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tv   Deportees Welcome  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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response to a suspected chemical attack in the former rebel stronghold of duma on saturday well health organization is saying more than five hundred people treated showed symptoms of chemical poisoning trump tweeted that russia should get ready because missiles will be coming but moscow denies involvement in the attack but you want your food that you get there peter which i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical defense and also medics arrived in the place of this alleged chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remnants of the so-called use of chemical weapons their expertise was conducted and it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances. saudi arabia has intercepted a hissy ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh the hoofy say they were targeting the defense ministry in riyadh there are no reports of damage algeria has announced three days of mourning after
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a military plane crashed killing two hundred fifty seven people it went down shortly after taking off from military airport near the capital is still to be out syria's worst ever adds hasta on the well the deadliest plane crash in two thousand and fourteen. so the national politician voice says he's proud of his war crimes after being sentenced to ten years in jail was initially acquitted by a u.n. court of crimes against known serbs during the balkan wars that's now been partially overturned in the hague on appeal. of the top stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes time off to witness which is next.
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you. know.
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but i think. if you don't know how to balance it a little bit down a bit. it below the. knee. because of this idea that's not just a new person i believe it's fatally because i didn't really see it it wanted to do this and i studied most of the day i said to me but it's only you the way i did not . sleep we'll. this. i mean this. i'm only eighteen. and never was expecting to arrive. on.
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a boat got no memory of being here when i was young. and. i basically got everything down at the united states and he said well i left everything behind you know. i don't even know what i might do down here.
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to sleep. you know. it. took him put in a movie ticket people say if you. give me one of those it was a very i'm a little joy you'll feel it's a must do for me with seeing. them. yes. back it was terrible for me. but. but you know. people are going to last thirty plus i think they will get out of school because.
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whoever comes to asylum or. they need to feel welcome and don't feel that everything is lost he got in they go. i was in the game. and with a point of four different times. i broke almost us eight to get a bit of a cut of to get a cut of a hundred there by using the killer cyber as a muscle percent that in england you know when you're but i can bike and also i have got out by almost as your daughter if i was a simple that a majority of. the number see nominal so i am focused on it is that. it's a sense of going to get there in the money. that you know nothing in. the world can start here and injury because after this the part of the game
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the more help on the board we do we'll never hear from them again ever. the forty's and. some of them the one that actually talked to were a little bit scared you know you can so you can tell in their faces. they hear so many stories i was solid for that i mean. who wouldn't be scared you know. i would be scared. he.
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indicated. that you know you've been wanting your house for something based on the back. of his neck but she. don't know it does. not call for your problem for more so the job search. for. running a five. k.
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right. now there's a. guy again. i'll come back. and. i went to check on the deporting this. fire six guy that they were really interested on getting the job and i into their family member someplace you're going to be able to stink use need two actually. do the background check and get will and. see if we can hire them. so what we think is going to see their backers it's not something that is a felony. you know people sometimes need a second chance. they say. it's really dangerous because the. district.
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i'm pretty nervous to go out of my so. my family already talked to the leader of the gang. permission basically you know. either forced me to get into the game. or detained at least to. ask my my family for money. but at the same time i'm not because i got. used to transportation the public it's a pretty dangerous place to go on the bus and. i basically don't do nothing you know all i do is think be on my phone. think of what my mom is do next she's going good. even my girl you know. what she's
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doing. me but i have a daughter on the way to know that she wanted to be a mother and i wanted to be a father. to my side. i get the jamboree event that i. might you know nina knew. i grew up in medina and. i surely was promoting saw the kids not to join any type of gaining. but since i was big in the matter noises and a lot of kids when i listen in anymore to a lot of these gangsters what happened is that i study having that not have
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a misunderstanding with the gang members. but they say want that they were going to kill me. on a machine that was bad. i mean i had to get that got a good performance at that he could be good to go but a better for me. because he's kind of danger you know i'm internationally it's dippenaar about the men and now with my daughter and so i can give her some stuff so it's going to harden and. that's such a lot said about this body that she's she's only eight years old she's only eight years old the last time i was driving off to let the united she will lose just come back because our foreign i'm like what do you jump what should i be careful.
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my cousin he always looking out for me he's just trying to find a job to right now he's unemployed. because it's hard to get a job. to make the point that i have. no. center. to go to. and be a. better advice but i know when the commissions. that
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i see. that. a federal family went up got a way. to see that my idea is to get off the web to. say it to for me to say. this is what. human research says. you know. good you know the places. i live in. and maybe even some of them a week week yeah cool what i have to say. what you
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want me to put up right now. well i'm going to do something like this one you give you when you and i want you to be honest. i'm going to hope that. i think. because i think everybody that's been on i think in the next. five to six months mine or six months. i have i don't know if i'm my game i rest. yes that's it you know because i got my father's day he's so united states citizen. and i got a daughter on the way down there to europe and the wife my wife is going to be services were. you know are behind us in this case so many times so many times in and i understand that. you want to retain you hope so you know me but i don't know and i want to bring the band used to play most like the man right now
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the united states and it could nobody oh yeah he says we're going to be on and you can land and start making a living over here or you can go ahead and learn the hard way and go back and get in some time or another going to happen so and i think when you on the bottom are you know any good. you know accidents are bad and i got every injury and believe it or not wrong i happened to be here and i have to do something for my country you know i mean. you know do. happen is that multiple that's why i have any type of any type of duty or he's actually getting letters plessy for me to do that well over a not. he actually saw what you know how do you do if you tell him that you can never afford it what they do is they take you in for three days because you've been deported so they want to make sure they keep your fingerprints you could and then this could get good at that basis to take you here will be that you don't have no more idea on you that after they beat you up as your you up at the end it will be
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that way very important for you to know your i.d. a is a piece. something . that you. that's the one. august how you say all gets old. even though.
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i don't know how to fail. to. see any of those amount of energy in the printer. they've been. if they're going to neutralize the. damned this is a. just war this is my birth certificate basically i thought i was going to be an id. or yeah from here yeah. i don't feel nothing good about it if there's only was american thing in. wow just for this thing. we'll talk about.
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is it already done man. i'm a sexy man. now you eat here low. don't consider experience or anything oh you computer skills good to beyond's ok fine it was good. i know how to fix errors everything like they say if he has a virus ok like they're going to use you sell your watch try to sell the watch that says type it in you sell me i want to sell you this what started so that
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was all like has got to give me the price no not me trying to do it tried to commit me. three or four minutes ago is it's a good watch you know it's expensive too and it brings the bait and i would sell it to you for at least three hundred dollars you know k. they better get them to sell it. yes that's a loyal space. you're also going to see if you decide to come back if i'm going to go and need a lot of money to spend you know me they want to terry lane leads a talented thousand. anything to get the money livin to be from want to. meet up with you to stay get the money get your nice car get your nice something interesting and contract out. however you know in. the community to make. you need to think about that that's your future proceeding heading in saying you
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know what might go back on the map and then ended up let go and if you get out about them happening then. the time you come back you can have a felony and with a felon in you i mean at another felony and mean to defend and bring down the car for you to get a job. like that. they don't get it you get your picture taken. so what do you think other look. i think there is a check to history realized that he needs to live here and serve them for a long work. very hard to read and. really get it together i mean let's take it as it together very good we can get him or him have a chaos in which we can test him out. while i feel after the
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same way i talked to my right and he told me that. they were not sure so i don't think i'm a concern only there. in them this is a very special scenario because since the thinking here though i put myself in his shoes you know the first time i ever was the porter was eighteen years old while. he can either come to work or. most likely going to get in the rolls in two games more than likely it will be one of those victims that will fall as a castle tease from the gang violence. of us all to go but i guess that was an in that all because i think we're going to set of this. i will become a doctor a now. see what happens.
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that i mean across the street in these moments about this all going to control by. by a destroy. a just in front of the net a size. that. i put out the office. is a danger really danger there you. know to tell us about it being like that because i look for the. most of the. moment. when it does seem to. me that the court has a pretty good at it was i there but i'm. going to get those toys up really good.
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point and how it's going. to. be addressed this and see me that arnold has thought of in the yet the fact that of an equal around the time of these young boys what about when you get. when i meet with when. than when i mean ok. i assume my leg is the nation one. better than most around the us house. and last year the left. as you can see me think of those are similar. in there's a. lot more. evil. on
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the brink of some. evil. which. you need. to know the. truth. is that are you in. another language formosan along with all those old enough of them. are going to get out of it one of. the characters had been as a result. of that i cannot begin to disappear and. move them but all i guess unless i well. i think the usa is my home country you know. it's a little bit sad that i'm not going to be there once my daughters or. i'm not going
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to be able to hold or. you know buy her clothing. a lot she needs my help. but i can't do nothing while i'm here. and will not let up. you're. just really wonderful that those things.
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when they feel cast for a rival to the country club and they decide to play god. and certainly if you didn't castro said she can write magic shade we could. all source cuban so far in this magnificent landscape a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human
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spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. alpha this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there before you don't leave. the simpleness for every gang member you will find in a climate of fear rhetoric is easily abused the poor food lines investigative new initiatives to combat gangs simply being used to target the undocumented and vulnerable we started hearing kids report that had been picked up and his parents didn't even know kids were just literally being disappeared trumps war on gangs on al-jazeera.


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