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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure in the investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our e waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al jazeera has to lose on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live an al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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the u.n. security council meets a russia's request to discuss a possible u.s. military action against the syrian regime. when you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israeli forces when dozens more palestinians join the latest protest along the gaza border. also britain accuses the russia of spying on former double agents cripple and his daughter for years before they were poisoned plus. he was the jews should. a satire about robert mugabe's final days as the president take center stage as a barbarians test then new boundaries. the
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u.n. security council is due to begin meeting right now for another emergency meeting about syria now this time it's at the request of russia to discuss what it describes as the threat posed to international peace from possible u.s. military action against the syrian regime. nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been speaking just a few moments ago let's listen in to what she had to say. first of all we just had a good meeting with the p. three our friends u.k. and france to talk about the situation i want to talk about a couple of things. what brought us to this situation this didn't just happen because of want to vent ever since conch a commune happened there have been multiple chemical weapons attacks multiple.
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many people have died and what we know is none of that had to happen the warning that concha coon was meant to say this is a gets this is a violation of international order we're not going to have this this is against humanity and we're not going to have any sort of chemical weapons use we're past that time in history so we thought it continue and why did it continue because aside kept wanting to eliminate his opponents and this is the method of warfare he chose to do it now we get to a point where we have a joint investigative mechanism it was there to investigate the sec it they accused assad of being a participant in the chemical weapons use russia eliminated the mechanism so let's go a step further we try to have another mechanism russia vetoed it we've had six resolutions that would really bring assad to justice calls syria out for chemical weapons six
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resolutions vetoed by russia so you have a member who has used chemical weapons you have a country russia who's helped them cover up the use of chemical weapons and we have a violation of international law so what else are we supposed to do and then another chemical weapons attack happens and here they're going to attempt to say it's fake. at some point you have to do something at some point you have to say enough we saw what happened on solsbury this is a renewed effort to bring chemical weapons back into mainstream and we can't let that happen for those that say why would a side do it the same reason he's done it multiple times that's conscious when he goes into an area this is the quickest way he can eliminate his opponent and that area he wanted to eliminate who was left what why do we think this is important because this is getting to be too normal and this is something the united states
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france the u.k. and all of the international community is saying we can't absolutely have this in terms of what's going on in d.c. i'm with the president we had meetings in the white house yesterday i will be going back to d.c. for meetings today. i will tell you that first of all did a chemical weapons attack happen yes the u.s. has analyzed yes it has happened in the u.k. has analyzed yes it has happened france has analyzed yes it has happened three separate analysis all coming back with the same thing there is proof that this happened. but what i will tell you is as a mother of two children. as a wife of a combat veteran i am unbelievably proud of how present trump has looked at the information analyzed not let anyone rush him into this because he has said from the beginning we have to know what we're right we have to know all the information we
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have to know that there is proof and we have to know that we're taking every precaution necessary should we take action and so for that i'm very proud to be a part of his team the national security council has gone back multiple times multiple options but this is been a very there are approach and this is been one you don't rush decisions like this if you rush decisions like this you make a mistake what we're making sure is that we have all the information to know if we do something what will happen how will that happen and will it hurt anyone and that's always been something that americans put a lot of thought into and it's also something that we have a moral obligation to and we're going to follow through on all of that. nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations speaking to the assembled press corps before she goes into a u.n. security council meeting asked for by the russians of course giving a very methodical justification as far as the united states is concerned as to what
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she believes the u.s. and their allies. in terms of evidence and what they need to do in terms of speak shortly in the security council let's join my kind of he's. in the u.n. lots of moving parts to the story throughout the night on the day mike just paint a picture for us as to what we can expect to see and hear in the next sixty minutes . well so this is the fourth of militancy session of the security council on syria this week this one as you mentioned has been called by russia russia is likely to continue to defend bashar al assad continued to insist that claims of a chemical attack in syria last weekend while false that they were made up the u.s. says likely to continue its attack both on russia and on the assad government insisting that some kind of mechanism has to be put into place by the united
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nations giving some kind of body that will create an accountability for such chemical attacks this is something that the u.s. tried to do earlier in the week it was vetoed by russia as you heard there the u.s. ambassador saying there have been six vetoes from russia on the issue of syria and nothing can go through the security council because russia as a permanent member does have their veto on the same hand as well there have been some vetoes from the u.s. for russian resolutions there won't be any resolution today there will be discussion although one in a way to the meeting that was held thursday which was called by bolivia which was to discuss the heightened directory we see there the u.n. secretary general who will be briefing the security council let's go to the council chamber. meeting. of the security council is called to
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order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is. now threats to international peace and security the situation in the middle east. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule thirty seven of the council's provisional rules of procedure i invite the representative of the syrian arab republic to participate in this meeting it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i wish to warmly welcome of the secretary general his excellency mr. and i give him the floor. mr president excellences. the situation in the middle east is in kaos to such
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an extent it has become a strat to international peace and security the region is facing it through guardian not different fault lines crossing each other and creating a highly volatile situation with risks of escalation fragmentation and division as far as the eye can see with profound regional and global ramifications we see the multiplicity of divides the first is the memory of the cold war but to be precise it is more than a simple memory the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference the mechanisms in the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seem to be present second the palestinian israeli divide serves the sunni shia divide evident from
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the gulf to the mid to rainy and but it is important to note that apparent religious divides are not only the result of political or geostrategic many people asians. finally a wide range of different factors from opposing get acute in relation to the role of the muslim brotherhood or the status of the kurds to the dramatics threats to communities that have been living in the region for my linea and that part of the rich diversity of middle eastern societies these multiplicity of divides is reflected in a multiplicity of conflicts with different degrees of interconnection several of them clearly linked to the set of global terrorism many forms of escalation are possible we see the wounds of the palestinian israeli conflict deepening when
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sygate the recent violence in gaza has resulted in many needless deaths and injuries i repeat my call for an independent and transparent investigation into these incidents and they also appeal to those concerned to refrain from any act that could lead to further casualties and in particular any measures that would place civilians in arms way this tragedy underlines the urgency of revitalization the peace process for a two state solution that will allow palestinians and israelis to live in to democratic states side by side in peace and within secure and recognized borders and i reaffirm united nations readiness to support these efforts in yemen we are witnessing the worst humanitarian disaster in today's world there is only one pass way to ending the yemeni conflict and addressing humanitarian crisis and negotiated political settlement through inclusive in the yemeni dialogue my special
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envoy martin griffiths is doing everything possible to facilitate that political settlement and he will brief the council next week. in libya i encourage all parties to continue to work with my special representative got some so let me see engages in the political process with a broad range of libyans a locket that is across the country to implement the when action plan it is i time to end the libyan conflict iraq demonstrates that progress is possible with concerted local regional and global commitment with a fit of desh and after overcoming the risk of fragmentation the government of iraq must now focus on reconstruction reforms and reconciliation and i hope the upcoming elections will consolidate this progress at the recent paris and rome conferences
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the international community reaffirmed its support for lebanon's sovereignity stability and state security institutions it is absolutely essential to avoid the new israel as a ball a conflict that could inevitably result in many more victims and much greater destruction then the last war i rate rate the critical importance to act on key principles and commitments on lebanon including security council resolutions such as seventeen zero one and the policy of this association the dangers of the links to the syrian conflict evident in the recent confrontations between iran and israel in syria is the president syria indeed today represents the most serious threat to international peace and security in syria we see confrontations and proxy wars involving several national armies
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a number of armed opposition groups many national and international militia foreign fighters from everywhere in the world and various terrorist organizations from the beginning. we have witnessed systematic violations of international humanitarian law international human rights law and international law too cool in utter disregard of the letter and the spirit of the united nations charter for eight long years the people of syria have endured suffering upon suffering i read today that there is no military solution to the conflict the solution must be political through the geneva into the syrian talks as stipulated in resolution twenty two fifty four of the security council and in line with the consistent efforts of my special envoy stuff and the mistura syrians every lived through
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a litany of orders atrocity crimes sieges starvation in this cremates attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure the use of chemical weapons forced displacement sexual violence torture detention and in forced disappearances the list goes on in a moment of hope the security council adopted resolution twenty four zero one demanding that all parties seize or still it is without delay for the do double humanitarian pause and fortunately no such the session of or steal it is ever really took place that is the bleak panorama of syria today in these printer i'm a i'm outraged by the continuing reports of the use of chemical weapons in syria i read today to my strong condemnation of the use of chemical weapons by any party to the conflict and that any circumstances that use is
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a border and and the clear violation of international law the seriousness of the recent allegations requires a sort of investigation using impartial independent and professional expertise. in these regards i reaffirm my full support for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons u.p.c. double and its fact finding mission in and taking the required investigation into these allegations the fact finding mission should be granted full access without any restrictions or impediments to perform its activities and i take note that the syrian government has requested it and committed to facilitate the first theme of your p.c. double is already in syria the second is expected today or tomorrow but we need to go further in a letter to the council two days ago i expressed and i quote my deep disappointment
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that the security council was unable to agree upon a dedicated mechanism twenty with the responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in syria and the world's following the end of the mandate of the joint investigative mechanism or jim i want to repeat today that the norms against chemical weapons must be upheld and as i wrote in the same letter and i quote ensuring accountability for the confirmed use of chemical weapons is our responsibility not least to the victims of such attacks a lack of accountability emboldens those who use such weapons by providing them with the reassurance of impunity this in turn further weakens the norm prescribing the use of chemical weapons and the international desire to mentor nonproliferation started to act as a whole i urge all members to act responsibly in these dangerous circumstances
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and i appeal to the security council to fulfill its duties and not give up on efforts to agree upon a dedicated impartial objectivity and independent mechanism for everybody in responsibility with regard to the use of chemical weapons i stand ready to support such efforts. and the. increasing tensions and the inability to reach a compromise in the establishment of an accountability mechanism certain to lead to a fluid blown military escalation in my contacts review especially with the permanent members of the security council i've been rated rating my deep concerns about the risks of the current impasse and stressed the need to avoid the situation spiraling out of control mr president that is
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exactly the risk we face today that sinks spiral out of control it is our common duty to stop it thank you no i thank the secretary general for his briefing and the valuable information contained in which he shouted orders and now give the floor to those council members. statements the eleventh hour floor to develop presented to five of the russian federation. thank you mr president. we are grateful to the secretary general for its briefing. your participation and your assessments and the authority of the word us to be your authority to your board about the situation that has unfolded is of great significance in the world we concur with you in the middle east there are many
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wounds. but presently what is most important is the situation the most simple google the largest wound is the situation around syria in so far as the negative repercussions there of are fraught with global repercussions two days ago the world to receive news news flew around the world about a threat of from the united states to to conduct a strike against the syrian arab republic warnings to prepare for this war also addressed to the russian federation let us recall that syria at the invitation of its legitimate government has the presence of russian troops deployed to combat international terrorism. we continue to observe a dangerous a military preparations. to an illegal act of force against a sovereign state in what constitute what comp would constitute a breach of international law not only the use of force but also the threat of
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force flies in the face of the united nations charter and this is precisely what we have seen in recent rhetoric and action by washington and alliance. bellicose rhetoric is being ratcheted up at all levels including at the highest levels or to serious shores there are additional forces and means of the you asked navy and that of their allies is nearing it appears that washington has adopted that. categorical policy to unleash a military scenario against syria this cannot be tolerated with such a development of events is fraught with grave repercussions for global security especially in the light of the deployment in syria of the russian military contingent there are those who go with tacit consent are observing the dangerous preparations they state that they understand washington's motivations and they are
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engaging in direct insight to mend the people there by becoming a part but possibly becoming complicit in a possible military misadventure at the security council there are those who enjoy engaging in discussions about preventive diplomacy which are some of the reason we neither hear them nor see them presently and immediately not only prior to the investigation and nobody even prior to establishment of the very fact that incident occurred per guilty parties were identified go boom boom boom boom boom boom you. and apparently they will have to be held accountable and punished. for the development of the unfavorable developments is something for which there will have to be accountability as was the case for the prequel the previous interventions which plunged many countries into lengthy years of crisis in
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a business of crisis and untold casualties. would we have the evident recent experience of iraq and libya before this entire area reflects the fact of that to american partner have adopted a largely consumerist approach to the security council the council needs will cover for iraq test tubes or the libyan no fly zone and that is why they need the council such a virtual above with such a virtual empty test tube is what you were placing before us right now of the reckless conduct of the us and encroachments of the sovereignty of the nation international law is on the worthy of their status as a permanent member of the un security council with it is on worthy for a permanent member of the united nations security council will but it wasn't this is not it's presupposes the highest degree of responsibility and not the right to
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saber rattle which is absent in international law why are you seeking to plunge the middle east into such difficulties provoking provoking one conflict after another pitting one state against another who will benefit from a potential strike against the syrian troops will bear the main burden in competent terrorists. and they have achieved major victories in this regard. and we understand that will fully well that the heads of syrian armed groups have received instructions to begin an offensive a pause. following a potential act of force. you would do is the latest chaos the latest wave of chaos truly being unleashed only for the sake of that. the great times it is the alleged use of chemical substances in the syrian city of duma
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on seven a barrel there is no credible confirmation of this our specialists who found no traces of talks of substance abuse. there that the residents of the duma know about no such attack law information about the alleged attack have been provided by the anti-government forces forces who have an interest in such a development of events. we have a weighty justification to believe and we have given information to believe that what took place was a provocation with participation of certain countries intelligence services and we warned about this long ago this is an agro of the honshu one scenario which took place last april these people are listening and government which you are clearly needs all of this a lot to need all of this if you will to announce that it has nothing to do with this and it delivered a request for an urgent conduct of inspections of the area of the alleged incident
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by the o.p.c. w forces jointly by way of the russian troops they provided security and safety guarantees of the mission which is already undertaking work in syria we trust of that it will be able to deliver on a genuinely independent and impartial investigation of the security council alone has the authority on the international stage to take decisions as to what measures can be taken against whom in the light of chemical weapons use in syria. russia continues to work proboscis lead and hopefully to deescalate the tensions that have. arisen in international relations we proposed a brief resolution of the council be adopted in support for the inspection of the the open so that we can structure the mission into one however it was irresponsibly blocked by the u.s. the u.k. and france is moving there by these countries haven't demonstrated the fact that they have no interest in an investigation the sole thing that they have an interest
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in is to oust the syrian government and more broadly it to deter and contain the russian federation this has been clearly seen in other international and domestic political subjects which are based on mystification and conspiracy theories at the heart of which each time you baselessly place the russian federation. what are you trying to achieve them following the lengthy difficulties and clashes in syria large parts of that hungary have been stabilized the political process is now one of flow two indicators of national reconciliation are coming to the fore when you say there has been a significant blow dealt to terrorists we have never denied who you will to a made a certain contribution to achievement of this common objective however
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a certain types of terrorists have always been sheltered by you to combat the regime and for you to advance your geo political priorities in the region for those people who are british probably constantly asks me what is russia doing to see to the implementation of security council resolution twenty four zero one i will respond to my country is almost the only party to be doing this. job over the course of the existence of the us on a process of more than two thousand five hundred residential areas saw peace brought to them as a result of our efforts this does not mean that they became victims. as you say it of the regime as you say and with the assistance of russia and other guarantors they have established a normal relationship with the central authorities in damascus in sochi in what was organized and successfully conducted with un support was a syrian national dialogue congress. how many cities how many towns have you
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introduced peace to how many groups have you persuaded to join cease fire agreements in order to break the deadlock in a situation in eastern go to since the adoption of resolution twenty four zero one with the leaders of armed groups with russia's assistance painstaking negotiations were held and the fighters or members of their family were able to with full conditions of safety and security to be evacuated from that area of civilians finally gained an opportunity to cleanse themselves of many years of terrorism and rid themselves of such terrorism and look at their unbounded joy you know there is this one of those footage exists but for some reason your media outlets are not showing it. you have no concern for the fate of the hostages of fighters and eastern guta those from among supporters of the syrian government fighters is c.
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able they're bargaining with authorities a point exchange of hostages and said that they held two to four thousand people and now it is becoming clear that that number is far lower with people who died due to the harsh treatment and the difficulty the labor with their with with digging enormous tunnels for their torturers. because of you lament the fact that your bearded pilgrims were sent to for a free of charge tourist excursions into. syria you lost an opportunity each time to cry about the hundreds of thousands of people in the besieged eastern ghouta now they need to be helped in recent re storing normal living conditions but now you are no longer interested in this and that is because now
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that territory is under government control now it will be necessary to engage in an inconvenient discussion for you on the blockade and fly and come friday. when the last humanitarian convoy reached the area to go about when the when did you even look into this when was the last and even looked into this it will be necessary to be a have to respond for and be held accountable for iraq which was destroyed by the coalition with mr president what would you be there is a dangerous development of events which is fraught with far reaching ramifications for global security and the reasonable response if your child is there that is the u.n. security council where the russian ambassador to it vassily the bends is certainly putting russia's case forward in front of an open council meeting to discuss the current serious impasse security scenario that is building around syria let's bring
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in mike hanna mike you're listening in to what the ambassador had to say he's very clear about where the russian federation stands and what it wants to see from its international partners. when you see the yes indeed we hear there from the russian ambassador a repetition of what has been russia's position in the security council since that alleged chemical attack took place the most recent one and that is basically arguing that it is fake that there is no reality to this attack and that it is being used by the u.s. and its allies to create some kind of situation in which it could perhaps attack the syrian government but importantly two earlier we heard from the u.n. secretary general who made very clear and this was his statement that the cold war is back listen to the russian friend and respond.


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