a french arms company bails and later to protect the company from investigations this group in fighter jets filmed a few years ago were part of the deal. he was first charged in two thousand and five but the case was dropped by the national
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prosecuting authority just before he became president it was reopened. after he was forced to resign. the case has been hard. on placated they feel that may take a long time to complete as often say that he's in the fence and wants justice roberts same time you spend so many years in a lot of pass bills money to avoid. anticorruption campaigners say they'll hold leaders to account but there also needs to be radical institutional reform i think that now all. the critical thing is not to deny belies ourselves and for those whom we have now been instrumental responsible in putting in power for them to recognize the role that we have played and to start to do this governments so often do is imagine that they don't need to be held accountable. one
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of the biggest corruption scandals in south africa's history has deeply divided the a.n.c. . many south africans including those. pack say they're tired of waiting for answers they hope that they'll be closure sooner rather than later kathleen saw al jazeera douban. six men have been killed in a coal mining accident in georgia three more were injured when the roof of the mine collapse west of the capital tbilisi country's economic development minister said a seismic jolt cause the accident ten workers have died of the mine in separate accidents since two thousand and eleven our schools in the u.s. state of oklahoma have been closed for a fourth straight day as protesting teaches continue to call for better salaries and more resources it's one of several conservative states that are focused on cutting business taxes which is left a lot less money for classrooms as she had to turn over towns he reports the teachers say they simply can't go on.
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these oklahoma teachers are on a seven day one hundred seventy seven kilometer march that began in tulsa oklahoma city the state capital they'll join the thousands who gathered each day this week demanding that the state adequately fund the education system after a decade of cuts funding per student has been cut by almost a third huge classes and without the textbooks desks and chairs to accommodate them teachers here among the lowest paid in the country many schools are open just four days a week and teachers often use the fifth day of the working week for second jobs and a legislature has acted raising taxes for the first time in twenty eight years for teachers' salaries and classroom funding but teachers say this will only amount to an extra seventy one another investment in our classrooms that's why they're here they're here for. us teachers began striking in west virginia in february that
5:43 am
action resulted in a pay rise for all public sector workers in the state along with those in oklahoma teachers and kentucky have taken moves public sector workers in these reliably republican states say they've had enough of having to do without as corporations receive tax breaks from conservative legislators this doesn't feel like socialism but actually these are all this kind of outpouring of labor activities happening in oklahoma where should you know i resent a kentucky what's going on and i think americans are tired. you know our kids our future and they are tired of. this isn't just about teachers wages or classroom funding but about whether a society can function if schools are sacrificed just so that well connected corporations can pay less tax she ever time see al-jazeera oklahoma. well racial segregation in america's public places legally ended with the civil rights act of
5:44 am
one thousand nine hundred eighty four but many african-americans were still forced to live and work in second class conditions and the simmering anger led to widespread riots off to martin luther king was assassinated in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight in jordan met with a couple who witnessed the violence in washington. when martin luther king had been sat in city does boom just like people started running a street and things just exploded for five days in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the black neighborhoods of washington d.c. burned and milton douglas was in the middle of the turmoil and says it was a mess it was a mess for the white faffed days milton douglas worked as a roving leader one of hundreds of community workers who provided guidance and
5:45 am
support to underprivileged teens and young adults in the poorest sections of major u.s. cities u.s. soldiers were deployed to protect the white house and the capitol the military wanted to go further by entering and taking control of black neighborhoods the pushback was immediate so. we're actually in the district and they were ready you know to fix ban it and really go out to try to get the sit down control but mayor washington was big and with the general of been mayor of the national guard. way where you hold us so his bag we're going to get him under control. douglas and other local youth workers also called roving leaders dove in to stop the rioting and we knew who to talk to and
5:46 am
who not talked to twelve people were killed during the d.c. riots the writer is also looted and burned businesses in this neighborhood dozens of black owned companies were ruined and the computing basically turned into a no man's land but fifty years on one would be hard pressed to find any signs of the remnants of the carnage from one nine hundred sixty eight because a considerable political wrangling and financial investment. but milton douglas and his wife mariam say much more work is needed and young people must be ready for change you get education and you get trained and because certain work has to be done you can break through hope tempered by years of reality and a worry it could happen again roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington all right coming up shortly we'll look at allegations that zimbabwe's cash crop he's making the
5:47 am
workers are obvious that sick and is full of the caribbean athletes who had to overcome a different type of pedal just to make it to the commonwealth games. you
5:48 am
. feel. thanks. again all tobacco is big business in zimbabwe it makes up a third of its total exports but a new report says that's coming at a terrible cost is how do we toss from her already. tobacco is the biggest export earner last year the country produced and sold almost two hundred
5:49 am
million kilograms worth nearly six hundred million dollars that's a third of zimbabwe's g.d.p. most of it ends up in china south africa and belgium but human rights watch says child labor and other human rights abuses on farms is tarnishing the country's tobacco industry many of the children all of the children and many of the adults that we interviewed reported symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning. being headaches dizziness. children shouldn't be doing work handling tobacco because it's so hazardous and this applies both to hired work and to work in family farming. the report from human rights watch says some farm workers are also overworked and underpaid a label for survey done in twenty fourteen by zimbabwe statistical agency said about three hundred thousand children were engaged in some form of child labor the main driver. when you look at. the poor
5:50 am
people in the rural areas and. parents and children are forced to work. in the basics like food health and education. the labor ministry like other government sectors doesn't have enough resources and people to inspect each and every farm. that is dedicated. to what is currently happening. by those who cases that report in these things don't read and in. return money to to go to school after decades of government mismanagement and alleged corruption zimbabwe has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world but continuing cash crisis has crippled zimbabwe's economy jobs are hard to come by and those in world worry if they complain about health and working conditions they'll be fired. most farmers here are been officially of the governments of the land redistribution program where land was seized from white
5:51 am
commercial farmers and given to blacks in baldwins nearly twenty years ago growing even more tobacco is a priority for zimbabwe's government one way it plans to get out of debt and improve the economy human rights workers doubt conditions on tobacco farms are going to change. al-jazeera. girls for now here's thirty dollars thank you very much the year's first gulf major the masters is teed off at all gus there with the performers a fourteen time major champion tiger woods are hot topic of interest after a recent run of good form however on thursday woods was not at his best at the course where he's a four time former champion he carded a one over par seventy three in the first round to leave him adrift of the leaders tiger's round included three birdies. but tiger will be happier than defending champion sergio garcia who's even further away from the top of the leaderboard to twenty seventeen champion's round started well and off with a second told but he was up and down before arriving at the fifty ninth metaformin
5:52 am
saw the spaniard caught a thirteen yes you heard that correctly to compare team shots to complete the hole after his ball landed in the water an incredible five times he's not at the bottom of the leaderboard though of up places reserved for english amateur hari ls. europe's football thora t. away from his open disciplinary proceedings against liverpool after the club's fans attacked mantissa city's team bus thousands of supporters lined the streets the city turned up for the champions league quarter final first leg a field where are the scenes and the view from inside the team bus some pounds three bottles smashing windows and city one able to use the bus for the return journey liveable apologize for the damage but will face a you a fair hearing at the end of may after the champions league final. the italian referees association received a parcel of bullets as protests continue over the use of video assistant referees known as v.
5:53 am
a all this comes in the wake of huge fan protests against the use of the system which was introduced in the italian said it league of this season the police are investigating the incident. result of only. can you imagine there are now or messi or any of the players ended up in the court after a week for having made a mistake or presumed error i believe this is one of the very serious things that are happening how can you send our referees to rb today when they know that for an era which could happen they could suffer these consequences australian cricketer david warner one to pale has twelve month ban for ball tampering has joined former captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft in accepting the punishment from australia's cricket board on twitter he said he is truly sorry for his actions and would do everything he can to be a better person teammate and role model. now wasn't the best of stars to the commonwealth games on day one on australia's gold coast the world champion hurdler
5:54 am
sally pearson the thirty one year old who has been the event's poster child as she grew up near the athletic stadium has to withdraw after suffering a flare up of a long term kills problem not to be able to go out into the track and and run firstly there and it's gut wrenching it's it's heartbreaking and it's very unfortunate that i can't get out there i would love i went out there last night into the opening ceremony and heard the roar first day of the year and not being able to feel that for myself in my individual events is very disappointing meanwhile it was a great opening day of the games for the tiny island of bermuda they won their first gold medal as a two time world champion flora duffy won the women's triathlon. it's also the first email that's what a medal for bermuda commonwealth games so that's really special and i think the coolest part is that member me there's a tiny place we have seven athletes here but at this moment i think we're leading
5:55 am
the medal tally because this is the first medals or so that's actually really go on probably the body the funniest and most special moment in the games and the host nation's men cycled their way to gold medal and world record four thousand meters team pursuit the how is you can i brian alex porter and sam wells had finished in a time of three minutes of forty nine point nine there are four seconds for that new world record. as surely as women swimmers swam their way to a wild record in the four by one hundred meter freestyle relay from say campbell kate campbell shana jack and emma mckay and helping themselves to the gold medal for some athletes just getting to the commonwealth games a victory in itself especially those from caribbean islands recently ravaged by hurricane andrew thomas explains. at the commonwealth games current master will race the four hundred metres hurdles but in the lead up to the games he
5:56 am
and other caribbean athletes have faced other hurdles away from the sports track mcmaster filmed this video himself it shows some of the destruction caused by two hurricanes which hit his country the british virgin islands last year among those killed was mcmasters coach at the games masters wearing a respond in his memory it wasn't his dream near his dream making it up step by step to get out to get it was how this has been he would be with me every step or two even if i win or lose he would be. masters new coach says it's been tough for the team to carry on as a father of track and field and before so anything happened he will know he will do as he was. so with him go into. a lead to be very just took a little while but we're hoping it will bounce back up again perkins and maria most of the caribbean countries which have athletes competing at the commonwealth
5:57 am
games across the island sports facilities were badly damaged car and mcmaster is one of many who since the hurricanes has had to move to the united states to train the stadium lights came down billions of gyms or guard that is that you know there right now is something the tree in a muddy area because if it remains. flooded with more mass to says winning a medal is not his priority at the commonwealth games he simply wants to make his traumatised country proud andrew thomas al-jazeera on australia's gold coast australian surfing icon mick fanning has fallen at the final hurdle in his last event before retiring the three time world champion had been aiming for a fifth title of bell's beach but there were to be no fairytale farewell as the thirty six year old was beaten by brazilian italo farah in the final. i always wanted to finish year up a bell just because i felt calmer and just. but yeah it was you know very special
5:58 am
my over the crowd and then you know there's friends here and yeah. and then and then to be on the phone with the law and and just see how much it meant to him you know i had sort of i feel better. and out of the with paul for now. and that is it for me has i'm sick of this news out of my dentist will be here in just a moment with much more. traffic off to. my tranquil void space and i put forests the proper level. looks if only. i can see the. valleys and scotland's. third century. scum. as far away places closer. going to get his cattle
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i always. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are
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fluent in world news. a fresh air champion of one thousand nine hundred two teams to laura's experience as america's me about all their defense read the qur'an and other from the fronts of growth process and one dream dashed by sectarian attacks but that stopped being about sports it became pure politics zero world looks back at the rise and fall of lebanon's golden age of basketball time out on al-jazeera. we have total u.k. colleagues that you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry. steps up its war of words with britain over the poisoning of a former russian spy.


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