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and also the light picture that's all storm kenny that is working its way towards the southeast already it's giving us some heavy rain over fiji we're already waterlogged here and we've got plenty more rain still to come further south in force across new zealand it's also looking pretty stormy at the moment too this is dims pushing its way northward bringing wet and windy conditions we could even see those winds gusting up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour at times as a system pushes its way across so the temperatures are dropping so all can we'll see a maximum just to fifteen degrees as we head through wednesday for christ as the temperatures here well actually be recovering still rather unsettled even on wednesday plenty of showers around. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides.
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zero. one of them julie mcdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up short on other united nations russia denies there was a chemical weapons attack in syria while the u.s. mourns its will respond. the f.b.i. has raided the office of u.s. of president donald trump's personal lawyer who's but at the center of a controversy surrounding a payment to a porn star. millions of facebook users find out if their data was compromised up to see all mark zuckerberg admits not enough was done to prevent misuse. and this really interrogators are accused of taunting jailed palestinian teen activist ahead . and sport japanese baseball players showing
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otani and drawing further comparisons to the great babe ruth after another exceptional performance for the l.a. angel. is their warm welcome to this hour of news we begin at the united nations where there's been all a shoulder i'm between russia and the united states run alleged chemical weapons attack in syria russia denies the attack on the time of duma took place even offering to fly weapons inspectors to the site to see for themselves while the u.s. warned a historic moment had been reached and it would be responding regardless of anyone else well the u.n. says syria envoy ole so issued an urgent call for action at that emergency meeting . though if that group because of that in there couldn't own mondi derwent
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being in the notion that beatific unity and appalled in the notion are low to for godsake ensure make a move move on doing with the give if the allegation and attribute responsibility often on this we're joined by mike hanna at the united nations have courses in new york and so mike two very different narratives at that security council meeting which i guess again confirms the enormous gulf at the u.n. in terms of solving this indeed yes once again that divide within the un security council principally between the u.s. senate's allies and russia on the other side you heard their plea for unity from the u.n. special envoy for syria certainly unity was not something that was witnessed during this debate which is still under way we heard from russia a alternative narrative as one could put it the argument very strongly that any
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chemical attack that did take place was in fact some kind of false flag operation carried out by opposition groups in order that the u.s. and its allies could justify some kind of attack against the syrian government that was the outline of the russian ambassador also very abrasive told towards the united states insisting that it had no friends and certainly russia did not want to be its friends so from the russian ambassador very much a strong turn an attacking turn this is what he had to say. your resume would was to put a call for those who will speak against me slandering the regime to proceed with the premise that there was no chemical weapons attack sweden drew up a draft resolution to investigate the incident we are willing to consider this resolution today we propose to let the o.p.c. w. fly to damascus immediately tomorrow they're the syrian or the coroutines in
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russian troops will provide conditions to travel to the area of the incident for them to familiarize themselves with the situation this is what president trump and other western leaders called upon us to undertake. well there we heard the ambassador referring to the o.p.c. w. the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons saying that it can be given access and needed lead to the area of this alleged attack to investigate however it would be and the guidance or control of russian and syrian forces so the degree to which that would be considered an independent investigation is something that the o.p.c. w. will obviously be looking at in the hours to come we also heard there from the united states previous to this meeting it has drawn up a proposal for an extended investigative mechanism from the united nations one which would have a mandate of a year to go in and investigate such attacks and also give accountability should
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nation or nation states or non state actors be responsible for such an attack but we heard from the u.s. ambassador nikki haley very strong words about this attack in her mind no doubt at all that the syrian government was responsible no doubt at all that russia and iran have helped syria in this attack. we are on the edge of a dangerous precipice the great evil of chemical weapons use that once unified the world in opposition is on the verge of becoming the new norm the international community must not let this happen we are beyond showing pictures of dead babies we are beyond appeals to conscience we have reached the moment when the world must see justice done history will record this as the moment when the security council
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either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond were very clearly a not serve veiled threat from the u.s. ambassador that should there not be agreement and unity in the security council the u.s. will be taking some form or could be taking some form of unilateral action important to note as well before this meeting started the u.s. ambassador cloistered with her french and british allies discussing something intensely before the meeting taking place very clearly there is the possibility that should there be no resolution within the security council no united resolution then other countries may be considering some form of unilateral action a separate from the u.n.
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security council might have there live from the united nations my kind. well u.s. president donald trump has also been taking an aggressive line promising a major policy decision on syria within forty eight hours after talks with his military was speaking after calling a cabinet meeting to examine his options on syria while our white house correspondent can really help it has been following events in washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump says he wants someone to pay for this the spec did chemical attack in duma on monday he convened his cabinet to discuss it it was an atrocious attack it was horrible when you are studying that situation extremely closely we are meeting with our military and everybody else. will be making some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours to help make those
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decisions seated directly behind the president and marking his first days trumps national security advisor john bolton and chief architect of the u.s. led invasion of iraq fifteen years ago and known for his hawkish views on north korea and iran trump is pointing a finger at iran among others person portie the syrian government potentially being complicit in the duma attack if it's russia if it's syria if it's already. apologize for that technical interruption there now meanwhile on the ground in syria fifty thousand rebel fighters and their families have begun leaving duma itself it's all part of a russian sponsored exchange deal which requires the deisel islam rebel group to surrender all prisoners before leaving santa has more now from beirut. they are leaving from the last rebel pocket in eastern who. has surrendered up to
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eight thousand fighters from the rebel group and more than forty thousand of their family members and anyone else who wants to leave are being bussed out of the city the russian military has given them safe passage to rebel held areas in northern syria as part of a deal that also involved. releasing all of its prisoners many of them held for years and among them women and children they arrived at a government controlled crossing late on sunday. the deal came after a suspected chemical attack in the city that killed dozens of people doctors and rescue workers saying many of the victims suffocated informed at the mouse symptoms indicative of exposure to some kind of chemical agent damascus and its backer moscow dismissed the claims as fabrication it isn't the first time chemical weapons are believed to have been used by the syrian government against civilians hours after the attack agreed to return to the negotiating table it wasn't clear why the
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initial collapse on friday but when it did the pro-government alliance launched an all out military offensive to pile pressure on the rebel group the evacuation deal reached or what amounts to a surrender is similar to the agreement with two other rebel factions and. gave up after a fierce bombing campaign. was hoping for a different deal that would allow it to remain in control of but under the overall jurisdiction of the government that didn't happen what they did manage to get is a guarantee that russia's military police will enter the city and those who chose to stay won't be harassed or detained by state security forces much of duma is now rubble the largest urban center in the eastern suburbs of damascus has been a target since opposition fighters captured the area in two thousand and thirteen. it was the main hub of anti-government protests close to the capital and from there
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rebels were able to threaten the government seat of power by frequently launching rockets into neighborhoods. seven years later the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but the seven week offensive killed nearly two thousand civilians this is the worst defeat suffered by the opposition since the fall of aleppo in late two thousand and sixteen senator beirut well russia and syria have accused israel of carrying out strikes on a military base in central syria they say to find suggest struck at the tire space in homes killing several people or four iranians are said to me amongst the dead and the site is believed to be controlled by iranian forces which back the syrian government. for more on the story we're joined in the studio by roxanne farman farmer a lecturer of politics and international studies at cambridge university works and a very warm welcome to the program thank you interesting listening to the tone at
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the security council receiving and for the first time staff and i'm a stew saying that he's gravely concerned about the tone that's being used and the increasing complexity that the region is facing what the sewer take behind the rhetoric well i would agree very much that the situation is escalating and there does seem to be a gathering of different allied forces on two sides of these issues and i think one of the points he made was that he'd become so complicated it was so complex and adding into this is the whole idea of where is the information coming from who is reporting this and is that correct very much the same thing was in operation is solsbury where is the actual information why are certain immediate positions being taken up by governments so i think it's very heartening to hear that the russians have agreed to have a force to investigate what is happening because the facts have become
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very critical in this wind to your point roxanne are different nations are to take a stand whereas at points in the past we may have seen that latitude let's see what the investigation says but we seem to have reached a point where that doesn't matter well i think very much the leadership has changed in all cases the situation in syria to get back to that is has been going on a long time and each achievement is going to make a difference as to how the next step is is breached so in the situation now that we see. we here have made a agreement. with jaish al islam the group that has been in eastern guta to actually leave so the question is what would have motivated him at this juncture to
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use chemical weapons when he's seeing in the sense of achievement of a long standing. campaign in that area and that again is one of the issues where we see the large groups and the leaders of the various states piling in is where there is actually a. point that has been reached where there may in fact be a resolution and that's when we often see other facts coming in that will change the equation all over again which is just what was has happened we're also seeing a situation where israel is being straight to a base and then of course we have the rainy and components to complexity and talk us through that angle well i think one of the things is that it's really hard of all the israeli attack was not linked to the chemical weapons.
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issue it's first of all an attack in. aleppo against a base that has been built by the iranians and in fact the israeli purpose is to protect the interests of israel and it is very concerned about the iranians setting up a base and supporting hezbollah if you will from syria it is a regular occurrence they attacked the very same base just six months ago and have been attacking for regular periods over the course of the last six years so the linkages is improbable. where does all of this leave the people on the ground it was noticeable that nikki haley's testimony at the u.n. tonight it see really only talks about people and the effects on them that was her mainstay. the russian testimony was much more about going into the detail of who
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said what to whom and who's to blame but again for the people how how does all of this change anything well i think there are two points here one is that once eastern is wrapped up if you will the probability that there will be a new front opening up and it leaves for example in the north or in the south where there are other large areas of rebel holdings that is the next stage so in order to stop that to and to focus on the suffering of the people. is perhaps where her comments are coming from so to a stop a new front and to begin a wrap up of the whole thing the problem is and this is my second point no solution so far has been found it is very unlikely that american or allied troops will make any difference whatsoever and in fact will probably exacerbate the situation and i
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think the real problem is so much of it is reactive what we really need in syria is a combination of political military and human rights. strategies to put together a overall pro-active type of program and we're simply not seeing that. thank you very much for joining my pleasure. now the f.b.i. has waited the office of president tom's personal lawyer that's michael cole and seizing amongst all the documents records of payments to the porn star stormy stormy daniels well let's go live now to washington where we can speak to diane missed of brick and hi diane how significant is this this is a very interesting story julie going to and we don't have a lot of details that just broke within the last hour but we're talking about again the president's personal attorney michael cohen he's had
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a business relationship with the president for more than a decade and this is the attorney who paid one hundred thirty paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars to stormy daniels the adult film star who said she had an affair with president trump the president denies that said he didn't know anything about cohen paying this money to stormy daniels and again what was seized in this raid personal communication between cohen and his clients which would include president trump in the form of e-mails tax documents business records so what were they looking for were they looking for communication between the president and cohen which maybe acknowledge the president knowing about this one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment business documents tax documents that somehow would show a link between this payment and the president or some of the president's business dealings his real estate dealings potentially with other countries. an attorney for
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cohen says that the raid today in the way it was carried out was inappropriate and unwarranted. i am is this in any way linked to moeller investigation. well it's not directly related to the mall or investigation but apparently there were information that was uncovered in the lower investigation that was handed over to the special prosecutors who commenced this raid to say afternoon so there is a connection mr hurd there joining me live from washington d.c. with the latest on that story dan thank you. you're watching al-jazeera still ahead independent monitors question the fairness of viktor or bands election victory in hungary. twenty years after the good friday agreement ended sectarian violence in northern ireland we talked to families still seeking justice and tiger woods surges up golf's world rankings after his masters performance far we'll have all those
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details for you a little later in sports. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a pretty steep breach affecting millions of users in a written statement he admitted his social media network didn't do enough to protect users so coburg is in washington where he'll appear before to congressional committees and choose they and then witness day he'll answer questions about the misuse of up to eighty seven million uses personal information they say because also contacting the affected users giving them detailed information about what happened and how they can protect themselves all facebook users will all facebook users will also be sent a link to see what apps they use and what information and share it with. has been following those developments from washington d.c. . c.e.o.
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and founder of facebook mark zuckerberg has really escaped much public scrutiny in the past that is changing with this cambridge analytical scandal people just didn't realize that if their friends downloaded apps that their profile could be targeted as well and so now facebook c.e.o. is trying to get ahead of what has been growing outrage that the company's been slow to react to he's up on capitol hill being privately with key members of the senate and then he's going to have two days of testimony music spec to deface improved tough questions so in ahead of that they are announcing some steps that they will notify the eighty seven million users affected by the cambridge analytical gandel they're going to change how their website works that they're going to add almost five thousand new employees to work on security also saying that they are going to follow the new european union step privacy standards that are pretty strict that they're going to apply to every facebook user across the globe in the near future and that they're going to work with foundations and
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academics to study exactly how social media impacts elections so basic message terms are covered today in this testimony that was released ahead of his visit is that he is sorry that he should have done better the company should have done better and they will in the future still probably not be enough to keep him from getting some pretty tough questions when he sits down with members of the u.s. house and senate. francesco and that is an associate professor of killer university and he says that facebook's concerned its missing users you should consider that really what is happening is that facebook is crisis communication mode. so they want to appear sympathetic they want to appear responsive even proactive. and so the. devise a strategy of trying to inform the users and. slightly change their practices the realities the soon enough they're going to go to their usual strategy which is
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that of doing as little as they can only where necessary and when necessary so probably we're going to hear more news from facebook try to kind of apiece the tension the reason from the this crisis but very soon if greater forces don't work towards changing their practices and and by the way not only facebook coming in all other companies that have indiscriminately collected i've listed all possible dangers about the users very little is going to change their business model doesn't really leave much leeway for them to change path i joining my voice to the one of other kind of experts that really say that if facebook really wants to be transparent if really they want to be forthcoming if they really want to change for the greater good of to kind of improve this for the greater good
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of to kind of improve this service really they should join and they should kind of try to add that the strategy base for example one thing them both to just do the listeners is to look up for the general data protection regulation that is going to become effective in europe in may now this regulation is a set of laws and articles that are forcing businesses to treat users data according to very specific standards facebook us all other companies school and all the other companies that collect huge amounts of data in from a day we. i have to abide by these standards and they can be controlled they're transparency it's not going to be just a self-regulatory act they're going to have to abide to this stuff that's so i think that it's a it's a good that facebook is forthcoming with this information but i think it's very little and it's just part of this crisis communications strategy in motion be done
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supporters of jailed palestinian teenager off head to mimi have a nice footage of her being questioned by the israeli military in the video two men are heard making comments about the seventeen year old's fair skinned and eye color to many was detained in december after being filmed slapping an israeli soldier near her home in the occupied west bank while the jungle has more from ramallah. it's a video that supporters of i had to mimi say exposes the abusive tactics used against the palestinian teenager in an attempt to coerce her into a confession members of to me family say the video highlights verbal harassment and intimidation by two male israeli interrogators they say one portion showing the two men referring to me as hair color and eyes is particularly troubling and inappropriate. and i. was
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yeah. yeah. the free the to me means campaign released the footage to the media at a news conference on monday in vermont in the occupied west bank her father says israel decided to make an example of his seventeen year old daughter in order to discourage palestinian children from resisting the occupation. they wanted to break our head to break her is the symbol she represents in front of her generation . to me was arrested in december after this video of her slapping and hitting two israeli soldiers outside of her house in the village of nabil saw the went viral. her younger cousin had been shot in the head by the israelis with a rubber coated steel bullets during protests against settlement expansion in the area her case through international criticism and to me became a hero to many palestinians israeli officials have defended to mimi's arrest saying they're protecting their soldiers and stopping what they call the incitement of
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violence last month to me agreed to a plea deal with israeli prosecutors to avoid more serious charges that could have led to her being imprisoned for years human rights defenders say what happened to me is not an isolated incident to prison so i think there's at least. widespread practice and all sorts to prison stays there you show to see the target children and they target children by different groups for instance by torturing them by others through them by detained them many are outraged by the video especially by the presence of one of the two interrogators i've seen i don't know hundreds of off interrogation sessions i have never seen a military intelligence officer present in one of these interrogations simply never seen it in hundreds of interrogations of huge is not he's not. he's not police he's
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military intelligence why was military intelligence presence there the israeli army says it's passed a complaint filed by to mimi's lawyer of improper conduct by the investigator to the justice ministry and it's being examined. palestinian activists say that perhaps most of all i had to mimi's case has highlighted the plight of palestinian children. aid organizations say there are around three hundred palestinian minors currently being held in israeli jail and whose cases by god to me are being heard or will be heard before a military court and according to activists those miners will ultimately also have to enter into plea bargains or risk facing long term detentions how much damage is either in the occupied west bank thirty one palestinians have died in gaza after a series of violent demonstrations that began ten days ago gaza's health ministry says a forty five year old man died on monday from wounds he sustained during protests on friday tens of thousands of people have travelled to the border with israel
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demanding a right of return for palestinian refugees where the two thousand four hundred have been injured most of them by live ammunition from israeli army far will burn a smith reports now from west jerusalem on how the protests and violence are being reported by israel's hebrew language media. most israelis get their news from television and newspapers and this is how they've seen garza's march of return a lot of focus has been on how much here there's no mention of those taking part from across section of gaza society. this leaves. no mention in this report the most of the demonstrators were peaceful or of what has prompted this apparently you approach to protest in gaza. i think the media is reflecting that they're calling them peaceful protests the problem is you're not
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going to convince the israeli public of anything peaceful coming out of hamas maybe it's peaceful out of friday but saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday and thursday it's going to be back to the hamas violence israel's mass circulation newspapers in print and online have largely maintain the government's narrative israel today uses an army quote in its headlines it says we will not allow the hamas protests to become the norm another popular newspaper get off are not terror disguised and hamas at the friends against photographs of protesters in costumes only all of the newspapers only the left leaning haaretz quotes directly gars officials in its headline referring to last friday it says nine people killed three hundred injured by live fire and it has a pattern that it's horrible by a contribution with the headline closed heart referring to israel's close hard success the killing of gaza journalist yasser was covered by one of the main
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channels. in a report that carried a lot of input from other palestinian journalists. as well mr donnelly kind of the short and i thought. the short. less coverage from the palestinian perspective on the renault israeli journalists in gaza a couple of hours after this report israel's military said it will investigate the deaths of people it considers civilians including photographer. but it's myth al-jazeera west jerusalem. still to come on the program former korean president lee myung bak kids formally charged with bribery embezzlement and tax evasion. were with young afghan refugees in turkey who say their lives are in danger if ancora goes ahead with plans to deport them. and the sport jamaican sprinter lake is up staged at the commonwealth.
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hello there it's cloudy amway for many of us in the west in parts of europe at the moment we look at the satellite picture we can see this huge area of cloud that stretching through parts of italy through parts of france and up towards the british isles but it's actually to the west of that where we really keeping an eye on the weather because here is where the main story is it is cold here for madrid where only a ten degrees is the maximum we should be at eighteen at this time of year you see as well as being cool it's also wet and windy so feeling even cooler than the temperatures might suggest this is still works its way eastwards as we head through wednesday and then the temperatures get a little bit better thirteen degrees for us but there's still some snow over some of the higher ground as that system produces way eastwards and all this cold
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weather over the western parts of europe is very different to what's going on in the northeastern parts here it's still very warm vienna up at twenty one berlin a foot twenty three things have cooled off a little bit force in stockholm as this weather system has sunk its way towards the south bringing in some slightly fresh air now for the northern parts of africa of course we are seeing some of that unsettled weather over a year there's just spilling into our northern part so here is that cloud over parts of our area and she needs that some marching its way eastwards and for similar bats it'll be pretty windy there as we head through wednesday. with. in a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs walk on tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures weak titian them out of poverty destroying my shit was how to make the best mates and build more prosperous communities some of the
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a quick reminder of our current top stories here on al-jazeera ourselves launched a scathing attack on the west for blaming syria for an alleged chemical attack on the rebel held time of duma questions and i guess the attack took place but the u.s. has promised to respond. yes may i has raided the office of president troubles personal lawyer michael cohen seizing up next all the documents records of payments to the porn star storm done. and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a pretty soon breach in tens of millions of users missing his social media network didn't do enough to protect people's data. of the six people have been killed after it spills of placed on a motorbike detonated in the western afghan province of herat four of the victims are thought to have been children nine of the children were also wounded and that's attacked turkey has become deporting hundreds of afghan refugees who were found to
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have ended the country illegally in recent weeks nearly seven hundred refugees will be returned to afghanistan this week including more than two hundred people arrived from eastern turkey on sunday rights groups have criticized the move saying they'll be sent back to a war torn country with their lives are at risk will sit in kosovo has been talking to some of those refugees in eastern turkey. these young boys are from afghanistan they fled their country a couple of weeks ago they came to turkey is through illegal ways following hooman traffickers break their country first they entered iran and then they came to an esteemed city of turkey dalby as that and says that border city they have been walking to heirs or him and other instances of turkey they are seeking asylum they're refugees they are actually a bunch of young boys who are looking for who are seeking future in another country
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which is tricky they say turkey is closer to their country and much cheaper to access and they said they don't want to go back to their country because there is war there is insecurity and no turkish officials are saying that these refugees are not acceptable acceptable enter can they are being deported via chartered planes to afghanistan capital kabul but these wars they say they don't want to leave turkey and they they say they are hopeful that they're going to find a future in this country which is a friend and neighbor to them but they want it continues on through to while king again to pairs of them city. at least fifteen people including children have been killed in an air strike in yemen yemeni officials say the saudi led coalition planes struck a house in the southwestern city of tice there is has seen heavy fighting between sighted back government forces and hoochie rebels. independent monitors are
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questioning the fairness of hungary's elections which solve that to oregon when a third straight term as prime minister the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other candidates weren't able to compete equally with organs ruling fetish party. voters had a wide range of political options but intimidating and zina phobic rhetoric media bias and opaque campaign financing constricted the space for genuine political debate hindering voters' ability to make a fully informed choice the ability of contestants to compete on an equal basis was significantly compromised by the government's excessive spending on public information advertisements that amplified the ruling coalition's campaign message or been stupid thirds majority will allow him to press ahead with constitutional
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changes and hardline policies on immigration don't a whole reports that would if. analysts talk to the left wing activists energized opposition would strike a blow to victor all bands power they were wrong maybe now i'm starting to look i mean our country hungry is still not there where we would like it to be but it's already started to go the way that it chose for itself we're going to go together this way in victory or been declared himself the defender of traditional hungry and values a familiar theme the enemy mainly muslim refugees poised to invade despite a large fence built on hungary's southern border in defiance of brussels also those who enable the pro immigration n.g.o.s and independent media. he's changed the constitution before how far might be prepared to go now it's really unfair
12:41 am
seeable i mean i'm pretty sure that you will go against civil society organizations you try to shut them down you probably try to limit their finances i think he will go against independent media outlets would still exist in the country and i also think that he might go against independent judiciary. there's a name for viktor all bans system of government he calls it a liberal democracy it's basically the primacy of populist nationalism over individual freedoms and along with popular economic policies half the voters of this country support it those who don't are in for a troubling four years but it just is a choice for us because they are. every rule in hungary they are didn't respect the people in hungary they think they can do anything the hungry people. very much like these from or been. in the sun outside hungary's
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impressive neoclassical parliament building on the banks of the danube a military. it is on constant parade where once an e.u. clue the no one banner was invoking nostalgia for the last imperial. these are all bones innovations in a country cementing its place as a standard bearer for right wing nationalism in europe jonah jazeera budapest. the former south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on several corruption charges he's been accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and then beslan his success apart going high was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption friday kathy novak has more on that story now from seoul. lee myung bak was president between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen and these corruption charges are linked to his time in office he is accused of bribery embezzle meant tax evasion and abuse of power it's alleged he
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improperly received about ten million dollars from institutions including south korea's spy agency as well as the country's biggest conglomerate samsung he's been in detention since he was arrested last month and in that time has refused to be questioned by prosecutors but in the past he has denied the charges against him saying that his arrest was a politically motivated leak comes from the opposite side of politics to the current liberal president moving in in the past he has also apologized for causing concern among the south korean public he now becomes the fourth former south korean president to face trial over corruption allegations his arrest his indictment comes just days after former president park geun hay was sentenced to twenty four years in her corruption trial accused found guilty rather of abuse of power and bribery amongst other charges. the family of a u.s. journalist killed in syria is suing the government of president bashar al assad
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over her death marie colvin was working for the on the base sunday times when she was killed in homs back in twenty twelve an official has more now from washington d.c. recall there was a well known and hugely respected foreign correspondent who spent time in conflict zones she wore a distinctive eye patch the result of an injury when a grenade exploded while reporting in sri lanka she was killed in holmes and twenty twelve the early days of the syrian civil war no new lawsuit lodged in court in washington d.c. alleges she was deliberately targeted by senior syrian government figures the documents they were submitting into evidence illustrate that the regime really at the highest level had adopted a policy of launching joint military and intelligence operations against media workers and their sources so this included both foreign journalist syrian journalist media activist even everyday syrians that were you know recording a demonstration on their cell phone. colvin was an american citizen she was buried
12:45 am
near where she grew up in new york state her family are behind the lawsuit. foreign governments normally can be sued in u.s. civil court but there are exceptions for countries designated by the state department sponsor of terrorism syria is commonly on the list her sister says she thinks of marie every day we filed the lawsuit as soon as we could collect enough evidence to prove that ray had been targeted and i really did that one of the motivations was personal like i just talked about but i also wanted to bring attention to the suffering of the syrian people for all the pain that my family has gone through there are thousands and thousands of syrians who have suffered in the same way one of the key pieces of the lawsuit is the testimony from a former syrian intelligence agent who deemed ulysses who confirmed the idea of targeting colvin was discussed and agreed at the highest level among those also
12:46 am
lodging testimony with the court former us ambassador to syria robert ford it is important to record in a thorough judicial manner. for oppressive acts the kinds of war crimes that the syrian government committed the family is hoping there will be no hearing and the judge will simply make a recommendation for damages against the city and state the only reaction from damascus syrian president bashar al assad one said marie colvin got what she deserved alan fischer al-jazeera washington bill cosby's return to court for his retrial on sexual assault charges the eighteen year old u.s. comedian faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault a punishable by up to ten years in prison because mrs always actions were consensual the first jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict last year. uganda's constitutional court is hearing the
12:47 am
opposition's case against scrapping the presidential age limit that the ugandan parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of removing the age limit of seventy five last year it paved the way for seventy three year old president gary in the savanna to seek reelection in twenty twenty one but opposition or is a poor legal procedures to change the constitution weren't followed and syrian president mohammad duvel hari has announced he's running for reelection next year and ends mom says speculation over whether the seventy five year old will seek a second term in office opposition candidates say bihari is unfit for the presidency after spending five months in the u.k. last year to treat undisclosed condition don't choose think it will be exactly twenty years since the british and irish governments of northern ireland spain political parties signed the good friday agreement the period known as of the troubles began in the late one nine hundred sixty s.
12:48 am
and continued into the peace agreement was signed on the tenth of april one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the catholic a nationalist movement generally appalls british rule wanting to join the republic of ireland while protestants wanted to stay part of the united kingdom where thousands of people were killed in the violence committed by both sides and tens of thousands were injured are u.k. correspondent barnaby philips has more now from the rural county of firma. in small farming towns in gentle valleys and quiet country lanes they remembered dark days we came along after action and just as we're torn in the end here they were on the other side of the bank there are those who are old and they opened up on us here just. three gone i was thirty two full of holes in which you're so lucky you can imagine jose. it was just after eight o'clock on a sunday morning in one thousand nine hundred seventy two richard and his brother robin protestants and part time soldiers of the british army and their father drove
12:49 am
into their farm and an ira ambush robin died richard has lost hope the men who killed his brother will ever be caught in order to put him think. it's quite possible a man overboard or either very old man or. what was the point what an old monitor geo. there was. no time to oversee. anybody doing home for. us from now flew over to us almost all of the violence of the troubles was here in northern ireland part of the united kingdom but just occasionally it would spread to the south of the republic which you can see the other side of that water geraldine o'reilly a catholic was fifteen years old just two months off to robin was killed so was she by a bomb planted by pro british paramilitaries she was buying chips on the high street
12:50 am
another passing boy also killed antony is geraldine's brother he survived the bomb the rear his wife he struggled not to let his loss define his life. let go of a no because i don't think anyone's ever going to be brought to justice no you know what order we can do know is that the peace agreement does take this is a not to for. the far east what i hope for the of them never happened yet there they were there and so. it's good to fight stay like that it's happened at the moment in the north you know where there is no government for a start you know but i do know that the people want peace and we want peace here as well to families justice has eluded them both and yet they cherish this peace even as they fear its fertility. to be phillip's al-jazeera county from ana all the laws
12:51 am
. still ahead on the news. business update.
12:52 am
business. model. julie thank you so much tiger woods his performance at the masters has seen the forty two year old move back into goals top one hundred for the first time in three years but his display wasn't as good as patrick reid who was celebrating his first masters when the twenty seven year old had led from the halfway point i think after
12:53 am
and shot one under par final round seventy one to win by a single stroke from competitor at rickie fowler jordan speech on an eight under par round on sunday and briefly shared the lead but two shots back and third place and in his first masters since two thousand and fifteen tiger woods saved his best for the final day going three under to finish in a tie for thirty seconds. he's disappointed that i didn't hit the ball wall off. the bill just to be out here competing and if you had said that last year at this particular time i would've said you're crazy. i had a hard time just sitting or walking so now to be able to play and compete and hit the ball away i did. and that's. quite a good change from watching. manchester city boss pep guardiola says his side will need to find perfection if they are to have any chance of reaching the champions league semifinals the english premier league leaders will try and overturn
12:54 am
a three male deficit on choose day when they host liverpool in the second leg of their port of final tie city had into the match coming off back to back to feet first to liverpool and then to local rivals man united. to go through have to make almost the first again some group of chances be clinical and you could the chances concede chances in the chances are going to receive. you know do so well in the old keep receiving all the conditions you have to meet goals to go through because there's all this stuff yes we did about two hundred ninety minutes. liverpool's hopes of being available for the march have been boosted after the word took part in training on monday the egypt international picked up an injury and the reds first leg victory at anfield sali didn't play and their goal is strong against everton on saturday even though liverpool go into the game with a three nil advantage players are still focused on attacking rather than defending
12:55 am
. it's pretty clear that you know the familiar tree nearly. is going to be a bit of a strange situation but i think we need to come in with. you want to win the game. we know we will scoring goals barcelona hold a four one lead is the travel to rome for the second leg of their quarterfinal on choose day then on wednesday barring munich hosts a video with a two one advantage from the first leg of our three against eventis. jamaican sprinter yohan blake has been upstaged in the men's hundred meter final the commonwealth games on the gold coast in australia is the twenty eleven world champion in this event and was the strong favorite but he had to settle for second the county simply they won in a time of ten point zero three seconds south africa's first ever hundred meter hole . and there was a great display of sportsmanship in the women's ten thousand meters australia's
12:56 am
three runners waited for lucy to run early on a shocker who crossed the line three and a half minutes after the rest of the field had finished the race. shohei otani has picked up his first u.s. baseball award as the american league player of the week labeled the japanese babe ruth tonic continued a remarkable start to his major league career on sunday at least common reports go back to back starts if you haven't heard the name show high autonomy than you might want to get familiar with it he dominated the highlights real for the los angeles angels against the oakland a's on sunday the latest chapter in a building narrative down thank god thank god for a job or a job the twenty three year old signed with the angels last year from japanese signed the hokkaido in nippon hands find has it followed a frenzy bidding process that he services why otani has a rare talent of being both an exceptional baton and pitcher few in baseball
12:57 am
history of had that skill legend reply a babe ruth was one thank you i was on sunday otani struck out twelve oakland players in his home pitching day boo he pitched a perfect game up to the seventh inning which chair was thanks to thanks to dr gerald was the fall of this game he'd hit hard runs in three straight appearances that statistic combined with a double digit strikeout has only been matched twice in the sports history lost in one nine hundred seventy three and before that by ruth in one nine hundred sixteen the angels crowd of forty five thousand on sunday was the biggest for a regular season game in two decades a great job was thanks thanks thanks thanks to the distributing thanks and with his major league baseball career only
12:58 am
two weeks old what comes next for the show high otani will likely have the fans. coming back for more elites holeman al jazeera. the second stage of the world's toughest foot race has been completed the marathon day solve this six day event has more than a thousand combat orders taking on a two hundred fifty kilometer course through the star at desert grockles russia del mar beatty beat his brother and his brother stage one where muhammad to claim the victory and the women's category rushes the tally as a dyke security or second stage when. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to jillian london florists thank you bill that's it for me gene and it's almost for this news hour i will be bad though in just a moment with much more of the day's news but by.
12:59 am
stories of life. and inspiration. as series of documentaries from around the world were that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. hunted. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. it is just
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that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify people in a way or the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true there is water privatization on anybody the only fields. those people who see every two years something to invest a profit of one dollar. to the last drop on al-jazeera.


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