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standing the distortion is that what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level what to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the for what it is people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every new york.
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the russian military blames israel for missile strikes against an airfield in syria . i'm sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up greece's prime minister wins a third term but international observers say the election did not offer an equal playing field for all the candidates. back becomes the latest former south korean president to face corruption charges plus. i do know that the people want peace and we long to see this land and northern ireland confront the legacy of the troubles twenty years after the end of the conflict. russia and syria blame israel for airstrikes on an airbase in central syria they say two israeli fighter jets carried out the strikes israel has not responded to
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the claim but its government previously said the air base was operated by iranian forces who back. alongside russia syria is calling the strike an israeli aggression and. retired jordanian air force general he says the attack was a military failure. the biggest base in syria it's got like fifty four shelter for aircraft to two runways but the way to do such business if you want to really make this base an operative you must have a campaign aircraft on top of the airfield the really strike it will otherwise they were repaired it in about four or five hours and they will be back on the air again so the mission is not very successful if it is an act of war but i don't think the israeli strategy is working regarding. iranian influence or hezbollah
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or you know to stop sort of logistical base or transferred weapon and to hezbollah i don't think the russian or the syrian or anybody would retaliate on that as we see the the chemical thing got the gear and the security council will really paralyze so it is will be business as usual i said will still stay in carrying his chlorine attack probably if there was another agent like set in or something like that then we possibly see another attack from the u.s. or something of that. syrian rebel fighters have begun leaving derby it's part of a russian sponsored deal which requires. to surrender all prisoners before leaving evacuations are happening as international condemnation increases over suspected chemical attacks that killed more than forty people so in a holder has more. they are leaving from the last rebel pocket in eastern huta
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duma has surrendered up to eight thousand fighters from the rebel group and more than forty thousand of their family members and anyone else who wants to leave are being passed out of the city the russian military has given them safe passage to rebel held areas in northern syria as part of a deal that also involved. releasing all of its prisoners many of them held for years and among them women and children they arrived at a government controlled crossing late on sunday. the deal came after a suspected chemical attack in the city that killed dozens of people doctors and rescue workers saying many of the victims suffocated informed at the mouse symptoms indicative of exposure to some kind of chemical agent damascus and its backer moscow dismissed the claims as fabrication it isn't the first time chemical weapons are believed to have been used by the syrian government against civilians hours
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after the attack agreed to return to the negotiating table it wasn't clear why the initial collapse on friday but when it did the pro-government alliance launched an all out military offensive to pile pressure on the rebel group the evacuation deal reached or what amounts to a surrender is similar to the agreement with two other rebel factions. who gave up after a fierce bombing campaign. was hoping for a different deal that would allow it to remain in control of duma but under the overall jurisdiction of the government that didn't happen what they did manage to get is a guarantee that. russia's military police will enter the city and those who chose to stay won't be harassed or detained by state security forces much of duma is now rubble the largest urban center in the eastern suburbs of damascus has been a target since opposition fighters captured the area in two thousand and thirteen.
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it was the main hub of anti-government protests close to the capital and from there rebels were able to threaten the government seat of power by frequently launching rockets into neighborhoods. seven years later the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but the seven week offensive killed nearly two thousand civilians this is the worst defeat suffered by the opposition since the fall of aleppo in late two thousand and sixteen. beirut russia is warning against jumping to conclusions about the suspected gas attack in duma or a child's has more from moscow. well we've seen this plenty of times before haven't we whenever we get these horrible images of suffocating children or bloodied civilians splashed across our t.v. screens we then get the accusations from many countries around the world that russia is providing cover for its partner in damascus bashar al assad and of course it's followed by the usual denials from moscow in fact it seems that moscow has
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been preparing for such a day as this it's been saying that anyone who would listen for weeks now that he was picking up intelligence from on the ground in syria the rebels were planning a kind of false flag provocation involving the use of chemical weapons against civilians which they would then use to point the finger of blame at the government in damascus and. very recently pointed to this is also said this specialists from the russian military together with the syrian red cross have been to duma and didn't find any evidence of a chemical attack well donald trump has called president bashar al assad an animal and says there's there will be a response probably together with the french the kremlin in reply to that says that calling an animal is no way to talk about the legitimate president of syria and says that the u.s. and other countries should refrain from any steps that would destabilize further syria later on today we are going to we're going to get
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a meeting of the united nations security council to talk about this alleged chemical attack i would hazard a guess that at that meeting we'll get the usual accusations flying both ways towards russia and then russia trying to deflect them and things will carry on much business as usual. hungary's prime minister may have won a consecutive third term but independent monitors are questioning the fairness of the elections the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other candidates weren't able to compete equally against viktor orban party critics say his landslide win will allow him to press ahead with hardline policies on immigration including a law that could ban non-governmental organizations that support new arrivals journal reports from budapest. analysts to all bone fatigue left wing activists thought an energized opposition would strike a blow to victor all bones power they were wrong leaving them starting our country
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hungry is still not there where we would like it to be but it's already started to go the way that it chose for itself we're going to go together this way in victory or been declared himself the defender of traditional hungary values a familiar theme the enemy mainly muslim refugees poised to invade despite a large fence built on hungary's southern border in defiance of brussels also those who enable the pro immigration n.g.o.s and independent media. he's changed the constitution before how far might be prepared to go. it's really on for seeable i mean i'm pretty sure that you will go against civil society organizations you try to shut them down you probably try to limit their finances i think he will go against independent media outlets will still exist in the country and i also
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think that he might go against independent judiciary. there's a name for viktor or bans system of government he calls it a liberal democracy it's basically the primacy of populist nationalism over individual freedoms and along with popular economic policies half the voters of this country support it those who don't are in for a troubling four years. it's a choice for us because they are. every rule in hungary they are didn't respect the people of hungary they think they can do anything the hungry people. like very much like these from or been. in the sun outside hungary's impressive neoclassical parliament building on the banks of the danube a military guard is on constant parade where once an e.u. flag flew there are now hand banners invoking nostalgia for a lost imperial past i am these are all bones innovations in
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a country cementing its place as a standard bearer for rightwing nationalism in europe jonah how al-jazeera budapest . douglas wake is the head of mission responsible for election monitoring in the hungry election joins us live now from budapest good to have you with us how serious were the shall we say failure in this election the way we characterize the election. they were. pervasive overlaps between the way that the state used its resources and the way that the ruling party campaign and that as a result this had a serious impact on the contestants ability to compete on an equal basis we looked at such issues as intimidating and in some cases even seen
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a campaign rare. media bias and financing as things which really limited the ability of voter to have. made a decision on the basis of false image the same time we have to see elections themselves technically handled by professionally interests or above given what you've said i mean what the results have been different do you think if the elections were perhaps free and fair are you casting doubt on the legitimacy of this result. our organization looks at elections in terms of the international standards that hungary in this case and all the other members of the organization for security cooperation in europe have except it. in terms of process results are not the focus of our assessment what we look at is whether the
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wheels and standards for democratic elections are followed and in this case as i said there are a number of concerns at the same time as there was broad political choice and technical newsgroups you know was what russia. now given some of the problems that you know today with this election i mean going forward all perhaps in the process have you been communicating back to hunger in authorities and what sort of response did you receive. well our it is a she has been coming to hungary for many years we've had. an observation missions including this one and each time we meet recommendations based on our findings as our elections are handled better in the future to be quite frank most of our urban issues from the two thousand and fourteen elections remain relevant
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now and we will put forward fire or suggest ways in which hungary can do better next time. always the participating states like cumbria both committed themselves to fall on our courts however the actual implementation of that commitment is one which is hungry enough to us who are asked to give good advice and support the process is in. the works in terms of work and here in our. all right thanks so much for your time on that douglas way thank you still ahead on al-jazeera knowing i have fired and now the video is released showing how these ready military interrogated palestinian teenager had to me feeding hearts and minds of on to restaurant defies the odds to help the homeless in jordan.
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had no spring continues nice and warm in china and the increasing cloud seems likely will harm the right thirty degrees will see rain break out in the vicinity and drop attempts by far if the same is shanghai but that's on wednesday hong kong is warming up nicely to twenty nine humid degrees by the same date. now we have seems it's some big showers recently not quite the cowboy sharkey's the back of the big visions ones in bangladesh but big ones all that's the same in northeastern india and they could be repeated but the bigger massive cloud in the fan also of india has produced rain recently beyond in afghanistan fairly obvious is snow still to come up in the himalayan heights as well and that carries on through nepal south
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of it we again see showers blow through new delhi but i'm afraid still pretty poor temps are on the rise they throughout india as is humidity not a problem in the arabian peninsula this grayness here looks like cloud it is in the tallies produced one or two showers recently in fact there's a significant thunderstorm yesterday in saudi northern saudi but the main thing at the moment is given the wind direction it's quite dusty in quite a few places around the gulf. getting to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like majority of people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story and talk to al-jazeera honestly this is the opportunity to understand the story in
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a very different way where their people something happens and we don't leave. come back you're watching out zero time to recap the headlines now russia and syria say two israeli fighter jets carried out an air strike on a military base in central syria several people are believed to have been killed at the t.r.s. base in homs israel hasn't responded it's previously said the site is controlled by rainy and forces. the u.n. security council plans to meet later on monday to discuss a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria at least forty people were killed at
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least in the quarter on saturday. independent monitors are questioning the fantasy of hungary's elections prime minister viktor orban one of consecutive third term but observers say other candidates weren't able to compete equally against his party. cutler's amir met with the u.s. defense secretary at the pentagon james mattis he says he's not ruling out anything in response to the chemical attacks including military action shake to mean bin hamad family will meet president donald trump on wednesday it's ten months now since four arab countries cut trade and diplomatic ties with carter. the first thing we are looking. for work that you all would run through were. moving all over the country or weapons. from nato that are and where we're going. to give you all out taking action
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launching your first kiss. and i don't rule out everything right. joins us live from washington d.c. and hashim as i was mentioning there of course it's not only syria that's burning there's a question of the blockade in the gulf how's that going to play out in this meeting . well as you said this is going to be a wide range of issues between the two leaders president try and shift i mean been hammered syria is definitely going to be on top of the journey of the view that the only way out of the crisis in syria is for bashar assad to go and the opposition and all the other political parties come together and form a transitional pact that would pave the way for democracy but i think that for trying to take any decision about syria he will have to take into account different views first of all saudis turn around about syria they've been saying that assad should go now this thing that should stay turkey still insist that bashar assad is
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the reason why we having all these atrocities in syria and therefore he has to go russia continues to be the biggest player in in syria and i think that all these factors taken into consideration they will decide which where we're going to what kind of action we're going to see in the near future qatar is definitely of the view that they will the only way out is for bashar assad to go and i think this is a message which is going to be regulated by the qatari emir. i mean but now the g.c.c. crisis is definitely one of the top issues as well qatar has been now saying that it is willing to negotiate any political settlement any political dialogue with the blockade in countries but instead is that. they are willing to move ahead as long as the talks do not touch any issue which is considered by the qataris as the infringing on their national national sovereignty but when you see the ask elation
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of the tension the statements that we're seeing from so in social media from different parts in the u.a.e. in saudi arabia it doesn't seem that we're going to see any way out of the crisis in the g.c.c. and it i'm soon all right how should one about of a fact so much. supporters of jailed palestinian teenager had to maybe have released footage of her being questioned by israeli military authorities. through their interrogators are seen leaning towards the sixteen year old and her making comments about her fair skin and eye color to me was detained in december after being filmed slapping an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank in march she accepted a plea deal which will see her jailed for eight months she is one of around three hundred fifty palestinian youths and two children currently in israeli custody mohammad just jhoom has more from ramallah. according to supporters of the to me me and members of the free the to me means campaign this interrogation that is shown
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in this video took place ten days after the arrest of acted to mimi and her supporters say that this video exposes abusive tactics used against the seventeen year old in attempts to coerce her into a confession there is a point in the video in which you see these two male israeli interrogators and hear them speaking to me referring to the color of her skin and the color of her eyes we spoke at the mimi's father bassam after this press conference he said that that was entirely inappropriate and abusive behavior and the something like that should never take place her father also spoke about the fact that there was no lawyer present in that interrogation room and that that goes against international law now other members of her defense team and her supporters have said that this video really showcases the plight of palestinian children minors who are arrested by
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israeli security forces shows they say the abusive tactics that they must face when they are interrogated by israeli security forces one member of her team also said that this was the first time that he had ever seen a military interrogator involved in an interrogation of a minor not just a police interrogator he said that that was a very disturbing now her family says that they have lodged complaints with the israeli government since they obtained this video and that while they will continue to pursue it they don't expect much to happen foam a south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on several corruption charges being accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and investment comes three days off to his success of going hey was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption kathy novak has more from seoul. lee myung bak was president between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen and these corruption
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charges are linked to his time in office he is accused of bribery embezzle meant tax evasion and abuse of power it's alleged he improperly received about ten million dollars from institutions including south korea's spy agency as well as the country's biggest conglomerate samsung he's been in detention since he was arrested last month and in that time has refused to be questioned by prosecutors but in the past he has denied the charges against him saying that his arrest was a politically motivated leak comes from the opposite side of politics to the current liberal president. in the past he has also apologized for causing concern among the south korean public he now becomes the fourth former south korean president to face trial over corruption allegations his arrest his indictment comes just days after former president park geun hay was sentenced to twenty four years in her corruption trial accused found guilty rather of abuse of power and bribery
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amongst other charges nigerian president mahmoud abbas plans to run for reelection next year the announcement months of speculation about whether he would seek a second term the seventy five year old has been criticized about his performance he spent five months in the u.k. last year for treatment of an undisclosed condition. families of victims in the decades long conflict in northern ireland are still fighting to ensure their relatives get justice between the late one nine hundred sixty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. about three and a half thousand people were killed society was generally divided along political and religious lines with most catholics opposing british rule in northern ireland and protestants wanting it to continue a political resolution to the conflict known as the troubles was reached in one nine hundred ninety eight with the signing of the good friday agreement twenty years later the pain of those who lost loved ones in the conflict remains our u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips reports from the rural county of. its small farming
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towns in gentle valleys and quiet country lanes they remembered dark days we came along after action and just as we're torn in the end here they were all there was a little blank there are those who are old and they opened up honestly are just. three gone it was thirty two bullet holes and if you're so lucky you can imagine. it was just after eight o'clock on a sunday morning in one thousand nine hundred seventy two richard and his brother robin protestants and part time soldiers of the british army and their father drove into their farm and an ira ambush robin died richard has lost hope the men who killed his brother will ever be caught in order to. think. it's quite possible a man overboard or either very old man or. what's the point but an old monitored you. know turned
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over say anybody doing home for. if so no clue almost all of the violence of the troubles was here in northern ireland part of the united kingdom but just occasionally it would spread to the south of the republic which you can see the other side of that water geraldine o'reilly a catholic was fifteen years old just two months after robin was killed so she by a bomb planted by pro british paramilitaries she was buying chips on the high street another passing boy also killed and sneak is geraldine's brother he survived the bomb the rear his wife he struggled not to let his loss define his life put through a sort of. let go of it no because i don't think anyone's ever going to be brought to justice no you know what order we can do know is to get the peace agreement to
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take this as a not to for. no what i hope for the of them never have been a good to anyone and so. it's good to try to stay like that it's happening at the moment in the north you know where there is no god for stock you know but i do know that the people want peace and we want peace here it's like two families justice has eluded them both and yet they cherish this peace even as they fear its fertility. gonna be phillip's al-jazeera county for mama north and on. a restaurant and capital we started as an idea to help one man has transformed that entire community it's so successful that it's expanding social name of. mahmoud noble seen wanted to find a way to help the poor mobilize jordan's youth and support rural women but when he shared his ideas with others they were dismissive he decided to press on anyway he
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founded what he calls a social solidarity restaurant in amman offering free meals to those who can't afford one it's called as whitey and means my support system in arabic but that's the idea of where we can support the social fabric within the. society the restaurant is run solely by volunteers most are young women and college students paying customers purchase what's called an invite write a message and it's posted on this board of kindness noble see says it's intended to preserve the dignity of those getting the free meals and also make a connection. the people here treat us well there is a respect between the clients and the customers. in the last three years thousands of people have been able to enjoy good food for free especially with what's going on in jordan and syria with having to support so many refugees and
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that dream is great and it's nice when you come to pace and you're able to support the community and all the food is sourced locally and bought from women in rural areas. volunteers say they love giving back and are also learning about entrepreneurship bush says no one cares that she's a syrian refugee i think that's a problem with my nationality i work with the french companies i think it. kind of in a. way so i would love to be with people but they accepted me as i am as what he has been such a success it's expanding later this month the doors were open here at a second restaurant it's about an hour's drive outside of the capital in a town that's struggling the founder not only wants to keep growing across jordan but in other countries as well as what he has thrived soup to has the surrounding
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area once dilapidated this is now a colorful stretch of small businesses and perhaps most importantly with people from diverse segments of jordanian society natasha to name al-jazeera amman. south to syria and visa headlines russia and syria say two israeli fighter jets carried out an asse strike on a military base in central syria several people are believed to have been killed the space in homs israel hasn't responded it's previously said the site is controlled by iranian forces. the u.n. security council plans to meet later on monday to discuss the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria these forty people were killed in the east in the course of on saturday. carter's amir met with the u.s. defense secretary at the pentagon james mattis says he's not ruling out anything in response to the chemical attacks including military action shake to mean bin hamad
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and he will need president donald trump on tuesday it's ten months now since four arab countries can't trade in diplomatic ties with other. first thing we're. going to. run through we're. going to. take action launching your first. hungary's prime minister may of one consecutive third term but independent monitors are questioning the fairness of the elections the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other candidates weren't able to compete equally against viktor orban nigerian president mohamed of a harley plans to run for reelection next year it ends months of speculation about
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whether he'd seek a second term the seventy five year old has been heavily criticized about his performance he spent five months in the u.k. last year for treatment of an undisclosed condition former south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on several corruption charges he's accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embarrass the moment those are your headlines the news continues after talk to stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera.


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