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because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to this is close to the story joining the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time. zero.
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another suspected chemical attack in syria at least seventy eight people have been killed in eastern guta. and michelle carey this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up. a balun to fight for his country hungry as prime minister seeks one third straight term as the country heads to the polls. confrontations and celebrations in brazil this former president with enough fuel to silver begin serving a prison sentence for corruption. and keeping kenya safe we look at why some believe the border wall with somalia is the answer. to begin with breaking news though out of nigeria the army says it has rescued one
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hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram in borno state in the north east of the country women and children were being held there by this armed group. joins us now on the phone from of those as he's gathering more information about this so what else do we know at met about where this was in and how this has played out. well bickley the army. recruits went from a cool. yeah suspected hideouts of local and british to be everybody's cobra and then we come to some book on the hikers after a firefight killed three people caught on titans and captured by fold them and then be previewed about fifty four women and men two hundred children held hostage by them after the after the operations and then they said they also discovered them looking sticks together type of koran to bulk up the. i was late. autumn send suicide bombers to the town of conduct where they get to meet at their people
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life is around eight pm local time seven pm seven o'clock g.m.t. last night on the. back scores of people up in the. been taken to hospital now basically those who have been rescued according to the army to control have been taken to hospital and not be profiled so it seems as if recently says a few weeks ago there was another release of hostages by poking around we seem to be hearing about things like this happening more what what else can you tell us about what the strategy has been for the government with boca harami. one particularly government could be. the army that it has quite like this from strong cooled off some piece of forest and they have and that they have moved to religious isolated villages and hiding there according to the army actually these
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people those who are killed and arrested by the i mean be approaching yesterday school escapees from the operations and be supporters and then moved into this community to the people on stage if you if you will if you look at the situation will. post i don't mean that in that particular group so basically things that were going to children are the males most of them targets of life so that you know if you're an army and the nigerian government is saying that it's warming up on these operations but now we continue to people who are targeting religious and even attempting to go into towns protected by the nigerian army and other security services. i'm not ready just at this breaking news out of nigeria thank you very much. the us is calling for an international response against the syrian government and for ports of a chemical attack on a relative area of eastern gooda are confirmed medics say at least eighty five
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people had been killed in the suspected gas strike into map the government is calling it a fabrication as air strikes on that area continue charleville us has the latest and a warning you may find some images in this report distressing. the window into what life is like in the rebel held in clave after him and children mothers fathers struggle for oxygen after a suspected chemical attack. reporters cannot get into the town civilians cannot get out so internet videos are the only evidence of the suffering. government shelling started on friday the city was pounded with hundreds of strikes and bombs as night fell on saturday civilians told zero they saw helicopters and then the first reports of suffocation came in. because of the nonstop shelling residents had sheltered in their basements when the alleged gas attack happened they were trapped as the gas seeps through into the hideouts syrian
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state media denied any use of poison gas as fossa called on you number of physicians and. to treat the on the. menu on their own needs right now. to shield in basements and use indorse you know chemical weapons like chlorine or some. by the fact that this gas goes down in the basement and those people or. barrel bombs are getting. those chemical weapons and that's where the casualties are. syrian government forces stepped up their offensive on duma after a tame day truce collapsed. yesterday we don't. even going through the news. we had finding it. very hard everyone here.
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is an example every authority dumbo every north. the last twenty four a world that she never stopped. a russian brokered ceasefire had allowed for three waves of evacuations with more than four thousand five she's and their families leaving duma a fourth convoy was meant to leave on thursday but neither did many doctors and nurses lifted earlier evacuations those still lift herbs or bring the crisis with few supplies and no outside support shallot ballasts zero. rushes defense ministry says the reports of a chemical attack are false says this we strongly deny these claims and announce our readiness to send russian experts been radiation chemical and biological defense to juma after its liberation from terrorists to gather evidence which would prove that the allegations on the chemical weapons or stage.
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have been voting in a parliamentary election following a hated campaign dominated by immigration prime minister viktor orban a seeking a third consecutive term that's despite claims of widespread corruption with his government has clashed with the e.u. over us and i am a gratian rhetoric and clampdown on civil society to hall has more from budapest. hungary's election is likely to return viktor orban to a third consecutive term in power his feet as party consistently polls in the lead as much as anything else because of a divided opposition on the left on the far right that has found it impossible to cooperate with each other reducing the chances of a meaningful challenge what will be watched extremely closely however is whether he is able to regain the absolute majority that he's used in the past to alter the constitution to change the media laws the electoral law gradually over time
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reducing the boyce's of dissent in the press and in civil society this is a country in which a majority of voters probably don't support the government but probably aren't able to beat it at the ballot box this is a country in which corruption is rife in which public services in health and education are crumbling but in which the public discourse is dominated by stories of fear and hate put out by the state run media to do with refugees to do with george soros the billionaire philanthropist and to do with outside meddling powers it is a system that viktor orban has built he calls it a liberal democracy basically nationalist values over individual freedoms but his critics call it simply authoritarianism. so let's look at the main contenders right now viktor orbán has been in power since two thousand and ten the fifty four year old leader of the fidesz party is a fierce nationalist as critics say he has rigged the electoral system and reduce
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the power of the press to his nearest rival as a leader of the party. the thirty nine year old has tried to make the former far right party more moderate and has tapped into anger against government corruption socialist party leader gay cortana started as a green party member and has been criticised for changing allegiance tracking child hunger is his top priority and peter marcus a has come from relative obscurity after defying the polls to hand over his party a huge loss in the oral election join this via skype from budapest is well shoe. he is an analyst at the political capital institute is a political thing tank in hungary we appreciate your time very much of the prime minister. has an anti immigration stance why has that resonated with people. what's your mom from an injured hungry has been doing again claiming great campaign doesn't being the year when hungary was. strongly by migrants and refugees coming.
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on the door only thing but the card migration being the only thing this is big for the future of europe or hungary i don't think that it resonates with the electorate hungary specially where the scientists preach homogeneous and don't have direct experience from other codgers groups or with refugees in mind. for once and for trade refugees and migrants. who are. fine many people by action. has clamped down on on the press and civil society how how will that affect the election today . because the governing party has been building since two thousand and eight precincts al gore in a little graphic states meaning that system of checks and balances. of independence
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institutions and independent directors such as independent media and fans of the organization. targets mountfield and are increasingly by the by the government by. the road traffic measured by financial matters are measured by your measure the election which is hungry for reelection in the desert and everyone has the right. action. conference treated by not a bad reaction in terms of the system the election system is very much favor. so they direction that hungry seems to be gelling that these elections seem to be going how might that affect the country's relationship with the. you know that all your action will strongly that really you know recent years. confronting the european union and major about actually one of. your
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unit cred secretly times with the leaders of the european union. and before about gains again and then joined in the parliament and european union them exact that the you know all the contacts that actually continue in one ok thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it. and you don't still ahead on al-jazeera the state of emergency in gaza where the hospital struggling to treat hundreds of people injured in protests last. i just don't understand why the law abiding citizens will be punished for the holiday resort that's been called a cesspool now its residents have a new concerns. how
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the last few days since some pretty vicious showers in southeast asia and especially be about thailand was hail damaging many houses but more recently it's raining and it's in sudden tolerance from from seventy three min to beaches in twenty four hours the same area that includes probably sumatra will be the wettest area in this part of the world although there is an increase in shower forecast for the philippines which has been actually relatively dry leons been fairly dry in the last couple of weeks to be honest and of course throughout born year and some places further south there are still occasional showers not as frequent as they were. the story in australia is no longer one of particularly wet weather there's not a lot of cloud of violence you can see it's more a case of nice but of late summer warms i know we're well beyond some and i but the temperatures are on their way out from the forecast for adelaide is thirty two degrees melbourne is twenty three but the warmth has come down across the heart of australia this red plume here is pushing down towards a.c.t as well the
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temperatures like to hit the thirty bark here as well so a real bit of late heat pianist probably record breaking can't say the same for new zealand the prospects of weather in new zealand are rather more in the way of wintry weather certainly unpleasant. we're heading to the place some deep in the true remember zone it's taken us two days this boat just to get there from the search current dangerous macaws looks at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures cars are disappearing because the legal pad trained with the main researchers say wanted to see if reintroduction of narcotics was a viable option to save some of these population pretty good you know techno on al-jazeera and.
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you're watching out of there let's recap the top stories right now by jury an army says it's rescued one hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram in borno state in the northeast of the country the women and children are being held in the village of euro mari cora a jury in soldiers killed three of the fighters and injured another five. areas are voting in a parliamentary election following a campaign dominated by immigration minister viktor orban is favored to win a third consecutive term his nearest rival as gabor vona was tapped into the public's anger a corruption allegations against the government. syrian medics say at least eighty five people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack on a rebel held part of eastern go to the u.s.
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is calling for an international response against the government of reports or confirms the government is denying responsibility. that tashi game aim is monitoring events from amman in jordan and joins us live so natasha what is the latest we're hearing on the ground. well the situation is even grimmer when you consider the fact that there is a real shortage of not only medical care professionals but medical supplies witnesses are saying those who've been able to get out of the rubble are saying that they're having a difficult time accessing people who may be stuck keep in mind that according to witnesses there has been a constant bombardment so not only are we dealing with a suspected chemical attack in duma witnesses say that there has been constant artillery fire and missile fire so it's making it very difficult for the few people
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there in terms of rescuers and medical care personnel to get to those who are injured and to get a broader sense of just how many people we're talking about in terms of casualties numbers appear to be again about eighty five people killed more than a thousand injured and the videos that are emerging on social media are simply heart wrenching entire families from babies to children teenagers and grandparents or so it appears dead in their basements. this is one of the things that people who have remained in duma which has seen a steady transfer of evacuations in the coming weeks have been dealing with as they tried to seek shelter in their basements. there are reports that they were suffocated now there is a report duma is one of the last rebel strongholds in eastern damascus it's
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a suburb i'm sorry in eastern guta it's a suburb of damascus and the opposition group. according to the syrian government it has agreed to negotiations to come to some sort of cease fire we've heard this before we have not been able to confirm this with a slam so right now. again witnesses are saying that the bombardments continue despite what the syrian government is saying about. being interested in negotiating and to the violence natasha inane thank you for that update. the former president of brazil luis and also a little to sylvia has begun his twelve year prison sentence for corruption and supporters reacted angrily with protests taking place across several cities police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowds and courage that is where lula spent his first night in jail. that was elsewhere was opponents marched in cheers of the streets many of them are in support of walking
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up corrupt politicians will is now the first former syrian president to be convicted of corruption and jailed and has more from. did not go down without a fight but he is now in police custody he has now begun his twelve year one month sentence on corruption charges and money laundering charges that he's innocent of he says he's the victim of a political conspiracy to stop him running in october as presidential elections elections that he and many of his supporters say that he was likely to help one that now won't be the case but he has said he will keep fighting from within his police cell here in this city in the southern city of could achieve again he gave himself up very much on his terms he missed the deadline on friday set by the investigating judge sergio morell but he made sure that he had lunch with his family and attended a ceremony to mark his late wife who died last year and then he addressed many
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hundreds of supporters outside the base of the metal workers union in the city of. a city which is very much his heartland but the crowds will not shoot because it became clear he was going to hand himself in to the police many in brazil also began celebrating they feel that he should should serve the sentence for crimes that they believe he did commit it just sets an example in brazil which is at the moment going through sweeping investigations into corruption right across the political spectrum and into business has now begun that twelve year sentence it feels like the end of an era. doctors in gaza are struggling to treat hundreds of palestinians entered by israeli forces during friday's protests along the israel border hospitals have declared a state of emergency due to a severe shortage of supplies to delamater ports. there isn't an easy atmosphere in the ward the patients are in pain but this is silent worry of those
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around them that is most striking. but not in the hoody cannot contain his despair he has three sons all three maimed to protest is the last one to be injured and his condition is the most worry he has already lost his left leg in an accident a few years ago now his right one is at risk. of his leg because of the two governments one would agree to transfer him the other would refuse anyone who cares about us please help me get my son out of gaza he needs treatment to please help me save this leg. malays in the next bed in agonizing pain his mother is angry at all parties. living in gaza is like living in a sealed box she says they only care about themselves. a man was among the first to arrive at the hospital on friday it was early in the day many more would follow the
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sheer number of injured putting stress among already fragile system dr ayman sahab and he says it's now bursting at the seams. we declared a state of emergency and once his who carrying three or four patients who this time had three hundred cases in one day has fifteen times more than the capacity of the emergency unit and we've used all our stock. most injuries are in the lower part of the body external fixators for limbs antibiotics anaesthesia and other necessities have run out or are in short supply getting anything into gaza requires a lengthy and complicated process under normal circumstances the health system suffers from shortages about half of the drugs needed and a third of the equipment are lacking but the situation gets even further complicated by political developments. seventeen year old mohammed
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a sports lover was told that nothing more could be done here in gaza there are train his leg is torn and he's losing a lot of blood he needs to be transferred to the occupied west back the hospital there is waiting the paperwork is done by the israelis won't allow him to make did journey no one has been able to get out since the protests began. listens for my tears roll down his cheek and hope is all but gone. but. there's no solution each time they make us dream of reconciliation fails my generation has lost the one after me that's why we go to the. friends to express the misery we live in the house it's that sense of hopelessness that continues to draw do you through was do border fence many might come back on a stretcher some will never fully recover without that jaimie the gaza
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police in germany say they don't know why a man drove a van into a crowd in the city of munster killing two people the forty eight year old plowed his vehicle into a diner sitting outside a restaurant on saturday then he killed himself police say it is not terror related kenya has suspended construction of a seven hundred kilometer border wall after confrontations between security officers and people from a nearby somali town locals say the partially built wall has helped prevent al-shabaab fighters from crossing into kenya from and are on the kenya somali border catherine sawyer reports. this is what is meant to keep out fighters based in somalia part of a larger government project to protect the part of. the kenyan county town of mandela clan elders say the border barrier has helped along with other security measures including arming vetted civilians and better cooperation between different climates and security forces. for there to be peace we have to look out for.
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us my neighbor result issues. the enemy. husband was killed almost three years ago when gunmen attacked a bass he was shot trying to protect christians who are the target. for ten years and we have six children when i look at them i see him i will never forget him. and there has been an entry point for. sympathetic locals say to aid them with qur'an was making the situation was some security analysts say building a barrier is not in itself a solution. need to fix. people here in nairobi monday or on all the parts of this country so there. you would be building a wall just give it a wall because it's not i was just a fence i think for me i think you know again demonstrate they maybe to you from
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the policymakers when it comes to deliver you know so much even after all these years in this region the attack has mainly target non law holds who come here to walk in schools and parties. where most people from other parts of the country. in twenty four thirty six. what killed. along the border with somalia. watched his friends die but he says the security situation at least within towns and this our own areas has improved and. we have. we do not believe. we have spread out to other areas where the locals. people living here may have found relative peace but several other parts of the region remain unsafe some of this travel is going farther east taking
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a route so dangerous that they have to be escorted by armed police who themselves are a target catherine saw al jazeera under a north eastern kenya the livelihoods of thousands of workers on the philippines holiday island could be in jeopardy after the president ordered to close for six months because the territory says taurus have turned the place into a whole. the people are the original inhabitants of broccoli island. she grew up in a peaceful setting with no worries the to their own land sea food was abundant and they were free to roam and they call the home but not anymore they feel they're being squeezed out around two hundred of them live in this tiny village provided by the government a few years ago. some of us work in hotel construction others go fishing there
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not many of us get to do it life is hard here because there are different people who live the. life in the village is in stark contrast to the rest of the island settlers have moved in the city and the at these are now marginalized. now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world more than two million visitors a year but fewer than fifty at the surrey able to work in the hotels and bars construction in the island has grown exponentially over the last twenty years revenues from businesses here make up around twenty percent of the total tourism industry in the country but the president says the situation is no longer sustainable and has ordered the closure of the island for six months. the government says around half the businesses on brac i violated environmental rules
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to thirty believes the island is already uninhabitable. you're going to do all that it's smelly but many people in broccoli see that's an overreaction and cruel specially to the more than thirty five thousand filipinos dependent on the island for their livelihoods i'm glad that the president is paying attention from done so. but i just don't understand why the law abiding citizens will be punished as well. the government's been accused of not being clear about its plans for border. state officials say there will be an emergency fund to help businesses and workers during the six months the island's close. was inside. the hope there resupplying for them to they say the story of development is
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a continuing story of injustice that those who have always lived on the island and have their religion to call their own now stand to lose even more. black island central to the. case are the headlines right now on al jazeera nigerian army says it has rescued one hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram in borno state in the northeast of the country women and children are being held in the village of euro mari kora and syrian soldiers kill three of the fighters and ensured another five medics in syria say at least eighty five people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack on a rebel help part of eastern go to the u.s. is calling for an international response if the reports are confirmed syria and russia its biggest ally say these reports are false reports that airstrikes are
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continuing over that area was following the story from amman in jordan. those who've been able to get out of the rubble are saying that they're having a difficult time accessing people who may be stuck keep in mind that according to witnesses there has been a constant bombardment so not only are we dealing with a suspected chemical attack in duma witnesses say that there has been constant artillery fire and missile fire so it's making it very difficult for the few people there in terms of rescuers and medical care personnel to get to those who are injured and areas are voting in a parliamentary election following a hated campaign tom unaided by immigration prime minister viktor orban is favored to win a third consecutive term this year as flyable has tapped into the public's anger at corruption allegations against the government former president of brazil luis and also lula da silva has taken has twelve year prison sentence for corruption in the
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jail on saturday after he missed a friday deadline to surrender police in germany say they don't know why a man drove a van into a crowd in the city a monster killing two people the forty eight year old plowed his vehicle into diners they were sitting outside a restaurant and happened on saturday then he killed himself play say that this incident is not terror related those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the news continues techno is next to visit our website al-jazeera dot com. on the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see me important. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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we hear to jerusalem bureau coverage israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. this is techno showboat innovations that could change lives in the science of fighting the fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it to communicate with. this is a show about science. now by scientists. tonight saving the macof i'm in the proving amazon the wrong the search for endangered
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